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the trashy adventures of david and christine. book 3
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Jennifer's revenge

Bagged, transported, dumpster, dumped, bondage, caught, game, n/c

"David? Hey, earth to David?"
The slightly older girl waves her hand in front of my face and I snap back to reality, startled out of my reverie. I turn to look at her and smile sheepishly, a little embarrassed at having spaced out. The woman is in a blue nurses uniform, much like the rest of us, with long blonde hair pulled up into a pony tail. Kinda cute, but no match for my Christine.
"Hey Liza...sorry, I was just... spacing out a little."
Liza giggles. "Well yeah, I noticed that. What were ya thinking about?"
Now that is a dangerous question. What was I thinking about? I was thinking about the last time I was trashed. What an experience.
After I had narrowly escaped Jennifer's game, I had washed up thoroughly. When Christine finally came to pick me up, she found me once again in the trash, being ruthlessly fucked by Jennifer. Christine had clicked her tongue and promised to punish me.
Punish me she did. I know I still have the marks from where her whip had struck me repeatedly. She had wanted to drive home the point that I was hers.
Message received.
After my punishment, Christine had fed me, lead me to the bed... and proceeded to give me the best sex I've had in what felt like an eternity. She'd told me that she had missed this, just being with me like this, and I had suggested we put the whole trash bagging thing away for good.
"Ha! You're not getting out of it that easy love."
I had exploded inside her with just that statement. The idea that she really was in charge...I loved it.
Despite her declaration, it had been several weeks since our last trash bagging episode. Though we had played with trash a little, we still hadn't done anything big like when she first threw me away.
I'm shaken out of my head again when Liza snaps her fingers at me. "Hey, David. Do I have to smack some sense into you or something?" She giggles, flipping her hair back. "Just what were you and Christine doing on that little vacation of yours?"
I don't have time to dodge the question as one of my patients calls for me. I excuse myself, going to check on her, smiling softly as I check to see what she needs.
The girl is quite pretty, about 20 years old, with a freckled face and long red hair. She had come in with two badly injured legs, and covered in garbage. When asked what happened to her she refused to talk. But I knew.
We quickly became good friends, seeming to bond over our shared fetish. I told her about Christine, and how she had bagged me for the first time.
Needless to say, she was quite jealous.
I smile as I walk into the room, picking up a clip board. "Rebecca. Whatcha need?"
She smiles, struggling to sit up to get comfy. "Attention." She giggles, waving me over. "I'm so bored right now."
I chuckle, shaking my head. "Now Rebecca, we've been over this, you're only to call for me when you absolutely need something."
She pouts, reminding me of my sister. "But i do need something, I need attention."
I laugh, and she giggles. "Alright you little brat." She sticks her tongue out at me as I continue. "Is there anything you really need before I go?"
She nods, shivering. "It's freezing in here, can you bring me another blanket?"
I nod, chucking as I go to fetch the blanket. Out at the nurses station, Liza is on the phone with someone. She perks up as I pass. "Oh, here he is! David, over here. It's some girl named Jennifer."
I blush slightly at the mention of her name, grateful that Liza doesn't see. Quickly, I rush over to the phone, answering it.
Jennifer giggles on the other end. "Hey cute stuff. How's my favorite piece of trash doing today?"
I chuckle at that, shaking my head. "I'm doing fine. Jennifer, is this important, I'm kind busy?" I turn to Liza, remembering the blankets. "Rebecca was a little cold, needed another blanket, can you get it..."
Liza nods, rushing off. I turn back to my conversation with Jennifer.
"ooooooh, Who's Rebecca? Someone Christine should know about?"
I shake my head. "Nah, just someone who came in a few days ago with two broken legs. Seems we share similar interests."
Jennifer giggles, knowing exactly what I'm talking about. "Such a naughty boy. Flirting behind your girlfriends back."
"What, no! It's not like that..."
"Uh huh. Sure." She giggles. "So, Christine said I could have you over for another bagging session."
I raise my eyebrows slightly, shaking my head. "Yeeeah... I'd rather not. I mean, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed that, but... You almost killed me last time. I like living."
"Oh c'mon. You're a trash bagger aren't you? Death is an occupational hazard."
I chuckle. That is true. Every trash bagger accepts that eventually they might one day accidentally dispose of themselves. But that's out of carelessness. I like Jennifer... but she's dangerous. "Sorry, Jen. I can't. Maybe next time."
She doesn't answer for several moments and I consider hanging up. "Okay. That's fine. Just remember, I'm really good at holding grudges." With a cheerful giggle, she hangs up, leaving me to ponder her warning.

