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Title: the abandoned warehouse
Post by: blarg on January 22, 2017, 02:15:47 AM
Hello all! This is the first story I've ever posted on this site, might not float everyone's boat but I think I got story codes right? Anyway, here it is, hope you all enjoy.

The Abandoned Warehouse

Solo-F, Bound, Cuffs, Enclosed, Inf, Machine, NC


The tall, well muscled orc woman walked down the darkened street. She looked at the buildings around her, most of them were abandoned warehouses, boarded up windows, crumbling brick walls and rusty chain link fences. She hefted her staff and smirked, a darkened street wasn’t going to phase her.
   The orc was named Hidden Sun. She was on this run-down street in the city for a job., She was a mercenary and had been hired to break into one of these abandoned warehouses. Apparently a small robotics corporation had used one of them to test their machines before going under. There were rumors that their prototypes were still locked away, and Sun was there to find the blueprints. It sounded like it would be a simple job for her, an easy paycheck.

   She strolled up to the old warehouse, there was a haphazard fence with a small rusty lock holding the gate closed. She smashed the lock on the gate and strolled right on into the dark building. Dust filled the air, making her sneeze. She shook her head and grimaced, this place had been abandoned for a while. Tall dark shadows loomed on the floor, all of the machines she assumed. The darkness distorted the shape of the machines, they loomed over Sun, strange shapes disappearing into the distance. Well, Those didn’t matter, only the blueprints. There was a rickety staircase by the entrance, she couldn’t see up the top very well, but it looked to her like it connected to some catwalks that went to an office at the other end of the warehouse.

   She climbed up the stairs, chipped paint falling to the floor below as the shuddered under her weight. She climbed into the deeper darkness above and stepped off onto the catwalks. As she strolled across the catwalks they creaked and swayed. She frowned and growled, she didn’t like the unsteady footing but it was the only way to the office. She made it about half way across the precarious walkway before the metal groaned and then snapped! With only a second of warning the catwalk below Sun fell away, and Sun fell with it.

   She landed hard on her back down below. Her staff clattered away from her grasp and the air was knocked from her lungs. She groaned and tried to move but she was still dazed. There was a humming in her ears and her eyes were unfocused and blurry. Suddenly she was blinded by the lights in the warehouse flickering on around her. She groaned again, still unable to move. She felt something rumbling below her, gears grinding to life again, pistons starting to pump and electric motors humming to life. Before she knew it she was moving. She had landed on a conveyor belt.

   She was still dazed from the hard fall, her body armor suddenly felt heavy, her chest heaved as she struggled to get air into her lungs, she hoped nothing had been broken. She was about to have much more to worry about though, the conveyor passed into a narrow opening, the tall, broad, muscular orc woman barely fit! Once she was inside a red light passed over her, scanning her she assumed. After the light faded four chunky metal clamps popped out of the side of the cramped metal box and fastened themselves around her wrists and ankles. The cuffs were attached to a track that lifted the helpless orc out of the box and elsewhere into the warehouse.

   As she was carried through the air She was able to look around a bit more, her head had started to clear. The warehouse had come to life, all those dark looming shapes from before had been revealed. The prototype robots and machines had whirred to life. For such advanced technology it all looked like something imagined from the early 20th century. Pistons pumped, bellows huffed and puffed and gears and belts spun away, it looked like it was ripped straight from Loony Toons. Who’s demented mind came up with this stuff? No wonder the corp was forced into bankruptcy.

The track Sun was attached spread eagle too suddenly dived back down into another narrow metal chute. She started to pull at the cuffs, thinking she would easily break out of the old things. She was surprised when nothing happened, the cuffs were thick and well built. She strained and strained, her muscles bulging as she struggled in their grasp, but it was no use, she was stuck tight. She gritted her teeth as the cuffs braked on the track and ground to a stop. She was suspended over a pit with a chute marked “Laundry.” Robotic arms folded out from a box beside her and started to manhandle the orc. The pulled her body armor off and dropped it down the chute, leaving Sun in her rather embarrassing underwear. The tall, strong, heavily scarred orc who prided herself on her independence and strength was wearing a diaper.

