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Need some Advice
« on: March 11, 2016, 09:03:33 PM »
I have been searching for years and have finally found the perfect bin. Its at a block of flats down the road from me and there are 3 bins. One for Recycling, 1 For General and the other for food. The food one is often too messy to even think about, But the General one is perfect, So whats the best way to spend a day or night without getting caught.

Don't worry. I know the Collection Day is a Friday and I plan to spend Wednesday in there.

[EDIT: Forgot to mention. They are 1100L bins]

Thanks Guys


Daffy Duck

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Re: Need some Advice
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2016, 11:03:44 PM »
This subject has been debated on this forum, many times and over many years. You only have to read the numerous posts on this subject to see for yourself.

There is nothing new to add, to what has already been said.

It is NOT recommended to spend a day or night inside a public bin in the hope of not getting caught. You may not get caught. You may be fine. You may be fine even after several times of passion, but sooner or later your luck will run out. It always does. There are no exceptions, despite what gamblers will try to tell you.

The risks are not just collection by garbage truck either. Dates of collection times can change around holidays or if the council changes the contract.

You have no control over what is dumped in the bin, from broken glass to dog shit.

You have no control how much is dumped, and getting trapped or suffocated is a real issue.

Then there is the widespread use of CCTV. Essex England has cameras everywhere. Getting caught and having to explain your actions is one conversation you will want to avoid.

Not to mention humiliation if family or friends find out.

Then there is the issue of trespass or being naked (or with few coverings on) in a public place, which could result in prosecution.

I have heard it all before. Actual real life readers on this very forum tell me of horror stories. They thought they knew all the risks. They thought they had all bases covered. They did not !   That is why they are called accidents.

Every year people get crushed in garbage trucks. Don't believe me try google "Man crushed by garbage truck" and take a long hard read of death, broken bones and amputated limbs.

Gromet puts warnings on trashcan stories for a reason.

I try to keep readers safe, but I am only accused of trying to spoil someone's fun.

This fantasy is not good for real life.

Even people have suffocated in wheelie bins and polythene bags. You get sleepy. You think it is just tiredness at first. Then you don't wake up.

I am sealing this topic, as there is nothing more to say.

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