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Hermione and the Fairy by Bundle Adjuster
« on: February 19, 2016, 11:48:57 am »
Hermione and the Fairy
Story Codes: F-f, nc, armbinder, chastity, collar, fantasy, magic, nipple, piercing, predicament


With a jingle and a slam, another gaggle of children entered Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes and proceeded to set about the place. Hermione was beginning to regret accepting George Weasley’s offer of a temporary position running the shop while he traveled to Northern Africa in search of ancient practical joke spells and talismans. But, she needed the work and it coincided with the spring break of Magoolick’s Graduate School of Magical Studies where she was working on her Master’s Degree in Witchcraft.

Last year at this time, she would have been spending spring break with Ron Weasley, but, finally, she realized that he was a complete git and broke it off with him more than 10 months ago, much to the relief of her friends. Ron took it surprisingly well - which really wasn’t all that much of a surprise, he’d always had a roving eye - and quickly became involved in some easily-impressed trifle that was much more suited to him.

The work at Wizard Wheezes wasn’t bad, it was just exhausting. The pace never slackened and keeping things under control was... challenging, at best. Hermione was glad that George was scheduled to return in two day’s time. She could easily hold out till then and, anyway, she liked George and was always looking for ways to help him out after what happened to Fred.


But there was no time to dwell on that, another “customer” had caused a commotion and she needed to take care of it.


“Finally!” Hermione exclaimed as she slumped against the front door and closed it. It felt soooooooo good to turn the sign on the door from “Open” to “Closed”. She leaned against the door for a moment, soaking in the delicious silence of the shop. Well, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes was never completely silent. There was always some sort of magical thing-a-ma-jig wheezing or clicking. But compared to the cacophony of the store when it was open, it might as well have been as silent as a tomb.

Rousting herself, Hermione waved her wand and set the store’s magical cleaning mechanisms going. Brooms and dustpans, rags and buckets appeared out of closets and quickly got to tidying up the aisles. All Hermione had to do was put things back in their proper places and stay out of the way of the cleaning objects.

Once again she was reminded how absolutely convenient magic was. In the muggle world the brooms definitely do not push themselves and everything was so much more difficult. Here things were just easier. But still, she couldn’t just leave. Everything needed to be supervised lest something unexpected set a mop off in the wrong direction. The lesson of Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer's Apprentice was not to be ignored.

Truth be told, Hermione was looking forward to this time in the shop. As part of her studies she’d been working on developing some new spells and just last night she’d almost gotten one to work. She’d been mulling what went wrong in the back of her mind all day and she thought that she’d figured out the “bug” in the spell.

“Ostende mihi magicae!” she said while lightly pulling her wand across in front of her eyes. Nothing much happened initially, but she got that familiar feeling when a spell “took”. Slowly, various items in the room started to glow. Or rather they looked like they were wrapped in glowing ribbon. Not every object had ribbons around it, only the magical ones. She held up the pen from the counter and it looked like a normal pen, but her wand looked like it was wrapped in layers and layers of undulating translucent ribbons of energy.

“This is splendid... it works!” she said herself. She’d been working on the fine details of a “Detect Magic” spell for a couple of weeks now. It was very satisfying to build some magic that no one had ever seen before.

Looking around the shop, all the myriad of magical items were glowing in their energy ribbon wrappings. Surprisingly, some items weren't glowing. The itching powder was, evidently, just plain old itching powder!

She wandered around the shop watching the cleaning items with new perception. Their magic was less robust than that of her wand. Given that they were only temporarily magicked, their glowing ribbons were more tenuous.

When she returned to the checkout counter she noticed something a little odd... The products around the counter were wrapped in the glowing ribbons, as she expected, but the wall behind the counter was glowing too. In fact the ribbons outlined the shape of what looked very much like a door.

Hermione's natural curiosity - which had gotten her in loads of trouble growing up - kicked in once again.

"George must have a secret storage room back there. I wonder what's in it?" she asked herself. “And why is it mystically hidden?”

With her curiosity piqued and with nothing else to do other than watch the cleaning process, Hermione looked closer at the door, trying to find the way to get in. As she got closer to the wall, the glowing ribbons became more finely detailed. The edge of the door was more clearly defined as was an area to the side of the door which became something resembling a door handle. She lightly pressed her finger against the wall and traced the fine filigree of the ribbons around what appeared to be the handle. When her finger finished the circuit of the circle, she heard a small *click* and the door in the wall swung open.

"Well," she thought, "that was easy. I guess you just have to know where to trace the circle."

Hermione carefully opened the door and peered in. The door opened into a reasonably big room that had a couple of big tables and a lot of shelves, exactly what one would expect from a spare storage room. There was a similar but larger room like this at the back of the store. It's where George kept all the extra inventory.

Walking into the room Hermione immediately realized that George was not storing more of the shop's inventory here, this was altogether different! She was struck with the smell of leather and rubber. George was running a very naughty side business!

The room was filled to the brim with lace, leather, rubber and latex items of clothing. There were "adult aids" of various kinds: from dildos and vibrators to cock rings and handcuffs. There was a lot of bondage gear in the room: gags, rope, leather restraints and much more. Her "detect magic" spell was fading but still working, many of the items were magical while an equal number weren't.

"Well, well, well." she muttered, "George, you kinky boy."

Hermione wasn't exactly shocked. After all she'd seen growing up, it took a lot to shock her. Bemused, perhaps, but not shocked.

Glancing back through the door, ostensibly to check on the "cleaning crew" but also to make sure that no one was watching (even though she was completely alone in the store), she started exploring the room in detail. The first thing she noticed was the smell. The latex, rubber, and leather created a musty, illicit scent that was impossible to ignore. It smelled of sex. No, not sex... lust. It smelled of lust.

The odor reminded Hermione that it had been quite some time since she'd been intimate with Ron. They'd been hot and heavy for a good bit after Voldemort had been defeated, but since their breakup there'd been nothing. She'd been busy with her graduate work and it had been easy to put that part of her life on hold.

The contents of this room were well beyond Ron's limited capabilities anyway. He was a strictly meat-and-potatoes man when it came to sex. Foreplay to him was Hermione taking off her pajamas. After that it was wam-bam-thank-you-ma'am with very little effort spent on her needs.

