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The Girl from Uncle By April Dancer
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The Girl from Uncle
By April Dancer

Author's Note -   In this 3 part sci-fi spoof we go back to the 1960s, when the forces of UNCLE (The United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) were battling the evil THRUSH Organization. Our heroine, April Dancer, was recruited by UNCLE right after college. In Part 1, April goes through a rigorous 90 day probationary training period, which included the UNCLE Torture Chair Test and a water torture test. When she passes, April enthusiastically participates in UNCLE's bizarre recreational sex program. In Part 2, April takes part in UNCLE's Field Exercises. She is captured and tortured by members of a lesbian women's team. After the field exercises conclude, April and her friends are kept for nearly 24 hours and forced to play lesbian bondage sex games. In part 3, April and her best friend double cross 2 of the lesbian women and trick them into a night of heterosexual bondage sex. April must endure THRUSH's latest weapon, The Fucking Machine! Finally, April becomes a hit in UNCLE's Playroom.
Part 1 -

Initial training and UNCLE's suggested recreational sex program -

Hello, my name is April Dancer. I am among a class of about 75 probationary female recruits to join UNCLE (the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) in hopes of becoming an UNCLE Agent. Our enemy is the dastardly sinister THRUSH organization, which is out to dominate the World. I was recruited in my senior year in college with a degree in Political Science and minors in foreign languages. I was actually fluent in 5 different foreign languages. The problem with this was that I could tell no one about it, even my parents and family. I had to tell them that I was going to be working for our Government and dealing with top secret classified material. They seemed to buy it without question, because this was the era of the Cold War with Russia. The Cuban missile crisis was over, J.F.K. had been assassinated, and Lyndon Johnson was President in a turbulent and unsettling time period.

I met with my UNCLE handler monthly and he checked on my progress. At graduation, from a prestigious East Coast college, I was #5 in my class. My UNCLE handler told me that I would have to report at the end of August, and he suggested that during the summer I should join a gym and take some martial arts classes. He said that I needed to tone my muscles, but not to go as far as bulking up. Also, I should run and condition myself, because UNCLE had a 1 mile obstacle course that I would be running very soon. Despite my fluency with 5 foreign languages, he thought that I should try to enroll in at least an introductory Russian language class. Well, my parents, my 2 older brothers and their wives and my 2 younger sisters attended my graduation. After 2 days of dinners and parties, my Dad and brothers packed up all my belongings from my apartment, into a U-Haul, and we made the caravan back to our home in a Boston suburb. Of course, it didn't last. Everyone was all over me about when I would start my new job and what I would be doing. My UNCLE contact in Boston had a nice furnished 2nd floor apartment for me in downtown Boston, near the Boston Common. He gave me the name of a nearby gym. I had received my inheritance from my grandparents and was pretty well off. I borrowed one of the family cars. It took 3 trips to move my clothes and stuff, plus some kitchen utensils and cleaning items, to my new apartment

That summer flew by. It was actually about 9 weeks. I ran on a treadmill and took martial arts lessons. I ran around downtown Boston. By the time I had to leave, I could run a mile in around 5:30 minutes. I wound up taking a 1st year Russian class for summer school kids at a nearby high school, as an audit. I never dated that summer, though a lot of male runners that I encountered looked me over pretty closely. I saw my parents and siblings once or twice a week. They finally gave up asking, and we could talk about what each of us were doing, the Red Sox and the Cold War. Before I knew it, the last week in August came and it was time to report to UNCLE. I packed up 3 suitcases of my personal items and clothes, and either threw out or left the rest in the UNCLE apartment. I spent a few hours with my parents and siblings; ate my last home cooked meal for who knew how long, and was picked up by my UNCLE contact. We drove to Boston's Logan airport, where I boarded an unmarked UNCLE plane. The rear of the plane, which would normally have been for passenger seating, was being loaded with cargo through enlarged doors. I entered the plane using the front ramp and sat in the 8 seat 1st class portion of the plane. The seats were very spacious and comfortable. Mine was next to an attractive brunette named Yvonne Wilson. We introduced ourselves. There were 4 other girls on the plane, but the mood was rather somber and no one spoke much at all. The flight took over 8 hours, and I slept most of the time. There was one stop for more cargo and a nice meal, but no new passengers joined us. I had no idea where we were or even what direction we were going, because of the blacked out windows. When we finally landed, it was at some anonymous unmarked airport. The 6 girls onboard were driven in blacked out automobiles a short distance to UNCLE's secret underground headquarters.

We took elevators from the underground parking garage down to our residence hall floor. I was assigned a room and Yvonne Wilson's room was right across the hall from mine. After starting to unpack, the 6 of us who arrived together were given a tour of the areas that our ID badges would allow us access to. We stopped at the UNCLE PX, where we were quickly assessed and measured for our clothes and shoes. We would each receive 7 gray t-shirts, 7 pair of gray shorts, 10 pair of socks and 2 pair of tennis  shoes, one for indoors and the other for outdoor wear. My items of clothing would be stenciled in black ink with my name DANCER, A., and delivered to my room the next day. Three of the girls, including me, were told to let their hair grow to shoulder length. My dark red hair was not at all curly and I wore it at chin length. We stopped at the cafeteria for lunch. The food was surprisingly very good. We, at least, found out each other's names, but were not allowed to divulge any other details of our lives, our families, or where we came from. When we finished lunch, we were told to change into comfortable casual clothes and report to room B-132 for testing. We were given a battery of tests that lasted all afternoon and covered every imaginable subject. After dinner, I was in my room finishing my unpacking, when our escort for the day walked in. She gave me my schedule for the next day, along with a thick binder containing the UNCLE Manual, which I was to read and learn over the next few days.

The next morning I was tested on 6 foreign languages. The 5 that I was fluent in were easy, but I found the test on the Russian language quite difficult. In the afternoon, I reported for my physical exam. A female lab technician told me to take off all my clothes. She weighed and measured me every which way. I guess the important ones were that I was 5'9" tall, weighed 120 pounds, and those 3 important measurements were 36B-22-35. A woman doctor came in and listened, with her stethoscope, to all my vital organs, while I took deep breaths. Next, I put on my tennis shoes, and about a dozen pads, with attached wires, were stuck to my front torso and sides, and a blood pressure cuff was wrapped around my upper left arm. I climbed onto a treadmill. By increasing the speed and inclination of the treadmill, they brought my heart rate up to the doctor's desired level. I was told that I would have to walk at that rate for 9 minutes. During that time, the lab technician checked my blood pressure every minute. When the test was over, the doctor told me that I appeared to be in excellent health, and to work out 20-30 minutes 4 or 5 times a week just to keep my muscle tone. The lab tech drew some blood for routine tests, and then it was time for my internal exam. I climbed up on the exam table and put my feet in the stirrups. The doctor adjusted them until my feet were spread at least 3' apart. She manipulated my pussy, with her gloved fingers, until I was wet and my pussy petals had opened up. Then, she shoved a cold metal speculum into my vagina. I swear that she must have opened me up to 3". After she peered around in there with her lighted scope, she pronounced me healthy and in good working order. Next, she took a sexual history. The lab tech came back with the results of my blood tests, and they were normal. Finally, the doctor put me on a new birth control pill, which allowed me to have my period only every 6 months, rather than monthly.

