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No backup is foolproof
« on: August 01, 2016, 07:42:11 am »
I just spent an unplanned three and a half hours in fairly strict bondage.
I had got my self bound using straps to bind my legs together I fitted a 2" ball gag strapped in as tight as it would go, a strap around my upper arms and chest and finally screw locking manacles to secure my hands behind my back. I placed the hex key for the manacles on top of a table testing my bondage and then hopping around the room .

After about ten minutes I decide to get loose and hop back to get the key I accidentally bumped into the table and the key flies off onto the floor and bounces out of sight. My back up key is at the other end of the room on the arm of a chair so I hop off to get it. When I get there I realise I will need to crouch down to reach the key, not easy easy to do with your wrists locked behind you and your legs bound tightly together. I am crouched down feeling along the arm of the chair, I can just feel the key but can't quite get hold of it so I shuffle along a bit and try again but this time I reach to quickly and knock it off the arm. I shuffle around to look down at the chair but can't see it anywhere. Rather than look for it I decide to go for my safety back up I hop over to the sofa where I have left my mobile, I turn around sit down and feel about for the phone. Once I have the phone in my hand I activate the 'safety assistant' feature sending a text for help to my human backup.

I lean back and wait for help to arrive, normally there is about a twenty minute wait for them to arrive so I settle back to watch the clock. By now I am really regretting the ball gag and my shoulders are starting to feel sore.Thirty minutes pass and no sign of my back up,I decide I will get up and watch for them through the window. This is when I discover that because of the slope to the seat and the way I am bound I can't stand up! I start to panic, I look at the clock fifty minutes since I activated my back up call, something must be wrong.

I start trying to call for help making as much noise as I can but my ball gag proved to be to effective. I was really in a sweat now, if I couldn't get help I could be well and truly screwed.I struggle wildly trying to get to my feet but all I manage to do is make my wrists sore and move the cushion forward raising my feet even further off the floor. I kept alternately trying to attract attention or get up on my feet but to no avail. I kept looking at the clock but there was still no sign of my back up had something happened to them! Was there any way I could get loose without them :?

Then lady luck intervenes The cushion falls off the front of the sofa and I go with it onto the floor! I am thinking what else can go wrong today when I spot the fallen hex key by the chair just a few yards from me.With renewed hope I squirmed across the floor toward the key I roll over and start fumbling to find the key. Finally success I grasped the key and carefully unscrewed the lock on my left manacle, I have to twist my wrist around and shake it vigorously to get the screw to fall out but finally I am free. First order of business is to get the chest strap off and remove my gag. Working my jaw I look down and see my mobile close by, so I reach over and pick it up. I checked to see if the safety assistant had activated and find it is still working and has been on for over two hours.I cancelled the safety assistant and sent a stand down text to my back up.

Two hours later my back up contacted me to apologise, they had mislaid their phone and just found it down the back of a cupboard.Still I was lucky if I hadn't managed to get to the key on the floor I could have been helpless for nearly six hours at least!  So even the human back up at the end of a phone can go wrong. It seems no back up is foolproof.

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Re: No backup is foolproof
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2016, 06:07:41 pm »
Somewhat frightening, no doubt. Yet another cautionary tale of all the things that can go wrong (seems you had three of those) and the importance of multiple backups (seems you had two of those, plus some divine intervention).

I'm wondering: Did you enjoy it? How long until you do it again?


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Re: No backup is foolproof
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2016, 10:11:07 pm »

I'm wondering: Did you enjoy it? How long until you do it again?

After an initial period of panic, wondering why my back up had not arrived and having decided no one could hear my attempts to call for help, I did start perversely enjoying my predicament!

With hindsight, if I hadn't decided to go to my phone back up straight after dropping the secondary release key, I could probably have avoided the situation I found myself in. Had I spent some time looking for the second key I might well have found it and got free a lot sooner.

At present the sides of my mouth of mouth are still sore from the gag so I doubt I will be doing anything strict for a while (certainly not gagged). But as we all know the urge will come on again, I have no doubt i will try something similar in the future, but I think I'll add another back up!

Have you ever made any mistakes and frightened yourself?


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Re: No backup is foolproof
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2016, 01:09:12 am »
Yes Jimdini...unfortunately I have.

Though far from my longest bout due to a screw-up (my longest did not require panic but a lot of pain and waiting as my new locking technique will eventually let me out) but was by far the most scary and worry-some and painful for the release.

I, unfortunately, do not have any friends close enough to trust as an emergency release. So setting up an emergency call number is not an option without it being 911.

At the time, I was using an ice release for my release technique and had found it very reliable...if it's not in a freezer or outside in a freezing climate (Brrr), ice will melt. Eventually, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but it will melt.

The ice did melt. The string the key was attached to got stuck on the eye-bolt it was thread through, but the ice melted. The eye-bolt held the key above my left hand (right-handed, so using my dumb left makes it more interesting) and well too far to get my hand to, until the ice released it to drop to my hand. Worked every-time...except once. No more ice releases for me after that.