"What are my needs?" Hermione thought, as she ran her hands down a blue latex dress. It was smooth and liquid feeling and very small. If she could squeeze into it would leave very little to the imagination.

The next rack contained leather items of a different nature. She pulled a mass of leather straps off the rack and held it up against her body. The straps were to go around her body and, at various points, there were leather cuffs to trap the wearer's arms and legs. She shivered thinking how absolutely helpless she'd be wearing this and put it back on the rack.

There were shelves of shoes, not one pair could be described without using the word "slutty." The heel height went from tall to insane to that's-just-not-possible.

It was during this time that the effects of the detect magic spell finally faded. She was so distracted by all the items in the room that she barely noticed when the glowing ribbons finally flickered out.

She'd toyed with the idea of actually putting on one of the latex dresses or trying to balance in a pair of stilettos but had not acted on the thought. That changed when she was looking at some small items piled on top of a chest of drawers. What caught her eye was a black choker that was studded with little diamonds and had fine silver stitching that created a mesmerizing pattern. It was quite beautiful and Hermione thought, "Why not?" She lifted it up off the ornate box that it was sitting on and brought it to her throat. The clasp was easy to manipulate and with a *click* it was on and fit perfectly. She couldn't see that the stitching on the choker glowed slightly after the click.

Hermione idly stroked the choker with her hand as she looked around the room for a mirror. She saw one near the latex dresses but, as she took a step, she heard a pop and a click coming from the top of the chest of drawers. The box that the choker had been sitting on had come to life!

Hermione immediately took two steps back as the box started to glow and parts of it started to move. Various gears and latches extended from the box, turned and retreated. More and more things started moving until, with a *snick* of a large lock being unlocked, the lid of the box flung itself open.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then a small hand appeared above the edge of the box. It was quickly followed by another hand stretching upward which was accompanied by a very small yawn.

Slowly a tiny woman climbed up and stood on the edge of the box, shook herself and spread the wings on her back.

"Why, you're a fairy!" Hermione said as the creature flexed and fluttered.

The fairy was wearing a typical Tinkerbell outfit: a tight bodice and a short, ragged skirt. Her blond pixie-cut hair was exactly what one would expect for a fairy.

"The name is Maeth," the fairy said as she bowed, "and I am at your service. Thank you for releasing me. I've been in that box ever so long!"

"You've been imprisoned in that box? That's awful!" Hermione had always been a supporter of the rights of magical beings.

The fairy stretched and fluttered her wings. Carefully at first, she started flying and was soon flitting about the room.

"The box isn't so bad, I just needed the right person to come along and bond with me." The fairy said as she started examining the contents of the room. "I must say, this room is filled to the brim with wonderful things, isn't it?"

Hermione was having a hard time following the fairy as she zipped to and fro. "What do you mean, 'bond with me'?"

The fairy had disappeared behind a rack of bondage equipment. She emerged holding some shiny metal cuffs.

"Look at the quality of these!" Maeth said, "So finely made..."

She put the cuffs down and zipped off again, explaining as she went. "You know how dryads are attached to a particular tree? And that the dryad feeds off the health of the tree? I'm kinda like that. But I am attached to a person and I feed off the sexual well-being of that person."

"Wait? What?" Hermione said. "What do you mean 'sexual well-being'?"

Maeth stopped flitting about and hovered in front of Hermione. "Well, for instance I can tell that your sexual well-being is at a low point. Your sexual aura is very sad."

Hermione blushed and looked down. "Well... I've been busy with school.... and stuff..."

"And that is a shame," Maeth said flying around Hermione. "You are so very beautiful. To ignore or hide your sensuous side is almost a crime."

Fairies are natural telekinetics (to make up for their diminutive stature, perhaps?) While she was flying about, she had gently started unbuttoning the top buttons of Hermione's blouse.

Oblivious, Hermione argued, "I don't mean to be rude, but I don't think I want any of your help. I'm quite happy with my 'situation', thank you very much. HEY!"

Hermione had noticed when the third button of her blouse had been undone. She immediately started rebuttoning the buttons. "Stop that!" she yelled.

"I just wanted to get a look at what I'm dealing with. You are extraordinary!" Maeth said and continued unbuttoning the buttons as fast as Hermione could button them.

"Look. Stop that. I don't want this." Hermione said in frustration. She reached down and pulled out her wand. "Please, I don't want to hurt you."

Hermione's blouse was almost completely unbuttoned and her lacy bra was very visible. She put one arm across her chest in modesty and pointed the wand at Maeth and said "Stupify!"

Almost effortlessly, Maeth dodged the curse and flew around Hermione, unbuttoning the final button.

"Argh!" Hermione exclaimed and cast another stupify spell which missed by a mile.

"That's enough of that," Maeth said and telekinetically yanked Hermione's wand out of her hand. It flew across the room.

"Look. Please. I don't know what you're up to, but I don't want it. I don't want to be bonded with you." Hermione begged.

The fairy explained, "Once you put the collar on, we were bonded. As long as you're wearing it, I am to make sure your sexuality is completely satisfied."

("She called it a 'collar' not a 'choker', that doesn't sound good," thought Hermione.)

Hermione reached up to her 'collar' and tried to take it off. The fastener, which went on so easily, was completely locked. She tried to get her fingers under the collar and break it, but that proved impossible.

"Uhnnn... why won't this come off?" she said in frustration.

"Oh, you can't take that off. Someone has to take it from you. And you can't simply ask a person to take it off, that person needs to want the collar more than you do."

As Hermione pulled on the collar, Maeth continued to mentally undress (get it?) her. The top button on Hermione's skirt was the next to pop open. Hermione was twisting and turning, trying to avoid the fairy's telekinetic powers but to no avail. Fighting back one more time she reached out with her hand and said, "Accio Wand!"

Hermione's wand flew back to her hand and she quickly fired another bolt at Maeth which, just as quickly, was easily dodged. In her frustration Hermione's grip on the wand slackened just as the pesky fairy yanked it out of her hand again and it went sailing all the way up into the rafters of the room.