We started our 90 day training the next day. There were 40 girls in my residence hall and we mostly met together. We had daily classes in math, physics and chemistry. The emphasis was on electronics, communications, gases, poisons and explosives. Additionally, our class was split into 2 sections for twice a week lab classes. There were weekly exams to test our progress. I did quite well in everything except electronics. I just didn't get diodes, transistors and capacitors. However, I could take apart an UNCLE Communicator, change the spare battery in its base and reassemble it faster than anyone else. I could also diagnose a non-functioning Communicator and repair it, using the miniature repair kit stored inside. Also in my 90 day training period, I mastered the Morse code and could send and receive messages at 15 WPM (words per minute). However, I just didn't test well on electronic theory. The vast majority of our 40 girls were in my Russian language class. By the end of training, the basic language had turned out to be fairly easy to learn. I tested out and didn't have to take any classes in the other 5 languages that I was fluent in. Yvonne Wilson, the brunette living across the hall from me, and I became best friends and often studied together.

One of our most interesting classes was a class in espionage, and the tactics of surveillance and information procurement. While trying to get information, it was preferable to try and get the subject a little tipsy first, but if all else failed, we would probably have to use our feminine charms and even sleep with someone in order to secure the desired information. UNCLE had developed a powerful odorless tasteless truth drug. If the occasion were right, we would wear a ring containing a dose of the drug that could easily be slipped in a drink. During our first month of training, we had a class in etiquette and the social graces. We learned what the acceptable topics of conversation were, and what we could and could not talk about at parties and individual encounters. For 4 Sundays in a row, we had sumptuous 5 or 7 course dinners, where we engaged in mindless acceptable chitchat with our instructors and peers. We learned what fork and knife and spoon to use, while getting to taste some of the World's most exotic foods. Once a week, we were bused to UNCLE's outdoor one mile obstacle course. I had been taking the advice of the doctor who gave me my physical. I would go to the gym before breakfast and work out with light weights. However, I also took the advice of my UNCLE contact back home in Boston. I ran a brisk mile on a treadmill in the gym. UNCLE's obstacle course was typical. There were about 20 obstacles, and many were repetitious. There was the usual wall to scale with a rope, tires to run through, 3'-4' deep pools of water to swing over with a rope and the parallel ladder rungs to traverse using only your hand and arm strength. Although we had staggered starts, my times were always among the best, and I steadily improved my times over our 90 day training period.

I had never shot a gun inn my life, but the first week of training brought us to the indoor shooting range. We trained using UNCLE's official automatic pistol. At first, I was afraid of my weapon. By the 3rd week, I could at least hit the target. I went to the range for extra practice, whenever I could, and by the end of training, I was among the top 5 markswomen in our class. We also got to shoot a shotgun and a sniper rifle, although it was highly doubtful that the sheik UNCLE woman would ever tote such a weapon. In fact, looking back on my many missions, I was sent out without even a pistol all the time. However, I was armed with secret UNCLE earrings, charm bracelets, finger rings, spray atomizers and other gadgets, but I am getting ahead of myself now. We learned how to make simple explosives and small bombs, from materials found around most laboratories, and could be used to cause a diversion, damage or destroy a small area, or to detonate a larger arms cache. They were mostly fused devices, but later we learned how to build a detonator that could be set off remotely, using our UNCLE communicators. There was an outdoor detonation area where we got to test our work. It was for our test explosions that our class was divided into smaller groups for the 1st time. My group consisted of Yvonne, Carole, Beth, Rhonda, Meagan, Nina, Willow and me.

In Chemistry lab, we learned how to make various knockout gases that could be confined in a tiny pressurized delivery device. These devices could either be thrown at the feet of an adversary or released at someone's face. We also made liquid knockout drops that could be dispensed, using a specially built UNCLE ring, into any food or drink. Our class of recruits had become aware that there was another class of female trainees, who were kept completely segregated from our class. We saw them most every week boarding a bus and leaving the obstacle course, as we pulled up in our bus. Nothing was ever said of them or who they were, until we started facial recognition testing. First, we saw slides of the 40 girls in our recruiting class. There was a full length body picture and a close-up shot of our faces, along with our names, somewhat like a police mug shot. I confess that prior to the facial recognition slides; I only knew the full names of about 1/2 of our classmates. The following week we formally learned that there was another training group of 35 girls, and we had to learn and be tested on recognizing them. We were not allowed to take notes, but on our first tests. We were given a mixed up list of the other girl's names to choose from. The next step was to have us recognize well known UNCLE agents. There was, of course The Chief Alexander Waverly, and the famous Illya Kuryakin and Napoleon Solo, among many. Finally, we saw slides and facial shots of known THRUSH agents. This facial recognition testing would popup anytime or anywhere during our 90 day training period.

There was an indoor obstacle course of a different nature, which was patterned after the FBI's training course. We had to make our way through an ever changing warehouse and kill the bad guys, without harming any innocent victims. We were armed with a laser pistol, which could be monitored from a master control room. As I made my way through the warehouse, various life-sized placards would pop out in front of me. They could have the image of an innocent mother and child, a harmless old man, or a bad guy with a gun. The control room could monitor our reaction time and whether our laser guns recorded a killing shot. Of course, we didn't want to "kill" any innocents. There was always a little extra wrinkle. One or more instructors, wearing padding, would jump out and grab us from behind. If we were fast enough, we could "kill" him with our laser gun, but more often than not, we would have to use our martial arts skills to subdue the live intruder.

There was one more area of our training that I want to elaborate on. It was escape, immobilize and torture and all were somewhat interrelated. It started simply enough. Our group of 8 trainees: Yvonne, Carole, Beth, Rhonda, Meagan, Nina, Willow and me met in the gym, which had been covered with pads. We were going to do various scenarios on getting captured and having to try and escape. The 8 of us sat on the floor in our UNCLE t-shirts and shorts. Our hands were handcuffed behind our backs and our ankles were tied together. We were given 30 minutes to escape. Well, of course, no one could slip the handcuffs, but several of us had gotten to our knees, picked at the rope knots binding our ankles, and freed our legs and stood up. Next, we were each given a special UNCLE ring to wear on our 3rd finger right hand. If we pressed on the ring a certain way, with any finger from the other hand, a universal handcuff key popped out. We were again handcuffed and our ankles tied. We were left to figure out how to work the key on the handcuffs and escape. During the remainder of that class, only Yvonne and I had figured out how to use the key on the left handcuff and escape.

