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The Party by Sabrina
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“Rise and Shine, Time to get Ready.”

Anette entered her Lady's bedroom carrying a large tray in her hands. The darkness smelled heavily of leather and sweat, the air sultry with the tawdry aroma. Aside from light spilling through the just opened door the room was black as pitch and the only sounds were muffled moans and the creak of leather restraints.

“Time to get up Miss.” She smiled, setting the tray on the nearby vanity table. “Can't have you loafing about all day. We have calls to make, a fitting and of course the gala is tonight.” Anette crossed the darkened room with the skill of long practice. She knew from habit exactly where everything was. The heavy velvet curtains drew back at the touch of a button, the warm daylight flooding the room. The healthy glow illuminated a scene of debauchery and twisted masochism. Jenka's form lay stretched on her own bed, arms and legs encased in latex sheaths secured with tight leather cuffs. Gleaming, immaculately polished chrome chains secured the wrist, ankle and knee cuffs to heavy rings embedded in the steel frame of the bed.

Thickly padded leather covered every square inch of the frame aside from the heavy rings. As a bed it appeared for more suited to the twisted mind of the Marquis De Sade than something you would find in such a classically tasteful villa. Jenka's body arched, her smooth skin glistening with sweat from the long night of struggling. Anette watched coolly for a moment, letting her Miss savor these last moments of her captivity. A tight gas mask covered the Lady's head, long tubes snaked upwards to the canopy, controlling her breathing and feeding her a steady mix of various drugs throughout the night. A heavy posture collar and brutally tight corset completed the outfit.

Anette padded to the bedside, her sensible heels clicking on the hard wood flooring. Pausing at the bedside she reached into a night table drawer, pulling out a formidable looking vibrator. “Let's see if we cannot get your blood pumping Miss.” Anette chuckled as she crawled on the bed. Her own lush curves filled the latex maid's dress out in ways that could not help but draw stares. Full hips and bust, a gorgeously round ass complimented the cut of the dress in ways that most women could not hope to match. While she was a good six inches shorter than her Lady, Anette being five foot six to Jenka's six feet even, she was still strong enough to help Jenka through her day.

Anette's smooth, light chocolate skin contrasted with Jenka's slightly tanned flesh as she pressed the rubber head of the wand vibrator against the soaked, immaculately waxed, cunt. Her thumb flicked the switch to high, the vibrators equivalent of liquefy on your standard blender. The vibrations instantly roared through Jenka's straining form as she screamed into the blacked out gas mask. “That's good Miss, let it all out.” Anette whispered, her free hand stroked Jenka's mons, rubbing it in circles as the lady of the house screamed into the mask and exploded.

Fifteen minutes later a relaxed Jenka was stretching and seated at the edge of the bed. Her muscled form still glistening with sweat as Anette settled her breakfast in front of her on a tray. Jenka gave her maid a pleasant little scowl and playfully scolded. “I am quite sure you made the air mix far to heavy on aphrodisiacs last night Anette, I didn't get a wink of sleep! I should have had Thomas turn you into a pleasure girl instead of a maid.”

“Miss knows better, I made the mix the same as every other time. If you prefer tonight I can leave sabina in here with you. Or perhaps Miss would prefer a visit with Thomas. A nice afternoon in your meditation suit to help clear your mind?” Anette's tone was respectful but the half playful threats were quite firm. Jenka grinned lopsidedly, debating perhaps the value of a few hours spent in the strictest leather bondage sheath she could possibly endure. Meditation suit was such an understated way to refer to that hellish contraption of straps, laces, leather and suffering. She dipped her toast in the poached egg and quickly changed the subject.

“Speaking of sabina how did she fare through the night?” Jenka asked, watching closely as Anette readied something by the vanity.

“I believe Mr. Thomas left the little tart with your guests for the evening. I'm sure he got it all recorded if Miss would like to see later?” Anette grinned saucily at Jenka drawing a flirtatious grin in return.

“You scoot now little minx. I have to shower and get ready. Go find sabina, enjoy her if you like but bring her here in one hour.”

“As you wish Lady.” Anette curtsied and padded back out into the hall, closing the heavy door behind her and locking it from the outside. Leaving Jenka a prisoner in her own posh suite of rooms. The day was beginning as per normal. On some levels Anette was only a maid, an employee of the household as was Mr. Thomas the head butler. Doing her duties as head of the maid staff, organizing her Lady's appointments and arranging her schedule. But on another level Jenka was every bit as much a captive and slave in this household as someone like sabina. It was not at all unheard of for Jenka to spend her nights in the very same intense bondage her girl sabina did.

Anette chuckled at the thought as she reached the guest rooms. As she opened the door a tall man greeted her. He openly leered at Anette's exposed cleavage only to become immediately subdued by the stern glance she gave him. The room absolutely reeked of sex and a muffled squeal rose into the air following a sharp CRACK; the sound of leather on flesh. “Pardon Sir, but it's nearly nine o'clock and sabina must be prepared for her day. I believe I did say last night you would only have her until eight this morning.” Another crack rang out as the man nodded.

“Yes, of course, my deepest apologies. The girl is so delightful we quite lost track of time.”  He grinned and stepped back, naked aside for a pair of heavy boots and a latex apron that failed to hide his impressive erection.  sabina was strapped down to a leather horse, her naked body covered in sweat and cum. Seven men lounged about the room as an eighth cracked a white leather paddle down on the athletic, petite little ass before him. The squeal was not muffled by a gag but rather by the cock currently thrusting into her mouth and throat by the ninth man; bringing the total to ten. “Gents, I believe it is time we should to go. We mustn't strain Lady Jenka's hospitality.”

Anette nodded, stepping deeper into the room. “Yes please gentlemen. You have full use of the bathroom adjoining and there is breakfast in the kitchen.  Your cars will be brought round when you are ready to go. My Miss hopes you all enjoyed the party last night and have also enjoyed her little house slut as well.” Quickly the men disengaged, nodding and making polite gestures of thanks. As Anette began unstrapping the sticky, sweaty little captive from the leather horse the man with the paddle approached.

“I don't mean to sound forward, but would Lady Jenka consider selling this girl?” His hand caressed the tight little curves of sabina's round bottom. As he spoke he casually slipped two fingers in her bald cunt, grinning widely as she moaned in response. “She's delightful, such a beauty, so eager and responsive.”

