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I'm not exactly sure what I've done. All I know is I've done SOMETHING to upset Christine. Cause, now, I find myself trapped, tied up in Jennifer's now empty personal trash compactor. My mouth is free of a gag, mostly cause Christine knows I won't call for help.
Not that it would do any good anyway.
Christine had given me an ultimatum. I had done something no boyfriend should ever do. If I couldn't figure out what it was by the end of this week, she would forget all about me and let me get taken away with the compactor. I, of course, had no idea how to feel about that. On the one hand I'd be disposed of like the trash I am.
On the other hand I'd be dead. Buried alive, forgotten like the rest of the trash.
And Christine had seemed pretty hurt by whatever it was I had done. Something tells me she really means it this time. I've got five days to figure out what it is I had done to hurt her...or I'll be trash for good.
The compactor opens up and I look out. Rebecca smiles down at me with a giggle. "Oh how I wish I could play with you. Buuut Christine and mistress say you've been a bad boy. So no treats for you." She grins, tossing in several full bags of garbage. "Only trash!" She finishes tossing the disgusting smelling trash and presses the button on the compactor. The ram starts up, pushing me towards the back. Because the compactor is empty, there's no pressure.
I know that won't last long.

As usual, I fall asleep after a while. I had been trying to rack my brain to figure out what I could have possibly done to hurt her. No luck. I'm utterly, completely clueless.
I'm startled awake by the opening of the large hatch at the top of the compactor and sigh in relief at the sight of Christine.
She motions for me to get up, which is a struggle. "I'm here to give you something to eat and drink. That's it. Be grateful I don't make you get your nourishment from the trash in here." I finally get to my knees and she tilts a bottle of water, pouring it down into the compactor. I drink it up gratefully, gasping for air as I pull away. She then takes a plate of food, dropping it down. She watches as I eat what's on the plate, though most of it had spilt onto the floor.
"Eat it all." She commands. "I was merciful enough to bring you food and drink. I want you to eat it all. Or I WON'T be doing this again."
I look at the food, scattered on the disgusting floor of the compactor, and gulp, leaning down to eat it.
It's outright disgusting, coated in trash juice. When it's finished I look up at Christine, who proceeds to close the hatch. "W...wait!"
She pauses, peeking inside. "Have an answer?"
I hesitate and shake my head. "I...I need help. A hint or something."
She sighs, shaking her head. "It's something you forgot about. That's all I'm saying." With that, she closes the hatch, leaving me in the dark, resting with the rest of the trash.

I'm startled awake when the compactor starts again. I panic a little, struggling to the top of the pile already in here. I barely succeed. I look on as the new pile of trash reaches my pile, pushing me a little further into the compactor. I groan loudly, laying back against the trash, desperately trying to figure this puzzle out.
What could I have forgotten that was so important to her? The anniversary of when we became a couple? No...we've never celebrated that...then what?
I do know one thing. I'd better figure this out quick if I have plans of ever seeing the light of day again.

Over the course of the day Rebecca returns periodically to toss in more trash and compact it. By the end of the day I am covered in bags of trash. I whimper slightly, nervous. There's gotta be a clue, anything that can tell me what I could possibly have forgotten to do. Or...not do. Damn, why does she have to play these games?
Cause she's my mistress, of course. She owns me. My heart, my mind, my soul...everything I am is hers...maybe I forgot that. Maybe something I did told her that I had forgotten that I belong to her.
Though even that is a game. She's not ALWAYS my mistress. Most times she's simply Christine, my girlfriend. She does switch to mistress mode on occasion...that must be it...She turned mistress...gave me an order...And I didn't notice. I failed to obey.
That has GOT to be it. I lay my head down to sleep, secure in the belief that I had solved it. And come morning, I will be free.

"I know what I did wrong."
Christine smiles down at me, a seemingly hopeful look on her face. "Do tell."
"I...forgot my place. That I belong to you. That you are my mistress and it is my duty to obey you."
She sighs and for a moment I think she's going to let me out. "How sweet." She drops my breakfast into the compactor. "But that's not it." She giggles as Jennifer approaches. "But you would do well to remember what you just said. Realize what it means. That if I decide you've failed in your duties I WILL throw you away for good."
With that, she closes the hatch and I groan in frustration. "Well damn..."

Rebecca returns hours later with three bags. She tosses them in then leans in to look at me. "Christine says that in one of these bags is a clue. I suggest you get to searching." With that she closes the hatch and the compactor starts up again.
Once the compaction is over I scramble to find the bags. They aren't hard to find. They had been tied with bright pink ribbons. I tear into them, one by one, desperate to find the clue.
It couldn't have been more obvious if it tried.
A brochure, for a week long cruise. I remember promising Christine months ago that we would go on this cruise...shit...that was supposed to be this week, too. I had put off asking for time off, mostly cause they were training me for a new position. But this couldn't be it...Christine had understood, told me we could do it after I got the promotion. would be worth a shot.

"Nope. Not the cruise. Though that was the clue."
I sigh, falling back. I had attempted my answer the next morning when she peeked inside, but apparently I was wrong. Again.
"I'll give you another clue. You had a very specific reason for wanting to take me on a cruise. The cruise isn't important. The reason is."
With that, she shuts the hatch, leaving me alone in the compactor with my thoughts.
This was gonna be harder than I thought.
Maybe I'm just an idiot.

