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Payback by Jason
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This is fictional story about a man (Jason Masters) who had just ended his 3rd marriage and down to his last buck so to speak and spent his last$20 dollar bill on some self help software that he got an E mail about.   The software was a program that while recording your favorite music subliminal messages could be put in it for behavioral changes on one self. He had been told that he was too harsh and had no getup and go. He also wanted to loose weight. Well he tried it and built upon it and marketed it and now is a multi millionaire.
 His original intent was revenge and toward his Ex wife but turned into a life style and a happy one at that!
Chapter 1
The beginning
This is a story of revenge, sex, and mind control . About my ex and her 2 daughters. We were married for 10 years when the marriage finally ended. That’s when it got interesting.  I was asked this question once “What food changes a woman’s sex drive? And I said I didn’t know then I was given the answer. “Wedding cake”
My ex Lynn before we got married portrayed her self as a sensual being and although we did not go all the way until the wedding night. We do a lot of foreplay before we were married. And had an average sex life for the first two years. But as the girls got older and were turning into woman she said that she didn’t want the girls to hear us and we started to drift apart. and the last 2.5 years of our marriage sex was a very rare occasion. Well after I moved out and the divorce was final. So does the real story start.
I had bought a new computer and it had a cd burner and I had gotten very good with it so I started to burn music cd’s and was asked  to make a copy of a cd by my ex. So I said yes then I got this e mail for some messaging soft ware it said put hidden messages in your music to loose weight or change some of those bad habits you have. So I bought it. And dam if it didn’t work. It was working on me and I lost 20 lbs in a month . Well when I made the cd for my ex.  It was an artist she really loved . I knew she would play it a lot . I put in for her to loose 20 lbs and to be nice to me. And it worked the first thing that happened was she started to be super nice towards me and was feeling frisky towards me. So I replaced the cd with another copy of the same music to see what happened next. In it I put in the message that when hearing a trigger word in my voice only she would fall into a trance . So about a week later I went over to her house to get some stuff and gave it a try I said the word and she stopped in her tracks and turned to me and said ” yes master”  then I gave a command that if it wasn’t working she would never do.   I then told her to go out in the back yard by the cloths line and remove what she was wearing and hang it on the line. And by golly she did it. I then called her to back to the house and gave some instructions of what I expected of her from now on. When ever she heard my trigger word. I told her to get in a submissive position on her knees in front of me. And she obeyed. . Then I told her to give me head  . And if I felt any pain she would feel pain also. Boy was she ever good . At that point I felt that was enough for today and instructed her to go out and get her cloths and put them on and return to the house . Then I put her on the couch laying down and said the trigger word that would bring her out of the trance. And it worked also.
I then sat down with her and had the best talk that we have had in 7 years. She then confided to me that she missed having sex with me and wondered if I would oblige her. I said no to her because if I was going to have her again it would be on my terms. I guess I wanted her to beg. So before I left that day I worded her and put a post trance suggestion.  It was that she would feel super horny and sexually excited but she would not be able to relive her self in any  shape or form. She would let build to the point that she would come and beg me and only me for relief. I also put in a dream seed, that she would dream about having sex with her 2 daughters. With in 3 days she was in a sexual frenzy. She showed up at my door wearing tight jeans and they were wet from pussy juice. She then told me that she would do any thing to have sex with me , Anything at  all. I allowed her to give me head and sent her on her way in tears.
Mean while the dream seed kicked in and she had torrid dreams about eating her daughters pussies, nursing their tender breast. And deep tonguing their  tight bung holes. I call her the next day and was going to gave her permission to masturbate but not to cum. When she told me that she had disturbing dreams. I said what kind of dreams? Lynn then said they were about having lesbian sex. I then questioned her and asked . Are you going over to the other side.  She replied  NO but. But what ? I asked . Then she broke into tears and said ,” I cant get the thought of sucking on Rose’s and Joy’s clits. That’s all I think about. I am constantly wet and on the edge of Cumming but can’t for some reason.
At that point I knew that I had her under my complete control. I then told her to not worry that she would be able to fulfill that dream in the future. She then asked how and I said never mind . Time will tell.
Chapter 2
Training of Lynn
                        A few evenings later I called her on her cell when I knew she was on her way home from work. I gave the word and instructed her to come to my house . 5 min, later she pulled in the driveway I rang her phone again and instructed her to go in the shed and remove her cloths and put on what was there. A half cup bra. garter belt, hose and spike heels and come in the house and kneel next to my chair. Then the training began in the middle of the room was a stool and on it was a 5 in rubber dildo attached to it that had 6 coats of ben-gay on it that had dried on. A pair of hand cuffs. A gag I the shape of a cock. And a blindfold. I instructed her to go to the bath room and relive her self good and then wash herself of all traces. Then to come in to the room and face me. I asked her what instructions I had given her as far as conduct and she recited then all except one . That she would always call me Master. For this she would learn a lesson. I first took the hand cuffs and put her hands behind her back. Then the blind fold was placed on along with the gag. Which had several coats of tried semen on it. Then I took her over the stool and proceeded to impaled her self by guiding that dildo up her ass. Then I strapped her down to the stool. And applied ankle cuffs to the legs of the stool. I could see the discomfort in her face. The dildo in her ass was one that was could be pumped up. I started to pump it up to the point that it filled her well. I removed the gag and she started begging for me to let off on the pressure I told her I would reward her with it in due time I then inserted  my cock in her mouth. After about 10 minutes  I had an explosive orgasm . I then released some pressure off the dildo in her ass.  I asked her what she was and she said that she was a cock sucking ass fucking slut slave.
