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Mark's totally normal garbage day
« on: August 10, 2023, 02:08:42 am »
Hi all! I've been reading trash can stories here for a while and I've always loved them! It's been a while since I wrote anything, but I've been trying a bit again recently and I think some of you would appreciate my newest work.

Mark's totally normal Garbage day

bagged; compacted; death; diaper; disposal; garbage truck; mum; trash; trashcan; XXX; nc

It was another regular old boring work day for Mark. Driving his garbage truck down the same old routes early in the morning. Sure, the pay was alright if you could get over the smell, the hours and the monotony.

Mark's truck rumbled down residential streets, dumping can after can into the back of his truck. He'd watch the tightly packed black bags slide and tumble out of the cans and fill the back of the truck. Then he'd pull the lever, watch the packer plate open up, slide down over the bags and then scoop them back up inside to get crushed.

He was half-way through his route when he made his way over to the next non-descript garbage can hanging out at the curb when he stopped and furrowed his brow. The can was... shaking slightly. And making some muffled grunting noises? Hmmm. He shrugged, garbage was garbage, not his job to check what was in the can, probably some critter that would run as soon as the lid opened. He grabbed it, gave a tug and swore, it was heavy! He took a few deep breaths, got a better grip and managed to wheel the can up to the automatic lifter on the back of his truck

He pulled the lever to start the lifter and up the can went, the heavy-duty machinery of the truck easily able to handle the extra weight. The can reached the apex of the lifter and was suddenly and violently flipped over! Mark stared as the garbage bag slowly slid out of the opening and then... got stuck. At first glance it looked just like any other diaper sausage, a clear blue bin-liner pulled taught by countless plump, completely soaked Pampers, but these ones were huge, adult sized! The grunting was louder now, slight muffled "mmmphs!" just barely audible over the rumbling of the truck's engine. The bag was squirming, slowly working itself out of the garbage can until the biggest pair of tits Mark had ever seen slid into view, smooshed down and straining against the tight plastic sealed around them. And then they seemed to get stuck on the lip, the squirming doing nothing to dislodge the massive bag.

Mark stood stock still, totally frozen as he stares at back of his truck. He pulls the lifter lever again and the can is shaken and slammed back and forth by the big metal claw. The machine's jolting and banging around is enough to loosen up the garbage bag and make the tits pop past the lip of the can! Once those were free the rest of the bag slid out easily and flopped into the back of the truck. It slid down onto a pile of bulging black garbage bags, from all the other houses on the block Mark had just visited.

Finally getting a good clear look, he could tell that, except for the tits, whoever it was had been completely mummified in soaked diapers. A few layers of open diapers wrapped all over, held in place and squeezed by layers of cling wrap and tape. There was a small lump at the bottom where the feet were, another lump at the top where the head was. It was packed so well that if it weren't for the tits, or the muffled screaming, or the wiggling, he might have thought it was actually garbage and packed it away!

He stood there for a moment. stock still again. Now there's a thought. He lowers the can back down and wheels it back to the curb. He looks up and down the street. It's still quiet and empty. As he walks back to the truck he can feel his cock pressing tight against his pants.

He looked down again, into the back of his truck. The mummy was still trying to squirm, and it also seemed to be trying to say something, but it was all just muffled gargles and cries. Mark just pulled the lever to lower the pacer plate, just doing his job. The hydraulics kick in and muffle the panicked mumbling from the mummy. As the packer plate slides open, some of the crushed bags from the previous blocks tumble down into the back, and the mummy starts really thrashing now, but only ends up nestled down deeper into the pile of crinkling and rustling bags.

the packer plate finally reached the bottom of the truck, totally engulfing the mummy, all Mark could see were a few black bags. He grinned as the gave the lever another yank, there was no going back now, the scoop swung down, crushing the black bags and scraping them against the truck, as it closed over the whole load. He pushed the lever back in and the packer blade started to close up again. Mark could hear the familiar sound of garbage bags rustling, crinkling and finally popping as the truck squeezes the bags.

He jumped back into the cab of the truck and carried out his route as normal, tossing bag after bag of garbage into the back of his truck. He let the back get nice and full before opening up the packer plate again. The mummy tumbled down, looking a little, well, crinkled, but still squirming and even mmmphing louder than before! But it's right at the top of the pile, about to be pushed deeper into the truck. Mark doesn't give it any time to try and squirm out, he pushes the lever and watches as the machine goes into action.

She's cut from view again as the powerful machine gobbles up the garbage. Mark strains his hearing, and just faintly, over the sound of the engine, hydraulics and popping of garbage bags he hears a few crunches. He hops back into the cab of the truck again, and continues on. Completely normal.

After the next load of trash, when Mark opens up the packer he can't see the mummy any more. Just piles of crushed black bags. After that, it was just a completely normal day, and Mark just happened to have a raging hard on every time he packed the trash.

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Re: Mark's totally normal garbage day
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Omg, I love your story! ❤️


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