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Title: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on October 30, 2021, 10:18:32 am
This past month, I started to track a list of stories that I thought may potentially be interesting / enticing / entertaining - stories that would be worth the time investment to read (which, of course, depends largely on my own fantasies rather than actual quality - so please take no offense). That list quickly grew to about 150 or so.

Who has time to read that many stories?

Oh well...

Here are some that I DID enjoy this past month:

Education in the Basement ( by BedHead
The pulsing switched to her sex. This was far more pleasurable and she sighed in happiness, wriggling a little in her bonds.

“That’s a nice feeling, isn’t it?” Schiller stood, and draped the cart with a black cloth. “You’ll continue to experience it as long as you don’t think. When the sensors pick up you thinking, it will cut off the stimulation.”

She and Karin left the room, and the lights started to dim. “Oblivion, my dear,” she called back, as the door swung closed. “Emptiness.”

A Puppy's Day ( by Random Aussie
Master orders me to all fours and starts fitting the chastity belt around my waist. A padlock appears and is locked on. The bells are removed and a small vibrator appears and slips easily inside my dripping pussy. The main part of the belt is pushed tight against my clit and pussy rings and two chains part my ass on either side of my tail. Several more padlocks appear and are locked on. Master tells me the keys were in the package I posted earlier when running my errands . The package is postage paid through a few cities so he doesn’t know when it will arrive back. So no sex and this vibe will be in me for who knows how long.
Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on November 18, 2021, 04:06:56 pm
Almost 250 stories are sitting in my ever-growing interested-in-reading list. Every once in a while I randomly grab one to read. Here are some good ones I've encountered recently (in no particular order)...

Your suggestions, of course, will add weight to the chances that I read a particular story... So, please do...

Mithril ( by Over-run666
The mage began to close the visor with gusto. It was nearly in place when Gianna felt things inside the mask. A wide rounded metal projection met with her lips.


Her pleas were cut off as the visor shut completely forcing the projection into the warrior’s mouth and preventing her finishing that word.

Then runes so intricately engraved into the armour began to glow briefly and there was loud clanking like a dozen hammers falling at once.

Puppet ( by Lescivious
Hanging on the wall is image after image of girls strung up in precarious positions… hanging from the cables on the stage. I look closer at the images. The figures are limp, unmoving save for the strings holding them up.

Home Farm ( by Writer345
“Please let us go.” Lily said, dismayed at how whiny her voice sounded.

The woman sounded sympathetic when she answered. “I’m very sorry, Lily, but I can’t do that. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to everything and will come to love it here. My girls always do.”

The Stox Box 4: The Mask (http://The Stox Box 4: The Mask) by Jack Peacock
One by one I felt the boards slide into place. Ankles first, then knees, waist and wrists, and finally the last but most important, what I called the pillory board, slid down over the end of the rubber hood loosely covering my neck. My friend tightened the retaining screws on all the boards with the cordless drill, to make sure nothing would work loose. No matter what I desired this box would be my home until tomorrow afternoon or evening.

Body Subordination ( by Calm_waves
Chips came out a few years ago and changed our lives. They were these little things that you could get installed into your brain that would allow another person to sort of take control and feel things as you do. For instance if you had a pain your doctor could take over to help pinpoint it, Or if you got lost someone could help find you. Some people even used them to experience how an orgasm felt from the opposite sex.
Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on November 29, 2021, 06:56:43 pm
Briar Rose ( by CreatingKate
There on the bed lay a breathtaking blonde. The woman looked about her age with golden hair and pink cheeks. She was laid out across the bed perfectly, a peaceful look on her face as she slept. Rebecca was drawn in. She removed her bow, arrows and dagger, laying the weapons on the floor. Her boots made a muted thud on the hollow wood as she approached the bed. Up close, the sleeping woman looked like an angel.

Caress Curse ( by Sexbot9000
Kelly had already made several adjustments to her daily life. Being naked whenever she was in the house was the obvious first step. She also (with the exception of the occasional shower fuck) exclusively took baths now, finding them to be significantly less stimulating. She got a standing desk so that she’d stop humping the chair. They’d set the heat higher so that she didn’t need to sleep with blankets...

The Cell ( by Lunargue
(A series of 5 drawings)

The Golden Girl ( by denkira7
Rid of all her stylish business clothing and underwear, the woman saw tall hills of coins surrounding her from many sides, along with a small excavator sitting idle... Metal that was bolted into the floor surrounded her wrists and secured them to either side of her head. Similar bonds immobilized her ankles, forcing her legs to remain half-spread and her naked body rather flat and taut.

Pony Trap ( by dianag
...Each found her arms gently but firmly taken up their backs and each felt straps being tightly buckled round their wrists, holding their arms in a reverse prayer position. Another strap, level with their elbows was slowly tightened and the girls found their arms held tightly against their bodies with their leather encased fingers almost touching their necks.
Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on December 07, 2021, 08:33:44 am
Institutional Review Board ( by sammy_808
"I am a slave, and I belong to Doctor Annette Barrows. I want nothing more than to be trained as she sees fit, and want to be punished until I perform correctly. I am her sex toy, her toilet, and her subservient bitch. I will assist in long term training. I will demand six months."

Doll Court ( by El_Refresho - Illustrated by Colorfultrick
We’re here to determine whether you entered into an implicit contract to become Ms. Rearden’s doll, and what obligations that entails.

A Maid Suit for Tasha ( by nobody-kadaj
Taking a deep breath, Tasha opened her mouth, ready to accept the gag as she gently applied the mask to her face. She had opted to keep the eyelids open for now, but it was still an experience. The inside felt soft on her face for a moment, and then it just faded as if it became her new facade… The gag seemed to suck her tongue in when she inserted it, making it hard to move it around and keeping her quiet.

My Private Lodge ( by limbited
I flail my arm stumps wildly, reveling in the alien, but of course not unknown, sensations they give. More than ever I need to orgasm once more but I can no longer do so using hands—I no longer have any. I no longer have elbows or wrists or arms.

Judy’s Magical Purchase ( - by Gagfan
“It will inflict whatever bondage you want it to on you. However, even better than that is the magic of the ring will protect you so you can be bound in ways that would normally cause physical harm.”

Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on December 13, 2021, 03:42:24 am
Mavis and the Featherlight ( - by VerySpecificFetish
Her hands pried and caressed at the soaked metal between her legs… It had done so many different things to her, toying cruelly with her tiny body, and... And now... It was just, ever so gently, touching at her. Prodding and rubbing at various parts of her twitching passage. It had been doing it for the last two hours, and... Oh, it was unbearable. It was unbearable! She pushed her forehead into her knees, shivering as it suddenly drilled her again with the gently rotating bristles, trying desperately not to let her frustrated writhing waste too much of her stamina.

Cassie - Part 1 ( - Part 2 ( by KiraNiAmy
Six weeks bound and gagged and utterly alone - with nobody to hear her screams and cries when the panic overwhelmed her, nobody to ever give her some idea as to when - if ever - her torment and isolation would be allowed to end.

Elsa’s Story ( by luctem
She put her hands behind her back and stood still, until the touch of cold iron around her wrists confirmed what she had expected. It took Mildred a few moments, but then two distinctive clicks indicated that the metal cuffs had been firmly locked around her wrists… Elsa turned around to see that a heavy chain, only a few feet long, was linked to the metal ring in the wall, just above the stone bed.

Entitled and Entangled ( by Starscream789012
"Again...we should've gone over this beforehand. In BDSM, dominants get off by being called master or mistress and punishing their submissive for stepping out of line. I think your punishment should be a few more gag layers. How does that sound my sweet slut?" - "Incredible, Mistress. Gag me please, Mistress."

A Simple Ride Home ( by marlinespike2462
The grinding noise starts again and I feel some subtle vibrations from below the bed. It quickly becomes obvious that all my straps and cuffs are clipped into one system that pulls everything at once. Drawing tight, I feel a sideways and downward pressure on every connection point. As my legs and elbows are pulled outward, the lines she connected in-between them also became tight, completely limiting my ability to move in any direction. The waist belt and breast harness have the same effect. When the grinding finally stops, I have almost no movement remaining.
Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on December 23, 2021, 10:58:08 am
Click and Collect: Isobel’s Table (  by oneagainst
Clara slid under the latex covering without protest, positioning herself on the board, face down. Hayley fed her breathing tube into the hole in the frame, pushing it firmly into place. Next, she smoothed the shiny white latex down over the woman's prone body and began to run her finger along the bag seal.

Midsommar, but Sexy ( by AletheaFaust
One of her pointed nails drags lightly down my collarbone before catching on the v of my t-shirt. There's the sound of fabric ripping, and I bite back my protest as she tears through my shirt and bra, leaving my chest fully exposed to the warm den. I don't feel like protesting for long as her lips kiss down my chest to find one of my nipples.

Liz’s Encasement ( by Spicy-Tacos
2 Years Later (
4 Years Later (
In front of Liz was a metal chair connected to the floor by only a single thick metal rod. It had leather straps hanging from it. Also hanging from it was a weird metal shell that looked like it would completely cover her in the chair. The outside of the shell was smooth metal, but Liz saw rubber padding on the inside.

I Kissed a Girl ( by JDLong
Suzanne examined the collar in the mirror in her room. Privately she loved it. It was tight, polished to a mirror shine and about five centimetres tall. There was no visible lock, Suzanne had no idea or desire, on how to remove it.

I was Kidnapped by Space Lesbians ( by JohnBannergram
Alpha paused for a moment in thought. Her face lit up. "Hey, I know what we could do! We're enslaving Earth girls, right? We were going to just wave these chains around at people while we talk about turning hot women into our slaves. But it'll work even better if we have you be a girl that we've just caught. You keep on your outfit from work, we put some of these chains on you, and you writhe around in them and ham it up. Everyone will love us. Best Halloween ever."
Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on December 31, 2021, 04:04:21 am
Block By Block ( by lesfanny
It’s the hardest acrylic in the world. Probably ten times harder than diamond. I created it to collect and preserve beautiful girls and you and the other two will soon become fine art.

Journal of Bound Euphoria (  by TheAlenaArchive
She was about my height, her shoulder-length brown hair was pulled up in a short bun. As my eyes drifted lower I saw she was wearing her normal home clothes. Which only consisted of a cute black lace bra, panties and thigh-high socks- not the sexy lace kind, hers were made of thick cotton, with cute stripes at the top… The only jewelry she was wearing was a small leather collar that went around her neck. It was thin and had a small metal loop on the front with a small lock attached.

Sofi’s Self Bondage ( by JDLong
Happily ever afters never did it for Sofi. The girl in the story needed to be condemned to a life of slavery. A one way trip into a life of bondage to be used, abused and humiliated. All the better if the collar (there had to be a collar) was welded on, the nipples, septum and vagina pierced, and the slave was given a uniform of latex and publicly humiliated.

Laura ( by Schlank
The Crestview Center was founded in 1947 by Johannes and Vanessa Cropp. Back in the 40's and 50's daughters and wives from wealthy families were sent to the Center if they were deemed to be too ill behaved, lazy, willful, obstinate or disruptive. Upon arrival at the Center, they would be stripped naked and given menial labors to perform. If they were lazy, disobedient, or misbehaved in any way, they could be harshly disciplined. Spankings and whippings were common forms of punishment used on women who were judged to be in need of correction.

