Author Topic: Is it Real Life? Is it just Fantasy?  (Read 135 times)

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Is it Real Life? Is it just Fantasy?
« on: May 15, 2023, 05:49:41 am »
How many people have ever done real experiences with trash bags, burials, etc? It might be all stories but does anyone have true stories they could share? I’d love some inspiration, especially on how to do it safely.

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Re: Is it Real Life? Is it just Fantasy?
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2023, 03:39:22 am »
ive made it a few time.. hidding in my own big black bag and await for some trash to be disposed with me in a garbage container..

you cannot being 100% sure that your trash bin is safe... trash is trash and theres sooo many scenarios that can made your story, a nightmare ( or heaven )
my last time was 3 days ago..
1- know your collection day! ( i work for our company  that pickup that bin.. kinda easy to know in my case)
2- know what they throw away ( daycare is great.. but bag are heavy.. and stink real bad at the sun!... mixed wastes from paper wrap, plastic.. used diaper from pee to poh... ( yuk !)leftover food.. truly anything) restaurent trash ?... heavy, greasy, stinky... could lead to vermin inside the container.. 
3- know when they got out to dispose of the bags.. could help not staying too long inside but just enough to please yourself
4- watch for CCTV camera.. you donT' want to get into trouble.
5- you never know exactly what was in the bag they throw...  could have some broken glass or sharp object that can cut you ( like razor blade ! )

do your search well prior to do that !
ive stop to get in and await trash bag being dumped on me as i got knocked out hard once... instead i found something that kinda turn me on  another way.. if they left a pile of ba unsuppervised, i do put my favorit down jacket in on of them,then i wait till they bring the pile and drop them into the garbage containers... once they left the parking, i had to get in and retrieve my coat lovely disposed of by that cute janitor now that's what im doing.


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