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Bernie does Bodmin...Bodmin does Bernie.
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Hi Folks

First posting for far too long, been very much under the weather recently.
Thanks to several people who pm'd me asking if I was alright, well getting better but a long way to go yet for both of us.

Anyway, our first holiday this year took us to Cornwall, and while there, this got written...

Enjoy and hope it's up to standard.

AKA Wingco.

         Bernie does Bodmin…Bodmin does Bernie!

Adam drove his lovely Bernadette mad with constant moaning about the incessant traffic jams. “It’s Cornwall love. Everyone goes here at this time of year, settle down buddy, we’re only 10 miles from Colliford Tavern now. Think of that curry waiting for you.” She replied, seeing the sun setting to their right as the guy drummed fingers on the wheel. He grinned in anticipation, being an expert on that particular foodstuff having lived near Bradford most of his life.

Finally the queue crawled to their turn-off and within minutes they were bumping down the road, passing the caravan site and into the car park, which was impressively full considering where they were. Emerging from the vehicle and Adam smiled, sniffing the air and… “Yeah, smells great even from here Bernie…come on missy.”

The couple hurried in with their bags, Adam making sure the one with their restraints was left in the car to be sneaked in later. He’d packed them as a joke, knowing his pretty girlfriend wanted to shoot some damsel-in-distress photos sometime on the holiday so he was willing to oblige. Check-in took moments and after a wash and brush-up the pair headed for dinner.

Menus were perused and food ordered from the waiter, drinks too were selected and the pair looked around the crowded dining room. A cracking atmosphere thankfully not permeated by background music and they watched the comings and goings before the meal arrived. Adam was impressed with his, Bernie slightly less so mainly because there was so much on the plate and lover-boy had to finish her ration. More drinks dispatched as the place began to empty and soon only a few residents remained. “Won’t be needing much breakfast then?” she grinned walking back from the toilet looking at pictures on the wall.

One of them made her stop dead as it was a photograph of a scantily dressed girl…dark haired, very pretty…but chained to a post by her neck!

What appeared to be a film-crew standing around, cameras, sound booms and all that stuff, the sort where you understand why there are so many people in the credit listings at the end of a movie. “Wow, Adam look at this,” she grinned, pointing to it and he came close, seeing the image and reading the paragraph underneath. The words explaining that the cast and crew had stayed at the Tavern while filming nearby. “‘The Bodmin Beast’ that’s an original title,” Bernie joked and Adam chuckled.

The proprietor walked past and saw the couple reading. “Yes folks, they were here last year. Stayed about ten-days I recall.” He said in reply to Adam’s question. Also accepting thanks for a magnificent meal. Bernie had recognised the actress, Jenna something she thought, and the owner smiled too. “The young lady was very nice, a shame they had to leave after filming. In fact that very scene in the photo, caused a bit of an upset to the locals, the company cleared most of the sets away. But that post, and the concrete it’s mounted on. That’s still there, up on a hill the other side of our fishing lake here. They even left a car-park behind…”

Adam stared again, the girl in the photo…well she was rather cute. But not like his Bernie here…she was blonde for a start, probably a little older too and he hadn’t cottoned on what the owner had said.
Bernadette had however and she shuddered hoping nobody saw this…as she was wondering…hmmm.

They asked the owner if he believed in tales of a ‘beast’?. “Well, personally no, but you ask any of the farmer types then they’re sure there’s something up there…” He laughed. “But if you want to visit the film set, be my guest, just hang around once it’s dark, find out then come and tell us if you don’t get eaten first!” and they all chuckled at that.

Time was ticking and they were tired, soon finishing their unpacking as they were here for a week. A good night’s sleep followed and it was nearly 8am by the time they were awake. As expected breakfast was minimal. “Had enough last night,” Bernie quipped to the waitress who seemed disappointed this couple only wanted toast and coffee rather than a fry-up. Going off to prepare theirs and was a while because the place was busy, loads of fishermen gathered around, it appeared Colliford was a popular place with a well- stocked lake. Neither Adam or Bernie was interested in ‘sitting on yer butt’ all day, preferring to hike, ride canoe etc and this place ticked all the boxes.

Cycling away later on they headed into the tracks beyond Colliford, sticking to within site of a road as they’d not brought maps for this first ride. Enjoying themselves and taking a few photos of the scenery. 
Returning about 5’o’clock for dinner as they’d had no lunch except chocolate bars.

Sitting in a different place and Adam noticed Bernie’s eyes kept flicking…to that picture nearby! “Are you…” he began, smiling as Bernadette went crimson. “Yeah, been thinking about it all day…if we could find the spot…”

“We could recreate the image with me in her place!”

Adam almost choked on his Korma. His eyes lighting up too and a blushing Bernie saw this, knowing that once the idea had been planted then he’d do his best to see it through. So it proved as partway through the second morning’s biking, this time with detailed maps borrowed from the Tavern they found themselves going along the track that led to a carpark near to the hill where the pillar was. It was even marked as a ‘viewpoint’ so they went along and soon found the right place. The parking lot was wildly overgrown, only a couple of spaces uncovered by weeds, but a track led up the hill and they wheeled their bikes up, through a squeaky gate and minutes later were indeed standing by the pillar.