Au Pair Cherry Contact ( by mandywoods
"I like your tattoos that run down your back," Mandy said as she studied one of the photos. "What do they mean?"
"Well, it is a little secret between my husband and I. It translates to something like 'I am my Master's pet'".
Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on January 06, 2022, 09:18:43 am

She Who Sleeps ( by DanteBoon
Naturally, I had to reposition her several times before I could get her heavily encased figure inside the stiff rubber sheath and she squealed sleepily each time I moved her. Finally ready, I pushed her feet inside the sleepsack. Once I had done that it was relatively easy to get the rest of her secured away, except, of course, for when I had to zip her up. That was when she suddenly caught her second wind and decided to fight for her freedom.

Lust and Desire Pt. 01 ( by TattooedPup
Suddenly another girl approached from another dark corner of the cage. It was a young Asian woman, also naked, but completely painted as a tiger. With graceful movements she crawled towards the leopard girl. Lydia was even more stunned by her appearance. The tiger stripes emphasized the shape of her perfect hourglass body with those firm breasts and tight ass. Lydia could keep her eyes from the tiger girl's black rimmed Mandarin eyes and the juicy black lips. Has she ever been so attracted to a woman?

Project Gilgamesh - Lady Bane Pt. 01 ( by jerrysmith84N3
Eveline's hair had been cut slightly above shoulder length and she now wore a far too large outfit: she wore a too large, black, sleeveless tanktop, exposing her tattoed left arm, with a too large, black, silver-spiked bra beneath it, a too large pair of black trousers, a pair of big, black platform-boots, a too large, spiked crotch-armor, a pair of huge, spiked, dark bracelets, loosely hanging on her wrists…

Lady Lorelei Part 3: Control ( by trixieadara
Lorelei asked for a foot massage, and Elsie obeyed. Lorelei made eye contact with Nikki and held it when she asked for Elsie to clean the Lady's feet with tongue. While Elsie obeyed, even moaning as she got into it, Lorelei held Nikki's gaze. Nikki quickly went from interested to aroused. Her pupils dilated and eyes glazed over. Her breath became shallow and ragged. She gripped the side of the loveseat, resisting the urge to squirm. She bit her bottom lip, fighting her desire to moan.

The Kitsune and the Elf ( by mewfan151
"Fantastic!" the Kitsune said, clapping her hands together and smiling. "Let's go for one harder, alright?" This time the Kitsune played a bit unfair, having the Elf pull her arms back further. After doing her wrists up, the Kitsune smiled and slung the rope around the elves' midsection, combining the cinched off bindings with a rope around her stomach to prevent a bit of wiggling. a second rope was passed under the elves' breasts, and knotted off around her upper arms, pinning them to her sides. The Kitsune then moved around to the front, sitting her down and welding her legs together with ropes at her ankles, then above and below her knees.
Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on January 10, 2022, 04:24:09 am

Eldritch Encasement: Chapter 1 ( by EldLynch-Tristan
The creature began to swallow Patience, taking in her feet and calves. Feeling a warm tingle rise up her body slowly, Patience moaned and began to open her eyes as the tingle reached her waist. But by then, there was no return… It was dark, but she saw and felt her body being held tightly by something slimy, as she was dragged into a small, dark hole. Being deathly afraid of small spaces, Patience began bucking against whatever was gripping her and mumbling in fear. Her struggles did nothing to slow the creature as she was eventually pulled all the way into its body.

Blood Bank ( by Druid5
Another piece of plastic was unfolded and lined up above her. Both pieces had metal rivets through it top and bottom. The guys lowered their sheet down until those rivets clicked into each other. Rachel bit hard on her air tube… soon she’d be reliant on it. An adhesive tape has been prepared on one of the sheets, the guys peeled off the protecting layer and began to seal the edges together. Soon Rachel was in an airtight sack. A single port on the front was opened and a vacuum cleaner hooked up… The plastic began to shrink around her…

Leather Bound Slave ( by Gromet
I was then guided backwards until I felt something hit my back; it turned out that it was a pole. While one person steadied me, the other began running either ropes or straps, I couldn’t tell as I was blindfolded, and they began to fasten me to the pole behind me. Several more straps or ropes went around my body until I was firmly tied to the pole and couldn’t get myself free.

A Witch In Shining Armour ( by Corpse_rider
'Amber! Don't go out there, please! You don't know what he's like -- if he's been drinking . . .' 'You stay in here and don't come out, okay. You don't come out until I say you can,' Amber instructed firmly. The pounding was now a loud frantic tattoo on the door accompanied by the dog's near hysterical barking. 'Let me in you bitch! I know you're fucking in there! Gemma, open this fucking door, now!' There came a massive blow on the door, and it shuddered in its frame, its chain lock rattling.

The Volcano ( by Araw
The first choosing I remember was when I was eight. My best friend's big brother was chosen… He tried to escape, but was caught by many strong men in the outer circle. Five years later a young woman from one of the other villages was chosen. She did not attempt to run, but her mother had to be restrained… Silence falls as the Chief of Chiefs begins to speak. "The Mountain gives us food! The Mountain gives us health! The Mountain gives us life! But life must be paid with life. We are gathered here to choose who will be given to the Mountain."
Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: T.H. on January 12, 2022, 04:27:29 pm
I don't know if it's appropriate to interrupt in this thread. If so, please feel free to remove this post.

I really enjoyed going on a discovery with your list. While I already knew some of the stories from literotica, the stories on Deviantart are essentially new to me.

First and foremost thank you for only posting stories who are good 'technically' (spelling, grammar) I know it's rich coming from a guy who essentially can't write a correct English sentence to save his life.

I generally prefer the stories with hard physical action and really soft emotional interactions. I don't know if it comes through... I have no problem of real hardcore bondage, humiliation or impact play if it is done out of genuine love and care. There were a lot of stories in this thread I really did enjoy like:

- Sofi’s Self Bondage
- I kissed a girl (Kind of the first mysogenic society stories I found memorable - not because of the dystopian setting but because of the way the protagonists actively try to live and kope with it)
- Laura (I read it already - Schlank really improved on her writing with the years... her Dommes become more and more 'human'

Au Pair Cherry Contact was a really solid "babysitter catched doing naughty stuff" - story. I liked that it was hot while staying civil and consensual.
I liked the premisse of "Body Subordination" really, really innovative but the Story itself was kind of underwelming in my opinion.

I liked "Bloodbank" a lot. I'm a sucker for good halloweenstories. (It's kinda odd, We don't do Halloween in my country and I have NO desire to participate but the dark undertone of Halloween is really interesting to me.)

I would love to see you share more of your recommendations,

Kindly yours,


Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on January 13, 2022, 02:53:10 am
Thank you!

I have a rather convoluted system of screening stories using tags, keyword searches, and randomness which seems to bubble up better stories of a certain variety to the top of the heap. I pull from about 400 separate story posting titles that I've collected since October. I thought that others may benefit from my efforts.

Of course, I should point out that the selections I choose are based on my own personal tastes. I'm certain that there are many wonderful stories that I miss just because I am not the target audience.

Thank you to all the authors who put in their hard work to entertain deviants such as myself...

Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: T.H. on January 13, 2022, 04:18:48 pm
At least you HAVE a system.

I have to admit, that while I read (good) smut with a passion since I turned 18 almost 20 years ago I never bothered to keep record of the good ones.
It kind of bites me in the but now, because I mostly can't even ask for help because I mostly don't even remember with certainty in which language it was written.

I mean I really can't ask something like "hey guys... I look for this story... it may have been written in English, French or German... I'm pretty sure it wasn't Dutch involving..."

So yeah... bless you for your system... and bless you even more for sharing. :-)
Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on January 17, 2022, 07:12:04 pm
Amareth Falls ( by Miss_Praxis
Four parts
The edges were covered in a black protective sealing strip, magnetized to the other side. I pulled them gently apart, peering in to see traces of thin silver circuitry, miniscule tubes and interface ports lacing across the interior in fractal patterns, hypnotic in their shape. The breasts of the suit seemed to have intense networks centering on the nipples. Delving deeper, following the traces, I noticed the crotch area had the same concentration of silvery traces, this time, however, centered on two protrusions. A pair of molded phalluses designed to fill the wearer fully. To fit these comfortably, someone would have had to get a perfect scan of my interior or mold thereof.

Emily's New Life ( by brestovia0012
I am trapped in this bed, unable to move, thanks to having been placed me in an incredibly restrictive cast.  I am totally immobile; my world view is limited to what portions of the ceiling and what portions of the floor I can see. And I can only see one or the other. It all depends on whether I am turned face up or face down.

Sofi Suffers ( by JDLong
You don’t just have to put up with it for a year or two, or three or eight, or twenty. But for the rest of your life. You will never ever be free. You will always be collared. There will never be a safe word. It will never end. I decide what you wear, what you eat, when you shit or if you sleep.

From a Strangle Tingle ( by Shmabahamoha
I luxuriated in her warm, soft breasts beneath my chest, contrasting with the cool, hard metal at her nipples… Metal? Where did that come from? Snapping awake, I lifted myself off her and reached out to her breasts. With one hand, I traced the steel ring now piercing her right nipple. Like its counterpart in her other nipple, it was polished to a shine and seamless. They hadn’t been there before…

Schoolgirls and Blackmail ( by OfStarsAndDreams
She was brought back by the feeling of something being inserted inside her, like an egg or lipstick tube. She jerked, but Miranda grabbed her and pushed it all the way in. Miranda then produced something else from her pack and clasped it around Emma's midsection. "That's a modified chastity device.”

Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on January 27, 2022, 07:30:52 am
Binding Off ( by aandiron
Her eyes close and her neck arches back. She reaches her free hand up above her head, and grabs the headboard to steady herself and to ground herself in reality. She feels the cozy in her hand back off a little, and slow. It twists the vibrator inside her, and bunches together around and between her fingers. It presses up against her clit and rubs her slowly and with care. She relaxes, and spreads her legs, letting the thing fuck her. Her arm above her head is not quite in the position it needs to be in. She intends to bring it down to help move the skirts aside when she realizes she cannot. She looks up at her hand, and the dangling threads of her knitting have tied themselves around the posts of the headboard in adorable little knots.

The Resort ( by sarobah
Seven Parts
Almost all the women were bound in some way, with hands in front or hands behind the back, or arms pinioned at the side. Some shuffled past us with shackles around their ankles or hobbles on their knees. Many wore collars, of metal or leather, and a few were being led about on leashes. A lot were gagged. Some were blindfolded.

Temple of Lust Ch. 01: Baptism of Cum ( by BoredInQuarantine
One Part
The sister produced the very same metal device the younger priestesses were wearing and placed it open beneath Lana's ass. The other priestess closed the device around her privates, locking it in place around her waist. They sealed it with a small hanging lock and hid away the key, leaving Lana with no access to her own body's genitals. Unable to remove the inserted objects and unable to touch herself, there was no way for her to ease the maddening stimulus. She tried to sneak a finger beneath the device's iron hold, but the thing held tight and left no room for manipulation.

A Normal Grocery Run During Which No Domestication Occurs ( by SapphicSounds
Two Parts
They wanted humanity to believe their pets were the most precious beings in the universe to them; that a pet’s owner most often filled the role of a sort of romantic partner mixed with loving caretaker and full-time dominant. She’d heard their drugs could leave someone in a state near permanent adoration and blissful submission, but just because she thought that sounded kind of hot didn’t mean she was naive.