“I am afraid Lady Jenka treasures her pet far too much to sell her. sabina has been a part of the household for years now Sir. But I will relay your compliments.” Anette nodded politely, pulling sabina to her feet by a handful of hair. The tiny female didn't even reach five foot tall, missing the mark by at least two inches.  She was a good five or six pounds shy of one hundred, tiny to be sure. Anette never failed to marvel at how much abuse and bondage the little tart could endure and still remain functional and even eager.  sabina's pert breasts were just a bit more than a man's hand could cover, about the same size as Anette's. But on her much smaller frame they looked bigger.

“Bath time for the little tart.” Anette grinned, leading sabina at arms length out of the room and down into the cellar. They padded passed some storage and wine casks to the downstairs shower room. The huge white tiled room sported gleaming chrome rings and a large drain in the center of the floor. The entire room was ringed with powerful water nozzles, soap dispensers and scrub brushes. In short order she had sabina suspended by her wrists in the center of the room as she stepped away to grab a hose.

sabina swayed in the bondage, trembling as her mind struggled to focus through her exhaustion. Hours spent locked helplessly over that leather horse, being paddled, fucked, abused and violated by ten men had left her spent and utterly exhausted. The first blast of cold water snapped her out of the daze, bringing her back to the present in a squealing, swearing, struggling little package. “Anette you fucker!”

Anette giggled and turned the water off, smirking at her petite captive and friend. “Good morning little tart. Did we have a long night?” Coughing and sputtering answered Anette for a moment and then sabina whimpered softly. “You know I did, you could have helped me out in there?”

Anette smirked, her full lips twisting into an evil little smile. “As if you needed help. I know full well how much you can take. Now we have to get you clean for Miss Jenka. Tonight is the gala affair and you must be ready to accompany her.”

“That's tonight?” sabina whispered in response, her eyes widening even as her nipples tightened painfully. “We have to go?” she whimpered softly, her sluttish red lower lip thrust forward cutely even as she squirmed in arousal.

“You know full well you must go. Miss Jenka's dress was fitted for you silly slut.” Anette talked casually even as she soaped sabina's trembling body. Her fingers explored all the taut little curves, the quivering muscles and smooth, fair skin. “We have to hurry you know, Miss Jenka is waiting for us.” sabina trembled softly and moaned as Anette's fingers rubbed between her thighs. “Again? Are you trying to come again already you little harlot?”

sabina nodded, gasping in pleasure and grinding her slim hips as Anette stepped away again. The water was not completely cold this time, but still sabina squealed and twisted under the harsh caress of the spray. Anette let the little tart down then toweled sabina off, trying to ignore the playfully teasing hands and fingers that explored her body through the tight latex of her dress. As soon as sabina was dried she set about outfitting her for the day. Leather sheaths encased both arms, secured tightly around her wrists and above her elbows and again just above the bicep with locked, smooth steel cuffs. The cuffs were custom fitted with no visible closure or seam; at a glance there appeared to be no way to open them. Each cuff sported a D ring on either side. The steel bands slid into reinforced loops in the sleeves, preventing any chance of the sheaths sliding back off sabina's arms.

A tall posture collar came next to force her head high with her chin tilted back slightly. The collar prevented almost all head movement. Anette took sabina's left hand and raised it up behind her back to her right shoulder. A padlock joined the ring at the tip of her fingers to a ring on the right side of the posture collar. Another padlock joined the wrist cuff securely to the bicep cuff. The right hand followed suit and once it was in place Anette padlocked the wrist cuffs together.  Heavy straps from the sleeves just above the bicep cuffs were passed around the opposite side of the collar and secured with locked buckles. sabina whimpered softly, squirming uselessly against the increasingly inescapable bondage. Anette hummed softly, locking the elbow cuffs together and then winding a thick strap around them for extra security.

The extra bondage was redundant, even over the top, but it had a marvelous effect. Shoulders pulled back sabina's breasts were thrust forward lewdly, making them appear even bigger and perkier, almost begging to be touched, groped and tormented. A soft moan escaped her lips as she squirmed. Everyday the same routine and yet somehow she never got used to it. The bondage was tight, but she had stayed tied this way for days in the past. There would be no release in her near future that much was certain, and escape was never possible, not here.

Her breathing came shorter as Anette roughly pulled her captive close for a kiss. Soft red lips mashed against the warm black ones, tongues plunging playfully into each other’s mouths. “Now little tart, you are going to make up for getting me all horny.” Anette whispered, forcing sabina down to her knees. sabina giggled softly, Anette always played at acting so prim but she knew how to get to the head maid. Soft lips nuzzled against smooth, supple thighs; sabina gently worked her warm mouth up and under Anette's skirt.

Soft fingers twined in raven locks, pulling sabina's well trained mouth and tongue to her glistening slit. Anette purred like a cat as sabina licked. The girl’s tongue was marvelously thick and wide, trained exquisitely in the pleasuring of women. Softly she licked, spreading Anette's glistening petals and then thrusting inside. Anette gasped, tensing as she arched her back. Her heart raced, images of Jenka strapped to the bed, the intense smell in the guest room this morning, the soft feel of sabina's flesh under her fingers, the sounds Jenka had made as she came, all flashed through the maid's mind as she exploded.

Gasping softly as she calmed, sabina licking gently, coaxing as much pleasure from Anette as she could. Nuzzling, squirming against the absolute immobilization of her arms as she licked Anette softly back to reality. “Very nice sabina. Maybe we will let you come again today after all.” Anette whispered, pulling sabina to her feet for a kiss. “But for now we must return to Mistress. She has little time and much to do before the party.”

With a finger hooked through the front collar ring Anette led sabina back to the second floor and to Jenka's lounge. The door opened easily enough to reveal a freshly showered Lady combing out her wet hair. “What's my day look like Anette?”

“Lady Seng should be here within the hour Miss. You two have some time set aside for your hobbies.” The distaste for a Lady of stature engaging in such physical pursuits as fencing, martial arts and wrestling was evident in Anette's voice. But the Miss would not be swayed, she and her training partner met regularly. Kittiara Seng was every bit the Amazon that Jenka was, friend, training partner and, more often than not, lover.

Jenka turned, savoring Anette's disapproval. It was seldom enough she could tempt such disapproval from either Anette or Thomas and not pay dearly for it. “Of course. And then we are leaving here for the ball correct? She is bringing her dress and lovely little Leece with her as well?”

“I would assume so Miss; Leece and Katja both should be coming along. Perhaps Katja and I will trade duties for the night?” Anette teased playfully, watching the slightly alarmed expression cross Jenka's face. Leece was a petite busty nymphomaniac, Kittiara's own favored pet and living sex toy. But Katja was another matter; Kittiara's maid was an Amazon among Amazons. She was as harsh as she was strong; barely even bothering with the conventions of polite society Kittiara was a virtual slave in Katja's presence.