The square of concrete it was mounted on was about ten feet in each direction, grass and stuff gradually creeping inwards but Bernie was impressed by the pillar, it was about 5 feet high, six inches thick and built to last. The site itself was actually scooped out with a grassy bank most of the way around, only two ways in, from the footpath and a gap on the other, looking through Adam said part of the ground had given way further down. “So that’s the only way in.” he stood looking around while Bernadette walked to the pillar, seeing a single metal loop sticking out of the top. “Hmmm…I wonder…” she grinned as Adam saw her face glow then she leaned against it. Holding her wrists either side of the stone then linking fingers behind it.

“Jenna’s a lucky cow, wonder if the guys got hard filming her…” and that got the couple laughing as he came up and kissed his girl. Holding Bernie firmly against the structure. “Shame we left the stuff in the hotel. I reckon this place is sheltered enough…” he began and saw Bernadette’s eyes gleam at the thought of doing something a little naughty in broad daylight.

“OK then, we’ll return tomorrow, yes?” and she agreed. They had another smooch then walked back down beyond the squeaky gate again before pedalling off once the track widened out. Spending a great afternoon in Bodmin, having gone there when the weather changed to rain.

Next afternoon they took the car rather than bike it. Adam making sure they wouldn’t get surprised by an unexpected visitor by locking a gate near the main road that led up to the carpark. Then the pair gathered up the restraint and clothes bags before marching on, hand in hand. Bernie trembling slightly with nervous anticipation at what was to come.

Arriving at the pillar the couple had a good smooch before Adam looked around with his binoculars and saw nobody within sight. “Yep, definitely alone Bernie, so you know what to do, yes?” and she grinned and nodded. Laying out the blanket then stripping off, revealing that beneath her outdoor trousers, lumberjack shirt and hiking boots she was wearing a corset, plus stockings and suspenders.

“If they’d known this morning at breakfast…” she chuckled as he too laughed. Getting the camera ready on it’s tripod as she donned the skimpy white dress that didn’t even cover the tops! A quick ‘bob-in-the-weeds’ by the bank to dispose of the lunchtime coffee, a clean-up, strapping on her stilettos then announced she was ready.

Unpacking the restraints as Adam looked at the pillar. Taking a padlock and securing one end of the chain, Bernie holding her collar at the other, waiting for permission to put it on. This was granted and over the next couple of hours they took a lot of erotic photos, mostly of Bernadette in various levels of restraints. The early ones just chained to the pillar by her neck, but gradually she got more and more secured. The last ones were exceptional, Bernie was so flexible she was able to reach right behind the stonework, Adam now cuffing her wrists and ankles and she could hardly move.

A gag was next and the girl was amazed, nodding eagerly on seeing the resulting photos even before he’d freed her! “Guess there’s one thing left sweetheart,” he said, producing more material and asking if she wanted to be blindfolded. Naturally Bernadette nodded yes, a kiss on the nose and soon she could see nothing as he wrapped her eyes. More clicking followed and soon he was done.

“Right guess it’s time for…damn. Left the drinks in the car except that one bottle of water. Dammit, I guess we’ll just have to go…” he said but paused as Bernadette shook her head. He reached in and ungagged her first, letting the girl exercise an aching jaw but when he touched her collar she said ‘no’. “It’ll take you what, bout an hour or less to fetch the drinks…”

“Leave me like this till you return…”

Her mouth, slighted marked by the gag was smiling as she’d come out with that. He paused then tweaked her nipples making Bernie jump. “You sure?” but the fact she nodded so eagerly meant she probably was!

A faint grunt was all she could muster once the gag was replaced and soon she heard the gate squeak twice as he strode away, leaving his helpless girlfriend behind.

Soon Bernadette was wishing she hadn’t been so keen. Standing in four-inch heels was causing her grief, she normally wore trainers or flats at work yet now… It was also hard to admit that she was getting rather damp below, imaging herself being found here…

Well away in her reverie Bernadette suddenly heard what she thought was rustling, and not from the right where the path was. Soon it was louder and she froze, hoping that somehow she’d missed Adam coming back and this was him, trying to scare her. He was succeeding too but within a couple of minutes a shocked youngster heard a tap-tapping coming across the concrete. Maybe it was one of the sheep from down the valley, but a short grunt put paid to that. Also it was right close to her face too!

Now Bernadette stood just about 6ft in these heels but she was frozen in fear as hot breathing came just below her ears. Whatever this ‘thing’ was it was huge. The tapping went around the pillar, her fingers still then some thing touched one...and it felt furry! Rubbing itself along her stationary hands, the girl feeling a large ear too before it came back around the front. 

The girl tried desperately not to move, even breathing was hard through the gag, she’d only just got over a cold so really should have refused the offer, too late now so she tried not to sniff.

Which was more than this ‘thing’ was doing. Bernadette trying not to cry as whatever it was, shoved a wet nose under her dress and began lifting the hem up. Soon she felt it right by her sopping panties and it pressed home. The faintest of groans was enough and it scuttled away, but returned within minutes and again headed for where only Adam was supposed to go. Prodding now and again, Bernie now trying not to get too aroused but it was hopeless, her juices flowing readily and it seemed to be getting this thing going!

