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Story. Bondage Burial. V2.0 by Shelley aka Wingco
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Bondage Burial
by Shelley

Rebecca Wilson arrived at the funeral parlour late Friday afternoon where her boyfriend was awaiting her. The girl strode in carrying the bag containing a wedding dress for a forthcoming ‘bondage burial’ scenario. Karl grinned as she dumped it on his desk and gave him the mother of all snogs. “Might have guessed you’d wear that honey. Will Judith mind you taking it from the shop?” Rebecca looked down, “Very unlikely, seeming as its almost my uniform. Besides we’re closed for redevelopment all next week. That’s why I’m doing the winter collection photoshoot over at Harrenby Hall on Monday.” she replied with a grin.

The girl had worked in Miss Renshaw’s establishment for three years now. The fact Judith had found Rebecca loved wearing formal gowns of all sorts was pleasing to the older woman. Who promptly told her that she was allowed to model their stock while on the premises. Giving the youngster the thrill of wearing restrictive clothing at all times. Strutting and swishing all day while sewn into a tight corset with stockings too. Rebecca was normally in a state of arousal for most of that, occasionally leaving it all on to go home. Thus Karl had the opportunity to undo her before the obvious. The stuff she’d be wearing next week was just as good.

So you ready to be ‘interred for the weekend then?” he asked and she nodded eagerly. A long held dream of hers about to become reality.

She’d read so much about these on Gromets’ story site, plus others and eventually confessing to Karl, her boyfriend of six years who just by chance had recently begun work at the parlour. He’d looked at what she’d been reading and too was hooked. They’d often tied the other up, but reading about it soon upped the ante and their experiences increased. But as yet she’d never been bound wearing a dress like this one.

Within a few months he’d managed, with some creative accounting to ‘relieve’ the place of a casket. Taking it home and spending a long while working out how to bind his girl better than the boxes they used at the moment. Now the coffin was back in his workplace with some very interesting additions to its interior and she, having not seen them, was dying to know how she’d ‘be tightly restrained inside’.

The girl looked round, nervously thinking Mr Walters might come in, only to be assured that the boss was off for the weekend and they had the place to themselves. It’d been a quiet summer season so the other workers all had got second jobs, leaving Karl to act as live-in weekend caretaker. The place was packed with caskets but everyone in town seemed to be in good health at the moment.

Rebecca waited till he made the building secure before starting to disrobe. Karl smiling as she slipped out of the slinky cream frock and stood there in her underwear, before that came off as well. “Bridal stuff is better” she grinned and over the next few minutes donned the sexiest lingerie he’d ever thought his girl possessed. He helped lace her torso into the corset then proceeded to assist her in slithering into the dress. Sighing as he zipped her up, running both hands over her curves once she’d turned round for a kiss. A brief repair of makeup then Rebecca stepped into three-inch heels, allowing him to buckle the straps and said she was ready for the last bits.

Karl fitted her with the catheter and stuff, surprising but delighting Rebecca by including a decent sized vibrator before replacing her panties. Lastly the solid steel chastity belt was applied over the top. The girl trying and failing to even push the vib out an inch as the belt had been custom measured for her two months ago. He came out and tidied up her dress and they embraced as she thanked him for getting all this done for her. “Could you imagine what Judith would say if she knew about the belt?”

She grinned but her eyes widened as he produced a thick set of manacles and motioned Rebecca to place both wrists behind her back. The girl shuddering as he locked them, removing the key and slipping it into a pocket. “What are…” she began as he took her arm, ordering her to be quiet. Miss Wilson paused, for the first time having second thoughts. Karl saw her face change and apologised for the way he’d spoken. She nodded, accepted a kiss and didn’t resist as he led his now trembling ‘bride’ into the room where her casket lay on the table. The ramps leading into the furnace…thankfully both powered down as one was due for re-lining, sitting at one end of the rails.

Karl brought her to the top, showing her a door, opening the three heavy bolts and sliding it to reveal the space beyond. She peered with some difficulty and trembled. “I’m going in there… In my coffin?” she whispered and shuddered again when he said that was correct. The lass surprised it went so far in. Nearly twenty feet or so and the same width, with pipes hanging down and he explained what they did.

A small internal belt allowed them to move the coffins off to one side, the last one to the left couldn’t even be seen it from the doorway. Six was the maximum they could do in this one if required. The other could take twenty but was rarely used. In fact they stored a few damaged caskets in there to save space. “That’s where yours’ came from” he’d grinned telling her last month that he’d acquired one. The dent on the side of hers was enough for it not to be used.

“Guess it’s too late to back out eh?” she asked, looking at him and Karl paused. “Well, I’ve spent a lot getting it set up, but if you want out, now is your only chance.”

“No, I DO want it, please Karl you know me well enough by now” she said at last and saw him smile, she did too and they had another careful kiss. “OK, show me what you…oh my goodness!” Rebecca exclaimed as Karl opened the casket and she saw the inside. He saw a flash of wanting in those captivating grey eyes of hers.

She looked surprised that there were no bindings in the casket and the only padding appeared to be on the sidewall. The box at the top end contained her feeding bottle; the one at the other held the tubes to carry away her waste products. As their plan was for her to remain locked in the coffin overnight at the parlour. Once finding out the furnace was off for rework too she’d grinned, making him promise to slide the whole set up right inside and secure that door too!

Then Rebecca saw why the casket was bare, as Karl wheeled what appeared to be a human sized cage from a side room and parked it nearby. She looked at it, seeing the back wall behind the thick fixed collar and waistband was the same type and colour fabric as the casket lining. Two struts poked up from the platform floor, each with restraints attached, just above a pair of shoes mounted on the end. These seemed identical to the ones she was wearing and obviously part of the set up.

“So that’s why you wouldn’t let me in the workshop! You actually made one!” she exclaimed looking at what he now said was a cage. “Like that one in the Scottish story.” They’d read that on the site too, looked up some photos of these devices from the Historical Society and he’d made one. Brought up to date for this session of hers and she looked closely at the thick bindings that were soon to hold her helpless. Just as well Karl didn’t know how wet she was already!

“OK honey, here we go,” he said and freed her wrists before doing them to the front again, then moved Rebecca around till she could be eased back into the cage under his instructions on when to step up and suchlike. Her breathing was very shallow as she felt her legs hit the ankle cuffs, back resting against the padding. She looked down and saw the thick band that was to enclose her waist, it looked a little small and she hoped he’d got the measurements right. The neck collar also seemed an inch or too high. “Stop there missy and I’ll do the shoes, left one first please.”

