Author Topic: Story Help: Why a wife who values her marriage would go out with a co-worker  (Read 9519 times)

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I need help with a story and the motivations for the characters to do things that take the story where I want to  go.

The female is somewhat submissive (and figuring this out at the time) and in a second marriage that she values. I want to write a scene where she, with her husband's blessing and in a scenario he has dictated to her, goes out with another male in a very short tight dress to dinner with a Lovese (sp?) vibrator inside her. She tells the guy she is with she just wants to talk, she's married you know,  but he doubts that is all she has on her mind if she is out on a date with him in that outfit. She tells her date her husband is out on a trip (not true, he is watching from a nearby table) and due back tomorrow noon. She at dinner plays with the Lovense on her phone until he takes her phone away and begins controlling it, driving her crazy. She begs him to stop, saying that when her husband does this to her for long enough all she can think of doing is fucking him, so of course he keeps going and he eventually wind up at her house until the morning giving her wht he has made her want.

Problem: How do I plausibly create the situation? If she asks to sleep withj someone else, that could be fatal to the relationship with her husband and she won't do that. I have thought maybe a hot wife dare? Maybe she's giving him a fantasy? And is the date a co-worker who she's never done anything with before or a long-ago boyfriend who she lived with for years and she's getting closure? Or something else. All thoughts welcome!
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I liked what you did in ‘Cinderella Game’, but perhaps consider something adapted from ‘Slave Wife's La Domaine Experience’ by Ben Deets. Perhaps it could involve a mock quid pro quo between the husband and the coworker or something like a “loan agreement” wherein the wife is blindfolded by one and made love to by the other and the switch is never revealed to her. Best of luck!
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I would first ask who was telling the story. If the husband is telling it perhaps he just got some bad news from the doctor, and he wants to find somebody to take care of the wife with her unique "needs" going forward. A slightly depressing subject for an erotic story, but it could work. Maybe not death, but perhaps masculine incapacitation?

Is the husband a good guy, does he want good things for his wife that he can't provide; or is he somebody who gets off on demeaning her, "forcing" her into a situation that she doesn't want to be in? Does the wife want a baby, but is the husband incapable of making one? That makes this man she's dating little more than stud service, and choosing that man for his physical and mental attributes then becomes critical. Was there a study of "available" men, and was this the winner?

If the wife is telling the story it's a bit more of a challenge, (she can't be ignorant of her motivations) her being married and out on a "date," (while dressed for attention, with a remote device inserted) screams "I want sex." Being a teenager and accidentally teasing someone, or even doing so intentionally to twist somebody up, to experiment with your sexuality just because you can, is different than a mature married woman doing so after one failed marriage (assuming she's not a widow). What happened to the first husband/marriage becomes a big question here too.

Does the wife actually want to be on this date? It could be my interpretation of your scenario, but if feels like she's doing this for her husband and not herself. Did she approach her date, or did he approach her? Is her date married himself, and is this actually wife swapping with her the only one of the four that doesn't know this?

In the real world my husband may offer a hall pass, but he's not telling me who and how I'm to date anybody, to me that kind of drifts into pay for play... There's a thought, is there a debt between both men, (as in Indecent Proposal) and is the wife the coin that settles the debt? If that's the case though, it might be nice to let the wife know this, give this submissive character some rules to guide her. Opportunity without "permission" is temptation to me, but a great story element too, lots of tension there, so maybe this would work for your characters.

Is the boyfriend a character of depth, or just a set piece stiff member looking to score with a married woman from the office; or perhaps factory even? Has he secretly lusted for the wife for years, or is she a "she'll do" for a romp because nobody better looking is here tonight that will talk to me? One is hugely empowering, and the other crushing to your soul should you find out. 

Did the husband recently "cheat" and is he setting the wife up to "cheat" too, so that they're even now?

I'm afraid that I've given more questions than answers, but I hope this helps, best wishes, Jackie.

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Your post inspired me a lot, thanks.
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