Fur rubbed against her leg, as it briefly left before coming back and having a third go on her midriff. No doubt frustrated by the material stopping him, well she assumed it was a him, taking some sort of advantage of her. Bernie had seen films of female whatevers’ did in the wild to attract a mate. She assumed this thing thought she was after the same thing. Well she was and Adam would be the lucky lad, not ‘Beastie Bodmin here.’ She almost grinned at the thought, imagine finding the thing existed and she’d just been taken by it!

Suddenly the nose vanished and whatever it had been scampered off. Minutes later the gate squeaked and after that a quietly dripping Bernadette was being released by her unsuspecting man. She hurried off to have a wee in the bushes, changing her knickers too before returning and the couple shared drinks. Bernie took a couple of photos of the area, then said it’d be fun to come back sometime, maybe in the evening or at night!

“You could spread-eagle your lover across the square then leave me as a sacrifice to the Beast!” she chuckled as coffee was doled out. Adam laughed at the idea. “OK love, the football’s on Wednesday night at the pub. You want to miss it? That can be arranged…!”  She stared at him… “You’re joking… right?” and he nodded. “Yeah, right. It’d take ten minutes to drive to the carpark, twenty up here, what, ten to tie you up then get back to the pub, that’s another hour, watch the match. Add it up hon, you’d be tied for nearly three hours, you’d never go for it…” and she nodded sagely before getting dressed into her normal outerwear and they left within the hour.

They had a good couple of days touring but returned early on the Wednesday and were dining by 5pm. The match kicked off at 9pm, a late one because the Spanish always start at that time and Bernie resigned herself to a night reading her kindle or chatting to the football widows. Though there was only three other couples in and the fact Julie was wearing a Chelsea FC shirt meant she was out already!

Arriving back to their room Bernie was heading to the bathroom only to see Adam packing what looked like several loops of cord into a bag. “What’s that…?” she began but he turned and grinned. “Well…You still wanna be a sacrifice?” he replied and the girl paused, looking at her watch. “But I thought…”

“Yeah, so did I. But we’ve still got time, if you want? Make great photos too…” and that was enough to break her resolve and Bernadette nodded.

Ninety minutes later Bernie was looking at the moon shining brightly down on her spread-eagled body. A perfect X-shape across the square, wrists and ankles securely bound to stakes hammered into the banks beyond the concrete, all with hankies inside to stop the cords digging in but still effective. “Gag and blindfold?” but to Adam’s surprise his girl declined, well just for the piccies but for the main event, no. The photos were taken then she was given a drink before he left. Thankful it was still warm so she hadn’t complained on being told to strip naked.

She heard him leave and was smiling as the faint slam of the car door reached her. Time crawled so slowly as the moon shone across her, Bernie seeing those wonderful mounds of hers standing so proudly now. Her ears listened intently…yes!

Closer the noises came and soon the girl watched as ‘it’ arrived from the other gap, not the track one and she was amazed. Almost glowing under the light, dark fur glistening like polished steel. To her eyes and position it was like a Great Dane but certainly was not a dog! More of a Panther, or something like she’d seen on the safari programmes. So quite what it was, no idea but she stayed still as it came and stood right over her body, massive paws either side of her torso. Sadly the damn thing was facing the other way and all she could see was his ass above her face, An impressive tail like a fox’s brush, and…oh heck, is THAT his cock?

Bernie was silently praying as she looked down over her breasts that… trying not to scream as it’s head lowered and a nose went right into her midriff. The girl almost wished she’d accepted the gag as a hot wet tongue suddenly landed right on her!

Despite the circumstances Bernie guessed what was coming…helpless on feeling her juices flowing as that bloody torture device lashed her clit. Dabbing, poking, long strokes now and again and she was trying not to… but it was no good. This thing knew… what she wanted and was complying as the girl was stirred towards a climax. If only she had a hand free to hold over her mouth as he kept going, but soon the inevitable happened and Bernie tugged hard on her bonds as the orgasm struck.

The ‘thing’ as she thought it, moved away as she’d gasped, stars glowing in her eyes and not those up there either. It returned and to Bernadette’s amazement he began to lick her out. Lapping up the flow and showing expert technique too! Only trouble was, before long he was getting the girl seriously hot and bothered again. Even in the cooling air here she was sweating profusely.

After the second orgasm had her squealing he’d left, returning to resume once she’d quietened down. This time stopping once Bernie’s flow ceased. He wandered about, coming up and his attention turned to the breasts. Each one getting a few nips, once a little painful and a loud yelp saw him pause, then turn away, resting that bloody great tail across her, rubbing the thing til she began giggling, now Bernie was not ticklish but just the idea of this…wow. 

But all this time Bernadette was wondering and soon he came back, this time head above her own, looking down on this strange thing. Bernie’s eyes however were peering at him lower down as he hovered, then he growled quietly before lowering his ass. The girl freezing as she realised what was about…as his cock touched her…there.

Feeling it at her entrance and he began to wiggle a bit towards her torso as Bernadette tried not to clamp up…well not too soon anyway. But he couldn’t get low enough, her legs stopped him at that point. He tried from there, easing back and forth, getting a couple of inches in but it was no good. If only I was free…! Bernie thought as he poked and poked, another growl but still no joy.