Future History ( by MaXX1969
summer started counting off the items on her fingers as she listed them out. "There is the collar. Metal fingernails will bond to my own nails via nanotechnology. The set includes glasses and earplugs. Finally, it has a cuff set with a waist belt, manacles for wrists and ankles, as well as thigh bands and upper armbands. Master, will you please have the cuffs bond to me with the nanobots?"
Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: T.H. on February 13, 2022, 09:47:08 am
The Resort is a strong candidate for "the disappointment of the year"

To get into this category the story need at least some quality. I mean a story like "naked cheerleader bound and fucked in the lockerroom" can't be a disappointment because there wasn't any expectation in the first place that could have caused a disappointment.

The story has some strong things going: a nice setting. Something a personally call a "themepark setting" the fiction that there is, somewhere a (closed) space (be it a gated community, a themepark, a country or a planet or another reality, where the rules and limitations of our society doesn't apply. I'm usualy quite an amateur of these stories. If you can accept the axiom, the suspension of disbelieve isn't stretched as much.

The writing is pretty good as far as I can judge as a non-native speaker.

And there is a lot of B(ondage) out of BDSM.

The problem is, that that's pretty much it. The story is girl get's bound, get's some petty shit done while discovering the setting, rinse and repeat.
There is no D/S (there aren't even real dominants depicted as a dominant as being one myself does so much more then simply tying someone up. There is no discipline, no S/M, no flashy romance, no intrigue what so ever.

I read 9 parts of the story (so there is some real base quality there) but I was always hoping that this story would finaly go into second gear, and it never did.

So yeah... strong candidate for biggest disappointment of the year 2022 in my book.

(Of course I sent my feedback to the author by mail)

Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on February 14, 2022, 03:50:57 am
"The Resort" was certainly ripe for a bit of peril. The text was well written. The isolated setting was richly described. The protagonist was basically royalty. There were an unlimited number of ways that a bit of peril could have been introduced. So... yeah... I was hoping that something dark would creep into the story.
Title: Re: Recently Read and Good
Post by: subgrrl on February 16, 2022, 03:18:05 pm
The Lapdog ( by JohnBannergram
6 Parts
Lisa's eyes went wide. She felt very small. Time seemed to stand still as she looked up at her mistress. "You mean...the pink dye is...permanent?" Carla put down the brush and gave her a hug. "Not just the dye, my pet. Your whole outfit has been attached to your skin. Everything is permanent, from your collar, to your paws, to the bra, to the panties you're dressed in with that adorable little tail on the back."

Another Year, Another Slave to Own ( by Kristin Kailey
I blinked and felt my hands instinctively reach up to cover my exposed breasts. “I thought you said we were alone in the house.” “We are. Just you and me and my pets,” he said as he gently pulled my hands from my firm boobs to reveal them once more. “So the girls you made immortal are your pets?” “That’s right, but it was their choice.” Suddenly the door burst open and a gorgeous blonde girl in pigtails scampered in on hands and feet with her firm rear in the air. “Woof woof,” she barked as if she were a dog. Before my brain could process what I was seeing, another girl who was an exact copy of the first flew through the door in the same manner.

Niamh's New Shell ( by Rich S
Rachel then pressed a button that looked like a microphone and spoke into it "Enable Mannequin mode and mute for 13 hours." Niamh confirmed and suddenly was locked solid in place. Rachel tapped Niamh's skin and it was hard. Her friend was solid as a rock. "I'll be back tomorrow when I've read your manual cover to cover. There's more to this than the quick start guide..." Rachel left Niamh standing, staring into space, with only her own thoughts for company.

The Valentine Declaration ( by uberis
“What’s the matter, Mistress? You are quieter than usual. I may only be your slave, but you can tell me anything.” “Very well. This is what’s been on my mind.” “Wait. Those documents… Aren’t they… transfer papers? No! No! Are you selling me?”

Allie's Initiation ( by AlinaAamu
2 parts
I was starting to get into the calm state I so adored as she coiled the rope around my torso, above and below my breasts, cinching the ropes as she went. Her soft hands felt so good on my body and I could feel the heat of her body as she leaned against me while securing the ropes. The boxtie itself was something I had been curious about for the longest time and it was just as good as I had hoped. I had never been tied this securely and it was like the ropes were extensions of her hands and fingers that were caressing and exploring my upper body as the tie had been finished now.
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I've biased my random story picking algorithm to focus on recently posted stories, however, the pile of links has grown to over 500 now. I'm sure that some excellent stories are slipping through the cracks. Also, I try to post stories that have unique and original ideas. Unfortunately, my mood likely has more bearing than the story quality regarding what makes it into this list...

Safe Space ( by Rich S
She went to the trolley and stood in position. Paul strapped each limb in turn stopping at the shoulder strap. Jen wriggled and couldn't move. He wheeled her into the safe and placed her dead centre. Next he chained the trolley to the hooks he'd installed in the safe. There were four points of connection and everything was held taut. She tried to move the trolley but it wouldn’t budge an inch.

Romancing the Raptor ( by Cashmere_Snow
The news media coined the term succubus syndrome, which was only slightly more polite than what the community of unaffected women called it: the get-your-slut-whore-body-away-from-my-man disease. When the pheromones in a few beads of sweat had the potential to give every downwind man with a working nose a raging erection, it made it hard to get out to window shop.

Human Furniture ( by DramaSurgeon
“In short, this pole is going to go into your ass and come out of your mouth, and this smaller piece will go into your pussy to keep you from sliding down. I don’t know what the doctors did to your insides to make that possible, so don’t ask me that.” Speechless, Bianca could only watch as the man took a paint can and brush from behind Bianca’s head and started coating the pole in a translucent sticky substance.

Sam and Em ( by ForeverAltered
Six Parts
She took the padlocks off the belt, allowing it to open up completely, which meant she could attach it without getting me to step through it. It looked like a large thong that was made of leather but the padlocks on the sides was the only giveaway that it was kinky wear, that and the holes that allowed access both vaginally and anally. This did raise my curiosity as chastity belts were supposed to stop access to these areas, not allow it. I pulled at the cuffs, after getting enough slack I managed to feel the top of the belt. The leather felt amazing and it refused to budge at all, with me being locked in, it was impossible to remove without the keys to the locks.

Women's Bondage Reformatory School ( by palm09
Two Parts
Claire wore black fetish 7-inch spike heel ballet ankle boots with padlocks. Her ankles themselves sported black 3-inch tall metal cuffs that were linked by a thin 2-foot hobble chain. Her wrists were similarly cuffed and bound. Emerging from the ankle boots and running underneath her ankle cuffs, Claire wore black thigh-high and skin-tight latex stockings that ended in satin bows. Claire's waist training corset ran up to the base of her breasts where its quarter cups provided lift before turning into straps that framed each breast, before finally linking to her collar. The collar itself was black metal and also featured a bow in front.
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Jesse In Jeopardy ( by Shelley
Sitting awkwardly on the bed Moira helped the girl bounce across till she was in the middle, legs straight down but the lassie sitting up. Then a hand touched her left ankle and gradually spread her leg wider then Jesse gasped when a manacle was locked around it. She started to smile assuming the other was to follow. This being confirmed and her nightie was almost taut. Then she felt a belt of some sort being wrapped around her waist though it wasn't metal. Then she was told to lie back and did so. Banging her head on some metal...that turned out to be a collar and she shuddered. Jesse's arms were taken up and secured by the wrists, spread-eagling her in a star-shape. The girl was amazed and smiled, even more when Miss McLuskey began to stroke her torso before applying chains from the side of the bed to the belt so Jesse couldn't roll around. Those gentle fingers began rubbing her nipples and the women both smiled as Moira felt them going hard.

Self Boiled Frog ( by hakard
Few seconds later she saw a thick smoke coming out of a narrow gap under the small door hidden beneath the basin. Hannah began to cough as the gas irritated her throat. She realized she had to act quickly. The visibility was dropping and the air was becoming unbreathable. She looked down on her favorite summer dress. The only fabric in the room was covering her body. She wished that she had more clothes on but there was no time to linger. The dress dropped on the ground without much hesitation. She quickly covered the gap kneeling only in her lace strapless bra, matching thongs and... platform heels.

Friday Night all to Herself ( by CuriousCanteloupe
A quadruple amputee in her late twenties, strapped into an electric wheelchair by a four-point harness over her shoulders and under her breasts. Her limbs were truncated stumps, her legs barely four inches long (the harness owing to the relative lack of stability afforded by the residual limbs), while her ten-inch arm stumps afforded her some blessed semblance of independence.

Milstre Ranch ( by JustK
They haven’t removed the bindings, not once. Not even the little bags around your fingers. You’re given a sleeping draught and on day six you wake up feeling clean, your hair washed and your body scrubbed. Your shoulders feel like they’ve been massaged. Of course they wouldn’t let you be awake for that. You were livestock, and livestock didn’t have arms.

Single Threaded ( by ConvolutedPlot
She flinched and shivered as Annie drew away the sheets and laid her backside bare for the world, or at least for her optical sensors, to witness. “That’s better. Now, just relax, Olivia, we’ll be together in no time...“ Click, whirr, the seams and joints in Annie’s exterior parted up and down her limbs, revealing the more flexible and pliable teal silicone surfaces lining her insides that made wearing her robo-parts far more comfortable than you’d think. With care, she crawled on top of her would-be wearer. Goosebumps rose along Olivia’s back in response to the cold, tingling touch of the android’s hands as they lay on her bare back.
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Nothing but a Ponygirl ( by LimitlessLucy
It had been a bit of a shock that there had then never come a point when her owner had let her talk. At first she had struggled with not being able to express herself as she was used to and had passionately rebelled against being treated like she was nothing but a dumb animal - after all, it was one thing to enjoy being occasionally treated like a pet, it was quite another to never be anything but a pet - yet, even as she had fought against it, deep down she had known he was right to treat her that way. Over time she had found other ways to communicate. Better ways. Ways that felt more natural. Ways that transcended the need for mere words.

Permanent Slave to the Hutt ( by Ajonesindy
4 parts
“This little baby cost me three thousand bucks alone! It’s made of a new material that melts at astronomical temperatures! It’s virtually indestructible! And to make it better, there is no keyhole! Once it’s closed, it won’t ever open again! You’ll remain my chained slave forever!”. But just to be sure, he added glue on the two halves, put it around her neck, and pushed it shut, the band clicking as it locked.

The Princess of Akaishi Castle ( by Jackie.O.Hikaru
2 parts
The other two held my arms down while sapphire eyes gently turned my face so that my bare neck showed more to her. I was paralyzed. I could do nothing to resist. But I also felt a strange arousal come over me. Perhaps it was the overwhelming fatigue from the restless day and night, perhaps it was the raving madness that had finally descended upon me, or it was their dark magic, putting me in a trance, like flames might a moth. I was aroused by the touch of their bodies, their fragrance of night blossoms, of being helplessly pinned down. Sapphire eyes held her mouth to my neck, lapped her tongue against my skin as if to savor my taste.

Abduction ( by Professor086
Apparently once they start, they cannot undock. The situation was explained. Your genitals are covered until it's your turn. When the latex rolls down on your penis it forms a ring. The same with females. You have to meet-up with your new partner. When you meet your partner, you have sex. Once you penetrate, you are locked together. The rings form a bearing of sorts. You can rotate however you want; you just can't separate.

