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The Girl from Uncle 2 By April Dancer
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The Girl from UNCLE
By April Dancer

Author's Note -  In this 3 part sci-fi spoof we go back to the 1960s, when the forces of UNCLE (The United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) were battling the evil THRUSH Organization. Our heroine, April Dancer, was recruited by UNCLE right after college. In Part 1, April goes through a rigorous 90 day probationary training period, which included the UNCLE Torture Chair Test and a water torture test. When she passes, April enthusiastically participates in UNCLE's bizarre recreational sex program. In Part 2, April takes part in UNCLE's Field Exercises. She is captured and tortured by members of a lesbian women's team. After the field exercises conclude, April and her friends are kept for nearly 24 hours and forced to play lesbian bondage sex games. In part 3, April and her best friend double cross 2 of the lesbian women and trick them into a night of heterosexual bondage sex. April must endure THRUSH's latest weapon, The Fucking Machine! Finally, April becomes a hit in UNCLE's Playroom.

Part 2

The weeks passed quickly. The weather outdoors had warmed up. Yvonne and I had been faithfully going to our bar/lounge every Saturday night and getting laid. Each time we got tied up in some familiar or different bondage positions, and got our brains fucked silly. Sometimes I went solo with a guy, but over half the time it was Yvonne and I and 2 guys. However, none of our experiences had bested the night we had with Rob and Dean, or my experience with Romero Santini. Neither of us encountered Romero or Napoleon Solo again at headquarters, but over a year later I ran into Napoleon Solo, while I was on a mission. That is another story. On the Saturday night just prior to an event that would alter my sex life forever, Yvonne and I were in our bar drinking martinis. We tried not to have repeats with any of the UNCLE men we went off with, always in search of new sexual experiences. Two cute guys, who we had never seen before, walked in carrying large duffle bags. They picked up drinks at the bar and settled at a table. Yvonne and I looked at each other, nodded our approval and pounced, before any other girls could approach them. We were curious about what bondage gear they might be carrying in their large duffle bags. We asked them if we could join them, and the 2 guys invited us to take a seat.

After introductions, we found out that their names were Henri and Pierre. Obviously they were French, but spoke perfect English, with only the slightest French accent. We had a nice lengthy conversation about France, which took us through a 2nd round of drinks. They told us about some of the more popular attractions in France, outside of Paris, and some of their favorite remote places. We told them about our brief time in Paris. Then, we learned that they were Lab Technicians for UNCLE. They couldn't, of course, tell us about the secret projects they were working on. Henri was the 1st to crack a broad smile and tell Yvonne and me about a new set of restraints they had developed that were both secure and comfortable and designed to be worn for long periods of time. Pierre brought out a cutaway sample showing their construction. They basically had developed a padded steel cuff. The cutaway revealed a 3" wide band of flexible metal. The metal band was covered with a layer of soft rubber-like padding. The whole assembly was enclosed and stitched in leather. In his not very subtle way, Henri asked me if I wanted to try them. With the warmer weather, I had taken to wearing sleeveless or short sleeved blouses with my miniskirts, of which I now owned 8 in different weight fabrics. In allowing Henri to cuff me, even though I still had all my clothes on, I was agreeing to be bound and taken up to one of the hotel's rooms for the night. Well, Henri was quite good looking, and when he stood up, I could see that he was well built and about 2" taller than I was in my low heels. I loved his cute little accent. He was French and native Frenchmen were all great lovers, weren't they?

Henri fastened his steel padded leather cuffs on my wrists behind my back. The individual attached cuffs fit snugly around my wrists and were surprisingly comfortable. He pulled the tongue of each wrist cuff buckle tight, and the prong of the buckle slipped into a pre-drilled hole. The tongue of the buckle clicked into a miniature lock. The individual cuffs were connected by some kind of rivet, which allowed me to move and pivot my bound crossed wrists up and down my back to some degree. If I moved my wrists down my back, I could line up the palm of one hand over the back of my other hand. I could pivot my wrists upwards to a point where my forearms were parallel. This tightened my chest muscles and made my boobs thrust out. It felt really good and I felt a tiny tingle stirring in my pussy. CHRIST, I still had all my clothes on and Henri hadn't even kissed me! Finally, I twisted around and took a good look at my restraints. There was no way my fingers could reach the buckles, and even if they could, the tongue of the buckle was locked solidly into the cuff. He had me!

Henri walked me out onto the dance floor. Pierre was right behind us leading a cuffed Yvonne. While Henri held onto Yvonne and me, Pierre went over and fed the juke box. Henri put his hands on my waist and we began to sway to the slow music. Halfway through the 1st song, Henri kissed me. It was so nice and soft and sweet that I moaned. Soon we were kissing without abandon and with no regard to keeping up with the music. I pressed my tits against his broad chest. I was lost in his kisses. Before I realized what he was doing, he had my blouse unbuttoned and was pushing it back and down my arms. One passionate kiss later, Henri had unfastened my front closure bra and had it pushed down my arms in back. I think Pierre must have brought over the next set of restraints. I couldn't see Yvonne, because of all the people on the dance floor. Henri was behind me. He had another set of his steel padded leather cuffs. My arms were buckled together, above my elbows, so that my elbows nearly touched. This, of course, tightened my chest muscles considerably and thrust out my now aroused tits more. Henri dug a gold chain, from under his shirt that had a little key on it. He unlocked one of my wrist cuffs and freed that arm from the elbow down. My blouse and bra were pulled off my arms and placed on our table. My free wrist was immediately buckled and locked into my steel padded wrist cuffs. After that, my miniskirt and panties were quickly removed. Yvonne was soon next to me. People started gathering around to see the new bondage restraints. Henri buckled and locked and individual steel padded ankle cuff to my legs. Finally, he buckled a steel padded collar around my neck. It had rings attached on 4 sides, but was not tight enough to restrict my breathing.

A leather lease was clipped to the ring at the front of my next collar, and Yvonne and I were led off like puppies to our hotel room. Inside our hotel room, I had to get on my back on the living room carpet. Yvonne was kneeling at my right side. Pierre told Yvonne to makeout with me and, lick and suck my nipples, while the guys undressed. Yvonne went at me immediately. She had me in a passionate kiss, with her tongue buried in my mouth, before I knew what was happening. After some time, Yvonne's mouth moved to my already hard nipples. She licked and sucked those babies like there was no tomorrow. I saw the guys standing there naked and watching. I admired their gorgeous cocks. Each of them was smiling, with an amused look on their faces, and Pierre was absent mindedly stroking himself. After Yvonne had nearly sucked the life out of my nipples and had drawn them out into 1" long appendages, Henri told her to stop. Yvonne and I were up on our knees. Our leashes were reattached to a ring in the back of our collars. I knew blowjobs were next and I felt that we were going to have a GREAT night!

