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Simi' s Long confinement by Master SAM
« on: February 19, 2016, 11:55:04 am »
English is not my first language.Not even my second one. So please excuse me for the grammatical mistakes. The story is about long confinement, metal bondage and kidnap.
story code:
M/F,F/F,bdsm, bond, blackmail, cage, captive, capture, chain,collar,cuffs,fetters,handcuffs,kidnap,piercing,slave

Simi woke up with a bad headache and blurred vision. Her head was heavy and the room was dark. She could not remember anything. She tried to sit up but found out she was restrained. She was horrified. Her hands were bound over her head with some kind of metal handcuffs. Her legs were spread and bound in the same way. She has no idea how she came here.
She came to Delhi just 3 days back for studies from Kolkata. She was staying in a hotel and was ready to move to hostel. The last thing she remembered was the room service delivered a pizza on her request and she was having the same while watching TV. It must be the food, she thought. But why anybody will kidnap a first year student? For rape? For ransom ? She started screaming loudly for help, but no avail. She struggled in her bond to get free but the cuffs were solid and heavy. The room was so dark that she was not been able to see how and where she was bound. The drug reaction was still there and soon she fall asleep, once again.
She woke up for the fifth time. Her arm and legs started paining already. Her mouth was dry. "Water please" she cried out, but no answers. All struggles took out her strength to cry and scream. She was thirsty; she was in pain and trauma. She did not have any idea of time.
After almost like ages she heard footsteps from distance. She started screaming. A light went on. Simi took time to adjust her vision. She saw a masked man standing in the corner. Simi gathered her strength and struggled against her bonds. The man came near her and put his palm on her lips.  "If you scream once more, I will slit your throat and leave you here to die. Do you understand?" Simi stopped screaming and started sobbing. She understood he could do that. He opened a bottle of water and tilted to her lips. She drank some water.
- Please release me, why have you kept me here?  Please release me, Simi pleaded.
The man ignored her completely and went to other side of the room. Meanwhile Simi checked her bonds. Her hands were cuffed tightly above head with steel handcuffs which were attached to the headboard of the Iron bed with chains. Her legs were cuffed in the similar manner. The room was small and old with only one door and no windows. The man came back with a piece cloth and forcefully tied that between her lips, effectively gagging her. He switched off the light and closed the door, leaving her again in the darkness. The drug in the water started working and Simi fall asleep, once again.
Simi woke up and felt she was lying on the floor of some moving vehicle. She was blindfolded and still gagged. Her hands were tied behind her back with metal cuffs which was attached to the floor. Her legs were also cuffed to the floor. She lay there for almost one full day. All her muscle had started paining. By evening the vehicle stopped somewhere. By then she had pissed couple of time in her pants .Two men came to the back of the van ,took her blindfold off and unlocked chains from her leg. Simi was almost unconscious by then due to thirst hunger and pain. They carried her off the van and took her inside a building which looked like an old mansion.  They carried her through several doors and dumped her in a stone room. Simi could see everything but did not have any strength to resist. They took a heavy iron collar from the floor. One guy cleared her hair from her neck and other guy fixed the collar on her neck. At that moment it was too heavy for her even to pick head up with this collar.  The guy took a padlock and locked the collar on her neck. He then picked up a chain from the floor and locked it in front of the collar with another padlock. They unlocked her handcuffs from behind, only to re cuff her hands in front. Simi lay there unmoved without any strength to resist. Meanwhile a lady came in a burkha with a bowl of food. Both men went out of the room. The lady took Simi's head in her lap and started feeding her with a spoon. It was a stew with vegetables and meat. She finished full bowl. The lady took a cushion and kept Simi's head on it, walked out of the room closing the heavy iron door. Simi closed her eyes and slept.
Simi started feeling better after 2 days. She was getting food and water. On the second day of her confinement she tried walking in the room. The legs were still very numb from the long journey and strict bondage. Also the heavy iron collar was putting big pressure on her neck. White sitting up she had to hold the collar by her cuffed hands. The other side of the chain attached the collar was attached to an iron ring on the wall. The lady who came with food never replied on any of her questions. The room is big, with one barred small window high on the wall and nothing but a mattress and a cushion on the floor, a bucket for nature's call, and a roll of toilet paper. Simi is still wearing the soiled cloth from the day of kidnapping. On the 3 rd day she begged the lady for new cloths. She came back with a sleeveless woolen sweater with buttons in front and shorts. Simi was wearing a jeans and full shirt. Simi tried asking for a panty but the women nodded in negative. She called a guy Simi never saw before. He unlocked her handcuffs and went away. The lady spoke for the first time in Hindi, "strip". Simi hesitantly started taking off her jeans. Then she took her panty off. Hurry up, she said. Simi took off her shirt and bra. Being a Bengali girl Simi used to wear a religious armlet made of silver chain and birthstones and amulets on her left arm as a lucky charm which her mother made her to wear." what’s that?”The lady asked. "It is a lucky charm armlet my mother gave, plz don't take It." the lady gestured to keep that and gave her a bucket of water to bath. She assisted semi to stand up and walk. Simi hold the collar by both hands and dragged the chain to further corner. She took the mug and took bath after a long time while holding the collar by another hand. She even did not bother that she was naked in front of other women as she was desperately need the bath. After taking bath she dried herself with a towel the lady gave and came back to the bed. She took the shorts and wore it. Similarly took the sweater and slipped her hands through it, buttoned it shut in front. The armlet was visible on her arm.  The lady called the guy again. He came back with the handcuff. Simi didn't want to stick her wrist again in this metal device. She cried and pleaded and showed her raw handcuff marks on her wrist. - "please see the collar and chain. I have no chance to break these. Please show Marcy and don't put these cuffs on me. Look at these marks, it is painful. I will be good, please, please".  But the man dragged her hands in front and cuffed her hands again. Simi started crying.  They left her and went, closing the door.
Simi at least thanked god that they let her bath and change cloth. For the first time since she came, she is feeling her stamina is coming back. She tried and stood up on her own .The collar was heavy but she tried to stand without holding it with hand and succeeded.  She walked in the room dragging chain and found out she cannot reach the door. The chain is too short for that. She examined her collar. It was made of toughened iron, with a hinge in the front and two links in the back where a solid padlock closed it. The front also has a D ring where another padlock attached the chain with the collar. The chain it not very heavy but looks strong. The steel cuffs on her wrists were having 3 chain links between them. The cuffs are adjustable and tightly encircling her wrists. She came back to bed and sat down. She still did not know why they have kidnapped her? The lady was not telling her anything. She was anyway not from a very rich family. And why they keeping her in the same place for these many days if it is not for ransom? She had to escape from here. She started planning for the same.

