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A Cure for Neil by Mr Smooth
« on: February 19, 2016, 11:51:12 AM »
                                                  A CURE FOR NEIL (Pt 1)

  Neil Stevens had it all; or so it seemed to an outsider. He was tall, good looking, charming, fit and well educated with a good career. There had been no shortage of lady admirers for Neil and he loved them too as much as any man loved the fair sex.

 He had one problem though which he desperately wished he could be rid of. He suffered from severe PE or premature ejaculation to you and me. Many males suffer from this in puberty to a certain extent: they learn to control themselves as they become more mature and experienced at love making, but Neil somehow couldn’t get to grips as it were with his problem and when making love he just lost control in a matter of no time at all.

  Even using rubber condoms didn’t slow him down much and he would sometimes explode with excitement just putting one on, such was his problem. His vivid imagination was mostly to blame for this and so his relationships would simply break down in a very short time and eventually his reputation went before him making matters even worse.
  In his early thirties now he met the girl of his dreams. Abigail was just the sort of girl for someone like Neil. She was very attractive with sparkling blue eyes, gorgeous wavy long red hair and a bubbly personality: she also played sport to keep fit and like Neil she was university educated and had a good career in HR. 

 They hit it off as a couple straight away and others in their circle predicted that they would settle down together very soon. Neil was desperately in love with Abi and decided one night after another poor attempt in making love to ask her to move in with him; they had known each other for six months or so at this time. Abi had a high sexual libido and as usual was frustrated by Neil’s attempts to bring her to climax during intercourse. She normally had to get him to this orally before or afterwards or even to use a massager to release her tensions.

 “Neil darling” she answered his suggestion “we have known each other for time now and we have attempted making love many times: you are not satisfying me and you know it” Neil started to say something but she gently put her fingers on his lips to continue. “Sweetheart” she said “I dearly love you but we cannot have a permanent relationship as this is when you continue to lose control and always leave me frustrated. I have my needs and you are not meeting them and I wanted to speak to you before about this but you are such a nice person always apologising for your problem, so now that you have asked me to move in I finally feel it is time to be straight with you.

 Making love and sexual activity is important to me and to you too and I am afraid there is no real future for us unless you do something about your PE. I’m sorry to put this to you Neil but this has to be said now”

 Neil was devastated at her statement, disappointed and also angry with himself for having threatened their relationship with something that other men took in their stride.  He went very quiet, became upset and now turning to her he was fearful that she was about to break up with him.

 She touched his face gently reassuring him that this was not her immediate intention as long as he would listen to a suggestion she had to make. “I don’t know” he replied shrugging his shoulders now as if now he didn’t care because of his embarrassment “it depends on what it is I have to do” She was frustrated at his retort now and so gave him an ultimatum “what I have just said to you I mean it Neil, there is no long term future for us if you continue to leave me unsatisfied in the bedroom. I love sex, it is very important in my life and I want to enjoy our bodies while we are still young and fit. We will be old one day and both of us will not be interested I daresay, but in the meantime I want to make up for then so either you do something about it very shortly or sadly for us both, we will be finished, it will be over for us” He looked into her sad eyes as she was now close to tears.  He nodded and agreed “anything, just anything you can suggest I will listen to you” he said.

  She bit her lip for her own control and replied “I have been researching your problem on the internet and you are not on your own you know, this is more commonplace than you realise” She went on to explain as to what she had discovered. “I have done some research and I checked out PE on Google.

  Lots of information came up about cures, most of them dubious, but one place in particular: a special clinic which deals with this problem sounded interesting. I have taken the trouble to check the place out and also find out the cost of treatment there and I am willing to pay for it as a present for both of us, which reinforces how much I wish us to be together Neil”

 He looked at her and returning her offer with a hand gesture and with love in his eyes he said “you don’t have to pay darling, It is my problem and I should deal with the cost” She returned “it is our problem not just yours, and I insist on meeting you at least half-way then so lets say no more about that”
  The next day Abigail fired up her computer and showed Neil what she had found there and so they sent off an email enquiry to the said clinic which was apparently situated in the former Eastern Germany. A return email came back that evening and following more emails an appointment was agreed and made for Neil and his partner if she wished to attend with him at an interview in London a couple of weeks later on a Saturday.

 They had paid up front for the consultation and both went along on the day to a hotel in London that they were given the address of. At the reception they were asked to wait as they were early. At the start of their interview time a tall attractive blonde lady around forty years of age came over to them and introduced herself as Silvia and asked them to follow her.

 They followed this smart attractive lady with piercing blue eyes to a private room set aside where she began to explain about the clinic and what would be expected of Neil should he decide to go ahead and book in for treatment.

  Although embarrassed, having to discuss his problem to a stranger he went along with it. Silvia explained that he would need a minimum course of seven days of intensive therapy but would not go into details as to what would be done as this was the clinics policy.

 She explained that she had been a registered nurse and was still allowed to practice at her own private clinic. She now gave him a few essential medical checks, taking his blood pressure and the like to make sure he was fit and healthy to proceed with the treatment. Now satisfied with him she explained that they had over a ninety percent plus success rate showing cures or indeed great improvements to most patients but no absolute guarantees as sometimes the patients did not cooperate properly.

  She went on to say that at times the treatment would be uncomfortable to say the least but the rewards would certainly be there in the long run providing he gave them his trust and did exactly as they required of him.

 She then spelt out the cost of the treatment. It was very expensive but they agreed to this and she now said “I have to explain that once you have committed and arrive at my clinic then you will have to see the treatment through to the end, there will be no backing out, you will have no access to phones or the outside world whilst you are there and effectively be shut off from contacting anyone. “I reiterate that you will have do everything that is expected of you for this to be successful otherwise you will be wasting your time and money, I do hope you understand this”

  Neil now felt a little apprehension at her words but Abi gave him one of those looks that said please do this for me and so he agreed: they gave a hefty deposit as a suitable date was sorted on Sylvia’s computer. They shook hands with her and left for something to eat in the city before returning home later that day.
   Neil had booked his annual vacation time off for the treatment as he felt it was worth losing some of his fortnights holiday allocation and so a few weeks later he caught a plane to Germany. He cleared customs armed with only a small to medium suitcase as he was instructed to bring a minimum of clothing, just enough for a return journey plus his essential toiletries.