“I think not Anette.” Jenka whispered with a baited breath, turning back to face the mirror. sabina listened quietly, knowing better than to speak out of turn even though she eagerly took in the details. Katja and Leece?  She wondered, no she hoped that she and Leece would get a little time together, perhaps even get to spend the night locked away with each other.

With a chuckle Jenka pulled sabina into her lap, cuddling the petite slave girl close and kissing her soundly. “And how is my sabina this morning hmm?”

“Mmm, wonderful thank you Mistress!” she whispered, nuzzling and pressing into the kiss. Jenka's hands caressed the strict bondage, nodding her head slightly.

“Getting you modified was a good investment. This bondage is going to remain for at least the weekend pet.” Jenka grinned at sabina's half aroused, half frightened expression. The party usually lasted several days; sometimes even a week once it got started.

As Jenka cuddled the squirming captive Anette stepped around behind and began to brush out her long, soft hair. It was mere moments later when the door opened, without knocking of course and the butler stepped inside. His hair was cut short and there was an unwavering glitter in his cold eyes. Jenka was fairly certain she had seen him smile; of course she was suspended upside down at the time, watching as he fucked sabina up the ass. As a general rule though Thomas showed no sense of humor in his duties. His demeanor was every bit as strict as the discipline he maintained in the household.

“Lady Kittiara and her maid have arrived downstairs. I have informed her that the fittings will begin immediately. Your play will have to be postponed. Final adjustments have to be made before the transport comes to take you to the party.” The leather uniform he wore fitted his muscled frame like a glove. The tight Gray pants led to a matching top that appeared more like a chauffeur's jacket than a butlers. Black leather gloves covered his work hardened hands as he smirked. “I made sure they would stay put, take your time M'Lady.”

Jenka nodded slightly, her eyes narrowing slightly at the breach of etiquette. “Thank you Thomas, I should remind you though that knocking is generally polite when entering a room. In particular when entering a Lady's chambers.” Much to Jenka's annoyance Thomas merely smirked in response, stepping closer and looming over her rather intimately.

“Apologies M'Lady. I usually do but I was not sure you would be in any position to hear or respond to a knock so I forgot myself. I will make sure to knock next time, though I am quite certain you will be unable to notice.” His voice darkened, drawing a soft moan from sabina and a cringe from Jenka. The not so subtle threat was clear, when next he got his hands on Jenka it would be a great while before she saw the light of day again. “Now, I must request the company of sabina so I can begin the fittings downstairs.”

With a nod Jenka firmly pushed sabina into Thomas's hands as Anette resumed brushing her hair. “I will expect both of you within the hour.” He nodded as he took possession of the squirming, helpless girl. sabina whimpered softly, trembling in Thomas's arms as he roughly pulled her close. Trembling softly she moaned as his gloved hands began to openly explore and grope her pert little body.  Gloved fingers found her nipples, twisting and pulling sharply as her helpless little squeals brought out that smile. Trembling softly, sabina nuzzled against his chest through the leather top, slim hips grinding as he lifted her into the air like a toy. Frantic whimpers mirrored the frustration and fear inside her. Experience with Thomas told her he was not through with her by any stretch. With a nod he carried the squirming captive from the room over his shoulder.

Jenka glanced back into the mirror with a soft moan. “That man is trouble.” She whispered softly, breathing a bit uneven. Anette reached around and playfully tweaked her Lady's stiff left nipple. “Trouble that you seem to like provoking.” She chuckled, ignoring Jenka's fake scowl.

Thomas pushed open the door at the bottom of the stairs, the one just to the right of the massive foyer with its fountain near the main doors. The door was heavy, solid oak and it sealed very tightly in place with a rubber stripping around the edges to help insure no sounds could leak past. sabina heard them before she saw them; in fact she even smelled what was happening before she was allowed to see it. Thrown over Thomas's shoulder for most of the ride she saw little other than the leather stretched across his back.

The first sound was of Kittiara's muffled moaning.  Clearly her head or at least her mouth was covered by several layers of leather or latex. At least that is what it sounded like to sabina, but she was mistaken. Kittiara's form lay on a long horizontal board, wrapped under layers of plastic wrap and tautly stretched electrical tape. Every inch of her was invisible under the tape, her muscled, busty form outlined perfectly by roll after roll of carefully applied bondage. sabina moaned softly, it was practically a trademark of Thomas's, the tape so evenly spaced was a true work of art applied by hands that obviously savored the task.

Kittiara's muffled moans were joined by the slightly deeper throated and definitely more defiant growls of Katja. A sharp CRACK echoed across the room which drew a yelp and whimper from the bound Amazon. As sabina was settled on the floor she saw Katja's predicament and it was one she knew rather well. Thomas had built the spanking machine a few years back. Dark stained hardwood, padded with rich, soft, broken in leather and Katja bent over the thick rail. The arm slowly drew back, the gears of the mechanism clicking softly, silently sabina counted with the clicks. Nineteen...twenty...twenty one CRACK! The soft whimper that escaped her lips melted into the sound of Katja's gag muffled cry of pain. Twenty one clicks, always twenty one. The count was maddening, once you knew it was twenty one, sabina thought to herself. Click... click... click... knowing exactly when the hard oak paddle with those nasty holes drilled everywhere was going to snap back and crash into your ass.

The hard CRACK rang out again; sabina could tell the tension was set very high. But then again it was Katja after all. She and Thomas had long had a rather rough and tumble tension between them. It was not at all uncommon for him to physically subdue Katja and do something rather strict to her.
Katja, despite her struggles, curses and complaints did everything possible to provoke Thomas any time she saw him. He was one of the very few capable of subduing her physically.

Leece was nowhere to be found leaving sabina to wonder... until she noticed the padlocked isolation box nearby. The box was always left unlocked unless someone was unfortunate enough to be inside the cramped, stifling, hot, latex padded interior. Thomas growled softly, pushing sabina face down over Kittiara's prone, helpless form as he undid the front of his pants. Without a word he buried himself in sabina's soaked, tight little cunt, growling as she squealed out in pleasure. sabina shuddered, sobbing in pleasure and ache at being so roughly stretched as he began to fuck her. Thomas pounded his hips against her ass with little or no concern for how hard he used her.

sabina sobbed, coming hard long before Thomas was done. His hips thrust fiercely, taking the little slut by force. Just as Jenka came through the door, nearly an hour later he cried out and came hard inside sabina.  She shuddered, sobbing, mewing loudly, having come again and again during the brutal fucking. At the last moment he pulled out and came all over her pert little bottom and back. “Anette, lick that up.” He gasped softly as he pulled back, closing his trousers once more.