The string I had the key attached to was a thin nylon stranded string. I was bound spread-eagle on my bed and, as the name exults, well wired. The string, both before and after the eye-bolt was routed well away from me being able to grab hold of it. This accomplished two things; I could not grab the ice to see how much melting was left, and, I could not grab the ice to prematurely melt it with heat from my hands. There was no way to touch the key or the string until the key dropped into my waiting hand and I removed the cuffs.

The cuffs, in this case, where heavy leather lockable cuffs, both foot and hand (for some reason I do not feel completely bound if my ankle cuffs are not locked even though reaching them is completely out of the question when my wrists are locked), waist belt locked by a lockable waist-strap, giving my five-point security.

Anyway, as I was suffering through the pain being inflicted to numerous spots with electricity, I knew the ice should be about melted and the key should be falling. It had been about two-and-a-half hours. The longest the same sized block had ever taken was shy of two and three-quarter. After about an hour-and-a-half or so, the electricity really starts to become painful at the levels and pulsation I use. The longer after it continues after the first 1.5 hours, the more painful and eventually intolerable it becomes.

Figuring I had given the key another forty-five minutes to melt, I knew it should have fallen and the pain was becoming terribly uncomfortable...leaning to the side of maddening. I was in a lot of pain and getting pissed, not to mention, worried.

I waited as long as I could. I did everything I could to get the cuffs off my wrists. I ended up breaking my left thumb in order to gain enough room to slip my hand through the cuff. The pain in my thumb was actually less than the pain I was experiencing from the electro-torture.

Why did it happen. The string got caught in the crack of the eye-bolt, where the end of the bolt had been looped around to meet the main body. It was stuck in there, somehow, but it would never have let my key down. When I got loose, the water from the ice was room-temperature.

That was the closest I have ever been to totally being stuck.



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Re: No backup is foolproof
« Reply #4 on: August 02, 2016, 03:58:36 am »
Wow! You must have been really scared to end up breaking s thumb.

I would imagine the pain from the thumb and the handicap of restricted use of your left hand while it healed, must have reinforced your distrust of ice releases.

I sometime put locks on all my leather restraints (including gags), even if the simple act of locking my wrists makes the other restraints unreachable. I think it is because it reinforces the gradual loss of freedom as they are applied and slows down release at the end of the session.

I take my hat off to you being able to endure pain that swamps that from a broken thumb. Personally I found the pain from rigid police handcuffs digging into my wrists for two hours more than I would want to willingly endure.

Thanks for sharing.


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Re: No backup is foolproof
« Reply #5 on: August 02, 2016, 05:21:35 am »
If I hadn't broken it, I would most certainly stayed there until dehydration ended my bondage practices permanently.

Yes, I waited for eight weeks before I bound myself again. I was afraid if I had just waited the normal six weeks, it could break too easily again. Even after the eight weeks, I made sure to be extra careful when relishing in a good struggle.

Now, I have some pretty painful arthritis at the base of my thumb and struggles can flare it pretty well. I hadn't thought of how long I would pay the price for that mistake, but, it is still better than being tortured to death...literally.

It made reading Stephen Kings "Gerald's Game" hit a bit too close to home, though, I didn't have to go as far as she did.

I now swear by my electromagnetic locks. Any loss of power will release it and the use of an iHome power plug will shut it off, eventually, but, within the time it would take to die of another miscalculation. I plan to write about my little 14 hour oops when I get done with Jessica's adventures (or, more rightly, misadventures) into the self-bondage world.



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Re: No backup is foolproof
« Reply #6 on: September 12, 2016, 07:38:29 am »
Somewhat frightening, no doubt. Yet another cautionary tale of all the things that can go wrong (seems you had three of those) and the importance of multiple backups (seems you had two of those, plus some divine intervention).

I'm wondering: Did you enjoy it? How long until you do it again?

Yes, I did the next Sunday, with a few modifications. But I may stop SB until I have made peace with Murphy!