 He was collected from the airport by a very pretty girl of about twenty five years old holding up a name board at the check-outs who spoke little English and directed him to sit in the back of the car where she then drove him to the clinic in a large Mercedes. He arrived at a sizeable country house in a quiet rural location and the car swung into the grounds through secure metal bar gates via an intercom.

 Neil’s personal nightmare was about to begin. Silvia herself met him at the imposing door dressed this time in a short white medical coat and matching trousers. “Welcome to my clinic Neil” she said with a slightly warm smile as her piercing blue eyes bore into his.

 He stepped inside and she secured the door behind him; she also locked the inner door with a combination bolt. He was directed to a small office area off the corridor where she again reminded of his requirements. She asked him to sign for his voluntary treatments and to allow the clinic staff carte blanche to do whatever was necessary and also that he would cooperate completely and not be allowed to leave until his allotted time, he was it seems their prisoner in fact for the duration. And so he also now settled and paid the rest of the bill for his treatments with his credit card She then took his suitcase from him and checked out its contents thoroughly much to his surprise.

  “Why are you doing that?” he quizzed “It is my rule, I am checking for a phone, I have autonomy here as you will find out” she said in a matter of fact and determined tone to him. Satisfied that there was nothing he shouldn’t have she said  “now come with me, I will take you to your room, you will shower and change into clinic clothing which you are required to wear whilst you are here”

 Neil was a man that normally made his own decisions in life and he now felt intimidated by her and her orders: this made him uncomfortable but Sylvia herself was a woman with a very strong personality of the type that did not take no for an answer. She checked the corridor before inviting him to follow her to the large wide stairs running off the central corridor.

 He heard a male cry out in German as if in some pain or pleasure through one of the doors in the corridor. “Its just one of our other patients undergoing some treatment” she explained. Neil felt a chill from this as he was taken to his room on the second floor which was quite comfortable and fairly large with a hospital style single bed on wheels, a wardrobe, chair, desk, TV monitor and the usual stuff one would find in any hotel or private hospital room.

  “The bathroom is in here” she said showing him a large shower area with a toilet and washing facilities. “There is a fresh towel and your clothing for you to wear will be put out for you on the bed,  remove your personal toiletries from your case that you need every day and leave them in the bathroom, the rest will be taken away until you leave here on the seventeenth”

 She said this now with such an authority that his stomach turned over with anxiety. She now faced him “This will be your room whilst you are here which you will not be allowed to leave unless required to do so when your daily treatments are being carried out, everything you need during your stay here will be supplied to you by my loyal staff.

 All of them are hand picked by me and most of them come from the poorer countries in Europe and some would undoubtedly have ended up on the streets although they have degrees in nursing or a medical background. I also pick them for their beauty as this is a requirement here and they are well paid for it. I expect them to look good, well presented and to know exactly what to do and what is expected of them”

 Neil wondered why she had explained this. She continued “now when you have finished in the bathroom and changed, then a little later you will be collected and taken to the assessment room” She turned to leave him. “Can I phone and let Abigail know I have arrived?” he asked. “Certainly not” she replied “I explained that from now on that you will not be permitted to have contact with the outside world, I will email and let her know you arrived safely, if there is a problem from England then she has my phone number and email, now forget the outside world for the next seven days and settle down here for your intense therapy”

 Neil was beginning to regret his decision already as she left and he heard his heavy door lock from the outside. He quickly checked out the room; he was no the second floor and his window faced the rear private gardens: he was effectively a voluntary prisoner now and he was missing Abi already.

  He took a long a refreshing shower and when returning to the bedroom area he found that his case and clothing had been removed apart from his slippers and dressing gown. Pyjamas were left for him on the bed so he dressed himself and slipped his dressing gown over the top of them along with his slippers and settled down to wait.

 He switched on the TV but it didn’t work as it was on a timer which he found out later so he made himself a coffee with the facilities there and found some food had also been left for him. After finishing this he checked out the room properly. The heavy large built in wardrobe door was locked and the only things in there to keep his attention were some German magazines and there were plenty of books too in English.

  Neil did not read or speak German so he busied himself thumbing through the pictures of the magazines as he sipped his coffee. As he leaned back in the chair he now noticed a small camera in the top corner of the room. There was one in the bathroom too when as he now checked that out.

  What a bloody cheek he thought is there no privacy for him at all here? He finished his coffee and lay on the bed as he had been up very early to catch the plane that day. He must have dozed off for a few minutes or so and found himself being shaken gently and his name used.

  He opened his eyes to find a nurse looking down at him. She was very pretty and slim and wearing a very short white uniform. He sat up and apologised for dropping off “I am nurse Christine” she said in very good English with a European accent “you will come with me now for your assessment”

 Neil stood up and now realised what a lovely sexy blonde haired lady she was as she smiled back at him and with a great pair of legs too sheathed in white stockings or tights that were showing under her matching short white nurse uniform “Come now” she said “we have to go downstairs” He followed her now down two flights of stairs, along the corridor and was led into a side room off it.
  It was fitted out similar to a dentist surgery, quite sinister with a white leather covered hydraulic chair in the centre and similar equipment around the room and Sylvia was also there to greet him.

  She was always very matter of fact in the way she spoke and she said “We are going to run some tests Neil and I will require you to remove your dressing gown and pyjamas and sit in the chair ” She waited for his response. “I er um” he replied shocked at her demand. “Come” she said now and put her hand out for his clothing.

 “Must I strip right off?” he asked “Yes you must, do not be shy we have seen it all before” Silvia said a little irritated and snapped her fingers for him to do as he was ordered. Nurse Christine who had been standing quietly now moved forward and helped him off with his dressing gown.