                        I released  the strap that held her to the stool and stood her up. And moved her hands to in front of her and fastened them to her ankles. Now in a prone position and I still had a raging hard on I inserted my cock in her ass and fucked the shit out of her. After 5 min,s she was moaning so load and she finely Asked Master may I cum I said yes slave you may cumm .She had  3 orgasms.  At that point I was at the point of no return and came also. When finished I released her and instructed her to clean me up and get dressed and go home . She lived about 5 miles away I called her on her cell  phone and said the release word. And then asked her if she had a good day. And she said yes but for some reason she was sore.
                        I also gave a new cd and one to give to her daughters on them were  new behavior instructions. My goal was for her to eventually act and love our sessions with out being in a trance. On Lynn’s cd the message was for her to have more intense  bisexual thoughts while awake and wonder what eating pussy was like. I also instructed her that if she heard noises coming from the girls room she was to sneak up and watch and masturbate while watching. On the Girls cd was there type of music and the message to play this cd no less than 5 times a day and to start sleeping in the nude. Then to explore  each others body’s with their mouth and tong’s. I also put in their own trigger word and release  word.  The next night Rose the eldest of the 2 girls striped and rubbed her pussy while her 14 yr old sister watched. Soon Joy started doing the same. By the end of the week They were sleeping together and masturbating each other At least 5 times a day.
After a week had gone by I called Lynn said her trigger word  and asked if any thing interesting was happening around there. She went into great detail about what she saw the 2 teen age girls doing last night. She said that she was awakened by noise coming from there room . She snuck up to there room to find them eating each others pussy’s. And she saw her 14 yr old have her first orgasms. Then she did the same to her 17yr old sister. All the while there mother stood out side there room having her own. My plan was working. So I told Lynn That there was a new cd in her cars clove box that I wanted to be played by all of them. On this one were instructions for Lynn and the girls to start having lesbian  sex with each other. She was also instructed to set up the camcorder and tape the session to give to me. . That night I received a call at  as I instructed her to at about 4 am. Then she was to deliver the video  to me when  it was finished. Boy was I in for a treat. Not only was it a tape of there session it was also a bondage session the 17 yr old asked her mother to tie her up spread eagle on the bed and her mother performed oral sex to her young pussy. The 14 yr old sat on her face . It was quite a sight. I had forgot that I had used that cd before to practice on and it had bondage instructions on it also.
The 3 of them sucked and fucked each other for 3 hours straight. I saw them all have at least 4 orgasms each. And the sight of Lynn eating at the y was something else. The of the young ones nude and making love put my mind to work and aroused me to no end. They took the camera and focused it on Joy’s pussy as she had her first orgasm with a dildo. The pussy juice flowed so much that it was like a stream .
The next day I called Rose on her cell and said her trigger word . I instructed her to come over to my house at 3 pm and not to be late. I also told her to wear matching bra & panties , the black leather slacks and vest and her tallest heals. At 2:59 she pulled in and I opened the garage door for her to pull her car into. I rang her cell and gave her the word again to be sure and told her to come in and go to the basement. Where I was waiting . I questioned her about her sex life up to that point  She said that guys tried to get to home plate but never got past 1st base. That she was finger fucked a few times but never had a cock in her yet. Other than Mom’s  dildo that is. I then told her to come over to me and allow me to feel her through her leather garments. She looked so hot in that getup. Then I told her to remove the pants and vest. I then asked her if she enjoyed being tied up. Her answer was an enthusiastic Yes. I said good and to go over to where she would find a pair of handcuffs attached to an eye bolt in the ceiling. Then she was to snap them on her wrists. Then I attached some ankle straps to each leg. Then spread them and attached them to other bolts in the floor. I then pulled her 36 inch tits over the top of her bra. Pulled on her nipples hard till she screamed I then kissed them and sucked on them until she started to moan. At that point I felt her pussy and it was soaked. I then inserted a cock shaped gag that I used on her mother in her mouth. I then got down and licked her pussy until she came . Then inserted a 7 in vibrating dildo with a clit stimulator on it was 2 inches across  and filled her well . Then I inserted an expanding butt plug in her ass. Both the butt plug and the dildo had wires that I then attached to a DC low voltage stimulator pack. I also put adhesive leads on her nipples and attached wires to them. The look on her face was fright. I assured her that she would not be hurt and this was all part of her training to be a submissive sex slave which was her desire to become. I then blindfolded her and turned the heat up and brought the room temp up to 100 degrees then I sprayed her down with scented oil, and switched on the stimulators and pumped up the but plug a bit and left the room. I would check on her every 15 minutes and increase the voltage 1 notch.