Several weeks go by without incident, and I quickly forget about Jennifer's menacing warning. Rebecca leaves about a day after, having given me her number. Flattering, but do I really want her number? I shrug deciding to throw it away when I get the chance.
I've just clocked out after a long, exhausting shift, when liza comes up behind me.
"Hey, David, can you help me with something real quick? It'll only take a second, I promise."
I nod, opting to follow her. After all, she is my supervisor. She leads me to the back dock, dodging questions about the nature of the task she needs done. I don't think about l anything of it...
Until I'm unexpectedly smothered by a wash rag soaked in chloroform.

When I finally come to, I find myself naked in an empty black bag. I'm tied up in a ball like usual, and I look around, panicking. Liza giggles from up above. "Oh look at you in there. You're completely hard. Jennifer was right, you are a trashy little perv." I'm about to talk back when she quickly stuffs a pair of filthy panties in my mouth, wrapping tape around my head, effectively gagging me. I blush, whimpering as I struggle slightly, but of course, it's no use. She disappears, and moments later I'm covered in all kinds of hospital trash. Food from the cafeteria, papers, gauze, etc. It doesn't fill the bag, but there's clearly more where that came from.
When she's finally finished filling my bag she looks down on me, her signature, knock out smirk on her face. "Oh you look right at home in there, you filthy little piece of trash. Smile!" A camera flashes and I groan into the gag in indignation. She giggles, taking several pictures. "Don't worry sweety. No ones going to the these. That you'll know of anyway. After all, what does it matter to you? You're just a few hours away from being completely trashed." She giggles, dumping another can of trash into my bag. "Mmm. You look so filthy. Well then, let's find a nice place to stash you, yeah? I've got the perfect bin. And trash pick up is in a few hours, so you'll be right where you belong." I struggle, groaning up at her. If this was Christine's idea, then I could rest assured in my safety. But she mentioned Jennifer.
There's no way this could end well.
I continue grunting, wanting to beg her for mercy, but she just giggles. "Oh don't you worry hun. You'll be right where you belong shortly." She lifts me up, tossing my bag up into the bed of a truck. I grunt, wiggling in my bag, but it's no use. Liza hops in the cab of her truck, and I feel us move, headed towards my ultimate, final destination.

I've been struggling in this bag for the entire ride, but to no avail. Liza must have experience tying people up. I don't have time to ponder the possibilities as the truck has stopped. Liza's door closes and moments later I'm being lifted. I feel the edge of the dumpster and give one last shake to try to escape.
No use. The movement causes me to slip from her grasp and fall into the dumpster onto a pile of garbage. I slip down, coming to rest in the center. Liza giggles.
"Well, someones eager, huh?" She walks away, coming back and tossing in a few more bags. She peeks inside, whistling. "Wow it smells in there. And look, I can't even tell which bag is yours. Anyone who looks inside won't know a thing. You'll just be another bag of garbage to them." I squirm a little, but she doesn't seem to notice. "Just like you want, huh? Right? Well, I better get going. I must look pretty strange talking to garbage as if it's going to talk back. Have fun!" With that she disappears and I whimper, closing my eyes desperately try to break free.
It's no use.
After a few moments, I hear someone outside and begin squirming, trying to be noticed. I grunt as more trash is tossed on top of me. I whimper, and it becomes clear that I'm not getting rescued anytime soon.
It seems clear that I'm going to the dump.
And this time I won't be coming back.

Several hours go by, and soon I'm completely buried in the trash. I've resigned myself to my fate, hoping against hope that my girlfriend will find me and rescue me.
Not likely.
I'm starting to doze off when I hear a noise outside. The dumpster is opened up and, much to my surprise, someone jumps in. Christine? Doesn't seem like it. The dumpster is closed again, but the presence doesn't leave. I hear a familiar, feminine voice moaning softly, the bags rustling. I get up a little courage, and, finally decide to get the newcomers attention. I squirm as much as I can, but it's no use. They don't seem to notice. The lid doesn't open again, but the noise as stopped. I assume this person has fallen asleep, and desperately moan as loud as I can, squirming. If they've fallen asleep we're BOTH doomed. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the girl wakes up, moving around in the dumpster. She opens the lid and my eyes widen. NO! SHE CAN'T LEAVE! HELP! I scream into the gag, begging her to hear me...
She stops, and I hear a soft noise of curiosity. "What was that?" She begins digging and I squirm around, trying to get attention.
It works. The bags are pulled off me and my bag is ripped open.
And there before me is my savior, Rebecca, covered in trash, her body slick with trash juice.

