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Sleeping Beauty
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Here is a new story of me. Please enjoy and I hope you'll leave some feedback.

Sleeping Beauty

by Miriam

The muffled sounds of dirt hitting a wooden surface filled her ears. There was no light and she also couldn't move. Her heartbeat got faster and faster. Could it be? Was he actually doing this to her? This was just thought as a very kinky game. A sexual play that should help him to get over his ex-girlfriend. Perhaps this action was the final act and then he was going to get her out so they can go home.


Miriam's friend was a real cute one. He did the right things to keep her attention, but strangely if it should come to sex, he backed out. For a long time she had no idea why. She really wanted to have sex with him. Even if she asked for the reason, he always found a way to change the subject. One day she simply had enough.

“What's the matter?” Miriam asked.

“Nothing. Everything is in order.” He replied, “What's about a nice dinner tomorrow in the evening?”

“Please don't do this again.” She told him “Every time you're backing out and if I ask why, you're changing the subject. But not today! I want to know! Now! If you don't tell me, I'll end our relationship!”

Miriam saw the hurt in his eyes and knew she just hit the right button. She knew that he loved her, but if a man doesn't want to have sex after months of dating, there was something wrong. Today was the day she demanded on an explanation.

He sat down on the bed next to her, his hands folded on his lap and head lowered. A deep sigh escaped his throat. Miriam slid closer and placed her arm around his neck to make him feel safe. Then she kissed his cheek to tell, she was there for him.

“Well, okay. I'll tell you if you promise to not feel hurt.” he started out.

“Feel hurt?” Miriam asked. “So is nothing about impotence or such? Well, I promise.”

“Thank you dear.” He almost whispered as he looked shortly into her eyes before he lowered his head again and his fingers wrestled on his lap, “No. I'm not impotent. Its just....”

“Just what?” Miriam bend forward to get her head down and look up into his eyes.

“Its......its because my ex-girlfriend.” He told, “I know you don't know her, but I still can't get over it.”

“Your ex?!?” She spurted out and deep inside she really felt hurt. “If you still love her, why are we together?”

“No, no! Its not love. It isn't that.” He re-emphasized. “Its something she promised but never did. It still hurt and I can't get over it.”

“Oh!” Miriam replied and now she was the one who sighed in relief, “What was it she promised? I mean, if it still hurts you, I would like to help you to get over it.”

“Well, we promised each other to share everything....” He started to explain, “....and I mean really everything. Feelings, dreams, problems, even sexual wishes and desires. I did everything for that promise, but she didn't.”

“Okay.” Miriam just said.

“I told her everything, but at some time I found out, she had a secret.” He looked up into her eyes and she could tell, he wasn't sure he had the right words. He paused for a few long moments before he continued. “It was a sexual fantasy of hers.”

“Okay.” Miriam said again and got somewhat intrigued what kind of fantasy it could be that his ex kept secret from him so desperately.

“I found out one day when she was out for work and I had a free day for myself.” He got on. “As I did some clean up of the flat, I found a book. It was her diary. At first I thought I should just put it aside since we had our promise, but then I got curious. I sat down and started to browse just through the latest pages of her diary. Then I found an entry that shocked me. It shocked me and also was a huge turn on. I was also very disappointed that she never told me and we got no chance to try it out.”

“And what did you do?” Miriam asked him and her fingers crawled the back of his neck to make him feel comfortable with her.

“Nothing.” He answered, “I just closed her diary and put it aside. I never had the courage to tell her what I know. I felt it was better to just wait and let her come out with it when she's ready. She never did and I never could get it out of my mind. Then we broke up. That's all”

“That's all?” Miriam repeated in a question, “I mean I can hardly believe that this is the reason we can't have sex.”

He looked up at her and again she saw hurt in his eyes. He reached out, took her hand and squeezed it.

“Sex was never the same for me since I read her fantasy.” He explained to me, “I mean deep inside I feel that I have to try it out. Just reading about was so exciting, that normal sex didn't give me what my mind needed.”

“Do you want to tell me what it is?” Miriam asked him. “I mean perhaps there is a way I can help you to get over it so we can get into a usual relationship including sex. You know I love you.”

“I don't know.” He answered. “Perhaps that's a bit too kinky, too dirty and too odd for you.”

“You'll never know if you don't try.” She smiled at him.

