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Title: Billy part 2
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Billy vanished quickly, he managed to hang the rest of the clothes
without his sister tormenting him. Then he wondered what he was to do
next, checking the clock he realized it was lunch time already. He went
to the kitchen to prepare soup and sandwiches. He chopped up a few
carrot sticks and celery sticks hoping to make a more appetizing meal.
He wanted this to continue, but also to appear to be fighting it every
step of the way.

It wasn't long before it was ready, should he set the table or see if
they wanted to eat outside? Hmmm he would have to go ask. Out he went,
the wind lifting his dress again, this time he could smooth it back
down quickly, that made him think about the next edit more. He was in a
daze as he rounded the corner and entered the patio, of course he
wasn't swishing his behind, darn he meant to.

"Billy!" his mother called out. "You are not wiggling, I told you that
they said to wiggle at all times, now go back to the house and try
again, be sure to wiggle your bum with each step both ways!" They both
watched as he disappeared around the corner, the dress swooshing back
and forth as his hips wiggled. When he returned, rounding the corner to
the patio, he stopped and asked if they wanted lunch here or inside.

"Oh here would be nice billy, thank you," his mother told him. He was
about to leave when he heard her pipe up, "Not so fast, you are due a
spanking for forgetting to wiggle when you walk, come here please and
lift your hem."

He minced over, it was hard to remember to wiggle all the time, it
humiliated him a lot too, but that was the plan, as he stood before his
mother he turned, facing Krissy and lifted his hem.

"Would you like to borrow the fly swatter Mom?" she asked, holding it
up, looking at billy.

"No, I don't think that will be strong enough for a firm spanking
Krissy. I will have to come up with something for future, so this time
will be a bare hand again."

Billy heard the not firm enough part, he was trying to remember if he
said on the website that it should be a firm spanking, oh oh, this one
was going to hurt. Sure enough the first slap caught him by surprise,
his eyes went wide and his sister giggled, before he could catch his
breath she slapped his other cheek, back and forth, firm strong slaps
on his panty covered behind. Over and over, he did not expect this.
Suddenly she stopped. "There, next time will be much more memorable
billy, I hope you remember to wiggle."

"Now, lunch please," she commanded, looking stern. Billy lowered his
hem, trying not to look at his sister who was smiling in a funny way,
sort of dazed almost. He mince off, his burning behind reminding him to
wiggle. That really hurt, but he felt funny inside too.

Billy's day continued, delivering lunch, being told servants ate in the
kitchen, having to wait on them while they ate. He complained to his
mother, she reminded him that the website said to treat him as a maid,
to keep him on his feet as much as possible in the heels, that was just
what they were doing. He groaned.

While washing the dishes, forced to do them by hand, he looked at the
dishwasher sitting idle, almost mocking him. Billy contemplated what he
had got himself into. There really was no way out of this now, but did
he really hate it?

After lunch he tugged the vacuum out of the closet, he knew he would be
exposed, so he knelt before it, pulling it out carefully. His mother
walked by, noticing he was kneeling rather than bending over. "Good
girl billy" she said, teasingly. "Now you are using your head," She
stood before him, telling him which rooms needed vacuuming, reminding
him to dust them first as he knelt there looking up at him. His dress
barely covered his legs, hands resting on his thighs, slowly caressing
the tan nylon covering  them, trying not to draw attention to what he
was doing as he listened. She reached down and took his chin, lifting
his head up, so he was looking at her, tilting it slowly back and
forth. "Krissy did a fantastic job with your make up honey. You are
very beautiful you know." She smiled and went on her way, leaving him
in a daze still kneeling beside the vacuum. It sure seemed that she was
happy that he was being forced to look so pretty.

He glanced over at the hall mirror that was opposite the closet the
vacuum was kept in. He saw a pretty blonde girl with a long pony tail
kneeling, wearing a maids dress, he could see one of the padlocks that
were fastening his heels to his delicate stocking encased foot. Looking
up he saw the other lock, on his choker, above the softly made up face
with delicate pink undertones. He had no idea things would move this
far or this quickly. Where would it go next?

Just then Krissy walked into the hall. "Where is Mom?" He saw the
blonde girl in the mirror point down the hall. She grinned and said,
"You look very cute kneeling there."

Billy continued with his cleaning, they left him alone while he managed
to "Hoover" the living room.. With the Dyson. Then he went to find his
mother, to see what he needed to do next. He would rather sit, his feet
were so sore, but she made it clear that was not an option. He found
her sitting in her room, repairing a blouse with needle and thread.
"Have you finished downstairs honey?"

"Yes mom, I was hoping to rest for a while?" holding his hands in front
of his apron, feet dancing a bit as he tried to relieve the pain the
high heels were causing.

"Hmmmm, have you checked the mail yet?" She looked into his eyes, his
long eyelashes blinking rapidly.

"No Mom, do I have to?"

"Yes honey, this is one of your duties, each and every day, even on the
weekend, so we can get our newspapers. Now off you go please."

"Can I take off my apron?" he pleaded, tugging at it.

"Oh don't be silly, we live in the country, no one is going to see

Sighing, billy clicked away, tugging the dress down as much as he could
again, could Krissy have found a shorter dress? He strongly doubted it.

Just as he was leaving her room. "Billy."

"Yes Mom."

"Don't forget to wiggle your bum, I will be watching, all the way there
and back. If I catch you not doing so, you will repeat the trip, but
your behind will be red."

He gulped. "Yes Mom."

Opening the front door, the sun radiated down on him, it was a warm
bright day, It was like a spotlight was on him and his legs were
gleaming as the stockings became glossier as they reflected the intense
light. The driveway was so long, at least half was covered with trees,
hiding him. But that last stretch was wide open, no where to hide.

His heels clicking on the pavement, tiny locks bouncing at his neck,
and ankles, reminding him constantly, others controlled him. It was not
long at all before he left the trees and was walking in the clear. His
eyes were on the road, hoping no one would go by. They rarely did, but

His behind was shifting side to side, the dress swinging back and
forth, as he swiveled his hips, as instructed. His thighs would
occasionally rub together, the soft nylon quite slippery as they met.
This sent little shivers up his back. The nylon was tight too, encasing
his legs, and bum, rubbing on his, well they were tight. His sister had
given him energizer support hose, they would constantly remind him what
he was wearing, all day massage indeed.