"Dammit!" Hermione yelled and stomped her foot. She was about to launch into another scolding of the fairy when a noise above her made her look up. A box on an upper shelf had been up-ended and a large number of things came tumbling down on top of her.

It happened too fast to get out of the way; all she could do is raise her hands and duck. The jumble of items didn't hurt, but it was very startling and she immediately started flailing about casting off the straps and other things. She yelled in frustration and when she did something bumped against her lips and popped into her mouth!

She immediately tried to yank whatever it was out but the straps were faster than her fingers and instead of being able to pull - what she now realized was a big ball - out of her mouth, she was only able to fumble at it while the straps tighten and then, with a click, locked.

"gffff hhsss oo fffff mmmeh!"

Hermione's eyes went wide when she realized how thoroughly she was gagged. Things were rapidly getting out of control here and now she was going to have a hard time retrieving her wand. Hermione had been practicing wandless magic, but it was difficult under the best of circumstances. Being gagged wasn’t going to help at all.

Maeth said, "Look, I'm sorry, all right? You and your wand are just too dangerous and I had to put a stop to that. I'm doing this for your own good."

Just as the last of the leather straps fell from her body, she heard a couple of *clicks* and felt something cool on her ankles. Two of the shiny cuffs that Maeth had been admiring had attached themselves around her ankles.

No one would ever accuse Hermione of not being brave, but she was also smart enough to know when she was beaten.  It was time to get the heck out of here and regroup. And get this damn gag out of her mouth!

She turned on her heel and started to dash for the door. Before she could take two steps a chain snaked out from under a nearby table and locked onto the D-ring dangling from the cuff on her left foot. The other end of the chain was firmly attached to the table leg. She was immediately brought up short and toppled forward. With a muffled yelp she managed to stop from face-planting by catching herself with outstretched arms. Hermione's relief was quickly replaced with fear as she watched two metal cuffs fly down and secure themselves around her wrists!

Luckily there was no chain between the cuffs and she was able right herself quickly and fall back against the table that her leg was attached. Maeth wasn't finished, as Hermione was getting her balance back another chain snuck out from under the table and quickly attached itself to Hermione's other ankle. Her legs we now attached to opposite legs, slightly spread apart.

All the while Maeth had been flying around, examining Hermione, always staying well out of reach. She got closer now that Hermione was fixed to the table.

"Look, I'm doing this for your own benefit, you know," she explained.  "You're obviously horny and interested in this stuff... You put the collar on yourself. And now that it's on, we're connected. Though, I don't need the collar to tell me that you're turned on right now."

Maeth's gaze was directed towards Hermione's stiff nipples.  Hermione glanced down and mentally cursed her body for betraying her so blatantly.

"Immm emmmm nofffff urrrn onnnn," Hermione lied.

"Oh yes you are," Maeth continued, "and I'm here to help. I don't think you realize what I can do..."

Hermione stiffened as she felt a light caress stroke the side of her face. It continued down her neck and across her shoulder. It was the slightest of touches but there was no denying that it was there. The fairy had slowed in her flitting about and was obviously concentrating on her work.  More caresses followed, across Hermione's hair, her neck and shoulders. Hermione shuddered as her breasts were gently stroked. She instinctively brought her arms up to cover her breasts but at the same time whining in pleasure past her gag.

“See?” Maeth asked, “I’m all about finding out what gets you going. And it’s mutually beneficial. The energy you’re exuding is what I live for. And there are so many things I need to try on you.”

With that, the light strokes turned more insistent and became tickles. The sensations went up the sides of Hermione’s breasts and to her underarms. Hermione shrieked and instinctively clutched her arms closer together to, somehow, prevent access to the invisible fingers. The tickling zoomed down her side to her waist and Hermione twisted and turned, laughing behind the gag. Quickly, the tickling raced to the small of her back and she reflexively reached both hands behind her to protect her back.


Hermione wailed as she realized that the manacles on her wrists had been locked together. She struggled mightily, but the cuffs were tightly locked and snug around her wrists. Not only that, but there was a chain that was attached to the lock. And it was being pulled backwards across the table.

Hermione resisted the pull of the chain and it stopped. The fairy’s telekinesis was powerful, but it had its limits.

The fairy had other tricks though and a nearby feather boa leapt up and dove straight for Hermione’s face. Of course, Hermione was startled and instinctively leaned back away from the hurtling mass of fuzz. Her arms went further back to catch herself and immediately the slack in the chain disappeared. With another click, it was made fast to something under the table.

“There. That’s much better,” Maeth said, flying within arm’s reach of Hermione for the first time. Hermione wasn’t going to be reaching with her arms at this point.

Hermione screamed in frustration and thrashed about as much as she could. Her legs were chained to the legs of the table and she was bent backwards with her ass resting against the edge of the table. Her arms were locked together and pulled backwards at an angle. She was completely on display.

“Now,” the fairy said, rubbing her hands together, “let’s see what we’re working with without further interruption.”

Hermione’s blouse, already hanging open, was pulled back and off her shoulders, completely exposing her toned torso. Hermione’s bra had a front clasp and soon, it too was pulled back away from her shoulders. Hermione could do nothing as her breasts were exposed.

Maeth flew close and used both her hands and telekinetic powers to stroke Hermione’s breasts. Indeed, the fairy landed on Hermione’s right breast and sat straddling her nipple. Her small hands squeezed and tweaked the now very perky nipple prompting Hermione to shudder and gasp.

Hermione's struggles were becoming less struggly and more writhey. She found herself moving in rhythm to the fairies stroking. In fact, she couldn't help but whine when Maeth stopped and took to the air again.

"We still have some treasures to explore," Maeth explained. With that more buttons of Hermione's wraparound skirt became undone. Hermione tried to reach for her skirt but, of course, she was immediately stopped by the manacles and chain around her wrists. As the buttons became undone she pressed her ass against the table desperately trying to keep her skirt on, but she soon felt a pressure on her nipples that became a pinch that became a pull.  With a squeal, Hermione had to lean forward as much as she could to take the pressure off her tits. And with that her skirt fell down in a pile at her feet.

Hermione’s panties were next, the fairy paused for a moment and then zipped off. She returned almost instantly carrying the scissors from the counter. Hermione vigorously shook her head and yelled a muffled “No!” into her gag but it did no good. Without any ado, the fairy snipped through both sides of the panties and pulled them away.