My leash was drawn taut and my mouth was directed onto Pierre's erect manhood. With only the saliva in my mouth and on my tongue, I took his dry cock into my throat and held it there. My leash was loosened enough so that I could extricate his cock from my mouth. I gave his whole penis a long and generous tongue bath. I licked and sucked his whole scrotum and each of his testicles. Finally, before taking him into my mouth again, I licked and sucked the marvelous and proud head of his cock. I developed a good steady rhythm of bobbing and sucking up and down on his dick, and taking him deep in my throat every few minutes. Yvonne had already finished off Henri. This was taking too long, but the more I sucked, the wetter my pussy got. I could feel the wetness between my legs and I moaned as I worked. Finally, Pierre's cock was deep in my throat, rubbing the back of my throat with its head. He exploded with a generous load of cum down my throat. I easily swallowed all his tangy slightly salty tasting warm goo. After I cleaned him off, Pierre led Yvonne off to one of the bedrooms, and Henri shifted to stand in front of me. MY GOD! His cock was hard and waiting for my mouth.

You know how some guys will let a girl give him a blowjob at her own pace. Then, there are the guys, who let the girl do the former, but when they start to lose it, they fuck her mouth furiously, until they come. Well, this time Henri gave me a fast non-stop mouth fucking start to finish. His cock was wet and slick, from Yvonne's blowjob and cleanup, and I was salivating and waiting to get him in my mouth. He shoved his nice thick 7" penis into my mouth and held my collar's leash taut enough, so that I couldn't expel his dick from my mouth. In and out he pummeled away at my mouth. All I could do was to hang on tightly, with my lips, and make sure my tongue kept running along the underside of his cock. His cock went into my throat on most every thrust, but he had to stop and take a rest break several times. When he did, he held the head of his cock in my mouth and ordered me to suck on it. Eventually, Henri erupted and filled my mouth with his cum. After I swallowed his warm seed and licked him clean, Henri led me into the bedroom, where Pierre had taken Yvonne.

The sight before my eyes was amazing and beautiful. Yvonne had one of those penis gags buckled into her mouth. She was on her back on the bed, with her arms still cuffed behind her back, but I could see that her elbows were not cuffed together, because her elbows stuck out from either side of her waist. Her butt rested on a pillow at the bottom edge of the bed. The amazing thing was that the ankle cuffs on her legs were tied to the corner posts at the foot of the bed. Although her knees were slightly bent, her legs were taut and spread open at nearly a 180 degree angle. That crude old joke about driving a Mack truck in there would have been appropriate. I simply couldn't believe that Yvonne could be spread so wide open, and her beautiful wet and red lipped pussy glistened and glared at me. Henri forced me down onto my knees between Yvonne's widely spread legs. I knew what was coming next. I was no lesbian, but I did experiment a few times, during my college years. Henri used the leash attached to my collar to make me crawl on my knees, until my face was right in front of Yvonne's pussy.

Kneeling on my haunches, I began kissing and licking Yvonne's inner thighs, from her knees to her pussy. I licked and kissed her sensitive perineum below her pussy, and then licked slowly along her entire slit several times. I ignored Yvonne's moans, but noted that her chest was already heaving. My tongue first lapped her outer pussy lips, and gradually moved to lick round and round her inner labia lips. I tilted my head and sucked and nibbled those sexy red pussy lips. It seemed that Yvonne was beginning to lose it, and I moved my tongue to her clit area. I teased Yvonne mercilessly, for as long as I thought she could take it, by swirling the tip of my tongue round and round that growing and reddening sensitive nub. I guess that it was Yvonne's frantic muffled shrieks that moved me to let Yvonne come. I licked and licked her clitoral appendage, until Yvonne had 2 massive orgasms. I was surprised that neither Henri nor Pierre had intervened at all. Instead, they had stood on either side of me and watched.

Yvonne was still shuddering and coming down from her orgasms, when the men moved in on her. The ropes, holding her legs spread like she was doing the splits, were untied, and her wrist cuffs were removed. They scooted her whole body, plus the pillow under her butt, up the bed a couple feet. When Yvonne was in position, they stretched her gorgeous legs wide apart and secured them, with the ropes attached to her ankle cuffs, to the side rails of the bed. They put another pillow vertically under Yvonne's upper back and head, and buckled individual steel padded leather cuffs around each of her wrists. Ropes tied to the D-rings on her wrist cuffs were pulled and stretched and tied to the upper corners of the bed. Henri grabbed my leash and pulled me up off my haunches. They crowded on either side of my head. Henri ordered, "Suck us both until we're hard." So, they pivoted my head left and right, and I, with my pussy juice soaked face and mouth, alternately sucked and deep throated each of their cocks, until they were fully erect and hard. Next, I crawled on my knees and they half carried me back to the bed. It dawned on me where this was going. I was bent over the edge of the bed and my face was back in Yvonne's pussy. Pierre ordered, "Just keep licking that pussy and give her as many orgasms as you can. Well, my face was buried in Yvonne's pussy and I started licking. It wasn't that all my cocksucking and pussy licking hadn't had a profound effect on my own pussy. In fact, I was soaking wet and horny to come. As I licked, one of their cocks penetrated my love hole and began fucking me doggie style. I don't know if the guys had some system, like each one got so many thrusts, or each got so many minutes.

It was all somewhat of a 30-40 minute blur to me. I definitely remember tongue fucking Yvonne to one orgasm. I came twice, while they continued to fuck me through those orgasms. I tried to slow it down a bit by teasing Yvonne between each of her orgasms, but there was a distracting constant pounding of my pussy going on. I sucked and nibbled on Yvonne's clit so much that the engorged appendage was about an inch long. Yvonne had 5 or 6 orgasms. I thought that she had screamed herself hoarse into her penis gag, and may have been a little incoherent when it was over. I don't know how many times the men switched, while they alternately fucked me doggie style, but I came again, when each of them stiffened and groaned and spurted their cum deep in my cunt. Thankfully, Henri got me up on wobbly legs and took me into his bathroom. My wrists and elbows were still quite comfortably secured behind my back by the steel padded leather cuffs. He used a wet washcloth and towel to clean their cum and pussy juices that ran down my legs, and wiped Yvonne's pussy juices from my face. My leash was removed, and I was walked out into the center of the living room area. Henri used some type of clip to secure the d-rings of my ankle cuffs together. He wrapped and tied several loops of a rope tightly around my legs above my knees. From his large duffle bag, Henri produced a multi-stranded suede flogger. I thought that maybe I was in over my head!