“And now, we get onto the fitting.”

Anette had just finished licking sabina clean as Leece was pulled from the box. Jenka wheeled the second of the two skirt cages out from the large closet at the back of the room, carefully laying out the skirt that fitted over it on a nearby bench. “Ready Thomas.” She nodded, glancing at the still encased form of her best friend. Thomas nodded to Anette as he led Leece over to the near frame by her collar. Anette followed closely behind, leading sabina. Her eyes strayed to Katja, wincing as the paddle cracked down on her crimson, almost purple, ass.

Tears streaked Katja's cheeks as the paddle smacked down again. Her gagged cries had long since turned from defiant to shamelessly pleading for mercy. Thomas did not even spare the poor maid a second glance as he opened the cage of the skirt Kittiara's would wear and began fitting Leece into the enclosed space. The slave's arms were already bound in the same position as sabina's when Thomas forced her into the cage. Straps around ankles, knees and waist followed, folding her into a strict little bundle, knees and ankles spread wide. Reaching in carefully he pulled a combination hood and shorts made of black latex over Leece's head. The shorts were attached to the mouth of the tight hood, right where her Lady's cunt would be shortly. The final strap buckled tight around her throat, making sure her head would remain positioned exactly in the right place.

Anette and sabina watched this all intently as did Jenka. The clamps were next, each one drew a fresh squeal of torment and futile struggles against the straps. sabina watched her fate unfold, even though she had seen the designs, this was the first time anyone but Thomas had seen the finished product.

A half hour later Anette and Katja were adjusting the skirts, each one growling warnings to the captive beneath as Thomas brought the car around. Jenka and Kittiara both stood rigidly, trapped in the embrace of their dress, mittened hands locked to an overhead chain. Katja winced as she stood slowly, her uniform skirt caressing against the reddened curves of her sore, sore ass. Anette's stifled giggle drew a sharp glance and frown from the bigger maid.

“Once we get them settled at the party I think we should spend a little time alone.” Anette's giggle instantly disappeared as Katja smiled sweetly. Before Anette could really worry about it Thomas returned, nodding to both girls. “Wheel them out to the car, I just got a call requesting some additional items be brought along I will be out with them shortly.”

The car Thomas had mentioned was not a car at all, but was actually a modified van so both captive Ladies could stand upright for the trip to the party. Thomas carried a large duffle bag out to the van and tossed it into the back before securing the doors and setting off to the party a couple hours away.

The Party – Arrival and things get worse.

Jenka and Kittiara appeared to glide as they approached the massive front doors of the mansion. Their taut leather skirts showed not a hint of the movement beneath as their pointed toes pressed firmly into the ground seeking the traction needed to move themselves and their captives along on the silent casters beneath. The leather skirts flared from just above their hips, flowing outward perhaps a foot before dropping quickly down. The outward flare continued to the base where the skirt was a little over three feet in diameter. Where most of the Ladies arriving wore hobble and pencil skirts, the wider more flowing type was not unusual, unless one considered what was underneath.

It was under the taut leather that the real difference in the skirts was hidden, unseen to the casual gaze. Anette has been working for months on the design and Thomas has completed the fabrication just in time for the party. A cage of rounded steel bars mounted to the base of the cruelly tight corset, Katja and Anette has made certain the corsets would be properly tight. The cage was covered by the tightly stretched leather, every inch carefully measured and cut to fit precisely. As the wearer stepped inside the skirt their legs slid into tight straps at both upper thigh and above the knee, wedded immovably to the internal support structure of the cage. It was quite possible for them to rest all their weight on the cage and the casters that supported it.

The straps forced the victim, or wearer’s legs to be spread a bit wider than comfortable for walking, but it was a necessary for the most cunning part of the skirt. It was considered practice and even proper form for every Lady to have something stimulating under their skirt. All mAnner of mechanical and electrical toys had served this purpose for years at these gatherings. But this year Anette had come up with something very special.

Under Jenka’s skirt sabina was tightly bound to the custom fitted structure. Arms still bound in the tightly strapped and locked V shape, wrist to opposite shoulder behind her back. Head encased by a skintight latex hood, the hood itself part of the cruelly tight latex shorts that Jenka wore under the dress. The latex kept sabina’s mouth pressed firmly against the Lady’s shaven slit in an endless, intimate kiss. Taut leather straps around her waist and throat made sure she could not pull back, knees strapped to supports just inches from her own shoulders, spread wide apart. The final restraints around her ankles kept sabina’s booted legs spread wide near the bottom of the skirt, along with the knee straps they kept her open and helpless for the most diabolical part of the inventive garment.

The casters were each fitted with a set of clockwork gears; the gears turned tiny shafts and transmitted the motion smoothly to devices inside the dark confines of the skirt. Clamps secured around each nipple would twist in what ever direction the casters turned, closing more tightly as Jenka moved forward, tightening relentlessly until the catch mechanism released most of the tension again. Then the clamps would loosen momentarily, allowing the blood to flow again and the cruelly twisted nubs of flesh to return to a normal position. The relief was short lived however as within moments the clamps would pinch down and the cycle would begin again.

As if this abuse was not sufficient a large set of greased plugs were also attached to the gears, slowly thrusting into the completely exposed holes, inching forward and back erratically depending on the direction Jenka moved. It took step after step after step to complete even a quarter of a thrust. A maddeningly slow fucking to say the least. Anette had sternly warned sabina, as Katja had warned Leece, to remain silent and not spoil the surprise regardless of how they were tormented under the stifling hot skirts. As perhaps a final touch, or artistic sadism, Anette had added a clamp to each girl’s clit and attached it to a stretchy rubber strap fixed to the base of the shaft inside their slit. As the dildo slowly moved away, the strap and the clamp tightened. When the shaft was completely thrust inside the girl, the clamps bite was an annoying, teasing pressure. As the strap reached full extension it was a searing ache.

The intricacy of the design and the quality of the workmanship were awe inspiring, and Anette was quite certain this would make her Lady the talk of the party; indeed the talk of the cultured for months to come. Above the skirt the corset like top squeezed Jenka relentlessly, the cups lifted her very full breasts, supporting and confining them painfully. A round opening at the tip, a small steel hoop covered in leather, allowed her stiff, aching nipples to be exposed to any who might wish to tease or abuse them. Above the cups the dress became a tasteful, elegant webbing of leather straps that joined the tall posture collar to the form fitting leather sheaths that encased each arm. The fingerless mitten at the end of each sheath sported a large brass ring, perfect for locking to, well, anything.