"Ah, you are so very beautiful and such a ripe flower. How is it that you don't have someone to help fulfill your needs?" Maeth asked.

"Iii ennn uusy." Hermione mumbled and looked away.

"Busy? At this time of your life? Someone needs to get her priorities straight," Maeth scolded. "Let's see if we can't show you what you're missing."

Maeth flitted away, swooping about the room, obviously searching for something. Hermione resumed her struggles, trying to slip her hand out from one of the manacles. Unfortunately, they were too tight, too solidly made. There was no way she was getting them off without the key. Or her wand. She looked longingly at her wand lodged up in the rafters, gagged as she was there was no way she could get it down from there.

"I wish I was better at wordless magic," she thought. But that requires extreme concentration and it was so much easier to do holding a wand!

"Oh whee!" Maeth exclaimed from behind a cabinet, "These are just awesome! Go get her!"

"That doesn't sound good," Hermione thought, looking around nervously. She didn't have to wait long before two white streaks - no, they were feathers! - zipped out from behind the shelves.

Hermione squeaked as two feathers flew straight towards her and stopped short, as if examining the situation. They seemed to nod at one another in agreement and then they pounced!

Hermione wailed into her gag as the feathers attacked her sides. She thrashed from side to side in a desperate attempt to throw off their attacks, to absolutely no effect. Up and down her sides they went, tickling and tormenting. Hermione was laughing and shrieking into her gag so much that she was starting to hyperventilate and spots were dancing in front of her eyes. And just like that, the attack stopped. The feathers retreated, letting Hermione catch her breath.

The pause was momentary and soon they approached her again. This time the attack was slower and instead of concentrating on her sides and tummy they more gently started stroking Hermione's neck and then her breasts. This had a profound effect on Hermione, instead of shrieking and laughing she was breathing in deep, long breaths. Rather than frantically trying to dodge the feathers she was arching her back, almost reaching forward with her chest to enhance the sensations.

“Tut, tut! Not so fast!” Maeth scolded and plucked the two feathers away from Hermione’s body, prompting a whine of disappointment from Hermione.

“Don’t worry,” she explained, “I found something even better. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

Of course, Hermione could only look askance at Maeth as she darted off firmly grasping two wriggling feathers that seemed desperate to get back to attending to Hermione.

Left alone once again Hermione weekly struggled against her bonds. She was confused - she had gotten highly turned on by the feathers, what was wrong with her? She should be furious or scared or both and yet... the feeling of helplessness and loss of control combined with these sensations... Well, this was unexpected.

"See, I told you I found something even better," Maeth said, interrupting the relative quiet. She flitted over to Hermione and sat on her shoulder. Hermione immediately tried to buck her off when she was distracted by two objects floating towards her. They looked like... plants? In pots?

"Whoever stocked this room sure did a good job," Maeth admired. "These are extremely rare. Why, I bet your herbology classes didn't even mention these."

As the plants approached Hermione could see that they were relatively small plants that had a passing resemblance to Venus Flytraps. But, unlike that plant, these had mouths that were strikingly human shape. In fact, each of the multiple flowers looked very much like a pair of red-painted lips.

Hermione pulled back as far as she could as Maeth floated one of the plants closer to her chest. But there were limits to her movement and she could do nothing to prevent the pot from stopping between her two breasts.

At first nothing happened, but then the flowers started to move. Reacting to the proximity of her chest, they swiveled and stretched out and gently started planting kisses on Hermione’s breasts and nipples. Hermione gasped as the first, soft but slightly electric kisses rained down.

“These are Madagascan Kissing Plants,” Maeth explained, “They are very rare and quite illegal. These are beautiful specimens, you should feel lucky!”

Hermione barely heard the words and certainly didn’t have the concentration to contemplate her “luck” at the moment. The plant’s efforts had increased with Hermione’s arousal. Her stiff nipples were being sucked and teased while her breasts were being licked, kissed and nibbled. All thoughts of escape had faded and Hermione was lost in a haze of sexual arousal.

This was not lost on either Maeth or the plants. Maeth reclined against Hermione’s neck, bathing in the sexual energy that Hermione was radiating. She had been in that box for a very long time and was very hungry. This was exactly what she needed.

The plants seemed to be reacting to Hermione as well. Their kissing and sucking continued unabated but they were also sending out tendrils that had started wrapping around the base of each breast. Hermione didn't mind, the slight constriction only intensified the sensations, but Maeth noticed and quietly said, "It looks like it's time for the next phase."

She stared telekinetically pulling the plant away from Hermione's chest while simultaneously bringing the second plant in. Of course the second plant was targeted to a region lower on Hermione’s body! Maeth couldn't help but smile, the top plant was quite reluctant to go, it was stretching and using its vines to hold on as much as possible. Luckily Maeth hadn't waited too long and the grasping vines hadn't gotten too well established. Of course Hermione wasn't helping at all, she was stretching her chest so as not to lose contact with the plant and also, to some extent, because her breasts were being tugged on by the vines. At the same time the lower plant seemed quite aware of what was going on up top and was lunging forward, literally licking its lips in anticipation.

When the second plant came in contact with Hermione's pussy it immediately threw her over the edge. Hermione's body convulsed against the table and her bonds. The orgasm that consumed her was beyond anything that she'd ever experience, certainly well beyond anything that Ron's clumsy ministrations could bring about. But it was beyond just the sensations the plant was imparting, the bondage seemed to amplify the experience. The loss of control, the loss of responsibility for her partner's pleasure, the element of danger, all these contributed to a spectacular experience.... that wasn't stopping. 

Indeed, the plant knew exactly what to do and was expertly and enthusiastically licking her labia, nibbling and lapping her vagina and sucking her clit. The orgasm continued well past anything she'd had before. Maeth, sitting on her shoulder and holding on to her hair, was lost in just as much ecstasy - it had been a very long time since she had such a deliciously satisfying orgasmic meal.

Of course, there's only so much a body can take and Hermione swooned, collapsing as much as her bonds allowed. This brought Maeth into focus and she immediately yanked the kissing plant away from Hermione's groin. Many tendrils had already started wrapping around her hips and legs.

