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Title: Looking for my chastitied female soul mate
Post by: LockedChastity4u on July 22, 2019, 02:46:37 AM

Looking for a soul mate who wish's to live life  24/7/365  lovingly controlled and possessed in real life developed and locked in a enforced chastity experimental situation upon them. Whom knows and desires with all her heart to live locked and key held and computer controlled by her soul mate... in loving possessive and controlling  customised  made and designed electronically equipped and computerised controlled WiFi connected chastity  device belt for life with me as your password key holder programmer of said chastity device and control system!! The reality of obtaining that reality being is a developing  ongoing work and labor of love in progress creatively imagined then experimented with and upon you for practicality in application and situationally developed with applied and implemented improvements periodically made on the chastity system and you as wearer of it!!!! Sir🎩William/]font]