He reached the mail box with no one seeing him, he was pulling out the
paper and there was only one letter, when he heard a car! Oh great. He
kept busy in the mail box, hoping they would continue on their way.

They didn't.

The car stopped, right behind him. He heard a power window rolling


A woman's voice. He had to look, there was no way out, he turned, there
was a pretty girl in the passenger seat, she must be in her early
teens, her mother, it must be, they looked alike, called out again, "Hi

Billy stammered a hello, blushing. He couldn't help it.

"We are your neighbors, over there," pointing to the farmhouse next
door, quite a way off actually, but their neighbor never the less. "I
am Debbie and this is one of my daughters, Robyn, Amy is at a day camp

Billy smiled nervously, before he could say anything she asked "do you
work here?"

He realized she meant it was odd, to see a maid, collecting the mail.
"Uhm, oh no, we were playing a bit of dress up and Mom wanted the mail
and paper," he sort of stammered.

"Oh, well it is a very cute look, you will all have to come over for a
dinner sometime, there is a nice walking trail connecting our two
properties, I am sure you have noticed it?"

"Oh yes, we were wondering where that went."

She smiled. "It is a lovely walk, pop by anytime." She waved and they
drove slowly off, the window rolling back up. Robyn waved and smiled
cheerfully too. Obviously they did not notice he was a boy.

When he arrived back home, he brought the paper and mail to his mother,
telling her he met the neighbors. Of course there were lots of
questions, which he answered. He blushed when she asked him what they
said about him dressed as a pretty girl. He told her that he didn't
think they knew he was a boy. "Oh, well we will have to straighten them
out about that soon."

We would?

Now the people next door would know?

"Dinner please," his mother said, waving her hand in front of his face,
seems he was in a trance.

Dinner was a repeat of lunch, he served them at the dining room table,
forced to stand by, incase they required anything. Krissy would ask for
her glass to be filled, or to pass the salt, or seconds served, just to
have him wait on her. Watching closely to be sure he didn't bend. He
was very careful, feeling strange, as he really acted the part of maid,
during dinner. After clearing the table, he was permitted to eat, in
the kitchen. Before cleaning up.

It was almost an hour later he entered the living room and asked if he
could sit down. His mother was knitting. "Be a dear and hold this ball
of wool for me, it keeps rolling away. If you are tired, you can kneel
here, beside my chair."

His heart fluttered. Still the servant.

Krissy piped up, "Don't forget my foot rub too billy," wiggling her
toes at him. She tapped her watch, times a ticking.

When his mother finished knitting, he turned to his sister, getting
ready to get up and join her on the couch, to rub her foot as she had
reminded him three times in the past thirty minutes. "Oh just stay
there," she said, sliding down so her feet were at the end of the

Her feet were small, just like his own were, sort of cute too. Her
painted nails, flashing red as he started he nightly duty. She sighed,
"Oh I could so get used to this, can we keep him Mom?" she joked.

Sara smiled. "Well for the summer we will, isn't it nice how helpful he
has become?"

Finally billy's day was over, he was upstairs, the heels and dress
unlocked, and removed. Sitting in the tiny nightgown Krissy gave him,
it was white and pink and it had to be the most girly one she had, he
was sure. It was as short has his dress had been, with ruffles and

He was on his laptop, editing the website, he had had many ideas
through the day. His heart was pounding as he clicked on the upload
button, he was committed now, just as today proved, there would be no
going back, he was going to be deep in it tomorrow. He wondered how it
would morph, beyond his expectations.


Day three, it continued.

The sun streamed in the window, billy stretched and his legs slid
across the sheets. The slippery pantyhose he was required to wear all
the time, felt delicious as they rubbed over his sheets. He woke
quickly. Wondering what today was going to bring, he had made quite a
few changes to the site. His heart pounded thinking about what he had

Getting out of bed he stepped on his floor and his foot hurt, it hurt a
lot, he took a step and both feet hurt. He rubbed them, wondering why.
Oh well, he may as well get to it, he limped to the bathroom for his
morning shower. Krissy would, no doubt, provide him with today's
outfit. He wondered what she would give as he lathered his long blonde
hair. He hadn't had a hair cut in months and months.

Returning to his room, sure enough Krissy had been in. There was a
fresh pair of panties, white bikini cut, with pretty flowers in a light
flimsy material. The same black dress he wore yesterday. It was pretty,
but it was so short. There were new shoes on the floor, they were
closed toe pumps, a bit of a suede finish, in black. Finishing off his
outfit was a pair of black pantyhose. He felt butterflies again. He was
to be a maid again then.

He dressed, there were three padlocks in the pile of clothes, he locked
the shoes on, and the choker again. There were no keys though. He was
at their mercy once again. The shoes, the heels on them. They were
high, much higher than the previous shoes. With his tiny feet, he was
almost standing on his toes. The arch was painful, but he noticed when
he put the shoes on, his feet didn't hurt as they did when he walked
barefoot. That was strange, was he getting so he would have to wear
high heels, or not be able to walk?

He hadn't thought of that.

There was no apron, perhaps Krissy had it. He could hear her talking on
the phone in the kitchen. He made his way downstairs. She greeted him
with a smile. "Mom zipped out early this morning, she will be back in
about twenty minutes. She said that way you could have coffee and
breakfast ready for us when she returned. Pancakes would be nice," She
nodded to provide extra emphasis with that suggestion, her brunette
curls bouncing.

"Oh", she turned and picked up the apron on the kitchen table, "let's
not forget this". Motioning for him to come over. His heels clicked
loudly as obeyed her.



"You are not wiggling, do you really want to start the morning with a
spanking? Go back and do it again. Wiggle your bum please."

He felt humiliated doing this in front of her, he felt tingles again
though as he did so, knowing the dress was swishing over his bum,
barely covering it.