After 1 hour and 15 min, she had the first orgasm of a total 16 over a 3 hr period  at that time she passed out I removed her from her confines  and took her to a bed room . Where I removed her bra and panties and secured her to the bed . I also put on a waist belt that I secured her hands to.  7 hrs later she awoke  to find her self in her new position. And Horney . She couldn’t reach her pussy with her hands to masturbate. While she was asleep I applied a cream that was given to me by an old Chinese man  he told me when applied to around the pussy and on the breast it made a woman Horney  and did it ever work.  I walked in the room and told her that today’s lesson was on giving head. So the first thing I did was masturbate and come on her face . I rubbed it in to her face  then had her lick my balls clean.
While  Rose  was out of it earlier  I called her mother and said  her word and then asked to speak to Joy and gave her word I told Lynn to bring Joy and herself over wearing nothing but bras and panty sets  ( I hate un-matching underwear on woman) young or old. I told her that she was going to instruct her girls on how  to give head properly. Shortly there after there at the door was mother and daughter as instructed. I told them to go in to the basement where the training would be held. . Lynn was given a very life like dildo and proceeded to instruct her daughters on giving the best head. If there was one thing that my ex could do was  she gave gooooood head. Before she started  I instructed her to discipline the 2 young sluts if they disobeyed her instructions. And I handed her a cat-of-9-tails to use on them. First she instructed them with using hands and then how to do it if there hands were tied. The younger one did well but the older one made mistakes and was wiped. This one likes pain and I believe the mistakes were on purpose. Then the real test was on me. They were told that I would not discipline so lightly as there mother did.  Mom was first and she did a good job until  felt teeth drag on the bottom of my cock. and I let her have a lash then another and she was taken over to the rack and tied up.
Next was  Joy the little slut did very very well no teeth even with her hands tied. I figured that she was a natural at it or she had been practicing on some one or some thing. So after she was done I asked her and being under the trance she could not lie and she said she has been giving head to Cole the boy down the street. Then I asked her if she has ever been fucked yet and she said no unless moms dildo counts. Then I asked how long she had been doing that and she said 2 years. Since she saw mom using it one night when I was gone. I then asked her what she wanted for a reward for doing so good on me. And she said she wanted mom to eat her pussy. And I let her have it. Now it was Rose’s turn. I tied her hands behind her back and had her kneel down  and I warned her of the penalties. So she  started  and right off the bat she scraped me So I had Joy come over and whip her once for scraping me and 1 time for having her stop getting her pussy eaten.  I told Joy to check Rose’s pussy and see if was wet  she said it was soaked. Again I said this slut likes pain. So I told her that if I felt her teeth any more that her mom would receive her lashes. But if I didn’t feel any she would receive 10 lashes and if she made me come she would get another 5 as a bonus.  She did real well and I felt no teeth and boy did I come. I came so much that I gave her 5 extra. At this point we all needed some rest. I told  them to go in the room clean up eat some and rest and I would be back in 4 hours for the next training.
After the rest period where there was music playing of my choosing and had messages buried in it of course. All of the training sessions were on tape from many angles. So I have a complete record of everything. As I watched them in that room they did as they were told. The 2 young ones fell asleep sucking on their mothers tits and mom had her fingers up their pussy’s.
It was Joy’s turn for training. I instructed them to prepare her for her lesson  . In the center of the room was a specially made table that gave access to all vital parts and could be adjusted to fit the subject. First both Rose and Lynn gave Joy a full mouth kiss and explained that she would be all right and tonight she would become a woman. Joy in response said to her mother that she had been wanting this for a long time. I then called Rose over and fitted her with  a strap on dildo. The strap on was fitted with a dildo and a butt plug for the person wearing it. I also snapped on nipple rings that snapped around the nipples. Rose had rather large nipples that when erect were about 5/8s of an inch long and 3/8s  across so rings fit good and would stay. Rose was ready. Now for Joy  she was positioned on her back . Ankles straps were put on her and her legs were attached to ropes hanging from the ceiling and spread was wide as possible. Then a she was strapped down to the table across the tummy and her hands were attached to that belt. Then a full head shroud was put on which left the mouth open it was fitted with a jaw spreader.  I then told Rose that if she did a good job and gave her sister 5 orgasms she would be rewarded with a private session of her liking.