The next day our instructors showed us how to best maneuver the ring's handcuff key and escape. Everyone was able to get free within 30 minutes. Then, back in handcuffs, we had to learn how to transfer our rings to a finger on our left hand and free ourselves from our right wrist's handcuff. We spent the next day practicing our handcuff escape while blindfolded. As the days went by, we were tied up using strips of cloth, hosiery, silk scarves and rope. In each case, we were tied in an unprofessional sloppy way that bad guys might tie us up. We had to pick at the bindings, first with sight and then blindfolded, until we became proficient escape artists. During those days, one of my weaknesses began to emerge. Getting tied up and struggling turned me on. The more times they tied me up the wetter I got. I was even rubbing my thighs together and rocking my hips, as I sat on the gym floor picking at the knots that bound my wrists. I didn't have a chance to think those thoughts and get wet down there, because they next told us about another secret in our rings. In addition to the handcuff key, the ring also contained a flip-out blade that easily cut through any fabric or rope bindings. We were told that UNCLE was working on a tiny battery powered ring, which contained a tiny diamond circular saw that would cut through the steel of any handcuff, but it was not yet perfected.

Next, the escape and immobilize phases of our training melded together. Our instructors showed us the correct way to tie someone up, so that the bindings could not be slipped and the knots were not accessible for picking loose. After the demonstration, we spent the afternoon tying each other up, without the benefit of our secret UNCLE escape rings. I tied up Yvonne, and she had to be released 3 hours later, without making any headway on escaping. An overconfident Nina tied me up. After binding my wrists behind my back and tying my ankles together, she tweaked my nipples and said, "Have fun trying to get out of that!" Well, 15 minutes later I was free! Willow was enlisted to tie me up the 2nd time, while Nina received further instructions. After I was tied, Willow gave my nipples a good tweaking. I didn't know where this feminine familiarity, and the unexpected playing with my 2nd most sensitive female parts, was coming from. Even as I struggled to get free, those little tingly sensations returned. I was getting horny and wet, and could do nothing about it. It took me about 30 minutes to work and pick my way free. Willow had ben waiting and watching Nina's re-instructions. I got to tie up Nina and Willow in their positions on the gym mat. I tweaked each of their nipples until they squealed. Then, I stopped to tweak Yvonne's nipples on my way back to my position on the mats.

Since everyone else was already tied up, the instructors were going to make an example of me. Not only did they tie my wrists and ankles, but they tied my knees together and forced my elbows together and tied them behind my back. In addition, they blindfolded me. I sprawled and struggled on the pads for 15-20 minutes and determined that I would never be able to get myself free. I had worked myself into a hot and horny frustrated state. I settled on my back, my chest heaving from my efforts to get free, and some relief came. It certainly took my mind off my current predicament and helped pass the time, but offered no real relief and only more frustration in the end. For approximately the next 1-1/2 hours, gentle fingers moved under my t-shirt, caressed my bare waist, sides and midriff, and played with my breasts and nipples through my bra. Everytime it was different fingers. When the fingers weren't under my t-shirt, they caressed my inner thighs, worked their way under my shorts and rubbed my wet pussy. GOD, it all felt so good! I moaned and gasped almost the entire time, but never came. I had to relieve myself manually before dinner that night, with my trusty old vibrator. After dinner, I asked Yvonne what she experienced that afternoon. She hadn't received any sexual stimulation, other than my tweaking her nipples, but told me that she got horny and wet just struggling in her bonds. She had no blindfold on and told me that I put on quite a show, while she lay next to me watching the whole thing.

The next morning all 8 of us were back in the gym. We were each given a codeword. The torture phase of our training was about to begin, except that it turned out to be just as painful as psychological. All 8 of us had our wrists, elbows, knees and ankles tied and our 8 instructors blindfolded us and laid us on our backs on the gym mats. For maybe an hour, I rolled around and struggled, trying to get free. I knew it was hopeless, but I was sure that our instructors would want us to give it a good try. All I succeeded in doing was tiring myself out and turning myself on. Then, those teasing fingers began to work their maddening manipulation of my helpless body parts. First they tried to tickle me, but I was not ticklish, except for the bottoms of my tennis shoe clad feet. I could hear other girls giggling and cackling away. Those hands and finger sensually caressed my bare skin up to my bra. This time, the fingers went under my bra and pushed it up, exposing my breasts. There were different hands and fingers constantly kneading and squeezing my breasts, and rubbing and rolling and pinching my nipples. After perhaps 30-45 minutes of this, I recognized the voice of one of the male instructors, who said, "This can all stop now if you tell me your codeword. Even though I was moaning constantly and involuntarily bucking my hips at nothing, I gasped out a tremulous, "NO!" A new hand, new fingers, female I'm sure, dove under my shorts and panties. At first the fingers slowly rubbed my already soaking pussy. Then, one finger, followed by a 2nd, slipped into my cunt.

At times, the sounds from the other girl's passion drowned out my own pitiful moans and cries of pleasure. Different fingers teased my aroused and swollen clit. Back and forth the fingers of many hands went. They finger fucked me and then teased my clit. Everytime one of them asked me for my codeword, I managed to say or shake my head, NO! I think that after about an hour of this, I was nearly incoherent. I also think that with a few thrusts, while one of them was teasing my clit, could have taken me over the edge into heavenly orgasmic pleasure, but it ended. We were all released and literally ran to our rooms to masturbate. I used my vibrator inside me and rubbed my clit with my fingers. After 3 spectacular orgasms, I cleaned myself up, changed shorts and panties and was one of the last ones to arrive at lunch. Our group of 8 sat together. The subtly voiced presumption; "Is everyone happy now?" was met with smiles and a chorus of "OH YEAHS!" No one had given up their codeword and opted for coming in the gym. After lunch, we all headed back to the gym with the resolve that we would be strong and not give in to whatever our instructors had in store for us.