Next morning the cell door opened and the lady and the guy came inside. The lady as usual brought a tray of food. The guy came near Simi and unlocked her handcuffs. He had a black small sack from where he took out a tube and applied lotion to her bruised wrists. Simi thought at last she will be free from handcuffs.  But to her surprise with clanking sound the man took out a heavy looking cuff. There was a heavy shackle in between two wide cuffs. Simi was shocked and feared. But the lady told not to worry as these wide cuffs will not bite into her wrists and can be worn for long term. Simi started crying as the man locked these cuffs onto her wrists. There were no locks for the cuffs and was closed by small nut screw driver. Those were far heavier than previous pair, but actually comfortable.  Simi started pleading to the lady, "please tell me why you have kept me here and for how many days I have to stay here?” the lady told the guy to go.  Sat on her bed and took her shackled hands into her lap. She explained as Simi's father was a trader and imports goods from Pakistan, a terrorist group wanted him to import some explosives for them by hiding in his goods. But he refused them. To make him do that they have kidnapped Simi and will only release her if her father imports the goods they want for next 6 months. Simi started crying as she realized that she would be in captivity for next 6 months at least. The lady left the food and went. Simi tired eating with her new cuffs. The chain was 6 inches and longer than the previous one, though heavy, at least she got more freedom now. She ate her food and decided to take her chances to escape from here. The cuffs actually are snug fit and comfortable.  She stood up and reached the ring which was holding her chain to the wall. She tried to break the ring by pulling but it didn't move an inch. She got tired after carrying so much weight of cuffs and collar and went back to her bed.
Next two days went boring as usual.  She got used to her cuffs, but was still getting irritated by her heavy collar. Next day the lady did not come, but instead the man came alone with food. Simi was looking for a chance to get out as the guy was alone. And there was a good chance that he might have all the keys of her restrains. She ate and kept the empty plate near her feet and waited for him. He came back within 5 minutes and bent down to take it. Simi suddenly kicked his balls hard and he fall down with pain. She used her cuffs and hit on her head for 5 6 times. Finally the guy stopped moving and went unconscious. At least her judo learning had some use today, she thought.
Simi searched the man quickly. She got one key in his left pocket. But that did not open any of her padlocks. She kept on searching. Finally she got a key from his back pocket which opened the padlock which connects the chain to her collar. She ran out of the room and started running in random direction. Running with her hand shackled and collared was difficult but she had no choice. The corridor had solid doors and barred door cells. She finally got a staircase which was going downwards. She ran through the staircase and found another dark corridor. She had no idea which way to go. There were no more staircases or doors. She has to go back and find another way. She got back again to her old corridor. But the moment she got back there two hands grabbed her from behind and another man grabbed her legs. She fall on the ground. Simi tired to fight but those men were too strong for her.  She got captured, again.
They dragged her through the corridor. They opened a barred door, grabbed her handcuffs and attached it to an overhead chain. Simi had to stand on her tiptoes as other man cranked a handle to adjust the chain higher. Simi struggled to free her bonds but nothing moved. They left her like that and went out, closing the barred door.
It was almost 2 hours since they left her. Her arm and leg muscles were paining like anything. She could not stand anymore on her tiptoes and pressure on her wrist was increasing with every passing moment. She looked up and saw the man unlocking the door. The lady came in, she hold her hair and pull her backwards. Simi cried out in pain. "Bitch" she shouted, “now you will see the real me". She took a whip on her right hand, pulled her sweater up from her backside and slashed it across her back. Simi never felt any pain greater than this before. She was crying on the top of her lungs.
- Swishhhhh, another one, and this time on her buttocks. She was losing her mind.
After eighth hit on her back, she got unconscious.
She woke up again only to find she was still hanging from the ceiling. She could not feel her arms any more. Pain from her back took over her mind, it was unbearable. She thought this might be the end of her 21 year's life. She went limp again.
After what felt like eternity, two men came back and took Simi's unconscious body down from the chain. They dragged her to her old cell. There were criss cross Mark on her back with blood tinkling out of the wounds. The lady opened Simi's sweater and took it out of her limp body. She was worried due to woolen sweater she might get an infection on the wounds. She replaced it with a bikini top with two laces on her neck and back. She applied some lotions on her wounds for quick recovery. Meanwhile the men installed a heavier chain on the wall and locked it to Simi’s collar. They took the shackled handcuff off from her wrist and replaced it with a hinged steel handcuff on her back. He also took a heavy leg iron out of his bag and locked it around Simi's ankle. It was similar to her old shackle handcuff; only instead of a six inch chain it has got a twelve inch chain between them. They locked the door and left Simi alone with her suffering.

Simi slowly gained consciousness. She still could not feel her arms though she understood it was cuffed behind her back. She looked at the new chain on her collar, a heavier chain with a bigger padlock. Her back was still on fire.  She tried moving her legs only to find out she got a new jewelry, a leg iron. She lost consciousness, again...
It has been two days since she was brought back to her cell. Her wounds were healing quickly thanks to the lotion. She can now sit up, though she never tired to walk with these leg irons on. Her hands are still bound on her back with the rigid hinged handcuffs. The ladies brought food in a bowl and keep it on the floor. Simi had to drag herself up to eat the food like a dog. She felt very humiliated but she had no choice. The lady did not speak to her within these 2-3 days. Although she helped her in her daily chores, she had to pee and dump in front of the lady, though she had no choice, she felt very uncomfortable and ashamed.
After a week’s time she started feeling better. The wounds healed though the marks were still visible. She tried standing up and walk. She found out that although it was very difficult to walk with the leg shackles on, but it was not impossible. The heavy chain from her collar was also making it difficult to stand for very long time. The cold chain was dangling between her breasts, making her shiver with every touch. The numbness from her wrist was gone but there were considerable amount of pain due to long confinement of her arms on the back.