Henri also had one of those 6" x 2" realistic cock flavored penis gags, that I had been experiencing a little too often lately, and buckled it deep in my mouth and partially down my throat. "Before I take you into my bedroom and really fuck you," Henri said, "I'm going to stimulate and awaken every one of your nerve endings from your neck to your knees!" He swished the flogger back and forth through the air in front of me. Without warning, he flicked his wrist and the flogger landed across my belly. I yelped, but it actually didn't hurt much at all. Instead my belly skin just tingled. He lightly flogged me everywhere for at least 30 minutes. He did my front and sides first, working his way down my body from my shoulders to my knees. My breasts and my twat got a few extra flicks of the flogger. Next, he did my back and arms from top down to the back of my calves. My ass received a few extra flicks of the flogger. No individual blow really hurt much, and cumulatively my whole body prickled and tingled. I had been moaning constantly almost the entire time, but didn't understand why. It was then that Pierre walked a naked Yvonne into the living room, with her elbows and wrists cuffed behind her back. While Pierre immobilized Yvonne's legs like mine. I inventoried my body. My creamy white skin was now a fairly uniform glowing shade of healthy rosy pink. It was then that I realized that I was totally turned on, and indeed every nerve ending of my flogged skin was stimulated and alive. "April has colored up nicely and look at those pussy juices pouring out of her twat," Henri commented, "I'm going to redden up a few areas and then you can flog Yvonne!" I knew that Henri could have really hurt me, and I couldn't wait for him to take me into his bedroom and fuck me.

I screamed in pain, when Henri delivered 10 really hard blows across my ass cheeks. Next, each of my naked and protruding breasts and nipples got 5 quick blows across their already sensitive flesh. Finally, my twat took 5 stinging blows. My ass and tits were bright red and my pussy was on fire. Every nerve ending of my flogged skin tingled with wicked pleasures. After Henri unclipped my ankle cuffs and untied my knees, I realized, as he walked me into his bedroom, that my pussy juices had run halfway down to my knees. Once in his bedroom, Henri removed my elbow cuffs and got me settled on my back near the center of the top of the bed. I was able to pivot my wrist cuffs, so that my cuffed crossed wrists rested in the small of my back, just like Yvonne was tied. He tied ropes to the D-rings of my ankle cuffs and in a 2 step process tied my legs wide apart to the side rails of the bed. After placing a pillow under my burning ass, he first tied each leg fairly tight and spread. Then, he went back and pulled and spread me open even more. Finally, he removed my penis gag. For about the next 2 hours, Henri made love to me as I imagined no other Frenchman would or could have done! There were tons of kisses, not only all around my face and neck, but all over my tingly pinkened skin, plus 10-15 minutes of long fervent kisses. My poor reddened breasts and nipples received a lot of soothing and erotic licking and sucking. He was kneeling between my spread legs, and when he had kissed his way down to my pubic hair, I thought that he would lick my pussy. Instead, his fingers stroked, prodded and teased my most intimate lady parts. I writhed and moaned, silently begging Henri to enter me.

Soon, he did just that, filling me nicely. He screwed me, using long slow deep strokes, until neither of us could take it anymore. Our bodies cascaded into tremendous shuddering orgasms. However, Henri did not pull out. He took his weight off my upper body and simply waited for me to calm down somewhat. Then, he began to slowly move inside me. He fucked me 2 more times in that way. Then, when he untied my ankle ropes, I thought we were finished. WRONG! He dragged me and the pillow under my formerly red flogged ass, which I had forgotten all about, down to the edge of the bed. He re-tied my ankles, again spreading my legs wide enough to drive that proverbial Mack truck in there. Henri began licking my pusssy. OH MY GOD, I was still so hot, from getting fucked 3 times in a row that I almost came during his first few licks. OHHHHH SHIT, it felt so good! He licked me up and down and all over. He even tongue fucked me, before licking my clit, until I blasted into an orgasm that nearly blew my mind.

A couple of the trainee girls on our floor, who were from France, had brought with them the story about a woman's mythological magical g-spot. They told us what it supposedly did, where to find it and how to make it work. During my many hours of masturbating myself over the months, I never found mine and didn't believe that I had one. Well, I was still pretty high, from Henri's beaver eating orgasm, when he plunged his tongue back in my cunt. He tongue fucked me for a few minutes and probed around in there. I was really enjoying all those good feelings, when his tongue started swirling round and round my clit. When he managed to somehow slip a finger into my love tunnel, it all happened so fast! His finger probed around in there and started rubbing me. Henri's lips captured my clit and he started sucking. BAM! My orgasm smashed through me so suddenly that I don't think I uttered a sound. I guess that I gasped at the shock of it all and realized that my pusssy was gushing out my sweet juices. It wasn't a myth anymore! Henri had found my g-spot and made it work! However, he did not stop sucking my really engorged ultra sensitive clit. He sucked and nibbled that appendage through 2 more body shattering screaming orgasms. It took quite some time to come down from all that. Henri came out of the bathroom and took off all my cuffs. I was completely free! I was exhausted. I went in the bathroom and first washed and dried my legs and pussy. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and combed my hair. However, I still had the taste of cum and Yvonne's pussy juices in my mouth.

I walked out into the living room and immediately looked in the mini-fridge. Henri and Pierre were sitting at the dining table drinking beers. They told me that Yvonne was taking a quick shower. I wanted to ask her about my eating her pussy. Maybe I should have taken a quick shower? I made myself an extra extra extra extra dry double martini, with two of those 1-1/2 oz. bottles of Beefeater's gin and 5 olives. I sat on one of the sofas, assuming a naked woman's ladylike pose, and sipped my drink. Henri went into our bedroom and came out with a bottle of caffeine tablets. He knocked 4 of them into my palm, saying that we would likely be up all night. As I swallowed the pills, Henri went back to the dining table and resumed his hushed conversation with Pierre. Undoubtedly, they were planning what they would do with us for the rest of the night. I had finished eating the 5 olives in my drink and had only about 1/4 of the gin left, when Yvonne came out of her bedroom. She looked beautiful, poised and sexy. I was surprised when she opened a beer from the mini-fridge. She sat down next to me on the sofa and we barely had a chance to exchange "how are you doing" questions and answers, when Pierre came for me. I chugged the remainder of my drink and was led off into Pierre's room.

My wrists were cuffed behind my back. I was laid out and tied to Pierre's bed in the exact way that I first found Yvonne. My pussy was at the bottom edge of the bed, with a pillow under my butt, and my legs were tied wide open to the bottom corner posts of the bed. Henri brought Yvonne into the room and her hands were cuffed behind her back. It was clear that she had just been flogged. Her breasts were a reddish pink and her nipples were hard and elongated, as if they had been sucked hard. The rest of Yvonne's skin had a beautiful pinkish glow covered in a light sheen of sweat. I couldn't see her ass, I'd bet it was bright red. Her pusssy had been flogged and was pretty red, but the more significant thing was that she was soaking wet and her pussy juices were already running down her legs. Apparently Yvonne was like me. I would never call myself a pain slut. However, while I did not crave pain, a little light to moderate pain definitely turned me on and brought an interesting new experience to my bondage sex romps. I thought that Yvonne was brought in to eat my pussy, as I had done to her earlier in the evening. WRONG AGAIN! Yvonne was pushed to her knees and had to alternately suck each of the guy's cocks, until they were hard and ready to burst. It seemed that all of us were going to try, and I emphasize the word "TRY," a four-way. It seemed simple enough. Pierre was going to fuck me. Yvonne was helped onto the bed and knelt straddling my mouth. As soon as Yvonne was settled, Henri stood on the bed and expected Yvonne to give him a blowjob.