In the gym, our wrists were tied in front of us. We were all hooked up to a cable and clamp and hoisted up, until everyone's feet were off the floor pads. Our ankles were tied together and the 8 of us were strung up supported by our wrists and shoulder muscles. They told us that it was mind over pain, and to put the latter out of our minds. For the 1st hour or so, facial recognition slides, with names, were projected every 30 seconds on the gym wall. Then our 8 instructors started playing with us. There were 4 men and 4 women. Actually, the women were a little gentler and more thorough, and the cute men were a little rough. My body betrayed me within minutes of the 1st pair of hands that pushed my bra up under my t-shirt. I actually liked the rougher handling by the men. They made me moan louder and softly shriek in pleasure. My torso was caressed and my tits and nipples were meticulously played with for what seemed like at least an hour. Then, my shorts and sopping panties were pulled down revealing my dripping pussy. I endured perhaps another hour of finger fucking and clit rubbing, but I never gave up my codeword in lieu of coming. I had said that the men were a little rougher, and as I hung there, I found my self lunging at their fingers trying to get off. The women were very proficient. Time after time they agonizingly brought me to the brink, before stopping and asking me for my codeword. Back in my room, I used my vibrator for a few quick orgasms, to take the edge off, before showering and going to dinner. I was exhausted and went to bed early, but not before using my vibrator for a few more orgasms and insuring me of a good night's sleep.

We were back in the gym the next morning. This time our ankles were tied together and we were hooked up to the clamps and cables. Everyone was hoisted into the air until our dangling hair cleared the floor. Our wrists were tied behind our backs and immediately our t-shirts and bras were peeled down to our armpits. Next, our shorts and panties were pushed up to our knees. We hung upside down basically naked for any attack on our tits and pussies. However, the facial recognition slide show began flashing on the wall. The slides were put into the projector upside down so that they appeared right side up on the wall to us. I knew them all cold, without having to read any of the names. When the lights came back on, more instructors had come into the gym and the assault began. Two of them worked on each of us simultaneously. One knelt behind me, caressed my body and played with my tits and nipples, while another one stood in front of me and finger fucked me and rubbed and pinched my clit. They did everything they could to drive me crazy and get me to reveal my codeword. My head was heavy from hanging upside down. I felt a little dizzy and couldn't quite think clearly, although every touch and stroke registered in my dazed brain. By the time it was over, I was panting, moaning and screaming uncontrollably, and nearly delirious and desperately wanting. You might think that after they let us down and released us, we would be allowed to go to our rooms before lunch and masturbate. WRONG!!!

We were given 10 minutes to pee and clean ourselves up in the bathroom off the gym. Women instructors stood guard to make sure nobody was tempted to relieve their desperate desires manually. We had lunch, with our original 8 instructors, in a small private dining room off our main cafeteria. As we ate, each one of us was evaluated. No one had broken and revealed their code words. Several of us were rated as being among the loudest and apparently most passionate and responsive to sexual stimulation. I had the dubious honor of having the wettest pussy and producing the most pussy juices. After lunch, we were back in the gym.

Our instructors ordered all 8 of us to strip everything off. I felt no modesty or shame, because I was proud of my body and they had seen my parts before. Instead, I stood proud and straight waiting for them to prepare me. Those of us with long arms had their wrists twisted up between their shoulder blades and tied crossed in back. The other girls had their arms bound behind their backs forearm-to-forearm. My breasts jutted out and I felt a wonderful tightness across my chest. My pussy immediately started tingling. Our ankles and knees were tied together. A long piece of rope was threaded 4 or 5 times through my armpit and around my back, between my upper arms and back, out through my other armpit and over the upper part of my chest. The coils in the knotted rope were evened out and hooked to the clamp and overhead hoisting cable. We were standing in our usual formation of 2 staggered rows of 4 girls. The winches whirled and all 8 of us were hoisted up, like in some kind of rescue sling, until our feet were about a foot off the ground. Each instructor produced a giant vibrator. It was thicker and longer than my little 1-1/2" X 6" vibe. My female instructor easily slipped 2 fingers deep in my wet pussy, to open me up, and then shoved the buzzing big penis-like vibe all the way into my cunt. While the phallus buzzed merrily away at a low frustrating speed, the facial recognition slideshow began flashing on the wall. I noticed this time that there were no names on the pictures. I concentrated on the pictures, which probably took an hour to cycle through, and I knew them all cold.

When it was over, I realized that my pussy juices were running down my thighs. The lights came back on, but we were all blindfolded and left to hang there. I don't know how long they left us unattended. First, I daydreamed about all my lovers from college, but I couldn't quite picture any of them having a cock as big as the vibrator buzzing inside me. Then, I fantasized about getting fucked by our cute instructors. CRACK! Scream! CRACK! Scream! Those sounds instantly brought me out of my stupor. It sounded like Nina, in the front row to my left, was getting her ass paddled. Soon, the sounds of wood smacking flesh and the cries and screams of all 4 girls in the front row rang through the gym. Soon, my own ass was being rocked by some kind of wooden paddle. The blows came rapidly and alternated on my left and right ass cheeks. I think I screamed at first. I know that I cried out from the pain. After the first 10-20 blows, I was only aware of my ass being beaten, but felt little additional pain. Instead, my pussy only tingled more. I got hotter and hornier. I may have received 40 or 50 blows in all. After my ass whacking was over, I was startled when I received 3 smacks across my jutting breasts. We all had our blindfolds removed. My tits were a little pink and my nipples were as hard as they ever got. I was plagued with a red head's fair skin. My ass was an ugly fiery dark red burning pulsing mass of sore flesh. I looked over at the darker skinned brunette Yvonne next to me. Her ass cheeks were certainly a well beaten dark red, but didn't look as ugly as mine.

Our instructors descended upon us with vibrators. They were identical to the one relentlessly buzzing away inside me. She ran this one up and down and all over me, from below my breasts down to my pubic hair. Next, the vibrator stimulated my breasts, except my nipples, until she elicited a groan out of me. She grabbed and squeezed my right breast and ran the vibrator round and round and over my nipple. Back and forth she went from tit to tit, and occasionally dipped the vibrator down to my pussy and ran the buzzing menace round and round my engorged red pussy lips. Then, I heard Nina, in front of me and to my left, cry out, "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" "I WANT TO COME, I NEED TO COME!" "I'LL TELL YOU MY CODEWORD!" I don't know how many times they made her come, but she was screaming with relief at the top of her lungs. Meanwhile the unyielding stimulation of my nipples continued for at least another 15-20 minutes, when I heard Willow, in the front row to my far right, squeal and come and shriek and come and scream and come. Another of our solid group of 8 had caved. By then, I was in frenzy. The vibrator that ran around my pussy lips touched my clit on every circuit. I thrust my hips hopelessly trying to keep the vibrator on my clit. I had begun muttering, "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, I WANNA COME, I NEED TO COME!" As the assault on me continued, I got louder and louder, "PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, LET ME COME, LET ME COME!" I was nearly out of my mind with desire and need. This caught the attention of the 2 instructors, who had been standing around watching.