She sighed when he got up, sniffed the air then walked off, probably in a huff. “I’m sorry love…” she called out. Feeling daft at talking to a ‘thing’

“I’ll come back tomorrow…”   

Lying there trying not to shiver at what had happened tonight. Now starting to ache from being tied for so long and Bernie sighed with relief on hearing Adam returning. Untying his ‘sacrifice; after a few more photos and soon they were back at the hotel, Bernie saying she’d got cold so wanted a bath before bedtime. Not much was said that night as he held her close, feeling Bernadette trembling.

Normal tourist stuff took over and little was said, Bernie having forgotten her ‘promise’ was outside the next evening while Adam was getting another round of drinks in when she jumped, hearing a faint howl…almost like a wolf and it made her shudder. No point mentioning it to him, Adam was a former DJ and his hearing was hopeless after years working in the nightclubs.

More day-trips followed and soon they were going to be leaving Cornwall, but having done all they’d wanted and only the journey home Bernadette asked if she could have one more session at the pillar. Adam grinned, kissed her and agreed.
This would be their third bondage session up on the moor and Adam said he’d give her longer to make it special. Bernadette smiling at hearing three hours or more if she wanted, and with no sport he’d catch a nap in the car. “Yes, that’ll do,” she replied giving him a knee pat that made the guy almost stall the vehicle! Arriving as the last rays of sun cast beams into the light clouds the couple hurried up the path and soon were by the pillar, laying out the blanket so she could get ready. As it was still so warm Adam said she’d be naked again so a blushing young lady shed her clothes, watching as he bagged them all. Leaving her with the one containing the restraints plus her handbag.

“Be back later then,” he said and she nodded, “But only I’ll be seeing anything as I expect to find my girl restrained and helpless, understand? That’s why I brought them up,” Bernadette grinned, if only he knew the truth…! “You want me inescapably bound, yes?” she replied and he agreed.

“Hmmm. Think there’s stuff enough in there to keep you busy, so do you accept a challenge?” Bernie smiled, her worst trait was always trying to out-do whatever he’d demanded of her. The lass wondering whether this would be the day when she’d over do it. “Yes, I promise that’ I’ll be here, and…lover boy, I intend to make it damn difficult for you to ‘rescue’ me, OK?”

He chuckled, agreed and they came together for a good smooch before he waved her goodbye. The gate squeaked and squeaked again moments later as he left, Bernie hearing the whistling fade, seeing the torch beam sway from side to side as he went down the track. Her ears already sensing rustling from the other direction and that got her smiling broadly as fingers dipped into herself. It came closer now.

Adam’s door opened and then closed again in the far distance and the landscape was now only lit by moonlight. Bernadette turned round and smiled…walking forward then settling down on the blanket, getting her body ready for what was to come. Knees there, lean forward love, elbows there, bum jacked up ready and Bernie braced herself as she felt hot breath on her butt…

Paws came either side of her torso, his breath now on her neck and Bernadette sighed as he readied himself, sliding a rod sooo smoothly into her despite his size…go on beastie!

It really was a session, she thought as he pounded…withdrew, licked and did more over the next hour or so. Somehow Bernie managed not to scream or squeal as he thrust for Cornwall. Finally on the third attempt he twitched and the girl gasped on feeling him pumping copious amounts into her…way more than Adam had ever managed. It was also a lot hotter than human cum, rather nice actually!

If he kept this up she was gonna have cubs!

Finally she’d endured enough, three orgasms to her and two loads of him, so once he’d withdrawn she rolled onto her back. He mounted her again but this time she gently touched his muzzle as he was about to penetrate. “Enough…please honey,” she whispered and thankfully he stopped and backed off a foot. Leaving Bernie gasping for breath as he sat down.

Slowly she got up and reached for her handbag where there was a box of wet-wipes. No way could she let her boyfriend know what she’d just had done to her. Cleaning took a while and she buried the pile of tissues nearby. Adam would not have his wicked way with her tonight! She was gonna be sore for days as it was.

Sitting down afterwards, legs out straight as she leaned against the pillar having had an idea. Reaching into the restraint bag and coming out with Adam’s leather collar that he used on the rare occasions when he took a turn. “Got someone different now…” she murmured. Undoing it then nervously leaning towards him. But the animal did nothing as she wrapped it around his powerful neck, making sure that the solitary loop was underneath once secured. If he’d been a dog there would be a tag, Bernie grinned, wondering what his name would be. ‘Boddy Bodmin or something as daft probably.

He looked at her for ages then a paw reached for the restraint bag and Bernadette watched amazed as he deftly used a claw to hook out the collar and chain, leaving the rest inside. Pushing it towards her and the girl stared back. A rumbling growl came from deep within his throat and it didn’t sound like anything she’d heard before. 

“Are you really…?” she began…but knew now as he pushed it against her knee with another growl and this time there was the faintest sign of some very impressive teeth being bared!

Slipping it around her neck and she shuddered as the lock was turned. Once again she was secured… well she would be in a minute as Bernie fetched out the padlock, grabbed the keys from her handbag, stood and attached the chain to the loop. Sitting down as he seemed to be waiting til once more she was still. A softer growl came and she paused then smiled, giving him a pat on the neck and clipped the bunch of keys to his collar!

“Don’t you dare…but least we’re both collared now…love,” she whispered. He shook himself and she grinned at seeing those ears flap, a faint tinkle from her restraint keys. Now he padded closer and came alongside, settling down, his heavy head resting across her legs and she wondered what to do next. Gently rubbing the soft fur between his ears then further down too, a faint ‘humph’ coming from his throat now but nothing else and soon he was purring away like the average house-cat. What an amazing creature she thought. Bernie too now dozing though she hoped they’d hear Adam returning or there would be big trouble.