This is what the guys were talking all hush hush about? Well, Pierre knelt on the floor and fucked me, until we both came. However, with Henri standing on the soft mattress, we all bounced around. I had trouble keeping my mouth in contact with Yvonne's pussy. I wasn't quite sure if Yvonne ever came, and after 20 minutes or more of cocksucking, Henri had still not shot his load. Henri pulled Yvonne off the bed and had her finish him off, while she knelt on the floor alongside the bed. The guys wanted to try it again, UGH, but switching positions. Of course, Yvonne had to again suck each man hard. There was plenty of room above my head, during the 1st try, and Yvonne had been positioned facing the head of the bed, with Henri standing facing my body. This time Pierre positioned Yvonne facing my feet. Henri fucked me and I came rather quickly, but, he continued battering my pussy, until we both had tremendous climaxes. Pierre knelt upright straddling my shoulders. This forced Yvonne to lean forward somewhat in order to get Pierre's cock deep in her throat. The result was that Yvonne's pussy, and especially her clit, were pressed harder against my mouth. I concentrated on Yvonne's clit and tried to suck the life out of it. I know that she came at least twice. Pierre finally succumbed to Yvonne's talented mouth and shot his load down her throat. When it was all over, the guys dragged the bound Yvonne around to the end of the bed and made her eat me out twice! I was released from all my bonds, walked into Henri's bedroom, used the bathroom and presented myself to him for whatever he wanted to do with me.

My wrists were cuffed behind my back and I knelt before him. Henri had the flogger telling me that I looked really hot, when my skin was reddish pink. Also, he commented on how responsive I was, when he licked and kissed my flogged areas, and he KNEW that the flogging really turned me on. Well, that was certainly true, but I said nothing. In fact, I was staring in anticipation at the flogger, AND my pussy was getting wet already. I knelt upright, with my knees spread, and Henri flogged me all over. Each flick of the flogger on my skin stung somewhat, but the words that Henri spoke kept repeating in my mind and I shrugged off the pain. When he finished, my pussy was again dripping wet and my flogged skin tingled wildly. My flogging had also turned Henri on. He told me to give him a long slow blowjob, which I did. I spent an inordinate amount of time licking and sucking his balls and licking his cock, before I ever took him in my mouth. I devilishly teased his cock and took him deep in my throat many times. I have to hand it to Henri, because he let me do it and never grabbed my head and fucked my mouth. Finally, a huge load of cum blasted down my throat and he groaned loudly.

When we finished up, Henri sat me on the edge of the bed and pushed me onto my back. He made no attempt to tie my legs and I needed no prompting. I spread my legs and awaited the glorious strokes of his tongue on my pussy. I was trying to decide if Henri was better at pusssy eating than Romero Santini, but those thoughts quickly vanished, because Henri was ravaging my pussy and I couldn't think straight. Without ever plunging his tongue into my cunt, he kissed and licked and sucked and nibbled my supersensitive pussy parts, and brought me higher and higher and higher, until I spiraled into 3 awesome screaming mind blowing orgasms. Finally, Henri got me positioned on the bed for the rest of the night, but still in a way that I would be available to him anytime. He re-cuffed my wrists in front of me. I was on my back, with my head on a pillow, and lay on one side of the bed. My crossed cuffed wrists were brought over my head and tied to the bed's headboard. It was quite comfortable and I could have easily slept the night in that position, if it weren't for the fact that I had taken 4 caffeine tablets and my hot horny tingly twat and clit simply wouldn't settle down. Henri kissed all those still pinkish areas that he had flogged and then made love to me. Afterward, he dozed next to me, and I just listened to his steady rhythmical breathing. He awoke several times that night, sometimes with a little prodding from my toes on his sleeping cock or between his legs, and fucked and fucked and fucked me, until neither one of us could do it anymore. Those UNCLE MAXO female sex pills and ERECT male sex pills were wonderful innovations.

The morning was typical. I showered first, and while I did all my preparations in front of the bathroom mirror, Henri showered. I had pretty much memorized the room service menu and knew exactly what I wanted, when Pierre came in to take our order. This time, my hair was done and I was fully dressed, when breakfast arrived. I ate enough to skip dinner at noon, and planned to sleep most of the day. We talked a lot more about France at breakfast. Yvonne and I said our goodbyes and left, with no messy emotional strings or promises. That was exactly the way it was supposed to work, just a night of hot bondage recreational sex. As soon as Yvonne and I got off the elevators at our floor, we talked about the lesbian pussy eating. Like me, Yvonne had done a little of that in college, but each of us vowed that we were confirmed heterosexuals, who could and would eat pussy if we had to. Even though the new steel padded leather cuffs were very comfortable and there were no visible signs on my limbs that I had been bound all night, I thought to myself that I still might prefer the feel of rope and tight bondage.

UNCLE Field Exercises -

The very next day, Monday, we were given notice of a major field exercise that would be held all day the following Saturday. Our floor of trainee agents would be pitted against the floor of trainee agents below our's, whom we seldom saw. The object of the exercises was to test our cunning, stalking and shooting skills in a real outdoor setting, and to capture as many of our opponents as possible, without getting captured ourselves. In the event of our capture, we would have to endure whatever permitted tortures our captors wrought upon us, without revealing a secret codeword. We were given aerial recon photos showing that the boundaries of the exercise area were roughly a slightly rectangular 1 square mile area that was completely fenced by an 8' Cyclone fence topped with barbed wire. Outside the fence, a creek ran along the east side of the property and a dirt road ran along the west side. Two corrugated metal warehouses were located at the north and south ends of the property, and would serve as the team's headquarters.

