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Title: The enchantress
Post by: trash princess on December 10, 2017, 07:06:14 AM
The meeting

The day i met her was the day my entire life changed. How i managed to escape her I'll never know. I still retain the physical mementos of my encounter with her. Some days i wish i hadn't gotten away. Some days i wish i could find her again.
Some days...i wish i could the enchantress.

It was one of those days, when nothing was happening. A day Where one merely sits around enjoying the view, begging the universe to entertain them. Normally on these days I could be found on my computer, browsing the internet for my favorite porn stars. But not today.
Today i decided i wanted a little action for myself.
I had walked into the cafe, deciding this would be the best place to cast my net, search for a nice pretty catch, someone who would fall for the wiley bad boy charms of a guy like me. I ordered a mocha, smiling pleasantly at the server. She was a nice young girl, probably just out of high school. She couldn't seem to keep her eyes off me. Or that's what i told myself anyway. I'd never been very good at picking up chicks.
I was preparing to make my move when SHE walked in. The woman who would change my life forever.
She walked right up to my table, not a care in the world. As she approached, my heart stopped.
Everything about her had an aire of dominance and command. As if men the world over would kill just to touch her black, leather boots. She had long, auburn hair that went down to her slim, hour glass waist, and large breasts that practically begged to be fondled. Her smile said hello, but her eyes said kneel.
And she had just sat down at my table.
"Um...hello...?" I squeaked, trying to find my voice. While this woman was beautiful, she was TOO dominant. It was intimidating. It was terrifying.
It was hot as hell.
She didn't respond, instead looking me over as if sizing me up. Again, i spoke.
"Um...who are you..."
Suddenly, she held up a finger and i clamped my mouth shut, finding myself incapable of disobeying her. The server came back.
"Oh, hello miss Tilla." She smiled at the woman. "What do you think? He's kinda cute, isn't he?"
I looked up at the server, caught off guard by that comment and blushing, just a tad. The woman, miss Tilla, responded.
"Yes...quite. Just what I'm looking for, in fact." The server set my mocha down, and a second drink which Miss Tilla took.
Meanwhile, I'm still trying to understand what is going on.
"I'm sorry, who are you?" I asked, now more curious than intimidated.
Miss tilla merely smiled. She said nothing at first, instead, bringing the glass to her tantalizing, cherry red lips. After what seemed like an eternity, she set the glass down, fixing her powerful gaze upon me. "Who am i? Simple. I'm the enchantress.
"And I'm going to change your life."

To be continued...
Title: Re: The enchantress
Post by: trash princess on December 11, 2017, 12:33:27 PM

That day ended fairly uneventful. Miss tilla and i talked for a few hours, small talk mostly. She seemed especially interested in my OWN interests. Though i still found her quite intimidating, i began to grow more and more comfortable with her as the day progressed. Little did i know, as we spoke, she was weaving her spell.
"Well, you seem a very interesting man. I think I'd love to get to know you better." She said, picking up her purse as my heart leapt in anticipation. Could i have done it? She laughs at my expression. "Oh darling, you're not ready for me. Not yet. But don't worry. I think we'll be meeting again. And when you're ready, I'll find you, okay?"
She didn't wait for my answer, but rather swept out of the room, aware that all eyes were on her.
It was several moments before i could stand.
Quickly gathering my things, i made my way out, unaware that this woman had just set in motion the events that would lead  to my ultimate feminization.

It was several days before i noticed the first change. It wasn't anything physical, but rather a mental change.
Upon waking up i opened my closet to get changed, and found that nothing in my wardrobe seemed to appeal to me. I didn't think anything of it, maybe I was just being extra picky today. After considering my options i chose a plain white t-shirt, threw on my suit and headed off to work. I had a desk job at an law firm, a rather boring uneventful job but it got the bills paid. Arriving at work, i made my way inside, greeting my boss.
"Hey Charles." She smiled, waving back. It was Then that i noticed her outfit.
It was a nice red dress, with a floral print.
To put it simply, it was VERY pretty.
"Ooh, i like your dress." I said without thinking, and she tilted her head, a suspicious look on her face.
"Okay, I've worn this dress at least twice this week. What do you want?"
I was a bit caught off guard by this and scrambled for an excuse. "Oh, n...nothing i just...i never really noticed it until now. It's pretty."
She wasn't convinced. Luckily she dropped the subject and moved on and i let out a sigh of relief. Why was i so uptight? All i did was compliment her dress and suddenly i felt like i was doing something...forbidden...
I watched her leave, my eyes never leaving that beautiful dress...and it hit me.
I really liked that dress.
I LOVED that dress.
You could wear that dress
I shook my head in shock at the thought that had come from nowhere, and tried to clear it from my head. Why the hell would i want that? Guys don't wear dresses! They can't!
And why not?
I didn't have an answer for the voice in my head. I grumbled under my breath, making my way to my office.
And with that, i lost myself in work.