West Valley High Day 138: Concrete Cube ( by homeboundboy
1 part
The man brought over two more pieces of plywood with a half circle cutout and placed them over her neck. Using a power screwdriver, he secured this plank to the side panels, locking her neck in place. A second set of walls was placed behind her and screwed in place, leaving her bare ass exposed and her pussy on display, her neck and arms sticking out of the wooden frame. Susan watched in horror as the Artist turned on a cylindrical cement mixer in front of her. Susan was screaming behind the ball gag in her mouth. When the man was satisfied with the mixture, he placed a large funnel in the hole in top of the wooden box and began pouring buckets of the concrete mixture into the hole. Susan could not move. Her mind was racing, unable to breathe.
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Hey Subgrrl,

First I thank you to bring the fact to my attention that gaggedutopia is up again.

About West Valley High... I hate that story with a passion. 138 parts of torturing a poor girl, without progressing the story much. I sigh everytime when I see that a new installment had been published, in the last year that wasn't too frequently. Realisticly the heroïne would have died, by drowning, by hypothermia, by suicide. I hate this stories of pure misery... just torture porn and not that well written at that.
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You are completely correct. But it is also utterly true that I am eternally hopeful that the victim in the story will prevail and get her revenge. That is why I keep on reading, I think. Also, I'm kind of intrigued whether the author can actually persevere to a conclusion.

There's something wonderfully bondage-y about a cement story and most such stories are so far divorced from reality that they can exist in an erotic fantasy type space. Really awful things happen in most perilous bondage stories and there is a line where suspension of disbelief is required lest the story becomes just a horror story. I guess that every individual draws that line for themselves.
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I mostly call quits on stories when I find myself rooting for the victim to actually die. When I think mercykilling would be the better option for the main character I personally draw the line for me... for my own mental sanity.

Do you are aware of the writings of Lindsay Murray. In my eyes she is somewhat a rising star in the BDSM-section of Literotica. The quality of her storytelling is on par with the stories of xelliebabex and payne_hall in my unhumble opinion. I really enjoyed her work so far.
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Bought-a-Bot ( by Tigerstretch
2 parts
"What the hell did you just sell me!?" "An AI companion? That's the only thing we sell here. Oh, and we have those cute keychains too… Actually, they are free. Do you want one? It's a bottle opener." "Don't act like a smartass. Take that thing back and give me a different one." "No. Won't happen. What is wrong with it? We only sell high-quality robots. Did you even turn it on?" "What's wrong with it!? Are you kidding me!? It's a GIRL!"

Chained ( by DramaSurgeon
1 part
"I was hoping there would be a way to make them dependent on each other. Make it so one could not function without the other." "Interesting. A few things come to mind. Seeing as they are not related, surgically joining them to each other is not an option, but we could fuse their wrists, creating a loop. We would have to remove their hands." "I still want them to be able to do things. Is there another way?" "There might be something else... Are you familiar with a procedure called Chaining?"

Petting Kitten ( by SoftkissesJordanSkythe
2 parts
"What's going on with those two?" Colleen pointed. "Oh, my!" Angie felt Jill's arm underneath Casey's sweater as she pulled on her torso. "It looks like we have a kitten in our midst!" Lindsay reached around Angela and felt Jill's hidden fingers as she slipped them from Casey's bra, then copped a feel. "A petting kitten?" Angie slid her hand under Casey's sweater. "I think we do!" "Well, pass her around so we can all have a turn."

The Bimbo Factory ( by AlinaX
"This is the first of three injections," he said - definitely a 'he' by the pitch of his voice. "You're an attractive young woman, but what God has made, Man can improve on. I think you'll be very pleased with the results." My last memory was of the court house. I'd been found guilty of getting an abortion in this cruel, dystopian society that controls women's bodies and denies us basic human rights. This punishment, whatever it was, just proved the point. My consent was irrelevant to them.

The Consequences of Spying ( by sinisterorigin
“You could try running, but you'll be unconscious in about fifteen minutes." She fixed her gaze forward and tried to wipe the expression from her face. "What do you want, Logan?" He smiled, putting his hand on her leg, letting his palm rest on the spot he'd just injected her. "You know you're going to have a bruise there tomorrow. Maybe I just want to give you more than one." "We thought you were dead. We were off your trail. You want me to believe that you resurfaced just to give me a bruise or two?" He gave a throaty little laugh, his fingers splaying out to gently brush against her inner thigh. "I told you what I wanted, once. Or don't you remember, little spy?"
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From Duty To Calling ( by absolutissimus
3 parts
From about eight meters away, he got his first good look at the woman. His breath caught. The thing that struck him first was her lack of arms. No, he had to amend that impression. When she turned her back towards him, he saw that they lay folded against her spine, the forearms pressed together and pointing upwards towards her head… She was not naked, but the black leather straps forming a harness around the woman’s body exposed exactly those areas that conventional clothing covered. Indeed, the harness framed her breasts and crotch as if to call attention to her assets, as did the glinting bits of metal embedded into them.

The Forest of Need ( by LimiNalia
It brushed the back of my right leg just behind my knee, making me jump, spinning around. I felt something flick against my left thigh! I reached down and grabbed it, feeling the strands of hair between my fingers and pulled. "Oww!" I meant to say, but the noise just came out as a kind of strained grunt, lost into the night air. I looked at the hairs in my hand, pulled them again and felt a tug at the base of my spine. Holding the hairs out to the side I craned my neck to see what was there and when I did I gasped, this time with a shock which made my knees go weak! One of terror and excitement and shock all at once.

The Estate: Worm ( by Pixel-Inquisitor
She's been wearing that full hood all this time. You can see the ballgag under the hood as well. Two holes for the nose, and one through the gag is all she needs. A full body wrap that pins her arms to her side and her legs together. Fortunately, after just a week of my standard nutrient gel, all waste is liquid. It's much easier to keep clean. Hence the name, Worm.

A Night at the Mall ( by Delaniac
Sarah was speechless. The words came from the doll’s mouth. Its porcelain lips moved, forming the words. The security guard fumbled at her side, feeling blindly for her taser, unable to take her eyes off the doll. Its head cocked slightly to the side, its glassy eyes staring up into hers. “Looking for this?” The doll held up the taser, its little fingers not even able to wrap all the way around the handle.

Trained ( by SoftSweetWorld
She was naked, of course, but for the belt that held the two plugs in place, and the battery pack, and the rope dressing her body. Tiny silvered filaments threaded through the rope glistened in the sunlight as he turned her here and there, admiring her body and his handiwork. Electro-rope. He kissed her lips very gently, asked again if she was sure. She was very, very frightened. But she nodded. He took the tiny wires at the end of the rope and clipped them into the battery pack.
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Zera's Dark World ( by TinaAndZera
The statue is supported on a silver base and from a distance, one would think that it is a normal latex coated statue. But this was not true. The statue hides a mystery. There was a person inside it… Master was sitting on his throne looking at me seriously. He asks if I want to release her, I was stunned, I nod slowly, I knew there would be a cost. Master proposes to me that, if I can endure a week in isolation, he will let me free her.

Storing away a Rubber Gimp ( by kingnothing1996
2 parts
“Now, for the final two touches.” Ash said as she picked the black hood off the bed and slowly pulled it over Carly’s head, making sure the ring went in properly. “And of course we can’t leave our gimp with an empty mouth.” She said as she pushed the dildo in slowly before beginning to quickly squeeze the pump, causing the rubber phallus to expand far faster than what Carly was prepared for. “And with that, my new permanent rubber gimp is complete.”

Contagion ( by thebondagescribe
3 parts
A special hood was placed over each of their heads. Made of shiny black material, the hood covered the face, with so much padding that there were no facial features. The padding covered the mouth and nose, as well as plugged their ears. These hoods were specially designed so that no fluids could get out, stopping the spread of germs, but still allowed breathing. "Attention. An unidentified virus has been detected on campus. You are being transported to a facility for treatment. Do not resist. You will not be harmed."

Secure Storage ( by mahadosa
21 parts
Before the poker tournament starts, she enters the basement where her secure storage is prepared. It is agreed that she locks herself in some cage, making it impossible for her to change her mind, because the tournament cannot afford to lose the first prize, after all. The cameras provide a live feed to the poker players, for motivation. The winner will get the keys to unlock Stephanie.

The Bonding Solution ( by Tiny Sexy Girl
"Permanent bondage." I'd heard of people like this. I remember reading something on the Internet once. It was a story from a girl who had been locked into a chastity belt that had been welded shut. "Yeah, that is pretty strange, Kim. I never would have thought you'd have liked to be in bondage all the time." - "I've thought about it a lot . . . maybe being locked into an outfit, or having to wear a belt with my wrists manacled to it . . ." She stared at the ceiling. I knew this to be a quirk she had when she wanted to say something, but didn't know if she should. "Or being frozen…"
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Bought or Rescued? ( by Avicia
1 part
"What you've read in the press and seen on TV is a carefully constructed lie designed to conceal the true evils of involuntary enslavement. It is far easier to enslave someone for life or for someone to inadvertently self-enslave than you realise. Once you are enslaved, the process is irrevocable. You are deemed no longer human but humanoid. You may look like a human, but you are not one; you are an animal with no more rights than a goat or a lamb."

The Greatest Challenge to any Escape Artist [F-f] ( by Mollyyo
Felicity gasped. “No. Way. That has got to be the exact straitjacket Ms. Turry used!” She stepped up onto the platform, her eyes glued to the dull shine of black leather. “It’s so smooth- I didn’t expect it to feel so supple!” She ran her hands all over the jacket, feeling how it was built. The jacket was very sturdy thanks to the steel threading. The jacket didn’t stop at the waist, in fact continuing all the way down to the mannequin’s feet, covering everything below the neck in the sturdy material. “Why don’t you try it?” Monica’s voice cut into Felicity’s daydream.

Lara's Final Tomb ( by Spicy-Tacos
The suit changed direction midair, adjusting itself to her movements. It landed on her, knocking Lara’s pistols out her hands and sending them skidding across the floor. Lara felt the suit start forcing itself onto her, like the leather was trying to consume her. First, the sleeves slipped themselves over her arms, until she found her hands trapped in the leather mittens at the end.

One For My Baby ( by MrArgent
“Do you see?” Jo asked happily. “Each of my patients came to me, lonely. And now I’m curing them!” She gestured at the three sets of rubber-coated captives. “Now they never need be lonely again! I’ve given each of them a life-partner that will never, ever leave them. Someone who knows them, and is known by them.”

Concentration ( by Sudden Trance
Deeper...Sadie’s entranced mind obeys instantly, catapulting her further into oblivion. “Oh my God, she’s so fucking out of it!” Natalie giggles. “I know we said we wouldn’t, but we have to mess with her a little, right?“ Emily sighs, and whispers something into Sadie’s ear. She then stands upright and faces the babbling, wannabe prankster. “Natalie,” she snaps. “Nap time,” Natalie’s face barely has time to register surprise, before it slackens into a completely blank expression.
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Hot Pulses ( by Sihghis
3 Parts
I started speaking gravely. "Eirin, the truth is-" But it was not to be. I felt Ash enter the room before I saw her, and the sentence stopped in my throat as a flush of warm rushed over me. My pussy tensed at the increase of temperature. "Hi, sweetheart, surprised? I came to pick you up, I want to get coffee with you, that ok?" Her voice vibrated in my ears, and I breathed something out that might have meant yes. She turned to look at Eirin, as if just noticing that she was there. "Oh, hello Eirin. Would you like to join us?" Eirin shook her head with a sad but knowing half-smile, resigned to playing the role of the supportive friend. "No, that's ok." … "So, you like her? Think she's cute?" Ash tried to sound casual. She leaned in close and growled in my ear. "It's going to make you so fucking wet when you completely break her heart for me."