Rebecca lifted as ordered and felt him remove the shoe, guiding her stocking clad foot into the fixed one on the end. “That ain’t three inches pet, more like five. Thank goodness I’ll not be walking,” she chuckled as he buckled the straps. Then she shuddered as the padded cuff was closed over her ankle. The click of a lock and rattle of key followed and the first of many bindings were done. Least the collar was now in the right place.

‘I’m being locked into a coffin’ she thought, cheeks glowing as Karl repeated this for the other. “How’s that love?” he asked and looked up, amazed to see her smiling, eyes closed as he stroked her legs. “It feels wonderful, just like whatshername in the story. Please carry on,” she whispered and it was his turn to grin now. He brought more cuffs out and locked them either side of her trembling knees, then secured the pairs together. Checking and finding now that she couldn’t move either limb an inch.

Karl came up and she opened her eyes, lifting her bound arms over his head as they had another kiss. “No going back now love,” he said, easing the two parts of the belt round and asking her to breathe right in till he could click it shut. Of course she obeyed and he saw her flinch when the first little ‘tink’ came. Then another as he put pressure on each side. “Bit more honey, don’t want movement from your torso either”. Three clicks later he was satisfied and she felt the key being removed once he’d twisted it. “Golly that’s tight, but good too,” she moaned.

Stepping away briefly Karl opened the box containing her bridal posy…and the cuffs that would be secured to the belt rather than the ones she was already wearing. These were part of the combination and he fitted them to the belt and opened both. Then Karl freed her wrists and before she could reach over for a last hug he slipped one into the padded cuff and quickly did the other. “You spoilsport” she chuckled and he grinned as the posy was handed over. Adjustments to the sleeves hid the metalwork and he reached for a mirror to show her. Rebecca was really impressed as with her hands together by her waist, the flowers really did camouflage the cuffs and she was thrilled.

She now found out why there were holes in the rear panelling just above where her elbows were. Cuffs were applied, adjusted so the flat backs pressed into the fabric and locked, then Karl went behind and fed screws into the backboard. These went right into the restraints and actually pulled her arms deeper into the fabric. With the wristcuffs there as well she couldn’t move those limbs either now. 

“Collar next,” and she nodded, lifting her chin as ordered so the loop could be brought round. The padding gripped quite tight as she heard the lock engaging, but Karl made sure she could breathe fine before removing another key, this joining a ring on the desk.

She’d hoped to be gagged during her interment but at first Karl had not approved. Only after a lot of research did he agree and secretly built a mask, replicating her face but enabling him to hide the tube for the liquid food substitute she’d be getting for the next two days. Rebecca wasn’t thrilled with the taste of the stuff, nor the fact the tube would need to go up through her nose then down the correct part of her throat. All these ideas had come off bondage sites and the pair grateful to the various authors. “I wonder if they know people bring their tales to life?”

A lot of practice had taken place during the weeks leading up to this, to enable them to get it right. He approached and fitted the tube up into the box above her. Paused and acceded to her request to free the collar while it was inserted in case she retched.

“Good idea honey. Should have done it first to allow you to get used to it. Want a few minutes out of there?” but he was surprised when she declined. “No, I love the feeling of being held. Just be careful mind” Rebecca replied. He nodded and gently slid it up, watching her eyes as they winced and she shook her head. “Stop! Just a moment.” and a brief coughing fit worried him. Once settled again they got it down, tested it and Miss Wilson was satisfied as he relocked the collar.

“Right, last bits now and a surprise” he smiled as she wondered what it could be. Gasping as her mask appeared. “Oh wow, that’s amazing Karl” she exclaimed as he showed it to her. Explaining how it would fit over her face and be secured into the roof. The other end clipped to her collar. “OK, I’m ready then love” she said quickly, wanting SO much to be put into the coffin dressed and restrained like this.

They had another snog then Karl told her to close both eyes while he put the mask over her face. She obeyed but was startled when the tongue of the gag touched her lips. “Oops, sorry, forgot to say it had that there” he said on hearing her grunt. Rebecca opened up as instructed and he slid the mask down till it clipped into the collar. It was much tighter than she thought, really pressing her head back into the padding behind. But again it was good that another piece of her body could now no longer move. He heard her breathing through the mouthhole and checked the nose pipe wasn’t trapped under the mask.

“Ess. Ine.” She ‘said’ in reply to the questions. Though she did squeal as he expanded the gag to totally fill her mouth, forcing her chin hard into the base of the mask. “Uggh. Oooss it a it,” she pleaded and he took it back a notch. “Anks” Finally he brought the door round and she shuddered so much as the two locks were secured. “All done honey,” and she smiled as best she could behind the mask. He left her for a moment to settle and went off to use the bathroom.

Coming back he turned the cage round to allow Rebecca to see what was coming next. She could see reasonably well through the gauze patches of the masks’ eyes and saw Karl fitting a small TV screen inside the coffin lid, just above where her face would be. He briefed the girl, saying that all this was being filmed and once she’d been ‘interred’ he’d show her the entire sequence of what they’d just been doing. Again it was something they’d read about and the lass wondered how they’d ever top this in weeks to come. She’d have to be really creative as they normally took it in turns.

“Rate” she replied and he smiled then prepared the hoist, bringing it over and attaching the chains to the top of the cage.

She squealed as the cage jerked into the air, swaying slightly as Karl brought it over, then Rebecca’s aspect changed as he lowered it back into the coffin. Now she could only see the ceiling and two big cobwebs on the lightshade!

Karl opened the cage again then Rebecca felt hands going up her dress as he ferreted for the wastepipe ends then attached those to the box. Going back up and giving her legs a stroke. She’d have jumped a mile had her limbs not been so tightly bound. “Ice,” came the gagged squeal as he rubbed up and down and kept going till she started trembling. “Mmppph…ore” was sighed when he stopped.

The cage door was closed and locked and she started as Karl attached the keys to the impressive ring then reached down and placed them amongst the posy. “Now you look after those honey,” he said and Rebecca squealed as the first part of the lid came over.

Surely that was a bit over the top? She thought, watching as he came back with a drill. The girl now knowing she was moments away from her dream. Rebecca felt the first two screws going into the base then saw Karl smile as the next two were done. “Nearly there honey, farewell,” he said, bowing then the lass saw him bring the other part of the lid down. Darkness fell and she shuddered violently on hearing the last four screws being secured. She ran through it all.

Bound at ankles, above and below knees, waist and elbows too. Her neck and with the top of the mask mounted from the roof pinning her head too. Plus she was gagged and plugged in all holes…well apart from her ears. Damn, that’ll be next time then! Rebecca thought. The TV screen flickered into life. Thankfully her eyes hadn’t adjusted yet to the darkness so it wasn’t too bad.