Again he looked into her eyes. The squeeze on her hand was a bit harder this time. He smiled back at her and she knew, this was the right time for it. Then he pulled her closer so she could rest her head at his shoulder before he started to tell.

He explained everything in each little detail. Over and over again he assured her that it would be safe. Although she was terrified but deep down in her lower belly she also felt that unmistakable exciting tingle. That one you'll get if you know, its really going to happen. You know you'll have sex for the first time with that man you fell in love with plus you get the chance to help him to get over his ex.


Now Miriam was here. She agreed that they'll do it. The night was warm and everything was just illuminated by the full moon. Her heart pounded up into her neck as she waited for her friend to show up.

Even if it was her friend who selected the dress she wore, she was sure she must look like an angel for him when he sees her. It was a really beautiful white frilled dress which reached down over her knees and had very thin spaghetti straps to hold it up over her shoulders. The straps were crossed over her shoulder blades and a zipper along her spine up to them made it cling against her torso. Its cleavage was decent and frilled which made her breasts look a bit bigger than they were. Miriam just loved to see herself in the mirror earlier this evening.

To make her outfit complete, her friend put out a pair of silky white hold-up stockings and a pair of beautiful white pumps. It was a bit difficult to walk in them since their heels sunk into the soft ground with each step she took. Most of the time she just stood there and looked along the dimly lit gravel path.

As the time passed by Miriam started to doubt if it was a good idea to come here all alone to meet him. The closest signs of civilization were a few Kilometers away and she didn't know who or what might creep through the night around her, especially at this location. Somewhere in the night an owl let out its call which made her shiver.

Right as Miriam started to think about returning to her car, she saw a dark shape on the gravel path. She narrowed her eyes to fix it and noticed, it came up into her direction. Her heart started to pound harder. In the dim moonlight it was impossible to recognize something. But then, as the shape came closer, she started to recognize the movements. Miriam sighed in relief as she realized, it was him.

He increased his pace and as he reached her, he wrapped his arms around her to pull her close for a kiss. Miriam wrapped her arms around his neck and could feel, his heartbeat was as hard as hers.  Her lips parted as she felt his probing tongue. Her own shoved out to meet his for a long and passionate kiss. It felt so nice as a shiver ran down her spine, the butterflies started to move and it simply lifted her foot off the ground.

“You look so wonderful. Simply incredible.” He panted as their lips separated for some breathes. “Just like I always imagined. Are you sure you want to do this for me?”

“Yes!” Miriam could only whisper as she looked in his eyes to see the excitement in them.

“Even at this place?” He asked and with those words he spun her around to make her look at the large sign above the old and rusty gate while his hands moved onto her breasts to gently massage them.

Miriam already read the sign as she arrived and again it send a cold shiver down her spine and caused a lot of goosebumps. She had to sigh not only because of that but also of feel his strong and warm body behind her and his caressing hands.

“Cemetery...” She repeated the word the sign reads. “This is the strangest place I could imagine to have my first time with you. How did you find this place? I mean its so.....secluded.

He didn't stop massaging her left breast while his right hand moved down on her belly to stroke it in little circles. She felt his cheek on her shoulder as he leaned in to kiss her neck.

“It took me some time to find it.” He whispered into her ear. “No one was here for ages and besides to us no one else will show up here for the next few ages.”

Another shiver ran down her spine. She took her head back and he kissed her neck again.

“So no one would disturb us? No one will going to watch what we do?” Miriam gasped and instinctively she pushed herself back against him.

“No one will see us.” He nibbled at her earlobe. “No one expect to the souls of the people resting here. … And they won't tell anyone. Do you want to do it for me? Here?”

She bit on her lower lip of his words. Her mind started to push all doubts away as his touches woke up more butterflies in her tummy and sent this exciting tingle between her thighs. Miriam wondered a bit if the souls could really see what they were about to do. She wondered if it would upset them or if they might enjoy.

“Uhm. I think I'm ready.” She whispered. “I think I won't be more ready than now.”

“That's fine.” He kissed her neck again and his hand on her belly slid further down to stroke over her covered pubic mound. “There is some more I want to show you but let me carry you. I don't want that beautiful dress to get dirty.”

With that she felt him leaning down to place his forearm at the back of her knees. Quickly she placed her arm around his neck as he lift her off the ground. His other arm supported her back while its hand reached around to caress her breast. Miriam's heartbeat increased as he took the first steps towards the rusty gate. With his foot he opened one wing of the gate. The squeaking noise was louder than she expected and she pushed herself firmer against his chest.


