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New Ideas
« on: June 12, 2023, 02:58:35 pm »
I am looking for ideas with rope. I thought about hogtie, but I want to be in a while, so I want a scenario where getting the scissors or knife I have to pay a penalty. Any ideas? I was thinking of high heels standing, not affixed to anything.

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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2023, 03:25:52 am »
This is not a question I usually ask, but how (insert better word here) nasty? crazy? extreme? do you want to get? I'm assuming nothing hazardous to the body, like standing in heels with a rope around something that is going to get torn loose if you lose balance and fall.

Having to walk while straddling something like a knotted rope or a conductive bar connected to a TENS machine appears frequently in the photo and video sets. Or, you could do a clothespin thing where to reach the key, you have to move far enough to pull the clothespins off various sensitive places pinched by them.

Or do some humiliating task at the end, like chew through a string or pair of worn panties or whatever to get the key to drop down to hand level. I recall a story by Tigger, "Scavenger Hunt" I think, where the sub had to suck, and swallow, some disgusting concoction of fluid out of a bottle via a dildo shaped fitting to get the counterweight to lower the box holding the key.

Any of this help? Or will you update on what the limits are to this scenario?


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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2023, 11:13:06 am »
I think it might be difficult to hogtie oneself tight enough to prevent easy escape, while at the same time not cutting off circulation with the (I'm assuming) slip knots. Leather cuffs tied on (through the D rings) could offer some possibilities, but you wouldn't want your self bondage to be so good that you needed rescue though.

Something I did a few years ago was to purchase clothes line and a tensioning unit for the line (it's a little metal device where the rope passes through the center of it in one way only) and cobble together a system where the rope went over a stout tree limb in the woods someplace very private. Now the tensioning device was high overhead and out of reach, and once the rope was pulled through it up and over the limb it couldn't go back the other way. The metal loop on this device was also affixed to the limb with a very stout rope, but a length of chain would also work just fine if you could get it over the limb. (In my particular case I tossed the heavier 3/8" rope over the limb and used it to haul up and hang the device during setup, tying it off around the trunk of the massive tree and well out of reach.)

 Now for this next part there are a million variables, but one time I attached the tension end of the clothes line to a pair of brand new panties, these particular ones little boy shorts and quite stout in their construction (mistake number one). So the rope was tied off through both leg holes in the rear, encompassing the wide band as well as I stood under the limb. The panties were the only thing I was wearing, it's very damsel in distress-like, very "on display" should anybody happen by.

I have a bondage bag that I hike with, and I've gotten to this spot wearing the bag only to get me in the proper frame of mind, stripping completely and stuffing everything in the bag once out of sight of the road. In the bag are my clothes, the rope and things I'm to use that day, the keys to the cuffs, and the keys to get back inside my car too; without that bag I'm toast, if seen it's a show for somebody, if caught by the wrong sorts it's one hell of a party; I even have the rope and handcuffs in my bag for them to use on me.

 I don't want to get seen, nor caught obviously, but the thrill of that potential really does IT for me. Now I've also done this with my clothes locked in the hatch of my little car, it backed in up against the tree line and I somewhat hidden as I stripped off very quickly before somebody drove by on the busy park road and saw nude me doing my kinky thing. That part is quite hot too by the way, if you're into that I suppose. As an alternate adventure I have locked my keys in my car once stripped, (car keys and cuff keys) the spare car key previously hidden in the woods some distance away from where I am, and once the hatch is closed and the cuffs on behind my back there but a single way to get back in my car, short of somehow breaking my window with a stone cuffed like that...

Anyway, this next part I did with my handcuffs, but I suppose you could use well constructed rope cuffs too, but for me it's real and inescapable steel cuffs. The free non-tensioned end of the rope goes through the center link of the cuffs and is held over my head with a knot or two preventing it from sliding down, it can slide up, just not down. So the panties only are now on, (but I suppose you could do this in a pair of heels too) and there I stand directly under the hanging rope with the cuffs just within reach over my head, the keys to my cuffs and pretty much everything I need to get back home again in my bondage bag, including a good knife if I should need it are tossed just a few feet away. Now this was clothes line, and I don't recall if I had bought fifty feet or a hundred, but sufficient to say that there was a huge tail of rope left over after the part that went through my cuffs just laying on the ground under me begging for something to do.

At this point I could still untie my panties, or even step out of them, I'm not one hundred percent caught yet. So to make this extra challenging, very damsel in distress-like, I tie my crossed ankles together with a bunch of turns of that rope, standing and balancing like this barefoot a bit of a challenge actually.

 So there I am, the moment of commitment, the part I crave in self bondage. I reach up and cuff my wrists into the cuffs, locking them so they can't get any tighter, and in my mind I'm an on-display slave at the slave auction, about to be sold off to the highest bidder, or perhaps a naughty or clumsy servant girl, strung up in the estate's courtyard for humiliation and punishment, so everybody can see.