He had finished making coffee, pouring Krissy a cup, kneeling as he
presented it to her meekly. He was enjoying serving her, she did take
such advantage of him too. "More sugar please" she said, handing the
cup back. Of course he had to go back to the counter, add more sugar,
walk back wiggling his tush, and kneel again. He knelt, waiting to see
if she was pleased this time. Just then Sara entered the room,
returning from a shopping trip as she placed two bags on the table. She
looked at billy, kneeling before Krissy submissively, wondering how he
was going to react with what was in store for him today. Oh well, he
had no choice.

"Good morning sleepy head," she teased him. "I have some things for
you, come over here please."

He rose off his knees, trying not to expose his behind, knowing the
short dress would not be covering his panties as he did so.

Krissy giggled and reached for the fly swatter again, teasing him.

He quickly made his way to his mother, who opened the laptop which was
on the website. Oh they had read it already. Billy thought, then
wondered what was going to happen now.

Sara pointed to the screen, read that please. She waited while billy
pretended to read. "Cuffs? Chains? Curtsies? Dancing? nooooooo Mom,

Sara dumped one bag on the table, there were five pink dog collars,
four were very small. One must be for a larger pet billy thought. She
picked a small one up. "Wrist please"

Billy gulped and held up his wrist, she fastened one of the smaller
collars on his left wrist. There was a click as a tiny padlock was
shut. He looked at the pink ring around his wrist. She picked up
another collar. "Next please".

Billy held up his right wrist, the pink collar was locked on it as
well, just like his left wrist. Krissy giggled.

Sara knelt before him, billy felt her fingers sliding around his nylon
clad ankle as yet another pink collar was locked on him. Shorty both
ankles had pink collars locked on. Then she dumped out the other bag,
it clinked as a series of different length chains tumbled out.

"Billy, as you read, to shorten your step your ankles need to be
hobbled to restrict the length you can move your foot. They also said,
it was important to keep your shoulders straight, to avoid twisting
your hips, so the wrists must be manacled as well," she fastened the
shortest chain between his two wrists, it had wide links, two more
clicks as the locks clicked shut. She bent down and taking another
slightly longer chain, also with wide links, she connected his ankles
together with this.

He looked down, the pink was very bright, the chains a shiny silver
also gleamed, he moved and heard the heavy chain rattle on the floor.
He tried a step, it was short, barely eight inches. He tugged at his
wrists, they were almost touching. But it wasn't to end here. No, there
was one more collar.

He, of course had suggested on the web site that his wrists and ankles
be locked, but that was the end of it, there was another long chain,
and one more collar still on the table. "Krissy can you remove the
choker please," Sara asked her daughter. She lifted the last collar,
the larger one. As soon as Krissy removed the choker, Sara stood before
billy, who was very quiet, standing like a statue, trembling a bit and
locked the last collar around his neck. Taking the longer chain, she
used one more lock to attach it to the front of "his" new collar. She
fed it through the wide chain at his wrists, it was a narrow chain
compared to the other two hobbling his ankles and wrists, so it slipped
through the links with ease. She then locked it to the center of the
chain between his ankles. "There, now you have to keep your wrists
centered in front of you, you can raise and lower them, but will not be
able to twist. I should email this suggestion to the website, I think
it is a good idea."

Billy tugged at his wrists, he felt so helpless now, he moved them up a
bit, the chains rattled as he did so, he took another step, the tight
pantyhose squeezed him all over, the chain clinked as he took a tiny

"Now billy, lower your head, hold on to your dress and move your right
foot behind your left." She waited for him to follow her instructions.
"Bend your knees outward and keep your back straight. Don't bend, if
you do your bum will stick out and I will smack it. Bend straight."

He followed her directions. "Gracefully stand up straight, do it
slowly," she instructed.

He did so.

"This is a curtsy. The site said this will strengthen your hips, to do
them often. Each time you enter a room with someone in it, you will
stop and do a curtsy. If you are given a direction, you will do a
curtsy indicating you understand. Do you understand?"

Billy blushed and performed a curtsy.

"Good. They also said we can use curtsies as a punishment. If you are
slow doing a task, or mess it up, fail to wiggle your bum, we should
make you do ten or more curtsies. You will still be spanked too, if you
show your panties or fail to wiggle, but now you will curtsy too. Do
you understand?"

He curtsied again blushing more when she mentioned being spanked.

Krissy was covering her mouth, trying not to giggle. This was so good,
watching her brother reduced to this.

"Billy, the site did not say anything about this, but there is another
type of curtsy, it is a court curtsy. So follow along and I will teach
you how to do this one too, it is harder to do."

Billy was surprised, he knew nothing about this, and as she said, it
was not on the site, here we go again, changes beyond his control.

"This curtsy is a deeper form of respect, you bend deeper. Extend your
right foot behind your left, keep your back straight and lower your
head, look down. Bend your knees outward again but do so until your
right knee is almost on the floor. Stay that way until I tell you to

Billy did not too bad of a job with his first court curtsy, she made
him do five more until he was more graceful. When you want to speak to
either of us, I want you to do a court curtsy and wait until you are
told to rise, then you will be given permission to speak. Do you

Billy curtsied yet again, blushing, humiliated. "You are not permitted
to talk unless you do one of those curtsies, to ask permission."

Krissy said "Don't forget the dancing Mom," she offered helpfully, so
enjoying watching her brother blush.

Billy looked at his mother. "The site offered, to exercise your hip,
dancing on the spot, a slow dance, where you wiggle your hips, move
your feet slowly, circle but don't move too much. Just a slow dance.
Turning in a circle with lots of bum wiggling. So when one of us says
to 'dance for me billy'. This is what you will do. You will dance until
you are told you may stop. Do you understand?"

He curtsied one more time, almost in a trance now.

"They also said you can rest now and then, but not sitting, that
kneeling is better, if you kneel and stretch out your back, folding
your chest on to your legs, it is a good exercise and allows you to
rest. When you have nothing to do, you may kneel. Stretch your arms
before you, over your head so you are almost flat on the floor.  Try it
now please."

Billy curtsied, he remembered, then knelt down, slid his hands along
his thighs and stretched them over his head, until his forehead was on
the floor. "Good, stay that way until I tell you to rise please."