As they passed the gate, it was as if they entered a complete different dimension. The ground was covered by a layer of fog which seemed to float around his feet. All the old tombstones and trees seemed to grow out of the fog. It also got strangely silent.

He went carefully but also quickly. Miriam assumed it wasn't his first time here and he knew where their destination was. His lips moved as if they formed silent words. Perhaps he counted his steps. Two times he changed the direction. First time he turned right and after a while he turned left. After a few steps he stopped and looked in her eyes.

“I want you to close your eyes now. Please keep them closed until I say otherwise.” He told her and brushed a kiss on her lips.

Miriam did as he told and snuggled herself more into him as she felt he moved on. I felt he turned the direction one more time. She wasn't sure if it was really to the right. Then, after a few more steps he went to put her down on my feet.

“Don't move.” He told her as his hands left her body. “I'm right back.”

Miriam's knees started to feel like pudding. She could hear his breath and how his clothes rustled as he moved. Then a series of loud clicks started. She couldn't tell what it was, but she was sure, it was something he did. Miriam crossed her arms in front of herself and rubbed over her upper arms. It wasn't cold, but she felt more comfortable due to that. She had to twitch and gasp as he was suddenly behind her and added his hands to hers on her upper arms.

“Its okay. Its just me. Don't be scared.” He whispered into her ear and kissed it. “Almost everything is ready. You can open your eyes now.”

First she opened my eyes and then her mouth in surprise. Her mind called immediately to turn around and run away, but he held her softly. His lips started to caress her neck as they both looked down at the deep hole in the ground.

It wasn't just a hole and strangely all the candles he lit around it seemed to block the swirling fog so that it didn't fly into the hole. The hole itself was about 2 meters long and 1 meter wide. A narrow ladder to their feet led about 2 meters down into the hole and ended in an obviously new coffin. Its lid stood open and inside the lid and the coffin itself were lined with a silky shining, frilled and white fabric. On the far end she saw a wide pillow.

Miriam's mouth stood wide open as she felt his hands slowly stroke along her arms. He told her that he took time to prepare this evening, but she never imagined what she got to see now.

“Look at the tombstone!” He whispered into her ear and nibbled at her earlobe.

Miriam looked at it and at first she saw just an ordinary old tombstone. The name was weathered so she couldn't read it. Then it hit her and she had to gasp. The engraved date of birth was hers! The day and the month matched exactly. The only difference was that the person it belonged to, was born about 200 years ago. She was really stunned and had to gasp again as she read the date of the persons death. It was today! 200 years ago, but the month and day were matching! Again her mind called to turn around and run.

“I … I don't think this is such a good idea.” Miriam whispered while her whole body trembled. “It looks like.....its going too far.”

“Please trust me, Sweetheart” He whispered behind her. “Its safe! I promise! And you want to help me to get over my ex, don't you?”

She swallowed down a lump in her throat. He was right. She wanted to help him so badly. She wanted them to get into a normal relationship, If this was the only way to solve his problem, she wanted to do this. She bit on her lower lip and nodded.

“Yes.” Miriam said. I” love you and I should trust you. Let's do it.”

“Good girl!” He smiled and she saw that he reached into his pocket to pull out a small bottle with a clear liquid in it. “You should drink this.

Miriam looked at the bottle in his hand, then turned her head to look in his eyes. She saw his excitement in them and also felt the bulge in his trousers as he pressed against her from behind.

“What is this?” She wanted to know.

“Its a drug.” He explained. “Don't worry, it wouldn't harm you. Its just a muscle relaxant. You'll still be able to breathe, smell, taste and feel. Its only effect is that you won't be able to move your arms, legs and head anymore. You also won't be able to move your eye lids and your mouth.”

“Why should I drink this?” Miriam asked and once again her mind screamed at her to flee.

“It makes it easier for you to pretend sleeping.” He replied. “We talked about and you know its an important part of it all. It would ruin everything if you start to squirm and wriggle around, perhaps also moan while I take you. With the drug you can lay still, but are also be able to feel everything. You can feel and enjoy everything. Isn't that what you want? To enjoy your first time with me?”

Again he was right. She wanted to enjoy him. She wanted to enjoy the first time he would enter her. She wanted to enjoy badly even if it would happen at such a strange place.