"You must be really dense."
Rebecca giggles as she dumps her next load of trash into the compactor. I sigh, laying my head back.
"What is there that I could possibly have forgotten?" I ask, feeling clueless.
"Lotsa things." Rebecca responds, giggling. "So you better get to thinking, otherwise you'll be trashed for good you."
With that, she closes the hatch and the ram moves again.
I groan as the new load of trash makes its way toward me. It's the fourth day in the compactor, and the trash has gotten pretty tight around me. I draw a deep breath as the bags surge up around me like a wave of trashy bliss, engulfing my entire body. Just when I think I can't hold my breath any more...the ram releases, and the bags fall away.
Well the ones in front, anyway. I'm still buried under garbage, completely unable to move.
At least I can breath.
I growl in frustration. I should know this. Something I forgot...but what could it possibly be?
It obviously has something to do with the cruise I had to cancel. Christine said as much. But what?
I sigh, shaking my head. This shouldn't be this difficult. And tomorrow's my last day. If I can't give Christine a satisfactory answer, I'm trash.
I groan, wracking my brain to figure out SOMETHING, ANYTHING that could explain Christine's fury...but, as usual, I come up blank.

The next morning I wake up early, my heart racing. This is it. If I can't answer Christine when she comes I'll be taken to the dump and disposed of. I whimper. As kinky as that sounds, I hate for the reason to be that I've failed Christine's test.
Suddenly, a light bulb seems to go off in my head. The cruise. I was taking her on a cruise for a special occasion...what was it???
Christine and I had been together for 3 years, so I still haven't memorized all of the days that are special to her. I know her mother's anniversary is important to her, as is the anniversary of the day she moved out of her father's house and in with her mother. But that's not something we've ever celebrated together...
Celebrated...what...what could it be...?
An idea is about to form in my mind when, suddenly, the hatch above opens and christine peers in. I panic, losing my grasp on the thought that had begun to take form.
"Well?" She asks and I struggle, desperately trying to catch hold of the idea I had lost. "Well that's just ashame."
"No!" I look up at her desperately. It's on the tip of my tongue, why can't I remember it?!? "Just...five more minutes!"
"I gave you five days, David. I can't believe you couldn't figure out something so simple. Maybe you just wanted to be thrown away."
She moves to close the hatch and it hits me.
She pauses, looking inside at me with a slight smile. "What was that?"
"Your...your birthday...I'm so stupid I can't believe I couldn't figure it out until now."
Christine smiles, peering in at me with a loving expression. "Yes. Yes, you really are stupid. But..." She sighs and Jennifer appears, giggling as she dumps more trash into the compactor. "It's too late. Your time is up, you had your chance."
My heart drops. She's not really going to do this, is she???
"Yup, the truck should be by any minute to pick up this compactor. I hate to lose you, but...I've got no use for a boyfriend who can't even remember my birthday." She giggles as I'm completely buried. "Have fun at the incinerator."
And with that, she closes and locks the hatch, leaving me to my fate.

It seems to be a theme for me, not being able to tell how long I've been trapped. Cause once again I find myself quickly losing my already flimsy grasp on time.
I'm pretty convinced that Christine is just teasing me. After all, I did figure it out. She's gotta honor her deal.
Then again there's the possibility that she won't. My heart leaps slightly at that thought, the idea of being thrown away always a major turn on. I groan, my bound body shivering in excitement. My adrenaline surges as I await for whatever comes.
My fate is immediately apparent. The diesel engines of the truck approach and I whimper, knowing now that Christine is going to make good on her word.
I'm being thrown away.
Or am I?
Every single time Christine says she's going to throw me away she doesn't.
Of course, there's really no way of knowing. Christine has always been a great actress. I never would have guessed she'd be willing to let Rebecca get thrown away.
I feel my compactor move and I whimper, shuddering in anticipation of what's to come. I can only pray that, if she's sincere, it ends fast.
The trip is shorter than I expected. I know Jennifer lives close to the landfill, for obvious purposes, but I never knew how close.
I close my eyes as the compactor tips, anticipating the deadly heat of the incinerator...
Just like my first time it never comes. I land in a pile of trash a long distance away from the incinerator. I look up to see Jennifer approaching with a giggle.
"I just can't pass this up. So, before I finish your trashing...I'm gonna fuck you silly."
Moments later I'm too exhausted to move. Jennifer's sexy naked body gets off me.
As usual, she was insane, incredible. She giggles, rushing over to what looks like a bulldozer and I know that this is it.
She starts up the engine...
And Christine appears, laughing.
"David, you should have seen the look on your face."
I sigh, my head falling back. I should have known.
"I decided you were worth saving after all. I do hope you learned your lesson."
"Yes!" I struggle to sit up, groaning. "Yes, I'll never forget your birthday again!"
Christine smiles, brushing some trash out of my hair. "Good boy. But I still need to punish you. Sooo...I'm sending you to the large compactor at the other end of the yard. I'll pick you up in the morning."
Moments later I'm in the back of a garbage truck, my naked body exposed to the world. I blush as we pass by several landfill workers, most of whom ignore me. Just a truck full of trash passing through.
Jennifer dumps me and the rest of the load into the large, in ground compactor. "hey David!" Jennifer calls, giggling at me from above. "Say hi to Rebecca for me!"
I'm about to ask what she means...when suddenly a pair of arms wraps around me, Rebecca sultry, seductive voice whispering in my ear.
"Mistress said I could play with you all night. So...until morning. You're mine."
She pulls me into the trash as the compactor starts up, and I enter heaven yet again.
I love my life.

The end.
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Re: the trashy adventures of David and Christine. book 5 David screws up
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Awesome part as always femboy it was intense and i felt i was in that compactor with David

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Re: the trashy adventures of David and Christine. book 5 David screws up
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Thank you. ^-^ I'm kinda at a loss for what to do to him next, though. Always willing to take suggestions. ^-^
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