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It Was Dark by Xplaspete
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It Was Dark
F/m; MF; mum; wrap; bdsm; breathplay; cbt; electroplay; femdom; first; kidnap; oral; susp; reluct; XX

2: It was Dark - And Getting Darker
F+/m; kidnap; transported; bagged; conditioning; wrap; bond; bdsm; breathplay; cbt; electroplay; femdom; tease; torment; oral; climax; reluct; XXX

3: The Test
F+/m; leather; club; bond; gag; bdsm; cbt; wax; femdom; tease; torment; wrap; susp; oral; denial; reluct; XXX

4: The Life Style
F/m; M/m; sbm; catsuit; sleepsack; straitjacket; hood; bagged; bdsm; electro; femdom; diapers; hum; cbt; oral; mast; sex; climax; reluct/nc; XX

5: Slave to Myself
F/m; Sbm; catsuit; sleepsack; hood; bagged; cocoon; machine; femdom; diapers; hum; blackmail; dream; mast; climax; reluct; X

6: Revenge
Sbm; M/f; catsuit; spandex; gag; locks; diapers; wrap; cocoon; slave; emb; blackmail; switch; cons/reluct; X

7: How sweet is Revenge
M/f; slave; mum; wrap; cocoon; diaper; spandex; sleepsack; gag; collar; torment; latex; catsuit; blackmail; toys; sex; climax; reluct; X

8: Rescue and Release
M/f; MF/f; MF; D/s; mum; wrap; cocoon; diaper; latex; sleepsack; gag; cage; collar; bond; captive; hogtie; susp; bdsm; electro; torment; reluct/nc; XX

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