The next time the lady came; Simi pleaded her to release her wrists from the back. “This is very painful ma'am" she said, "please ma'am, I will be good and will not do anything stupid again, I will do anything you tell me ma'am, please let me have my hands in the front, please". But she ignored her plea and left her in the same condition. After repeated pleading for 2 more days the lady gestured the man to open the padlock from her collar, blindfolded her and dragged her out of her cell. It was really difficult for Simi to walk with her while wearing heavy chains on her ankles; she somehow managed to match the pace. After waking for 5-6 minutes, she finally stopped and kneeled her down. She opened Simi's blind fold, her eyes took time to adjust, and what she saw terrified her.  It was the front door of the mansion; all Simi could see was waves of sand all over. "You are in the middle of a desert; there is nothing within 50 miles of this mansion. If you get out of these chains, then also you can't leave this place, you will die in the desert from heat and thrust. “Simi lost all her hopes of escaping.”I am not keeping you in chains because you can run away, no dear. I kept you in cell so you don’t act foolish and put your life in danger. And now when you have disobeyed me I am punishing you for that. This is your punishment. Nobody disobeys me". They blindfolded her again and dumped her in her cell. They padlocked the chain to her collar and left her alone. Simi cried for a long time. 
Simi didn't plead to anybody for next 2 days. She decided to cooperate. She ate her food like a dog and did all her chores quietly. Next day the man carried a bucket of water and kept in the far corner. The lady unlocked her wrist from behind. She took her hands in front after 10 long days. She got up, walked to the bucket and bathe quietly. She dried herself with towel, came back, kneeled down and presented her hands behind her back to cuff them again. The man locked the cuffs on her wrists and went out.  The lady sat down on her bed. "You did well today" she said. “I don't want to disobey you and get any more punishment ma'am" Simi told.  The lady stood up, walked out, closing the door.
She came back within an hour with the man. He was carrying a sack which seemed heavy. The lady told Simi that for her good conduct she wanted to reward her by letting her hands in front. But as her punishment period was not over she needs to be put in some additional bondage to make her remind of her disobedience. Simi was way too happy that finally she could keep her hands in front. But first she wanted Simi to kneel in front of her and kiss her feet in gratitude. Simi knelt and kissed her feet. The man took out a length of chain from the sack and wrapped two times on her waist. It was not very tight but enough snug not to slip down over her hips. He closed the links shut with a padlock behind her.  He took her old wide handcuff with six inch heavy chain between them. He padlocked them in the middle of her waist chain in front, connecting both the links of her waist chain. Then he unlocked the hinged handcuffs from her back and took her hands in front, locking them in the shackled handcuff. Now Simi got her hands locked on her waist. She realized she can bend and reach her mouth. But she was happy that though with limitations, she finally got her hands in front. But that was not all; the man took out a ball and chain with a derby cuff attached to the other end. Simi never saw anything like this before. "This is your additional restraints which keep on reminding you of your disobedience" the lady said. He locked the cuff under the leg iron of her right leg.  They left closing the iron door. Simi tested her freedom. She can reach her mouth and pants. The waist chain became a bit tighter when she was sitting down.  The ball weighted 5 pounds. Simi understood that she will not be able to move around much with the ball and chain attached to her ankle. The chain attached to the ball was almost twelve inches and not very heavy.
Days became really boring with not much to do in captivity, only daily chores. They have given her a toothbrush and two sets of bikini top. She can only hope that her family is OK. The lady doesn't talk much either.
After a week one day the lady came and told that Simi have to join the servants for some house chores work as it is festival time and many of her servants have taken leave.  Simi was happy that at least she could leave this room and go somewhere else. The man came and unlocked the ball and chain. He took a chain which was around 4.5 feet. Locked it to the centre of her leg iron, pulled it till her waist chain and locked it with a padlock, leaving a 12 inch slack.  He unlocked her handcuffs from waist chain and reattached it to the end of the slack. Now she got a slack of more than one foot of chain from her waist chain to her wrists. He unlocked the padlock of the chain from the collar, hold her arms and lead her out of her cell.
They walked through the corridor and entered the kitchen area.  Simi only saw two more men and two women present in the kitchen. The man led her to wash basin, took a chain from the floor and padlocked it on her collar. The other end was already locked around an iron pipe. “No talking to anybody" he said. Simi started washing dishes. It took her 2 hours to wash all of it.  The chains were creating metallic sound with her every move.  Finally she finished and looked out for the lady or the man but nobody was around. A maid came near her and started taking in low voice.  She touched her shackles “this things hart?"  "Yes" said Simi, “these are heavy, harts a lot. Especially these leg irons" she showed her the ankles. "What place is this?” semi asked. But before she would answer the man entered the kitchen. He was very angry that Simi was talking to the maid. He unlocked the chain from the pipe and dragged her out of the kitchen using the chain as leash. He dragged her to the basement again but inserted of her cell he took her to a lower basement. He led her inside a cell. There was a cage at the end of the room. It was 4 ft by 4 ft cage, barred from all sides, the base was cold iron. He pushed her inside the cage first. Then through the bar he hold her waist chain and dragged her near the side, unlocked the handcuffs from the slack and reattached it to the waist chain without the slack. He locked the cage and left the room.  The room was cold and dark. Only a small window with very shallow light was there. Simi was frightened; she really did not know for how many days they will keep her here. The floor was cold and hard. The chain on her waist was digging in when she tried to lay down. She ignored the pain and closed her eyes.

The lady entered the room after some time. She scolded her and told this time punishment will be severe. She passed 3 loaf of bread and a bottle of water and left. Simi was very scared. She sat quietly on the corner of the cage.
After seems like hours the man and the lady came back. They took her out of the cage. The lady removed her top and cut away her shorts." you have lost your rights of being human. You will stay naked from now onwards. At night you will be kept in the cage. But during daytime we have a special arrangement for you. The man took the leash and led her to another room. There was a structure in the middle of the room. It was a wooden plank placed vertically with a stand. There were three cut outs .She dragged her closer to the structure. The man unlocked her wrists from the shackles. “This is a stock. You have to stand here for entire day everyday till I think otherwise. She opened the upper part, bending her from her waist placed her collard neck on the middle slot. They took her hands and placed them to small cut outs on either side of her head she closed the plank and her head and wrists got trapped in the cut out. The man took two cuffs without chains and locked it on her wrists from the front side, effectively blocking all her wrist movement. Her waist chain with open handcuffs, leg irons with connecting chain remained in place. Both of them left the place. Within an hour Simi started feeling spasm on her back and legs. Also being naked in front of a man was a big humiliation. She was feeling claustrophobic in the stock. By the end of the day she was exhausted. She had already peed twice and it flew down her legs.  She was also fearing if her legs can't hold her weight anymore, she might break her neck.  The man came back after what seemed like eternity and opened the upper part. Simi collapsed on the floor. Her back and leg muscles were in tremendous pain. He locked her wrists in the handcuffs again. Dragging by the chain on her collar he took him to the cage and locked her inside. He grabbed the chain on her collar and locked on the corner bar of the cage, leaving just a two feet slack. Simi was feeling very uncomfortable with her nudity but she was so exhausted she collapsed in the cage and slept.
