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Coast to Coast - pt. 8
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I climbed down from the bed and took stock of the situation. Vanessa was still asleep on the bed, her torso going up and down in the quiet rhythm of restful sleep. I had an immediate problem, I needed to go to the bathroom.
So I scooted on the sheets until Vanessa was within reach of my bound arms.
After a couple of gentle tugs, she opened her eyes, and after I told multiple times what I needed, she started to untie my armbinder.
Once free, my arms were stiff from being bound for so long, but the call of nature was so strong that I sprinted to the suite's bathroom.
In another room, I spotted the shape of Raphaela and Lyll, snoring on a master bed.
When I reached the loo, I remembered that I was still enclosed in the belt and the bra, actually these were the only things that I was wearing.
At that point, returning to my room and searching for the keys was not a prompt response to the call of nature.
So I sat there and stared at my urine flowing through a metal shield. Did my business as best as I could, leaving the room more relieved and relaxed.
In the meantime, Vanessa had woken completely up.
“When are you going out of those things?” She asked, pointing at my chastity ensemble.
“Just let me get the keys.”
“Are you staying for breakfast?”
Raphaela emerged from her room, relaxed and easy going.
“Well, if that is an invitation, thank you.” I answered. “Should we wake up Lyll?”
“No, let him rest, I made him work last night.” There was mischief in her voice.
Vanessa ordered some breakfast to be carried on, and I figured that I could wait to get to my room, with a full belly, and with Lyll in tow.
When we ladies were half through a delicious breakfast, Lyll emerged from the room. His cock was still locked into the chastity belt, but he did not seem bothered by that.
Raphaela and Vanessa were, as a matter of fact, naked and it would appear like a normal meeting in a nudist camp if not for the metals locked on our bodies.
While the others were chit chatting I again surprised myself about what had happened in the last days. The emotional and physical journey that brought me to wear that belt had been long and quick, in two distinct different ways.
After eating we, me and Lyll, borrowed a couple of bathrobes and left for our room.
We were not ashamed of the things we were wearing, but we thought that since the convention had finished the day before, the common area would be full of more formally dressed people.
It was a sort of return to reality, and instead of full blown sexualities we had returned to the closet, so to speak.

"Let me tell you…" started Lyll. "It has been a while since I have enjoyed such a night out."
"Good to know. I'm fairly new at it."
"Didn't Dawn tell you my story?"
"No, not at all."
Meanwhile we reached the room and I began to tell my story. The fact that I was crossing the country, the shared expenses, Dawn's offer to give me the room in exchange for help during the Exhibition.
"So you are saying that, until a couple of days ago, you were a missionary type girl and then this?"
He moved his hands to underline what I was wearing at the moment.
I could not decide if to take offense or to be proud of my journey, but I simply felt my cheeks blushing from embarrassment.
My response was immediate.
"And what is your story?"
We had shed the robes and we were talking seated on the bed. I was so engaged in the conversation that the need to take out the steel from my body had left my mind.
"Well, I have always been interested in bondage. Even from before the time I knew that was its name. I was the young boy engrossed by the girl captured by Indians in a cowboy flick. And as I grew older, I started to act on it, using the tools my father had around the garage."
"Bless him, he did not understand exactly what I was doing, but he was proud that, tinkering there, I had learned my way through a bunch of handy skills. By the time I went to college, I had extensive experience in metal and woodworking, and I continued studying engineering and construction."
"As a side project I had started to sell some metal restraints on the web. Some crude things, I admit, but they had a sort of market."
"Eventually, this helped a lot with my student loans. And at the end of it, while my classmates were looking for a job, I was buying one of the first 3d printers for prototypes and proofs of concept."
“A friend introduced me to the world of film props, and I was recruited by some companies to prepare props for films.”
“What kind of props?” I asked, interrupting his story.
“Well, since I was an expert in metal working, I started to be interested in armors and body shields. And then my daily job, making torso armor for actors, merged with my fetish in the most egregious way. At an exhibition like this one, I met Markus, and he first evaluated some of my works, even sold some of my designs, then he asked for my collaboration on some engineering details.”
“In a year of a sort of partnership, I found enough market to quit my day job, and started to make it full time. I got in touch with a lot of people like Vanessa, and then I shifted again to prototyping for others. And, as a matter of fact, you are wearing a prototype for one of Markus’ clients.”
And this brought me back to the situation.
“So” I said, “let me get the keys to these things. Did you put them in your jacket?”
As I stood up to search in his pockets for the keys, he was watching me with a strange expression.
“Monica, I thought you had them in your bag.”
I hurled my bag toward him on the bed, to let him search inside, while I was reaching his jacket.
I put my hand in the left pocket and I did not find anything, the right the same.
Increasingly frantic, I turned to Lyll that was spreading the content of my bag on the linen of the bed.
Id, car keys, tissues, but nothing resembling the keys to my chastity belt and my chastity bra. And neither Lyll’s.
“Ohmygod no no no.”
I rushed to find something to wear on top of that and picked up the oversize t-shirt I had used the day before.
And I was out of the door, before he got the chance to say anything.
As I literally ran to the elevators, I realized that there was none on the floor, so I immediately turned toward the stairs, descending two steps at a time.
In hindsight, it was a big risk, since if I had the bad fortune of falling, I would have to be rushed to the hospital in those restraints. What a humiliating experience!