They pounced on me with their vibrators. They each buzzed one of my nipples, while my original tormentor continued on my pusssy. "Just tell me your codeword," she said, "And I'll give you the release you so badly want." I mustered all my resolve, gritted my teeth together and shook my head, NO. They must have tried for 30 more minutes to get me to say my codeword, but I continued shaking my head, NO. And then it was over. I didn't break! We were lowered to the floor and untied. Yvonne and I, plus several other girls collapsed onto the gym mat to recover for 10-15 minutes. We finally realized how late it was. We grabbed our clothes, ran into the adjacent bathroom, washed up and got dressed. We just barely made it to our cafeteria in time for dinner. I took a long hot soapy bath after dinner. I don't have to tell you the details of what my fingers and vibrator did to my pussy, before I went to bed. I slept like a rock.

The UNCLE Torture Chair Test -

We were all sitting together at breakfast the next morning talking about our previous day's ordeal. Nina and Willow were really down, because they had given in. A white-coated lab technician came into our cafeteria. She had a box and a note for Yvonne, Carol and me. The 3 of us had to give ourselves enemas and report to different lab rooms 4 floors down by 9:00 AM. All right, I administered the fast acting enema up my butt hole. I laid on my bed, as the instructions said, on my back in a ball with my knees up and back, until the urge hit me. It took 3 flushes of the toilet to get the last of it down. I cleaned myself off on my warm water bidet and took a long hot shower. Dressed in clean clothes, I headed down to lab room F324. When I walked in the door, a different female lab technician said, "Welcome to UNCLE's Torture Chair Test!" "Take off all your clothes and have a seat!" As I undressed, I studied the chair. It was made of molded plastic with wooden legs. At the top was an adjustable headrest, like in an automobile. Leather straps, obviously to hold me in the chair, were everywhere. I noticed 3 holes near the back of the seat. One appeared to be a drain hole, because grooves in the seat radiated out from this hole. The other 2 holes were covered. There was a myriad of tubes and wires coming from everywhere. I tentatively sat down in the chair. My wrists were manacled behind the chair to a set of handcuffs, attached to the back of the chair. A wide leather strap was buckled around my waist. Additionally, straps held my thighs and calves about 2' apart. Leather collars, with wires attached, were buckled around my neck and ankles. A pulse/oxygen sensor was clipped on one of my forefingers and a blood pressure cuff was wrapped around my right upper arm.

A series of circular patches, with wires attached, were stuck all over my upper body. Five or six leads were stuck around my heart and left side. I was getting a little worried, because these leads were obviously for a running EKG. Wired green leads were stuck on either side of each of my breasts.  Wired blue leads were stuck to my inner thighs on either side of my pussy. A single red wired patch was stuck right at the top of my pubic hairs. Two wide pieces of tape, with a slit in the middle and clear cups stuck to the tape, were taped vertically over my nipples. Tubes were attached to the small ends of my nipple cups. The headrest was tilted back a little and a wide leather band was buckled across my forehead holding my head back a little and firmly attached to the headrest. Finally, a wide elastic band, with maybe a 6" X 2" penis dildo attached, was stretched from behind the headrest and poised in front of my mouth. "Open wide," the lab technician said. The penis was shoved into my mouth and a tube attached to its end. The lab tech drew my attention to a panel on the wall in front of me. It showed the readings from all the sensors stuck on my body. She said, "When you see that green light blinking red, suck that cock for all you are worth." "If you don't suck it good, you will receive a shock!" I had developed my cocksucking skills, when I was a junior and senior in high school, and perfected them in college. This fake cock in my mouth tasted remarkably like a man's real cock. It rested just at the entrance to my throat, but I could easily breathe through my nose and around the elastic band over my mouth.

As I became accustomed to my hopeless situation, the lab tech had moved into her control room. I could see her through a glass window in the wall next to my display panel. Over an intercom she announced that she was going to do a few base line tests, and continued, "I'm going to monitor your vital signs and when you get to the brink of coming, the machines will stop!" "YOU WILL NEVER COME, BUT I'LL ASK YOU FOR YOUR CODEWORD PERIODICALLY!" ZZZZZap, an electrical shock surged through my body from my neck to my ankles. This picked up my heart rate. ZZZZZap, an electric shock coursed through my breasts and nipples. I saw my blood pressure rise. ZZZZZap, a jolt of electricity surged through my pussy. The lab tech announced through her intercom that everything was fine and we would begin. I wasn't ready, but that damn light in front of me began blinking red. I started sucking that cock in my mouth. I felt something in my nipples. A vacuum had built up and my nipples were sucked into the cups taped to them. Whatever pump was attached to my nipple cups was pulsing back and forth, and my nipples were alternately being sucked hard. I felt two big intruders pushing at the entrance to my pussy and asshole. They had to be 2" in diameter. One easily penetrated my love tunnel and slowly pushed its way into my cunt, until it hit my cervix, and then backed off. The other one painfully pushed past my virgin sphincter and probed deeper and deeper into my bowels. I swear that it must have been 2" in diameter and 10"-12" long! As I sucked away on the cock in my mouth and my nipples were being sucked silly, the phalluses in my lower holes began to get hot. They didn't get hot enough to burn my sensitive inner flesh, and then they started getting cold. GOD, did they get cold. It felt like I had ice cubes inside me down there.

After I had been sucking that cock for about 20 minutes, the blinking red light stopped and turned green. I stopped sucking. I was greeted with warm sticky goo spurting down my throat. It tasted just like a man's cum. It was either choke on it or swallow it. In 3 gulps I swallowed it all. The nipple sucking machine stopped. The phalluses in my ass and vagina began to move. The one up my twat must have somehow calibrated itself, because it pulled out, until just the head was inside me, and then slid in, filling me fully. They started out moving in long slow steady strokes. Gradually they picked up speed, but maintained their same deep mechanical thrusts. I began to moan and squirm. My heart rate and respiration rates speeded up, as I gasped in air. The phalluses went faster and faster. I watched my reading rise alarmingly and I was so close to coming. Then, the pseudo-cocks stopped deep inside me. I moaned in frustration. Each phallus ejaculated a warm cum goo deep inside me. It must have been the same artificial cum that I swallowed. I lurched and strained at my bonds, when an electrical shock zapped my body. The cocks in my ass and cunt began vibrating. They each vibrated at different speeds, from slow to fast, for about 30 minutes. While this was going on, my tits got an electrical shock. I was nowhere near as turned on, as when the cocks fucked my ass and pussy, even when they buzzed simultaneously at the same high speed. The vacuum pump started up and my nipples were drawn into the cups and getting sucked voraciously.
Another jolt of electricity shot through my body. I had missed the light blinking red. I began sucking in earnest on the cock in my mouth, but my pussy took another jolt of electricity. The vibrators inside me stopped. I sucked for 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes. The nipple sucking stopped and my swollen nips were on fire. Those sensations went straight to my pussy and I knew my pussy was pouring out juices. I sucked for another 5 minutes and the blinking red light stopped and turned green. It was no surprise when a load of the warm sticky cum shot down my throat. This time I handled it better. I swallowed the cum as it poured out of the hole in the head of my mouth's penis. It went on and on that way. My 1st session finally ended with: the invaders in my cunt and up my ass fucking my brains out, my pussy getting shocked, my breasts and nipples getting shocked, my nipples getting sucked like the damn machine was trying to milk me, my vital signs were over the top and I was sucking that damn cock in my mouth. I was so close to coming that I lurched and strained, like I was in an electric chair. Then, everything stopped and the phalluses retracted from my pussy and asshole. I didn't even realize that the blinking red light had turned green. I was still automatically sucking, when the load of cum shot down my throat.