So Rose started her mission. She started slowly first by fingering Joy to get her wet but her surprise she was wet  I stopped her there and had Mom apply some of that Chinese crème to her pubic area and breast. Then to apply to her self and to Rose’s tits. Rose inserted the fake cock in her sister with one hard trust and started in with a steady pace  Joy’s low screams of pain soon turned into moans of pleasure  Lynn started to suck Joy tits  Going back and forth between them. Joy was Loving this and was very verbal she kept say more more more and she said that she wanted a bigger one so I had Rose pull out and I removed that cock and replaced it with a 1nch longer one and 1/2in bigger around one. While sliding that one in Joy screamed Yes Yes Yyyyyyyeeeeeessssssssss. And had the first of 7 orgasms  each one more intense than the other until she fainted. I had Rose pull out of her and insert a vibrating gyrating dildo into her sis and turn it on then to take the strap fasten to the waist belt in the back and bring it up and hook it to the waist strap in the front to hold things in place. I then told Lynn to come over and kneel down and suck my cock and then told Rose  to fuck her mother doggy style up the ass. Until we all came. And did we all come in floods.
When we recovered we unhooked Joy from her restraints and flipped her over on the table. Her ankles were secured to the legs the table was adjusted so Joys tits were hanging through access hole provided  and her face was on the face hole with the hood removed. The 2 daughters had the same type of nipples just like their mother. I fitted Mom and Joy with their own set of nipple rings that they would ware  permenently. There were little rings on the rings that things could be attached to. On Joys I put 3 oz weights so they would pull her nips down towards the floor. I slid a mirror under the table so she could see.  She started to cuss and mouth off but was quickly silenced at the end of the whip across her ass. And I reaffirmed all their trigger words.  To assure there obedience And I let her be . I told Mom to put on the dildo belt  after I changed the inner dildo to a 6 in long and a 3in across plug type made of stainless steel. I attached a wire lead to it and then 2 to Rosie’s nipple rings. And instructed them to go over to the open shower stall I had and turn on the water. Then Rose was to get fucked doggy style by her Mom.
Now back to Joy I unhooked the strap that was holding the dildo in. Turned it off and pulled it out and replaced it with my cock. She soon started to moan louder and louder and soon reached orgasm. Then I pulled out and greased my rock hard pole and inserted it in her ass. The first stroke was slow but the second was hard and fast as were all that came after that. Her screams of pain were chilling but they soon turned to moans of pleasure. As she kept saying harder and faster This one was a born slut and truly loved sex She would turn out  to be a prize.
When I was done she I released her she went over to her Mom and Sis and had sis eat her pussy she also took the Leeds off sis and attached them to her tits . After they were all done they were told to clean up and go home and go to bed and when they woke up they would be out of their training trance.
Before Rose left I handed her 2 CDs marked A&B cd A had instructions on it for her and B had instructions for her friend Angie. Rose was to go to Angie’s place  and give her disk B and in the week following she would start a sexual relationship with Angie. On disk B were instructions for her to start a sexual relationship with Rosie . Angie  was given her trigger word. On the flip side of disk B which she was not to play till Friday morning. were instructions to have Rose’ bring her over on Friday evening and plan to stay the weekend  She was to dress slutey and to always ware matching underwear.
Chapter 5
The seduction of Angie
Friday came and Mom was ragging it so she got to stay home. At 3:30 I called Rosie and said her word and then asked for Joy and said her word  I then I called Angie and said her word. I then told her that Rose would pick her up in 1 hour and to be ready. At 5 pm they all arrived and were ordered to come in and strip to there underwear. Rose and Joy were not only in  sets but they matched also. They went Fredrick’s that week and bought open nipple bras and crotch-less panties. But Angie was wearing  mismatched set that looked as if it belonged on a 70 year old bag.
R & J told her that she would have to be punished and if she did not have stuff that matched she was to ware none at all.  Joy went to a case I had and got a pair of wrist straps  and fasten them behind her back. Then Rose put a Ball gag in her mouth and fastened it behind her head. Then she was taken to the training room. Where R&J tied her spread eagle to the ceiling hooks and the floor. Then an introduction video was played for her that I had put together over the past weeks so she would have some idea what was in store. for her. After the videos I questioned her and asked question her if she was a virgin. She said no and then I asked how many times she been fucked and she said 7 times. I asked if she liked it  she answer  it was ok but she liked eating Rosie’s pussy better  then I asked her if she ever had a cock up her ass and she said NO No way. The girls said that will change. And you will love it.
Rose walked up behind her and cut her bra straps and the waist band of her panties. I then walked In front of her and. French kissed her  and then grab her bra and yanked it off and then her panties. I then grabbed her nipples and gave them a tug. Then I kissed R & J and fingered her puss it was dry  I then ordered  R&J to suck on her tits and feel her up but not to play with her pussy,  ass was ok but no pussy.  As they worked on her  I felt their ass and rubbed their tits I also fingered there cunts  and they were wet . After about 20 minutes of that I told them to go to the room with the bed and work on each other. I checked Angie’s pussy and it was soaked. I then applied the cream to her vital parts  unhooked her legs and her arms she fell limp in my arms. I then carried her over to the table  laid her face down and adjusted it to fit . she was a bit taller than Joy and  her tits were bigger than either of them Joys were 34 double Ds Rosie’s were 36 C and Angie’s were 38 DDD but very firm no sagging  they stood up nicely. She had a nicely shaped ass but firm ass that stood up real good . I then called R & J out to apply the punishment for the underwear . Joy had a paddle and Rose had the Cat they were told 5 strokes each rose gave I stroke to each upper leg 1 to each cheek and one across the tits  Joy one on each tit one on each leg and one across the face with her  hand.