"Well look who it is." Rebecca giggles, climbing on top of me and pulling my gag off. "How ya doing? You look like you could use a hand."
I sigh, relaxing, convinced that I'm saved. "Oh yes, please. Please, help me out."
"Hmm..." She tilts her head to the side as if thinking. "I don't know, you look kinda comfy in there, with all that trash. Like you belong there." She giggles, thumbing through the trash I had been bagged in. "Hmm...some of this came from the hospital...did Liza do this to you?" I nod and Rebecca giggles. "Oh, well in that case, I don't think I can let you out. After all, you have been thrown away. If you'd done this to yourself, I'd be more willing, but..." My eyes widen in shock and horror as she speaks. She can't be serious. She wouldn't just leave me in the trash to be taken away, would she? "But someone, more specifically your boss, has decided that you are trash and put you where you belong. Who am I to question them?"
I whimper, shaking my head. "Rebecca, please, you've gotta let me out."
"Mmm...okay, but you're gonna have to do something for me in return." Before I can ask what, she unties my knees, pulling my legs out straight and straddling my nude waist. In the dim lighting, I couldn't tell, but now it's clear. She's naked.
What's more, she's very very wet.
I blush, my eyes widening. "Um, rebecca?"
"Imma have as much fun with you as I can. Then I'll consider letting you out."
"Wait, rebecca..." I cry out as she grinds on me, pressing my ass against the squishy, soaking wet trash beneath me. "Rebecca, Christine will kill us!"
Rebecca giggles at that, gyrating her hips against my groin. "What Christine doesn't know won't hurt her. Besides, it's not like you can say no." At that, she replaces my gag and I groan in protest. With a giggle, she adjusts herself, taking me in.
My eyes widen in shock and pleasure as she rolls her hips against mine, using me like her own trashy toy.
"Oh wow. You're soooo much bigger than my ex." She continues to ride me, picking up speed, the smell of the dumpster filling my nose and increasing my pleasure. "See, he knew about my little trash fetish, loved to trash me every moment he got. But eventually he decided he was bored with me. He doesn't weeks planning and decided to get rid of me in a fashion he knew I would enjoy." She pouts, digging her nails into my chest. "I admit, I wasn't too pleased at being dumped. But I definitely loved being DUMPED." She giggles at that. "Anyone else would probably have been confused by that, huh? Heehee. Anyway, he bagged me up like usual and left me on the curb. I expected him to save me as usual, but instead I was awoken to the sound of the garbage truck pulling up next to me. Oh I was so excited. I had gotten the hint right then, but it didn't take away from the pure ecstasy at the thought that he had gotten rid of me in such a way. I would have let it happen, but my legs got caught under the blade, and were crushed. The scream that ripped from my throat... Scared the living hell out of the garbage man." She laughs at that, taking me even deeper. "That's how I wound up in the hospital." Stars explode across my vision as I cum and she moans loudly. "Oh you naughty piece of trash, cumming without permission." She giggles, still rolling her hips. "I think I'll have to leave you in here for that." I shake my head, screaming into the gag which makes her laugh. "Calm down, I'm just teasing you. I wouldn't actually let you..."
Suddenly, the lid opens up and I hear an exclamation of anger and hurt.
"What the FUCK!!!"
I look up in horror to see Christine, rage on her face. Behind her stands Jennifer, who looks like a kid in a candy store.
And in this moment, I know I'm in trouble.