Billy hadn't realized, but he was stretched out before his sister, she
casually pressed her foot onto the chain between his wrists, holding it
tightly to the floor while she talked to her mom. He was quite stuck.

"Mom I had a phone call this morning, cousin Jenny said she can come
for a visit this summer, she will let us know how soon she can leave."

"That is great news, I know she will love all the open space here,
being stuck in the city all the time. You will all have a lot of fun
showing her around."

Krissy giggled. "She will enjoy having a maid to serve her too,"
pointing to billy, kneeling before her helplessly.

Jenny was about six months younger than billy, she was also quite
beautiful. She got along very well with both billy and Krissy.

Sara told billy he could get up and make breakfast now, Krissy waited a
minute before moving her foot, she felt him tugging on his wrists but
he was unable to get up until she released him.

"Mom I don't have to continue this if Jenny is coming do I?" tugging on
his chains, trying to get use to his restricted movements.

"Billy! You are to do a court curtsy before speaking, next time you
speak without permission will be punished!"

She gave him a stern look and continued. "Billy, you are going to
continue with this program until at least the end of the summer, longer
if it is working, being home schooled we don't have to worry about
others seeing you, besides it is for your health. There is no
discussion about this."

Billy groaned, Jenny was going to be worse than Krissy, he just knew
it, but then tingles started again, deeper ones, to be forced to serve
the three of them. OMG.

Billy was making the pancakes, standing before the stove, his reach was
limited being shackled, it was very difficult to cook. "Billy, while
you are standing there, you could be dancing, you don't have to turn,
you can dance on the spot. So billy, dance for me please."

Billy started to dance, slowly, moving his hips back and forth when he
heard "Billy! I gave you a command, what do you do when given a

Billy turned he quickly curtsied.

"Five more please, you must remember this."

When billy finished embarrassing himself more, with the degrading
curtsies in the so short dress. The chains rattled as he completed each
curtsy causing him to be reminded what he was reduced to, he began to
cook again, dancing slowly.

"I ran into our neighbor when in town, she was at the pet store also.
She mentioned meeting my daughter the maid at the mail box."

Krissy giggled. "Did you straighten her out Mom?"

Billy listened, he froze on the spot.

"Yes, I explained about billy and his snapping hip syndrome and how
painful it was, that we found this website, I gave her the address of
it, is that what it is called? Address? Billy?"

"Yes Mom, it is an address."

"Keep dancing dear," she continued, "anyway she understood and said
that billy was very pretty. I told him how the site said we needed the
chains, she suggested the center chain, wasn't that nice?"

Krissy nodded. "It does limit his twisting, does she seem nice?"

"Yes, I met her daughters too, they are quite cute. They may be
interested in the home schooling, it seems that there are no schools
near here, so they may come here for their schooling."

Sara looked at Krissy grinning. "She also said, if we run out of chores
here, that they could sure use a maid next door, any time we wanted to
send her, uhm him over. Robyn asked if he was a good cook."

"Oh Mom you wouldn't would you?"

"I don't know Krissy, she works two jobs and has that house to take
care of by herself, she has it tough too, it is nice to help out
neighbors when you can. Billy would benefit from doing the chores, so

His heart was pounding, to be next door, chained up and locked in his
clothes, forced to do chores for strangers? In front of her two
daughters? Would they be allowed to tell him what to do as well?
Probably. The keys wouldn't even be in the same house, he would truly
be helpless.

The feelings were almost overpowering billy now, with the pancakes
cooked, he brought them over to the table, placing a stack of them in
the center. He already had the syrup and butter on the table. His
chains rattled as he went to get them both juice. Returning he poured,
with difficulty, each of them a glass of juice. He knew he was bending
but they were deep in conversation about the neighbors.

Sara noticed he had finished serving, she pointed to the floor. "Just
kneel there until we are finished billy. Stretch out as before please."

As they ate, the phone rang, Sara went to answer and billy promptly sat
up, kneeling normally. When Sara returned she was annoyed. "Billy I
told you to kneel. Now kneel and stretch out." He did, extending toward
her chair. Before sitting, she lifted her chair and placed the leg
between his arms, by his cuffs. When she sat, he was stuck there, he
tugged but the leg of the chair was holding his arms secure. They at a
leisurely breakfast while he was secured in his chains. She did it
without comment.

Krissy got up to get another juice for both of them, she giggled and
snatched the fly swatter from the table and gave his bum a few slaps,
after all, his dress rode up exposing his pretty white panties.

He was unable to pull his dress down, with his arms locked around the
chair. Sara took her glass of juice rising. "Oh you too, always joking
around," and left them as she went to make some phone calls.

Krissy sat in her seat, placing her feet between billy's arms,
coincidentally lining them up under his face. He was stretched out so
far, he couldn't turn his head away. She was so evil sometimes. She
nibbled on the last of her pancakes and drank her juice slowly while he
knelt there, face pressed into her feet unable to move.

She was going to have such fun with him today she thought. Planning as
she wiggled her toes.

Billy struggled, tugging on his wrists, but they were held firm by the
leg of the chair that his sister was sitting on. With her feet
wiggling under his face he was humiliated so much that he could hardly
stand it. He tried turning his head, but it was not comfortable in the
position he was forced to kneel in. So having no choice, his face was
pressed against both of her feet, her wiggling toes were tickling his
lips. The smell was not horrible, but it was strong, there was no
doubt that was adding to his humiliation. She had wiggled her feet so
they came in each side, so his forehead was still on the floor,
because of this crafty move on her part, he was pressed tightly
against them. As she wiggled her toes, they kept parting his lips. She
of course couldn't know this as his head was covering them.

Finally she pulled her feet away and stood up taking the chair away so
he was free. "Stand up billy, I have to fix your hair and makeup
before you start your day." She tugged at the lock on his collar,
pulling him along as he struggled along in the much higher heels with
the hobbles. She was looking forward but whispered back "you better be
wiggling your bum billy, if I look back and you aren't I am going to
have such fun spanking you."

