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Double crossing emily my ex
« on: October 12, 2016, 03:28:50 AM »
I f***ing cant believe you! You are blaming this on alcohol! You f***ing bitch! Well I am sorry sweetheart I don’t love her, it was a stupid mistake, I should have never gone to that party. Can we talk about it? No, not now, we will have to deal with this later, now we are going over to my mom’s house for dinner, she is having my sister and my cousins over too. So I don’t want any drama just behave Derek! Yes Emily I will, and I am sorry that I put us in this situation. Whatever, Emily said as she walked away, just be ready in 20, I just need to call my mom and let her know that we will be a few late.

It was awkward sitting in the car with Emily going over to her mothers, she didn’t say a word. I felt so useless and unwanted, but I deserved it. Emily was a great girl, very sexy and beautiful, with her big round ass that I would fuck doggie style all day and her blowjobs were out of this world.

We arrived at Emily’s mothers house, Ms. Mckinley. Hi Ms. Mckinley good to see you! Hi Derek, how are you? Well good Ms. McKinley look forward to meeting Rachel finally. I am sure Rachel is looking forward to that too later. There was something weird about Ms. Mckinley today, I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, did she know…(I would soon find out). Ms. Mckinley was only now, but at one point she would probably have been a great milf. She had put on a few extra pounds over the years but that made her so curvy and sexy. In many ways it was easy to see where Emily got her shape from. Emily and her mom started talking so I walked into the kitchen and there was Rachel. I had never met her before, but she was sitting at the dinner table feeding her kids, probably between 2-3 years old.

I said hey, you must be Rachel? Hi Derek. That’s all she said, she was not as good looking as her mom or Emily. Too skinny and appeared to be one of those marathon over exercising moms that has never attracted me, and kids are never a plus. They scream and yell and always want attention. I just didn’t get a good feeling from Rachel.

Then I turned to another corner of the kitchen and there was a 96 gallon garbage can, the kind that usually sit outside by the curb. I said, why is this in here, do you know Rachel, never seen it here before. Rachel just said, think mom was going some house cleaning and said she hadn’t finished up yet. She likes to keep the bin in here for bigger items. Oh ok, makes sense I said. Then I didn’t think so much about it.

I could hear Emily and her mom coming down the hall to the kitchen talking, could not hear what they were talking about, but there was some kind of rustling noise that got louder and louder. Before they entered the kitchen her mom said are you ready for this Emily Sweety? Yes Mom I am! As they walking into the room Ms. Mckinley opens a huge garbage bag, and says derek my little useless piece of garbage. You think you can come in here and destroy this family. No you will not. As you can probably tell I was doing some house cleaning today, and before you say anything yes, this garbage bag is for you.

Do you have anything to say in your defense before we take your cheating piece of rotting meat and dispose of you in your proper place. The garbage bin over there! But, but, I am sorry Emily, I thought we would talk and handle this later…? Emily walks up to me, well derek, how long can you analysis garbage before you know its garbage? If its useless and stinky to you, then it goes in the garbage. And don’t try to run, or fight, you know that I can single handlingly wrestle you down and Rachel and mom will help me. Garbage day is tomorrow, I may change my mind by then, but don’t hold your breath. Ms. McKinley walks over to the garbage bin and starts lining the rim with the huge garbage bag probably 60 gallon bag.

Ok, derek its ready for you, step on in…I tried to run fake Emily out but out of nowhere Rachel tackled me. They then proceed to strip me naked and within a few minutes I was tied up with nylon rope. As I was laying there trying to regain my strength Rachel came in back in the room with her diaper bag, girls wouldn’t it be fun to put a diaper on him. That would humiliate any man! Haha, that’s hilarious Rachel, lets do it said Emily. They forced me into a much too small diaper, although it wasn’t a big problem cause my skinny ass and small package. They then used duct tape to secure it. How does that make you feel, Bitch!? I started crying. Well bitch, that should teach you, but don’t try to get out of this gig by crying you still going in that can. All right lets do this mom, said Emily.

All three of them wrestled me into the huge garbage bin. They first got me standing up straight next to the can, then the three of them grabbed my feet as my head was already in the binliner and lifted me up. Until I was soon heading head first into the bin, soon my entire body was in the bin. The lid came down and I wrestle around, trying to get my head upward facing so I could see something. The bottom of the bag was slippery, as I could tell there were many half full kitchen sized garbage bags below my bag, the plastic on plastic was more slippery than ice. I managed to somewhat stand up, just as I could hear then approaching the bin. Alright derek, here is some garbage to keep you company while we eat dinner said Ms. McKinley. In came some empty packages of pasta and some veggie scaps from cleaning the veggies for dinner. Then the lid came down again.

I could hear them starting to cook then dinner progressed. Then saying “Wow, this was delicious mom!  I can’t possibly eat this all.  It’s a shame we have to throw so much food away.”  Well girls, hope you saved some room for desert I got a huge party sized celebration cake to celebrate Emily being single again. They all laughed and said of course mom! The Garbage can lid then went up and down as they all scraped their plates full of pasta, meat sause, and side veggies into garbage bin on top of me. Then when they were finished with the party cake, meaning 90% of the sheetcake was uneaten, Emily came over opened the bin and said you might want some cake too, then she threw the entire cake into my face. HAHA, take that bitch!

Next came some coffee grounds, and paper plates and steroform cups. We used all disposables today, sometimes it is just so liberating to throw things away said Emily to her mom and Rachel who laughed. They didn’t even look at me in the can any more when they were throwing their trash away.  It was truly like i wasn’t there and was really just a part of the trash.  I squirmed around in the can, feeling the mush between my naked skin and the garbage bag.  I could heard the bag rustling and felt the garbage settling around me.

Then as if things couldn’t get any worse, they started cleaning out the refrigerator…For the next half hour or so, various food items were thrown in the garbage.  Old peaches with mold on them, lettuce that was brown, old sliced lunch meat, and a whole bunch of other smelly things.  Now the garbage was up to my belly button.  And the smell was starting to get to me.

They let me sit there in the squishy garbage for awhile without disturbance for a couple of hours. I had no idea what time it was but then Emily came up to the can opened the lid and said, its time to say goodbye for a last time. I brought you a gift, our bathroom garbage can, she tied it shut infront of me with a violent double knot that shook the semi transparent black trashbag, then she dropped it in my lap. That was the last, now we will tie your bag up and roll you out to the curb. I must have looked pathetic in there from Emily’s point of view.  I stared up at her with tears streaming down my garbage stained face. I looked up pleadingly at her. Don’t give me that you should have thought about this when you cheated on me, with that she quickly and violently tied up the bag.

The three women then started talking about what they were going to do next.  I could only make out words, like derek, garbage, and thrown away.  I finally heard her mom come over to the can and speak to me.

“Garbage, I don’t know if you can hear me in there, but we told you we were throwing you away and we meant it.  So we’re going to roll you down to the street.  So what happens after that?  We don’t know and we don’t care.  You’re garbage now.  They come around 8AM to pick up our garbage.  If I or Emily is awake by then, then we might come and get you out.  But if not, oh well, then Emily will find a real man!”


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