The view from the camera showed her casket still on the floor. Karl sitting at the workbench with a small plate mounted on his engraving tool. “Just doing yours’ love” he said and a few minutes later he brought it over and held it to the camera so she could see it.

B 19-04-1978.
D 02-07-2006.

She smiled then frowned, as the 2nd was last Sunday. Today was the 7th and she quietly cursed him for getting the date wrong. He attached it to the coffin then spent the next half-hour giving the thing a damn good polishing.

Rebecca soon forgot about the mistake as she saw Karl heading for the lift buttons. She trembled as the casket jerked and began to rise till it reached the level of the track. He opened the door of the furnace, the lass pleased to see he’d looked inside and checked it was the ‘off’ one of the two. Then her heart began pounding as she watched him press the other buttons and her coffin slowly slid along the track. Bumping over the ledge and she began crying as it went out of sight. The rumbling finally ceased and then the camera vibrated as it was removed from the shelf. Karl bringing it down and pointing it along the track and she could see her casket again in the dim orange light inside.

Miss Wilson watched as the coffin moved sideways now, sliding out of sight and she felt it jerk and clunk after it had stopped. The camera came inside and scanned to the left. Rebecca seeing two small chocks had appeared and now held it into position. Her view changed as he retreated out onto the track and began loading more caskets from the other furnace until her’s was full up.

So not only was she helplessly locked inside a casket, deep inside a furnace, more blocked any way out. Now she watched as Karl slowly forced the heavy door shut. Easing the three massive bolts across and Rebecca began to groan at the enormity of what was to come. Just after the subsequent movie from his laptop finished Karl switched off the main lights and went out the door, leaving his very pretty girlfriend there while he went off to guard the place.

It was harder to cope with than Rebecca Wilson had thought as she lay there. Getting the odd session from the vibrator. After only what seemed like days but actually was six hours she was screaming to be freed. Karl knew this as the casket had been fitted with a microphone in case of trouble. But only if she started humming the ‘Colonel Bogey’ theme tune, her safety one, would he free her from the torment. Listening as the remote controlled vib brought her close to the edge once more. An agonised squeal of frustration when it stopped made him grin.

Of course she’d spent a night in a casket before, but that was unlocked, plus she hadn’t been restrained. Now her muscles ached from the pressure of the bindings, worst of all the damn things prevented her humping herself to orgasm. SO frustrating but she didn’t want to admit defeat this early. A snooze followed and she awoke to find the TV on again, this time showing a green ‘night’ view of the place as the camera appeared to be back on the wall. Her body really was so sore now and having just had ‘breakfast of strawberry something’ slopping down her throat she thought about humming.

Just as Rebecca was about to the main lights came on. Making her scream out loud as it was so bright. Even the camera had dazzled for a moment and she watched as two men came into the room.

Neither of them was Karl and she was stunned. Saturday the place was supposed to be closed, wasn’t it? So who the hell were these guys? Rebecca was very frightened now, this didn’t seem right and she looked, hoping for Karl to appear. Bursting into sobs when he did minutes later, carrying three drinks, so somehow he was safe, so that made everything alright as they sat down to watch something on a portable TV set that one had carried in and was mounting on the desk. Perhaps she should stay quiet for a while. She could hear what sounded like a sports commentator waffling on and her heart sank.

Rebecca hated football with a passion. The fact the World Cup was starting next weekend filled her with utter dread at the fact Karl would become Joe Popular. These guys’ coming round because his TV set was of the best quality. Add the quadraphonic sound system and you could almost think you were at the matches. The European Cup Final she’d endured last month was almost too much.

Her vibrator, having decided she’d slept long enough now began stoking her again. A monstrous orgasm blasted Miss Wilson out beyond Pluto at warp factor twelve. Once she’d come round after the third of these, Rebecca’s resolve cracked. She’d had enough now and looking at the screen began humming ‘that tune.’

Karl, now alone for a few moments had switched on the microphone and heard this coming from the laptop. He cursed but was relieved the others had gone off to get a takeaway between matches. It was mid-afternoon Saturday. She’d only been in there eighteen hours! 

He came up to the camera. “Sorry love, but the answer is no. They’re here until 6pm tonight. You are gonna have to wait. I’ll turn the vib off but that’s all I can do for now. Please pipe down” But she kept humming and a shocked Rebecca was plunged into utter darkness as he reached up and switched off her only view of the outside world. “Sorry, gotta do this to you if you won’t behave.” and the speaker stopped crackling too.

Rebecca Wilson lost it big style. Screaming into her gag, eyes streaming with tears. The lass begging for the TV to light up again. Remembering that story of some girls stuck in their caskets for years. She was only going to have to wait hours, but by heck Rebecca was going to give Karl a mouthful over this episode. They’d sworn never to let the other get too distressed in a situation, yet now…

After what seemed ages she realised the screen was back on its green view again. The others and the desk TV set had gone. But still no sound, or freedom and she sobbed and struggled but to no avail. SO tired now and the pain was causing her problems. At least her ‘food’ still worked, along with the extraction side. But she was BORED beyond belief.

Karl appeared and she screamed at him. But no response and she realised that the speaker obviously wasn’t on. Rebecca sighed as she saw him begin to open the furnace. Just as the door swung open he stopped and looked around then walked towards the phone. Answering it he wrote down a whole sequence of numbers then replaced the receiver. Miss Wilson watched as he came back over to the door…AND CLOSED IT AGAIN.

Rebecca cried as she saw the bolts being slid back into position, Karl donning his jacket and by the time he reached up to turn off the camera Miss Wilson was beyond caring. The vibrator began and she cursed it vilely now as it began tormenting her over the next few hours.

Coming to Rebecca saw the TV on, all the office lights on and Karl, thankfully lifting one of the other caskets off the rail. Her own jerked sideways and she was sobbing as it appeared moments later and out of the furnace. He swung it onto the floor and over away from the rails, joining the others that had blocked hers earlier. She watched as he reached for the drill. Taking the plate off first. Only for him to stop after that and answer the damn phone again! “NOT NOW” she shrieked as he once more donned the jacket and headed off, though he did look up to the camera and touched it. The speakers in her casket crackled. SO loud having not been on for a while.

“Sorry honey, just gotta go round to the gaffer’s and pick up some documents, he’s waiting for me so I need to dash. Stay there,” and with that he tossed a towel over her casket then left. But at least she was out of the furnace now and safe. She even grinned, ‘Stay there eh?’