In the darkness below the skirt, sabina gasped softly for air and whimpered loudly. They had only just arrived and she knew from past experience this party could easily last for days. Days in this unbearably hot, sultry captivity, harshly bound, endlessly teasing and licking her Mistress as who knows what was going on outside. The clamps sent waves of fiery hurt through her most sensitive places even as she strained against the straps in a futile attempt to ride the thick plugs. Underneath Kittiara’s skirt, Leece squirmed in similar torment, her bondage matching sabina’s just as completely as Kittiara’s dress mirrored Jenka’s.

As they entered through the door Anette handed both invitations to the stern faced butler. The man was easily seven feet tall, with cropped gray hair and a sour frown on his face. He took the invitations gravely and ushered the four of them inside, well six if you counted the unseen passengers. “Lady Jenka and Lady Kittiara.” He called out as they passed into the huge foyer.

As they passed into the foyer a slender, elegant woman in an exquisite leather cat suit approached. Slightly older than both and a bit shorter, even when Jenka and Kittiara were not on tip toe, she carried an air of authority and control that somehow made her seem taller than either. “Lady Jenka, Lady Kittiara, so wonderful of you to make it.” Her ice blue eyes glittered predatorily as she took in both women and their garments. “And your charming maids as well. But where is little sabina and that adorable little harlot Leece?” Her blond pageboy cut hair just barely brushed against the shoulders of the suit of skin tight black leather with subtle midnight blue highlights and seams. At a glance it was quite impossible to tell where the suit opened to allow someone into it’s embrace.

“They will be along Madame Gray.” Jenka responded with a charming smile, struggling to maintain her composure as a soft, skilled tongue gently flicked her stiff clit. “And it’s always our pleasure to see you. That cat suit is beyond stunning Madame!” Jenka carefully used Madame Gray’s title when speaking. While she and Kittiara were near royalty themselves every Lady of standing knew where they stood with a true Madame of society. Madame Gray could have done anything she wanted to them both and they knew it.

“Splendid, now I simply must insist upon binding you both. Those dresses are scrumptious and I cannot abide you wearing such supple leather while untied.”

“But we only just arrived..” Jenka protested, glancing at Kittiara in alarm.

“And the party is only just beginning.” Kittiara added, her breath catching at the idea of being bound by such a strict woman and so early in the evening. Such things had a tendency to linger and they could very well end up bound the entire duration of the party.

“Nonsense,” Madame Gray countered with her smile becoming a firm line. “I'll have not a word of it. And I believe you both will be the perfect subjects to try out a new toy of mine, it will go perfectly with your dresses.” Madame Gray snapped her fingers summoning over a small wheeled cart propelled by the leather sheathed figure trapped underneath it. The form was folded tightly, hands bound to the pedals of a drive wheel, unable to see anything that was not straight ahead. Without another word she begin to work on Kittiara's arms. Left hand to right hip, across the back naturally, right hand to left hip, arms drawn in a taut X behind her back. A small brass padlock joined a thin but strong chain to the right mitten ring and with a good deal of tugging and pulling to the left one as well. Kittiara gasped softly at the intense strain, the chain was a good two inches shorter than she would have liked.

Moments later Jenka was bound the same way, the position forced their breasts forward; increasing the tension in the already painful constraints they wore. “Lovely, but now, for questioning me I am afraid you both need a constant and sharp reminder of who you are and who I am.” Her smile sent chills through both captives, even as they shuddered helplessly against the soft tongues eagerly, obediently lapping away at them. The reminder turned out to be a rather tight set of nipple clamps, biting down on both Lady's engorged, aching breasts. But these were no ordinary clamps; that would have been far too simple and gentle for someone with Madame Gray's tastes.

Each clamp was fitted inside a small, hard rubber cup. The whole thing was shorter than a pen cap, and just wide enough to cover the victim’s nipple. But as it bit down it began to gently suck, drawing the turgid, tormented flesh deeper into its embrace. The sensation was rather like a lover suckling and biting painfully at the same time. As Jenka's nipples were fitted with clamps she gasped, her head arched back against the tall collar as she screamed out in pleasure and orgasmed explosively.

Her body spasmed, moving her about on the casters a bit erraticallyand drawing a flood of squeals from the slave trapped underneath. Madame Gray cast a questioning glance down at the skirt but said nothing. With her smile once again that of a charming hostess she clipped a slender leash to each captive's collar. “Now, let's go see about that surprise I mentioned.” Without looking back she led the way, pulling the two along faster then they ever could have managed on their own. The frantic squeals and moans that spilled free drew the attention of many guests. How could two women possibly make so many different sounds?

sabina sobbed helplessly, moaning into her Mistress's flesh as her tongue thrust deep, impossibly deep, into the captive Lady. The heat was unbearable, already her lithe little body was slick with sweat. Aside from her bonds she wore only her knee high ballet boots and an adorable pair of stockings the came to the very top of her thighs. Leece’s tormented moans escaped the bottom of the skirt, echoing her Mistress's as they finally stopped.

“Here we are, twin masks for my captive girls. You know I was thinking of inviting you two for a prolonged stay with me.” Madame Gray smiled as both captives glanced at each other nervously. Such an invitation simply could not be turned down. It would, of course, entail an experience as severe as any either had ever been a party too, perhaps even more severe. “I will make the arrangements later, let's just call it an indefinite stay for now.” She smiled as both women moaned softly, their thighs clenching almost in unison against the trapped heads of their slave girls.

Madame Gray hefted the first mask. It appeared to be a well made black latex gas mask of some sort. The mask was attached to a rubber hood and it looked far too small to fit over Jenka's head. Somehow, Jenka thought to herself, Madame Gray would surely find a way to make it fit. Patiently she worked, skilled fingers arranging Jenka's long, soft hair until it flowed in a pony tail from the top of the hood. The respirator valves clicked softly as Jenka took shallow, corset restricted breaths.

“Very nice pet. When you speak the mask will amplify it to the outside world unless I turn the little speaker off. So speak in a normal voice if you please. And now for you.” Kittiara was soon hooded ; truly she and Jenka appeared to be twins now, rendered faceless by the masks. “These masks are very special, they are linked you see. Sensors in them can tell when the respiration valves are open. Once activated only one mask can have open valves at a time.”