The trip home was interesting, to say the least. The entire ride home i couldn't get my bosses beautiful dress out of my head, a feeling of desire flooding me. Why did i want that dress so badly?
As if that wasn't bad enough...i found myself noticing, more than usual, the women of this small town.
Not sexually, no.
I began to notice how PRETTY they were, how feminine.
And i couldn't help but feel envious.
"What the hell..." I turned my eyes back to the road, desperately trying to ignore these new stirrings as i made my way home, praying that i could just sleep this away.
Little did i know this was only the beginning.

To be continued...
Title: Re: The enchantress
Post by: trash princess on December 13, 2017, 06:13:09 AM
A real man

Days turned into weeks, and still the strange new...feelings hadn't left. If anything they'd only grown stronger. A week into this whole ordeal found me loathing myself. What kind of freakish man wants to wear dresses?
It didn't take long to squash that thought process, however. I mean, it's not like i actually WANTED to wear the stuff. I was just admiring them.
Of course, i told myself. I'mjust...really into admiring their dresses.
But no matter how i tried to rationalize it, i still couldn't shake that strange yearning, that longing for...something.
And that's when we crossed paths a second time.

She stood there in the library, as if she'd been waiting for me. As i passed she smiled, stopping me in my tracks.
"Well hello, dear. Fancy seeing you here." She said, swaying her tantalizing hips as she approached. I gulped, that intimidating feeling hitting me once again. Her very presence commanded respect and obedience, and it was nearly impossible to look away from her. It was as if she had me under some spell and I'd be damned if i was going to resist it.
I found my voice, clearing it. "Y...yeah, I always come here. To relax. I like the quiet."
"As do i." She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. "It's refreshing, wouldn't you agree?" I nodded, unable to find my voice.  Turning, she made her way towards one of the private study rooms, beckoning. "Care to join me?" She asked, and
I followed, finding myself incapable of refusing.
Closing the door, she sat at the table in the center of the room. "So, how have you been?" She asked, and for the next hour, we engaged in more small talk. Over the course of the conversation, i found myself talking about my recent desires, feeling as if a huge weight had been lifted from my chest, finally being able to talk about it. I couldn't explain it, but for some reason, i found i couldn't keep anything from her, everything spilling out at once. It was as if...i could trust her.
I didn't even know her.
She laughed softly, a sound that made my heart stop in its tracks.
"Oh hun, there's nothing wrong with liking a little beauty." She smiled fondly at me, taking my hand. I felt she could clearly see the goosebumps which had instantly spread along my arm. "In fact, it takes a real man to be willing to express his feminine side. Every man has one."
I couldn't help but blush at the thought. What feminine side?
"In fact, i think i have something that just might satisfy that side of you." And with that she produced a small necklace, with a pick gemstone in the center. The sight of it captivated me.
"It's beautiful." I said, awe struck.
"It's yours." She replied, holding it out, and leaving me dumbfounded.
"What??? This? But...this must've cost you a fortune!"
"Pocket change to me, darling. Please, take it, i insist."
I didn't know it at that time, but i had found myself at the most important crossroads of my life. I wonder what would have happened if i hadn't taken that charmed necklace. Would my stirrings fade? Would i return to normal? Months after this she had revealed to me that if i had refused the necklace she would have left me to my own devices, never to see me again. Would that have been preferable?
I don't know. I've grown so accustomed to being what i am now, i can't see life any other way.
That day, though, i made a choice. Without realizing it, i signed a contract with her by taking the necklace and clipping it around my neck.
I had given myself to her.
She smiled softly, clearly pleased with my decision. "Marvellous. Well, if you are not doing anything tomorrow, perhaps you could come by my place. I think you would LOVE it there."
Of course, i agreed. What else would i do? Here was this insanely attractive, yet still intimidating woman inviting me to her place. There's no way I'd say no.
with that, she rose, leaving the study room, a twinkle in her eyes.
And as sheb left, the necklace began it's work, slowly but surly.
My fate was sealed. The enchantress had snared her next victim.