My normal routine on Sunday afternoon now, if I am at home, is to have a half hour fairly strict self bondage session. I imagine myself as the great escapologist Jimdini.
I take my equipment down to the lounge, place spare handcuff keys on the backs of two armchairs hang a third on a lanyard from a door handle and put one in the waistband of my costume (tight gold swim briefs). Then I start my bondage, leather straps at ankles and knees, these are cinched tight by welded steel rings making them a figure eight around my legs. Next I strap my 2” rubber ballgag tightly in place. Then on to the wrist manacles 13/4” deep and secured by a long screw locked using a hex head key. I place the hex key on a small table next to one of the seats. As a final release I have another handcuff key and a hex key in a plastic bag at the end of a long cotton string attached to the single link of the manacles, I throw this towards the wall of the room.  Finally I lock on thumb cuffs (ensuring the key holes are facing away from my wrists) now I will need to remove these before I can undo the manacles. 
Now the great Jimdini makes a show of hopping around the room demonstrating how securely he is bound and then after about ten minutes sets about releasing himself. After thirty minutes the great escapologist is free and can enjoy the rest of his Sunday afternoon.
Well this Sunday afternoon things went pear shaped. I had being doing some gardening and finished about three and so by three thirty Jimdini was ready to make his performance. However when the time came to escape things started going wrong, the first handcuff key I picked up slipped out of my fingers as I manipulated it into the key holes on the thumb cuffs, falling to the floor and bouncing under my bookcase. Not to worry I hopped towards the second chair as I approached I stopped shuffled round so my back was to the chair and reached for the key. I couldn’t quite reach so did a little hop backward nudging the chair, feeling along the top of the chair back no key , I carefully shuffle round to look, no sign of a key, this was quickly turning into a farce.
I start pulling in the cotton string with the backup keys on. As I pull I feel the string tighten around the middle toe of my right foot and loops tightening around my ankles I Stop and try to shake the string loose from my toe. I must have got tangled in it while hopping and turning. I try shaking the string with my hands to get the loops around my ankles back over my feet, but with no success. This is ridiculous three releases shouldn’t fail! By now I am getting really worried, Murphy has really got it in for me. I reach for the backup key in the waistband of my swim briefs. I have never needed this before, and discover that with my thumbs cuffed it is too far around the side of the waistband to reach. That is it Murphy officially hates me!
Okay on to the final key on the door handle as I start hopping toward it I feel a sharp pain from the trapped toe and the loops of cotton string tighten around my ankles as I raise my wrists to hop. The back ups are caught on something by the wall. I try gently shuffling away pulling on the string hoping either the string will break or the bag will become detached releasing the string, but both are too strong and all I get is a toe that thinks it is about to be cut off but no closer to escape.
By now I am sweating buckets and my jaw and mouth are sore from the ballgag. I look at the clock gone half past four. What on earth can I try next? As I have always got loose easily and had so many backups in place, I had not got my mobile on hand for calling my human backup. Where was my phone, in the pocket of a jacket on the end of the settee? Will the cotton string let me reach the jacket, thank god, yes! I awkwardly manoeuvre the phone out of the pocket with my bound hands. Carefully I slide it out of its’ protective case. The next problem is switching it on, so I can activate the safety assistant. Not an easy task, with your thumbs cuffed and by now feeling numb. Finally I manage and press what I hope is the activation. I look at the clock, five past five, I’ve been bound like this for an hour and a half and my shoulders are starting to ache. My thumbs and wrists are feeling sore and the gag is torture.
I hop up and down wriggling my toes trying to get the cotton string loose or the keys to move, but with no success. I try once more to get to the door handle key, no the cotton string is still stopping me. Everything is now sore and I am still securely bound. I look at the clock five twenty five, no sign of any help arriving. Has the safety assistant activated? The only way to tell will be to unlock the screen and check if the messages are being sent. This is also a virtually impossible task with my thumbs cuffed. I have to press the on switch put the phone down turn around and draw the unlock pattern with my nose before the screen switches off again. I finally unlock the screen, put the phone on the back of a chair so I can see the screen properly, I activate the text screen with my nose and look to  see the assistance texts have been sent and been repeating  every ten minutes. I look at the clock, five to six, I know my back up was going to do some gardening this afternoon, what if their phone is switched off! I stare at the phone despondently. I am now very worried and frightened.  I am bound hand and foot, very effectively gagged and I can’t reach the door because of the cotton string.
I know that the ballgag is very effective at muffling my voice and makes speech almost impossible, so screaming is not an option. Is there any way to get help? I am stuck in the lounge, the double glazing on the windows will further muffle any noises I can make from my nose or through the gag. It looks like my only hope will be my mobile. Can I dial EMS and will they be able to understand what help I need and where I am. My phone is GPS enabled, but the address it is showing on my safety assistant messages was my neighbours! If they go there and find nothing wrong, would they check neighbouring addresses or just think it was a hoax and leave?
Then I hear my front door opening and my back up has arrived. I look at the clock it is six fifteen, over an hour after I activated the safety assistant. They enter the lounge and examine my bondage asking where the keys are. I point at the door but the key has slipped off when they came in and they can’t see it. They remove my gag and ask again. I explain I have a spare key to the thumb cuffs and a key for the manacles at the end of the cotton string. They follow this and retrieve the keys from the plastic bag. Once they have released me I get a lecture on being more careful and they depart.
I was exhausted and very sore, my shoulders ached and all the restraints had left very clear marks on my skin. I had been in pretty strict bondage for over two and a half hours. Sunday afternoons were not usually this long! It is clear I have offended Murphy, as he is applying his law rigorously!


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