Madame Gray arched an eyebrow as she savored the wide eyed expression of surprise and fear behind the lenses of the masks. Casually she held up a small remote and pressed her thumb down on a control. Instantly Jenka found she could not breath. A moment later it passed and she frantically gasped in a breath. While she breathed in as deep as her corset allowed Kittiara struggled for air, turning slightly to look into Jenka's eyes. Clearly they would need to find some kind of rhythm, someway to cooperate to get through this predicament. “Now you two go mingle. But we simply must talk more about those outfits later. Don't worry, I won't let you escape.”

Struggling the pair slowly turned and made their way deeper into the party, trying to breathe with controlled gasps despite the torment, the bondage and the fiendish, endless licking from below. Frantic slave girls, strapped up tightly in the blackness devoured their Mistress's need as they struggled to mingle and make small talk. Every step was labored, every breath a struggle.

Slowly before their eyes different Lady's were set upon, their level of helplessly increasing as the hours dragged by one after another. Jenka and Kittiara both sobbed breathlessly in orgasm again and again as their slaves suffered in the darkness below. Endlessly teased, fucked far too slowly to come as their most sensitive places were subjected to endless torture.

The Race

The lanes mowed into the immaculate lawn where as firm and smooth as grass turf could be. Straight as an arrow they stretched out for a full hundred yards, but to Jenka’s eyes it looked more like several miles. Bright yard lights illuminated the paths completely from the starting line to the tall pole at the far end. Jenka gasped softly as sabina’s talented tongue thrust into her again. She would not have believed that such a soft, warm, wet tongue could possibly feel so unbearably rough and abrasive, but after almost an entire day of being licked it felt more like sand paper than flesh.

Her eyes watered even as she squealed into the smothering mask still stretched over her face. At least Madame Gray had been kind enough to remove the tinted covers from the mask lenses for the race. sabina sobbed softly under the skirt, forcing her tongue into Jenka as her sweat soaked body trembled with exhaustion. The subtle modifications made to her, and to almost all of the party guests, by highly paid bio-engineers insured that the days of bondage, lack of food and water and endless torment would do no permanent harm. But even so nearing twenty hours of this was exhausting, pushing her limits to the very edge. Leece, Jenka and Kittiara were in no better shape themselves.

Breathing in rhythm had almost become second nature to Kittiara and Jenka now. Without even thinking about it they alternated inhalations, allowing the other to breath easily. Madame Gray had decided to put this to a bit more stringent of a test. Both captives were placed on the start line, on either side Ladies wrapped in leather and latex, hobble skirts, body sheaths, hobbled, bound, hogtied were prepared to compete in an a very special race. Every year this was held, the prize was almost as valued as the price was dreaded.

“Alright Ladies, here are the rules. You must complete the length of this course as quickly as you can. The first to the end will lean against their pole; the pressure turns on the light at the top. Just press against the pole and you are done. As with all races there is a prize to be won.” The party hostess stood forth, giving the rules and glancing at each of the participants. She was a stunning older lady, perhaps in her mid fifties. Clad in a clinging latex and leather gown she made more than a few of the Ladies present tremble in more than just fear.

“The winner of the race will be kept under my personal tutelage for a month after which she will be welcomed into the upper ranks of society as a new Madame!” The declaration of the prize drew a polite round of applause from the gathered, as it always did. This race was one of the very few ways in which a Lady could aspire to be a Madame, to advance their social standing and become one of the truly elite in their circles.

“The three slowest finishers however, would insult us by showing so little regard for such a marvelous gift.” The Madame’s nodded and murmured softly in agreement as the hostess arched an eyebrow meaningfully. “And since they care so little about social standing they will each earn a special penalty. The second and third to last finishers will be stripped of title and lands and sold at auction as slave girls.” Gag muffled whimpers punctuated the fear in both contestant and the Ladies forced to watch the race alike.

While a Lady enjoyed privilege and standing along with some measure of authority slave girls had none. Once a slave girl there was virtually no chance of advancing even to the level of a maid much less a Lady again. “And for the loser.” The hostess gestured to the shadows on the far side of the track, her gloved hand drawing the eye of every spectator to the darkest pool of shadow. Even though everyone present knew exactly what was in that darkness every breath in the crowd was held as the spotlight illuminated the losers fate, the box.

“The loser will be placed in that crate and shipped off to a random country never to be seen in polite society again. This year it's a wonderful middle eastern port of call where you will join a rather rich man's harem. I believe his tastes tend towards exotic leathers and pony play.”

Jenka’s heart hammered wildly, her frantic eyes found Kittiara’s for a moment as both trembled. Sold into absolute slavery at the whims of some person not even bound by the covenants of their homeland.

“Consider the price and the prize Ladies. You have one hour before race time.” Jenka turned slightly, her toes pressing into the soft turf firmly, glancing at the other racers. Her mind raced with the same thoughts as the rest. Can I win? Can I move fast enough like this to beat the others? Can I really be freed, given the stature of a Madame? Or will I end up in exile, a piece of property never to see home again? She knew the extra weight of sabina would hamper her just as Leece would hamper Kittiara. But still Thomas had been clever enough to make the casters under the skirt wide and they would still roll even on soft turf. As tight as their confinement was several of the contestants would have to inchworm along the long course, and certainly both Kittiara and Jenka would be faster than them.

As Jenka inhaled slowly she glanced at Kittiara, their eyes locked as they realized together, the masks. Breathing was tenuous under calm circumstances, but they were both acutely aware of how complicated it became as the need for air increased. One hundred yards was a simply stroll for an unencumbered person, but for the contestants in the race it would be a true test of endurance.

The revelers mingled, chatting, making bets, and inspecting the bondage of the racers. Jenka’s skirt was raised, allowing a flood of cool air to wash over the glistening captive beneath. sabina moaned loudly into Jenka’s softness, squirming helplessly as the crowd got to see first hand under the skirt.

All too soon the hour had passed, each Lady glanced at the box and then at the poles at the end of the course. Bodies tensed, teeth pressed into thick gags as each prepared to give everything she had. Eyes closed as some softly wept as the tension became unbearable. The hostess stepped out, raising her arm in the air. “Ladies to the mark, on the ready….”

Jenka glanced at her best friend, her lover even as Kittiara locked eyes with her. Each silently promising that they would never let the other finish last. Under the skirts, oblivious to the danger their Mistresses faced, Leece and sabina nibbled and licked, straining frantically against the bondage and then submitting to it over and over again.


As one the contestants surged forward, straining frantically and moving, well moving very little. It was almost comical to watch as they frantically moaned, grunted and squirmed, struggling for just a few inches. Traditionally the race was a fairly long event, but this year it looked like it would set a new standard in duration.