Some on our team would be designated as "Penetrators." Their job was to infiltrate the enemy lines and report back on enemy positions and tactics in the field, but if they could penetrate enemy lines and ring a bell outside enemy HQ, they would earn a free pass back to our HQ, along with the freeing of one of our prisoners and a forfeit prisoner from our enemy. There would be "Hunters' whose main objective was to hunt and capture the enemy. Some on our team would be "Guards" who would patrol the area around our headquarters and prevent any of the enemy from ringing our bell. Finally, some on our team would remain in HQ and assist in information extraction. Five UNCLE agents would command our HQ, direct the battle and supervise information extraction (the codeword) from prisoners. During that week leading up to the field exercise, we got to practice with the capture weapon we would be using. It was a single shot CO2 propelled dart pistol that was accurate up to a distance of about 10 yards. Beyond that distance, the dart fell like a ball rolling off the edge of a table. During that week, each of our team mates got to experience the effects of the dart. I was shot through my t-shirt in the belly from a distance of about 25'. Within only a few seconds, I had crumpled to the gym mat. In about 5 minutes I awoke bright and alert, with no side effects from the knockout drug on the dart's very fine needle. When it was extracted from my belly, I didn't even need a Band-aid, because there was a blood coagulant in the knockout drug.

On the night before the field exercises I used my vibrator to get myself off a few times, thus assuring me a good nights sleep. I was awakened the next morning at 5:30 AM by the blaring of the speakers in the hallway playing revelry. I showered and washed my hair. I dried my body and hair, put my hair up in a ponytail as instructed, donned a robe and went to breakfast. We all had a leisurely breakfast and everyone was excited about the field exercises. It was announced at breakfast that we were to wear no makeup or perfume. Also, it was announced that there would be no camouflage. Our bare skin and uniforms would necessitate extra precaution in the woods. After breakfast, we went to a nearby room, where we were issued our uniforms. They consisted of a stretchy one piece dark red halter-like top, to be worn without a bra, a pair of utilitarian white cotton panties and an extremely short black pleated skirt, with an elastic waistband that was designed to be worn on my hips. Back in my room, I put on my uniform and old obstacle course tennis shoes. The top clung and supported my B-cup breasts nicely and was quite comfortable. The skirt went down about 3" below my crotch, but would not impede any running or dodging movements I might make. With my bare arms, shoulders, midriff and legs, I sure showed a lot of my creamy white skin. I met our team at the elevators around 7:00 AM. We went down to the parking garage and saw the other team boarding their bus. Their uniforms were identical to ours, except that their tops were a medium blue color. I got even more anxious and excited on the 15 minute bus ride to the field exercises site.  I could feel that my pussy was already getting a little wet.

The inside of our HQ building was partitioned by a temporarily constructed 12' wall. While waiting to be issued my weapons, I noticed that the area we were in had tables and chairs for battle planning and eating lunch. There were restrooms, a food dispensing station and first aid area with a few cots. I was issued a wide leather belt, with a holster on the right side containing my CO2 air pistol, and a pouch on the left side containing 10 darts. I was given 2 lengths of rope and 2 scarves, which were to be looped around our belts wherever convenient. We were given instructions that when we captured a prisoner, we were to stuff her panties in her mouth, gag her with a scarf and bind her wrists behind her back, before delivering her to HQ. While putting on my gear, I looked through a doorway into the other room. It comprised about 2/3 of the area of our HQ warehouse. I saw numerous tables equipped with eyebolts for tying prisoners down, many vertical wooden posts sunk into the warehouse's earthen floor and a large temporary metal jail. Undoubtedly, these would be used in the information extraction tortures. We were all given the secret codeword, but honestly I didn't see how any torture might extract the codeword from a prisoner, because the rules didn't allow much of anything that we had all previously been through in previous training. We were given our assignments. My best friend, Yvonne Smyth, and I were partnered and were to be "Hunters." When the horn signaled the start of the field exercises at 8:00 AM, all 8 of our "Penetrators" were sent out to try and determine the deployment of the enemy. The hunters sat and fidgeted at the tables. They all returned with sightings of the enemy deployed in groups of 2 or 3 advancing along a front mostly in the central area of the woods.
Our Captain and Lieutenants assessed that the enemy seemed to want to engage us head on. Eager Hunters were finally dispatched. However, Yvonne and I were sent to take a position about 1/3-1/2 way to the enemy's HQ, along our right flank, and await any enemy Penetrators. Two of our friends, from our reduced training sessions of 8, were given a like assignment on our left flank. Yvonne and I set out, walking briskly for about the 1st 1/4 mile. Then, we moved more cautiously, while I took the point and Yvonne guarded our rear. Our pistols were drawn, with the safeties off, and our trigger fingers rested along the side of the gun's barrel. Perhaps another cautious and stealthy 1/4 mile forward, we found good positions about 10 yards in from the Cyclone fence and about 5 yards apart. We each crouched and hid behind a very large tree, which had a clump of bushes growing right beside it. We had to wait only about 10 minutes, when I saw one of the enemy girls moving slowly towards us. I signaled Yvonne, and since the girl was closer to me, she signaled for me to take the shot.

I waited until the girl was about 5 yards away, poked my head and gun around the tree, aimed for her heart, fired and hit her in the left tit. Without a sound, she crumpled to the ground. I handed my gun to Yvonne to reload. While she stood guard, I reached under the girl's skirt and pulled off her white cotton panties. I stuffed them into the girl's lolling open mouth, tied a scarf between her lips and behind her head. Finally, I flipped her over and bound her wrists behind her back. All this took less than 2 minutes. We had to wait another few minutes for her to wake up. I had forgotten the dart, and Yvonne pulled it out of her tit and threw it away. We marched our prisoner back to HQ, keeping a watchful eye all the way. The prisoner was taken into the interrogation area. I picked up another dart and got a new piece of rope and scarf. Our Captain thought it would take some time for the enemy to figure out that their Penetrator had been captured. Yvonne and I were sent out to the right side of our line, but well in from the fence boundary. Yvonne took point. We heard them coming long before we saw them. We took cover. There were 6 of them whispering and advancing. Yvonne signaled me to take the one on the right, and she would take the one next to that girl. As they drew well within range, Yvonne counted down with her fingers, 3, 2, 1, fire. We popped out and fired, and each of us hit our targets. As both girls went down, a volley of 4 darts whizzed by us. We ducked and reloaded as fast as we could. We peeked, popped up and fired at a new target. We missed and by then the 4 remaining enemy girls had turn tail and were retreating. Yvonne gave me her gun and I reloaded her's and mine. I gave Yvonne the honor of immobilizing our 2 captives. I kept watch, with one knee on the back of one of the fallen girls, and she made quick work of gagging and binding our captives. The prisoners followed Yvonne back to our HQ, while I covered our rear.