“Yes, dear. I want it.” Miriam answered. “ For us. For our love. To help you to get over your ex.”

With that she took the bottle out of his hand, opened it up and drank all out. He smiled warmly at her as he took the bottle out of her hand. Then he leaned in to kiss me on her lips. It was merely a brush of a kiss, not as passionate as earlier as they met at the entrance.

“Now hurry!” He whispered. “Climb down and lay yourself into the coffin. Stretch out your legs and cross your hands over your belly. Close your eyes too. Hurry because it won't take long until the drugs effect kicks in. I don't want you to hurt yourself.

“Okay.” She replied and already started to feel weak.

He took her hand and guided her carefully over to the ladder. He didn't let go of her hand as she turned around to climb down. Miriam had to be very careful because her arms and legs felt as if they wanted to give in. Only when she was down in the coffin, he let go of her hand. She had to move to sit down quickly. Miriam was sure that if she didn't do so, she would simply fall into the coffin. Her movements seemed very slow as she lay down onto her back and shifted herself into that position he mentioned. Her arms didn't really respond anymore as she tried to cross her hands over her belly. It needed four attempts to get her hands up there.

Only now Miriam dared to rest her head onto the pillow. She looked up to him one last time to see the smile on his face. She tried to smile back but wasn't sure if that really worked. Then she closed her eyes and from now on she only felt the smooth and silky fabric on her skin.

“You look so beautiful.” She heard his voice somewhere above her. “Almost like a sleeping angel. Hold on! I'm with you soon!”

Miriam tried to smile and this time she was sure that her muscles didn't respond. She also tried to open her eyes to look at him as she heard him climb down the ladder, but also her lids didn't respond. Miriam's heart pounded faster in the prospect he would join her for some really nice moments.

Miriam felt his boots at her calves and soon after that the grip of his hands around her ankles. Her breath got a little heavier as she felt him lifting her legs up to make room for himself to kneel. She felt herself flushing as his hand moved up her stocking covered leg to shove up the frilled skirt of her dress. All too soon she was sure he could see her white laced panties.

His hand moved further up, lingered a bit on the seam of her stocking and then just his fingertips traced small circles upward on her uncovered thigh. Slowly, so very slowly, they came closer to her panties and she already started to feel the effects of his sensual touches. But then his fingers left her skin and only his other hand held up her legs by her ankles. Miriam was a little disappointed.

Miriam felt how he bent her legs further upward and how he leaned over her. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt his fingertip stroking over her face, just between her nose and lips. Then she realized he applied a liquid onto that spot and soon after that a decent note of lavender filled her nostrils.

It helped her really to relax and Miriam's mind started to imagine him over her. She imagined his face came closer and closer. She could feel his eyes stroking and caressing each little spot of her sleeping like face. His fingers started to trace over her chin and then, with just a little pressure, he urged her mouth to open. Miriam felt not just his hand holding her ankles, but also his body holding her legs up as he leaned in to kiss her. Again her breath got a bit heavier. She felt his lips on hers and slowly, without much force, his tongue slipped into her mouth. Every part of Miriam's body started to tickle as his tongue slowly teased along hers. She wanted to kiss him back, but her tongue didn't respond. He kissed her for a long time and she was sure he could see her eyes moving under her closed lids.

The kiss and the decent scent of lavender had their effect. Miriam could feel her pussy heating up and to produce moisture. Her mouth stayed slightly open as his lips left hers. She could almost see him how he moved back to kneel in front of her hip with her legs still held up by her ankles. Then she felt his fingertips again on the bare skin just above her stockings. This time it felt so much more sensual. If she could, she would have rolled her hip invitingly.

He took his time to stroke over Miriam's thighs. Soon she also felt his warm breath brushing over them, followed by his softly kissing lips. He kissed around her thighs and very slowly upwards.

“Mhh. It seems the sleeping beauty gets turned on.” Miriam heard him speak down there. “I want to know how you taste!”

With that he traced his fingertips for the first time over her panties covered mound. Did she really hear her own sigh as it happened? Slowly he moved his fingertips. Miriam felt them stroking teasingly over her covered labia. He was right. As he did it, she could feel her panties were damp. Then his fingertip moved up to her pleasure button. She sighed again as it lingered there with just a little hint of pressure. Then, with very slowly movements, he started to stroke in small circles over her still covered clit.