The clinking of metal woke Bernie from her dreams to find he’d moved off her lap, looking up into the furry face there in the light of the moon. To her amazement he now had a set of manacles dangling from one side of his mouth, somehow having got it out of the bag without waking her and she stared as he slightly eased himself towards her…as if he wanted her to…

Bernadette nodded and reached for him, grabbing the bunch of keys off the loop then gently took it out of his mouth and undid them.

The girl waited with baited breath then his front paw touched the bag of restraints again. Over the next couple of minutes she watched in amazement as it was emptied. The belt, the smaller set of manacles for her wrists plus an old pair of handcuffs were nudged right next to her feet, even the material Adam used for a gag and the blindfold were patted and pushed into a line. The flimsy bag suddenly drifting out of reach as a gust of wind ruffled his fur, making her shiver too at what was to come.

Bernie paused then he lowered his head and nuzzled her left ankle…then the other, pushing them close together then a paw tapped one of the restraints! She stared then saw his ears prick up at the faintest of clunks of a door being slammed shut…Adam…damn!

“OK…I’ll do it…need to be ready…amazed it’s been three hours,” she whispered, reaching up and stroking his muzzle as he eased against her hand before sitting back on his haunches to give her room. Perhaps he knew Adam was on his way and anyway, she’d promised to be bound when her man returned and now she only had another fifteen or so minutes.

The clicks were SO loud now as Bernie began work. Securing her ankles together, the two inch link between them making it hard for her to stand up for a moment before changing position. Facing away from the pole about four feet forward as she knelt in the middle of the blanket, slightly uncomfortable as the weight of the collar chain was considerable. The belt was done after she’d put the wrist cuffs on the upper d-ring and secured that just above her butt-cheeks.

She paused then lowered herself back onto her own haunches, looking up into his face as she reached for the handcuffs. Sliding the first end through the lower d-ring of the belt before the loop was enclosed and done up, the second one of course would go onto the chain between her ankles thus pinning Bernie into position. She really had to lean back and force it around, but finally the clicks were heard and she tried to lift up…almost no give at all.

All this time he waited, his tongue poking out now and again and it made her grin. He was probably waiting until her wrists were done before going for the nipples! Typical male, whatever the species…

Bernadette grabbed the first pile of material and was about to gag herself when he moved closer. His nose almost touching hers’ before they spent a few minutes rubbing faces, her hands ruffling fur too as she tried not to cry. Scratching under his chin making the purring start again.

Once he’d moved back again Bernadette knew it was time. Adam could be here any minute. Tightly gagging herself with the old rags till she could only hum. Another stroke then she looked round to make sure the keys were ready by her left knee then reached for the padding and proceeded to blindfold her eyes.

She heard him move now, his claws tap tapping on the concrete as he went behind her back. Almost a grunt and she assumed he was by her feet. A faint tickle of whiskers and a sniff-sniff confirming that and Bernadette smiled behind her gag, hoping he was going to help with the last bit!

Bernie grabbed the keys and opened both restraints, wondering why she’d not undone them while free, as it would have been easier. Then she said a prayer and slid her left wrist into the cuff and tried to lock it. But the strain of the other binding caused it to fall open before she could turn the key.

“Hmpphhh…” she tried and there was nothing for a moment, then her heart leapt as his nose and whiskers touched her fingers, pushing them aside then she realised he was going to hold it shut…

“Thunnnx…” she murmured, smiling broadly and turned…


Halfway there and a trembling girl removed the key and with some difficulty got it into the other cuff and waited… heart again pounding, feeling furry pressure as the cool steel loop encircled her wrist…

‘Do it sweetheart…for us…’ she thought…


Bernadette sighed now as she wiggled the key out and held them in her left hand. Intending to drop the bunch between both feet for her man to find. She heard her ‘captor’ tap-tap round the front and to no surprise he spent the next few minutes working Bernie’s nipples hard, gentle nips making her squeal into her gag and soon she was simpering. Wishing he’d bury his face into her pussy, a shame she’d put the handcuffs on or she’d be able to lift up and give him more room. Then she remembered these were keyless ones, they had buttons on the side so self-bondage people wouldn’t get stuck.

He stopped work then returned behind Bernie, rested his muzzle on the chain between her wrists, whiskers tickling but she was thinking about something else when his nose prodded her back a couple of times. Bernadette paused then her right hand rubbed him under the throat but could also feel his new collar’s loop again…was he telling her something?

Her hands seemingly moved of their own accord now…fingering the snaplock on the keyring…

“Okkkyyy…uuuvvv,” she whispered…


The loudest purr yet heard echoed in her ears and Bernadette smiled now. A minute or so later he came back around and she managed not to jump as his nose brushed hers, almost like a kiss even? Rubbing his muzzle alongside her cheeks for a while, a musky smell drifting into her nostrils and Bernie realised he was scent marking her…as his property?  A shake of the head and she imagined those big ears of his flapping… plus that other sound too…the one she’d just caused by her last action?

Bernadette was soon alone as she heard him tap-tap away, that noise fading as he’d left, making her tremble at what she’d just done to herself. Tugging gently on her bonds…running through the list of restraints…definitely inescapable now!