This torture became her everyday's routine now. She had to pee and dump in the cage. She started pleading to them to end the torture but nobody was ready to listen. Every day morning the man used to clean the cage along with Simi with a high pressure water jet. She was on a bread and water diet since the day she was kept in the cage. She lost count of days. 
Finally after torturing her for 15 days she was put back to her own cell. She kissed both of their feet with gratitude. But the lady told that she is still not allowed to wear cloths. They removed all her chains except the chain and the collar. The man carried some new restraints for her. He locked a regular leg iron to her ankle which had a very short chain of 4 inches. They were two crossed short chains running from the leg iron which was connected to a regular handcuff. He locked her wrists in those. The connecting chains were short and did not allow her to stand straight.  But the chains were lighter. She still got her usual heavy chain locked on collar as well. She now could reach her mouth while sitting on the bed but she had to bend in front while walking. The lady told this restraint arrangement is just for 2 days to keep her in rest after those 15 days of stock time. After that she should start working with the other maids and servants. They left her with her new bondage. Her legs and back was very sore from the torture. For the first time in last 15 days she closed her eyes and slept peacefully.
2 days of rest went peacefully without any fuss. On the third day after her breakfast her captors came back with her new restraints. The man removed her handcuffs and leg iron. Then for the first time since she was bought in this cell, he removed her heavy iron collar. Simi rubbed her neck and wrist. With a lot of metallic noise the man took out a network of heavy cuffs, chains and collar from the bag. These were made of shiny steel. He took the collar first and locked on her neck. Then he locked the cuffs on her wrists and ankle. There was a heavy silver chain from the collar which was connected to her wide handcuffs between her breast and waist and continued till the middle link of her leg irons. The chain was heavy and was putting considerable amount of pressure on her neck. The handcuffs had only 4 inch chain between them and cannot be lowered than her waist in standing position due to the connecting chain from the collar. The leg irons had 12 inch chain between them. The man took out another regular handcuff with 12 inch chain between them and locked one cuff on her right elbow. Then taking the chain from behind her back he closed the other cuff to her left elbow just below her armlet. Now she couldn't extend her arms further and could only slide between her breast and her waist. Finally he took out a leather strap with a small leather bar in the middle. He told her to open her mouth and placed the bit between her teeth, pulled the strap behind her head and locked it with a small padlock. This effectively ceased her ability to speak. She was not feeling good about this. It was painfully stuck between her lips and teeth. She tried to spit it out but it was too tight. She tried to plead to take this device out of her mouth, but the plea came out as "mpppppphhhh”. The lady seemed happy with her bondage and led her outside. Now Simi got concerned that she will be seen naked by the house servants and maids.
They took her to a room with 3 printing machines. She was trained to feed papers in the machine, to start the machine, and to collect the printed papers and stag it on the other side. It was a simple job but considering her restricted movement and the weight of her shackles, it was difficult for her. Once stated working, she got frustrated by her restrained limitations. It was very difficult to walk in the leg irons. As the room was empty with only machines the metallic sound of her shackles was echoing loudly. The most frustrating thing was the elbow cuffs. There was no way she could pick up anything from floor without kneeling down completely due to the restriction from the elbow cuffs. It was very humiliating as her bare breasts were touching the cold floor in the process. She had to print some Urdu leaflets. She had no idea what was written on it. She was exhausted within 2 hours. The man came back after 3 hours and gave her some food. He unlocked her gag. Simi pleaded to unlock her elbow cuffs which he turned down.  Simi ate the food with great difficulty. Her jaws were aching from the gag. After food he again took the gag in his hand. Simi could not take the gag anymore.  She kneeled down, kissed his boot and pleaded for not putting the gag again. Tears rolled down her chick in humiliation but she couldn't help it. “I will not speak a word sir, believe Me.” the man seemed to listen to her plead and told her to wait and left. He came back with a device which looked like a medieval iron mask. It had an iron strip which he put inside her mouth. There were two iron straps from it which joined on her forehead forming a pyramid around her nose.  It also had an iron cage for her chin. The total mask was joined with two adjustable iron straps behind her head and one behind her neck. The iron structure under her chin was preventing her from opening her mouth. The iron strip inside her mouth sat on her tongue effectively restricting her tongue from moving. It was heavy but surprisingly comfortable but restrictive. She thanked him with her eyes and started working again.
After full tiring day the man came back and unlocked her anchoring chain. He took him back to the dungeon. Locked the anchoring chain to her collar, unlocked the Iron gag cage and went back. Simi was still shackled with all connecting chains and cuffs. She realized that due to her elbow cuffs she could not lay down on her back. The cuffs on her wrist also preventing her from lying in front. At night when the lady came to her cell with food,  she requested her to release her from her elbow cuffs.  The lady unlocked her left elbow cuff and locked it on her right arm over the right elbow cuff.  The chains between the cuffs were dangling from her right arm. She thanked her by kissing her feet ate the food and slept on her bed.
She worked in the press for next two weeks. Though it was hectic but at least she was occupied with something. After working for 7 days the lady gave her permission to wear cloths. She gave her two tube tops with zipper on the sides and two black skirts which can be wrapped and locked using Velcro. After two weeks one morning she was taken to another room. They removed all her chains and told that she needs to be transferred to another facility due to security reasons. Her wrists were locked in regular handcuffs behind her back and a waist chain was attached and the handcuffs were locked in it. She was also fitted with short leg irons. She was taken to a van and using another handcuff between her handcuffs and leg irons she was hogtied. A black hood was placed on her head which covered her eyes, mouth and ears. She could only breathe through two holes near her nostrils. Some more chains secured her to the floor. The vehicle started moving to a new destination.