The Madame’s walked amongst the racers, teasing and giggling, urging them on with playful taunts. Madame Gray walked casually between Jenka and Kittiara, her voice purred softly as she listened to the frantic clicking of the respirator valves. “Come dears, I have wagered a fair amount on you both finishing in the top five. But not to worry, if either of you end up in the box I will see you your girls.” She padded a bit a head, turning back to watch them both with a sadistic smirk. “Push, such well built Ladies should have no trouble with this!”

A Lady in a tight leather sheath had managed to hop into the lead, but already the strain was showing on her face. Struggling to balance, gasping for air through her nose as she twisted and strained to get ahead. A tightly hogtied red head struggled along in last place, unlike most she had asked, begged to be in the race. Every year one or two Ladies would request to take part, and in perhaps not so strange a coincidence almost every occupant of the shipping crate had come from this small group of volunteers.

Time crawled by as the racers frantically struggled towards the line. Gasping, soaked with sweat as they strained for every inch. The woman in the leather sheath was the first, collapsing against the pole with a ragged scream of relief and triumph. Jenka managed seventh with Kittiara barely a moment behind, both of them facing a rather cross looking Madame Gray. “We will discuss this at my chateau.” She growled softly before stalking away to watch the end of the race. The hogtied red head sobbed out as the second to last competitor completed the race with a sob of relief and despair.

The hostess stepped in front of the trembling figure and smiled down at her. “Poor Kelly, you poor, poor thing. And I did try to warn you.” The figure nodded, head hooded head nuzzling against the hostess’s boot softly. “I will allow you one grace sweet girl, you will be filled with plugs to stimulate and help pass the time of your journey.” Kelly moaned softly, her heart hammering as the reality of her situation became more and more immediate. She had known the risk, part of her had even tempted it, wanted it. But now here it was, she was going to be sold, sold to someone she had never seen. Her life as it had been, was over.

“Honored guests, we have many more surprises and games yet tonight. And many more pleasures to sample inside.” Madame Gray snapped a leash onto both of her captive’s collars once more, leading them inside with the flow of the crowd. Under the thick skirts Leece and sabina sobbingly pleaded into the darkness for their Mistress’s to just stay still as every inch they moved furthered both slave girls torture beneath.

Hours later Jenka twirled slowly, dancing close to Madame Gray, freed from her cage skirt for the time being. Madame Gray’s gloved hands wandered, teasingly pressing on the thick plug in Jenka’s ass as they turned in time with the music. “How long to you think sabina will last in there Jenka?” She chuckled, glancing at the center of the ballroom floor. The seven men sabina was surrounded by caressed her sweat slick little body, drawing ragged gasps of pleasure and soft moans of arousal. Each of them was well known, a professional entertainer with a reputation for both skill and stamina.

As one of them pulled the squirming slave girl into his lap from behind, slowly guiding his huge shaft into her struggling little body, another caressed over her breasts with his big, calloused hands. sabina moaned loudly, clenching tight and grinding back into the slow thrust, shuddering as she nearly orgasmed before the first thrust was even complete. One by one Ladies volunteered their pets to this test of stamina. The goal was to last longer than any other under the hands of these seven. Jenka chuckled softly, her face unmasked for the first time since arriving at the party.
“The question Madame Gray, is how long will they last with her.” It had been five years since anyone had come close to sabina’s time, but this year the men seemed determined to break her and break her quickly.

The fucking was brutal, rough as hands roamed, pinched and slapped. sabina was forced into one orgasm after another as a hand smothered her cute little face from behind. Ragged squeals spilled past the rough hand as she bucked and squirmed, riding the thick shaft frantically to one orgasm after another. her lithe, trim little form arched, breasts thrust frantically into the tormenting hands of her captors, sobbing in frustration and torment as her exhausted body responded so eagerly to their touches. One after another after another they used her glistening, helpless body. Fingers probed, pinched and never allowed her even a moment of peace. At last, hours later, it was done. sabina collapsed at their feet, a glistening, spent little heap of flesh.

The time was announced to all with a stunned silence, sabina had lasted more than three hours in their hands. Jenka whispered softly to Madame Gray, eliciting a soft chuckle from her captor. “Mmmm, very well Jenka. You may propose your idea.”

“Madame’s and Ladies, as sabina’s owner I take no small measure of pride in her ability to out slut any girl present.” This drew a chuckle and several nods. “If no one is up to challenging her time, should we let such fine performers as these men go to waste?” The shaking of heads and frowns of the guests who were not currently gagged agreed that such a waste would be shameful. “Then I would humbly suggest these men continue with my sabina for another three hours!”

sabina’s eyes snapped open as the crowd applauded. A ragged little squeak or protest welled in her throat even as she struggled to kneel up. Stammering softly as the pack of men descended on her like ravenous wolves. In moments she was again held in the air by their roaming, molesting hands as someone tied a blindfold over her eyes. “It will be out pleasure to drag another three hours out of this slut for your entertainment.” The tallest of the men replied with a sadistic grin.

A heavy hand muffled her scream as they went to work again, forcing her to respond, to struggle and sob for them, forcing her to love every second of it.

Back to School

Jenka woke slowly, stretching her arms and legs as she cuddled against Kittiara and sabina on the bed. After days upon days in severe restraint the very act of waking up in relative freedom was a luxury beyond measure. The gleaming chrome chain ran from her heavy leather collar to the headboard of the bed, secured by padlock to the same thick ring as the other three captives. As the others began to stir the quiet of the room became broken by giggles and squeals, tickling fingers and playful pinches found their way into the relaxed cuddling.

It was during this that the maid arrived, a nameless hooded woman dressed in a latex and leather uniform skirt. She pushed a large cart into the room bearing trays of fruit, fresh warm bread and other treats for breakfast. She gestured to a small pink envelope on the cart before giving a curtsy and leaving the room again. As sabina and Leece pounced on the tray and began hungrily eating Jenka picked up the envelope. The perfume scenting the paper was very familiar by now, and even the scent made her nipples stiffen as she opened it.

My dear guests,

I hope you are well rested and will find this repast to your liking. Please enjoy a brief rest in the room, bath, eat and recover. I will return shortly after lunch and we can begin your next adventure.

Your adoring hostess,
Ms Gray

The note was penned in a flowing, confident script. Jenka’s soft lips curled in subtle smile. “What was in the note?” Kittiara asked as she offered Jenka a slice of toast with raspberry jam on it.

“We have the morning off, but I am guessing this afternoon will prove very interesting.”

Breakfast was eaten slowly, followed by long hot showers and playful cuddling on the massive, silk-sheeted bed. Even sabina and Leece took the opportunity to rest, though Jenka suspected it would not have lasted long even if their captor was not coming that very afternoon.