But fortune was slightly on my corner, because I reached the lobby all in one piece. There were a lot of people around, so I resolved to maintain a brisk pace, not to attract much attention.
From there I had to follow a sort of corridor that led to the exhibition floor.
At the end of that were the doors, closed at this time.
And there was a security guard on watch in front of the door.
“Sorry, Miss, it is closed.”
“Excuse, I’m one of the exhibitors, I have left something in my stall.”
As I was getting more and more nervous, he asked me for information about Markus’ firm and then checked them out in a clipboard he took from a ledger that was nearby.
He was still checking when Lyll finally reach me. He had put on some jeans and a shirt, but I knew that he was still locked in the chastity belt.
He seemed worried and he started to pressure the security guy to let us in.
After a couple of minutes he let us in.
The room was drastically different from the day before, they had opened all doors and windows to let the sun in.
Most of the exhibition space was already dismantled, all the temporary walls dividing aisles and stalls were now panels neatly stacked for people to carry away for the next exhibition. Around the hall, there were stacks of boxes waiting to be loaded by the transport crews.
I had some trouble locating the exact spot where Markus’ stall was, since it was all different, no point to have a clear orientation.
That and the fact that the area was empty. Utterly empty. We only found a Latino guy sweeping the floor with a large broom.
And immediately, the reality of it sunk in.
I was stuck in those things.
I turned to look a Lyll in the eyes, and we understood each other without the need to utter a single word. We were royally screwed.

The return to our room was a very silent walk, neither I nor Lyll dared to say anything. There was anything to say. We were both locked, and our keys were now on a box speeding away from Las Vegas.
As I got inside, I started to cry, I was forced to have a dildo stuck in my vagina for an unknown amount of time. Said presence, beside not allowing me to get any satisfaction, was starting to get annoying. It was like an itch that I could not scratch, driving me crazy.
Lyll's situation was similar but different, since he was closed in a chastity belt that fought any and all signs of excitement he might have, but nothing was stuck inside his own body.
I could not say whose predicament was worst, but we were both in a particular kind of discomfort.
We sat on the bed and I started to sob, then turned to cry. He crossed his arms around my shoulders and with his presence he tried to soothe my anxiety.
I do not know how much we remained in that position, but I can say that it helped me to find some kind of starting point.
“Ok, I need a shower first, then we decide what we are going to do.”
“Hey, girl, me too.”
We took each other's clothes off and we went together into the shower. Under the water stream we kissed and our hands roamed each other’s bodies to the limit of where it was possible. It was wonderful and sad, at the same time.
I moved to lick his nipples, and I could hear him moan under the water noises.
The shower was refreshing and soothing and when we came out of there a little of the excitement was gone through the drain.
He looked at his phone and the verdict was clear, from where we were to Markus’ it would be 37 hours by car. Three days, four at most.
And even if he had to go in the opposite direction, he said, he would happily go with me, to find the key to his freedom.

So, we packed the room, collected all my clothes, and found something that could fit both of us for the trip, and not give away our inner restraints.
Finally, we checked out from the hotel, and I started driving across the nation.
During the trip, I called Dawn and I could feel the fits of laughter as I told her how we got in this predicament. Later that day, she called me back saying that Markus had arranged a place for us both to stay, in the event that the packages were late or, worse, lost.
She was telling that while I put her on speaker, and Lyll cursed so much at the chance that we would not able to find the keys, that me and Dawn were laughing at the magnitude of the words he had chosen.

The trip was pleasant beside all the discomforts of being locked. We drove with particular caution, since we had no intention to be tangled in some accident, to consequently end up on the morning news.
It would be a very interesting story, nonetheless, but after imagining some apt title to put on the first page, we both agreed to pass at the opportunity.

The thing is that, since physical sex was out of the equation, we got the chance of talking endlessly and to deeply know each other.
So much so, that when we got to New York, on the fourth day, Dawn told us that the boxes would be delivered in a couple of days. With Markus still in the hospital, Lyll would have free access to his workshop and could pry both of our belts open. Instead we went to his room, and showed off our steel.
"Well, Monica, first I have to say that the Mistress sent yesterday the advance for the harness, and second that you look fantastic in that thing. Is it comfy?"
"Well, it is comfortable enough, but the company did help." I replied looking at Lyll.

We were lucky and that night the boxes arrived. With Dawn's help we finally found the keys and returned to the apartment, that was a loft over Markus' workshop, where we opened the bra and the belts and continued the thing we had started in Vegas, in the shower.
Then we did some more, and some more.
It was exhilarating and liberating so much, and at the end of the whole day we spent making love in a bed, and other parts of the loft, we were looking at our belts, discarded on the floor after being on too much time.
We had something to eat, and we slept.
The following day, it was a Sunday, and Lyll told me that he had to return to his own workshop.
"What will be of us two?" I asked under my breath.

I drove him to the airport in my car, and longingly watched him enter the terminal. I felt drawn to him, and I thought about moving back to the other coast to stay with him. I then confronted the city traffic to return to the loft. In the meanwhile, Markus had been discharged from the hospital, and he told me that, since they had put his legs in braces, he was going to need help with the business, and he was willing to let me stay in the loft if I could give him a hand in managing the things.
Remember I was out of a job and there was nowhere I needed to go, so I accepted and started to work for him. First as an assistant, then, along with Dawn, as his model.
Needless to say, from that time, Lyll has been around the workshop a lot of times and we put our belts to good use, but that is another story.


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