Such fun? Billy wondered? He felt his face blush once again as he
passed the hall mirror, he saw the maid being pulled along by her
collar, chained up so tightly, from the side he could see just how
high those heels were, she was standing almost on her toes. He noticed
his sister had stopped, she was watching him look at his reflection,
she caught his downward look at his heels and whispered once again, "I
have much higher heels waiting for you pretty, soon you will be
standing on your tip toes all day." she tugged again as billy digested
this. Tip toes?

The stairs were hard with the hobbles, but he managed, with his wrists
chained he couldn't grasp the railing, he had to climb them carefully,
each step the heavy chain rattled against the stairs, there would be
no sneaking around with all the noise he made walking now, clicks,
rattles, quiet moans.

His sister caught him moaning as he passed the mirror, her face looked
puzzled. Before he knew it, he was seated in her room at her makeup
table, she was fluffing and curling his hair, freshening his makup,
soft pinks yet again, a little brighter pink on his lips, more
exaggeration on his long eyelashes. When she finished he was a work of
art, quite beautiful.

He shuffled off to gather the laundry, there was not much to pick up
this time, and no one said one trip per item, he wanted to get
downstairs before they thought of it. He only had a pair of panties
and pantyhose in his room, as he was wearing the black dress again.
His mother had a pair of jeans, panties top and bra, he managed to
gather them all up as well. He entered his sister's room, hoping to
make it one trip. It was hard to hold everything with his hands almost
connected, harder still to pick them up. She pointed to her laundry
pile, jeans, top, bra panties. Phew, he picked them up. He was about
to leave when he heard her call out.

"Billy." He turned, she was removing her little ankle socks, she had
worn them yesterday, all day, and it was hot. She had slept wearing
her socks as well, the house became quite cool overnight and she
always wore socks to bed. She tossed the first sock on the floor
watching him, seconds later the other fell at his feet. "Those are
probably pretty smelly billy, please wash them too."

She watched him bend, trying to pick them up, but he kept dropping
other items, she figured he was trying to manage with one trip,
grinning she went over, picking up the socks she realized he still
would not be able to carry them.

She balled them together, "I have a deal for you billy, your choice."
she started, holding the socks up. "You can make a second trip, in
your tight chains, just to get these socks, or I can fix it so you can
carry them in one trip with the other laundry, you pick."

He looked confused. She held the socks up, close to his face, they did
smell. She whispered, "Open up."

His eyes went wide.

"Your choice, two trips, or one." she waved the socks closer, almost
under his nose. "Hurry, the offer is about to go away."

Closing his eyes, heart pounding for some reason again, he opened his


He felt the material brush his lips as they entered, she pushed them
in deep, much deeper than he thought she would. This was cruel. Then
the salty taste hit him, he almost gagged, he pushed with his tongue,
but she had packed them in and was still holding them.

"No billy, you chose, now off you go."

With his mouth full, humiliated beyond belief he clicked his way out
of her room. Of course just then Sara walked by, noticing his large
pile of laundry. Looking up she noticed his mouth, and the pink and
white socks peeking out. "Billy, what have you in your mouth???" she

He of course, could only mumble.

Sara looked at Krissy, who was thinking fast. "I got tired of him
complaining about his hobbles Mom. I told him it was for his own good,
we were just trying to help his hip heal, following the suggestions on
that website. But he went on and on, finally I couldn't take it
anymore, so I stuffed his mouth shut."

Sara looked sternly at billy. "Billy! We are just trying to help, you
can't fight this, to teach you a lesson, keep those socks in your
mouth until you have finished the laundry, when it is hanging on the
clothesline, you can hand wash them, and hang them up too, but take
them out before then and I will really find a punishment for you. Do
you understand?" she waited. He curtsied.

He glared at Krissy, but she just smiled sweetly at him, grinning. The
socks tasted horrible. It would be an at least an hour before he was
ready to hang clothes out. He looked at his mother, back at Krissy and
gave up, walking downstairs carefully, taking the dirty laundry with
him. Even the soiled socks that were pressed in his mouth.

He separated the hand wash items, panties, bras, stockings from the
pile and put the rest in the washer, they were all dark clothes, he
was getting off easy today he thought, as he watched his chained
wrists add the detergent. Perhaps not so easy, but he was loving the
chains. He felt so kept, the house slave. It was beyond what he had

He moved to the sink to begin his hand washing, the mirror was still
there, he saw a pretty girl standing there, gleaming chains dangling
below the pink collar at her neck, her mouth packed with a pair of
dirty socks. Looking so helpless. He was entering a trance again and
didn't hear Krissy sneak up on him. WHAP

He jumped, his behind was stinging, and he saw she had a large ruler
in her hand. "You were bending over billy, I saw your pretty panties.
You know that you are not to bend over."

"I can see you are not concentrating on your duties too, staring in
the mirror. Perhaps you need to focus." She looked around the
basement, quickly snatching a rope that was sitting on a nearby shelf.
She grinned. Bending down she slipped the rope around the chain at his
ankles, feeding it around the legs of the laundry tub she tied a knot.
His legs were held in place now, before the tub.

She took another short length of rope and fed it through the lock at
his collar, looking toward the wall she wrapped it around a pipe,
keeping the loop at his collar she knotted each end by the pipe, out
of his reach. "There. Now you may concentrate on your duties. Slave."

His eyes were wide, he really couldn't move, he was tied to the sink.
She turned the water on for him, pointing to the laundry, "Get to work

His eyes fluttered. His chained wrists fastened to the long chain,
made reaching impossible. At least with the water on, he should be
able to manage, he took the first pair of panties, applied a bit of
detergent and started to scrub them under the water. Of course he bent
a bit to reach, almost immediately he felt a searing pain across his
right cheek. he squirmed, the second cheek then started to sting. He
wiggled, but she smacked him again.

"I am not going to stop billy, you just keep washing, I will keep
spanking, I am sure you will work much faster with this incentive."

His legs were wiggling back and forth, shuffling in his high heels, he
couldn't move them away from the sink the rope held him firm, the
collar tugged as he jerked with each smack, she was hitting hard. He
yelped, the socks in his mouth muffled the sound, she giggled.