  With great embarrassment now he removed his top and slipped his pyjama bottoms off. Now standing completely naked in front of these two attractive ladies he felt very vulnerable and he also had by now an erection pointing skywards already just to make matters worse for him.

 He was now directed to sit in the chair and it was adjusted so that he was in a semi-lying but comfortable position. Silvia now explained that he would be tested with erotic images and sounds would be fed to him so that they could determine how to treat him but he had to be restrained as the session would be heavy, whatever that meant.

  Nurse Christine collected some leather cuffs and straps and started to fix him to the arms of his chair with their Velcro fastenings.  He questioned the restraints. “I do not hope you’re not going to give us trouble here” said Sylvia with a voice that said she was in command. Christine fitted more cuffs to his ankles and secured him as Sylvia passed a broad strap around his chest just under his arm pits and buckled it firmly to prevent him sitting up.

  By now with these two ladies paying him attention his cock was throbbing and he already had pre-cum dripping from it with this new found excitement he was having. Sylvia now wheeled a medical monitor of sorts over and fitted adhesive pads to various parts of his anatomy including his head and chest and these she connected to the monitor.

 “Just a couple more now” she remarked as Christine held one in her hand “one is to be put on your erect penis and one underneath your genitals onto your perineum, so I hope you are under control, if you do climax now you will have to  do this again later when you’re again ready” Neil sighed as he was approached: here he was to be treated for PE, he was on the very edge now and two sexy nurses were about to mess around his genitals.

   How was he was expected to control himself? This was to be his first test of many here. Christine lifted his balls up and away with her free hand now so that she had access to his perineum and as her warm hand cupped him he closed his eyes with lust. “My those are nice and hard” she remarked smiling to him.

  Neil just sighed again with pleasure but trying very hard to do his best on self control: he had not had sex relief for some days as directed as a voluntary prelude to his treatment so he was rampant. She placed the pad on him taking several attempts and released his balls.

  She now picked up the final pad: this was to be the real test for him. He couldn’t help himself and took a look at this sexy creature to see what was happening. Christine gave him a big smile and now with soft fingers pointing down in a claw position she held his dripping tip firmly and vertical as she attempted to press the pad onto the side of his throbbing cock.

  “Oh god” he mumbled in ecstasy as she fumbled with the pad trying to make it adhere to his wet skin. “Oh god” he cried again as his knob slid gently between her fingers as he involuntary moved his hips. A wave of pleasure now engulfed his whole body and he moved his hips quickly as his sticky fluid now exploded and spurted out into the palm of Christine’s hand.

  “Jeeeeesus oh Jeeeeesus” he cried as she gently helped him empty his balls by stroking his knob now until he was completely finished. “Oh my god I’m sorry” he whispered through his teeth as she removed her dripping hand, and transferred it into a small plastic container.

  She then reached for the tissues. His heart beating hard this had been the first test for him and Sylvia now had some idea how severe his problem was but she also had a quantity of his sperm. As Christine cleaned herself up Sylvia wiped the rest of his residue gently away from his body, firmly she told him

 “That is the only time in the next few days that you will be allowed to cum without our permission, from now on all of your orgasms will be strictly controlled by us” Unknown to Neil and all of her staff, Sylvia had a very profitable side-line of supplying sperm from northern European middle class “good stock” and Neil was just the sort of patient to supply this.

  Satisfied he was properly cleaned up she reminded him that he would have to wait there now for a couple of hours until he was ready again. “In that case I need to use the toilet” he stated “can you release me to have a pee?” Sylvia replied “It is too much trouble for that; you will be fitted with a catheter”

  I don’t want a catheter, I’m not an invalid” Neil replied angrily, “now release me and let me use the loo” Sylvia turned around and snapped “you don’t have that choice, I make the decisions here” and quickly placed an anaesthetic mask over his face. “Breathe” she said and he was surprised how strong she was as she held it on him: he couldn’t help but take a few breaths.

  He quickly became woozy now as his head started to spin with the gas and he began to relax. Half way to being knocked out he was aware of Christine approaching him with a thin long red rubber tube in her now latex gloved hands. He watched her add a gel to its length and she now began to feed it down his urethra. He cringed but could only feebly attempt to resist and soon it was pushed home into his bladder. She then inflated its built in retaining balloon with a syringe and connected it to a collection bag which she hung on the side of the chair.  A blanket was now put on him as he fell into a deep sleep.

    He was out for a couple of hours before he was awakened. “Wake up Neil, wake up now” He was shaken gently and opened his eyes to see yet another strange lovely face looking in to his eyes. She smiled as he focused on her “Are you feeling better and refreshed now?” she asked him and introduced herself. “I am nurse Stella I have started my shift and I will be looking after your needs until you are put to bed”

   He nodded and as usual he was apologetic for his problem and apologised for his losing control. She responded by saying “well that is why you are here Neil, for us to sort that out for you” She was a very pretty dark haired girl this time with a short bobbed hair style and green eyes. Again with a very short crisp white buttoned coat, she was fairly tall and had really good legs, all in all she was quite breathtaking.

  A bit different to most of the nurses he remembered who had worked for the national health in the UK. She lifted the blanket and patted his cock gently then added “we will see that you are taken care of, do not worry but you must accept that what we do for you is in your interests, you have no choice now and have to see your therapy through, now let me remove your catheter”

   He could now see the tube sticking out of his cock and connected up the bag which was half full of his urine. She released its internal bladder with a syringe and slowly removed it after donning latex gloves. It was a weird feeling as the tube withdrew from his cock but coupled with her messing with his genitals he started to get excited again.

 Satisfied she removed her gloves and now offered him a drink of water which she held the glass for him to drink from a straw. “My shift has not long started and Sylvia will be back shortly, then we will run you through your tests” she explained. By this time Neil’s cock was up and running again at her having touched him and also her physical appearance and he again was embarrassed for this.