I had Rose  get the inflatable butt plug  and put in her mouth and pump it up then I had Joy  get big black it was a 9” long by 2” inflatable cock and insert it in her cunt and pump it up. Now it was time for me to fuck that virgin ass I had Rose grease my rock hard cock with KY and had Joy Guide it in Angie’s virgin ass. She was tight very tight.  It didn’t take me very long to come and I left an amble load in her ass.  I then told R&J to finish her off with strap ons  and they did Angie had  2 orgasms from each of them. Then they were to all climb into the whirlpool bath tub and relax  get some sleep .As I made sure that there were no clocks any ware around so the had no relationship to what time it was. I also played training music to reinforce attitudes  but they got 6 hrs of bondage and submissive slave movies played on the monitor.
Chapter 6
Special Joy
 In the training music was a special message for Joy  At a predetermined time a message came up for Joy to leave the room and come up to my room and to crawel in under the covers. We talked and kissed for a wile than she got under and brought my cock to life and crawled on top and rode me for all it was worth. To see that young supple body moving up and down on me was an answer to my dreams. She became my pet and both her mother and sister tried there hardest to take over that position but never could they were nothing but slaves  to me.  Joy soon became my # 1 and assistant I taught her to make cd’s  and be a Domme to her Mom , Sister, and Angie.  Angie she moved in to my home and became my maid cook every thing with in 4 weeks I did not need to use trigger words any of them they were living the life style that I programmed them too. We still have weekly sessions and Lynn ,Rose,& Joy bring in new fresh Girls to train and use at any given weekend there at least 3 here  Lynn is still the object of my anger I treated  her like shit and she thanks me for it . She is called cunt by her daughters and all the new sluts . I have her eat the girls pussies during their periods daily  and licks assholes after shits  I ordered her to loose weight and now weigh 128lbs down from 198. Her body is tight and looks good . She is the one that we try out new thing’s on. She has not had a cock in her in except for her birthday once a year and she stands by and watches me fuck her daughters every time.   And if she is not there she watches a tape of it and she get to lick my come out of there pussy’s after I fuck them.  I don’t like milky white woman so all woman are required to keep and maintain a certain tan level new sluts get 30 days to reach it  I have a tanning bed and where I live is very secluded where they can tan in the nude all year around.
It is now over 5 years since this started and Joy and I are married and she is mistress of the manor. Her sister and mom are our house staff now Angie was given to a friend  and is married to him. Doug and Angie still come over for fun and training.  Angie's ass hole is still tight and she still calls me Master.  Doug has the biggest cock I have ever seen and comes to fuck Lynn in the ass every other weekend. I lend Lynn out to stag parties every now and again she is 44 now has the body of a 30 yr, old. I took her to a party last week and she sucked 37 cocks twice. Took 22 cocks up the ass and 30 loads of cumm in the cunt. Then she came home riding in the back of my truck she smelled to bad to ride in front  I  put a but plug in her ass and pussy to keep the loads in till we got home   Joy had Rose tied to the table.  She was being punished for being disobedient to Joy. We had mom climb on to the table over Rose’s face and I pulled the plug from the pussy and it poured down into Rose’s waiting mouth then I told her to close her mouth an pulled the ass plug and what came out did not smell good at all. We released them to clean up and get some sleep for tomorrow we have a newbe coming Courtney a 17 yr old lesbian. This should be fun.

Chapter 7
Lesbe fixing
Courtney was brought to us kicking and screaming. In a closed van at night blindfolded and gagged. She had rings on her lips in her nose on her nipples ,ears and cunt lips. It was our job to re program her. That we did that night we brought her in and striped her except for the gag and blind fold.  Her hands were tied to shackles over her head and her feet to ones in the floor the usual starting position for newbes a cd had been made with her type of music and the usual messages in it Then after 3 hours  Joy walked in and tried her trigger word.  It did not work so we gave her a drink with Valium in it  and put on a hood with head phones in it and played a different cd after 40 minuets she was in our power. At that point we put her on the training table and removed all the rings. Then we shaved her head and pussy  to get rid of the green hair.  We discovered that she was having her period and instructed Lynn to do her thing. Seeing that Rose got real Horney and she got on her knees and asked Mistress Joy if she would ask the master to please fuck her in the ass.  Joy came over to ask me and I said only if she ate the mistresses  pussy while getting ass fucked  Joy said with a smile of course what ever you wish my Lord. Then she grabbed Rose by the hair and said slut eat me as she climbed on to the other table Rose dove in like a starved animal and I slid my cock in to her cunt to get lubed up for the ass then I plunged it in to her ass. Her ass was so used to being fucked that it didn’t resist anymore. Lynn came over to see if she could help with red wings  she kissed Rose’s ass and left a lip print in blood on her ass. Joy said  Cunt get the fuck out of hear you sick bitch and get cleaned up and clean up the new slut also.  About that time Rose started her orgasm and that started Joys and Mine  Hearing all that was going on Courtney had one also out of thin air. But then again Lynn had just got done eating her out again.