He started to scrub faster, wiggling with each smack. He started
breathing heavily, not just from the exertion. He didn't notice, but
Krissy was breathing hard as well.

"That's it billy, you keep wiggling your pretty bum back and forth, it
makes it easier for me to alternate cheeks. Striking again, the firm
slap loud in the basement. His muffled yelp stirring her more.

He was working faster than he had ever done before in his limited time
hand washing lingerie. One day... It wasn't long before he completed
his task, the spanking stopped, his behind was crimson.

Krissy was puffing, she checked the wash, and everything seemed
completed. "See how much better you work with the proper incentive?"
she chided. "You even beat the washing machine, it is still on the
wash cycle. I will just leave you here to wait for it, to keep you out
of trouble. I will be back when I hear it beep. Don't go anywhere."
she giggled leaving her helplessly chained slave, who was watching her
in the mirror, still wiggling his sore behind.

"Oh I have an idea billy, 'dance for me'"

Billy looked at her in the mirror, how was he going to dance, tied up
like this, "Oh you can still wiggle your bum, keep doing it until I
return, you never know when I may sneak back, you don't want me to
catch you just standing still.' she patted his warm bum with her hand
gently. "Dance billy."

And she left.

He danced, or kept wiggling his bum. his legs shifted slightly, as
much as the chain and rope allowed, still held to the pipe with the
rope tied to his collar, he waited for the wash, listening to the
cycles... dancing.

The washer took about forty minutes to work its way through a wash,
billy heard it beep, paused and listened for Krissy, of course she
didn't bound downstairs to free him. He started dancing again, he best
keep it up in case she caught him. The constant movement while
helplessly bound was stirring him greatly. Being out of control like
this, so helpless.

It was another ten minutes before Krissy sauntered down, checking the
wash, poking his swaying bum to teas him. "Oh all right, it looks like
you are finished down here, now you can hang them on the line." she
told him to stop dancing and removed the rope at his collar, bending
down she released his ankles as well. She flipped up one of the
padlocks at his ankle, tugged on it. "You are really locked up aren't
you billy." she teased.

Billy removed the wash, from the washer, and placed everything in the
laundry basket, including the hand washed items. He was careful not to
bend, and avoided any smacks from his ever watching tormenter Krissy.
He took the laundry up the stairs, carefully wiggling to avoid more
punishment. His behind was still quite sore.

He stood at the door. He was unable to turn the knob and hold the
basket, holding the basket was difficult enough with his hands chained
together turning the knob was just not possible. Krissy came up the
stairs behind him, reached over and turned the knob. He was amazed,
she had been tormenting him so much the past few days, and he didn't
realize that she was in a hurry, to continue just that.

Reaching the line, being sure to wiggle his bum as he felt the long
chain from his collar to his ankles tapping his stocking covered
thighs. Krissy had been tapping his bum with the ruler somewhat
gently, to prod him along, and to tease him. Not too gently though,
the slaps were echoing off the wall of the house.

He put the basket down, crouched carefully and selected a pair of
jeans to hang. Reaching up, with both hands due to the chain
connecting them, he felt his dress rise. Before he could loop the
jeans over the line he felt the first smack, it was just as hard as
the ones she gave him in the basement. He jumped and yelping into the
socks filling his mouth. Resigned to receiving yet another punishing
spanking from her, he continued, he tried to twist back and forth to
avoid the ruler as she swung it toward his exposed behind to no avail.
Each swat connected with a loud smack and a yelp.

Sara peeked out the window to see Krissy spanking billy, his long legs
clad tightly in the black pantyhose were shining as they reflected the
bright sunlight as he twisted back and forth. The chain hobbling his
ankles preventing him from moving much. She seemed to be hitting him
quite hard judging from the way he was jumping, but then, she could
see his panties, and the site said to spank him when you could, even
if for reasons beyond his control as it helped make him remember not
to bend. It wasn't long before he finished hanging the clothes, now he
could go downstairs and wash out the socks filling his mouth. She
watched to be sure he didn't take them out before reaching the
basement, he didn't.

Krissy left him, to go wash out her socks, when he reached the laundry
tub he reached up, tugging out the foul tasting socks she had packed
tightly in his mouth. It was then that he noticed she had turned both
of them inside out. Soaping them up, he was happy to be free of them.
A rinse and back out to the line, Krissy was waiting.

She really was finishing with a bang, he was dancing wildly trying to
avoid the last few smacks as he tried to hang her socks. Finally he
managed and she stopped, she took a step closer to him grasping the
ring at his collar, tugging him closer, She was breathing heavily as
she whispered, "I do seem to love spanking you billy. Is your bum

He nodded, before he could say anything they heard a car driving down
their lane way. A car! People! Billy wanted to rush into the house,
but Krissy was still holding the ring on his collar. "I wonder who
this is" she said, tugging him toward the front of the house.
Helplessly he had to follow.

"Krissy" he whispered trying to get her attention to his predicament.
She just giggled, tugging him along, knowing a deep blush would soon
start. They rounded the corner to see their neighbors talking to their
Mother. Debbie and her two daughters were there.

Krissy tugged her brother all the way to the group, they were all
watching the pretty brunette dragging the pretty blonde, maid, along
by her collar, and they could see the chains as they sparkled against
her black outfit. Billy was still tugging as they stopped, he wanted
to run into the house but Krissy was still holding onto his collar. He
was blushing about as darkly as he had ever blushed before, he looked
down, afraid to look into the eyes of anyone.

"Krissy," Sara started, "Debbie has been called to work, and they
can't find a sitter at this short notice, I have to work on the
project this afternoon. Could you be a dear and help them out? It
would be about eight to ten hours you would be needed, for lunch and
dinner and maybe a bit afterwards."

"Oh Mom I would love to, but I have that job interview in town this
afternoon, you were going to drive me over, remember?"

"Oh right, I did forget," Sara said in a bit of a quandary. Then
looked at billy, who was also old enough to sit, and had done so at
their previous home. "Billy!" she exclaimed.