Jennifer drags Rebecca out of the dumpster while Christine goes off to get some rope. Jennifer returns to me, sitting me up as she grins. She clearly wasn't expecting Rebecca to get involved, but seems quite pleased that she had.
Not good. At all.
"So hun, did you enjoy your bagging?" Jennifer asks, walking her fingers up my arm. I grunt into the gag, growling in irritation. "A simple nod yes or no will do." I sigh, nodding. Yes, of course I enjoyed it. I always enjoy it. Jennifer giggles, peering into the dumpster with a lustful expression. "Oh I'd love to join you in there, but I think Christine has some plans for you and your new girlfriend." My eyes widen and I struggle to free my hands. Jennifer giggles at that. "Yup. Christine believes this bagging was your idea, which means she also believes that Rebecca getting involved was your idea too." She hops up onto the edge. "Yeah, i think she's just a little bit upset about this. But, you know, i could easily tell her the truth. You know, if you apologize for being rude to me. And promise to always accept my requests for you to come over. Otherwise..." Christine is now tying up Rebecca, a vicious look on her face. "I imagine you won't be escaping this one."
I'm trapped. There's no way Rebecca and I are getting out of this without Jennifer's help. I sigh, surrendering as I nod. Jennifer squeals happily, kissing my trash covered cheek. She skips toward Christine and I begin to wonder if there's something slightly wrong with this girl.
Says the guy who gets off being thrown away...
"Oh Christine." She sings as she approaches her. "I have a confession to make..."
Jennifer explains the situation and Christine bends her over, spanking her ruthlessly. Moments later I'm out of the dumpster, though not untied, while Christine looks over Rebecca's bound body, deciding her fate.
"So you jump into a dumpster and decide to rape my boyfriend." She crosses her arms, clearly having calmed down a lot. "I wonder, what should be do with you?"
Jennifer giggles, whispering in Christine's ear and Christine's eyes widen happily. "Oh that's perfect." She smiles, a vicious, sinister look that sends a chill through my body. What happened to my sweet harmless christine? Where did this merciless dominatrix come from?
"I know what we're gonna do to you."


Once again I'm tossed in the dumpster, my heart racing in excitement. The two insanely attractive girls have handcuffed my hands in front of me, shackling my knees to my hands so I can't climb out. I know what's going to happen.
I'm getting thrown out.
Only this time, I'm not getting out.
I peek up out of the dumpster, seeing David who clearly looks concerned. I wink at him, earning a smirk from christine.
"Feeling cocky are we?" She chuckles, shaking her head. "Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in? You're being thrown away." She reaches down, feeling my soaking wet womanhood, causing me to shudder in anticipation. "Judging by how wet you are, it seems you can't wait. Excited for your final trashing? Well that's good. You're going where trash belongs. But first..." She pulls out a key and my eyes widen. Maybe there is a way out. "We're gonna play a game. You have until Jennifer picks this bin up at... when do you usually collect this dumpster?"
Jennifer thinks a moment. "About 6-6:30"
Christine nods, smiling at me. "6:30. So you have about 6 hours to free yourself and get out. Succeed and you can join us, playing with David as much as you like. Fail..."
Jennifer interrupts, clearly turned on by all of this. "Fail and you get crushed with the rest of the trash. This is the fifth bin on my route so you'll get to enjoy the compactor several times before the final squeeze."
Christine nods, giggling. She tosses the key in and, before I can react, dumps a large can of trash on top of it, effectively hiding it. I pout. How can I find it in that?
"Now, so you'll have a little light..." Christine pulls out a flashlight, turning it on and wedging it under the hinge of the dumpster's lid. "Good luck." With that, she turns and heads back to her truck. Jennifer attaches a watch to my wrist.
"Between you and me, I kinda hope you make it out. You look like loads of fun." She closes the lid, leaving me in the dark, just the dim light of the flashlight there to guide me.
Without a second thought, I dive in, getting to work.

I don't know how long it takes but I finally find the key. I grip it tight in my hands, pulling it out to examine it. It's filthy. I do my best to wipe it clean, but being covered in trash myself it doesn't do any good. Sighing, I stick it in my mouth, holding it with my teeth. Despite my efforts to keep my tongue away from the key, the taste is still unbareable.
I struggle, twisting my wrists in an attempt to fit the key into the slot. I line it up...
And drop it.
I groan, reaching to grab it, but I have no idea where it went. I dig around, careful not to disturb the trash too much and risk burying the key again. My breath catches as I feel it again, and I pull it out...
Then freeze as I hear the truck, coming around the bend. I check my watch. 6:02. Right on time. I hurry, trying to get the handcuff unlocked, but once again, the key slips from my grasp. I shuffle around, desperate to find the key again...
And the lid opens up and Jennifer peers in, sighing. "Well that's a shame. You really were quite pretty." She closes the lid before I can say anything and I feel the forks slide into the slot. I relax, closing my eyes as I resign myself to my fate, my ultimate fantasy coming true. Will it hurt? Probably. Hopefully it'll be fast.
The trash shifts, and I'm covered in a flood of trash, moments before being dumped in the trucks gaping maw. I land in the back of the truck, half buried in garbage, and the truck pulls away.
That's when I see it. The key.
One last chance.
I free my hand and reach for the key, just as Jennifer begins to lift another bin to bury me away forever......

The end.
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