The Quintessential Quintuplets ( by  dastard12345
3 Parts
“You don’t need to gag me, do you?” “It’s for the shot.” Nihoi responded by sealing Ichika’s mouth with the silver tape. She then places several more, silencing the girl. “Mmpph.” Ichika tries to say while playing with her bonds. “Now. For the last part.” Nihoi said, walking out of the crate, then closing the front of it, sealing Ichika in. She climbed on top and looked down at her damsel. “Soon the cement should start pouring in.”

Charity Slave Auction ( by Kay_Evans100
10 Parts
Uncontrollably Kay feels herself rising to a climax the like of which she has never felt before; Sue is an expert and keeps Kay on the edge of orgasm whilst talking dirty to her about what a cute pussy she has and how amazing she looks in her boots and then about how she might behave displaying herself. Kay can't help herself as she writhes around on the edge of ecstasy completely oblivious to anything else around her. For the bidders watching via the camera's hidden behind the glass wall they are enjoying an amazing display.

The Mermaid ( by Albarez9
5 Parts
Paul rolled the woman back onto her back as the changes progressed. The skin on her legs was smooth and had fully merged into one appendage. Her feet had elongated and widened to become a tail fluke. Paul looked and saw a single scale appear on the woman’s legs, then another appeared in quick succession. Blue scales started to appear on the woman’s legs exponentially until her entire legs were covered in them. She was now a mermaid. She now had a blue mermaid’s tail that started just below her bellybutton and ended in a blue tail fluke that was several feet wide and several feet in length.

A Bit of Magic ( by mewfan151
She closed her eyes and made a wish. A wish to be free from all of these bills, a wish to be free from work, to just relax and not have to DO anything again. She sighed and turned back inside after a few minutes. She laid down on her bed and was soon snoring softly… Helen sleepily mumbled something as she stirred. As she lifted her head up, she noticed something that gave her pause. A metal plate was bolted to the bed frame. connected to that plate was a chain, held in place with a very heavy looking padlock.
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Wow! Over 100 decent stories to read so far! I hope that others are finding these tales enjoyable too! - Jennie ( by DreamingJennie
5 Parts
I quickly select ‘E’. Dungeon captive it is. “Congratulations Damsel! Your options are now loading and your PERIL will soon begin! Please stand and spread your arms out to either side for a full body scan.” Even before I’ve comprehended the words on the screen before me, I feel the change.  My tank top and shorts are gone, replaced by what appears to be a completely real cheerleader’s outfit. “What the hell?” The silly costume is entirely real.

The Ropemaster and the Empress ( by Daxter
Once a village was defeated, the Emperor would send a Ropemaster to place one of the young ladies on a bondage frame, to hang there until she died. As a warning to others. To scare the village into submission. Each knot would be sealed with lacquer and a Ropemaster’ s signet. Anyone that undid any knot would suffer death on an ant hill, half their village would be burned, and three more ladies would be put on frames. The girl, whose name was Alina, hung from the frame, swinging gently in the breeze. It was then she decided to make it the last task in life to deny the Emperor his will to subdue her village.

Necessary Control ( by macktosh
She regretted it the instant the lock clicked, sealing the belt around her hips. "There. That should keep your hands off yourself," her friend said, smiling as she tucked the key away in her pocket. "Actually, um, Amy-" "No 'actuallys'. You asked me to help you, Dana. If you can't go a day without coming, you need me more than I thought."

Game Night ( by Smartass
2 Parts
Kathryn picked up the die and looked worried. “Dammit, another 1!” She complained, and drew her card. “Pierced—Girls love getting new jewelry. (25 Points)” “OWW!” Kathryn yelled, and jumped up with a start. “Oww, that hurt!” She put her hands on her newly endowed chest and could feel new nipple piercings. She stuck out her tongue and could feel the barbell there too. “Shit! I can’t go to work with a tongue piercing!” Then she got an even more worried look on her face and slid her hand into her pants “Fuck!”

Permanent Chastity ( by KadzicuBloody34
2 Parts
The two girls, just staring at each other for a while. Until Jane, in her usual humorous manner, interrupted the lingering silence in the room. “Oh, my lady, I haven't heard from your husband, Cedric the Knight, for a year! Would you care to tell me who punished you so?” Margaret, too, smiled involuntarily, trying at the same time to think of some excuse. "It's... what I did to myself... And what's the point of wearing a chastity belt if you're supposed to have the keys with you all the time?”

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Post by: jackierabbit1 on May 31, 2022, 10:04:59 am
I thought The Ropemaster And The Empress was very good, there was a lot packed into such a short story, very well written. Strung up on display to suffer while others watch is a very hot fantasy, lots of things there that trip my trigger. There was also an actual mystery and plot, all bonus items to be sure. I was curious to see that mine was the only forum feedback comment on that particular story though, and your recently read column reminded me of this.

 I am curious though, if you read it and liked it enough to add it to your list, why didn't you also drop a short note to the actual author, telling him or her that you liked their work? As an author I can't tell you how much just a short personal note can lift your spirits, let you know that others actually appreciate what you spend countless hours doing. As a general rule, I respond to each and every comment that is left for me, but I also understand that this isn't the norm either.

None of this is meant to be critical, so please don't take it that way, but I'm genuinely curious for my own purposes as to why more people don't leave feedback. I will tell you that personally it encourages me to write more, or perhaps even better; with good constructive criticism. I take such things to heart, sometimes even changing the direction or details of a story to suit certain requests.

Thank you for sharing you recently read list, and thank you also for reading my minor rant, Jackie.
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Great point! I'll make sure to make more comments for the authors.

It is a mostly thankless task to write free, amateur erotica.

In a way, I have sort of been hoping that my list would help authors that have worked so hard to get a few more readers (and resultantly get a few more comments).

...And also, so that readers with a similar affinity to my own, may find a random trove of possibly entertaining tales. Of course, I certainly do not wish to suggest that I am an authority on what is or is not good.

Over the past half year, I have kept a list of newly published story links that seem in some way to be of interest. Then I randomly pull a link from the pile. If I like it for some reason, I post it here. Currently, the length of that list of links of unread, possible stories is up to about 800. So, yeah... There is a lot of competition for attention of deviant readers out there...

And on a final note: I like the strung up and on display theme too. E.g. The Jessica Display ( is an all-time fave of mine. So, thanks for that!!

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Post by: jackierabbit1 on June 01, 2022, 10:09:52 am
Thank you for taking the time to respond, and for doing your list too. Thank you also for reminding me of the Jessica Display, I had forgotten that one to be honest, the display in that one perhaps possible, but not really one hundred percent plausible. Helplessly on display really does something for me, and that being said, have you come across any other stories that have those elements? I write far more than I read, but I also just love a good story too.

Thanks again, Jackie.
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Helplessly on display? Sure. Here are a number of good stories with that theme. (Shamelessly, the last two, I wrote.)

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Post by: subgrrl on June 13, 2022, 09:30:57 am

Win-Win! ( by IAmNotCrazyAboutBeingHere
3 Parts
“You remember Gino? He's going to be coming here tonight, along with Luke and Bethany. We're doing an important project and-" "I get it! I'll only pop out to say hello." No, that wasn't good enough. Too much was at stake here. "Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to make a bit of a deal." Hannah leaned forward and looked at Jade quizzically.  "A deal?" "Yes. You've made it very clear to me, regardless of if I asked or not, that you were wanting to try bondage out. If I were to tie you up, would you stay in your room and be quiet until they leave?"

From Claire to Pipsqueak ( by TheBrentwoodSociety
2 Parts
It had been one year and 364 days since Claire had become a service animal.  She’d spent those nearly two years assigned to a disgusting pig of a man doing whatever sick acts his perverted mind could conjure.  The final day of her service was no exception. Claire kept her hate as buried as best as she could, so as not to upset the “Pet sitter” system contained in the “adorable” pointy dog ears pinned to the top of her head and in the leather collar around her neck.  It was always reading her thoughts and always ready to issue a shock if she got out of line.

Three Wishes Forward, Two Wishes Back ( by AbolethLasher
The genie said. “You will always have 1 wish left.” That was all Michael needed to hear. He crept over to the door, and looked at Susan studying. “I wish Susan would stop studying, and suggest we go out.” The genie snapped his fingers, and Susan closed her laptop. She got up, and knocked on the door. “Hey, Michael, do you want to hit downtown? I’ve hit my limit for studying for tonight, and I want to get out and have a little fun.”

Zoe Enchanted ( by Yastories
Then she notices the pit. Something about it catches her attention. She approaches the pit and being curious puts her hand inside it. The air in the pit is thick and warm. Like human breath but also pleasant. She feels something like soft fingers caressing her hand. It's hard to tell but it is very pleasant. She starts feeling even more horny until suddenly her friends call for her and break her focus on the pit. She leaves there feeling horny all over. And the feeling doesn't go away the whole day.

The Dungeon of Deviancy ( by Etherealust
Running a dungeon wasn't easy, but moments like this made it all worth it for Lady Malia. She was seated in the heart of it all, surrounded by vast treasures and powerful artifacts that adventurers desperately craved. Not only was Malia the most powerful sorceress in the past century, she made sure everyone knew just how weak they were compared to herself. The Dungeon of Deviancy was her pride and joy, a gauntlet of traps and monsters designed to turn the roughest of adventurers into pathetic sluts begging to be abused.
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Coming Home ( by BlissfulSibyl
"We were at a bar, I had been drinking...dancing. You were there and you made me... you made me touch myself right there in the hallway." "How did I make you touch yourself, Ruth?" The woman's voice was still velvety, but it was now coated with something close to condescension. "Seriously, Ruth, explain it to me. Did I ever lay a finger on you? Did I force your hand underneath that little red skirt you were wearing? Did I somehow push your fingers inside your panties? Squeeze your arm until you groped your own breasts? Because the way I remember it, you were doing all those things to yourself in that little dive bar downtown. I don't recall making you do any of it." Ruth's lower lip trembled in confused anger. "No, no but you..."

A World of Difference ( by dianag
Amanda announced that as I was now officially her pet, I would not need any clothing and I then spent my days naked and shackled. My collar became a permanent fitting as it was never removed. I was led around the house on the end of a leash and I also had to eat my meals, which were still excellent, from a dog’s bowl. During the week, I would now sleep in a cage in my mistress’s bedroom but slept in my own bed on Saturdays and Sundays, although I was still chained to my bed and the door locked. Strangely, the changes in the way I was now being treated didn’t bother me…

The Slave Contract ( by BronzePlaceWriter
2 Parts
Lynna agrees to the following terms in exchange for the payment of her portion of the rent for as long as this contract remains valid. She will: Maintain her body and appearance, conducting any exercise set for her by the group. Refrain from wearing any clothes that are not chosen out for her by someone in the group - exceptions exist for work related attire or underwear. Obey any and all commands which are given to her by someone in the group, no matter how sexual or humiliating they may be.