To be continued...
Title: Re: The enchantress
Post by: trash princess on December 15, 2017, 04:35:35 PM

The next day i arrived at the address she had provided, my heart pounding in anticipation. What kind of lover would she be? Soft and gentle? Rough? Would she be dominant or let me take the lead? These thoughts rolled through my head as i pulled up to the gate, my eyes widening at the sight of the house beyond.
HOUSE wasn't an accurate assessment. This place was HUGE. A long driveway snaked through a beautiful garden, reaching all the way up to a roundabout in front of the door. The closer i got to the mansion the larger it seemed.
Finally, i reached the front door, pressing the doorbell. Moments later, the door was opened by a young girl, probably around my age, in a maid's outfit.
"Oh, hello! May i help you?" Her eyes went to my necklace, which i hadn't taken off since yesterday and her eyes widened slightly. "Oh...that's a pretty necklace."
I smiled slightly, blushing a little bit. "Thanks. Um...I'm Charles, miss Tilla asked me to come by she around?"
The maid nodded, a strange look on her face. "Yes she is. Come on in, I'll go fetch her." With that, she let me in, gesturing for me to take a seat. "I'll return shortly. Please, make yourself at home."
And like that she was gone, leaving me alone in this huge family room. Everything about this place SCREAMED femininity. The wall papers were pink, with a flowery print at the top and bottom. The tables were covered with a white table cloth. This was a room that was obviously meant to appeal to the girliest of girls.
So why did i enjoy the scenery so much?
It wasn't long until miss Tilla came in, followed by the maid. She wore a long flowing red and black ball gown, the sight of which took my breath away. She smiled as she greeted me, moving to embrace me. "Hello darling. I'm so glad you were able to make it."
She stepped back, twirling to show off her outfit. My heart slamed against my ribcage, threatening to break free. "Do you like my dress?" I nodded, unable to speak past the lump in my throat. The smirk on her face told me she clearly knew what she was doing to me.
She was playing with me.
And, maddeningly, i didn't want her to stop.
She giggled at the look on my face. "Oh sweetheart. I can read you like an open book. You admire my beauty, don't you?"
I couldn't help but nod.
"You love my femininity."
Again i nod.
"You envy it...don't you?"
That question stopped my in my tracks. To envy something means to desire to have something someone else has. Why would i envy someone else's beauty and femininity?
It didn't make sense.
But despite this...i couldn't deny it.
I wanted what she had. Beauty, grace, femininity...i wanted to be beautiful.
As i nodded, a huge weight lifted off my chest and i sighed, relaxing. "Yes...i...i do."
She smiled softly, sitting down with me With a chuckle. "Like an opem book."
She waved the maid over. "This is samantha. Used to be Samuel, until i got my hands on her." Samuel??? "Yes, once i start to weave my spell, no man can resist me." She scooted closer to me and every one of my instincts screamed at me to run.
But i couldn't move. I didn't WANT to move.
"See that's what i do. I find the prettiest boys i can and i change them, slowly altering their mind and body until, finally, they become my pretty little play thing." She smiled at the maid who twirled in response.
The action took my breath away and it occurred to me.
She really had placed a spell on me.
"When i first discovered magic i used it to get my boyfriend's to do whatever i wished in bed. It didn't take long for me to realize just how much i liked feminizing my men.
Soon i didn't have boyfriends. Not anymore. I decided i prefer sissy servants. And here we are."
A smirk crossed her face as her hand gripped my thigh. "Don't worry love. You're going to learn to love your new lot in life. So...shall we begin?"