Billy looked up in shock. Everyone was looking at him. "Problem
solved." Sara said "you can borrow billy for as long as you need him.
He can cook the girls lunch and dinner and perhaps catch up on some of
those chores you mentioned you were behind on."
She turned to Robyn and Amy. "How about it girls, can you watch our
maid for us while he watches you?"

Both girls giggled and nodded. Krissy grinned and tugged billy forward
toward Debbie, motioning her to take the loop at his pink collar. She
smiled while reaching up to grasp the link. Billy stood there now,
dressed as a pretty maid in that mini dress, black pantyhose,
incredibly high heels and all those chains locked on, binding him,
limiting him, being held by a virtual stranger to be taken away and
watched by her daughters. His heart was pounding out of his chest.

Sara looked at billy, directly in the eyes. "You will do what you are
told over there billy, I expect you to do as many chores for them as
possible, do you understand?"

Billy blushed again and curtsied, knowing she was expecting this.

The girls giggled.

Krissy giggling tuned to Robyn "He has a habit of complaining, if he
does, just put a sock in his mouth."

Robyn looked over in amazement. "A sock?"

Krissy nodded. "He was complaining this morning about his chains, so I
took off my socks and put them in his mouth. That taught him not to
complain. He was lucky I was wearing socks, or I would have used my

Robyn gasped, Debbie just smiled still holding his collar. "You are
sure this will be alright?" she asked Sara.

Billy noticed that no one had asked him anything, he was just being
passed off, like property, like... a slave.

Sara nodded, "We are only too happy to help, just please girls, keep
him busy with chores, it is important to help his hip heal." She
quickly explained the curtsies. "Be sure he performs them properly
girls, he tries to get away with things you know."

Krissy handed Debbie the ruler. "This helps too," she said. "Oh and he
gives a good foot massage."

Debbie took the ruler, checked her watch. "Oh dear, I have to rush,
thank you all this is so wonderful to have such helpful neighbors.
Let's go girls or I will be late." She tugged billy toward their car.

Amy tried to open her door, but it seemed locked. Debbie was going to
have to get out her keys, she handed the ruler to Robyn and passed
billy over to her, Robyn took the collar holding it tightly looking at
billy who was still looking down meekly.

The door was unlocked, Amy climbed in and Debbie took billy from
Robyn, gently pushing him into the car. Sara and Krissy watched as he
was driven off, seatbelt holding him tightly in place. "Oh dear, they
don't have any of the keys to his locks," Sara said, wondering how
billy would make out next door.

As they drove down the lane billy was still looking down, his stocking
clad legs tightly together, the chain sitting between while his wrists
sat on his lap, he was staring at the heavy chain connecting them as
they bounced over a bump. He felt so strange, the car filled with
girls, dressed as one, chained up, being driven off with them. He was
dressed as a girl!

Debbie noticed Robyn was looking at the large wooden ruler Krissy had
handed her, twirling it in her hands. She noticed her mothers glance
and spoke "Are we supposed to spank billy with this ruler?"

Debbie glanced in the mirror as she answered, "It seems so honey, it
is to help him though, and you understand that right?"

"Yes I read the website you showed us, hard?" she asked.

"Yes, I think so, if you have to spank him, it must be hard." Debbie
said from what she understood. "It is hard right billy?" He startled,
looking up, seeing everyone was looking at him. "If we are to spank
you, it must be a hard spanking? Is that correct?"

His heart flipped. "Uhm, yes."

Robyn peeked over the seat trying to see him. "Has anyone spanked you
with this ruler yet?"

He started to blush again, darn it happened so easily. "Yes, Krissy
spanked me this morning."

Amy asked why.

He looked at her, she was staring into his eyes, she wanted to know
what offence he had committed to warrant a spanking. "Uhmm," he
stammered, "she said that she saw my panties when I was washing the

Amy's eyes opened wider. "Panties? You are wearing panties too?"

His blush deepened.

Debbie said, "Amy of course he is, can you imagine wearing bulky boys
underwear under a pair of pantyhose?"

Amy shook her head. "If I see your panties then, I should spank you
too?" she asked.

Debbie answered again, "Yes Amy, this is to help him."

"Okay then, I want to help him too," she said nodding. She reached
over and took the hem of his dress in between her finger and thumb,
"It is a pretty dress you have on. It is very short though."

Billy nodded, it was very short and he knew she was going to be
watching closely for a glimpse of his panties ready to give him a firm
spanking too, to help. What had he gotten himself into?

It wasn't long before they pulled into their driveway. Debbie was in a
hurry, she needed to get to work soon, it was so fortunate to find a
baby sitter of sorts, on such short notice. Robyn opened billie's
door, he couldn't reach with his wrists chained like that. Amy
released his seat belt, they were so helpful. Actually billy was
starting to think all three of them were very nice. They hadn't made
fun of him at all and seemed quite understanding.

"Robyn I am going to be late, please take billy in and show him
around. He will make your lunch and dinner, ok?"

"Sure mom, are we to get him to do chores too?"

Debbie looked at billy. "Are you up to it billy? I could really use
the help." She looked at him and smiled. "You are dressed the part
after all."

Billy wanted to do their chores too, to be forced to do them. It would
feel very different from being the house slave for his family, now he
was, maybe, going to be just a slave. "I don't really have a choice,
Mom said to help, she meant it."

"Ok then, girls, be sure that billy is kept busy, the house is a bit
of a mess we could use the help of a good maid, show him where the
washing machine is too, maybe we can finally catch up on the laundry."

Robyn took the loop at his collar and led him in the house, it seemed
natural to do this. Billy followed along meekly, being led into the
strange house by the two girls. Debbie smiled got back in her car and
drove off wondering if billy would get many of the chores done, those
chains sure limited his movement.

Robyn pulled him into the kitchen. "We have a dishwasher but mom
didn't load it this morning." Pointing to the mess on the counter, she
was about to grab his collar again, but noticed their dogs leash was
on the counter. "This will be easier," she said clipping the leash to
his collar and tugging him through the house. "This is our living
room, it is kind of messy now, Amy did it."