She waited patiently for what seemed hours, even her muscles had given up aching now, just a dull throbbing but she suddenly jerked when two men walked in. The same two who’d been here before. They made drinks then looked around, one of them peering into the furnace. Going over to the other door and looking in there too. “Empty, ready for the workers tomorrow” one was heard to say. So she assumed it was now Sunday morning and freedom would come today thank goodness.

To Rebecca’s amazement the two started moving coffins around by using the hoist. Bringing a couple out of the bigger furnace and inspecting them. Not opening any but a careful checking of the outer case. Paperwork began to be filled in as they laughed about something. Miss Wilson’s eyes were closed, wondering how much longer they’d be here. When Karl returned it looked like she’d have to stay locked in the casket EVEN LONGER until the others cleared off.

The girl suddenly froze as the taller one came over to her casket. ‘Go away’ she whispered into her gag as he walked round it. “No idea why it’s over here Pete, but it’s knackered anyway from that dent,” he said rapping a knuckle on the side. The girl waited, hardly breathing as he walked away then started as the door rang. Another guy came in with a note in his hand. The others questioned him before some sort of agreement was made. “Dave, clear those damages into biggie as the driver cannot take anything back, we need space for the new ones. Karl won’t mind. They can burn tomorrow after the re-liners have gone if gaffer clears it.”

Rebecca Wilson began to softly weep as she helplessly watched the smaller guy start piling caskets into the big furnace.

Hers’ was the third to be moved. The towel fell off and she saw the guy pick her plate off the top.

“Least Karl’s been practising his engraving again. Don’t think Becks would approve of using her name like this. He’s nuts over the lass. Nice piece of ass too, thought about trying for her myself before she hooked up with him” and Rebecca flushed at that. Frowning as he continued, “Think old Walters had a twinkle in his eye when she came last time in that short black outfit. The old lech, imagine them together. Yuk.” And Miss Wilson silently agreed. If only small guy knew what lay just to his right… and anyway she hated being called Becky. But Becks was even worse!

Once more came the vibrations and she was quietly sobbing as her casket vanished once more. She listened to the clanking as ten more joined her inside the ‘live furnace.’ Shaking uncontrollably now. Worried that any moment they might decide to burn the damages today rather than wait. If they were that short of space…the guy locked the door and the movement of each bolt slamming across sent waves of fear rushing through her.

Rebecca watched as caskets came in through the door. Worryingly three of them were the same style as hers. Worst of all these were placed EXACTLY where hers’ had been. Then small guy put the plate down…back on the new casket and tossed the towel back over it as if nothing had happened. He went over to the control panel for biggie…

Miss Wilson thrashed in her bonds as she saw him running hands over the buttons, the grey one being the one that would actually start the furnace process according to Karl. Or that’s what it had sounded like when he’d explained. “Shame we don’t use this more often. Houston we have blast off!” he joked as tall guy came back with more drinks. “Yeah if it didn’t take ten hours to fire up then it’d be fine. Walters cocked up plans when it was built. It’s too big for this place. Think it’s only been used twice this year. Got nearly a full load in now…I wonder…” and he PRESSED THE GREY BUTTON.

Rebecca was devastated as the panel lit up. Knowing she was doomed as more lights came on. The girl was screaming into her gag, body tugging helplessly against the bindings and she hardly reacted when Karl arrived. He saw small guy at the panel about to press more buttons. “Oi, leave that alone you twit. Last thing I need today is that roaring away all night. What’s in there anyway, have you checked?” he asked as the man looked sheepishly at him. Karl came over and looked at what he’d done. Pressing a small black button and Rebecca’s heart leapt with joy as all the panel lights went off.

“Curiosity eh? One day” he joked then thanked them for coming in at short notice for the delivery. He signed what appeared to be some paperwork then the pair left him to it. The doors were locked this time and he came over to the camera having touched his laptop first.

“Sorry about that honey. You ready to come out?” and he jumped as she screamed into the microphone. “Whoa, hold on pet, it wasn’t my fault. Now calm down” he said, grabbing the drill and heading for the casket.

Of course he didn’t know and was puzzled when Rebecca kept squealing and crying. Eventually he reached up and switched the laptop to silent inbound and she watched the inevitable…

Arriving at the casket he swept the towel off, picked up the plate that had clattered onto the floor then put the drill to… and discovered the holes were empty! He opened the coffin….

Karl looked around and paused. Looking at all the other caskets too. “Bloody hell. Hope the guy didn’t take any damages back!” he cursed heading for the laptop. Rebecca watched as he ran through what the camera had recorded. The guy’s shoulders slumped in relief as he saw Dave loading Miss Wilson into the big furnace. Counting the number that followed her and Rebecca sobbed quietly as he hurried to biggie and began to unload it. “Honey I’m so sorry!” he said as he worked on.

He could actually hear Rebecca’s cries as the correct casket slid out and jolted to a halt and she settled down as he reached for the drill. The sounds of those screws being undone were the best she’d heard and the girl closed her eyes as Karl warned her he was opening the lid.

With the lights down it took him an hour to extricate Rebecca from her casket. She couldn’t stand, her legs gone from the countless orgasms she’d endured. Her face was a mess, hair wrecked and he quietly joked he’d seen better corpses than her. She grinned tiredly sitting there in the chair, still in the dress. Finally with assistance she disrobed and headed unsteadily for the shower in the gents changing room.

Coming back an hour or so later in her cream outfit and heels again. You couldn’t imagine what Miss Wilson had been through as once again she looked like the bridal model she was. They sat there watching scenes from the last two days, her head leaning against his and they shared a hug as she admitted how turned on she’d been.

“So when are you gonna bury me in our garden shed then?” she joked loudly at the end.

Karl stared at her, then smiled as they kissed, saying they didn’t even have a shed.

“I’d best start planning then” he replied, packing away the laptop and camera. The pair jumped as the phone rang. Karl answered it and she saw his face frown. “OK Mr Walters, see you in a few minutes, bye.” He replaced the receiver and cursed out loud. “Damn, gaffer’s coming here right now. Find somewhere to hide love. if he sees you here there’ll be hell to pay. Rebecca nodded and headed for the main door. Only to find it was raining heavily and she’d not brought a coat. Karl’s was in their car at the far end of the lot. She’d get soaked trying to reach it, besides running in three-inch heels is never a good idea.

“OK, guess you better hide in here,” he said opening her casket. Thankfully the cage inside wasn’t locked and Rebecca quickly pulled open the belt, shed her shoes and leapt in. Placing her feet into the fixed ones and instinctively closing the ankle cuffs. Then she lay back and settled into the belt, her neck into the back of the collar. Karl brought the cage door round, only for it to jam on the open belt because it was sticking up, so that too was closed. She grinned and reached up to do the collar, then placed both wrists into the cuffs. With those closed Karl could now secure the door, though he didn’t lock it or any of the bindings. Much to Rebecca’s disappointment and she pouted. “Later honey,” he chuckled then slammed the lid down. Moments later the casket jerked as it was shunted to one side.

