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Re: Back to the can
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A great late Saturday night!  My wife was out for a girls night out with her friends.  I was at home watching tv, having cocktails.  When she got home, she greeted me with sexy smile, "hey garbage boy, lets go outside"...I knew instantly what she was thinking.  The garbage can was very full, mostly bags filled with trash from a party we had, lots of left over food stuff.  I pulled the bags out, one by one, some very heavy with food in the bottom.  I got in, rotated myself with myself so I was mostly on my back, my knees and legs kinda up...if that makes sense,  and one by one she dropped the bags in, covering me completely.  As I lay there, the weight of the bags felt greater and greater.  After some time, I had to move as my legs and knees were getting sore, of course as I readjusted, some of the heavy bags began to rip and wow did I get messy.  I loved every second of it!  I ended up falling asleep, waking at 3:30 am.  I spent about  4 hours in there.  I came in the house, took a shower.  When I went to get into bed, my wife woke with a smile, I kissed her and thanked her for letting me be her garbage boy.  She said "you're welcome, and by the way, I masturbated thinking about another man, all while you were in the garbage, where you belong"...  I am a lucky guy, not only does she make me her garbage, she also plays with my cuckold fantasy.


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