Oh she wanted to push up her pelvic so badly to meet his finger, but her muscles didn't want to. For just a brief moment Miriam got frustrated, but the sensation washed it simply away. It also washed away all her doubts and she started to forget where they were.

After a nearly endless time he removed his finger. Miriam could feel his warm breath  brushing over her now soaked panties. He planted a soft kiss onto her clit as his hand moved up and his fingers hooked under the waistband of her panties. His grip around her ankles got a little firmer as he lifted her up a bit. She had to sigh again as he started to pull down her panties. They were clinging to her labia and she had to sigh as her panties separated from them. Patiently he tugged at its right side, at its left and at the right again to let her feel the fabric brushing down over her skin.

As Miriam's panties reached the seam of her stockings, he started to move faster. She felt him pulling her panties down over her knees and her calves until it reached his hand around her ankles. Then he wrapped his arm around her legs to pull her panties fully off.

When he was done, Miriam felt how he shifted his position. She couldn't see how he shoved her panties into a pocket of his jacket. Then he placed his hands in the back of her knees, parted her legs slightly and bent them upwards again. And again she felt his warm breath brushing over her now fully exposed, bald shaved pussy.

“How wet you are.” He whispered. “The scent of your sex is divine. Let me feast on that generous amount of juice!”

He sent Miriam almost to heaven as his lips touched her pussy. First he kissed along her labia and planted a very soft one onto her pleasure button. Then she felt his tongue for the very first time. Softly it stroked over her labia and clit. He repeated it a few more times and each time with a little more pressure. Miriam's heart raced and her breath got so very quick as he parted her labia with his tongue. He dug his tongue deep into her love tunnel for a few times before he went back up to her pleasure button. It felt so good as his tongue flicked over it and it got even better as he started to suck and nibble at her very sensitive spot.

The time went so slowly while he ate her out and as he eventually stopped, Miriam felt herself panting really hard. She noticed how he moved again and the noise of his zipper assailed her ears. She knew it was time. Just a few moments later she could feel his huge and smooth glans at her labia. He rubbed it up and down along them to lube it up. Then, with a loud groan of him and a deep sigh from her, he slowly pushed in. He did it slowly so they both were be able to savor each little centimeter of his glans and shaft diving in and rubbing over the soft, warm and wet folds of her tunnel. Eventually Miriam felt his balls touching her backside and knew, he was fully in now.

He didn't move for what seemed like hours. Miriam just felt him stuck deep in her longing pussy. She tried to concentrate onto her muscles to massage him, but it was useless. The drug was too effective. Again she started to get a little frustrated, but as he started to pull back, the good feelings also returned.

“You're incredible hot” He panted as he stopped to pull back and only his glans rested between her labia. “I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.”

Oh, Miriam enjoyed it. A pleasant sigh came over her lips as he started to dive back into her. It was just a little bit faster this time, but again they savored each little centimeter. As he was fully in, he didn't wait this time. He pulled back out and drove it in again. And again it got a bit faster. Each time he increased speed when he shoved his manhood back into her. It felt so good to have him finally. Miriam wanted him to go on, to take her faster, harder and to coat her cervix with his sticky hot semen. Her eyes rolled under her closed lids and She didn't want this to end.

He didn't come in her. Instead he pulled out and Miriam assumed he might be close to orgasm. His panting sounded heavily as she felt him lay down her legs. He stretched her legs out and tugged her skirt back into place. Then she felt his thighs and knees next to her legs. Miriam wanted to bite on her lower lip as she felt how he shifted up over her legs and body. her breath got harder as he sat down on my chest. her mind showed Miriam how he held his manhood just a few centimeters away from her lips.

“I assume you must be thirsty.” He spoke to her and she heard wet squishing noises. “Just hold on. I'll give you something tasty.”

The squishing noises were increasing as well as his heavy panting and grunts. Miriam felt how he shifted a little as he reached back to stroke and rub over her pussy and clit. He knew exactly what he did and teased her up this way until she was very close to explode. Then his hand disappeared just to let Miriam feel his wet fingers at her cheeks. Gently he pushed her mouth open and placed his glans on her lips. He didn't just let go to spurt all over her face and into her mouth. He controlled the amount of leaking semen. A good amount of it flew into her mouth to cover her tongue and the roof of her mouth. It tasted wonderful, but Miriam couldn't swallow. He knew that and took his time to smear the rest of his semen over her lips and around her mouth. This was the sign she needed to let herself go. Involuntarily all of her muscles twitched and she felt her pussy clenching heavily.