Walters was longer than they thought and Karl had time to set the laptop and camera up again, flicking on the screen in her lid so Rebecca could see what was going on. Then the boss arrived, black briefcase in his hand, talking to her boyfriend and obviously issuing instructions and the pair had a coffee while the owner did an impromptu inspection. He nodded in what appeared to be approval, as they shook hands then he left. Miss Wilson seeing Karl with the paperwork he’d been given. Giving him time to digest it before pushing up on the cuffs. There wasn’t enough leverage to get both wrists out, the left was closer to the hinge but after a moment Rebecca wriggled her right arm free and reached up through the bars.

Karl jumped a mile straight up as the casket lid banged for a moment under pressure. “Bloody hell lass, you gave me heart failure just then” he said opening her lid. Pulling the cage door too and allowing the girl to start freeing herself. Clambering out for a yawn and stretch, listening to her boyfriend telling her what the next hour or so would be happening. He had to go out and deliver one of the caskets to a local school for their upcoming play. “Yeah, don’t take mine, the kids don’t need to learn about THAT sort of stuff yet!” she laughed in reply. He chuckled and they had a kiss as he went out to move the hearse from the garage round to the loading door. Coming back in dripping wet, it was blowing a ‘real hoolie’ out there now.

“Think you’d better remain here love. I’ll lock the door so you should be alright. She nodded at first agreeing but then Rebecca however wasn’t that sure, the other two had keys and she didn’t want them coming back and finding her here alone. Telling Karl this, hoping that he’d drop her off at home first. Until finding out it was in the other direction and some way off route to go via their place. “Tell you what, I’m gonna load this up then I’ll decide, back in ten mins.” She smiled in return and headed for the bathroom. On arrival back he wasn’t to be seen, though she could hear him working in the loading area outside the door moving stuff about.

Karl was surprised she wasn’t in the office when he came back having heard a faint bang just now. A look in the restroom, no. In the kitchen…no and he knew she’d hardly sit in the lobby because of the security camera there. A quick check in Mr Walters office…no hot blonde in there either.

“So she must be…” he murmured, opening a certain casket and looking down.

Rebecca peered up and smiled. Though he couldn’t see this because once more she was wearing her mask. The gag tight in her mouth and the cuffs on her body were closed, add the fact she had the keys in her left hand some were probably locked as well. He reached down and opened the gate.

“OK love, guess it’s what you think will be best eh?” he grinned. A wink from behind the gauze was the answer. He took the keys, amazed that somehow in a few minutes she’d locked both ankles the collar and her left wrist too. Only the right elbow cuff was opened and he knew she’d not have been able to do both sides. Karl secured that then grinned and went down and slid his hand up her dress. No surprise he felt, as her legs above and below the knees were done too. Obviously she’d been planning this, the lass getting secured then using gravity to shut the gate on top and pinning the right cuff closed.

He gave her breasts a squeeze, jumping back as her right hand flew up and tried to slap him.

“Naughty girl!” he grinned, grabbing her wrist and forcing it into the cuff and locking it. Pushing her arm down and securing the elbow cuff too. “That’s better,” he whispered, face near her mask then he worked her nipples hard until her chest started heaving and a sexy moan coming from above.

“Right, playtime over, I’ll take you home in the hearse later on,” and with that he closed the gate and locked it. Putting the keys into her hand and patting her. “Lovely girl, now be good and stay there!”

Karl heard her happily humming as the lid was secured. He didn’t have time to do screws but moved the casket out of the way and lifted another on top, put another in its original place then left the room. Locking the door after him and departing on his errand.

What he didn’t know was in that brief moment he’d been working outside Rebecca had been faster than he thought. Not only getting into the casket and binding herself, but she’d also fitted the vibrator back in with the chastity belt to hold it there. As she’d used the bathroom the catheter hadn’t been applied. The engine noise had hardly faded when the vib kicked in and twenty minutes later the girl was getting very horny indeed. A happy groan coming as the inevitable orgasm sent her mind haywire.

Regaining her senses Rebecca felt her casket being moved. So she’d been out for some while and the girl wished Karl had left the TV set running in her lid. The coffin sounded like it was being wheeled then swung round before the lass assumed she was being loaded into the hearse. A brief pause then the thing started moving and she was pleased to be on her way home. She was hungry, it was well past lunch, plus there was stuff on the video to watch later tonight, maybe he’d show her those laptop films again.

Rebecca waited what seemed ages, then remembering that loaded hearses don’t put their foot down! So she sighed in relief as it finally came to a halt, the odd jerk then silence. A door then banged open then she jumped as the casket began to move and she was slid out onto a trolley. Birdsong sounded faintly in the background. Reminding Miss Wilson she had to fill their feeding tables once she’d been freed.

The bumping finally stopped as she was wheeled into the workshop and the lid was opened. She was smiling behind the mask…until she saw Mr Walters standing there with a faint grin on his face.

“Miss Wilson, what a surprising but lovely sight to see you restrained like this,” he said at last. Seeing the girl’s impressive chest starting to heave as she gasped in shock…

WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING! Her mind screamed and she squealed into the gag as a hand wandered through the gate of the cage and removed the keys. Examining them all and the guy then peered down at her bindings. Fingers coming in and touching the collar, elbow cuffs, her wrist and belt combination then he moved down to the base.

“Nice outfit,” he commented as the man lifted the hem of her dress. Sliding a hand up and touching both the knee cuffs. Feeling her shuddering as he stroked her warm thighs and heading further north. The girl sobbing as he discovered the chastity belt. His fingers probing over that area and Rebecca suddenly squealed, trying not to get aroused as the gentle touches made her nerve endings start to shake.

Thankfully he withdrew, tidied up the dress and came to the top. “Sorry about that young lady, could not resist such an opportunity. Now I guess you want to be freed yes?” he asked, looking into the mask and seeing her tearstained eyes blinking back. “I’ll take that as a yes then. I hope you’ve got a very good explanation for all this…or there might be…certain complications for you and your man.”

Rebecca was horrified, thinking that this might cost Karl his job. Worst it could leak out so with a heavy heart Miss Wilson realised she was going to have to tell him the truth. It took a while and the tears started as he removed the mask. The man seeing her exercise her tongue as the gag was clear of her lips. The collar was freed, then her elbow cuffs before he started on the wrists. Once free and before he’d got to unlocking the belt she had both hands over her face. Really crying now and he paused. Letting her get through this before undoing it.