I felt something rise and contact my pussy, but it did not penetrate me. While I sat there coming down and sweating pretty good, an electric shock came from the red patch stuck above my pubic hair. It contracted my bladder and I peed myself. This also caused some of the cum to pour out of my vagina and asshole. The thing pressing against my pussy must have been a drain tube, because I didn't feel any of my pee around my thighs or ass. It retracted and the lab tech came out of her booth. My 1st session with UNCLE's torture chair had lasted 4 hours! The 1st thing she did was to ask me for my codeword, but I shook my head, NO. She told me that she hadn't expected me to break during the 1st session, but would ask me every hour in the upcoming sessions. UPCOMING SESSION? How many would there be? She filled a bucket with water, from a sink at the other side of the room. She sloshed some water between my thighs and poured some down the back of the molded plastic chair. The cold water rinsed the cum away, that had come out of my pussy and asshole, and was directed by the drainage grooves in the bottom of the chair. The cold water rushed through my pusssy slit and down the drain hole. That was a sure turnoff for my previously hot tingly pussy.
The lab tech pulled the penis out of my mouth and I had a chance to work my jaw around. I think that I had swallowed 8 loads of cum in that 4 hours, but wasn't certain. The lab tech told me that the UNCLE cum was harmless. In fact, it was made from a sour cream/yogurt base and fortified with high energy protein. The penis was re-inserted in my mouth and the lab tech returned to her control room. There were 3 four hour sessions running from about 9"00 AM – 9:00 PM. When the 3rd session ended, I was nearly comatose. After she made me pee myself and the cold water rinse was over, I started to come out of my stupor. When a different lab technician removed the penis from my sore mouth, I was still muttering, "NO CODEWORD, NO CODEWORD, NO CODEWORD!" She kept telling me that the test was over and I had passed. I didn't give in! It finally registered on my addled brain. She gave me the choice of setting me free, or she could use her equipment to make me come. I chose the latter. I said that I didn't want to suck that penis anymore, but she could use her machines and gadgets to fuck my brains silly. Well, she did just that. Everything was cranked up to high, and I had orgasm after wonderful orgasm, until I passed out. I woke up on a gurney being wheeled down my hall to my room. I felt great and used and energized. A hot solid food meal was waiting for me in my room. I devoured every morsel, took a long hot bath and slept for 12 hours.
I had the rest of Wednesday and all day Thursday off. We had our final tests coming up Monday-Wednesday of the next week, but there was one more test for our group of 8 on Friday morning. I went to the shooting range and the indoor live fire obstacle course. I studied a lot for my final exams. I found out that Nina and Willow did not take UNCLE's Torture Chair Test and that Rhonda gave in during the 2nd session of her test. Our group of 8 reported to the pool Friday morning. In the locker room were ugly one piece tank suits for us to wear. After we were suited up, we sat around the edge of the pool. This was to be UNCLE's version of a water torture test. We were to be held underwater, until our air ran out, brought up and given 2 deep breaths and dunked again. The test would last 3 hours. Our ankles were tied together and our wrists were tied behind our backs. One of those 2 cute male instructors, Rob, who had played with me so thoroughly in earlier tests, picked me up and heaved me into the pool. I was an excellent swimmer and came up in chest deep water. HE was right there and dragged me into water up to my chin. He asked me if I was ready. I nodded my head, yes, exhaled, relaxed and took a deep breath. I knew that I could hold my breath underwater for more than 2 minutes. He put his hands on my shoulders, from behind, and pushed my head under. I did a little meditation chant in my mind. When my air bubbles ceased coming out, he shifted his hands to my armpits and lifted me up. I exhaled fully, took a deep cleansing breath and inhaled deeply for my allotted 2nd breath.

I was doing quite well after the 1st 25 or so dunks. He hadn't even asked me for my codeword yet, but things changed. It got a little harder to relax and do my little meditation chant in my mind, because everytime he dunked me, he held me under with one hand and felt me up with the other hand. I was trying to keep count of the number of times I went under. If I could hold my breath underwater for over 2 minutes, I figured that every 25 dunks equaled about 1 hour. At first, he just squeezed my breasts and played with my nipples. As we neared the end of my 2nd series of 25 dunks, his hand went between my legs and rubbed my inner thighs. Even an hour of mild sexual stimulation left me pretty hot and horny. I had all I could do to relax, keep some modicum of composure and not inhale a lung full of water. He asked me for my codeword after every 5th dunk, but I always shook my head, no. During what I perceived to be the final hour of our test, my tormentor rubbed my pussy. I began fantasizing about being tied up and getting fucked in a pool. It had been so long since I got laid by a man and not a machine. Every 5th time that I was under, he turned me around facing him and waited until my air had nearly run out He ducked underwater and kissed me. Well, not exactly, but his lips molded with mine into an airtight seal and it felt soooooo good. He actually blew about another 30 seconds of air into my lungs.

When he was behind me holding me under and playing with my pussy, my knees were bent and my ass jutted out. I became aware of an erection in his Speedos bumping into my ass. As his boner grew bigger, I maneuvered it between my legs and let him slide his cock along my pussy slit, while his fingers rubbed my clit. Towards the end, I managed to get my bound wrists in a position where I could grab his thick long rod, straining to bust through his Speedos, and squeeze it. In what turned out to be my last dunking, he faced me and pushed me under. However, he immediately ducked under after me. His lips found mine and our mouths joined in a real passionate 2 minute kiss, until the bubbles coming from our noses stopped. When we surfaced, his arms were wrapped around my back, holding me plastered to his broad chest, and his cock poking me between my legs. We both had big smiles on our faces. Everyone around the pool clapped and cheered. Only Yvonne and I passed the Underwater Torture Test, and the rest of the girls and instructors were hanging around the pool watching. I was going to get a lot of teasing from my girls. He walked me over to the edge of the pool and lifted me up onto the pool deck. He untied my wrists and ankles and swam off. He was undoubtedly embarrassed around his erection, and either had to wait for it to go down or wack off underwater.

