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Last time i was chained up
« on: March 23, 2016, 10:58:09 PM »
I’ll recount the last time i was tied up by my wife. It was two weeks ago and, in first, let me tell you that i have a phobia. I’m very afraid of the strong wind. Not for myself, but for my house. I don’t care about the strong wind if i’m outside, but if i’m home, i’m afraid  that some tiles fly away from my roof or to stay without electricity for some hours. So, this day, it was a violent wind outside and as usual i was afraid and very nervous. So i suggested my wife to chain me up. I was dressed as usual, black sheer pantyhose, black leotard and skirt. Under the leotard with long sleeves, and just when i’ll be chained, i put on a old pantyhose on my arms, as a sweater, my head passing through a hole made in the crotch of the pantyhose. So my hands and arms are encased in nylon too, to not feeling the coldness of the handcuffs, just my nyloned hands emerging from the sleeves of the leotard . My wife said ok and i began to tied me up myself. As i said in my intro, she doesn’t like tying me up at all but, she does sometimes, by love. It’s why i begin often to chain me up myself and she’s just doing the things that i can’t doing myself. I chain me up, always in the same manner. Before, i was able to support handcuffs behind my back for a long time but now, i have some problems to my shoulders, so now i lock a chain tightly around my hips. The chain of the handcuffs includes three links. So i padlocked the left link of the handcuffs to the left end of the hips chain and the right link to the right end of the hips chain in a very tight manner. In this way, the bracelets of the handcuffs were totally pinioned  to the chain and when my wrists are locked inside, i can’t spread or tighten my wrists at all. A chain is going from the hips chain to two leather collar dogs linked by a short metal link. I’ve made some holes in these collars, so i can tighten them around my ankles and padlocking the end through other holes that i made, to prevent me to take them off, even with free hands. An other chain goes from the hips chain to a bicycle lock locked around my neck. A leash is hanging in front of this bicycle lock, if my wife wants to hold me by the leash, through the house. I’ve made a long chain with a loop on each end. Each loop is protected by a piece of garden hose, to not hurt. I put one wrist in the loop and i lift at the elbow level. This long chain goes behind me to the other elbow held loosely by the second loop. Then i call my wife. She locks my wrists in the handcuffs, click the double security with a little needle on the keys of the handcuffs, then she pulls tightly the chain connecting my elbows behind me and link it by a padlock to the chain around my hips. So my elbows are pulled in back. The limit is given by the handcuffs. In this way, i can’t move my arms at all anymore. My elbows are pinioned to my sides and my wrists are pinioned on my tummy, palms near my crotch, fingers pointing down. The link between my ankles is very short and i just can walk by very very small steps. I’ve bought black fedora soles for shoes and i’ve cut them in a sleeping mask form. She applied this cutted sole over my eyes then put over it a pair of swimming pool glasses totally clouded by tape, to hold firmly the cutted sole over my eyes. In this way, the lesser ray of light can’t pass through this blindfold and i’m totally and absolutly blind, not just deprivate of sight but of light too. If some rays of light could passing through a blindfold, ok you can’t see but you can know where you are in a place that you know, with the help of light coming from windows. With absolutly no light, you just have the walls to know where you are and with the feet very stricly hobbled, this need long long time to walk. Then in the first time, she let me in this way, walking freely in the house. I just can walk very slowly in the house, but totally blind, and, with my strictly fixed wrists, i have no possibility to pull the blindfold from my eyes. In first, I’ve spent around one hour and half in this situation, going from bedroom to living room and return and doing that several times. I was really frightened by the noise of the wind. Because with my eyes blindfolded, all other senses were amplified and my hearing was amplified too. Our heating system do a little noise and cut automaticly when the air reachs the good temperature. Each times i heared it cutting, i thought that it was an electric cut. My wife was on internet during all this time and she must answering me many times that all was ok with electricity. After an hour and half, she came and hold me by the leash and walked me trough the house for 15 minutes. She maintened the leash always tense. So, with my blind state, i can feel, by the tense of the leash, the direction where i must go with my strictly hobbled ankles.  Sometimes, just for fun, i tried to change my direction but she held me firmly and pulled the leash stronger at these times. After 15 minutes ( i was really tied, doing 7 or 8 steps for just one of free step) , she headed me towards our bed and asked me to lay down. As i was blind, she helped me for that. Once i was lying, she shortened strightly by a padlock, the chain between my waist and my ankles. In this way, i must keep my legs creased with no possibility to stand up or expand my legs. So, as i was lying down my bed, with no possibility to stand up, i asked her to remove the blindfold. She answered me that i will stay blind as long as i’ll be chained up. She took the ear plugs that i use for not earing winds when there are strong winds during the night and pushed them in my ears holes. I was now blind and deaf. There is something that i love absolutly: It’s when my wife, with her hands, caress my legs through the nylon of my pantyhose. She let me on our bed, knees in a creased position, and came sometimes to surprise me by caressing softly my nyloned legs without i can ear or see her coming. Sometimes it was not caress but tickles under my feet, and, chained as i was, i had no possibility to escape her tickles. And tickles under nyloned feet are unbearable. I stayed in this way, a good part of the afternoon, then i felt her opening the padlock shortening the chain between ankles and waist and she helped me to stand up. I felt a tense in the leash and she walked me in the living room. She helped me to sit down on a chair. She passed a chain through each loop circling my elbows and padlocked them to the back of the chair. I felt her kneeling and she passed an other chain between my hobbled ankles and the cross-bar under the chair. Again, i was not able to expand my legs and i was totally fixed to the chair. She continued the caress game sometimes until she decided it was time to free me. She pulled of the blindfold. I had passed all the afternoon chained and blindfolded and a good part, deaf too. The storm outside was over and the night was here. I had be chained up and blindfolded from around 13:30 PM until 20:00 PM. The only thing that i regret is the fact that my wife, refuse absolutly to gag me. She’s afraid that i can’t call her if i have a problem, and refuse at all to put a gag on me. But for all other things, i am filled.
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Re: Last time i was chained up
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Sounds like your wife will play sometimes and help torment you a little. She gives you a little fun sometimes.

I enjoyed the story as I enjoyed the second one.

Keep up the updates.

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