A loud cheer erupted in HQ for our capture of the 2 enemy girls. After turning over our charges, Yvonne and I reported, re-supplied and were immediately sent back out to our original position along our right flank. Yvonne and I were escorting our 5th captured prisoner into HQ, when the cease fire and lunch horns sounded all over the woods. After turning our prisoner over, Yvonne and I headed for the restrooms, before the usual female rush. I peed and washed off my face and hands. Then, I ate a couple protein energy bars and a banana, with a little bottled water. Neither Yvonne nor I did anything particularly strenuous that morning, but adrenalin still flowed through my body. From its initial excitement, my pussy had settled down and I hadn't gotten any wetter than before we started. After re-supplying, Yvonne and I sat at the tables chatting with our teammates. When the all clear horn blew, Yvonne and I were sent back to our original position on our right flank. That had been a productive spot. As we neared our favorite spot, I felt the dart hit me in the back. I might have shouted out a warning to Yvonne, and I might have heard a cry from her, but I was down and out.

I began to wakeup with a warm tingly feeling all over. A few seconds later, I was wide awake and alert. I assessed my situation. I was totally naked lying on my back in leaves and grass. My wrists had been tied behind my back crossed up between my shoulder blades. I tasted my own pussy juices in my mouth and realized that my panties had been stuffed in my mouth and they were held securely by a scarf cleave gag. A finger was gently moving in and out of my pussy. I stared up into the blue eyes of a beautiful blonde girl, with bigger tits than mine. She said, "Hello sleepy, I'm Arizona Wilson." I knew that from photo recognition, butt had never actually met her. Arizona continued, "You're all mine and we're going to have a lot of fun with you tonight!" That didn't register. Maybe it was the knockout drug? She pulled her finger out of my wet pussy and sucked my pussy juices off of it, Saying, "MMMMMMM!" She helped me to my feet and I saw Yvonne already standing and bound like I was. She had been captured by an equally tall and stunning brunette, with tits about my size, named Rachel Anders. Arizona took my 2 lengths of rope and tied them together end to end. She tied one end around my waist in back, threaded the rope into my ass crack and between my pussy lips, pulled it really tight and tied the end to the rope around my waist, saying, "This will feel really good and will keep you wet for me!" Yvonne was getting the same kind of rope tied through her pussy.

The 4 of us set off for their HQ. As I walked, the rope rubbed my pussy lips and my clit. It actually did feel pretty good and was turning me on! We encountered a pair of blue halter topped enemy players. Arizona told them that Yvonne and I were "keepers," but it still didn't register with me. When we arrived at enemy HQ, Arizona led us up to the women apparently in charge and said, "I claim April Dancer!" Rachel did likewise for Yvonne. Three women led me over to a table. The rope through my pussy was removed. They bent me over and spread my ass cheeks. I heard a whoosh and something cool was shot along my ass crack and perineum. "Don't even twitch a muscle," one of them commanded. Another one of them deftly shaved me clean! I was stood up, turned around and made to lie back on the table. Two of them held my legs wide apart. My beautiful dark red pubic hair was clipped as short as possible and then came the shaving cream and razor. They had shaved me totally bald down there! I guessed that it was to embarrass or humiliate me. I was stood up and cleaned off, using the cold damp 1/2 of a towel, and dried off by the other half of that same towel. A soothing lotion was rubbed over my newly shaved areas. Next, I was taken and shoved face first into a wooden post. My knees and ankles were tied together. Finally, long ropes below my armpits, at my waist and thighs lashed me to the post. I saw Yvonne similarly lashed to the post next to mine. The one in charge ordered, "Give them each 50 total and see if they'll give up their codeword after every 10."

Two women, each armed with a wooden paddle, alternately whacked my left and right ass cheeks, until they reached 10. The cracking sounds from the paddles hitting me, and also hitting Yvonne's ass, echoed throughout the warehouse. GOD DAMN, those blows really hurt. I knew that according to the rules they could do nothing to break or puncture my skin. I never flinched. I looked over at Yvonne and shook my head NO, when asked for the codeword. Yvonne also shook her head, NO! Another 10 WHACKS hit our asses, and another 10, and another 10, and finally the final 10. Neither of us broke. Our butts burned and hurt, and were an angry dark red color. Oddly enough, when it was over, my pussy was dripping wet! The woman in charge called over an additional 2 women and ordered, "Prepare them to be crucified!" Yvonne and I were untied, except for the ropes binding our wrists up in back. We were escorted over to heavy horizontal wooden beams, at about shoulder height, and suspended by overhead metal cables. They started on me first, and it took 4 of them at first. My wrists were untied. Two women held each of my arms stretched out and against the wooden beam. Two more women lashed each of my arms to the heavy wooden beam at my wrists, elbows and my upper arms, next to my armpits. With my arms totally immobilized, four of them descended on Yvonne, while 2 remained to finish with me.

The one in charge produced a vibrator and ordered, "Shove this up her pussy and tie a deep crotch rope on her." "She's already wet!" UNCLE's tech people and labs were always producing new gadgets and toys, and the people there were very accommodating in coming up with new advanced things for our comfort and pleasure. I was familiar with this new vibrator. I had purchased a similar one in the fem shop at the PX just about a month earlier. It was made of a material that felt like real flesh. It was shaped exactly like a real erect penis would look, and had the prominent head and all the veins and other details of a real cock. The penis vibrator came in a number of lengths and diameters. The one I bought was 7" long and 2" in diameter. The one that they were going to shove up my pussy was identical to mine, except that it was an inch longer. They made me spread my legs, and the buzzing phallus was easily shoved up my love canal. A longer piece of rope was doubled on itself. It went around my waist, and the 2 free ends were threaded through the other end's loop and pulled tight behind my back. From there, the 2 free strands of rope were threaded through my ass crack and carefully through my pussy lips, and pulled really tight and tied to the rope around my waist in front. So, they called it a crotch rope. The 2 strands of rope buried the vibrator deep in my pussy and ran on either side of my clit. The base of the slowly buzzing vibrator rested against my crotch rope and in turn vibrated against my clit.
The 2 women showed me 2 menacing looking clamps, attached with leather thongs, to a weighted metal ball. The clamps were unceremoniously snapped onto my pussy lips. OH MAN did that hurt! The weighted ball pulled down and stretched my pussy lips. They kicked my feet and told me to put my legs together. They tied them tightly above my knees and at my ankles. Next, a rope was tightly wound 3 times at the base of my right breast and knotted underneath. The longer remaining end was tightly wound 3 times around the base of my left breast and knotted below. The 2 loose ends were brought up along the outside of each breast and knotted behind my neck. My tits were sort of pinched together, and swelled up like nearly fully blown up balloons, with my nipples being the un-inflated teats at the end. A set of smaller pincer type clamps, with rubber covered tips and attached by a chain, were shown to me. One by one my nipples were pinched and pulled out as far as they would go. A pincer clamp was fastened to the base of each of my nipples. The initial pain was not too great, but I was still hurting from other places on my body.