 “I see you are ready for us” she said smiling and she ran her fingers now gently along his shaft bring him to full erection allowing her to fit the remaining adhesive pad. He gasped and jumped at her touch “My my you are sensitive” she remarked “you will be a real challenge for us I can see”

 At that point and with German efficiency Silvia returned at the very time that Stella had said she would. She looked straight at Neil’s erection and said “I see you are ready for us to continue, and I also see you have met Nurse Stella, another one of my lovely girls” “Yes” said Neil feeling that he had to reply “she is lovely as you say”

  Sylvia now picked up what can only be described as a helmet similar to which motor cyclists wear. “Let me slip this on you” she said and moments later it was being adjusted to fit him. It had built in speakers and the visor was lowered in front of his eyes. The visor was in fact a stereo screen which relayed images fed into the helmet from a remote source via a cable which she now attached to it from a special DVD player.

  The helmet cut out most of his surrounding sound, his light too was mostly restricted to the helmets visual output screen. All set up now Sylvia explained that she would send him erotic images and sounds now through the helmet while she would monitor the results on a graph paper  readout, somewhat similar to a lie detector but more sophisticated. “Relax now Neil, this will take a little time depending on your cooperation” she said and switched it on. Gentle music came through the headset and a few seconds later a female voice began to speak as she appeared on the viewing screen.

  She spoke to Neil as if she knew him and soon he couldn’t take his eyes away from this beautiful creature and he was now lost in the images that were relayed to him. They were all very erotic as he was shown gorgeous girls in various states of undress and wearing all sorts of different types of clothing and underwear including: anything from standard cotton right through to rubber and leather and some even more bizarre than that.

  This list was endless and with amazing colours too. Then girls dressed in different uniforms appeared. By now he was mesmerised by this and his cock was throbbing for release. Neil thought to himself that if he hadn’t been secured he would have had to be relieving himself to completion by now.

  Now the situation changed and he was fed an erotic video of the stunning lady and her stud.  It was tastefully filmed and they shared their bodies in all manner of positions and sexual acts from her sitting on his face, sucking his cock and intercourse from behind and the missionary position. Oh how he envied this guy with just a normal cock that was under his own complete control until he finally spurted his load between the girls breasts hitting her face as she squealed with delight.

  Neil was rampant by now and desperate to cum as Silvia finally removed his helmet. His cock was engorged and the veins were sticking out with the pressure of his blood. “Oh god” he muttered hoarsely “I need to cum or I will burst” “You must control yourself now” replied Sylvia “now you know why you are secured. I will now check through the graph to find out what really makes you tick, or horny as you may call it Neil while Stella will look after you.

  She left and Stella brought him a drink with a straw. She busied herself removing his adhesive pads but remarked “I had better leave your genital area ones in place because you may explode again if I touch you” “Please Stella I am bursting here will you let me cum?” he begged her. She shook her head “no Neil this is just the beginning of your therapy, learning to control your thoughts and actions is why you are here”

 “But I am out of my mind with lust” he replied and he started to get upset and pull at his bonds “If you keep this up I will put you out with the gas again to keep you quiet. Neil replied angry as well as frustrated making a fuss “you can’t do that I have volunteered to be here” Oh cant I” she returned, and with that she walked behind him and seconds later held the anaesthetic mask over his mouth and nose.

  Neil struggled but she was an expert and moved with him until he felt himself going under again.

He came around some time later to find Silvia looking down and gently shaking him awake. She enquired for his well-being and then said “are you going to behave now Neil because we can keep you under just as long as we need to and force feed you by tube if we have to, that would be very unpleasant for you, but I am used to doing that from my previous job and I will just shrug my shoulders at my patients discomfort.

   I also remind you that you are just wasting your own time and money, so what do you wish to do, are you willing to cooperate with us or do we continue with the gas until you agree?

 ” Neil knew now that she really meant business and what could he do.  He had volunteered and signed for them to do whatever was needed to be done to him and also if they denied any of this so called abuse then he could not prove otherwise and he was in a strange country not the UK. They also had his clothes, money and his passport locked away somewhere.

 Sylvia waited impatiently for his answer and then reached for the mask again holding it with threat in front of him. “Yes I promise to cooperate from now on” he reluctantly replied “so go ahead”

 “Very well” Sylvia replied seriously “but I will hold you to your word and expect you to behave properly towards me and my girls from now on” Neil nodded in agreement, what choice had he. He would be wasting several thousand pounds, Abi would leave him and his problem which he was desperate to sort would not be solved.

 They released him and he was directed to shower in an adjoining room. Stella stood in there near to him whilst he did this to prevent him relieving himself should he attempt to and he dressed back in his pyjamas and dressing gown for his evening meal in his room again with Stella in there to watch him. And watch him she did like a hawk.

  She carried a panic alarm and an electric prod too and he was to be watched 24/7. He attempted to strike up a verbal relationship with Stella but this fell on stony ground as she put up her professional guard and only answered basic questions: so he gave up as she read a book. She also sat where it was difficult for him to look at her as she spied him taking a glance now and then.

  He was allowed to read or watch TV for a couple of hours, UK channels were now available and then at ten Stella rang for someone and announced that it was his bedtime, walked over to the wardrobe and unlocked it. She took out an armful of fearsome looking heavy white canvas restraints of the sort that is found in asylums and dropped them on the bed.

 Neil knew that they were for him and his heart rate went up: was he to be restrained all night long was his thought. The door opened and Sylvia came in carrying a medical bag. “Bed time Neil clean your teeth and use the bathroom” she said in a commanding tone “It’s a bit early” he mumbled a reply but it fell on deaf ears.

  He did this and they now pulled back his bed sheets and fitted these restraints to it so that there were hand, ankle cuffs and a broad body chest strap now fixed on to it. Stella now went back to the wardrobe and returned holding up a pair of leather long legged shorts and a cotton pair to be worn underneath.

   “Remove your pyjama trousers and slip these on” she said offering the thin cotton ones to Neil. He was slow to respond. “Come on don’t be all night about it” demanded Sylvia sharply now. Neil did as he was told to and the cotton shorts that when pulled on had a hole built into the front and his partly erect cock and balls hung out of this.