Bound and pleasured in the house of the future ( by  unclebugaria
Rose was enjoying the prototype; with a sophisticated computer that learned, adapted and anticipated her every need, and with control over every possible area. The latest update had enabled the house to order goods within set parameters, and a personality known as Aida installed to enable interaction. “Aida, what’s all this,” Rose spluttered, totally overwhelmed by what she was seeing in her own house. “I am here to anticipate your every need and to provide for you,” came the reply. “I follow your fantasies when you search the internet,” she continued. “My gift to you for your pleasure this evening is to provide to you your fantasy...”

Pet Pussy ( by princess_kay
"I... I'm not a cat. I'm a human, and I would like to be treated as such," Abbigale insisted, cheeks flushed a delicate pink. "...Very well," the witch murmured. She turned back to Abbigale, and calmly offered her a vial of liquid. "This will turn me back to normal?" Abbigale asked. "Not quite." The witch's lips pulled upwards at the corners, forming a tiny little smile. "It's a test." "And why would I want a test?" Abbigale asked, arching an eyebrow. "Because the test is to see whether you truly wish to be human. All you need to do, after taking this, is go a single hour without orgasm. If you can do that, it'll cancel out the effects of your earlier potion, and all will be well."
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The Suit ( by fict
2 Parts
A voice in her ear, posed a question: "Are you enjoying this, Kimmy?" Kimmy's barely audible moan was irrelevant. Her vitals and bodily reactions were being closely monitored, and that is how the artificial intelligence was collecting its data. "I'm glad you are. Would you like me to fill your pussy again?"

League of Legends: Captured + Trained ( by Mollyyo
The creature walked around Soraka, poking her with an odd metal stick, and sometimes holding it against her, like it was measuring her, sizing her up. It then walked to the workbench, and picking up some tools started hammering at a harness on the table. What followed was a long and grueling process. Nearly every piece of bondage on Soraka was replaced, with the exception of the leather mittens and the mana draining collar.

Pettins ( by kite-san
I quaked with excitement, trying not to fidget too much as the zipper came up, pulling the back tight.  I made absolutely sure to hold still after that, so much as the tiniest twitch while the flap to hide the zipper was being glued down could completely disfigure the suit, well, at least the back of it. We waited twenty minutes for everything so far to set, then gingerly threaded the lattice of rubber thongs to which the cat ears were affixed down through my hair. And then a pair of cat's-eye contacts later and I was left to stare at the inside of my new face.

A Night in the Desert ( by Jack Peacock
The prison guards halted in front of the attorney. “Hello Sue Ann. I wanted to give you one last chance.” She held up an official looking document. “The Procuradura General for Mexico City yesterday filed bank robbery charges against you and your unnamed accomplice. Since you have been convicted we didn’t need the formality of an extradition hearing. This is a signed order to send you to Mexico to stand trial. Señora Munoz,” she gestured to the Hispanic woman standing behind her, “is with the Prosecutor’s office in Mexico City. She is here to take you back with her.” Sue Ann was speechless. She hadn’t expected anything like this. She knew eleven years in the State Prison was going to be bad, but nothing like a Mexican prison. “Tell me the name of your partner.” Everyone was watching her. “I can’t! Don’t you get it? I don’t know who he is.” “I’m sorry, Sue Ann. Why do you protect him? You will grow old in prison while he enjoys the good life. It’s your choice.”

Miss Whitfield is Leaving ( by White King
2 Parts
The words drench the girl’s mind like acid. “Say it back to me, pretty little girl.” She slowly chants it back, soft, high-pitched, girlish. “I... I’m supposed to be naked. I like being naked. A girl like me should always be naked. Clothes aren’t meant for girls like me.” She swallows, hard, deeply aroused, trying to think. Her thoughts slip away, slick, like oil-covered balloons. Her mouth makes words while her arousal drowns her.
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It's always an honor to make the Recently Read and Good list!
  Jack Peacock
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Thanks for sharing your work! That was quite a great effort!

Other authors,
I apologize that my list is very selfish. I'm sure that many authors are writing excellent stories that do not show up in this list simply because the erotica preferences do not match mine. Keep writing!
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Alexas Sealing ( by Victoriaperil
8 Parts
Alexa recognised a pile of stones and a bucket of mortar, which was freshly mixed. A trowel lay on top of the pile of stones. On both walls of the corridor were numerous hooks from which hung accessories for the sealing. "Please stand in the middle of the alcove and turn towards us. I need some more supplies to secure you in your cell," Marie said. Alexa gradually became aware of her situation. Marie was about to anchor her to the wall in her cell. She began to wonder what was coming. How long would her sentence last in total? The court had clearly spoken of a permanent, indefinite period of penance and contemplation.

Ponygirl Vacation ( by DjEtla
“We’ll take good care of all of your things,” Lily said. “You’ll get it all back when you’re done with your ponygirl adventure.” “Just put your hands on your head when you’re ready and comfortable,” Felecia said with a smile. Taylor nodded. She paused. She took a breath. She put her hands on her head. “Very good,” Felecia said softly. “That’s a good girl. You’re being very brave,” she said sweetly. “Now I’ll just slip these off of you because you won’t need them this week.” Taylor stood still. Felecia took her time kneeling down in front of her, then hooking her thumbs up into the waistband of the panties, then gently wiggling them downward with a smile.

A Secret Sarcophagus for Suzannah ( by Shelley
Spending the next two hours on a Word document tapping out her desires, though she did make adjustments using ideas for some of those stories she’d read about and saved. Firstly ‘her’ sarcophagus would have a cage ready to go inside it as well. She’d be helped in then secured by her wrists, waist then ankles. Next she’d be gagged and veiled before her neck was locked into a collar. The cage would then be inserted into the casket and secured with screws. Finally that lid would sloooooowly close until the helpless girl was plunged into darkness, only to hear the casket being secured by four pins knocked into the side then moved over the hole. Then the final entombment and silence falling…

Girls Submission to AI in Latex ( by Cybergirlz
"Let's get through the ground rules, shall we, slut? You obey every instruction a machine gives you. If you disobey ...Well, then you will be punished. That collar around your neck has a pain inducer with ten settings. It also has pleasure settings. It also has enough explosives to blow your pretty little head off. If you try to escape, or tamper with the mechanism, that is. Word of advice, the fail-safe is to detonate if the battery charge reaches five percent. So make sure you re-charge every night."

An Accidental Slavery ( by bracemaiden
Master tapped his ID on the leash and connected it to my collar. He took a moment to savor the sight of me on his leash. The collar interrupted with "Driving privileges suspended." Victor said, "So now aerocars won't work for her for as long as the collar is on." Victor held up the checkout pad. I couldn't quite make out the dollar amount, but I saw it was many digits. Max looked at me, smiled, and tapped his ID. The deed was done. At long last, He held his slave on a leash. As we walked out, the collar announced "Banking privileges suspended."
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All Under Control ( by oneagainst
6 Parts
Mina cried out in frustration, delirious, "Please... please let me. I need to cum. I... I need...." I gripped her head in my hands, staring into those perfect grey-blue eyes, so wide with tears of frustration. She was so horny, and so crushed. I could see that Mina now realised her ability to reach orgasm on her own had been completely and permanently denied. "Wonderland," I said. Mina's eyes rolled back in her head and her entire body arched under me.

Wiremore ( by absolutissimus
3 Parts
He began to unwind the speaker cable from the drum and cut it into pieces of varying lengths before he separated the two wires. Robert finished his preparations and approached her with a piece of speaker wire that seemed excessively long even though he had folded it in half to form a sliding loop, known as a Lark’s head to bondage aficionados, at one end. Without being asked, she put her arms behind her back for him, eager to get on with the main event. He guided her hands through the loop and slid it up past her elbows, where he wound the wire in neatly stacked coils around her upper arms, then cinched them, forcing her elbows to meet. The excess length went up under her arm, over the shoulder, behind her neck and back under the other arm before he wrapped it around the elbow cinch again. There was still some wire left when he had completed another loop around her shoulders. Lashing it to the strands behind her neck, he anchored the elbow tie to the shoulder harness. Robert pulled the last knot tight at the nape of her neck where she would never be able to reach it.

Lumina's Translucent Doll Suit ( by looker42
3 Parts
At this point the suit was stretched over her so tightly that she simply couldn't pull the suit over her head without being able to hold onto it, and her hands were trapped underneath a layer of smooth rubber that prevented her from taking hold of anything. She sat there on the bed, panting in arousal and shifting the dildoes inside of her as she uselessly fumbled with the hood of the suit until she found a solidness that she didn't expect to be there. Inside of the hood of the suit, attached behind the round aperture she had discovered earlier, was another dildo rendered practically invisible by the perfectly clear material it was crafted from.

Charlotte ( by tigerdriverdave
“So here is our resident thrill seeker, Charlotte, throwing herself at the mercy of her fans again. That’s right! Magical machinations, tests of endurance and stamina - she can’t get enough it seems.” Charlotte gulped. She wanted to be here more than anything else and had worked hard to make it happen but each show still filled her with dread. “So task number one. Mr W from Shanghai: ‘I would like to see Charlotte have her pussy removed and kept under lock and key for a long time!’ Well that’s a good one. We can do that.“

The Circus ( by KatieMagic
“What we’re proposing is giving you a full body tattoo.” “You’re kidding, you want to tattoo my entire body red? I’d be stuck like that though wouldn’t I, all the time!” “Well yes” said her father, “You’re already spending most of your time as the Demon Girl and you’ll have a lot more free time because you won’t have to spend so much time getting the body paint applied everyday. Look, you’re one of us Katie, we’re circus people for life, we’re born into it and we die as circus people. You’ve told me so many times you could never leave, I know this is a big commitment but sooner or later we all commit to our act. Katie, it’s time for you to commit to it and become our Demon Girl.” “OK dad, I will”
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Forever Belt ( by  monstersatan
She learned that this was a top of the line chastity belt and almost seemed like it was from the future. It could be set to unlock after a certain time, was self cleaning, had a built in AI that could act as a keyholder, could give out punishments and rewards and according to the manual "never needed to be removed".

My Girlfriend, the Sex Toy ( by rubber-and-restraint
“Chris, I - I’m so sorry, I was going to tell you, I swear!” “Sure you were. Now look at this for me, Carmen.” Chris reached into his pocket, pulling out a long, thick, cylindrical item. “What - what’s that?” Carmen stammered, staring in confusion at the bizarre object. “This, sweetie, is an oral sex toy. It’s also going to be your new home for the next twelve months,” grinned Chris, reveling in his girlfriend’s confusion. “I found it in an old antique store. I’m going to fuse your soul with this crystal and imprison you.”

The Accidental Feminist ( by tean33
15 Parts
So for my part in the library protest, or riot as it was called in court, I’ve got a year of corrective restraint to look forward to. I’m likely to get three delightful accessories to make my life unpleasantly difficult for the duration of my sentence. The first of these will undoubtedly be a smart collar. The second item that is an almost certainty is a chastity belt. The third thing I’m bound to be in for is something to restrain me. They say that a woman can do pretty much everything she needs to be able to with a 250mm chain linking her wrists.