After almost 7 hours the van stopped. Two men unlocked the chains which were holding her to the floor and carried her out of the vehicle. They dumped her to a hard surface. She felt some cold metallic thing was forced around her throat. "Another collar" she thought. But suddenly it became very hot and somebody cooled it with cold water. They removed the cuff which was holding her in hogtied poisoning and made her stand. Then she realized the collar was way too heavier than her any previous collar. It was a bit loose from her previous one and putting pressure on her collar bones. She was then taken to somewhere else and handcuffs were removed, only to be locked in front with heavier one.  Her waist chain was not removed.  Simi felt that leg irons were replaced with heavier one too. She was forced to lay down and someone attached a chain to her collar.  Finally they took off the hood.
The place seemed like a cave. Simi first tried to feel her collar. It was made of round solid iron. She tried to find the lock and to her horror she realized it was fixed to her neck permanently with a soldering iron. She was permanently collard like a Roman slave now. She was devastated. A thick chain was padlocked to her collar, which is anchored to the wall. Her handcuffs were adjustable regular one but the chain is 1 ft long and heavy. The chain between her leg irons was 15 inches. There were no cells, no room, and just some cave wall she was chained to. The chains were not restrictive at all. Her waist chain was not attached to any of her cuffs and was just locked to her waist. At night she was given a bowl of rice and vegetable and a mattress.  She slept for the night.

 Next day another man came and unlocked the chain from her collar. She was taken to a kitchen where other servants were also working. The man locked a chain behind her waist chain. A lady came near her and asked her to start cutting vegetables on the table. She gave her a knife. Simi started working. She looked around. 3 women and 2 men were working in the kitchen. She realized only she was chained and cuffed among the entire stuff. But two women had the same collar on their neck. The other man and woman seemed like head of the team and they were giving all instructions. Looking at the amount of food she could surely say at least 40 people stays here. She finished her work within 4 hours. After all the work the leader lady unlocked the anchoring chain from her waist chain and led her to another room. The room was like a dormitory with 20 beds. There also were 2 adjacent cells which was barred and can be seen from outside. She was taken to the cell and again a heavy chain was fixed between her collar and the wall. The lady locked the cell and went away. The cell was small, 6 ft by 6 ft.  After 10 minutes at least 20 boys came to the room aged between 20 to 30. They cheered when they saw Simi in the cell. Simi got very scared. They were wearing military alike cloth. They all came near her cell bars and started showing obscene gestures. Simi started crying and moved to the farthest corner of the cell.  The boys started masturbating in front of her cell and even tried to shoot the sperm on her. Simi was shocked, horrified and humiliated. Some people threw sperm at her body. Then one by one they stayed pissing inside her cell. Simi was sitting on a pool of sperm and piss. She vomited again and again but did not dare to leave the corner. Finally almost after 2 hours of torture they all went to sleep. Simi could not sleep for even for a minute and sat in the corner with all her horror and humiliation. Finally in the morning all the boys left the room, after another round of pissing at her cell. Soon the leader lady came back and opened her cell and handed her a bucket and broom to clean the cell. Her cloth was soiled and was smelling very bad. She cleaned the cell for almost 2 hours. She was devastated, tired.  The lady then came back and unlocked the chain from her collar. She took her to a bathroom and took off her tube top and skirt. Then gave her soap, shampoo and a bucket of water to bath. She took bath and dried herself with a towel. The lady had another fresh tube top and skirt for her to wear. Then locked her handcuff to her waist chain with a padlock and lead her by her arms again to the kitchen to work.
That night she was kept with other two girls in a separate cell. They told her that they were staying here from last 10 years. The terrorist kidnapped them when they were only 9 years old. For first five years they were kept in chains. Now as the girls understood that they have nowhere to go, they stopped chaining them. This place is in the middle of nowhere, and nobody can escape alive from here. The collars which they were wearing were also permanent and more of a symbol of slavery rather than bondage. Simi was beginning to believe that she could never go out from here.
Days passed and she got bound with the daily work in the kitchen. They had never took off her cuffs and chains. At night she was sleeping with the girls. After about 30 days, one day she was taken to another room after her kitchen work. They took off her handcuffs and recuffed them behind her back. The leg irons were replaced by a regular one with shorter chain. Her waist chain was unlocked and a ball gag was locked around her mouth. She was then taken to a van. She saw a small cage inside it. It was even smaller than the one where she was kept during her punishment days. She was forced inside it. Simi could only sit inside with her legs closed to her chest. A middle aged man with beard came inside the van and sat beside her cage. He told her that everybody here is moving out from these caves to more secure location and taking her along with them will be a risk, so they will transfer her to some place secure. "We will put you under the nose of Indian government, but they will never know about it.” The man got down from the van. They closed the door and the van started moving. Simi did not know whether it was good news or a bad one. She now might get a chance to be free. But what does really mean by under the nose of Indian government? After 3 hours of journey her arm and legs started cramping due to bad road and bondage. The van stopped somewhere after 5 hours. Another man entered the back of the van and unlocked her gag. He fed her some water and pieces of bread. She tried asking some question but he did not reply and gagged her again. Finally after 12 hour's journey the van stopped.  By then Simi's arm, legs and jaws were numb with pain. The man unlocked the cage and helped her to stand. She was taken out of the van. It was broad daylight. She saw a signboard which read “women prison facility, Kutch". She's was damn surprised. She was standing in an Indian got institution, a women jail. She was dragged to the front office. A woman was sitting on the desk. The man gave her a heavy packet. She nodded and gestured at two guards to take her inside. She was taken to the jailer's room. “well, whom we have here, another Pakistani spy who crossed the border?" said the lady jailer.  "mpppphhhh" Simi tried to speak but only muffle sound came out of her mouth. “open her gag" she ordered. The guards unlocked the gag Simi started explaining her situation. The jailer stood up and came near her and slapped her hard. "You bitch, you have no past life. You have to stay here as a prisoner.  We are paid well to keep you here. And nobody here will believe your story. This jail is in the furthest corner of the country and no inspection, no proper aid comes here. You will be kept in special arrangement and will be posed as a spy who died last month due to torture but we have not reported her death." Simi started crying and begged her to release her. “Prepare the bitch for holding cell" she ordered. Simi was dragged out of the room and taken to the main jail compound. The jail was built over an old fort. She was taken to the blacksmith room. "A collared pretty prisoner, what a waste of beauty". Simi was taken near the fire. “We need to cut the collar first" the blacksmith told. Her head was lowered near a wooden block and some wet cloth placed between her neck and collar. The smith came back with a hot rod and started hammering the collar with it. Simi was scared like hell. The hammer was so close to her face any impact was also hurting her. After 10 longest minutes of her life the collar was cut open. The guard unlocked her handcuffs and leg irons too. "Strip and put your cloth in this box within 30 seconds or I will do it myself" the guard said".  She had no other choice. She removed her top and skirt. “Your jewelry too, the guard pointed at her armlet, "please sir, it's an amulet given by my mother. Please don’t remove it". "In that case, present your breasts for my pleasure" told the guard. Simi didn't want to lose the only mark of her previous life.  