She sat up and bent forward to unbuckle the fixed shoes, but was puzzled when Walters showed no sign of unlocking her ankle cuffs. “That’s far enough young lady. You need to start explaining. But firstly I think you need these,” he said, handing over some tissues, allowing Rebecca to clean her face from the tears. As she wasn’t wearing make-up it took moments.

“I’m so sorry about this. Please free my legs and let me out Mr Walters. I’ll explain everything if you do,” she said quietly, still unable to understand how this had happened. He paused again. “Maybe but I think I’d better have you wearing these first, just in case.” he replied, picking up the other manacles that she’d dropped into the bottom of the casket when packing up Karl’s bag. “But I…please no!” she said, starting to sob again but he was adamant. Coming closer and grabbing her wrist, slapping on the first and locking it. She was appalled as he reached round and twisted her left arm back and securing it behind her.

“NOOOO…STOP IT!” she screamed, shocked when he just smiled and stood back. Seeing the pretty girl now most definitely in distress. Her chest heaving again and Rebecca flinched as he reached down and unlocked her ankles. She wriggled her feet out of the shoes, wondering if he was about to reach up her dress again to free the knee cuffs.

“Right, time to lift you out” he said, Rebecca retorting that it’d be a damn sight easier if her wrists were freed first. He stared at her then brought two large hankies from his suit pocket. “I give the instructions here Miss Wilson. Now hold still or else,” he ordered. The girl shocked as he wadded one up then held it to her face then begin wrapping the other round her head, gripping firmly as she tried to stop this. She struggled but with her wrists secured couldn’t do much except scream at him. The fact he laughed made it worse and the now blindfolded youngster’s wails died away when he told her to shut up, as nobody of consequence would hear them.

“My place is well out of town and only my partner and I live there, ah Jay, come in pet and meet our pretty guest” he said. A horrified Rebecca heard the click of heels on the floor as another person joined her captor. “She’s in a right pickle, isn’t she?” the voice said after a pause, and it was definitely female. Not too old either and sounded quite amused at first. Miss Wilson however tried to plead with the new arrival but was stopped when a hand clamped her jaw shut with some force.

“Shhh my dear or we’ll have to gag you. Now be quiet!” it said and she trembled at the menace in the voice, amazed at the change in attitude too. A nod of surrender and it let go. Miss Wilson trying not to cry now. Gasping instead as hands began to touch her body, probing certain places. Running over her hips, legs, ankles and a quick look up the dress. “Outstanding, she really is something,” and Rebecca shuddered as the fingers came back up and stroked her breasts, quite gently and the girl started to flush as they rolled her nipples hard. “Yes Robbie, she’s certainly getting turned on by all this. So has she told you anything yet?”

Robert Walters replied that they hadn’t got round to that yet. “So, get some shoes for missy here and we’ll start the questioning in my study.” A whispered conversation between the couple followed then the female left, coming back moments later. She lifted Rebecca’s legs and applied the footwear. The way they arched her insteps were obviously heels, as they were strapped on. Miss Wilson amazed as cord followed and was wrapped round each ankle. “A few inches between your legs so small steps only please. They are your shoes so you know what they are like” Rebecca was told. Trying not to scream as Jay reached up her dress and unlocked both knee cuffs and pulled them out.

Rebecca nodded on being asked did she want the bathroom and by now she certainly did. Walters lifted her easily up and out of the casket, Jay helping the girl stand upright and get her balanced. The fact Miss Wilson was going to need to reveal to this woman what she was wearing underneath was bad enough.

Jay marched the girl out of the garage, with both hands clamped firm round Rebecca’s waist. The girl hearing two sets of heels clicking their way down a corridor, then onto carpet. She was guided up a flight of stairs till the women got her into what she said was a bathroom. “I’m wearing a…chastity belt…and…” Rebecca began, flushing so red at the shame of the forthcoming exposure. “Yes dear, I know you are. Quite a surprise to find some young ladies still do.” She replied, rattling keys. “Right, brace yourself,” and with that Miss Wilson shuddered as her dress was slipped up and over her hips. “Wow, I’m impressed. Was it made just for you?”

Rebecca glowed as she admitted this was the case. The belt was unlocked and now it was Jay’s turn to gasp as Miss Wilson’s other surprise appeared. “Really, what a sight!” and quickly a towel was used to catch the thing and what naturally followed…

Miss Wilson was SO embarrassed as this Jay laboured to clean her up, once she’d done what comes naturally. Dabbing so gently with tissues and actually at one point the lass began getting… “Dear or dear, what a girl you are, I think you’re enjoying this attention,” was a chuckled comment as many more tissues were needed. Rebecca was too shamefaced to say anything now. Though the way Jay was touching her all over made Miss Wilson suspect her assistant was a lesbian or something close to that.

But eventually she was dried off, knickers replaced with fresh ones and the dress tidied up, finally the cord was put onto her ankles again. “That is a lovely outfit, on a very pretty girl,” and the youngster blushed now, sensing Jay smiling at her. “I do understand how you’re feeling young lady and there’s nothing to worry about. But do you mind if I…?” Rebecca nodded, relieved at learning the truth but was amazed when Jay’s hands gave her the once over, fingers stroking everywhere. Miss Wilson was worried that if she kept doing it then that cleaning session would need repeating!

Jay finally saw Rebecca’s face starting to flush crimson, “Oh dear, better not do that for a while. Lets get you downstairs for the questioning.” She said and that phrase made Miss Wilson tremble. They came back into the study and Walters welcomed them. Asking Jay to help Rebecca sit down, warning the girl that because they were about to free her cuffs she’d be tied to the chair first.

Miss Wilson nodded and was lowered into a seat and eased back until her arms hit the rear. Cords were tied above her ankle bindings and off to the side. Another cord came from behind and went around her waist, another two wraps followed then she was told to lean forward. Rebecca complied and sighed as her wrists were freed, but held by both her captors and brought to the front. They let go and told her to rub the marks better, then she’d have to be cuffed again. “Aren’t the cords enough now?” she replied, hoping to avoid it as she worked her shoulders loose too.

“No, besides I’m assuming you actually like wearing them,” and despite her situation Rebecca blushed again. “Thought so. So if you don’t mind…wrists please,” and the girl quietly sighed and held her arms up. Once locked together she was allowed to place them in her lap. More cords were passed under her armpits and pulled over her shoulders, pinning Rebecca to the back of the chair. Once they’d been tied off Jay told Mr Walters she was safely secure. “Right young lady, please begin…”

So Rebecca Wilson began her confession. The bright red face explaining bondage, though after a few minutes and some interesting questions from both the inquisitors she assumed they knew more than they were letting on. After half an hour and to Rebecca’s relief Robert Walters allowed the blindfold to be removed. Jay took it off and the pair watched the girl squinting in the light before the woman left the room, though she had turned the dimmer switch down first. As the lass recovered her vision minutes later Miss Wilson was able to look around.