I studied the rest of Friday and all weekend. Sometimes we studied in groups, but I mostly studied by myself. On Monday morning, everyone ran the outdoor obstacle course, despite the cold. Our group of 8 was tested at the shooting range later that morning. In the afternoon, we were tested individually on the live fire obstacle course. There were written tests most all day Tuesday and Wednesday, including a facial recognition test and my test in Russian. Our test results were posted at 10:00 AM Thursday morning. Keeping the time frame up to date, Thursday was Thanksgiving and we would have a huge T-Day dinner, with everyone all dressed up, at 1:00 PM that afternoon. Overall, I scored at the top of our class. Carol came in 2nd and Yvonne was 3rd. The others were mostly scattered in the middle of the pack, except that Nina and Willow were near the bottom. Unfortunately, 5 girls in our original hall of 40 washed out. They would be given clerical or secretarial jobs, if they wanted them. The huge announcement was made at T-Day's dinner. We were to all leave the next day on a 3+ week vacation in Europe at UNCLE's expense. We would also be flown home to spend Christmas and New Years at home. I hadn't seen or talked to my family for 3 months. It kinda put the whole spy thing into perspective. We would be permitted to call our parent's from London, our first stop, and let them know I was coming. We would spend a week in London, a week in Paris and 10 days in Italy. We would spend about 5 days in Rome and the rest of the time at an exclusive Tuscan villa outside of Florence. Everyone was al psyched up the rest of the day, as we packed. The 8 girls in our group went together, with a chaperone. We left on an UNCLE airplane the next morning on a direct flight to London's Heathrow Airport. Another group on our plane went on to Paris.

London was a charming historical city. We shopped and did the tourist things by day and clubbed at night. Yvonne and I roomed together in a ritzy hotel and we always ate the finest foods. On our first night there, we saw some girls our age dancing in really short skirts and tight sweaters. We found out that Mary Quant's Shoppe, Kings Row, Chelsea, London, was thee place to go for the new miniskirt. The very next morning everyone piled into 2 taxis. At the Shoppe, Mary Quant herself waited on us. She is credited with inventing the miniskirt. When we tried some on, the skirts were 5"-6" above my knees and looked really mod and sexy. UNCLE had been paying me a really good salary for my 3 months of training, and I would be getting a raise when I got back. I hardly spent anything and put most of my salary into the bank. I splurged and bought 4 miniskirts and 4 sweaters. I even bought 2 miniskirts and 2 sweaters for each of my sisters, and had them shipped air express to the US. We went dancing at a different club most every night. We had been vaccinated for all the common sexually transmitted diseases, and everyone was on UNCLE's birth control pill. On 4 different nights, Yvonne and I picked up a couple of guys and took them back to our hotel rooms. Thinking back, I hadn't had sex with a man the last 3-4 months of my senior year at college, plus no sex over the summer or the last 3 months at UNCLE. I would make the most of this vacation. Well, all the London guys we picked up were pretty much matrimonial position lovers. They didn't do it in other positions, didn't seem to want to be sucked off or made no attempt to eat Yvonne's or my pussy. I'm not complaining. The sex was great, but I wondered if the Brit boys were as stodgy as we had heard.

Paris was a gorgeous romantic city. Again, we shopped and did the touristy things and took in the night life and clubs at night, with one exception. We went up the lighted Eiffel Tower one night and saw the beautifully illuminated city from above. What Christmas presents I didn't find in London for my parents, brothers and their wives, I found what I wanted in Paris and air expressed them to my parent's house for Christmas. Paris's lingerie shoppes were fabulous. I bought so much skimpy lacey sexy underwear that I had to buy another suitcase to hold all my foreign purchases. I shunned the French corsets, bustier and garter belt and dark stockings, preferring the hosiery-less leg look. I would have to trim and shave some of my pussy hair in order to wear one of those panties for even a casual lover. Even though Paris was in the throes of winter, there were still French bikini bathing suits available. They were the teenie weenie tiny sexy type that you may have seen in the movie Beach Blanket Bingo, excluding the ridiculously modest 2 piece swimsuit that Annette Funicello wore in that movie. I bought 4 skimpy French bikini swimsuits. The Frenchmen that Yvonne and I picked up at the clubs were real lovers. They all made long slow love to us. They licked our pussies to the point that we had to beg to come, before they entered and fucked us. It was much later, when we finally got to suck their cocks. They all spent the night and we ordered room service breakfast before they left.

Rome was an ancient historical city. The partially restored ruins of Biblical monuments and buildings were impressive. The city was not known for its fashion couture, although I did buy several colorful sleeveless tops. The Italian men Yvonne and I picked up were great lovers. It was hard deciding whether the Frenchmen or Italians were better lovers. The Italian men preferred to have Yvonne and me suck them off first, and then they ate our pussies, until we had several orgasms, before making long sweet love to us. I know that I'm generalizing here, but without going into specific details about each of our lover's techniques, the generalization will do. We moved to a lovely picturesque villa outside Florence. We toured Chianti and Brunello wineries and had delicious authentic Tuscan meals prepared for us. In fact, every meal that we ate was from authentic old Tuscan recipes. We even toured an olive orchard, and saw them press the olive oil. I wound up buying a split case of Chianti and Brunello wines and a can of extra virgin olive oil, which UNCLE whisked back to the USA on our plane. We took an UNCLE plane out of Rome. After a couple stops enroute, I arrived home in suburban Boston late in the afternoon of December 23rd.

Everyone was there for our traditional Christmas. We had a huge breakfast followed by the opening of presents and a big turkey dinner late in the afternoon. Everybody loved the presents that I shipped from Europe, especially my 18 and 21 year old sisters. All 3 of us wore our miniskirts and sweaters to Christmas dinner. My Dad was somewhat of a slide addict. I had shot scores of 35 mm. slides in Europe, including one of me hamming it up with one of the Buckingham Palace guards. Yvonne and I photographed each other in loads of our scenic shots, but I could not photograph any of my other fellow UNCLE girls. There were a couple parties, where I saw some of my old high school classmates, but had to use the old "secret classified Government work" excuse. One night my Dad put on a slideshow of my trip, with me narrating. Another late night, my 2 sisters cornered me in my room. I told them the salacious details of the men I had slept with in London, Paris and Rome. My 18 year old sister just sat there nearly stunned, with a dreamy look on her face. My 21 year old sister, a junior in college, had done it all, except that she had never had her pussy eaten out.  We went out for dinner on New Year's Eve and everyone went to the Country Club's informal Dance to ring in the New Year. Loads of eligible handsome men of all ages were there to Dance with. My 2 gorgeous sisters and I shocked a few people in our new miniskirts and sweaters, but turned out to be the belles of the ball. I returned back to UNCLE's secret underground headquarters, via UNCLE's private plane, on the Monday after New Year's Day.