Adam’s alarm went off and it jerked him awake. Stiff in the car as he realised what time it was. She’d been up there the full three hours tonight as promised, it was just after 10pm now and he had a mile to walk up to her so needed to get going. Grabbing a torch he set off, the faint swirls of mist making the beam seem brighter and he shone it up to the stars like all guys do. Barely five minutes in and the bulb flickered, he cursed and turned around, back to the car and changed the batteries over before hurrying up again.

Striding along and soon he was approaching the pillar where his beloved would be waiting. Hopefully she’d done as he’d earlier requested and placed herself in bondage thus allowing him to ‘rescue a damsel in distress’.

There she was and as he flashed the beam over her, could already see Bernadette had done a damn good job and he wished he’d brought the main lights again. “You OK honey?” he called, making her jump despite the fact she must have heard him open and close the squeaky gate fifty feet away.

She nodded and he also saw her thumb-up signal. Adam paused for a moment then she heard him taking a few photographs, though her blindfold was that good no flashing disturbed the blackness. Despite the lateness of the hour it was still quiet warm so she could wait a few moments before he made the…

The girl jumped again as fingers lightly rolled her nipples, a faint moan making Adam smile as they grew hard. “I’m impressed sweetheart, looks just fine to me…guess it’s time we left,” and she went still, waiting for the moment.

Bernadette heard him ferreting about, zippers being done and undone with a couple of muttered curses then finally Adam spoke to her.

“Honey…where the heck are the keys?”

Oh God, she thought, knowing they were…hmmm, not here mate… and she jumped as Adam undid the blindfold then removed the gag, seeing his girl flexing her jaw. A drink was offered and she needed it now, then she paused.

“Well?” and to his amazement saw her, even in the moonlight…she was blushing!

“You’d never believe me if I told you,” Bernadette sighed. “So I hid them, you said you wanted a difficult rescue, now is your chance. I’m…not going to tell you…” the look on her face and he knew she was serious. That belligerent expression used when her mind was not for turning.

Adam was amazed, slightly put out too, the spare set of her restraint keys were down in the car…damn! No they were not as he shuddered. They were actually back at the hotel, of course the packing had been done and he knew that she’d given them to him to put in his briefcase…

“Right, very funny Bernie, but the spare keys ain’t in the glovebox remember, they’re in my briefcase. So you better stop playing around honey…please…”

He looked down again. Seeing what she’d done and he reached in and popped the cuff buttons, a sigh as Bernadette was then able to lift off her haunches, but that was all. Adam gently placed his arms under hers and lifted the girl up. Bernie wincing slightly but was glad to be standing as gravity took it’s course and blood raced back into her legs again. 

Adam stroked her torso, seeing Bernie shuddering as his fingers roamed over her defenceless body. It almost made him grin, but he kissed her anyway and least she responded. The guy wondering what that curious smell was. It wasn’t her perfume, but he had other things to worry about.

“Please Bernie…You’ve never disobeyed me before during a bondage session, why now. Why are you doing this honey?” She paused then smiled, but only slightly and it got him worried.

“It’s a test love. To see how much you care for me. I know where the keys are. But I want you to fetch the others. You’ve got two choices. Go and get them, only take you what, two hours there and back, or try and break the chain off the post now, then carry me back to the car, off to the hotel…”

He wasn’t having any of that, taking hold of her, easing Bernadette back against the post, her ankle chains tugging against her skin and she gasped. “What…” but he silenced her with a shhh!.

“There’s a third choice Bernadette…” the girl knowing he was angry now, only using her full name when pissed off, but she waited anyway. “I could leave you here for the night, have a decent kip in a comfy bed, then return in the…” and she smiled, ‘that’ grin saying ‘I dare you to try’.

“You’re the one chained to a post missy… you know I could always…” and he let go and went behind, grabbing the links and tugging, she tried to turn but a jerk on her collar made Bernie squeal. He looped and twisted the binding then smirked and told her to try sitting down now.

Bernadette tried to comply but barely got a foot down before the chain tugged her neck. “But you can’t…” she gasped, thinking he might just make her stand like this til morning!

“Yes I can Bernie, I would have no hesitation. You’ve overstepped the mark now, it’s no longer a game, in fact…I’m not sure…” and he paused. No that was not the case. He wanted to say that he didn’t care anymore, but he did…and she’d know it too.  Seeing him wavering and dithering. Using the torch and shining it around the area, assuming she’d tossed the keyring beyond her reach, but no.

He went back and undid the knots in the chain, ordering Bernie to sit down and least this time she obeyed. Trying to break the loop on the pillar was impossible, well anchored and he knew that time was ticking. “OK love, you win, I’ll fetch the spares, but Bernie, promise me now that you’ll never do this again. We’re at a crossroads now, need a proper talk later, yes?”

The girl lowered her eyes in surrender, apologised and awkwardly got up. The couple embracing, well he hugged her body as she was incapable! Stroking her butt and feeling Bernie shivering, it was a little chilly now and despite what she was doing, he cared too much actually and knew that he had to act.

A long smooch then he told Bernie to sit down in the middle of the blanket, he’d wrap it around her body so she wouldn’t freeze. She settled down and he tried to secure it under her chin but the thing wasn’t big enough with her feet stuck out.