To be continued...
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Post by: trash princess on December 18, 2017, 05:38:12 AM

She lead me away, beckoning for me to follow as she made her way into her room. I couldn't resist, no matter how hard i tried. My heart slammed against my chest as i began to realize that she had ensnared me in some kind of magical trap, forcing me to do as she wished. She beckoned, i came.
The maid followed close behind me. "Don't worry." She whispered. "She's not gonna hurt you. You'll probably wan't to resist at first but the moment she puts that dress on you you're going to surrender to her will. You'll realize this is all you've ever wanted. We ALL did."
I glanced back at her. "'re...a what, a..."
"A sissy maid, yes. She got a hold of me 7 years ago and i haven't left her side since. I'm her most loyal servant." "She" smiled, clearly proud of ...herself? Himself? I found myself so confused.
" look nothing like a guy!" I said, shocked.
"I know. That's the skill of the enchantress. Her magic will make you more beautiful than any girl you've ever known."
My face turned bright red at that as a feeling of butterflies danced in my stomach. I could be...pretty?
But WHY did i want that???
It had to be the spells she cast on me, i reasoned. That was the only way i could ever desire something so unorthodox. She was using magic to change my thinking, my very outlook on life and what i wanted out of it.
We arrived at the room and the maid closed the door as miss Tilla motioned for me to sit on the bed. Obviously, i obliged, incapable of refusal.
"I'm sure by now you've realized you can't resist my commands." She stated, going over to a vanity and looking through some drawers. "All thanks to my necklace that i gave you. Now that you are in my house the charms have activated in full and prevent you from defying direct commands. Don't worry, you can still think for yourself. But disobedience...that's impossible now."
She turned back to me, a triumphant smile on her face. "But i don't think you'll ever want to refuse me, not after today. Today, I'm going to make you the prettiest girl in the world. And you'll never want to go back."
With that she went over to the wardrobe and threw it open, revealing tons of dresses, blouses, crop tops, and skirts. She began rifling through the selection, picking out three outfits. A pink and white dress, a yellow blouse, and a skirt and shirt combo. "Okay...which one do you like best, love? And be honest."
Immediately my eyes were drawn to the pink and white dress. Taking a deep breath a tapped it, a feeling of humiliation hitting me. Was she really going to put me in this? I thought i was going to be getting laid today!
She smiled, putting the other two outfits away and ordering me to strip. I immediately complied, still incapable of resisting. Soon i stood in her room, naked as the day i was born. She looked me over, smiling. "One last thing before we get started."
She snapped her fingers, pointing toward my junk...and immediately all the hair fell away. She did the same to my arm pits and chest. "The necklace will ensure you never grow any hair anywhere on your body again. Except for the top of your head, of course. Every sissy girl needs a beautiful head of hair."
Reaching into her drawer, she pulled out a pair of white panties, tossing them to me. "Here you go. Put these on. Then get the dress on and we can proceed with the makeover."
Shaking, i was once again forced to obey, my face burning in humiliation...
But the moment the panties came on, something strange happened.
A feeling of calm swept over me. Acceptance flooded through my mind as i felt the soft fabric of the panties slide against my legs as i slowly put them on. I turned my eyes to the dress and, without any influence from the obedience spell, i grabbed it. I had to look it over a moment, checking out every detail. It was quite pretty, and a sense of longing fell over me.
Whatare your waiting for? Put it on!
The excitement built up and i hurriedly slipped the dress up and over my body. The enchantress cooed in delight.
"Oh you are just the cutest thing." She leaned over, kissing my cheek. "I knew you'd warm up to this quickly. They always do."
Straightening up, she turned back to the vanity. "Now, it's time for stage two. By the time I'm done with you, no one will recognize that you were ever a man."
Any other time i would have been shocked and horrified by such a statement. But not this time.
This time...that feeling of excitement returned, stronger than ever.
This time, i couldn't wait. I had surrendered to the wills of the enchantress.
And there was no going back.

To be continued...