UNCLE's Recreational Sex Program -

The following morning there was a meeting. It was announced that the remaining 35 trainees would be divided into four training groups. Our training group of Yvonne, Carole, Beth, Rhonda, Meagan, Nina, Willow and me remained intact. The remaining 27 girls were divided into 3 groups of nine girls. More intense classes and training would resume that afternoon. The 2nd announcement was a welcome relief. Commencing hence forth everyone got Saturday afternoons and nights off, plus all day Sunday off! Everyone was stunned by the next announcements. First, our UNCLE ID badges would allow all of us access to our own bar/lounge, which was located through the formerly locked doors at the end of our hall, on Saturday nights. We would have to pay for our own drinks. The best benefit was that there would be UNCLE men there, and we could go up to a room in the hotel above UNCLE's secret underground headquarters and have recreational sex with any UNCLE man we chose. This was both highly recommended and encouraged. All UNCLE personnel were tested and vaccinated for known sexual diseases, and all UNCLE women were on birth control. UNCLE had developed a female sex pill, MAXO (maximum orgasm), that could be taken an hour or so before having sex. It would last up to 8-12 hours and provide the taker with mind blowing intense orgasms. We could get a supply at the PX pharmacy for FREE. We were encouraged to use it, but not to abuse its use. One pill a night would be sufficient. UNCLE men had their own sex pill, ERECT, which provided them with almost continuous erections. I was beginning to wonder if I could keep up and take it.

Finally, UNCLE had a "FUN" tradition. It had its roots in our tied-up torture training. It seemed that most UNCLE men, other than those in Communications, liked to strip and tie-up the UNCLE women they took to a hotel room for the night! I had to think long and hard about that and the prospect of being naked in front of everyone and anyone in our bar/lounge. The UNCLE men who wanted to tie us up and take us to a hotel room for a night of screwing could be identified by those carrying a duffle bag or briefcase, which would contain their bondage equipment. There was a minor codicil to this practice. We could negotiate whether we wanted to be tied up in our clothes and taken up to a hotel room, or to what extent and degree we would allow ourselves to be stripped in public, before departing the bar/lounge for a night of mind blowing sex. 

Yvonne and I and most of the others couldn't wait for Saturday night to come, as we continued our classes and training. I picked up my bottle of MAXO pills from the PX pharmacy during the week. After dinner on Saturday night, I got all glammed up. Before taking a luxurious hot bubbly bath, I shaved wherever necessary. As the tub drained, I skipped into my shower to wash and condition my hair. My rich dark red hair had grown to nearly shoulder length. When it was dry and set, my hairdo had just the slightest natural wave to it. I did my nails and dabbed just the tiniest dab of a lightly floral scented perfume behind my earlobes and between my breasts. Out in my room, I put on my sexy French underwear, did my makeup, a light application of a dark red color lipstick that matched my hair, a little mascara and eye liner and I was finished. I put on one of my new tight sweaters ran a brush through my hair and hit it with a little hairspray. I finished dressing by donning one of my new miniskirts and low heels. My legs looked great and I currently didn't even own a garter belt or any stockings. Before leaving, I swallowed one of my MAXO female sex pills. Yvonne and I left for the bar/lounge around 8:20 PM. We walked to the end of our hall, through a formerly forbidden door, past a new bank of elevators and into the bar. It was dimly lit and decorated in a nautical/Polynesian theme, with artificial green potted plants and trees scattered everywhere. The long bar was just inside the entrance door and had barstools for about 25 people. Tables for four surrounded a nice sized dance floor. What caught my eye was the large Wurlitzer jukebox.

Yvonne and I took seats at the bar and ordered martinis. There may have been about 25-30 people there. As more people started walking in, we decided to snag a table. We both wanted to dance. I got some change at the bar and fed the jukebox. I selected 5 fast rock-n;-roll songs, including the Beatles, I Want to Hold Your Hand. Yvonne and I danced together like the girls did on American Bandstand. In the middle of our 3rd song, I saw 2 reasonably handsome men approaching us from a nearby table. I saw that they didn't have any duffle bags or attaché cases. I had decided in my mind that if I was going to go off to a hotel room with an UNCLE man, he had to be a good kisser. I was still very leery of being stripped in the bar. They cut in and fast danced very well through the rest of our jukebox selections. Yvonne gave me the imperceptible sign of approval. I invited them to join us at our table. I had Roger and Yvonne had Phil. They were Lab Techs and couldn't talk about what they were working om. The scope of our conversation was confined to the safe subjects that we learned in our etiquette classes. I asked Roger to play 3 slow songs on the jukebox so we could dance. Yvonne joined in by dancing with Phil.

For the first song, I put my hands on Roger's shoulders and he held me at the waist. During the 2nd song, I put my arms around Roger's neck and drew him close to me. Our bodies touched and we just swayed back and forth into the 3rd song. I pulled his head down and we kissed. The first one was tentative but good. The kisses got better and deeper, until I broke it off and said, "Get us a room!" Roger went up to the bar and used one of the red phones to order our room. Yvonne and I downed the last of our martinis and grabbed our little clutch purses. The 4 of us exited the bar and took the new bank of elevators up to the hotel lobby level. The doors did not open onto the hotel's public lobby, but rather faced a blank wall. I figured that hotel staff could use these elevators for private and quick access to the hotel floors above. A female hotel employee met us and handed Roger and Phil room keys. Next, we took the elevator up to the 7th floor and found our room.

I'm not going into the details of this particular rendezvous. For 5 straight Saturday nights in a row, Yvonne and I went to the bar and picked up UNCLE men for recreational sex. Yvonne and I doubled 3 of those nights, and I went solo on 2 of them, including a repeat performance with Roger on the 5th Saturday night. The sex was amazing and my orgasms were truly spectacular. The guys could go at least 5-6 times per night, with a bit of dosing time in-between. This was, of course, all do to UNCLE's MAXO and ERECT pills. We did it primarily in the straight missionary position, but many times I was bent over a piece of furniture and took it from behind doggie-style. I did my share of sucking cock and giving them the best blowjobs that I could. Naturally, I swallowed all of their cum. We always had an early morning room serv


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