  He was now offered the soft leather ones and when put on over the top had an opening also with a special leather flap that hung down. These were tightly laced onto him at the sides. His cock stood out now with the sensation and also having these two nurses attending him. He was ordered onto the bed and he lay on his back as they quickly secured him firmly onto it.

   He could move slightly but was now fixed onto his back and he felt very vulnerable and helpless. Sylvia opened her medical case, put on surgical gloves and now uncovered a catheter. She used a syringe to inject a lubricating gel down his cock hole which made him cringe. She now carefully slipped a thick rubber sheath down and over his erect cock making a tight fit but cutting off any sensation of her handling him.

  She took no notice of Neil’s discomfort and was soon gently but firmly inserting the rubber tube through an aperture in the end of the sheath and down his urethra until he felt it enter his bladder with a slight pain. She now inflated its built in retaining bladder while Stella provided a drain bag and this was connected up with a long red rubber tube and then the bag was hung onto the bed frame side.

  This whole procedure though a little extreme for Neil had given him a throbbing erection. A thin leather built in flap cover was placed over his balls and clipped into place and then the main front flap pulled over so his rubber covered cock that was left pointing towards his head was now strapped and buckled tightly over it with the drain tube sticking out. A Pair of thick padded leather mittens were now slipped over his hands and these too were buckled on.

   Sylvia now said “you have been secured like this to keep your hands out of harms way to prevent  you masturbating and playing with yourself. The leather shorts prevent you from rubbing yourself against the bed sheets and possibly making you cum. This way I have control over your physical side. I know men, they cannot help themselves they have little control and if you were to be able to ejaculate when you wished then this would undermine my work on you:  accept that this is how you will be sleeping here.

  You are safe in here, the camera is infra red and so you will be checked and watched on our monitors. This is for your own good Neil and I will see to it that all can be done to greatly reduce if not even cure your problem”   With that she pulled the bed sheets over him and they left switching the light off on the way out.

  Neil felt very strange now strapped and secured in his room but strangely excited too with the feeling of being in bondage for the first time. He could only move enough to stay comfortable but touching himself was impossible and the tight leather and rubber feeling on and around his genitals had given him a real hard cock which kept him frustrated.

   It was similar to being inside a woman and not being able to move, all in all a terrible physical and psychological torture.  He lay there wondering what was in store for him the next day. He eventually dropped off.
    “Wake up Neil its eight, I hope you slept well, time for a shower and breakfast, then  you have a very taxing day ahead, the first one is always heavy for our patients” Nurse Christine was there bright and cheerful and looking as gorgeous as ever in her whites. She opened the drapes for light and then peeled back his bed sheets inspecting him to make certain everything was as it should be.

  As she leaned over and fussed with him he could smell her delicate perfume, her youthfulness and as she leaned across the bed her very short skirt rode up to reveal the base of her curvy bottom. This set him off and when she opened the leather flap on his bed shorts his cock stuck up vertically in the air.

  “You are keen to get started” she said with a chuckle “we will have some fun trying to control you I can see” She deflated his catheter and removed it. The collection bag was quite full and she disposed of this first. He was released from his bonds and now took off his bed shorts, his cock still at full extent.

   She followed him into the bathroom where he took a shower and exercised his stiff aching limbs: Christine first warning him not to spend more time than necessary soaping his privates. Neil was now completely taken over by these ladies and felt he had no say at all in his needs and wants.

  He dried off and was given fresh pyjamas to wear and then he slipped his dressing gown over these. He made himself a drink as Christine used the intercom to have his breakfast delivered. This was delivered by the pretty girl who had driven him from the airport.  Christine sat with him over breakfast after tidying his bed and she had a drink and a piece of toast too.

  They hit it off this time and chatted and he always liked to know the ins and outs of things and he prised it out of Stella that there were mostly always around three or four patients having treatment at any time here. Neil’s business mind quickly worked out that based on his charges Sylvia must have been raking in at least a million pounds sterling every year.

  She also told him in confidence as she sat with her back to the camera that Sylvia could be a real harridan if she was upset and not to cause too much fuss or she would make his life very uncomfortable. “How’s that” he enquired. She went on to say that Sylvia had been a professional mistress and dominatrix for some years and that Christine believed that while dealing with her clients she had accidentally discovered the secret of her clinics success on how to cure PE. 

  But she went on to say that if Sylvia took a dislike to a patient because of his lack of cooperation or other minor reason then she saw to it that he would find life very uncomfortable here. Some of her loyal and wealthy clients from her mistress days also still attended here for occasionally sessions and she had a special room set aside for these people.

  She can also be very sadistic to her patients as she gets off on it. He mused on this: was she telling him the truth or had she been given the green light to say these things so that it would spur him on to cooperate with them. “Thank you for that information” he said feeling more unsettled than ever now “So what’s happening today then?”

  “Well first of all she replied standing up now; I have to give you the first of your daily enemas: your treatment is not only intense but it cannot be interrupted because you suddenly need to go to the loo, which your treatment may cause you to anyway, and we don’t want a mess do we”

  Again he was shocked and she now headed for the locked wardrobe which seemed to contain only torments for him. Neil had never had one of these enemas before and his stomach churned at the thought of it as she took out a tall chrome stand and the rubber tubing and other implements of his forthcoming torture, transferring them to the bathroom.

  He heard clinking sounds and water running as she prepared it for him and then she came back for a thin mattress that had a water proof cover on it and took that in there also. At the bathroom door now she said “OK Neil I am ready for you, remove your pyjama trousers and come in here”

 Neil reluctantly did as she asked as her information on Sylvia had made him more cooperative. He stepped inside; the chrome stand had a distended rubber bag hanging from it at around five feet in the air.

  This had a long rubber tube hanging from its underneath with an in-line valve. She held a further red rubber tube in her hand with two yellow balloons along its length and close together. “You can either kneel or lie on your side for this washout” she gave him the choice and pointed to the mattress with her gloved hands that was now on the floor near the toilet. 