“You can see why these plants are illegal,” Maeth explained as she tugged the vines away, “a victim will accidentally stumble upon one of these plants and get so overwhelmed by the sensual experience they won’t even notice that they are being slowly enveloped in vines and constricted to death. After the best orgasm in their lives, this plant’s victims become its food for a very long time.”

It had been a struggle but the plant eventually let go. Maeth put the plants off to the side and returned to Hermione who was gradually recovering.

"<burp> Excuse me!" Maeth said, daintily covering her mouth."It's been a while since I've been able to feed like that. Thank you!"

Hermione wearily nodded and looked back at her bonds, indicating that she would really like to be released now, thank you very much.

"Yes, yes, of course..." The fairy said. But instead of moving to release Hermione she flitted off again."It's just that I can't just release you; you're far too dangerous of a witch. And while I'm sure you'll come around to seeing that this was all for your benefit, you might be slightly more inclined to revenge right now."

Hermione was craning her neck, trying to see what that damn fairy was up to.

"And anyway, this was just the beginning of our relationship," Maeth continued, "I've got places to go, people to see, you know and I've just the thing to help you through the day."

The fairy appeared from behind the shelves toting a brass and leather contraption.

"It's amazing how much she can carry," Hermione thought, "That telekinesis really helps! Now, what the hell is that thing?"

Maeth approached Hermione’s hips with the object and started untangling it. Still unsure of its exact purpose, it became obvious that Hermione was going to be wearing it and she definitely did not want any of that.

“Nnnnnn uhhhh! Nnnnnn uhhh!” she mumbled and shook her head furiously. She desperately shifted her hips from side to side in an effort to avoid the … was that a chastity belt? This realization only served to treble the exclamations and struggling.

“Now, hush,” Maeth chided. “We’re bonded together now and that means that I’m responsible for your sexual well-being. I can’t have you going off on any unauthorized expeditions, now can I?”

Maeth seemed unconcerned about Hermione’s struggles as she brought the belt in so that it was touching Hermione’s tummy. Then she whispered “Attchio” to the belt and let go. Hermione screamed as the belt quickly and efficiently wrapped itself around her waist and brought up its cover from the small of her back, through her legs, and up to the belt. There was a pause and then the entire affair contracted so that every part of it became absolutely snug. Finally, under Hermione’s navel, an elaborate locking mechanism clicked and whirred and, with a definitive “snap”, sealed and locked the belt.

Hermione looked at the belt and then looked up at Maeth with an expression that said, “Really? Really? You had to do this too?”

Maeth ignored this and flew in close to the now very firmly attached chastity belt.

“I think this model has some neat features. Let’s see... ‘Excitanda’”

The belt made a clicking noise.

“Yes.” Maeth said.

The belt made another clicking noise.

“No.” she responded.

The belt made a clunking noise that sounded like something had been set.

“There!” Maeth said, clapping her hands together. “That should do.”

She flew up to Hermione’s face (who was looking at her incredulously) and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Well, gotta go!" Maeth said.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Hermione screamed, looking at Maeth and then looking back at her manacled wrists.

“Oh, right! I can’t very well leave you like that, can I? Here, you should be able to get free... with a little bit of effort.” With that, Maeth dropped the keys to the manacles on the table that Hermione was chained to, but out of the reach of her grasping fingers.

“MMMpthh!” Hermione screamed, “Ithhh annnnth eeeeach eeemmm!”

“I know, dear. That’s the point. I need a head-start so you won’t go firing your mean little bolts at me again. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll figure something out.”

And with that, the fairy did a little pirouette and flitted out the door.

“Aaarrrrgh!” Hermione growled into her gag. This certainly wasn’t what she had planned for this evening... Maybe a light dinner and some reading and some sleep. Instead she’s chained to a table, mostly naked, wearing a magical chastity belt and recovering from one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

“That was a pretty amazing orgasm,” she thought as she pulled and yanked at the chain attached to her wrist. “It wasn’t just the plant, all this... this bondage... it’s definitely pushing a button I didn’t exactly know was there.”

Hermione had to admit that that last bit was a bit of a lie. She’d always had a thing for being made helpless. In fact, during one of the secret defense of dark arts sessions in the room of requirements, she’d been put into a full body bind for a half hour. Harry and Ron had taken her shoes off and tickled her feet for a good 10 minutes. After the spell had worn off she immediately excused herself, found a quiet place in the Gryffindor tower and masturbated to an intense climax.

Be that as it may, she had to figure out a way to escape, there was no telling when help might actually come. Well, Fred would return in two days but that just wouldn't do. The keys to the cuffs were only four inches away from her hands but that might as well be a mile. She tried shifting or lifting the table but with her legs spread and chained to the table legs she didn't have the leverage to move the keys.

Of course, the wand would be long enough to snag the keys but it was lodged in the rafters of the room. Wandless and wordless magic is hard in the best circumstances and these were definitely not that. Still, Hermione was always up for a challenge... She closed her eyes, centered herself, and slowly, carefully visualized the spell "Accio wand". With the words of the spell repeating in her head she opened her eyes and... was horrified to notice that a vine from one of the kissing plants was slowly creeping around the shelf where Maeth had tucked it away.

Hermione could only watch as, before her eyes, the vine slowly grew towards her and sprouted a flower that looked exactly like puckering lips.

She couldn't help but scream into her gag and renew her futile struggles against her bonds. Things had taken a decidedly deadly turn, it was imperative that she get loose quickly.

"How could that stupid fairy just leave me like this?" she thought, wrenching her wrists against the unyielding manacles.

"Ok, Ok, I can do this," she thought. Hermione forced her eyes closed and tried not to think of the slowly advancing vine. Again she brought the spell forward in her mind, repeating and making it take substance. She slowly opened her eyes, trying to focus on her wand. But the vine had gotten significantly closer! The spell evaporated from her mind as she shifted her feet as far away from the vine as she could.

“Mmmaaaafff! Mmmaaafff!” Hermione yelled, trying to get the fairy to come back. The vine kept progressing towards her feet and had grown a couple more flowers that were literally licking their lips in anticipation. Maeth was nowhere to be seen.