Topping everything off, they had one of those realistic penis gags that some men had used on me previously, except that this one had to be 7" x 2". The scarf cleave gag was removed and my soggy panties were finally fished out of my mouth. The huge penis gag was shoved into my mouth and down my throat, and was firmly buckled in place behind my head. I stood there and waited, assessing my situation, while they worked on Yvonne next to me. When Yvonne was prepared, exactly like me, we were hoisted up into the rafters of the warehouse by electric winches. At first I tried to find a comfortable position. I could swing my body, but everytime I moved, the weighted ball pulled on my pussy lips and bounced against my thighs. With my knees and ankles tied together, my body tended to bow a little backwards, causing a little strain on my chest muscles and tied tits. Looking down, the height my head was above ground, perhaps 20', was almost dizzying. I didn't try to fight gravity. I let my body slump, supported by my arms and shoulders.

I looked over at Yvonne and caught her eye. We nodded at each other. Beyond Yvonne were 2 of our friends, Beth and Carole. With shaved pussies and crucified and bound with the same sex toys that tormented Yvonne and me. I looked down and saw perhaps 10-12 of our teammates, naked and bound, confined in the enemy's jail cell. I saw the safety inspector prowling around the perimeter of the warehouse. So far, she had not intervened in any of the tortures that Yvonne and I had received. I studied 2 of our other friends, Rhonda and Meagan. Their pussies had been shaved. They were each bound to posts. Their antagonists had been following a pattern. They alternately kissed and made out with the girls, licked and sucked their nipples, slapped their breasts, fingered their pussies and slapped their pussies. There were 2 other girls who I could not identify. They lied on tables. Their pussies had been shaved. I could see that their arms were tied behind their backs and their legs had been tied stretched and spread. I couldn't see their faces, because women were straddling their heads. The girls were obviously being forced to lick the women's pussies.

How was I doing? I was frustrated. The crucifixion part was no sweat. I had been tied and suspended for hours in UNCLE training. Dissipating pain still radiated from my beaten ass. My ballooned breasts were turning red and getting more sensitive and tender. The pain from my nipple clamps radiated straight to my pussy and caused strange tingling feelings throughout my body. The vibrator in my pussy was merrily buzzing away giving me fits. The base of the vibrator rested against my crotch rope and the 2 vibrating strands on either side of my clit made me try and come. That forced me to writhe and wiggle, which of course made the weighted ball attached to my pussy labia clamps bounce around wildly. Fortunately, the length of the pussy clamps was only about 1/2 the length of my pussy lips. This did not cutoff blood circulation to my full sensitive pussy lips. However, they had become stretched and distended. The penis gag in my mouth produced a lot of drool, which I had to swallow. The actual fake penis in my mouth was molded over some core material. The flesh-like covering was about 1/4" thick. It was made neither of hard plastic nor rubber, but some kind of man made material. It felt quite authentic and I could sink my teeth into it a little. It had the taste of a man's cock and I found myself sucking that fake dick, imagining that I was sucking the cock of some cute guy! It was futile. I would never be able to come and they designed it that way. It was a sweet devilish torture!

I hadn't Noticed when Beth and Carole were lowered, but after maybe 45 minutes aloft the winches lowered Yvonne and me. It stopped with my feet about 2' from the floor. My knees and ankles were untied. A sturdy wooden dowel rod, with screw eyes at each end, was brought over by the one in charge. My legs were pried wide apart and my ankles were tied spread to ends of the rod. When my pusssy lip clamps were removed, I cringed and moaned into my gag from the blood painfully surging back into the clamped areas. The crotch rope was removed and that tormenting vibrator was extracted from my pussy. One of my torturers easily slipped 2 fingers into my love tunnel. Soon, there were 3, and then 4 fingers, with each buried right up to the knuckles at the base of her fingers. She asked me for my codeword, but I shook my head, no. I guess she tucked her thumb into her palm. Her hand was twisting back and forth, and I felt the knuckles at the base of her thumb and forefinger stretching and opening my cunt more. During my UNCLE physical, a doctor used a speculum to open me up a good 3" for my GYNO exam. I wondered if this was what childbirth felt like. All of a sudden, her whole hand was in my vagina. Again, she asked me for my codeword, and I shook my head, no. She opened her hand and felt all around in there. Next, she made a fist, and while all her knuckles rubbed my vaginal walls, she asked me for my codeword. I shook my head, no. She popped her hand out and I was lowered to the ground.

Two of the enemy women released my arms from the horizontal beam. I took the time to massage my wrists and arms, while they removed the ropes binding the base of my tits and my nipple clamps. Immediately I doubled over and grabbed my breasts hoping to ease the pain from the blood surging back into those deprived sensitive areas. The 2 grabbed my arms and twisted them around behind my back. My wrists were again tied crossed up between my shoulder blades. I was marched over to a table and helped up on it. They situated me on my back in the center of the table. My ankles were tied and spread wide apart to eyebolts in the table. The woman in charge climbed up on the table wearing the same very short pleated black skirt that all of us wore that day. Although she and her assistants were full UNCLE agents, undoubtedly not ever assigned to missions, they were not more than a few years older than me and all were quite attractive. If you were an unattractive putzy dried up pussy kind of girl, you wouldn't have been recruited by UNCLE in the first place. The senior UNCLE agent straddled my head, spread her legs and lowered her panty-less pussy to my mouth. Of course I knew what she wanted and expected. Fortunately, during my college years, I had a few experimental lesbian dalliances with some of my suitemates, along with my very recent refresher course on Yvonne's pussy.

I gently kissed her pussy and gave it 4 or 5 licks along her slit. She was really wet and open, and had probably made at least one of our prisoners eat her out earlier. I would have liked to lick her inner thighs and perineum, but she was insistently on my mouth. I licked her pussy lips round and round, working my tongue towards her love tunnel. She was so turned on already that my tongue easily slipped inside her cunt. I tongue fucked her for several minutes, until she moved away and shifted her pussy so that I had full access to her clit. She bore down on my mouth. I swirled my tongue round and round her clit, until I sensed those unmistakable gasps and moans of an impending orgasm. I got her clit between my lips and sucked it hard, until she came.

After I finished with her, another one was straddling my face. Their short pleated skirts made a kind of a tent over my head and I realized why I couldn't recognize the girls I had seen earlier from above. I think there were 5 of them in all, giving me only a few minutes to catch my breath and rest my tongue between them. Some let me lick them as I saw fit, until they came, but others ordered me to lick and suck their clits almost immediately. Sometime during either the 2nd or 3rd pussy, I heard a horn blare out 3 beeps, but it did not signal the end of the UNCLE Field Exercises. When I finished with the last one, my face was covered and smeared with sticky pussy juices. A couple of the girl's pussies ran like fountains. It looked like the un-captured enemy players were all in the information extraction room looking at me! Arizona and 2 of her teammates came up to the table I was bound on. Arizona had one of those heavy wooden dowels with eyebolts at each end. My ankles were untied from the table, but remained spread and were re-tied to the ends of the long dowel rod. All 3 of them helped me down from the table and made me walk, with my feet spread about 3' apart, over to one of the many posts. My arms were untied. I was backed up to the post, and my wrists and elbows were tied behind the post. Another rope wrapped tightly around my waist and the post held me secure.