  He opted to kneel on the cold waterproof mattress and she asked him to relax and she now fed the well greased short tube into his anus until the first small balloon was inside him. Neil gasped at the strange sensation as she pumped up the two balloons so that they caused a tight water proof seal with one inside and the other outside of his anus. She connected up the enema bag tube and opened the valve. He felt the warm soapy water enter his body and groaned with the weird feeling.

  After a few minutes of this he started to have stomach cramps and asked to be released but she insisted that it was for his own good as she sat on the toilet lid preventing him using it. He felt he could take no more as the last drops of the two litre washout finally entered him. “Nonsense” she replied “the liquid has to do its work now and you will wait another twenty minutes”

  Oh god its torture” he complained now with tears in his eyes. “You haven’t had any torture so far but you will if you don’t stop moaning, I have warned about that already” She spoke this quietly to him. She made him wait the full time and he was finally released to great relief.

  After his ordeal he cleaned up and was allowed to dress again. It was almost ten o clock now and Christine remarked that he had a schedule to adhere to starting at ten on the dot. She gave him a thin cloth bag. “Put this over your head for your own anonymity” 

  She went on to explain that it was there just in case any other patients are around, we respect that you all wish to remain anonymous here. He did this and could see well enough to walk downstairs with her where she showed him into a side room. In there was a large heavy chair frame padded in white leather and an adjustable bench shaped into a Y where his legs were to go.
This too looked very medical and it had a lot of heavy straps attached at various points. Overall with the other clinical equipment in here it all appeared very intimidating to him. He shivered now with the thought of the unknown that lay ahead. He was about to have his first treatment and it seemed to be very scary indeed to him.

  Stella directed him to strip naked and lie on the Y shaped bench. He as usual had an erection as he now sat on the bench. “Just lie back down and try to relax” she said. He did this and was now in a semi lying position with legs apart almost at ninety degrees on the Y frame. The leather was cold on his skin and he shivered again with its coolness and his fear.

   He wished he could just leave as Christine now set about fixing the heavy leather straps onto his wrists and ankles. He shut his eyes and muttered “oh god” to himself. Soon he was completely secured with more heavy leather straps around his knees, thighs, waist and chest.

  She pulled them more tightly smiling at him and at his fear. If all of this was to intimidate him it was working and this gorgeous creature was putting the fear of god into him even before the treatment was started. She put a thin blanket over him saying “this will help to stop you shaking Neil but it won’t keep your erection down will it?”

  The thin blanket stood clear of his body where it was held up by his stiff cock. Then she added “Sylvia will be here at ten thirty to start your treatment. He had fifteen minutes to wait and waiting is always the worst part when it’s the unknown, medically speaking Neil had always found; like a wait at the dentists, only this was much worse.

  His thoughts turned to Abi and hopefully if this worked out then it would seal their relationship. Ten thirty arrived and he heard a clip clop of heels on the tiled floor in the corridor. Sylvia entered in a stunning nurse outfit and to his now delight this one was made of erotic latex rubber.

  It consisted of a short skin tight black rubber medical coat with a Red Cross motif showing off her magnificent legs which were clad in matching black latex stockings and she had a matching nurse hat. I could clearly see the nipples of her ample breasts straining at the tight material.

   The sight of this rubber clad nurse took Neil’s breath and he couldn’t believe his eyes as she allowed him a good look. “She smiled at him while removing his blanket and exposing his throbbing cock. She approached him between his forced open legs and he felt the warmth of her smooth rubbered body inside his thighs and then she rested her latex covered hands on his groin area.

  This whole erotic scene made him gasp. “Good morning Neil” she said still smiling “I hope you are going to cooperate today: according to your results I have dressed in one of your favourite outfits that your mind conjures up and it is also made in your favourite material. I am now dressed as one of your greatest fantasies and it has come true for you today, aren’t you the lucky one?”

 His cock stuck up with the veins fit to burst at her appearance and words. All he could respond was “Oh my god” as she waited for him to say something. She continued as Christine left now and she locked the door behind her “well Neil it appears that you have very sensitive nerve endings in your genitals and coupled with your active and kinky mind just making matters, so I have to start you on a course of injections and some electro therapy.

  This will prove to be quite uncomfortable and indeed painful so I have tried to off-set some of this by dressing up especially for you as your favourite rubber nurse to help keep you excited should the need be; also to help take your mind of it and to test you out too later. She swished and made a rubbery sound as she walked away to get something and Neil couldn’t take his eyes away from her.

   She was indeed a very sexy nurse dressed as she was and this was one of his wildest fantasies. Neil watched her unlock a cupboard with a key she kept on a chain around her neck to put some items from the cupboard onto a chrome trolley. She wheeled this over to his side. It contained a dark coloured box of some sort with wires attached to it.

  “This is my de-sensitizing machine” she explained “this is my little secret so I keep it locked away as no one else knows how to do what I can do here at this clinic, especially my girls and I don’t want them too either; as you have already agreed not to divulge anything that goes on in here with me. She also had on there one of his greatest fears: a hypodermic syringe. She made no attempt to hide it and in fact held it up for him to see. “You will have a course of injections every day in your groin area and coupled with the electro-therapy afterwards this should deaden the nerves somewhat in your genitals, now try to relax”

  She filled the syringe and made no attempt to conceal it so he shut his eyes and groaned. She wiped his groin area with antiseptic and gave him his first jab “Just one more Neil then its over for today” He felt the second one enter near his most tender area and tensed as the needle did its work. Neil was glad it was over and she now turned to her special TENS machine for that’s what it really was.

 She explained “I shall build you up to a reasonable low level today but I will increase the levels and build it up as the therapy progresses over the next few days. Some patients cannot handle this very well but it is in their own interests and they were rewarded in the long term”

 She donned a pair of surgical gloves and taking care not to over excite him she wiped his cock dry of the pre-cum that had dribbled down it. He gasped with the sensation all the same. “Now no squirting” she teased him “I need to keep it rock hard and your balls full of juicy sperm for the treatment”

  These words alone made him groan with lust. She now oiled a quarter inch diameter length of black rubber around five inches long which terminated with a small domed cage and an electrical connector at its tip. She made sure he viewed all of these things that she was about to do to him and explained that it was conductive rubber to carry an electrical current.