The House of the Spider ( by John Bannergram
Kristen was obsessed with the idea that the legends of giant spiders were true, and that some man-sized prehistoric holdover still existed in the present day. That they lurked unseen, spinning their webs within dark New England forests. Her belief was that folktales always had a kernel of truth, and that if she searched in the areas from which the old stories originated, one day she might find one of these Araneidae.

Obedience Not Included (
Story by: Senor-Refresho
Art by: colorfultrick

“Hey, aren’t you that lady from the newspaper?” “Melanie Lane. That’s me. Can I talk to you about some missing women?” “They were toys when I found them!”
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College Masturbation ( by MrOrchardGuy
"A little while ago I ordered one of those... y'know, the kind of sucking vibrator things, and I can't really get it to work. I mean it works, but it feels- I mean, it's not terrible, but it doesn't do much for me." I was certainly still a little flushed, but not as much as I would have been even a couple of weeks ago. This wasn't quite my usual comfort zone. But that was something I liked about Katie. She made leaving my comfort zone feel less daunting. More like an adventure. Then she spoke again, in a quite matter-of-fact voice. "Do you want me to show you?"

Truth or Dare ( by Hobar1983
Inside the machine, Simone was being immobilized by the refrigerator's loving embrace. A thousand ephemeral kisses caressed her from her finger tips to her shoulders, each one leaving her feeling lighter than before.  Heather let the door swing open under its own weight.  It creaked laboriously on rusted castors, revealing everything inside an inch at a time.  Heather looked confused by what she saw. “Holy shit! You don't have any arms, love!”

Leila's Fall From Grace ( by Saphhia
"Your hair is much too long," Aitana said. "No servant of mine will have hair longer than my own. It is simply unacceptable." She returned with a menacing pair of scissors in her hand, and Leila felt her heart race within the confines of her ribs, desperately trying to beat its way out. The indelicate crunch of the shears shocked Leila out of her panicked reverie. She felt the cold metal of the instrument against her shoulders as it severed her coveted blonde tresses shorter than they had been in many, many, years.

Model Behavior ( by Xdaemon10
34 Parts
The two officers and their prisoner walked over to a door marked “PRISONER INTAKE AND PROCESSING”. The thick metallic stone door unlocked and slid open. Waiting for them were two other guards dressed more like dominatrixes. Black leather uniforms with a correction officers’ badge printed on the left breast area. Tight ass-hugging leather skirts going a couple inches above the knees, and knee-high black leather boots. Jennifer looked meekly at the intimidating guards. She had a bad feeling this prison wasn't what she imagined it to be.

Denise Wrapped Up In Her Work ( by gromet999
“It’s very pleasing to see that the new wrap works well, did you know about the UV hardening the new wrap, or was that a surprise to you?” She told me, then said. “It sets a bit like glass over time, becoming clearer the longer the item is wrapped.” Two sets of hands then lifted me from where I lay, it seemed that she was right about the wrap, it felt more rigid as I was held between the two servants and carried elsewhere. I could see out easier now too, and I guess that they could see my naked body even better now. I was now their captive it seemed.
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Is Alexas Sealing by Victoriaperil link correct?
It gives 404 to me
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Sadly, it seems that Alexas Sealing is gone. I think that the author still has an account on deviantart, so you could contact Victoriaperil...

Obviously, I normally view stories on grometsplaza (et al), deviantart, literotica, and mcstories. If there are other sites with good active story collections, let me know and I'll try to sample the site every once in a while. Of course, across all these sites, the post rate is far greater than my read rate, so don't feel bad if I never make it to your story. Hopefully, I will eventually!!
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Intimate Imprisonment ( by Julanni
At least four times every day, sometimes more often, Christine would visit me in my cell and play with my helplessly bound body, sexually teasing me.  She started by groping me through the canvas of my straitjacket.  Then she would open the zippers to reveal my breasts and play with them directly, fondling my nipple rings and teasing me to near insanity.

A Theorem of Chastity and Lust ( by RetrospectiveInsomnia
For the next hour, she would have to edge for the camera, not stopping until the time was up. During that one hour, she would not be allowed to stop or to cum. If she got close to the edge, she would have to announce out loud that she was about to cum, after which she would be allowed a three-minute break to cool back down.

The Perfect Fit ( by WordWizard55
Ann found herself focusing solely on the full length gold plated mirror, not for how naked she was as she could clearly see every inch of her looking back at her; no, rather how good she felt staring at her empowered body framed by a suit of gold. A hand, which turned out to be her own though she wasn't cognitively deciding to do so, reached out to caress a nipple laid bare. Her other hand twirled the gold chain skirt mindlessly as she stared at her slender form currently on its best display.

Forever Her Doll ( by deanono
“I own you, slut,” Mistress said. There was something that almost sounded like fury in her voice. “I own your body, your breasts, your hips, your cunt, your pretty little eyes, your wet little mouth. I own your mind itself. So be a good little slut, and doll up.” June looked down at the slippery material now in her hands. A catsuit.

Cassie and Lisa A Pressing Engagement ( by tigerdriverdave
Cassie wriggled a little inside the strange box. It was a much tighter fit than she had expected. Her shoulders touched each side, her hips were close to doing the same and the unfinished wood on the inside of the lid was pushing down down quite hard on her bikini top, meaning shallow breaths were in order. She really wasn’t far off not fitting at all.  “Now the fun can begin…” Without further explanation Lisa started to push on the end of the box with Cassie’s feet sticking out. Cassie felt odd right away, her knees hit the top of the box in moments but the pressure continued and her legs soon felt very strange indeed. Lisa kept pushing steadily.
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Keyholder Demoness ( by syrynsmyth
Charity remembered clearly Blue’s demonstration when she first introduced the belt. Blue opened the waistband up to a large circumference then quickly squeezed it back down like an accordion. “When I press the disk to the faceplate of the belt, there is no mechanical lock. Rather, it changes the speed at which the waistband can expand and contract. So, what I just did in seconds would take months or even years when the belt is activated. This will allow it to grow and contract with the wearer, always resulting in the perfect fit, but never in such a way as to suddenly become loose.” The casual explanation had left Charity trembling in an apex of pleasurable erotic horror as she contemplated the implications. The horrific, yet utterly erotic, thought that lingered in Charity’s mind was that the time period of the application of the belt could be measured in years.

** Ha ha! I wrote this! It is a "Thank you!" to all the authors who have written stories that I have enjoyed over the years.

Major Dominance ( by ErimisaTyre
7 Parts
"The roommate you get assigned is based on the major you choose. If you choose a very submissive major, like - I don't know - fucking sociology, then you get paired with a very dominant major. I don't know if you are stupid or just some whore, but since you picked sociology, this major that your roommate has-" "What is her major?" I asked. "It's math." A stupid grin emerged on my face. Math is the highest ranking major, meaning my roommate could practically do whatever she wanted with me. She could tell me to masturbate in public, or force me to crawl around naked, or tie me up and have her way with me, or not tie me up and have her way with me. And if I did not obey her, I would be expelled.

The Collection ( by colorfultrick and Senor-Refresho
23 Parts
“Then prove me wrong. Try to escape. If you make it out the door, I’ll let you be human again.”

Denise In a Tight Spot ( by gromet999
3 Parts
The cage took me backwards towards the maiden, I could only watch the faces and reactions of the guests as the gibbet moved back to the final conclusion of the display. Feeling the cage connect with the iron maiden I put on one final display for the guests, and for my own delight, it all seemed very real even to me this first time. I looked out as the door closed on the iron maiden, those lethal looking spikes getting closer and closer.

Discovery ( by eazec
2 Parts
Eva carefully approached the figure. It was suspended from the ceiling by four large springs similar to the ones you might find on older garage doors. Leaning slightly forward with legs and arms stretched out in a spread eagle position by additional springs. The main part of the harness looked like a corset with stiff boning running the full length of the torso. The corset was cut away around the breasts and two rigid cups were strapped into the openings. Tubes and wires were connected to the tips of the cups. A thick wide strap ran between the legs. Extending from the strap was a two foot bar along with more wires and tubes. The bar was separately attached to the floor with an additional spring.
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The Magician's Mummy ( by AlbetTromson
5 Parts
"How long was I in the machine?" Dr Mark smiled and said "You were in the machine for 17 hours and 30 minutes." I gave him and Britney big hugs. "I trust you both completely, you've done so much to keep me safe inside the machine and invested so much money into this device and my storage container, I know you'll both always take great care of me. I want your magic duo to be a huge success and I'm completely willing to take on whatever role is needed of me to help that success."

Lily Sells Herself into Slavery ( by Kinkubi
5 Parts
“Good morning, Miss. What are you traveling for today?” “Um, new citizen. I still have to do the last steps though.” “No worries. What’s your designation?” “I... I’m here for slave citizenship.”

Birthday Surprise ( by Slavesapphire
I remembered how hot it was watching him pierce someone last year and thought about being that person this year and got really turned on. I had built myself up to be ready for it, but what would I let him pierce. I thought back and remembered what he pierced last year and decided that if that was what he wanted to pierce then I'd be fine with it. As he got called up onto stage I disappeared from my seat and went backstage to get ready, they asked what I had consented to getting pierced and I replied anything that my husband wants to pierce as he has instructions as to what he is allowed to pierce.

The Willing Slave ( by Milete
7 Parts
He tied her hair into a ponytail to make sure the hood would fit. Then  he slipped it over her head. For Cindy, the world went black. The hood  functioned as a blindfold. Nick attached and tightened all the straps on  the hood. Cindy felt it close around her head. In no time it felt  totally encased. “Now you open your mouth again,” Nick said. When she did he quickly pushed the ballgag back in and buckled it shut. Nick slapped her ass again and laughed. “Stunning little slut! I’ll get your handler to pick you up for processing.”

Beauty In Restraint ( by Chantrix
The sculptress had returned ignoring her pleas for release by handcuffing her hands behind her back and duct-taping her mouth shut. She had no choice now but to watch the woman finish the procedure. A hose had been attached to the back of her rubber suit and she had felt a jet of cold wet cement begin to fill the space around her. ‘Don’t worry’ The sculptress had said ‘We will fill your suit with wet cement making a perfect mould of your body. It will enhance your already lovely assets by surrounding them with an inch of cement.’
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Eternal Bondage Genie: Prologue ( by Precargo
"I come to you tonight with an exciting opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime chance almost no mortals will ever experience," she said. "At your wish, I can seal away another person, to whatever torments you choose, forever. A fellow human being, freed from the shackles of mortality, but sentenced to an eternity as your plaything, entirely on your whim. I know you'd like that, wouldn't you Luther?"

Vestiphobia ( by FinchAgent
4 Parts
Shelly clasped her face tighter. "Please, Lisa, put some clothes on." "I can't." At this, Shelly's dropped her hand, eyes still closed. "What do you mean, you can't?" Lisa bit her lip, pressed her thighs together and folded her arms across her chest. "It's... I think there's something wrong with me, Shelly. It's like I'm allergic to clothes, or something. I've been like this for a week, and it's getting worse."

Overlord: Shalltear's Eternal Slumber ( by kingnothing1996
“Only one person will remember you exist, one person in the entire world will know what happened to you,” Albedo said, her grin widening further, making Shalltear shiver. “That person is me.” Shalltear’s eyes widened in fear as she gazed into Albedo’s. Shalltear tried to think of something, anything, to say in response to Albedo, but no words came to mind. All she could think of was the ramifications of what Albedo had said, of the entire world forgetting Shalltear existed, leaving her completely at the succubus’s mercy. Nothing but suffering awaited Shalltear, and there was no possible escape from it. It was the single most frightening thing she had ever heard.