Now back to the task at hand the lesbo  First off we sponge bathed her and then rubbed her down with oil and stroked her to build a a repour with her even though her in a trance she going to be a tough one. so first we let her out of her gag and I asked her a question  who am I and she responded The Master. Then Joy asked and she my mistress then Rose asked what are you . She said I a slut slave and I am here for training  to be a submissive. So now we released her from her binds and let her off the table  her hands were still attached to the waist belt. Rose took her over to the  toilet and then she did her thing  Rose told her that part of her first day here was an enema and a douche  she was given those and then released from the belt.  She was not completely under so we said her word again and she stopped in her tracks. I said to Joy that this one would have to be reinforced every hour or as needed. She agreed.  We first de programmed her and brought her back to a womb like state then we started the reprogramming of Courtney we changed her name to Jane. Because the old name would remind her of the old her at the 3 week point she was back to functioning  some what normally  her hair was about an inch long because we applied hair growth stimulator on her head and bush  she had beautiful red hair the spots where the rings had healed up nicely. She started tanning daily and had good color. So now we started her intense training. Which included outdoor bondage and total love making practices. Use of her tong and hands. 
chapter 8
                                                Jane’s Cumming out.
 It was a Friday night  the first day of a long weekend. All slaves were present even those that were not in our present realm all of them from the past 5 years 52 in total. They all entered through the side entrance and left there cloths at the door  Jane was a bit over whelmed this was the first time we were all together at once we started with a ceremony much like a wedding.  Joy and I walked Jane down the stairs from the second floor. She was  wearing a white open tip bra and split crotch panties and a Vail. We moved a new White training table in the great room.  We informed  Jane that she would be tied to the table with her legs spread wide  and every guest would come up and lick her puss and kiss her nipples for a start. And then she would be de flowered by the slave that would have there name drawn from a hat. There was 47 woman and 5 men  that have gone trough submissive training here.  17 brought husbands and 3 brought wives. So in all fairness only singles were allowed to be in the drawing.  They used there number  Lynn was slave #1 Joy was #3 and so on. The numbers were all thrown in to a basket and  I picked the winner and it was # 27 Janette a tall muscular redhead. She came up and  I as Master first ordered her to  ask mistress Joy for permission and Joy said to Jeanette that she first had to prove her self worthy by giving the Master a blow  job in front of all the slaves present and then eat the Mistresses pussy but if she fail she would be punished. So she came up in front of me and assumed the position of a good sub. And she started sucking and I felt her teeth scrap the head of my cock and I told her she failed. Rose and Angie garbed her and strung her up on the rack and stretched her to the limit. Then each guest gave one stroke each . I gave a present to the spouses I told them to go into the training room and have there way with Lynn and if she gave them any trouble to tell me personally. I then picked the next # and it was 2 Rose she assumed the position and really want to  deflower Jane. She gave the best head she ever gave and then did Joy up right  then she was fitted with her own harness and proceeded to first fuck her pussy until she came then her ass with out flipping her over  Jane was screaming at first and then moaned very very loadly after 6 orgasms Rose was done and begged to be racked  that was her reward remember she loves pain  so it was done and then I asked how many strokes and she said 100. on the rack both sides of her are available at stroke 24 she had her first orgasm and then at 31, 44.57 63 70 77 82 87 90 93 95 99 and 100. stroke 99 and100 were by me and Joy directly to the pussy.  She was red  but no welts  and that was good . She was taken down and put in the hot tub and then licked dry by the other guest. For 16 hours Lynn was put through the ringer and was fucked 87 times and ate 47 pussies. And only 3 were bloody. After that night I made her a regular slave no more shit licking  or bloody pussies.
I got to ass fuck Angie 2 times and Joy got fucked by the 5 male slaves in both holes she also requested a cum shower so all males PRESENT gathered around her and were masturbated by female slaves. When all the men were spent there wasn’t a dry spot on Joy. I counted 7 orgasms and 6 more wile be cleaned off.  Then Jane was given the first chance to lick Joy and the rest of the slaves joined in and cleaned her up.  At  the 15th hour we all jumped in the pool and washed each other off in a huge communal bath when the last guest left  we all jumped in to the whirlpool  tub it fits 6  and bathed each other and all climbed in to one bed and fell fast asleep. For 14 hours.