So she closed her eyes and extended her breasts.  "you are a whore, bitch " He started pressing her boobs with both of her hands. " you have to thank god that there is a rule of  not fucking high security special inmates like you or I would have fucked the shit out of you by now.  She was ashamed she humiliated. The man enjoyed for 5 minutes and then told her to stand upright with her fingers crossed behind her head.  The blacksmith came with steel collar first and locked it around her neck. It was thick, heavy and wide. He took another oval steel heavy thing which he locked around her waist." perfect fit" he said." then the smith took a rigid rod, about 3.5 ft long and with a click locked it from the back of her collar to her belt over her spine. She had to stand upright and could not bend her upper body. It was very heavy and was putting considerable pressure on her neck. Then the blacksmith put a heavy leg iron on her ankles. There were two small ring fixed under the waist belt. Same types of rings were mounted on her leg iron cuffs. The blacksmith then fixed two more iron rods from her waist belt to her leg irons. The whole network of cuffs rods and chains were really rigid and very heavy.  Finally the man cuffed her hands behind her back with a derby handcuff with small chain in between and locked it on her belt. She was not able to stand properly with so much of weight.  She could only bend forward from her waist.  It was nothing like anything she had experienced before.  It was so restrictive .tears started flowing from her eyes. The guards hold her arms and started pushing her forward. It was really difficult to walk on those shackles and rods.  She could not bend her knees while walking. He took her to a cell. It was small 6x4 cells with nothing on it except a chain attached to the wall. The cell was just beside the main open compound and could be seen from all the cells from the compound. The guard attached the chain to her collar and locked the barred gate. Simi was standing there. She looked outside and saw that all other prisoner was looking at her.  It was very humiliating.  She could not hide her nude body as her arms were cuffed behind her back.  After trying for several minutes she could sat on the floor, resting her back against the wall.  There was no way she could move while restricted like that. After 4 long hours her muscle started aching badly.  She lay down side wise and realized now she could not sit up again.  The cold floor was making her shiver.  She closed her eyes hoping she will wake up from this bad dream someday.

She spent 2 days in that cell. A guard came 2 times everyday to feed her.  Simi had to eat from his hand like animals. She had to pee and dump lying there. Every day the cell was washed with water jet along with Simi. It was very painful for her when the high pressure jet hit her aching nude body. She had lost almost all her senses in those two days. The guards sometime touched her boobs but she could not do anything about it.  At last after 3 days she was taken out of the cell. She had no power to walk and so she was dragged through the corridor to the jailer's room. She was dumped on the floor. Simi cried out in pain. Jailer came near her and pressed her boot on Simi's chick. "So what do you think about our guest treatment. Should we continue? “Simi nodded her head in negative. The weight, the cramps in her muscle, the rigidness, and the humiliation was unbearable. She kissed her boot in desperation. “Oh, so you have training, I see". She ordered the guards to take her to solitary confinement and give her new jewelry. She was again dragged to the blacksmith room. All the restraints were removed from her body except collar, handcuffs and leg iron. The blacksmith said he will be following the guards with her new jewelry. Meanwhile she would be transferred to the solitary confinement. She was again dragged outside.  Leaving the rods Simi was now able to walk a little bit but her legs were still very numb. She was almost carried by two guards through steps to the top of a tower. The staircase looked like lighthouse staircase. At the top of the case there were three rooms. All closed with solid iron door. They opened one and carried her inside. They dumped her on the stone ground. Simi looked around the room. It had dry straw on the floor in one side. The other side was bare with only one drain. The room had one window at her head level. Another guard carried her chains, cuffs and shackles. With heavy metallic sound he put those on the floor. They first locked a heavy wall bolted chain on her collar with a padlock. Then they removed her handcuff and leg irons and told her to put her hands behind her head. As she did the same they wrapped a chain just under her boobs. It had two cuffs on either side behind her back. They locked the chain on the middle of her back with a padlock and then pulled the extra slack to her collar and padlocked it there. There were some more extra slack of chain which was dangling from her collar on her back. Then they wrapped another chain to her waist. "The waist chains have become part of my life” she thought. The chain had a long end bar with holes in the end. They adjusted the chain by passing the bar through a chain loop behind her back which tightened it on her waist. They took a handcuff and closed a small black box in the middle chain, to make it rigid. Prisoner also could not access the key holes with the box inserted like that. The box had a hole in the middle which was threaded through the bar of her waist chain. Then the slack of her waist chain was threaded through the hole of the bar, fixing the rigid box handcuffs behind her waist chain and the slack was wrapped till the middle of her waist chain in front and locked using a padlock. The box and handcuffs were heavy. They locked a derby leg iron with 1 ft chain between them on her ankle. She was told to put her hands behind her back. They locked the wrists on the rigid box handcuffs. They also locked her elbows in the cuffs attached to the Brest chain. Now one guard took another chain and locked it on her collar in front. Then bending her in front he passed it between her legs in front and tightly locked out behind her waist chain. It was the most embarrassing bondage.  She could not stand straight anymore as the chain was digging in between her labia. The guards left. Simi tried walking over the straw bed. There were so many chains around her body. The weight, the rigidness was awful.  She could not raise her head properly as it was hurting her pussy. Her arms were immobilized behind her back. The leg irons were hurting her already sore ankle bones. She was exhausted with the torture she was getting here. God knows for how many days she will be in this chains.  She sat on the straws. The dry straws made her feel itchy but she could not reach her bottom with her cuffed hands to scratch. The boxes between her cuffs were not letting the palms meet too and she could only touch her fingertips together. The room was 10 x10 made of stone. There were plenty of light coming from the window. It was hot. Simi stood up with great difficulty and went near the window. The window was above her eye level and she had to stand on her tip toe to see outside the window.  She could only see the sky as she could not raise so much to see down the window. She felt fresh breeze on her face after a long time. The chain on her couch was digging deeper with her every move. She came back to the straws and sat down. The chain which was holding her to the wall was 10 ft long and was attached to a ring near the corner of the room. She knew she could not reach the door and she has no chance to escape. She sat with her back on the wall and slept for some time. At evening the guard came back with some rice and curry. He slipped the plate through a small gate at the bottom of the door.  Simi got up and walked to the plate. Using her previous experience she ate the food like a dog. After 15 minutes the guard entered any told Simi too kneel down before him. He pulled his pant down and told her to suck his cock. Simi got really frightened.  She had never done oral sex before. She could never do it. She declined. The guard shouted "Bitch if you don't do it in next 5 seconds I will teach you a lesson.” Simi closed her eyes. She could never lose her dignity. She was shivering inside.  "Very well bitch. I will see you tomorrow, you will pay for that. “He collected the plate and left.  Simi went back to the wall and cleared some straw with her foot. She lay on the hard stone floor. She could not sleep in anxiety. She kept on thinking about her forthcoming punishment. Simi was shivering in fear. At night after a lot of thinking she decided to cooperate. At least she was not raped during her captivity, she thought.  She could not take any more torture.