  This she then fed its length down his cock hole until the dome fitted over and behind his knob holding it in place. As usual he cringed as she slid and pushed it home, but she appeared to enjoy his displeasure smiling with her pleasure. Two adhesive pads with wires were now stuck underneath his cock: one near the base and the other just short of his knob.  She wrapped around and stretched a length of thin latex rubber around each one and these were fastened to hold the pads tightly in place.

  Neil was very excited by this erotic latex clad nurse touching his genitals but also terrified at the same time with what she may now do to him. She finally connected a thin cable to the dome enclosing his knob. All of these cables were now plugged in to the box on the trolley. She announced “Are you ready Neil, this will be quite painful once I have reached your personal limits, so I will give you something to bite on”

  She offered him a hard rubber bit but he questioned her. “Why can’t you put me under if it is to be painful for me?” She replied “I cannot do that, I have to know your limits and I need you conscious or I may go too far and destroy your nerve endings for good and you don’t want that do you, so concentrate on me, this is one reason you have the pleasure of seeing me dressed especially for you as your rubber nurse to help you through this, and included are your local mild anaesthetic injections to help you through this”

  She stroked his thighs and he was bursting with lust again and she then strapped the rubber bit into his mouth fixing it into place. He watched her as she powered up the TENS box and a dull green glow lit up the display. She made some adjustments “ready Neil here we go” she said and hit the start button.

  A few seconds went by and Neil felt a strange faint almost pleasant tingle in his cock. Sylvia watched his reaction and turned a switch. He now felt a more unpleasant sensation and this made him tense. The pain was not constant but came in waves as she steadily increased the current. It was now very uncomfortable and she watched his reaction closely as she continued to increase the power level until he strained at the leather straps and bit into his gag making inaudible sounds.

  He looked at her mouthing for her to stop but she just commented that it was only at three out of ten and she would leave it there for a few minutes until he got used to the pain. It felt to Neil as if a million red hot needles were being drawn along his cock and he would have torn the attachments to his body away if he could.

  Slowly over the next few minutes his nerve endings dulled and the pain became more tolerable for him. After minutes of this torture she gradually increased the current again until he was now writhing in pain. She spoke as she wiped his face to help calm him “try and take it Neil, it will be all over soon, I know its painful but think of the benefits”

  He bit onto the rubber in his mouth and tears were now in his eyes, spittle ran down his face and he cried out in pain as it came in waves. This torture on his genitals continued for sometime and when it finally stopped he was wringing wet with sweat from tensing his muscles. She took off his gag and then gently removed the attachments from his cock which itself had subsided somewhat.

 “Just lie there a while, relax and rest” she said with a caring voice now putting her secret things away. She now called in Christine via her intercom who now took care of him, releasing his straps and after a while she led him back to his room where he showered again to freshen up.

  He was then directed to lie on his bed in his pyjamas exhausted where his wrists were again lightly but firmly secured and a blanket pulled over him. A knock out gas bottle had been placed in there and Christine soon put him out with an anaesthetic mask again.  “Breathe now” she said and he was soon sleeping off his ordeal.

 He fell off to sleep for an hour or so and was awakened by Christine. When he came around she released him to have a fresh drink of coffee which was very refreshing. “I spend more time sleeping than awake here” he said. Christine replied “the therapy is very intense and it leaves the patients exhausted so you get to sleep more than you would normally, there is some lunch for you here and then my shift is done for today and nurse Stella will take over from me.

  Neil was hungry and they sat together as he ate. He tried to find out more about Sylvia as he was intrigued by her former and continuing lifestyle. Christine would only make small talk though this time as they chatted generally about his treatment but in which she told him that what had happened so far today would be repeated each day he was here.

  This left him fearful and he found now that he lost his appetite thinking about what pains each day would bring. “Never mind” she said “you can look forward to being tested after each session to check how well the treatment is working. “What do you mean by tested?” he questioned her not daring to hope what had just gone through his mind. “You will have to find out later” she answered smiling broadly.

  With this in mind he now forgot the painful treatment that had been administered to him earlier. At this Stella entered his room “Good afternoon Neil” she greeted him. He responded. Stella was in her very short white buttoned nurse coat which displayed most of her lovely long legs. Neil guessed her to be around thirty years of age and she was very pretty and sexy in her uniform which Sylvia had discovered was one of his fantasies.

  He felt his blood getting up at his thoughts and the movement in his pyjama trousers reminded him everything was still in good working order. She retrieved a heavy red rubber sheet from the wardrobe and laid it on the centre of the bed. “So now Neil” she said, you will now remove your pyjamas and lie on your bed again on top of the rubber sheet. She propped up the bed a little and waited for him to strip. As usual he felt very embarrassed doing this in front of these two young nurses who stood waiting now. He stripped and of course he had an erection standing to attention.

 “I see you are still OK down there” said Christine now smiling. Neil groaned with embarrassment and climbed onto the cold sheet which took his breath. “It will soon warm up” said Stella as they both secured his ankles with his legs apart. His wrists were also firmly secured to the sides of the bed frame and finally a broad strap was passed and fixed around his chest. “Christine announced that her shift was over and she left.

  And so now he was now alone with Stella and he was again firmly secured to his bed.  “So Neil” she said “we will see how much your first treatment has improved your PE and I will also teach you something of self control too” She poured some oil onto her hands before approaching him. Now she encircled his cock with her right hand which made him gasp with pleasure. Neil’s thought he was in heaven now and his cock began to wildly throb even more.