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Post by: trash princess on December 22, 2017, 09:30:22 PM
The most beautiful girl in the world

The next few hours were a flurry of makeup, nail polish, and hair accessories. The enchantress worked her magic, making me over with the skill of someone who's been at this for many many years. When she finally finished, she stepped back, admiring her work. "Ohhh i think this might be my best yet. What do you think, Samantha?"
Sam came into view, looking me over. "I think she might be the prettiest girl in the world. Seconds only to you, mistress." Samantha smiled, a strange look on her face. "In fact...i think..."
"I know what you're thinking, sam, and the answer is no. Not quite yet. She isn't ready."
A feeling of dread overcame me. "Um...what are you two talking about?"
The enchantress flinched at the sound of my voice. "Oh god...too deep. I can fix that, though..." She snapped her fingers and tapped my adam's apple, causing it to suddenly shrink to nothing. "There. Now same something."
I whimpered a little bit, afraid of what will come out. "Um...hello?"
"Wait...what happened to my voice!!!" I demanded. My voice had grown risen to a higher, more feminine pitch. I no longer liked like a guy and NOW i don't even sound like a guy. No one would ever believe me, now.
Samantha giggled, clapping as she jumped up and down. "Awe, she sounds so cute, mistress! You really did a wonderful job on her."
"Thank you, love." The enchantress smiled, guiding me over to the mirror. "Take a look, love. This is what you were always meant to be."
Shaking, i turned my attention to my reflection...and gasped.
Standing before me in the mirror wasn't a man. Not any more. No man is THAT pretty. This woman had done such an incredible job on me that it was impossible to tell i was ever anything but a feminine sissy girl.
My heart pounded in my chest as i reached out to touch my reflection. I almost couldn't believe it, But...that was really me.
"I...I'm beautiful." I said in wonder.
" are." The enchantress replied, wrapping her arms around me from behind. "Don't you love it?"
I nodded. Of course i loved it. Her spells made sure of that.
"Don't worry my dear. You'll get used to being beautiful. Eventually, your necklace will change your body so that you'll have a more feminine figure, including breasts like samantha's."
This caught my attention. "Wait what??? But i don't want breasts! How will i go back to being a guy?"
The enchantress laughed. "Oh silly sissy. You WONT. Did you think this was temporary? Oh no. Once a sissy girl...always a sissy girl."

For the rest of my visit miss tilla coached me on the behavior of a lady, from proper etiquette, to how to speak. She even included lessons on how to flirt with guys and girls alike. As if I'd ever use THOSE skills.
By the time she was ready to let me go i was a proper lady. But she had one more thing to add.
"Before you go..." The smirk on her face terrified me. What did she have in mind?
" i have a command for you. My spell will ensure you obey. And my command is thus. Tomorrow, no matter what your day entails, you will wear this outfit. You will put on your makeup like a good girl. You will go the entire day as a pretty sissy trap. Whether you go to work, or on a date. That is my command for you." She looked down at me with a twinkle in her eye. "Good luck defying me. may leave."
"But...i need my clothes back..." I protested.
"No You don't love. These ARE your clothes. Samantha, if you will show her to the door."
Samantha smiled, leading me to the front door. Opening it, she handed me a slip of paper. "This can be a little uncomfortable at times. If you need some support, just call me."
I took the slip, turning to face the outside world with a bright red blush. There was no way i could go out there dressed like this...
And before i could react, Samantha had pushed me out the door, closing it behind me.
And that was that. I was out in the world, dressed up like a pretty pretty girl for all the world to see.
The enchantress had done a perfect job on me. A pretty face, an angelic voice, no adams apple. The only hint that i might not be what i appear was my flat chest, but everyone knew there were flat chested girls out there. And my flat chest wouldn't last long.
No, to everyone else, they wouldn't see a guy in drag.
All they'd see...was the most beautiful girl in the world.

To be continued...
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Post by: trash princess on January 04, 2018, 05:43:57 PM
First day at work

The walk home was perhaps the most intense event in my entire life. I felt so exposed, as if the entire world knew the truth about what i really was. I fully expected, any moment, for someone to out me.
That never happened. In fact, i was actually catcalled at least twice. One man even tipped his hat at me, much to my surprise, muttering "m'lady". People still do that???
I couldn't felt...good.
Finally arriving at home, i closed and locked the door, sinking to the floor. My very first instinct was to rip the dress away from my body...i didn't want it.
But...i did. And that was infuriating.