The guard came back in the morning.  Simi kneeled down before him any told him she will cooperate.  He laughed and told her it is too late for that. He took out a ball gag and locked it on her mouth. "I will show you how we treat our bitches here" he called the blacksmith. They lay her down on the floor on her back. The blacksmith poured some liquid over her nipples. The liquid was cold .her nipple started erecting and hardening. The blacksmith took a thick needle. By seeing that Simi started screaming on top of her lungs but the gag silenced him effectively. He pulled the left nipple and put the needle through it. Simi lost her mind with pain. She almost got unconscious.  She had never experience such pain in life. The man took out a thick golden ring and put it through the piercing. He joined the ends with a clamp and sealed it with some kind of liquid metal. Simi fainted in pain when he repeated the process with her right nipple.

Simi woke up after several hours and found herself bound as before. She was feeling terrible pain in her nipples. She looked at her nipple and saw the rings pierced through her nipples. Those were solid ring with an inch of diameter each. It was thick and she could feel the weight at her nipple. She started sobbing uncontrollably. They had permanently ruined her nipples. She was laying side wise due to her bound arms behind her back and sore nipples at the front. She was feeling like dying at this very moment. Saliva was running from her mouth due to the ball gag. She closed her eyes and slept again.

By evening another guard came in with food and some medicine. He unlocked her gag and made her sit with her back on the wall when Simi saw that she got another new jewelry she had not noticed before, a ball of five pounds with a thick chain attached to her left leg. The guard applied some cream to her sore nipples and gave her a tablet. He also helped her in eating food. When again he tried closing the gag to her mouth she begged not to. But the guard put it forcefully and left.

Twelve more days went by. The pains on her nipples were less thanks to the medicines. But the nipples became very sensitive due to the rings. 6 days after her piercing she tried to eat her food from the plate when her nipples touched the floor. It was a horrible feeling when the pain and pleasure hit her together. Every day she used to go to the window dragging the ball and chain and sat there for hours to see the sky. Her arms became numb in pain due to long confinement behind her back. The couch chain prevents her from standing up properly. Her every muscle hurt. She cried every time the guard closed the gag over her mouth. The other guard who had pierced her nipples never returned.

After 30 days of solitary confinement the jailer came to her cell. She asked her whether she was enjoying her stay.  Simi nodded in negative. Tears rolled down her cheeks.  Jailer came near her and touched the rings on her nipples. "Good addition for you, you look beautiful in those.” she gestured the guard to remove her gag. "Lick my boot clean," she said. Simi dragged herself near the jailer and started licking her boot. She had no spirit left. All her dignity barriers were broken. She could do anything to get out of the torture. The jailer seemed happy. She ordered the guard to remove her cuffs. The elbow cuffs and the handcuffs were removed first. Simi cried out in pain as moving her shoulder muscles again after a month gave her enormous pain. She could not lift her hands. There were bruise marks on her arm and wrists. Then the guard removed her couch chain, leg irons and the ball and the chain. The ankles also looked raw and bruised. There were deep shackle marks on her waist and below her breasts when he removed these chains too. All her muscles were screaming in pain and the feeling of blood rushing back to her wrist, waist and shoulders were painful too. She was too weak to walk properly. Her cunt was raw with and bruised due to the couch chain. She collapsed on the floor when the guard tried to walk her out of the cell. Then two guards took her arms and dragged her to the jail hospital. They put her on a bed. A lady nurse gave her a sedative injection. She got unconscious within next 5 minutes.

Simi woke up next day. For the first time in last 3 months she was almost without cuffs and chains. She saw only one loose cuff was encircling her left ankle which was attaching her to the foot railings. She was wearing a loose white t shirt but no pants. She tried touching her nipples and found out the rings were still there. There was no collar on her neck for the first time since her captivity.  There were bandages on her wrist, elbows and ankles. Her shoulders were still too sore for any major arm movements. Later a nurse came and gave her tablets. She was not given any solid food for next 3 days and was fed inter venal through saline. She got her stamina back after 7 days of treatment. She was never allowed to leave her bed for these days and they used a bed pan for her nature's call.