Hermione stamped her foot, took a deep breath, and closed her eyes again. It had to work next time because once those flowers touched her, she knew that she’d have no chance of concentration. The words formed in her mind. She kept them there, forcing herself to not look down, and opened her eyes staring straight at the wand.

“Accio Wand!” was the only thought in her head as she opened the palm of her hand. The wand quivered and then leapt from the rafters and flew straight to her awaiting hand just as the flowers of the plant started nibbling on her toes.

The sensations were too much for Hermione and she spasmed in another orgasm. The flowers sucked and nibbled on her toes, prolonging the experience... and yet she did not drop the wand, clenching it as if her life depended on it.

As the orgasm faded, she could already feel the vines and tendrils wrapping around her right foot. She had to work fast. Hermione quickly maneuvered the wand to snag the keys and, ever so gently, lifted them up and pulled them towards her outstretched fingers. The flowers, of course, had never stopped sucking on her toes and were now gently pecking on her ankle. She nearly dropped the keys when the flowers got in sync with her pulse and nearly drove her over the edge again.

Not daring to look at the progress the vines were making, she concentrated on finding the key to the lock that attached her wrists to the chain pulling her back. If she could get that open it would be a lot easier to free her wrists.

Over and over again the flowers continued their assault on her leg. Hermione never knew the back of her calf was an erogenous zone, but, thanks to the flowers, now she did! She found the keyhole with the key and unlocked the lock just as the flowers found the back of her knee. Her eyes rolled back and she nearly collapsed forward as the orgasm rolled over her.

"What is happening to me?" Hermione thought. She'd never been this sensitive or this horny. The flowers, combined with the restraints and the peril, had become a perfect storm of erotic power. And she could feel the magic of the flowers coursing along the vines. She was dangerously close to succumbing to a near-continuous orgasm which would be the death of her.

Shaking her head clear she turned and worked on the lock that joined her wrists. Her trembling hands did not make it any easier but in moments she was free. The flowers were advancing steadily up her thigh and, to make matters even worse, the second plant had just found her other foot. She could feel the orgasm building and it was going to be a doozy.

Franticly, she stabbed the key into the lock securing her gag. Her whole body tensed as the vines started wrapping around her torso, reaching up to her arms and chest. She screamed into the gag, scrabbling the key against the lock.

Finally, finally she felt it hit home and turned the key. In one motion she yanked the gag out of her mouth and grabbed her wand. Just as the orgasm crashed over her, she yelled, "EXPELLIARMUS!"


Hermione groaned and wondered why she was sleeping on her arm funny. She felt very foggy and, come to think of it, in a very awkward position for sleep altogether. 

"The plants!" she exclaimed and wrenched herself awake.

The last orgasm had been more than the young witch could handle, she'd fainted and collapsed backward on top of the table. In a panic she sat up and found that while her ankles were still cuffed to the table legs, the plants were nowhere to be seen. That wasn't quite right, looking closer she saw bits of pulped plant matter here and there around the room.

"Bloody hell, I've heard of 'sex magic' but I never realized what it meant..." she thought out loud. The orgasm had evidently amplified the spell to a considerable degree.

She pulled her blouse back on and got to work releasing her legs (and brushing off bits of plant goo from her body and clothing.)

Once the cuffs on her wrists and ankles were free she concentrated on the chastity belt. As she expected, none of the keys on the keyring that Maeth had left fit the belt. She couldn't help but to try to push or pull it off but it was very strong and tightly secured to her waist.

When Hermione tried to put her fingers underneath the band covering her sex she found that she couldn't even get her hands near the band. She tried to touch it but her hands just kept slipping off in another direction.

"Oh, come on. This is ridiculous. I can't even come close?" she complained.

She tried every maneuver she could think of but it was like her hands were magnets and her crotch was oppositely polarized. She had to admit, it was a very effective chastity belt.

But she was a very powerful witch and she thought that a little magic would take care of this belt in short order. Wand in hand she twirled it just so and pronounced "Expelliarmus!" But at the end of the spell her wand flicked away and the spell sent a nearby, perfectly innocent corset flying across the room.

"Bugger. Must have slipped," Hermione said. Taking a different approach, Hermione pointed the wand at the keyhole of the chastity belt and carefully said "Alohomora". The spell simply splashed off the belt and fizzled away.

"Expelliarmus!" she tried again to no avail. It was becoming apparent that the chastity belt was proof to magic spells and was going to take considerably more effort to get off. Or the key.

The choker seemed just as firmly attached. She was reluctant to try an expelliarmus spell near her throat and the lock-opening spell had absolutely no effect.

Running her fingers under the choker, Hermione yelled, "Maeth! Get back here! Get these things off me!" Not unexpectedly, there was no response and no sign of the fairy.

Hermione slumped in defeat and pulled up her skirt. She was terribly exhausted and she wasn't going to make any progress on this thing tonight. Resigned to a decidedly different night in bed, she closed the door to the secret room, checked that all the cleaning items had finished and locked up the store. It was certainly novel to be walking around with a metal bikini bottom. She was also grateful that the belt was tight fitting; she didn't think it was too visible under her clothes. The choker was a different look for her but it was pretty enough that people should just take it as a bit of edgy jewelry. Anyway, it was far too late in the evening for anyone to be out and about.

One of the reasons she took this job was that she lived close to the shop. In just a couple of blocks she had reached her apartment and started to retire for the night.

Using the W.C. was a non-event, actually. What could have been a messy affair was handled by magic, of course. She desperately needed a shower if only to get the remaining plant goo off her skin. Showering was certainly odd. She couldn't get close to her groin with her hands or the soap but at least she could let the water pour over her body. Neither the choker nor the belt seemed remotely affected by the water.

Her exhaustion was such that the belt didn't even get in the way of sleeping. Almost from the moment that she hit the sheets she fell into a deep slumber.


Since Hermione needed to open the shop, the alarm went off frightfully early. She groaned and stretched in bed and as she pulled her arms back down she bumped into the metal of the belt.

"Damn. I was hoping it had all been just a dream," she complained.

Hermione spent the rest of the morning getting ready to go to work. She had promised George that she'd look after the shop and she wasn't going to let her "accessories" stop her. Anyway, she figured that she'd be more likely to encounter Maeth at the shop than at home.

