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Doll stories - How & Why? - Your opinions.
« on: September 28, 2017, 01:02:12 am »
Doll stories - How & Why?

Is it fair to say that doll stories are mostly of a similar concept:

They are an interesting form of transformation.
They often remove the ability of control to an absolute conclusion.
They often offer the 'freedom' of 'having no choice'
This specific form of bondage often re-inforces this, yet offers more?
Often the process is irreversable.
Quite often the detailed description of the transoformation process is the most important aspect.
Often there is a gender transformation.
It is a subsmissive who enjoys reading them the most?

(Forgive my terrible typos pls).

P.S. - I love all your stories posted btw.   :)


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