“Damn, OK, try this.” He asked her to get up a moment and again she obeyed, so why was Bernie playing silly asses about her keys, did she WANT to stay here all night!

Moving the blanket closer to the post then she was allowed to sit down again, tucking her legs under her chin as requested, ankles right by her butt as she leaned against the post. The back part of the blanket across her shoulders and now there was enough slack to get the thing knotted over them with a bit to spare…then he had an idea and she didn’t see it coming.

“Last chance sweetheart…keys?” and she smiled…but shook her head and even he grinned now at the stupidity of the situation. “Right, we’ll do it my way yes. You obey every other instruction, and I won’t ask about the keys again, yes?” this time she agreed, but wasn’t expecting him to grab hold of the gag and approach. “Open up…” and she froze but did as ordered, shuddering as he packed it in till once more she couldn’t speak. No surprise the blindfold was next, and he chuckled, seeing her eyes crinkling into a smile…

“What a girl you are Bernie. You’re right, I’ll love you whatever you do, eh? That’s a promise,” and she winked before holding still as vision was denied her. Dropping the handcuffs into her lap and she squealed because they were cold now! Adam kissed her forehead then told the girl to lean her head forward a bit. He then wrapped the ends of the blanket over the top and entirely covered her, only the collar chain was left sticking out. Bernadette tried to lift up but there was no give…

Well stuck now love… she grinned and tried to relax…

Listening to Adam saying how long he’d be, a pat on the shoulder before the guy departed, squeaking from the gate moments later, so at least he was running as quickly his footsteps faded away. The man made good progress back to the car, relieved it started and he raced back to Collingford faster than ever before. Into the bedroom and soon the spare keys nestled in his hands, a kiss of each and he wondered just what he’d need to say to Bernie when they returned. He loved her too much to lose the girl, but didn’t understand why she’d done this tonight.

Coming downstairs he glanced into the bar, despite it being after midnight most of the clientele were still up, watching the USA basketball finals from the West Coast and he couldn’t help looking at the score. Only ten minutes to the end, well, she’d been a naughty girl, he’d waited long enough…so he sat down and grabbed some nuts off the bar!

Eventually it finished and he grabbed two take-away coffee’s then set off, driving back up the familiar road, into the parking lot then the tramp up the track, opening the gate with the drinks was hard but he didn’t spill a drop. Coming closer to the pillar…only to see the concrete square was empty!

Adam stopped dead, placing the cups down and shining the torch around. The place was silent and he saw the pillar, the chain, well part of it anyway, hanging down. A close look and there was a single link on the floor underneath, twisted and broken…but there was no sign of his girl!

Bernadette had sighed hearing the car racing away and she imagined what Adam was thinking. But no way could she tell him what had happened and actually she half-hoped he’d leave her till the morning. Least it’d give her more time to make up an excuse. But least he cared, the fact he’d wrapped her right up and soon Bernie was dozing…

The sniffing woke her up, loud…close and she froze. Bloody hell…HE is back and she nearly panicked at the thought. Her shoulders were aching now, she’d been bound for hours longer than ever before but she listened as he paced around. That flapping of his ears, the jingle of her keys made Bernie smile briefly. But what was he doing as the sniffing came right up to her head, a faint growl, but the friendly one and she paused, then made a mmpphhh… in reply. Soon he was nudging her, almost enough to push the girl over and that wouldn’t do.

“Stoppphhh…” she wailed when it happened again, then he moved away for a moment. Suddenly an almighty howling echoed around, going on for at least a minute before fading and he returned for another sniff and nudge. She guessed his head was right above hers but the chain vibrated and tugged, making her squeal for a moment before a growl…

‘Cruunncchhh…’ and another yelp as an amazed Bernie felt an end of the chain drop onto her back. Somehow beastie’s jaws had just bitten through half an inch of steel! She almost smiled now. If he cleared off then she’d be able to wriggle out of…

But Bernie wasn’t expecting what happened. More sniffing and another growl before his jaws clamped over the blanket where the chain emerged and lifted her clean off the ground!

“Noooggghhh…” she tried to say, her voice suddenly dying, but with gravity against her the blanket held the girl firmly as she was carried away, swinging slightly from side to side, jerking too and she shuddered now. Being kidnapped by…well him. Not exactly a wet dream but to her shame Bernie soon realised she was getting a little damp!

For ages he carried the girl across the moor, the rocking at one point making Bernie nod off. A bump woke her up as she was dropped onto a surface and she groaned in pain. More sniffing and she tried to sit up. The patting of paws on her neck stopped that but moments later Bernadette was delighted when one of the knots gave way, a friendly growling at that and soon she felt the blanket dropping away around her body.

Now she could sit up with another faint moan, his head rubbing against her own and soon the old beastie was purring again. It even made Bernie smile despite her aches and pains. The animal kept on for a while then stopped, coming behind the girl and she jumped when he placed…

Moments later a quietly crying Bernadette was freeing her limbs from the manacles, sighing as her muscles relaxed after so long like that. The blindfold and gag were removed and Bernie could see… well nothing. It was still pitch dark and by the sound of it, no rustling of branches or bushes plus the fact there was no breeze she imagined that maybe she was underground. Reaching straight up found nothing so Bernie slowly got to her feet. Another try and her hands hit the roof, just six inches above her head.