After a week the jailer told her that she will be transferred to a common cell under limited restraints.  She gave her a Velcro skirt to wear under the t shirt. Simi was happy to be able to wear cloths once again. Although the rings on her nipples were visible under the t shirt. The guard took out a heavy U shaped derby type collar with a hinged bar lock. He placed the collar in front her neck and closed the bar on the back of her neck with a click. The derby collar was not a snug fit and a bit heavy. Then with lot of metallic noise he produced a handcuff leg iron combination with a chain attached between them. These were regular cuffs, not too heavy. The chain between handcuffs and leg irons were just long enough to reach around her belly with her hands while standing. All the cuffs and chains were black in color. Length of chain between her wrists was 6 inches and ankles were 12 inches. She was then lead through jail corridors and staircases. On the fifth floor “special wings “the barred door outside the corridor was unlocked and she was led inside. The total jail Compound had an empty space in the middle which was surrounded by jail cells for six floors facing the empty compound. She was made to stand in front of a barred door. They opened the door and lead her inside. The room was 8 ft x 7ft with two beds side by side. There was a steel potty at the furthest corner with a bucket of water and toilet papers. Already another girl was sitting in one bed. The guard told Simi to sit on the bed. He took a chain from the floor which was already attached to the wall on her side and locked it to her collar. The guards closed the cell door and left. The other girl stood up and came near Simi. "Hi, I am Milli, "she said. Simi looked at the girl. She was almost of same age as her. She was wearing a hot pant and a t shirt. She was fair, good looking and less restricted then Simi. She was wearing leg irons on her ankles and a single cuff on her left wrist with a chain which was attached to the wall on her side. She does not have any collar on her neck. “I am Simi" she shook hands. Milli asked her why she in this jail. "It is a long story" Simi told. “Oh we have plenty of time " chuckled Milli showing her chain and cuff.” I guess nobody is going anywhere anytime soon ". She sat beside Simi.  Simi told her captivity story to Milli. She was shocked to hear the nipple piercing part. “Oh my god “she exclaimed. Can I see it? Simi lifted her T-shirt and showed her the rings. "Does it hurt even now"? "Yes" Simi said. "The area has become very sensitive and the weight pulls it continuously ". Milli touched the rings. “Should I try to remove the rings?" Milli asked. Simi told her that it was not possible as the rings were sealed by liquid metal. She also tried to remove it while she was in hospital but could not succeed. Simi saw a water bottle beside her bed and starched her cuffed hands to get it. "Let me get it for you,” Milli stood up, took the bottle and gave to Simi. "Thanks Milli, at least you are not as restrained as me" Simi shook her handcuffs and chain in frustration. "No dear" said Milli, “I need to sacrifice a lot to get this much freedom. Simi wanted to listen to Milli's story. She narrated how her boyfriend took her to a Gujarat hotel and raped her. And when she threatened to complaint against him, he used his father's influence, who was a minister, to book a case against her under illegal prostitution. She was arrested and judge ruled her guilty of all the charges. She was imprisoned for six years.  She was taken to this jail and was raped by the guards upon arrival. She realized that the more she will resist, the more she will be tortured. So she started cooperating and flirting with guards. So now she can request a bit more freedom sometime. Now they take her to have sex once every week. “There must be some special instructions for you that are why you have still not been raped. “She said. Simi felt bad for the girl. But she liked her spirit. “What’s with the armlet?" Milli asked. “Spiritual armlet given by my mother, the only thing left from my past life “Milli smiled and touched her collar "It's heavy" she exclaimed. Simi nodded in positive. “I was collard for first 2 months of my imprisonment. It is so claustrophobic. I hate it" Simi told that she was collard for last 3 months without any break. “but if you can bear with it you do not need to drag the heavy chain with your wrist" she showed her cuffed left hand and smiled. Milli went back to her bed and sat. Simi slept on her bed. She touched the neck chain. This one metal chain made her a slave, compelled her for being confined at one place. She was wearing them for so long but still she could never get used to them. She closed her eyes hoping for a better tomorrow.

Next day she woke up with the sound of a siren. Milli told her that she needs to get the entire daily chorus done now as they both would to be working for the entire day. After her daily chorus two guards came and opened the cell door. They were taken to a shower room and her cuffs were unlocked. A chain was locked to her collar.  The guard wrapped a chain to Milli's neck too as there was no collar on her neck. They told them to step on the shower stall and they started the tap. They were given towels after bath. “dry your collar well" the guard told. Then they gave them fresh cloth and relocked the cuffs. They were given bread and curry as breakfast. Then they were taken to a storeroom full of big boxes. “This box contains old cuffs and chains and other devices for restraining prisoners in medieval age. We got it from old dungeon of the palace. You need to clean them, make them rust free and oil them to make them reusable again. “The guards took a chain and locked it to Simi's collar. Then they wrap the other end to Milli's waist and locked it with a padlock. He also locked a handcuff to Milli's wrists in front. They were given a rust removal solution, sand papers and some cloths. Together they picked up first box and took it under the light.  It was very heavy. A bunch of rusted shackles and cuffs were tangled inside. It took them 2 hours to untangle them. There were various kinds of cuffs chains and collars. They had to put them one by one to the rust removal solution and then they had to rub it with sand papers to remove rust. "Hurry up bitches" said the guard. "Or you have to try them on tonight.” they worked very hard for entire day but only could finish 15 pieces by evening. The guard was not happy. He took an old very heavy leg iron with just 8 inch heavy chain from the rusted iron lot. Simi was scared. She did not want any more bondage again. All those chains on those boxes were very heavy and old. All the cuffs needed padlock to lock them as there were no internal locks those days which made them even heavier. Another guard removed her present leg irons and fitted those rusted leg irons on her ankles. It was even more painful from those ball and chain she was wearing during solitary confinement days. The guard picked up another old cuff with loud noise! It was a combination of collar and handcuffs. Simi's collar and handcuffs were removed and the rusted collar was locked on her neck. Despite her plead the wrists were locked on the attached handcuffs. The chain between collar and handcuffs were just 6 inches and Simi could not lower her hands below her breasts. All cuffs were shut by padlocks. Simi was crying in pain and humiliation. He then turned to Milli who was silently watching the scene. “I need a special something for you ". He searched in other boxes she came back with a very heavy collar. "This seems a special one for the special person" Milli shivered in fear when she saw that closely. It had thousands of small spikes lined inside the collar. She kneeled down and kissed his feet. "Please sir, you can do whatever you want today. But please not this”. “Punishment is for everyone dear, " he said.”And anyway today is not your lucky day. "He closed the collar around her neck. The spiked were not very sharp but the pressure of so many spikes was killing her. She had to hold her collar to ease the pain. They were lead to their cells. Walking in short heavy leg irons were very painful for Simi.  The guard led them inside and first locked the anchoring chain to Simi's collar. Then he approached Milli. He took his handcuffs off and locked the single cuff with anchoring chain to her left wrist. He closed the cell door and left. Simi checked her limitations. The ankle shackles had only 8 links of heavy chain. Both the sets were very noisy. She looked at Milli. The torture collar was very painful for her. Tears were rolling down from her cheeks. "Don’t worry Milli, it will be alright.” Milli came and sat on Simi's bed. "May be next time I will let you try this collar.” Milli joked. Simi asked whether Milli had done those cuff polishing work before. "No, first time " told Milli.”Do all the prisoners here have to wear chains and cuffs inside cells like us “Simi asked?  “No, only high secur


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