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Friday 13 th session
« on: January 13, 2017, 10:24:28 pm »
Just had a great session of escape proof self-bondage. I had arranged for my friend to drop in and free me on their way home from work. This was an unkown finish time when arranged, only that it would be sometime between six and eight in the evening. :)

 At five I began my session, I stripped off and put on my Leather micro briefs and hung the key for my cuffs and locks around my neck. This was followed by tightly strapping on my waist harness with the attached handcuffs at each side. Locks were put on to all the buckles and I strapped my legs together at ankles, knees and the top of the thighs. Next came the ballgag, again with a lock on the buckle. Now I put on my fetters locking fist mitts (I have just enough play in the leather to let me buckle them tight and fit the locks) and hopped over to stand by my armchair to apply the final irrevocable bit of the bondage. I worked my right leather covered wrist and hand into the waiting loops of the handcuff and clicked it steadily tighter. Now my fist was trapped tightly in the mitt unable to manipulate anything. Using the back of the arm chair for leverage I managed my left wrist into the left cuff and pushed against the chair clicking it steadily closed. Now neither of my fists could be moved enough in their leather prisons to manipulate anything. That was it I was completly helpless until my friend arrived. ;D
There I was fists held to either side of my waist, legs pinned together and very effectively gagged. Of course part of the fun is trying to escape, so I hopped over to a table where I had left a spare key, but with my hands held tightly in fists by the leather there was no way I could even pick it up. I next hopped over to where my phone was laying on the seat of a chair. But bound like this I could not even get near it. I straightened up and looked around the room, it slowly occurred to me that if anything happened to my friend I could be in serious trouble. So I decided to hop to my door and see if I could open it. Fortunately the doors have lever handles and not knobs, so I managed, albeit with some difficulty, to open the door and hop into my entrance hall. Satisfied I would be able to get out of the house and look for help if my friend did not arrive to free me I went back into my lounge and sat down in a chair to revel in my bondage.  ;)

After a while I found that the tight waist harness was digging into my flesh and becoming painful so I decide to stand up and see if this would help relieve the pressure. Standing up proved a lot more difficult than I anticipated, but after a few minutes I managed to work my butt far enough forward on the chair to let me get unsteadily to my feet. Now I was standing the waist belt was still digging uncomfortably into my hips and the crotch straps digging painfully into my bum crack. I looked hopefully at my clock but it was only just six and I might have another hour and a half to wait. :(

I hopped about the room looking for something that my let me free myself, but with my hands trapped at my waist and pinned in the fist mitts everything was totally unreachable. I tried pulling my hands away from my waist but the harness is too well made to allow this to be effective. I stood there with drool running down my chest, considering my options. If I was really determined to get free I could suffer the embarrassment of hopping outside in the hope of finding someone to free me. I had no choice, I would have to remain a helpless prisoner until my friend arrived. I slumped back down in the chair to wait. Struggling n my bonds to try and ease the pain at my hips and crotch. ???

 Finally at seven forty my friend arrived and examined my bondage. As they removed my gag they asked, “How on earth did you manage to bind yourself like this?” I explained as they slowly unlocked the right hand wrist cuff and unlocked and removed the fist mitt and then set about releasing my left hand.  Finally after ten minutes i had both hands free. They asked “Can you get the rest off by yourself?” I replied yes, and they said goodbye and left me to finish freeing myself.  :)

I have to admit this was a very effective bondage (I had thought I might have been able to manipulate a key even wearing the fist mitts, as I can lock them on and remove them in other bondages), and totally inescapable without help. I may well do this one again, perhaps with a blindfold and earplugs to make me totally helpless. 8)


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Re: Friday 13 th session
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2017, 09:51:28 pm »
Another fantastic session 8).
A variation from last time left out the waist harness, went with rigid handcuffs behind back and a strap around upper arms and chest.
locked up at 1810 after text from my friend saying they were en route. Found this tie up very restricting, sat in a chair found cuffs were digging in even through the fist mitts after about ten minutes. :(

About twenty five minutes in a text alert sounded on my mobile. Found it was almost impossible to get up from the chair, the alert went off again as I finally made it to my feet, meaning it had taken me ten minutes. By the time I had struggled out of the chair and hopped to where my mobile was screen had gone blank again, I stood there patiently and the alert sounded again and the message displayed for two seconds. ???

My friend was stuck in a traffic queue! Now I was getting worried. I had made a really good job of this bondage. The table the phone was on was too low for me to crouch down and reach because of the leg straps, even if I could have picked it up with my hands locked in the fist mitts. I hopped to the door but found the strap around my arms and the rigid cuffs meant I could not reach the handle. :-X

That was it then I was a helpless prisoner of my own making.I hopped to a low stool and sat down to wait, and hope my friend wasn't held up for too long. my friend finally arrived about forty minutes later,much to my relief.  ;D

The extra half hour or so in this strict tie really tested me I was really glad to get loose!


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Re: Friday 13 th session
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2017, 11:38:52 pm »
Hey Jim,

Sounds like you had an interesting and joy filled time. Sounds as if you were in some pretty restrictive restraints. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it, but sometimes my spread-eagle on the bed leaves a little to be desired. Great most of the time but there are those times I wish I could do something a little different. But, it would require me remounting my electromagnet every time. So, I keep with my norm.

I sure wish I had someone I could have to come by and help/save me. I envy you having the friends that you do.

Have fun and safe playing.


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Re: Friday 13 th session
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2017, 03:38:57 am »
Another Friday self bondage session.  :)

This time I fitted wax ear plugs, then strapped my legs together and put my leather strap around my chest. Next I gagged and blindfolded myself and then working very carefully locked on the fist mitts, Finally I worked my arms through the chest strap, pinninig them to my body and managed to lock my alcyon handcuffs on behind my back. ;)

As the final cuff started to ratchet shut my heart went into overdrive as I realised 'shit! that's it I'm completely helpless'. :o
I was tightly bound unable to speak or see and barely able to hear anything except my heart racing. Totally dependent on my friend arriving to free me (i suddenly realised I had not set up any back up) :o

I started to frantically struggle against my bonds, but of course got no where. As I calmed down I stood still and not knowing which direction I was now facing began to gingerly shuffle forward. After what seemed like many minutes (but was probably only one or two) I felt the sharp edge of a low stool that was stood against the wall. I gingerly turned around and carefully lowered my butt onto the seat. Feeling a bit safer sat down I started to contemplate my predicament. With my hands balled into fists and encased in leather there was no way I could get a key to unlock my handcuffs and with my wrists cuffed behind my back there was no way to reach any of my other restraints.I was completely screwed until help arrived. ::)  I slumped against the wall at my back, hoping nothing happened to my friend who was my only release. As time crawled past I thought of all the things that could happen that I was powerless to do anything about.  ???

I sat there for what seemed like an hour straining to hear my friend arrive, but I must have semi dozed as I was shocked as a hand touched my shoulder and I faintly heard a voice tell me to stand up. As my blindfold was removed and I blinked in the light my friend looked for my keys. I glanced at he clock, I had only been bound thirty five minutes but it had seemed like hours. The sensory deprivation certainly added a lot of fear and spice to my session. 8)


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