Chapter 9
The aftermath
The days and weeks after the party we got visits from many different slaves that wanted a refresher course and that helped with Jane training also, she became a very good trainer and decided to become a permanent part of our house hold and slept with Joy and I most nights. Joy came to me and asked if I loved Jane more than her. I replied no  Joy you are my love and besides you love Jane and how she makes you feel but I think that you need to be retrained a bit. I am sending  Mom Rose  and Jane away this weekend  to Seattle to get some new toys and some r&r  On Thursday morning they left and I called Joy to my office and said her new trigger word the old one hasn’t worked in years I had been playing music with messages in it for Joy for the past week I had learned some new tricks with messaging in the past few months. A way to have them obey with out being under a full trance  so I thought I would test it this weekend. I instructed her to shave her pussy  clean except for a 1 inch heart shaped puff of hair 2 inches above her slit. And she was to maintain it until I say different  I then ordered her to the wheel rack for punishment on that rack she could be turned into any position I wanted  her. I secured her and told her the violations she has done and asked her how many lashes  she required and she said 25. 5 more than I though  I then turned her upside down and walked up to her and told her to suck on my balls and I ate her pussy till she was about to cum and then I started to whip her the first lash was directly to her clit and then to her tits and then her ass legs pussy and the final 4 were to her clit again  some where around lash 15 she started Cumming and passed out on # 25 . I then released her and carried her to the table.  I laid  her on her back and tied her legs in the air and her hands above her also.  On the TV mounted above her was playing a video of her first month of training. And I asked her did she want to go back to that and just be a slave. Her answer was no Master I do not. I want to be Mistress of the manor. well this weekend im taking you back to your roots and starting Sunday night you will start taking your duties more seriously and start retraining your sis and Mom too.  I will see if Jane has been corrupted this weekend  I gave Jane some orders to tell me all that they talk about.  Well back to you what wrong she said that she’s so hot and wants cock in her. She also asked me to wire her up. So I applied the stimulator Leeds to her tits . she also asked to have a clit ring put on over the past 6 years her clit has grown bigger and stiffer more sensitive also I replaces her stainless tit rings with solid gold rings  and I applied her clit ring I attached the Leeds to her rings and then put the other led for the clit ring up my ass and turned on to pulse at different intervals as I inserted my cock I got a tingle and it made my dick herded. As I fuck her pussy we got hotter and hotter we had never felt such a feeling.and we both came so hard and long that we both passed out. I woke up on the floor with a raging hard on. I stood up and inserted my cock in her ass and it started another pulse cycle and joy returned to life and was at the edge of coming when the pulse hit again and we came together. Joys pussy contracted so hard that it squirted a mixture of her juices and my come all over me m I then shut off the units and untied her and went over and sat down she followed and crawled up in my lap and we both fell asleep
We woke up about 2 hrs later and she sucked me hard and said she wanted doggy in the ass again so she bent over the table and said. please fuck me Master make me come again with just your dick. And I did just that. But I didn’t come and for that she needed some lashes. At this point she did not need to be tied. I got the riding crop and gave her 10 on the pussy  I felt her puss  and it was hot so I started to lick it and she came as soon as I touched her clit the ring was working.  Tomorrow we would try uncharted ground.

That next morning we discussed over breakfast an idea I had. That I thought she would like. Role reversal, I would let her be master and I would be the slave. As we sat at the table in the. Raw and her nipples were touching the cool table top she about leaped across the table at me saying yes oh Master please let me. I said ok at 3Pm we would change places till 7 pm . I knew that if she went to far all I had to do is say her trigger word twice and she would completely shut down and obey my commands. At 2pm I tested her trigger words and they worked I told her to go get the dick stool and sit on it with it up her ass. She did it with out delay  she hated that thing then I told her to take it and put in the trunk of the car and give me the keys. I didn’t want it either. At 2:30 I said release word  and told her to go get dressed at 3:55 she came down and she looked hot Leather buster boots and gloves. All black. 3pm sharp she came over to me and grabbed me by the balls and I followed her to the training room I was put on the rack and stretched eagle then she applied cream to me and gave me 3 viagra.  Then Joy put on a cock ring set and ball sack harness and tightened it up . then she applied adhesive leed connections to each side of my ball sack and then to my tits. Then turned me upside down and inserted a butt plug and pumped it up  then Joy started with the lashes. First 5 to the balls and then 5 to the ass. The balls were next with 5 and then 10 to the tits by this point I started to come and she caught it in her mouth. She held it there and turned me right side up and kissed me and made me drink my come. Then she put a cock gag in my mouth. And she then proceeded to give the rest of my lashes  then she released my hands and tied them behind me and undid my feet and took me over to a table where she secured my ankles spread apart as wide as they would go. Then she bent me over the table and secured me down she then removed the butt plug and put on a dildo harness with a big cock. She then proceeded to ream my ass hole but got pissed when she couldn’t hear me scream in pain so she removed the gag and started in again and every time I called her a name she pulled out and whipped me again then fucked me finally it felt ok and I screamed for show until I came  about 2 oz in a cup and she drank it down  she kept it up for 2more hours and it ended at 7 pm  wither bathing me and pampering me like a king and master. She told that she fulfilled a long time dream of hers and did not need to ever do it again and that I trusted her that much to let her do it meant so much to her. I then gave her a tape of the night and told her to share it with the other girls.