Sitting down again on the rearranged blanket, leaning against an earthy wall she wondered what to do, but he had other ideas and soon she was stroking that furry head when it came across her lap, the purring quite soporific and both human and mammal were asleep within minutes.

The pale dawn woke Bernadette up and she stirred, looking around as her bleary eyes recovered and she saw that yes, she was in what appeared to be the back of a cave, a wall of rock opposite with a small pond. Well a little lake actually as it was bigger than first thought as Bernie slowly walked to the entrance. Least her aches and pains had gone now. She wondered where he was, soon finding out as rustling came from the bushes to her right.

She saw him emerge, the first proper time in daylight and her thoughts were confirmed. Definitely a panther type as he came close, looking up at her face. His whiskers twitching but he did nothing once she’d rubbed that fur between his ears. A faint questioning growl saw Bernadette replace the keys on his collar, earning her a rub of head on her legs.

Bernie paused then slowly paced to the edge of the water, a dip of finger…bloody cold, but she tried it from the waterfall nearby, least it was fresh and the girl quickly sated her thirst. He walked into the cave but looked back, seemingly waiting for her and Bernie grinned then followed him back inside.

Coming back to her blanket and settling down, again leaning against… but a faint growl made her freeze as he sat to one side. Head cocked on one side, before a paw patted the space in the middle! Bernadette’s heart jumped a mile…and the girl nodded as she got onto all fours facing him.

She gave him a nose rub then slowly turned around, smiling as those big paws came either side and…

Slooowly she groaned as he slipped inside her, furry body pressing on her back then…go!

The session at the pillar was nothing compared to this. Lasting ages with little respite and Bernie was loving every minute. He had ‘staminahhhh…’ she gasped, but also the animal seemed to know… as he even starting teasing the girl. Feeling her orgasm building then stopping! The bugger and she was still smiling when finally he erupted and filled her with that hot fluid again. Really warming her insides and Bernie squealed with pleasure, his little growling spurring her on until she’d had enough. Rolling over onto her back in surrender and like before he stopped. But this time just straddling her body with his own. Head just above her and she tenderly rubbed his nose, making the animal purr again before he got off and allowed her up.

Bernadette slowly walked out of the cave and down to the water’s edge. He followed but did nothing as she tested for coldness, didn’t seem too bad now as the hot sun was above them and warming it up. The girl waded into the shallows and sat down til only her head and shoulders were above the surface. Looking up at the rocky walls surrounding the lake. At least forty feet or more all round, so maybe he’d brought her in through the tunnel that seemed to go out of sight in the cave.

Bernie had a wee and dump, cleaning as best she could before emerging and going back inside, he’d already gone ahead and she couldn’t see him. Thinking she was hungry now, couldn’t imagine being served a full cooked brekkie by Mr F. Urry, but to her amazement he came out of the darkness of the tunnel, carrying a leg of something. She almost screamed but thought better not.

It appeared to be lamb, wool hanging off the torn and bloody upper part but she paused as it was offered. Taking the flesh and ripping off a bit, she’d need another wash soon as it dripped on her legs but nervously she placed the meat in her mouth. Raw lamb wasn’t the best but somehow Bernadette got through most of it. Stripping bits off and offering them to him, amazed as they were gulped down in one go. ‘Didn’t your mummy teach you to chew’ she joked!

Having finished she went back to the lake for a clean up then returned, settling down, him alongside for another doze, waking up later to see it was starting to get dark again and Bernie wondered how Adam was taking her disappearance. She intended tonight that once beastie went off hunting that she’d try and break cover, though climbing out of here naked would be impossible so she’d have to go through the darkness of the cave. Surface was hard but no sharp rocks in sight.

He woke minutes later and again like a cat stretched out, those huge claws from each paw, easily two to three inches each and Bernie shuddered. No wonder the local farmers panicked when torn and bloody sheep were discovered out there. They both went out for another trip to the lake and she looked up, about another hour and it would be sundown.

A sundown that Bernadette didn’t see!

Returning to the blanket she was amazed to see him waiting with…the ankle manacles in his jaw. Bernie froze…but ‘that’ growl made her surrender. Sighing as she locked them around both, applying the belt with the wristcuffs behind her back. Holding the collar with the chain to one side. He came close and a shocked girl saw him bite straight through the metal next to the loop! Wow… and she dropped the now useless chain and quickly collared herself. A pat earning her a quick purr as he lay down on the blanket, then got up. A dabbing of paw onto the space…

Bernadette sighed then readied the button cuffs onto her ankle manacles. Lying face down then raising her feet till she could close the second loop into the back of her belt. The gag and blindfold had already been placed where she could reach and now the girl secured her head. A jingle from the floor and she placed her wrists into the opened restraints, the keys being lowered into her trembling fingers.

She paused then the growl told her what she had to do and the girl shuddered.

Like before at the pillar he ‘helped’ Bernadette lock her wrists then she held the snaplock upright and soon she tried not to yell once it was clicked onto his collar. He gave her a couple of friendly nudges til she looked sightlessly into his face as he’d crouched in front, that earning her a nose-rub, or ‘goodnight kiss’ then she heard him pad off and silence fell in the cave…

Bernadette lay there helplessly bound by her own hand, and his paws…and she was now smiling.

To be continued?


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