Lunch was wheeled in by the same maid, and they were again given ample time to eat and relax. Kittiara and Jenka exchanged concerned glances as time crawled past. Surely if they were being given this much time it was only because the ordeal ahead was going to be very trying indeed. sabina was obviously of similar mind, with every sound beyond the door she jumped and glanced nervously to see what was happening.

If Leece was concerned she didn’t show it, she seemed more concerned with using the length of chain to wrap sabina up in a gleaming cocoon. In the midst of Kittiara taking a short nap while Jenka watched Leece wrapping the chain round a squirming sabina the door opened again. A tall figure in black strode through, while familiar it was no less worrisome to see him.

“Thomas?” Jenka blinked, her eyes widening as he entered the room. Aside from her surprise at seeing him here, in Madame Gray’s home, he was dressed rather strangely. A grey sweatshirt that said COACH across the front was the first thing she noticed, that and the gleaming chrome whistle. Behind him in bizarre latex cheer leader outfits came Anette and Katja. Each one carried a large box with them, which they promptly deposited on the nearby vanity table.

“Jenka, so nice to see you again. We’ve missed you.” His smile sent chills through all four of the women. Before sabina could even untangle herself the other three were strapped down tightly to the bed. “It wouldn’t do to have you three in trouble while we prepare sabina. Watch carefully and think of it as a preview of your own fate.”

The three unwrapped sabina from the chain and removed her collar. They stood around her naked little form as predators about to pounce. “Umm, hey. Nice to see you three.” sabina began, giving a rather frightened, yet eager, little smile. Thomas chucked and sat on the bed, pulling sabina’s little ass into his lap as they began. Katja began unrolling white, over the knee latex stockings up sabina’s toned calves. While she did this Anette pulled a matching white latex half shirt over sabina’s head.

The three worked well together, the choreography of their efforts made things go extremely quickly. Thomas slid a pair of latex arm sheaths up sabina’s arms. The glistening black reinforced latex contrasted with the snow white flawlessness of the shirt and stockings. The integral steel cuffs at wrist, above the elbow and above the bicep cinched down and clicked tight, leaving D rings exposed on each side through the taut latex.

The fit of every item was tight, custom fit to precise measurements. Jenka smiled wryly knowing all too well that the three dressing sabina had access to extensive measurements for all four of the captives. The days they had spent here would have given Madame Gray ample time to order any number of things to be rushed over. When money was no object anything was possible.

The heavy black latex collar was next, Anette’s expert hands slipped it into place, holding sabina’s head high. Almost no head movement at all was left once the collar was secured by the same nearly invisible locking mechanism as the cuffs. Thomas fed the straps attached to the top of the left arm sheath around the far side of the tall collar. The end of each slipped into a small slot and locked solidly into place. The straps had to be stretched a bit to make each click home, but Thomas was a strong and determined man.

“This latex has been stress tested to hold five hundred pounds lil bit.” He whispered teasingly into sabina’s ear, using his pet name for the tiny slave girl. “I am pretty sure it will hold, what do you think?”

sabina giggled, grinding her ass playfully against his lap. “Only if i decide not to struggle much.” He smirked and roughly pinched her nipple through the taut latex as Katja worked a pair of glistening black latex heels onto her feet. The gleaming shoes boasted a five inch heel and a thick cuff that locked tight around the wearer’s ankle. The toe ended on a ballet style point, clearly not made for a great deal of walking.

Anette held a pair of white latex panties up to the light, smirking playfully as she stretched the tiny garment out a little. “Now why on earth would anyone put panties on sabina?” She chuckled. “That’s like putting locks on the door of an all night convenience store.”

sabina squeaked, her eyes narrowing a little as she stuck her surprisingly long, thick tongue out at Anette while Thomas pulled her arms back. Left wrist to right shoulder, the D rings locked together with a padlock. Another small, steel padlock secured the ring at her fingertips to a ring on the right side of the collar. Carefully as Anette worked the panties up sabina’s legs, he lifted the right wrist across her back to her left shoulder. It was a position sabina knew all too well. Right wrist cuff padlocked to her left bicep cuff, the finger tip ring locked to the collar, and another pair of locks securing her elbow cuffs together and her wrist cuffs as well.

Pert breasts thrust lewdly forward against the latex, positively begging for someone’s hands to cup, caress and molest them. Thomas was only too happy to oblige as sabina wiggled into the panties. Katja stood back, preparing the final piece of the bizarre schoolgirl like outfit as Anette worked the extremely tight panties into place. Thomas growled softly into sabina’s ear. “Later on bit I will have you for a few hours.” sabina whimpered softly, squirming, grinding against his lap again as Anette’s fingers teasingly worked the white latex into place.

Reluctantly Thomas forced sabina to stand so Katja could fit the plaid latex skirt around her hips. The skirt came perhaps an inch below her mons and failed to cover the lower curves of her ass from behind. It was perhaps, the most indecent, perverted attempt at a school uniform that Jenka had ever seen. Written across the latex stretched over sabina’s full, pert breasts were the words.

Property of Ms Gray’s
  Academy for Girls

Kittiara burst into giggles even as Jenka moaned softly. “You have got to be kidding.”

An hour later it was quite clear that they were not kidding. Matching outfits for Leece, Kittiara and Jenka were produced one by one. The victim was freed and then quickly dressed and rebound just as tightly as little sabina had been. The only difference in each was the positioning of their arms. Leece’s had been bound wrists and elbows together, Kittiara’s folded wrist to opposite elbow, and while Jenka’s elbows her been locked together behind her back, the fingertip rings were padlocked together in front of her narrow waist.

Just as the final lock clicked shut Ms Gray walked through the door, smiling radiantly at her captives. “Lovely, just lovely.” She nodded, her elegant left eyebrow arching upwards. “Not my usual taste in fabrics perhaps, but marvelous none the less. Thomas you have my admiration on such a quick turn around on these outfits, they are adorable!”

“No problem at all Madame, always a pleasure to help.” He replied, pressing his form against Jenka from behind as his hands took possession of her full breasts teasingly. Jenka bit her lower lip to keep from moaning softly. sabina on the other hand, was eagerly pressing into Anette’s teasing fingers, nuzzling the maid softly nose to nose and kissing her gently. Leece squirmed a little on the bed as she watched, nipples clearly stiff under the taut latex. Katja had Kittiara face down over her lap, she had been alternating teasing and spanking her for the last ten minutes while Thomas had finished Jenka’s outfit.


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