The big problem was figuring out what to wear. She could hide the choker with a turtleneck, but it wasn't exactly turtleneck weather. There was always the risk that the choker might show which could be awkward. The chastity belt would require a skirt, most of her pants were a tad too tight and the bumps from the belt would show.

She ended up letting the choker guide her outfit and she wore a white blouse and a black skirt that very much went with the choker. It was a little formal, but that would be OK.

All the while she was getting used to wearing the chastity belt. It was very odd, but she was managing. Not being able to bring her hands near her crotch was very strange. She found that she was getting turned on by the whole experience which led to a certain amount of frustration, not being able to touch herself...

"But," she thought, "I guess that's the point."

Opening the store went normally with the fairy nowhere to be seen. Hermione was on the constant lookout for Maeth, she'd take any opportunity to get the fairy to remove these items.

There weren't many customers initially, but that was typical. Eventually there were a small number of people wandering around the store. It wouldn't really pick up till around 11 am. Luckily no one seemed interested in how she was dressed. She couldn’t help checking herself in the various mirrors in the store to make sure that the belt wasn't showing through.

A woman with a child in tow approached the counter and asked, "Do you have any Filboot's Flying Foozles? Timmy here is just mad for them."

"Yes  eessssssssssssss...." Hermione hissed. The moment she said a word, the belt between her legs started vibrating and massaging her pussy! Her eyes went wide and she bent forward gripping the edge of the counter tightly with both hands.

The woman and Timmy looked at Hermione with concern.  "Are you alright? You seem a little flushed..." the woman said.

It was all Hermione could do not to jam her hands in her crotch. "I'mmmm... finnnee." she managed to say through clenched teeth. After about 30 seconds the vibrations started to fade and she was able to regain some composure.

"The... the foozles are on that shelf, second from the bottom," Hermione instructed, pointing a shaking finger at a shelf.

"What the hell was that?" Hermione thought. Actually, she knew exactly what it was; the chastity belt had gone all crazy on her. It was an intense vibrator! She desperately wanted to touch herself after that experience but being in the middle of a store and knowing that the chastity belt wouldn't let her get near her sex meant that there would be no self-touching in the near future. She wondered if it was going to happen again.

Being early still, there weren't that many people in the shop, which was lucky as Hermione was a bit on edge, wondering when the belt would strike.

A young girl approached Hermione and asked, "Do you have any Tutu Tilly Magic Ballerina Shoes?"

"Ah, I'm sorry, No...oowwww... uh," Hermione managed to stammer out. The belt had started up again, but this time instead of a pleasurable vibration, it was pinching and snapping at her pussy! She couldn't help but bring her hands down to her crotch, but, of course, they were repelled and she ended up slapping the outside of her thighs. She scrunched her eyes shut and tried to ride out the belt's awful torture.

"Are you OK?" the girl asked, obviously a bit confused.

"We ran out of those.... unnh.... shoes a couple of ... days ago," Hermione said through clenched teeth.

The girl thanked her and turned away, looking at Hermione with a puzzled expression. The girl's mother was nearby and asked her, "Are you ready to go, we have to meet your Dad for lunch."

"Yes, they don't have any of the shoes."

The pinching had just started to fade away when the girl said "Yes". At that moment the belt started up again but this time vibrating and massaging!

Hermione gasped and slumped forward against the counter, she was beginning to see a pattern here. Quietly she said, "No." and was rewarded with the pinching, tweaking torture. She hissed through her teeth as the ordeal continued.

"How the bloody hell am I going to make it through the day?" she thought, "and where the hell is that damn fairy?"

It turns out that if you are minding a very popular store a lot of people are going to say either "Yes" or "No" within earshot during the day. Hermione soon discovered that it didn't matter who said either word, as long as she could hear it, the belt would start up.

She, of course, was constantly (but discretely) pushing on the top part of the belt, trying to move it away from her sex, to absolutely no avail.

Hermione got very good at not saying the words "Yes" or "No". When asked a question it was much safer to say, "But of course," or "I don't think so." While that certainly helped keep the belt quiet, she couldn't control the other people in the store. There were times where five or ten minutes would go by without the belt doing anything and then there were times where the belt seemed to be going in one form or another for at least a half hour... with no breaks!

Hermione was becoming quite flustered. She found it very difficult to keep a coherent thought in her head. And, of course, she was incredibly, incredibly aroused. Bra or not, her nipples were straining to escape from her blouse. Above all, she wanted to come, to experience the staggering orgasm that was waiting just beyond her grasp. Certainly the awkwardness of having a shattering orgasm in a public place was holding her back, but she could also tell that the belt knew exactly how close she was and would not let her get to it. It was a "chastity" belt after all.

She had considered simply closing the shop, but she had promised George and she could swear that she'd seen glimpses of the fairy out of the corner of her eye. She didn't want to do anything that would scare the fairy away.

Maeth, in fact, was in the store and was taking great pleasure (and some sustenance) from Hermione's predicament. Maeth couldn’t believe her luck, Hermione was an ideal person to have found the choker. She was bright, energetic, sexually repressed and sexually voracious at the same time. The fairy was going to have so much fun with this one.

After a lunchtime rush that nearly drove her mad, Hermione was able to rest a bit in the relative quiet of the mid-afternoon. She was behind the counter surveying the store, looking after the few customers and scanning for Maeth when a woman entered the shop. She was unusual for this store - she was striking, dressed impeccably and she carried herself very confidently.

Hermione arched an eyebrow, this woman was definitely not one of the typical clientele, she didn't even have a child in tow!

The woman seemed to know what she was after; she made a beeline to the special items case. She immediately scanned the collection behind the glass and was pleased when her gaze landed on one item.

She quickly turned and strode purposely towards Hermione.

"You have a Flubortine Flummoxer! I must have it!" she demanded.

Hermione was momentarily flustered by the woman's directness (and by her stunning beauty.)

"I... I'm sorry, but items in the special item case aren't for sale," she responded.

"But that simply won't do," the woman cried. ("Did she just stamp her foot?" Hermione thought.) "I must have it today!"