I looked around and saw Yvonne, Carole, Beth, Rhonda and Meagan, from our small training group of 8, plus 2 other girls, Clare and Felicity. All were tied to upright wooden posts, had their pussies shaved and their legs were spread wide apart. Out from their jail cell our 12 remaining prisoners were led single file. They were all naked and had their wrists bound behind their backs, but none of their pussies had been shaved. One of them was forced to kneel down on the dirt floor in front of me and commanded to eat my pussy until I came. One after another they came. I was so embarrassed for them that I couldn't look down at them. Instead, I stared at Arizona, who stood about 5' in front of me. She held a wooden paddle and occasionally prodded or whacked the ass of one of my pussy lickers, who wasn't performing well or fast enough. Arizona would bark out orders like: "Lick faster," ""Fuck her hole with your tongue," "Tease her clit with your tongue," and "Suck her clit HARD," all depending on how I was reacting to the stimulation. It seemed like some of our girls had never eaten pussy before, while others had at least experimented in college like me. I think 6 of our 12 prisoners licked my pussy. My whole pussy was still hypersensitive from the vibrator, crotch rope and various clamps, and oddly enough, I was turned on by eating those pussies on the table. OH MY GOD did I come! I don't know. It could have been 6 or 8 or 10 times or more! I remember that several of the girls made me come more than once. I couldn't have spoken a word if I tried. I was a whimpering, moaning, and gasping girl in a constant state of orgasmic bliss. Then, a horn went off and speakers announced the end of the UNCLE FIELD EXERCISES. It was announced that our scores would be posted Monday morning.

Our 12 pussy eating prisoners were released and allowed to put on their tops and skirts and wait outside for our team's bus to pick them up, but not so for the 8 of us! Arizona and 3 of her friends descended upon me. I was freed from all bindings and allowed to stretch and rub my arms and wrists. Then, Arizona wrenched my arms behind my back up between my shoulder blades. This time she tied my wrists palm-to-palm, so that from behind I looked like I might have been praying. All 8 of us, still naked, pussy shaved and tied girls were taken outside and loaded onto the enemy's bus. The announcement over the speakers had said nothing about releasing prisoners. Perhaps this was what Arizona had meant when she told me, upon my capture, that I was her's and we would have a lot of fun that night. I had a bad feeling in my stomach. Arizona and I sat together in the back of their bus. During the 15 minute ride back to headquarters, the girls sang Johnny Mathis songs. Johnny was still a popular singer of the times, despite the Beatles and other British rock groups. During my college years, the girls called him "Johnny Mattress." In a dorm room, with a guy, I could put on a Johnny Mathis 33-1/3 RPM album and make out endlessly with him on a bed. It was always said that Johnny Mathis was fruitier then a fruitcake, but that didn't matter. Now, maybe Johnny Mathis had been ruined for me? I, of course realized that I had been captured and taken by a group of lesbians. It dawned on me, during that bus ride back to UNCLE's secret underground headquarters, that on my initial physical exam, I had indicated "heterosexual" on my application. DUH, all the girls in the dorm hall below us and on our opposing team were LESBIANS! I couldn't imagine who or where any bisexuals might be.

We were unloaded in the underground UNCLE parking garage and took the elevators up to the lesbian's floor. Arizona took me into her room and into the bathroom. She made me kneel on a bathmat and bend over her bathtub. "I'm going to give you a fast acting enema," she said, "because you won't have a chance to go until tomorrow afternoon!" She mixed up a bag of sudsy liquid, lubed up my puckered asshole and let the whole bag empty into my bowels. While I knelt there, with my insides churning away, Arizona took a shower, dried herself, fixed her hair and left the bathroom. She came back a few minutes later wearing sexy black panties and bra. She said, "You should be ready now." She pulled the nozzle out of my violated rosebud and sat me on the toilet. It all came rushing out! It took 3 flushes of the toilet, before I was finished. Then she sat me on her bidet and let the warm water clean me off. She finally untied me and told me that I had 20 minutes to shower and do my hair. I took my tennis shoes off and hopped into the soothing hot shower. I noticed that the lube she used on my butt hole must have been water based, because it easily washed away. My butt cheeks were still a little pink from the paddling I took earlier. When I finished, I emerged into Arizona's room and found her all made up and wearing heels, a tight black sweater and red miniskirt. She had me sit at her dressing table and made up my face.  She put a lot of dark red lipstick on my mouth. She did mascara, eye liner and eye shadow. This was far more makeup than I ever wore.

I had to put on my old sneakers, but was still nude. Arizona grabbed a duffle bag and we joined my 7 other naked captives and the dressed lesbians out in the hall. When everyone had assembled, we were escorted en mass into their cafeteria. My teammates and I were lined up at one end of the room. One by one we were introduced and told to turn around slowly, while the rest of the girls cheered and clapped. Each of our captors reiterated their claim on us, and Rachel told them that everybody would get a chance to play with us after dinner. Then, we were allowed to go through the cafeteria line. The food was always very good. I was starving. I had a salmon filet, loaded baked potato, cup of fresh fruit, chocolate mousse and water. The naked prisoners and their captors all sat at one large table. Arizona brought me a cup of coffee. While we ate and they told about their captures, 2 bottles of pills were passed around. One contained caffeine tablets and the other MAXO (Maximum Orgasm), UNCLE's female sex pill. Arizona told me to take 4 caffeine tablets and a MAXO pill. What did they have in store for us that night?
After dinner, Arizona picked up her duffle bag and everyone went to their bar and lounge. It was identical to ours, dimly lit, nautical/Polynesian d├ęcor, bar, tables and dance floor. I noticed, however, that the fake potted palms that were around the various supporting columns had been moved away and lined up along one wall. Rachael and Arizona took Yvonne and me to one area of the dance floor, along with a few of their friends. Someone put a lot of coins in the jukebox. I had a BLAST! I danced rock n' roll songs with all the girls in our group for at least an hour. However, when a slow song played, Arizona asserted her claim on me. She wrapped my arms around her neck and held me against her with her hands around my back. We just swayed with the music, barely moving our feet, while Arizona made out with me. When the jukebox played out, soft background "elevator" music automatically played from the speakers around the room. Arizona and 3 of her friends took me over to one of the supporting columns and made me kneel on the carpeted floor, with my knees spread and my back to the column. From her duffle bag, Arizona took out some ropes. My wrists and elbows were tied together behind the column. A 3rd rope lashed me to the column at my waist. Arizona's 3 girlfriends knelt and crowded around me.

With a nod of h


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