It was an impressive study, walls of bookshelves everywhere. Fine carpet on the floor and Walters sitting behind a large desk. A computer screen set to one side and various files in trays awaiting his attention. Almost like a managing directors’ office, and she remembered that of course he was one. Of her Karl’s company and she wondered what would happen to him now this had come out.

Jay returned carrying a tray with three cups, a plate of cakes and a steaming teapot. “4PM. Teatime for the English world-wide. Standards young lady” she said and Rebecca actually smiled. Planting them on the edge of the desk, serving Walters first then offering a cup to their captive. By now Rebecca was bloody thirsty and she downed a glass of water through a straw first then took a cake. Munching away then carefully balancing a saucer on her lap. Drinking the tea was difficult with her wrists secured but she managed not to spill it.

The questions continued after the break, Walters asking her about these story sites and Rebecca named them. The man tapped one into his computer and Jay came around to see what appeared. Miss Wilson almost smiled as two pairs of saucer-like eyes read one of the works. “Well I never,” he said at the end, “I never knew this sort of stuff existed. So you and Karl…?” and Rebecca flushed once more, relieved that both Jay and Walters were actually smiling at her discomfort.

“Yes, we roll-played a couple of things, yes Karl takes his turn.” She said, trying not to imagine these two doing the same. Walters she reckoned was about ten years older then her partner. Miss or was it Mrs Jay here probably not much old than Rebecca herself. “Do you two…?” she began, being a bit nosy and chancing her luck, but Robert Walters raised a hand. “No, young lady, we do not. Besides, Jay is my cousin and I don’t think it’d be appropriate,” he added. Rebecca apologised and they both nodded acceptance of this. Though Miss Wilson was sure she’d seen something in Jay’s eyes just now that might mean something different. 

Silence fell as her captors read more stories over the next hour or so and Rebecca was wondering how Karl was coping. He must be worried shitless as to where I am.

Indeed he was frantic.

Karl arrived back at the parlour and walked in. seeing everything as before. He lifted the casket off Rebecca’s and was about to flip the lid up when his cellphone rang. Karl answered it and found a mate of his he’d not spoken to for ages on the other end. So rather than cutting Danny off he worked the hoist one handed and moved the coffin onto the trolley, wheeling it outside and rolling the heavy load into the hearse. Once the building was locked up he switched the phone to hands-free and chatted all the way to the house he’d shared with Rebecca for the last few years. Even arriving, unloading the girl didn’t prevent the chit chat, nor did the fact he got the kettle on leaving her out there.

Finally with the tea cooked an hour later he returned to the garage, flipped the lid up…

“Bloody hell, not again!” he swore, realising that somehow he’d picked up the wrong casket. A look on the side, no dent and he cursed himself for stupidity and being distracted by Danny’s call. Plus he’d left the laptop, and Rebecca’s dress and handbag at work. Hurrying back he bypassed the alarm system, heading into the main room… and stopped.

Knowing now that something was badly wrong. Miss Wilson had definitely been under the casket he’d moved. Someone else had been here while he’d been out delivering the schools’ coffin. But how did they know which one to take? Unless they’d just shuffled things around and she’d been moved.

So Karl began laboriously searching all the caskets, emptying biggie and his heart sinking at each negative result. She just wasn’t here, and he headed to the desk to grab his laptop which was not there either. Nor was the bag with Rebecca’s gown and shoes, the handbag too was missing and she’d kill him for losing that alone. He really started to worry now, but whom the hell could he call and certainly not Walters. That’d mean having to confess the weekends’ activities.

He sat down and actually had a brief cry, worried that their games might have cost Rebecca dear. A drink failed to soothe his nerves and after another check of all the coffins he was about to ring the police when the phone on his desk trilled.

“Karl, its Robert Walters here, your young lady is with us and wants to speak to you,” he heard. The man almost collapsed with relief as Rebecca’s surprisingly calm voice came next. “Hi love, I’m OK and safe, but we appear to be in a bit of a pickle. Can…can you come over to his place please at 8 PM tonight…and be prepared to explain what we’ve been doing!”

While he’d been ripping the parlour apart Rebecca was hard at work defending her Karl and the way she’d done it impressed Walters, who made her cry with relief on saying he’d not get sacked over the affair. As long as he came here and told the truth the same way Miss Wilson had done. But there would be consequences of course. Karl would have to forgo this years’ pay rise and that made Rebecca wince in pain. “There goes our Dublin trip then,” she groaned and scowled as they smiled at the misfortune.

But she was stunned on finding out Jay was Judith Renshaw’s sister. Her boss had never spoken about family and Miss Wilson didn’t want to pry. So it looked like Rebecca was in more trouble than Karl. Jay had examined the dress in the bag, phoned her sibling who was on the way here to inspect it. “My dear, she didn’t sound happy. I think you need to work out how to apologise and damn quickly too!”

Thirty minutes later Miss Renshaw arrived. Slightly perplexed at the sight of her employee tied to a chair. Walters explained what the girl had done and saw his cousin frowning. “Least it wasn’t a gown I expected to sell. It’s one Rebecca uses when she’s testing shoes. See it’s got a mark up the back. But really young lady, you might have asked first!”

A shamefaced Miss Wilson agreed but noted that it wasn’t the sort of thing you’d do. Telling your boss that you’d like to borrow some stuff so the boyfriend could lock you in a casket and stuff it into a live incinerator. “Yes, quite,” she spluttered thinking about it, “So where on earth did you get the idea?”

So another set of eyes was introduced to the story sites and she read for at least an hour. With three of them there Walters allowed Jay to untie Rebecca from the chair and she was able to relax a bit, though they left the cuffs on. The expression on Judith’s face even made her sister grin as she finished one. “That shed one. What a bitch she was!” Miss Renshaw exclaimed and Robert chuckled. “Yeah, it’s a whole new world Jude, not one we’d thought of but Rebecca here seems quite at home in it. The youth of today eh?” and they all laughed. “You are only what, twelve years older Robbie. Miss Wilson’s twenty-seven…eight, yes?” she asked and the girl nodded. “Yes twenty eight, he talks like a pensioner sometimes!” and again smiles were banded around. “So what are you going to do with this?” Walters asked his relative.