The next morning i tried. I tried so hard to resist the enchantress's command. I didn't want to go to work as a sissy, didn't want my co-workers to see me like that. But sure enough, i found myself, much to my shock and horror, involuntarily getting dressed, and putting on my makeup.
"That's it." I thought to myself. "I'm not going to work. I'm calling out"
I quickly dialed my  boss's number, clearing my throat.
"Hello?" She answered.
"Hey, Brianna" i said, trying to make my voice sound like my old voice. I opened my mouth, prepared to give her the "I'm not feeling well" speil
That's not what came out. "I was just wondering if i can come in earlier today."
WHAT??? Why did i say that??? I wanted to call in sick, not spend MORE time there.
"Of course. How does 8:30 sound?" She replies, her feminine voice causing a wave of jealousy to sweep over me.
"Sounds wonderful." I responded, completely against my will. What was going on? Why couldn't i call out? Was this the enchantress's doing?
"Awesome. I'll see you then. Um...are you okay? Your voice seems a little off."
I cleared my throat, trying once more to fight the spell, to no avail.
"Sorry, my throat has been a little sore today. I'm not sick. Just tired."
Brianna laughed. "And you want to come in EARLY?" With a chuckle, she hung up.
FUCK! What was going on? I needed to stay away from work at all costs?
Even Your job? the voice asked.
It was right. I couldn't just skip work. I NEEDED that job.
Taking a deep breath i finished getting ready. Maybe i could explain the situation to Brianna. Somehow.
Assuming the spelled would even let me.
Finally, after 30 minutes of procrastinating, i stepped out into the world, taking a deep breath. I hopped in my car and made my way to work.

15 minutes till 8:30...and i was still in my car, unable to bring myself to step out and face my boss. Or any of my co-workers, for that matter.
I was terrified.
If you don't go into work on your own...I'll make you love.
My eyes widened as it became clear that the voice in my head was the enchantress herself.
"Damnit get out of my head!" I demanded, now getting angry. shouldn't have yelled at me. You're going to regret that.
A feeling of dread hit me as my body began to move against my will, opening the door, stepping out, and confidently walking toward the door. My heart raced as i desperately tried to resist the enchantress, begging her to stop. She merely responded with a giggle.
Only a few steps away. The door opened and a coworker, cheryl, walked out, smiling at me as she walked past. She didn't notice. She didn't recognize me.
Yet, anyway.
3 steps, and i was growing desperate. My begging grew more frantic.
1 step. My hands reached for the door handle. please...please stop this...MISTRESS PLEASE!
Suddenly, my hand froze, inches from the door. What did you call me? her voice sounded...amused and pleased.
I gulped. I wasn't sure why i called her mistress. Maybe because i kept hearing Samantha call her that.
She seemed to purr at that. mmm...i quite like that very much. i relaxed, convinced i was off the hook.
Now let's go greet your co-workers, shall we?
And much to my horror, she made me open the door and step inside.

Of course, the first person i encountered would be Brianna.
She smiled at me, clearly not recognizing me right away.
"Hi, can"
I could almost feel the enchantress smirking. Have fun, my love.
And with that she left me to my own devices, to handle this on my own.
"Um...h...hi Brianna." I responded, my heart pounding. "I can explain..."
" look at YOU!!!" She immediately rushed out from behind her desk, spinning me around to get a good look at me. "You are fucking ADORABLE!" She stepped back, admiring me. "Charles i had NO idea you were like this!"
"It's...pretty new for me." I said, feeling incredibly timid.
"And your voice!" She cooed, pretending to swoon. "My god..." Looking me over once again, she smirked. "You know, if i had known you were into this i would have gone out with you years ago."
Wait what? "You're into..."
"Femboys, crossdressers, traps, Et cetera...your kind really get me all hot and bothered." She shivered, an obviously exaggerated reaction. "I could have quite a bit of fun with you."
Suddenly, my plight didn't seem so bad. She returned to her desk, sending me off to work where she could easily see me.
And you were scared enchantress mocked.
I still need to deal with my other co-workers.
Enchantress giggled, leaving me again, my heart pounding.
The office was empty, but any moment now the others would arrive.
And that's when the real torment would begin.

To be continued...