How tight do you like to see those wrappings?

Loose Bundle
0 (0%)
Just Snug
1 (12.5%)
Detailed Skintight
7 (87.5%)

Total Members Voted: 7

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Visual Tightness
« on: January 13, 2016, 10:21:31 PM »
I enjoy Mikel's concept of tightness.  In his latest story Forever and The Position, I could imagine the tape heated and shrunk to a point that the details of the girls' bodies could be seen, that the detail was as clear as body painting.  On the other hand, his story Wrapped and Wrapped in Chains did not try to highlight the girls' bodies but did not make their situation any less inescapable.

So that brings me to the question:  What kind of tightness is enough to appeal to you?  For the ease of this question, it's best to assume that the person is wrapped head to toe in an opaque material such as bandages or tape.  Alternatively, think of the poll as a latex sleepsack.

So after some deliberation, here are the three categories I could think of:

1.  Loose Bundle-  You don't care for looks, only that the victim is well-secured.  If you can tell if it's a boy or girl, you didn't use enough.  You may also think a carpet and a mummy has no difference.

2.  Just Snug-  You know mummification is an art form of bondage.  You can differentiate between gender, and you might deviant your pattern to show off some curves or shafts.  Still, you probably can't remember who's under the wraps.

3.  Detailed Skintight-  You want to see the face, nipples and maybe a belly button.  You consider mummification as an act of preservation and are willing to take this to a literal conclusion.  Perhaps it would just be as effective with glue and paint, but you just like detail in your work.

So what kind of tightness do you like to see?


Edit:  It has been a week.  This is the result:  A majority of you like to wrap up people so tight that you can still see their faces.  About one of you is okay with getting some curves.  None of you are please with cartoons.

My interpretation of the poll is thus:  You really enjoy the sight of a naked body and would warp physics if you could.  Only a few can't think of the science to achieve that and only wrap as close as possible. 
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