"I did not," Amy said looking around. "Well maybe some of it," she

Billy was looking around and then felt a tug as she pulled his leash
again, forcing him to follow her to the bedrooms, all the beds were
unmade, there were piles of clothes strewn through each room. The
house was indeed quite a mess. Robyn was looking at him, he spoke,
"Don't you girls do any chores here?"

Robyn looked angry. "Hey you are supposed to curtsy first to ask
permission to speak." She tugged his leash hard, he stumbled.

Billy sighed and performed a court curtsy, waiting for her to tell him
to rise, she tugged on his leash and said he could stand. "You may
speak now," she said, still looking stern.

Billy asked the question again.

"No that is your job." Robyn smirked. "We will be in the living room,
you can start in the bedrooms."

They both left him, dropping the leash, letting it dangle before him.
Wow. She was bossy, what happened to the nice girls he met in the car
he wondered.

He was going to make the bed first but there were so many piles of
laundry scattered about, he started to gather them up first. There was
a lot of bending involved but he thought he was alone, "Where is that
ruler Robyn," he heard Amy call out from the doorway. He stood quickly
looking, she giggled. "Your panties are white with little flowers and
I am going to spank you now."

Robyn appeared in the door beside Amy, she was holding the ruler. Amy
told her, "I saw his panties, he bent to pick up your socks," while
pointing to the socks on the floor. Robyn handed her the ruler.

Billy was frozen. No, he wasn't about to be spanked here too? But
then, this was his sisters doing, she had given Robyn the ruler.
Great. But, how hard could these girls spank? Amy was beside him now,
she lifted the hem of his tiny dress. "See Robyn? White with pretty
flowers." Before billy expected it, he felt a smack. It wasn't as hard
as Krissy had spanked him, it did sting never the less.

"How many times should I spank him?" Amy asked her sister.

"I don't know, no one said. Twenty?" Robyn provided helpfully.

Smack, "Ok," she said determined and continued to hit billie's bum
across his panties. He jerked a bit with each slap, it was obvious he
was out of control here as well. Robyn called out, "If he complains
Krissy said to put a sock in his mouth, if you have one."

Amy was barefoot. "What if you don't have one?"

"Panties Krissy said." Robyn remembered that distinctly, she was so
surprised. But they knew best and she didn't want to do anything
wrong, her mother had said this was very important for billy.

Billy heard the exchange and kept very quiet. It was obvious he would
be tormented more if he complained. So he stood quietly while his,
already sore behind was spanked, yet again.

When Amy finished she tugged his hem back down. She tugged a few
times. "You wear very short dresses billy, it is no wonder your
panties show. Why do you wear such short dresses if you will be

Billy looked in the mirror, she was waiting for an answer. "I didn't
pick the dress," he told her quietly, "Krissy did."

"Are these her panties then too?" she asked flipping his hem up to
look at them again, noticing his behind had a cherry red stripe where
she had spanked him.

"Yes," he whispered.

Robyn noticed he had piled up her clothes on the bed, in separate
piles, sorted for wash. "Do you know how to wash these, without
damaging them? I don't want all my clothes to turn gray or something,"
she expressed, concerned.

Billy looked at her as he turned, facing both of them. Amy was still
standing beside him. "Yes, my Mom taught me how to wash, I have to
wash all our clothes at home."

"Well what cycle do you put delicates on then, like these panties?"
Robyn asked as she picked up a pair off her bed.

"Uhm, I don't know," he stammered.

"You don't know? But you said your Mom taught you how to do the
laundry, that you did all of the laundry at home, how could you not
know, you are going to ruin my clothes aren't you?"

Billy blushed again, "She makes me hand wash all the delicates." he
said, looking down.

"Oh! Well then, that is what you will do here too. I don't want to
have them all in shreds or ruined in the wash."

Amy nodded, she didn't want her clothes ruined either. Relieved the
two girls left billy to continue gathering the clothes, it took a few
trips to get everything in the laundry room. He set the washer to do a
dark wash with jeans, shorts, skirts and tops. Then he filled the sink
and let the panties soak, they were all brightly colored so would not
bleed into each other, he hoped.

As the panties soaked he returned to Robyn's room to make the bed.
With his hobbles and restricted hand movements, it was very difficult.
Forced to do chores but then restricted so the chores were so hard to
do, it was a constant punishment, then with the constant worry of
being punished with a spanking while he did them added to his helpless
feelings. The threat of further torments if he complained. He felt
more like a slave now than ever before, traded off to another family
and enslaved by them. It was almost exactly as it was happening.

He managed to make her bed, it was a single, so reaching the coverings
was not as difficult. He left for Amy's room, they both watched as he
wiggled through the living room. "Could you get us some drinks when
you finish Amy's bed please?" Robyn asked. He stopped and curtsied and
said yes he would. She giggled, "You do pretty curtsies, I can't do
them that well. They make you practice them a lot?" He nodded and went
into Amy's room. The bed was just as easy to make, she stood in the
doorway watching him as he did, so he was extra careful not to bend,
he knelt to adjust blankets, he felt even more subservient doing so,
but he knew she would spank him again.

"You did a nice job on my bed," she said happily, "it hasn't been made
for a week. Mom is so busy. I like having you here to help clean up."

Billy smiled, she was nice, except for the spanking, hmmm.

He went to the kitchen, the tiny steps were so annoying. Looked in the
cabinets for glasses. The kitchen was such a mess. He saw some through
the glass cabinet doors, but to get them would mean reaching, and
exposing. He could ask them to get the glasses but he suspected they
would not do it. There was no stool to step on, so he had no choice,
he reached up an opened the door.

He felt the smack before he knew she was there, man she was quiet. He
jerked in surprise lowering his arms. Turning to protect his bum from
another smack. "I was getting the glasses for your drinks." he said.

"Your panties showed, and now I think you are complaining?"

"No, the dress is so short, when I raise my arms the hem lifts. I
wasn't complaining."

She stood there. "Well then if you are not complaining, get the

"Are you going to spank me again when I do?" billy asked.

"Yes. So if you are not complaining you will just do it."

Billy was trapped, he knew he was going to have to get the glasses and
let her smack his bum. She had the same look that Krissy had when she
spanked him. What was up with that?