  She gently slid it up and down his member slowly. Neil made erotic sounds now with his voice quavering and all he wished to do was empty his balls but she held him off by stopping. “Control it Neil” she demanded “just calm down you have some distance to go”  “I cant help it with you looking so gorgeous please make it cum” he begged her. She just shook her head “you have to learn to control yourself as well, we cannot do it all for you Neil, you do have to help yourself too”

  “Oh god” he cried in frustration.  She replied “If you can last just five minutes then I will allow you a reward and let you cum properly, but if you don’t last and you cum anyway I will leave you with a ruined orgasm, is that clear?” How could she ruin an orgasm? Neil wondered. She checked her watch and took hold of him again.

   She began to slowly stroke his cock and he closed his eyes with pleasure and groaned. He managed two more minutes of this and then he felt himself starting to lose control: she sensed this and stopped again.  She allowed him to calm down and he remarked in a hoarse voice “I don’t think I can hold out much longer, I cannot make five minutes”

  “Try harder” she replied sharply “take your mind to something else, you have already lasted more time than before your first treatment, I will let you relax now for a while and try again later” She sat and allowed him to settle down for some time and she struck up a conversation. “Did you find the treatment painful today Neil?” Neil quizzed her with a look.

  She continued “the treatment Sylvia gave to you, was it painful?” “Yes it was” he replied “very painful and uncomfortable” “And what was it exactly that she did?” she continued as she again poured more oil onto his cock and again began to stroke it slowly again as he was ready to explode. “Oh god” Neil cried in ecstasy as she continued her stroking and repeated her question but Neil couldn’t answer as he started to cum.

 She immediately stopped as he began to spurt.” Please don’t stop” he begged her but she ignored his requested and left him hanging there: he had cum but was left totally frustrated by her leaving him to it and also not being able to finish himself off. Stella now castigated him and added that this would be reported to Sylvia and she would now step up the treatment to a more unpleasant level. She released him and ordered him to clean up his mess and take another shower and meanwhile she filled in a report sheet for Sylvia’s benefit.

 He was allowed to read a book for a while before she finally ordered him to bed where she secured his hands out of harms way for the night. She helped him to relax with the aid of an anaesthetic mask until he was woosy where she now left him for the night.

  The very same morning treatment was carried out on Neil the next day by Sylvia with the similar results and again Stella brought up the question of what Sylvia’s treatment was on Neil in her secret room but Neil did not disclose anything as he was instructed in his contract and reminded not to reveal any thing to the staff here.. 
    Day three now and he was awakened as usual and released and having showered and given breakfast was allowed an hour or so of reading before his late morning treatment from Sylvia. He wasn’t looking forward to it as he knew she would be giving him more painful and scary treatments and what else was in store due to his failure to control himself the previous night.

  He was to find out shortly as he was now given his daily embarrassing and very uncomfortable enema washout by his morning nurse. Later and after cleaning himself up he was now taken down to the treatment room and now made to lie naked he was strapped tightly into the gynae chair. He lay there a full ten minutes dreading her arrival and eventually Sylvia arrived and strode confidently into the room.

  She was again clad in latex, very erotic and yet sinister. A white latex buttoned skin tight doctors coat that was obscenely short and showed most of her legs and all of her self supporting long transparent and black trimmed rubber stockings with white high heeled patent ankle boots with a medical red cross motif on each side. The coat had long sleeves and her hands were encased in transparent latex gloves. Her head however was sheathed with a form fitting white hood that contained her hair showing her mouth and eyes only. This had a Red Cross motif on the forehead and it made her appear very sinister indeed.

  She allowed Neil to take in her appearance before she spoke and the blood had flowed into his cock already at the sight of her. “Good morning Neil” she greeted him and leaned in close and looked at him seriously “I have been reading your report compiled by nurse Stella and it seems you are not responding very well to your treatments” Neil went to speak but she interrupted him very sharply and pinched his left nipple very hard making him shout.

 “I haven’t finished what I have to say so pipe down will you and listen to me” She now erotically rubbed his nipple better and this in turn increased his erection. She leaned over him to speak and he could feel the smoothness of her rubber clothing pressing against him causing him to breathe more deeply.

 “So Neil it seems that we shall have to provide you with an incentive to help you control your eagerness to cum and so I suggest that some urine consumption therapy will be a good starting point” Urine therapy? Neil asked, what the hell is that? he ventured to ask the question. “Never mind, you will find out soon enough” she replied and began to prepare him for his treatment.

She as usual put him through as much pain and unpleasantness as he could take for the next hour and so totally exhausted he was finally taken back to his room by Nurse Christine for a rest. Later he had lunch, relaxed and read for a while and when nurse Stella arrived for the shift changeover he was made to strip and lie on the rubber bed-sheet again and secured as he was the day before.

 This time however Sylvia arrived a few minutes later still dressed in her bizarre rubber nurse outfit and carrying a small black case. She stood over him menacingly and said “So Neil its time for your test and I will be carrying this out today and in future if you don’t comply properly” She continued “what you need is an incentive, so we will try my urine therapy procedure as I suggested for starters”

  She asked him a direct question “have you ever drunk anyone’s piss?” Horrified at her suggestion Neil didn’t reply straight away so Sylvia answered for him with a cruel smile “I take it that’s a no then” She directed Stella to collect something and she returned with a tall chrome stand and wheeled it next to his bed.

  Sylvia now opened her case then removed a glass beaker from it held it between her thighs and to Neil’s total surprise and horror she began to urinate into it for all to see. When there was a quarter of a litre she held it up as if to inspect it. She offered it to Neil’s lips “drink” she commanded him. Neil shuddered and flatly refused saying “its disgusting, what do you think I am?”

 “I think you are my patient and you will do as you’re told to do or suffer the consequences” she replied “and now you will be given the choice as an incentive to help you take control of yourself and stop yourself cumming” She handed her contents to nurse Stella who transferred it to a semi-transparent rubber bag with valve fixed underneath it and a thin tube attached to that: this was hung high on the stand now next to him.

  A clear anaesthetic mask with strong rubber straps was now put over Neil’s nose and mouth and this had a long one inch diameter clear tube attached to it and now the free end was fixed high and just below the urine bag. The thinner tube was inserted deeply in this anaesthetic tube. He was now forced to breathe through


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