Magic Molly! ( by OrdosTsceri
“Boop!” she said. “What type of magic word is ‘boop’?” Lizzie asked, looking up. The faint swirl of pink light was still visible for a moment, faintly circling her. “It’s the type that’s going to turn you into a doll,” Molly said before turning her attention and addressing the camera. “Now, you have a wide range of options when it comes to dollification spells. You’re probably better off just buying a sex doll or hiring a professional transformative service if that’s what you’re after. A lot of companies have a lot of ways to do those, and all that competition means you can probably find a service, price, and even permanence option to fit your choice! Now, for the type of doll Lizzie is becoming, I’ve mixed up my own special spell.” “I feel… kinda funny…” Lizzie said from atop the table. Her skin was changing; the fair color remained, but it became slightly shiny, an artificial sheen on a painted surface.

How to Imprison a Self-Claimed God ( by kastenbrotstueck
Since matter could only pass through the wormhole in one direction, the shackles were very permanent. You would have to change the laws of physics to get rid of them, and not even the ancient ones had mastered that. But that was good, because far too many of these beasts had already slipped through their fingers by escaping from their prisons.
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Coming Out ( by JDLong
"This collar being locked in place by me is a big deal. So here is what I propose. You can either allow me to lock this in place. If I do that you'll be my slave for three months. You'll have to do whatever I say for that long." "Or?" "Or you can tell me we are just playing.” "Collar please, Miss," I whispered.

The Cave Challenge ( by Mikel
Kris was holding her breath as she pushed her wrist into the open cuff, waiting a moment as she slowly pushed on the steel until it snapped closed. Kris stood gasping knowing she could still pull her hand from the cuff, then with a squeal she ratcheted the cuff until it just touched her wrist. She had done it! She was fully bound and gagged alone in a cave in the middle of nowhere! Kris’s excitement flooded out of her as she struggled momentarily with the cuffs humming with satisfaction of what she had done.

Wall of Debt ( by Cropsncuffs
Facing us from a wall was a disembodied female form. Naked legs appeared to be mounted on the wall before us, hands mounted on the wall either side of generous hips. It took me a moment to recover myself and reassess the scene before me. The upper half of the woman was clearly on the other side of the wall, a flexible rubber collar closed tight about her waist about three feet up the wall. Her naked legs were on our side of the wall and clearly not able to withdraw. She wore black shoes with ridiculously high heels that kept her on her tiptoes. She must have been bent over at the waist as her hands extended from the wall either side of her wantonly offered up womanhood and anus.

The Magician’s Assistant ( by Gromet
Within a matter of seconds my body went from being flesh and blood to plastic and air, my legs became rigid and spread outwards into the customary ‘v’ shape you see lovedolls have. My arms became motionless, useless appendages and again they seem to move outwards from my body. My breasts became plastic mounds, which seemed to have become a size or two bigger, I wonder who threw that part of the spell in. I could no longer stand and fell over backwards to be caught in my husband’s arms. I was now just a plastic love toy, my holes ready and waiting to be used.

Unexpected Guest ( by Bob2300
Lilith explained, “Several years ago, I had a house guest that gave me such a lot of trouble. That from then on I have to take certain precautions.I will feel so much more secure when I have finished. It will not take very long and it will guarantee your good manners persist”. Ana’s hands were fed into something behind her back. It felt like two thick rubber mittens or gloves that
were joined together palm to palm. It took a little time to work the thick tight rubber over her hands, but it was rather secure when her fingers touched the bottom. She could hardly flex her fingers as each one was sealed completely in stiff rubber.
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Bondage and Chastity ( by TheSnakeCharmer
Before I knew it you'd arranged to have my labia pierced shut from top to bottom, denying anything larger than a pencil to penetrate me. As if that wasn't enough, you also had a small metal shield mounted over my clit, held in place by my piercings, to prevent any contact with it at all.

Destined for Algeria ( by rojer1209
12 Parts
He closed his eyes and took his mind back to Algeria. Thinking back to his youth he recalled a huge flat stone slab, large enough to accommodate two people lying side by side, located in his family's derelict fortified blockhouse. He pictured her arms and legs helplessly chained, spread-eagle to bolts in the four corners of her future stone bed. Under his rule, this slave girl would have to learn to find pleasure from the satisfaction of submission as he subjected her to the continual torment of unjustified punishments.

Patient: Tina ( by Spicy-Tacos
Finally, her dolly cart stopped in front of a metal door. The nurses unlocked it and opened it up, revealing the padded cell Tina expected behind it. Without saying a word, they began unstrapping her from the gurney, before dragging her inside by the armpits and setting her down on the floor at the back of the cell. After that, they left her alone, locking the door behind them. Tina looked around the cell. Aside from a mattress tucked into one of the corners and a lone security camera hanging from the ceiling, there wasn’t anything of note inside of it. Just six padded walls surrounding her on all sides.

A New Career ( by Coldhaven96 (Edited by Casket666)
“Her daddy is crazy rich, so she thinks she can pay someone to go to prison for her. I told her that’s going to cost at least $150,000.” I stammer, “that’s a lot of money. How would you do that? I mean, replace her with someone willing to serve her prison sentence.” Tara said, “ that is not as hard as you would think. I would make a few calls, and I would get some people in the right places to replace mugshots and fingerprints. If someone, say, like yourself, volunteered to take my client's place, you could make a lot of money and experience your prison fantasy!”

Edge ( by Hamlin
10 Parts
Having surpassed rank ten, they now had the choice of selecting a class and a username. Username's became a permanent label, while her class could be changed once after rank thirty, and again at rank sixty. After this, the class became permanent. She flicked through the little cards explaining the classes, unsure what to choose. Fluffer: The fluffer specializes in aiding other players. Specialized equipment is supplied in the physical world to fit your role, and future challenges will lean heavily toward sacrificing one's own body to aid other players in completion of their challenges.
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Trained ( by SoftSweetWorld
The first weeks were excruciating denial. Not only was she not allowed to touch herself to pleasure herself, she could barely touch herself at all. She could brush her teeth, she could comb her hair but she couldn't soap herself in the shower; not by her own hand, nor with a flannel, lest she arouse her skin too much.

Amelia’s Private Lessons ( by Bucketstack
3 Parts
"How often do you touch yourself, Amelia?" She gasped gently at the question. "Um... t-two or sometimes three times, miss," she whispered. "Interesting, two or three times a week, that is quite a nor-" "No, I mean two or t-three times... a day, miss," she corrected me. "Are you sure it's important to you to be the best dancer you can be?" "No miss, I want to be the best I can be, whatever it takes!" "Then Amelia... You have to stop releasing all that energy."

Celia & Oscar ( by Shmabahamoha
He had also hinted that it would keep her entertained but out of trouble, whatever that meant. She did not have time, however, to decipher such cryptic statements. Celia eyed the bewildering collection of bands, chains, and other steel objects that Oscar had grabbed, perplexed as to what they were. Their purpose became clearer as Oscar opened one of the bands – like all of the bands, lined with neoprene – and wrapped it around her waist, over the corset.

The Triple Fold ( by xzyillusion
2 Parts
Emma was being pulled inescapably into a contortionist's triple fold position. The crank was becoming quite hard to turn as her body heavily resisted being bent in half backwards. Emma's hands writhed against the rope binding her wrists as I slowly turned the crank. Click... Click... Emma's elbows were starting to emerge from between her knees. Click... Click... Click... Her face now visible between her thighs. Her naked pussy hovering above the top of her head. Click.. Click... I could hardly turn the crank. Just how far did he want me to go?

A Life in Chains ( by danzeto2021
The judge looked at his notes. “Although your crimes are minor, this is the third time you have been in court for breaking the law. I’m endorsing the three strikes and you're out law. You have shown you cannot be a behaved citizen and so I hereby sentence you to be held for the rest of your life in prison.” The judge paused as there was a stunned silence. The two guards placed on Amber a pair of handcuffs which were connected by a long chain to a pair of leg irons which were now shackled on Amber's bare feet.
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The Devil in the Mirror ( by Tigerstretch
A female voice reached my ears, scaring the crap out of me. I turned around in panic and saw… nothing. I looked around, and there was nothing else than my uninteresting bedroom. Maybe asking nicely would yield a different result… "He… Hello? Can… Can I help you?" "Help me? Uh? What? Why would you…" "Where… Where are you? I can't… see you." "I'm HERE. In the mirror! Are you blind or what?" "The mirror?" Displayed in the mirror, in front of a background of active flames, was a pretty woman looking at me. She had red skin, long black hair, horns, and a cute corset containing her generous shiny boobs. "Oh… Hello." "He… Hello? Hey! Why are you saying hello to me? You are supposed to be scared!" "Scared? No. I'm curious about seeing you in my mirror, but you are not very scary. Can I help you?" "Don't you get it? I'm the devil! Now be scared and start praying for your God to save you!"

The Cave ( by shadownist
From the pillar, hung four skeletons. Well, had hung, now the bones were piled up on the far side of the room under 4 piles of rocks. Whatever cult or reason for leaving them here to die must have been strange, as they were locked into a pair of metal panties and a metal bra with the wrists cuffed behind the back and the ankles cuffed to a metal bar a good meter long. All four had been secured the same way with a metal collar, but with some slight variances. I discovered what was in the panties  - two dildos, both adjustable and both quite big. It would be the two biggest things I had ever put in my body.

The Humiliations of Camilla ( by Diregnoll
“Well, I was hoping that a witch like you might have powerful enough magic to break the last few bonds.” The witch chuckled at the indignation “I’m assuming that means you’d have to get naked.” The witch declared. Camilla sighed. It seemed her worst fear was coming to pass. Reluctantly, her hands moved to the back of her dress, and with a single snap, the garment fell to the ground, revealing Camilla’s secret shame. Around her neck was a steel collar with a long steel leash. It draped over her sizable bust, which had been trapped within a steel chastity bra. The leash continued down her toned abdomen to her curvy waist, which had similarly been encased within a thick chastity belt.

Brag's Female ( by LilCthulhu
3 Parts
This was a living specimen of the species she had studied - Homo Belmand. Madi tried to say Hello in astonishment but her words where garbled by the gag. The creature leaned down, but keeping its distance, and made a soothing gesture. Then he started to talk. It was no language Madi had ever heard. It leaned to her face and fiddled with her gag, before pulling a ball of leaves out of her mouth. It then pointed at himself and said "Brag" paused and repeated. Madison tried to pull on her bindings again, looking at Brag and said slowly "Help. Please let me go. It hurts!" "Helb?" He repeated and she nodded. "Help me please!" Brag grinned and nodded. "Helb!" before shoving the gag back in Madison's mouth, leaving her not much room to protest.

Wake Up ( by pbflyboy
3 Parts
This was not the first time Konra had woken up in chains. Konra had awakened in an enclosed wagon of some sort. There was a metallic collar around her neck, fastened to one of the walls with a short attachment of some kind. Her wrists were shackled and hung in the middle of her back from a chain on her collar. Her legs were free, but the wall attachment did not have enough slack to allow her to rise from a sitting position. She struggled briefly but everything felt solid, and her time with her witch friends left her with a respect for metal restraints. She was going nowhere fast.