The machines seemed a bit confused for a moment, they poked at the garment, hefting it and crinkling it, Suddenly they must have decided something. The arms ripped the diaper off of Sun and carried it away. The track bounced again and the naked orc was carried a little further along the track to an odd machine. The walls weren’t metal like the rest of the machines in the warehouse, they were clear. She could see hoses and nozzles all along the track she was being carried towards. She tried to struggle again, she was not looking forward to whatever would happen to her in there! But as always, the machine won, it pulled her to the first set of nozzles and Sun got blasted by a spray of water from all sides. The water was cold and the blasts were extremely high pressure. Sun roared as she was surprised by the water, it was scouring her from head to toe, blasting away at the dirt on her body.

The cold blasts were not the end of it though, they were only the start. She was rattled along the track as various spinning brushes extended form the walls. The water at least was starting to warm up, and now it was a soapy mix. It was not aimed well though, Sun had to squeeze her eyes shut and close her mouth to stop from swallowing it. The brushes got to work. They were hard and bristly and relentless. They too scoured her from head to toe, the rough bristles invading every bit of Sun’s body. She felt they were trying to clean the skin right off of her. And then the brushes got to the most tender part of her body. She screamed, and then gargled as a blast of water filled her mouth. She had never been this humiliated in her life.

Finally, after what felt like hours the scrubbing stopped. The deflated orc was carried out of the cleaning machine and dried with blasts of hot air. The track she was on clicked loudly, and the cuffs carried her deeper into the mess of machinery and to a simple, plain cushioned table. She was laid down flat, and then her legs were yanked into the air. Some more robotic arms popped out of the table, one of them holding a very large, very thick diaper, printed just like a baby diaper, but sized for her! The diaper was strapped tight around the humiliated orc’s waist.

And with the change done the machine was almost finished with her. She was tugged back up into the air and carried to a row of cribs. She was set down in a crib, but was far too large, her arms and legs splayed over the sides. The machine thought for a bit and then started to push and pull at her arms and legs. Mechanical hands manhandling her into a little scrunched up ball before shoving her deep into the crib and locking the top over her. Satisfied she was finally in there the machine hummed to a stop. The lights dimmed and shut off with a click. The pistons stopped pumping, the gears stopped clanging. Everything went quiet and dark. Well, quiet except for the grunting of a very cramped and very humiliated and angry orc. Sun was crammed in a very awkward position in the crib. Her arms were behind her back, her legs folded up and over her chest. Her padded rear pushed against the bars at the back and her head was forced up against the bars at the front.

It took some work but Sun was finally able to burst the top off of the crib. She carefully extracted herself and hopped out. She sucked in air through her teeth as her muscles cramped. She had to steady herself for a bit as she shook her legs and stretched. She looked around the warehouse again, everything was dark looming shapes hidden in shadow. She snarled, bared her tusks and climbed out of the tangle of machinery, being very careful not to fall again. Finally she made it back to the door. She grabbed the cloak she left by the entrance, threw it over herself and stalked out. If anyone else wanted the blueprints they could have them. Screw the paycheck, she was done.
Title: Re: the abandoned warehouse
Post by: superdude103194 on January 22, 2017, 08:26:02 AM
Nice to see you on this site as well! I enjoyed the story. I wonder if your other stories would fit here as well?
Title: Re: the abandoned warehouse
Post by: ElectroPainLover on January 22, 2017, 06:07:33 PM
Thanks for the story blarg. I liked the machine aspect of it, but, I am more of a human fan than that of creatures. It was interesting however. Thanks again.

Title: Re: the abandoned warehouse
Post by: Abbacor on January 22, 2017, 08:51:13 PM
Do I detect a touch of Shadowrun here?
Title: Re: the abandoned warehouse
Post by: blarg on January 23, 2017, 04:01:06 AM

Do I detect a touch of Shadowrun here?

haha, yes you do. I actually made this character for a Shadowrun game I never got to play, but I liked her so much she just stuck in my mind. And like all the characters I like I had to do horrible fetishy stuff to her :p