I stand there for a bit just savoring the feeling of being trapped like this, but when I've had enough I grasp the rope near my cuffs and haul down on it, the other end hauling up on my panties and giving me a girl wedgie from hell. Well, to be perfectly honest here, it feels kind of half hot getting bisected like that, grinding on me down there, at least at first. So there I am, my intended escape happening when my rather robust little boy shorts style panties give up and tear away from my body, freeing the still cuffed me to crawl or hop to my bondage bag to retrieve the keys, and perhaps even the knife too if needed. I've inadvertently tied the several pulled tight knots to my ankle rope behind me, but more on that in a bit. Bear in mind that this is a true story, I actually did this...

So anyway, in my mind one more pull will do the job, tearing my panties off and stripping me naked, but still leaving me bound until I take my humiliating crawl to my bag in the dirt that I'm still standing on with just the balls of my bare feet. There is less weight on my feet at this point, but I kind of expected that. So I give the rope a good tug, and my bound feet completely leave the ground, and I'm now suspended by my both my panties really sinking into me, and the rope the cuff chain goes around, as letting go of that might well leave me inverted as I'm rather well endowed and top heavy. That might well have my stubborn panties going all the way down my legs to my ankle bindings, hanging myself inverted with maybe just my shoulders on the ground, and few opportunities for escape.

In the blink of an eye something naughty and fun has turned into an almost survival situation, and I can only imagine my significant other calling the authorities and they mounting a rescue, perhaps finding me, perhaps not, at least before the local wildlife found a free meal. This is clothes line, not the strongest stuff in the world, but I don't weigh all that much either.

Now comes mistake number two; my feet are only just a few inches off the ground, it's an easy drop, even with my ankles tied as they are. It would be better it they weren't right now, but I'm here now too; can't help that. I pull on the rope again with a bit more of a jerking action, trying to get the tear that I desperately need to start, but the rope going over the large Sycamore's limb has a kind of natural brake, so my jerking motions don't do all that much, other that to raise me much higher and dislodge some bark into my hair. I feel like my head is near that massive limb now, like twelve feet off the ground, but I know this to be a panic induced misconception. The diameter of that massive limb plus my natural balance point have me canted forward quite a bit too.

Now if I even accidentally let go of the rope, invert myself, and my panties slide down my legs I'll look like a caught big game fish hung from my tail on the dock so everybody can come by and look. My panties are quite intrusive now, really leaving some nice red marks on some rather tender flesh, but also hanging like this feels kind of hot and sexy; you hang objects, or maybe dead fish, not people.

 Anyway, then an idea hits me, and I bounce on my stubborn panties, really mashing them in there, hoping that they'll either give up, or the light duty rope will. The panties finally start to tear, but away from the front of the band, which at this point is on my mound anyway. My legs are tight together, and as the material is pulled through and past my girl parts I can tell you that the feeling isn't awesome. I drop down just a little, but  the remaining rather heavy fabric pulls up through my back side, possibly taking a few layers of skin with it.

The wide elastic band, well that's another story, it's still around me and the only way it's coming off is up and over. I wiggle and bounce my body down ever closer to the ground as the band goes up, mashing and dragging past my boobs none to gently. I'm more concerned about my neck, but by the time the band gets there my toes are back on the dirt, and I can wiggle that past my head without hanging myself, my hands, while still cuffed, now free to help. 

"That was close" I tell myself, the thrill of escaping something like this just wild though. I still need to get down and untie my ankles so I can get to my bag and get the keys, but the destroyed panties won't let the rope run through the tensioning device, nor will the knots that I tied. I can sit down on the dirt, but cuffed in front of me I can't untie the knots behind my legs, I just can't bend like that or reach while cuffed. I have to crawl through the dirt to my bag, but the original knot that I tied to hold my cuffs over my head is stopping me from getting all the way there, so I have to scooch my body around and use my bound legs to kick my bag so I can reach it with my arms to retrieve the keys...

It was a rather wild adventure in the woods that morning, something you could possibly emulate without the mistakes that I made, although I don't know specifically how that would feel for a guy; as in you might crush something you might want to use one day.

Play safe, and thank you for reminding me of a rather eventful Saturday morning a few years past, Jackie.


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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2023, 07:30:59 pm »
Drinking a concoction of fluid has always been a good idea, but I would not be able to gag myself and gagging is important to me. I thought about getting untied in intervals, but I think the best way is to have a self-bondage buddy help with the ropes and leave you to your own devices, like hiding a knife or scissors around the house with clues left scattered about. I saw a video where someone used locked leather restraints and put the key in RX bottle and threw them among several bottles and she had to open each one blindfolded. Beng blindfolded and alone is not a good idea without backup. I have tried the slipknots but have not had much success. One option I have is a folding chair, and using cable ties as a cinch noose, using an ice stocking release, but being on a chair limits my mobility.


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