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Why Chastity?
« on: April 28, 2023, 07:31:35 pm »
So I've been reading a few fantasy stories and published articles about male chastity bondage and it's peaked my interest.
Considering the desires of the man involved, what is it that motivates locking oneself up and giving the key to another? How does the power dynamic work in a committed relationship? Does being caged lead to less decision making/consideration in the relationship in general (i.e. what to buy, where to eat, "who wears the pants?")? I've seen two distinctions about the chastity cages: inflicting discomfort/pain vs. just keeping it locked away.

For myself I can see the upside of restraining myself for when full-blown-sex happens as my performance, stamina, and orgasm are improved vs. consistently pleasuring myself whenever the mood struck. I'm just not sure about handing over a key to my wife (not that she'd necessarily be into it as she prefers to be the submissive in the bedroom), and I like being the dominant involving bondage and light sadism. I currently wear a glands ring around the head of my cock as a reminder not to pleasure myself though it is no way a physical deterrent. Does anyone who's locked up and given their significant other the key have children, a normal social life, typical husband/wife relationship?
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Re: Why Chastity?
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2023, 03:37:20 am »
For me is was always about giving up the control to my partner when I had one.

Of course every dynamic is different, for some it could be the thrill (or fear) of being discovered in it. Others who practice self chastity (keys frozen in ice, time locks/containers, mail drop, etc), which I have also done, it could be about complete loss of control of your own ability to orgasm.

Of course that just applies to 'willing' chastity wearers. For 'reluctant' chastity wearers they might only be doing it because it is their Dominant's desires, and get minimal/no excitement from the chastity itself

When I was a 24/7 I did everything in one, work, eat out, socialize, etc. I only went without it for doctor appointments, and when going somewhere that involved metal detectors (I have a metal device) ie airports, courthouses, etc.

The rest is truly between you and your keyholder/dominant with public displays. I knew a couple where he was fully submisive to his wife even in public social interactions (I do not know if he was in chastity), where she made all decisions, placed their meal and drink orders, and paid. She didn't like what she ordered she would just take his food. To each there own really 
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Re: Why Chastity?
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2023, 10:33:26 am »
Chastity for myself is a no-go, and it's really impractical from a female point of view anyway. I know in medieval times it was purported to have been done, but just yuck if any time at all is involved!

 Anyway, seeing this from the other side if things, my SO and I have played with some cheaper metal ones, (sharp edges) and then an HT, then another much smaller HT when the first one cracked and broke. His first time long-term wear was just a wild mood alteration, very attentive to my needs, almost smothering really. I know the old cliché is that guys identify with their jobs and their guy parts, but just wow does my guy identify with his man package!

 Not having access, giving me the keys and control over that most basic thing of his was profound for him, (sit to pee) and while it was actually his idea and purchase, I played along perhaps seeing the love and trust aspect of it. It's like a collar and leash, but maybe even more than that kind of short term physical control. I had no proverbial skin in that game either, and he went to work like that, for days and days once the short term comfort issues were worked out, perhaps even with the ever-present threat of discovery.

Now I say this with love; but if guys are locked up long enough, do they in their minds become something less than a man; not having access to their man parts and all. Now bear in mind that without a piercing, slipping out of even a very good and properly sized device is still possible, and oh yeah, guys shrink if in one for a while, (like several weeks straight) and then they flop out even easier, ask me how I know.

Perhaps this is something that appeals more to submissive leaning men though, or ones that maybe get bored with being a fully functioning man and want to try not being one for a bit? When locked up in a device (in their mind) they're maybe not really guys, but obviously not women either. A truly tiny device, (like a pink HT nub) kind of feminized their guy parts though, especially with a clean shave down there, so maybe this does actually lean into the feminized psyche.

We've had fun with chastity devices, and while we don't have one presently, I could see one again in our future, but perhaps bought this time by myself. HT has a new one that my guy has shown me on their website, it kind of locks with a pushbutton and seems interesting to me. I'm also assuming that the key for that one will be a bit smaller, as hanging the old HT key on a chain wasn't really a look for me, even though I like the potential message obviously.

 I could almost imaging somebody who knows what specifically that kind of key unlocks, perhaps while out with his caged self in a social setting with people we knew, (or not) asking about it. Would the ladies realize that this signifies that I had a very docile well trained partner, easily subject to suggestion, maybe even one I'd be willing to lend out for chores of one kind or another? He'd be certified safe to have alone around their house like that, but really he already is anyway.

 Would any guys who saw that key on my necklace wonder if this was an offer to take his caged place, perhaps thinking that both I was needy, and he was incapable of objecting in any meaningful way. Both scenarios are straight up fantasy, but that kind of control over another does make one feel powerful...

Anyway, just my two cents from the other side of chastity, and thank you for the thought provoking subject, Jackie.

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Re: Why Chastity?
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2023, 09:10:50 pm »
As both of my fans can attest, I often use the theme of chastity belts in my stories.  Thanks to the miracle of prosaic license, I can inflict these horrid inventions on unsuspecting yet willing women without concern for real life practicalities, at least in the imaginative world of fiction.  I freely admit to no experience in the use of such devices, though I have read the claims in articles of actual use for extended periods of time (which provided much of the inspiration behind my stories).

I confess, as an unrepentant dominant who exhibits the worst character flaws of the stereotypical "toxic" male, I readily succumb to the lure of sexual control.  Maybe it's a throwback to the alpha male gorilla's possessive streak regarding his band of females, and his efforts to chase off inquisitive males who are tempted to intrude in his private harem.  Whatever the flimsy justification may be, I find myself inexorably drawn to indulge in the inclusion of chastity belts in the majority of my turgid prose.

If it isn't obvious, in my stories the primary motivation is always the ruthless exploitation of that submissive need to please, as is mentioned elsewhere in this topic thread.  What is the benefit of a power exchange if not to wield it in pursuit of the dominant's pleasure?  Of course, the sacrifice involved is appreciated, but any dominant who lays claim to some noble purpose in this regard should be regarded with the utmost suspicion.  My characters never claim any such pretense.

Over the years some of the feedback I've received appears to confirm there are women who are or would be willing to wear a chastity belt in the right circumstances.  Statistical outliers?  Possibly, but difficult to tell.  I'd like to believe the correspondence is genuine; it helps to know I'm not quite as cruel and depraved as society would otherwise label me.

Concerning the male point of view, enforced chastity would constitute grounds for immediate, uncontrollable rage and excessive violence, but that's just me.  I am very much the modern man, if the date were around 5000 B.C.  I am forever stuck in the past of traditional gender roles, no great revelation to anyone who can manage to wade through one of my never-ending novels.  We heard from Jackierabbit on her views of enforced chastity; it might be interesting to read of some other female points of view.
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Re: Why Chastity?
« Reply #4 on: May 01, 2023, 07:44:57 pm »
It's to impose a measure of control, or in some cases, to reassure one's SO that there is no need to feel that their partner may be tempted to stray. To ensure that the caste individual does not sucumb to selfishness and shares him/herself with others. That the keyholder is and will be the sole recipient of his/her attentions, sexually and otherwise. "I am only for you, and this is the way that I always will be."


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