"Look, I'm sorry. That's the owner's policy and he's currently out of town. He'll be back tomorrow morning if you'd like to take it up with him," Hermione explained.

The woman shook her head and said, "No, no, no! I need it by midnight tonight! Look, I'll pay you double. ... Are you OK?"

Hermione had bent forward and grimaced at the first “No”, her fingers tightly grasping the top of the counter. “I’mmmm OK. Just something I ate,” she managed. “But I’m sorry, none of the special items are for sale at any price. You’ll have to talk to the owner.”

“Fine!” the woman exclaimed, “At least I tried!” With that, she stomped off down an aisle.

Hermione slumped back, riding out this latest assault on her sex. This time it felt like electric shocks. She had to admit that the chastity belt was horribly inventive. Both the pleasure and punishment modes were quite varied. It was impossible to prepare for the next event.

She had just recovered when the woman rapidly approached the counter again. This time she was holding a model train engine. She placed it on the counter and said, "I'll take this."

It wasn't even a magicked train so it was rather cheap, an uncharacteristic purchase for such a well-put-together woman.

Hermione brushed some dust off the toy and said, "That'll be two and a half gold pieces."

The woman paid quickly and left without so much as a "Thank you."

"Well, that was slightly odd," Hermione thought, idly pressing on the top of the chastity belt, "but par for the course at this odd store."

Hermione’s thoughts were interrupted by a young boy dashing by carrying a toy gun.

“Pew! Pew!” he said and popped around a corner, out of sight.

“Wait a tick,” Hermione thought, “I didn’t think George stocked toy guns. They aren’t part of the magical world.”

Concerned, she strode after the child. The store was getting busier as the day wore on and more people were milling about, increasing the odds that someone in earshot would say “Yes” or “No”.

She found the child at the end of an aisle turning in circles “Pewing” everything in sight.

“Excuse me! Excuse me!” Hermione calmly said, “I don’t think you should have that. Could I see it?”

The boy whirled on Hermione and barked, “No! It’s mine!”

“Uhhhh!” Hermione gasped, her hands clasping her midsection. This one felt like little rubber-band flicks along her pussy lips. After a moment she reached a shaking hand out to take the gun away from the child.

It all happened in slow motion: the child stepped back to get away from Hermione and bumped into the edge of a display case, his finger was on the trigger of the gun and, startled by the bump, twitched. The gun fired pointing directly at Hermione. At the same time Hermione noticed Maeth sitting on a shelf smiling mischievously.

The gun made a “plorp” sound and what looked like a big blob of Silly Putty smacked into Hermione’s chest. It hit with a *flump* and some streamers flew out of the blob. Hermione, startled, took a step backwards and bumped into one of the supports of an aisle.

“Really? You had to do that?” she said to the boy giving him a withering look. She then looked down and reached to peel the blob from her blouse.

“I hope this doesn’t stain,” she muttered.

As her hand grasped the blob, streamers flew out and wrapped around her wrist! In fact, the streamers didn't look like streamers; they looked like little multi-colored ropes! And they were all moving! The ropes that had emerged when the blob hit had wrapped around Hermione and one of the aisle's supports. She tried to pull away but she was already tightly attached.

"Uhhhh.... What is this stuff?"

"You've heard of Silly String, right?" a small whisper near her head said, "This is Silly Rope! Much, much more fun!"

"Maeth!" Hermione exclaimed, “This is your doing. Stop it! Please!”

Maeth was sitting on the shelf above Hermione’s right shoulder, grinning wildly. She could tell that, once again, Hermione was getting turned on by the bondage.

"Should I help you? I'm thinking.... *No*," she whispered and stepped back and out of sight.

"Ghaaaa!" Hermione gasped (long, slow pinches this time) and called out, "Oh please, could someone help me?"

She needed it because the ropes had done a remarkably good job of tying her up. They had wrapped around her chest, securing her to the support against her back. The ropes passed above and below her breasts, causing them to bulge out and put her erect nipples on display. Her left arm, the arm she used to try to pull off the thing, was tightly strapped to her torso, just below her breasts. Her right arm was still free but the ropes were actively trying to correct that situation. Hermione was waving her right arm frantically trying to avoid the squirming ropes.   

Of course this had attracted some attention in the store. It happened quite quickly and most of the customers were still in other parts of the store. The boy's mother had been nearby and dashed over hoping that the ruckus wasn't, yet again, because of her child.

"Timmy! What have you done this time?" she scolded as she appeared from between two aisles. "Put that gun down right this instant!"

"Yes, Mom," Timmy said, realizing that he was in considerable trouble.

"Oh no," Hermione managed. The ropes had pulled her legs tight against the support.

"I told you to not touch anything!" the mother continued.

"Yes, Mom," Timmy looked at his shoes.

"Don't say..." Hermione gasped. The ropes had wrapped around her right arm and were pulling it over her head.

"Go stand in that corner and don't move. You're in big trouble, Mister." the mother commanded.

"Yes, Mom," Timmy replied and slumped away.

"...that word," Hermione squeaked, just as a rope wrapped across the center of her breasts, cutting across her nipples. The vibrations and the bondage sent her crashing over the edge into a massive orgasm just as the other customers in the store gathered to see what the fuss was about.

"Uh, uh, uh," Hermione gasped, unable to hide what was going on. She failed miserably. The rhythmic thrusting of her hips, the tightly closed eyes, the gasping and noises she was making made it clear to the adults nearby exactly what was happening.

"Mommy, is that lady OK?" one child asked, holding her mother's hand.

"Yes, dear. I think so," she responded, smiling slightly.

The store stood in quiet attention as Hermione remained gripped in the throes of her orgasm for at least another 30 seconds. As the vibrations from the last "yes" winded down, Hermione hung her head sheepishly and quietly said, "Could someone get me out of this, please?"

One nearby woman used her wand to sever the myriad of tiny ropes and Hermione slumped forward.

"I've got you, dear." the woman said as she gave Hermione a supporting shoulder to lean on. "You seem to have had a bit of an... episode there."

"Thank you, things got... a bit out of hand," Hermione said, gathering herself back together. She brushed herself off, pushed back her hair, walked over to where the gun lay, and calmly picked it up. She coul


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