“Well, it’s strange, maybe weird, but as long as they don’t hurt each other it’s not really our business Robert. Maybe they should have asked, but then maybe not. But how did you find out what they were up to. Wasn’t just luck you picked her casket?” and Miss Wilson nodded, wanting answers now.

Now it was Robert Walters’ confession time. Telling a stunned Rebecca that there were other cameras at the parlour that nobody, even Karl or the workers knew about. “Only for crime prevention mind so don’t think I was distrustful of your man, it’s to reduce the insurance bill. I know about his football habit, but he’d done all the work set, the place was up to his immaculate standards so I’d no problems with that. I watched the matches here myself actually.”

He saw Rebecca roll her eyes. “Guess you’re not a fan?” Grinning as she sighed, “No. I cannot stand it, all that cheating and theatrical stuff out there. You’ve got the damn World Cup starting next week and I’ll become a football widow for it all, whether we’re married or not,” she said scathingly. Jay and Judith smiling as their cousin shuffled in his seat. 

To take a break they took Judith into the garage to see what the casket looked like. Her eyes went wider than Jay had ever seen them and she’d shuddered, looking down and seeing the open cuffs, the collar and belt. Imagining the girl restrained in there and she fingered the mask, examining the gag in the mouthpiece. At one point she almost tried it on but nerves got to her and Robert ribbed his cousin. Rebecca smiling as she stood there. Feeling a bit daft as she was still cuffed, relieved when Walters unlocked them.

“I watched what you two did on the computer. Normally I check a couple of times a day to make sure the place is tidy. Only if there were a problem would I intervene. It was fascinating to see you, though I was puzzled as to why you were doing it? Now I know.” Rebecca blushed on realising that if he’d seen the whole sequence then he must have seen her naked at the beginning. “I did, and well…you do have a nice…” he began and it was his turn to go red and be ‘ribbed by the rellies’ Thankfully Rebecca didn’t tell the ladies about the way he’d put his hands up her dress out in the garage.

Once returned to the main room they sat down Rebecca asking what was to be the outcome of this. Were she and Karl out of jobs or not. Having a cry on being told no. “Cannot do without you Rebecca dear,” Judith said, “Besides we’re due at Harrenby Hall at 9AM tomorrow. But if you do…want to do this again, please ask before borrowing stuff, OK?” and the girl agreed, having another cry and being comforted by both women. “Thanks. Can I ring Karl now, he must be wondering where I am.”

Walters checked on the computer and they watched him panic as each casket was checked. So Rebecca made her call, seeing her man relieved on hearing her voice though she didn’t let on that they were watching him. The call ended and Robert said it was time for supper. Rebecca immediately offered to cook it and he agreed, letting her and Jay do the work while he chatted to Judith about the girl. In fact he showed her the video to gauge her reaction. “What an extraordinary thing to do!”

After eating the meal Judith said as punishment Rebecca would do the shoot as planned then remain here for the week, away from her Karl. She still was a little unsure of what was happening, not daring to tell them that she thought the sight of the girl doing that was actually stirring something deep within her. But she couldn’t let on. so used this as a diversion. Miss Wilson accepted, “Cannot afford not to have the job. Thanks Judith, I owe you a lot,” she said, got tearful briefly, had a girlie hug with the pair and they considered the matter settled.

Jay said she had some stuff Rebecca could wear, rather than packing from home, asking if she wanted a bath now. She did, and they went off, coming back later surprisingly in nightwear. Slinky dresses with matching kimono wraps for both of them. “This means I cannot run off, Jay’s confiscated my outfit,” Rebecca joked. Though Judith saw Robert giving her a very appreciative look. I wonder if he’s imagining her in the casket dressed like that, she thought as Miss Wilson sat down.

Karl arrived bang on time, Rebecca meeting him at the door alone. He guessed this was serious and she quietly told him to be honest. “Actually I think they’re OK with it. Why do you think they’ve cuffed me again? To stop you doing anything silly, so do behave, understand?” she said. Twisting her arms, saying that because Judith thought Rebecca might flee she suggested to Robert that they’d better bind her again. Karl agreed and after a snog and rub, “You do look nice like that. Next time just make sure they’re behind your back,” he said and she grinned, jabbed him in the ribs and they went in. Jay freed her from the cuffs and they waited as Walters began.

He passed the interrogation, squirming as Robert Walters showed him what was on the screen, as he now found that his laptop was here, along with the other missing stuff. The boss ran the entire sequence and commented at various points, Rebecca smiled as she saw her man being given the third degree, but pleased that the elders actually now found this amusing. Having to stay here for a week was a bind, but as they could have gone to the police instead, she was grateful this was being sorted ‘in house’.

Once the air had been cleared a relieved Karl kissed Rebecca goodbye, saying he’d see her at the end of next weekend. “After the first England game,” he joked and she grinned in a longsuffering way then he left. She returned to the living room and found they were all about to retire. “Looks like I’ve got a full house tonight. Rebecca, would you mind sharing with Jay?” he asked and of course Miss Wilson could not object. She was led off, and the pair went to the bedroom. The girl so tired it wasn’t till they got there she remembered there was only one double in there. She smiled quietly inside, wondering if Jay would jump her straight away!

Finding that answer was YES. They’d done their teeth and Rebecca looked over at the cuffs lying on the dressing table. Jay saw this and smiled, telling her to bring them over. A trembling young lady did as ordered. Shedding her wrap then letting Jay bind her wrists, this time behind her back. “Have you ever?” she was asked, shaking her head no. “Not…yet” was the reply. “Well I think its’ time you did, alright?” she advanced, placing hands on Rebecca’s body and began stroking as their lips met…

A gently smiling Rebecca came into the dining room next morning. Nodding politely to Robert Walters and blushing as Judith stared, a raised eyebrow asking the inevitable question. The wink in reply made Miss Renshaw turn away and grin. “I thought she might,” she said once Robert went to the kitchen.

The photoshoot went fine, though as they were concerned Rebecca still might try to flee she was told to wear her chastity belt, with Jay holding the key! Any time she needed the restroom the older woman took her there, binding Rebecca’s wrists with the cuffs and ‘helping’ her after the obvious. Now Miss Wilson knew why some ladies…prefer ladies. She didn’t mind, knowing which way she swung but you cannot have an opinion on the subject without trying it out!

At home after the daylong shoot they began looking through more of the stories. Rebecca showing the better ones that had got her interested in this whole idea. Telling the enthralled elders about what Karl was hoping to plan next. Robert Walte

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Re: Story. Bondage Burial. V2.0 by Shelley aka Wingco
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I love this story. Buried up in clearing amazing! Great story! :)

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Wow I love the storie - shame it didn't continued
Anyone know if there are more chapters of the storie in a other page?


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