Author Topic: Story/RP Idea: Cursed- Tiffany the Toy  (Read 5890 times)

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Story/RP Idea: Cursed- Tiffany the Toy
« on: August 27, 2017, 05:56:13 am »
 So this is an idea that's been brewing inside my head for some time. It involves a witch in her 20's named Tiffany, who has a penchant for turning  others into dolls to play with. However, she gets more than she bargains for when she meets another older, more experienced witch who does the same to her.  My preferences are either porcelain doll (which includes shrinking and being dressed up) or mannequin. I can go into a more detailed description of Tiffany, but she is 5'4 slim, brunette, long hair and huge brown eyes. If anyone has any thoughts,  let me know! :)

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Re: Story/RP Idea: Cursed- Tiffany the Toy
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2017, 08:32:47 am »
Shamless self promotion here: Reunion: my story about witches that has dolls in it.

In Reunion, the focus isn't on the dolls, though they are a kind of bookend that we see early, and then at the end of the story.
It's apparent, in this case, that the dolls are made when the witch takes the victim's soul to augment her own power.
I love this idea of witches making people into toys, shrinking them, of simply taking away their ability to move, or their agency, or turning them into things - objects, animals, fantasy creatures, or dolls of some kind.
When I wrote Reunion, I meant to do more along those lines, but for one reason or another it didn't happen.

I think typically, a witch does not normally work solo. Witches work in covens. Also, don't forget warlocks.

A story where witches work together to do erotic stuff seems more exciting to me than one where a person is alone. So much more can happen.

But what is a witch? Magical power would surely be connected to a philosophy and identity. Historically, Christians in northern Europe smeared all pagan religion with accusations of witchcraft, to them, a form of heresy, a worship of something other than their ruling trinity, with its assembly of saints (demi-gods), and benvolent spirits (angels). All paganism was heresy to them, and as Christians gained political power across the region, they attacked paganism with increasing fervor, along with other heretics, such as jews, gypsies, and any kind of foreigner. Sound familiar?

Eventually, paganism was driven underground, or effectively exterminated. Traces of the old religion continued with stories handed down, and a few families may have practiced pagan rituals in private or secret. Why solitary old women, living alone, became special targets for accusations of witchcraft is harder to identify. Presumably, they were easy targets, and the real goal was appropriation of their land and possessions. In some cases, these old women may actually have been practicing (or teaching about) paganism in private, offering herbal cures, or simply not showing up to church. The latter would be considered very strange at the time, and the clergy would be forced to act against such behavior in case it set a precedent.

The idea of sexy young witches probably served the same purpose as it serves now. An arousing character in titillating stories, made to entertain.
In the middle-ages, a story of a seductive young woman, assertive, in league with hell, turning men into beasts, and exercising mysterious powers, would certainly be thrilling material.

The above is just my shallow summary, but it's interesting to consider these points if writing a story about "witches".

Unless of course, the kind of witch you have in mind owes more to JK Rowling, in which case there are several volumes for reference material for you :) Bellatrix Lestrange had a creepy, almost sexual fascination with Voldemort. I would imagine there's plenty of disturbing erotic BDSM fanfic involving her.


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