“Ahhh! That was good!” He panted as he sat back onto Miriam's chest. “I hope you love that little meal I just gave you.”

For a while he just sat on Miriam. She noticed how his breath calmed down and felt his eyes on her now freshly decorated face. A faint rustle mixed into the noises as he cleaned his hands with a tissue. Then Miriam felt his hands on her cheeks as he stroked back behind her head. Gently he lifted her head and took his time to sprawl out her hair on the pillow.

“Now you look really beautiful.” He told Miriam as he set her head back down onto the pillow. “I'll never forget this moment.  Thank you so much.”

Miriam wanted to thank him too, but her lips and tongue were still limp as well as the rest of her body. She just felt how he stood up and could hear how he closed his trousers. Now she expected him to lift her out and hold her close until the drug's effect fades, but he did something very different. Somehow Miriam could feel how he left the coffin. Strange noises filled her ears and then she heard a loud thud. Miriam's heart skipped a beat. What was going on?

The next noises sounded very mechanical. It sounded as if someone drove screws into wood. Miriam's heartbeat increased. Four, five and finally six times she heard that noise. Her mind told Miriam that he just closed the lid of the coffin, but she didn't want to believe those thoughts. For a long time everything got quiet.


The muffled sound of dirt hitting a wooden surface filled her ears. There was no light and she also couldn't move. Her heartbeat got faster and faster. Could it be? Was he actually doing this to her? This was just thought as a very kinky game. A sexual play that should help him to get over his ex-girlfriend. Perhaps this action was the final act and then he was going to get her out so they can go home.

Miriam tried to calm herself down and told herself over and over again that he just wanted to scare her a little before he would get her out. There was another thud and then one more. It seemed as if it didn't want to end. By the time the sounds seemed to faint. Miriam's mind was spinning. Did he really fill up the hole with dirt?

At some time she couldn't hear any noises anymore. Everything got quiet except for the breathes which passed her nose and lips. Miriam prayed to God that he wouldn't waste too much time to dig her out again. The time passed and slowly the air got stale. She wanted to knock and to kick against the lid. She wanted to scream and use her nails to scratch through the wood and her way up to the surface. The drug was still working. It was impossible for Miriam to do anything of that.

Miriam tried to calm down, to breathe only now and then so she could save up the remaining air until he would get her out. She felt her heartbeat started to get irregular. Panic rose up and Miriam breathed faster again. She used up the air way too fast and as her mind wasn't be able to focus anymore, it hit her. Miriam didn't want to believe, but her mind told her the truth. It wasn't the secret dream of his ex she helped to fulfill for him. It was his secret dream! There was no ex girlfriend to get over. He wanted to get over her! Miriam's mind screamed to God to tell her that she was wrong. Cold crept into the coffin from all directions. She froze as her heart eventually stopped beating  and her mind stopped working.


Outside he solidified the earth into the now filled hole. Then he put away all the candles which still marked the outlines of the grave. Before he left the cemetery, he arranged leaves and little branches in a way so that it looked as if no one was here for ages. For a few more minutes he just stood there, looked down at Miriam's grave and smiled. Then he waved good bye, turned on his heels and left the cemetery.


A few hours later he knocked at the door to Rebekka's flat. Happily the young woman rose up from her couch to answer.

“Oh, its you!” She chirped and jumped into his arms. “I thought about you so much and finally you're here.”

“Yes, I am.” He answered and pulled her close for a kiss. “I'm sorry for being late, but I had to clarify something with my ex.”

“Is everything okay?” Rebekka wanted to know. “Did she cause any problems?”

“Don't worry about her. Now she is just a sleeping beauty and nothing more.” He assured Rebekka. “It's not worth being concerned about. Well, there is still something. May I come in so we can talk about it?"

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Re: Sleeping Beauty
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Welcome back Miriam, thank you for your excellent story, I love the way you describe what happens in the cemetery, the sex scenes and how he left her buried in the end, before moving on to the next victim.  ;)

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Re: Sleeping Beauty
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Thank you Gromet.  :)

For a long time I wasn't in the mood to write something new. But now I can say, there is more to come. Not just about this subject. ;)



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