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Title: Someone with special interests;)
Post by: Cod3ck1ll4 on July 03, 2016, 03:51:04 PM
Hello Everyone.

I am a male from Germany and consider myself as dom. I like to wear my fullbody latexsuit combined with my elektro toys, its the best for soloplay ;)

I Like: Bondage/Selfbondage,  Latex, sensory deprivation, mummification, objecticfication, dollyfication, bimbofication, mind conditioning, mind control  and breathplay.
I dont Like: crossdressing, forced feminisations
I hate: scat, ns, diaper, bukakke and other muddy or gross  plays  :(

Beside the already mentioned fetishes iam also someone who likes the extreme (in fiction/fantasy and storys). I just hope that my taste is not too extreme for this kind of forum.

e.g. I like storys about women who volunteer(or "cons" and later "nc") for extreme longterm/liftime changes in thier relationship.
Those are usually surgery made changes, like become a quadruple amputee for beeing a hug pillow or foot mats.
Or if they get breast enhancements where the implants are special made with vibrating or electro funktions (radio controlled).
I also love it when in petplay storys she is surgically altered to match the aspects of  a cat/dog/pony 

Iam always desperate for storys with this kind of elements.

if you are interested in some of this fetishes too, you should reed some of Darqside's storys:

Now I do have written more than I had intended . I hope you forgive me :P

Regards Cody.

Title: Re: Someone with special interests;)
Post by: Zephyr on July 10, 2016, 08:22:37 AM
Nothing to forgive!

Welcome aboard. Ihave no idea where statistically the Plaza membership stands (although I guess I could look at the boards and posts, duh) nothing you've listed sounds outside of the standards Gromet has set. Check out the Writers Guide at ( if you need to, to get an idea of the story codes that you like and then browse through the different story archives. There may not be a lot of stories in line with your best delights but they are here; I've read them. I can't think of any off the top of my keyboard, but post a message in the General section / Looking for a Story and you will be happily astounded at the quality and depth the gestalt that is Gromet's Plaza can deliver!