The others got home on Sunday about 3 pm with a car load of stuff the latest in bondage gear some replacement stuff and a $1500 receipt from Fred’s and 1200 from V-S. and of course they got plenty  for Joy also. She explained that she would be doing some retraining on Rose and Lynn and continue Jane’s training Lynn admitted that she and Rose were a bit naughty up there and they brought 3 guys back to there room  and fuck the shit out them and used them as toys. Jane was in on it also she let all 3 fuck her in the ass  but we all got it up there. I said well that was Joys dept from now on and she would deal with you. They all modeled their stuff for me and also bought matching set for all of them  14 different set for each of them.
That night Jane came to sleep with us and I said her word and she spilled the beans  she told us of Lynn’s plan to leave us and take Rose and Joy with her  Jane said that Rose didn’t want to leave  and neither did I . so We had a problem Lynn.
 Well back to the recording room to make recordings for Lynn. Our new home was about done  and we would be moving soon I took Joy to see it  and she loves it its 7000sq ft in the main living floors with a 3500 sqft basement and a 1500 sqft sub basement with a complete dungeon  the sub basement would be the  new training facility it sits on a hill top  and I own the land for 3 miles in any direction  in the basement would be the work out room and garage the house can sleep 60 people or 120 if we stack em.

Chapter 11
Dealing with Lynn
 Hers a copy of a letter I wrote Lynn.
Dear Lynn
It has come to my attention that you are not happy here. I have tried to fill all your needs but to no-avail you are plotting against me . Well You have already been programmed with a new trigger word and I will use it right after you read this letter if you do not explain your self and beg for forgiveness  but if you do want to leave you will have to go through a complete de programming like we did to Jane  if that is your wish we will start today just say the word . But that has a cost that is hi you will never see the girls again. Is that a price you want to pay.
Lynn came to Joy and asked to see me. Joy being a good sub told her go sit on the new stool in the middle of the side room and wait. The side room is a 6’X6’ room off the great room The new  stool being  taller and has a more flexible cock attached. And the subject has to climb on to it not just sit on it  then it also has straps on it to attach the users ankles and hand to it. Then Joy secured the feet to the sides and hands behind her back. Today was skirt day each day the slaves have to ware a certin style of clothing. Today is pleated skirt and tight white stretchy pull over tops no bras or panties and nipples erect just the material its self keeps them up. The skirt made it convenient for stool sitting.  Joy came in to my office and said Master may I speak . I said yes slut what is it. She said Mom I mean slut Lynn has requested to speak to you  about the letter. Knowing what she wanted and where I had instructed Joy to put her and I had coated the head of the cock with ben-gay and the rest of the shaft with that cream and let it dry. It must be warming things up about now. So I let her sit for a bit. I then told Joy that she made a mistake and to pay up the was calling her Mom  I had her pull up her skirt and lay over my lap. then I told her to spread her cheeks and I took out the ben gay and I put a very small dot on the tip of my index finger and inserted it up her ass as far as it could go. Then I gave her a pair of swats 1 on each cheek and sent on her way I reminded her that today is enema day and to get the wet room ready. We are doing both holes today also. After about 10 minutes I went out to Lynn and I called everyone to witness what was to happen. The look of discomfort on her face was great. She was sweating to the point that her top was soaked and looked like a wet t shirt. Her pussy was so wet that it was dripping juice on the floor. And the tears were flowing at full force. I asked what was wrong and she asked may I  speak freely  Master. I said granted. My ass is burning my cunt is dripping and wants cock and my mind is confused. So I asked what about the letter. Lynn said that she was not willing to pay that price but she is haunted by thoughts of our past when we were married and how she hated it but loves our life since the divorce. Even when she was being used as a shit slut. So she requested that she be reprogrammed to the point where the thoughts of our past would not haunt her.
I told Jane and Rose to suck on Lynn’s tits until we get back and told  Joy to come and walked out of the room  to my office. I had Joy come over to the sofa and sit on my lap. I asked how her ass was and she said she loved the warm feeling deep in side. Then I asked what do you thing about Lynn. She replied that this would be breaking new ground and it would be good learning experience for Jane  then do you think Lynn will be a better slave for it and she said yes and we all will be better slaves for it. You could even use it to reinforce mine and Rose’s training. You know that it would involve the jellitin  tank. I know Joy replied but it would be worth it . I said lets do it  I said Lynn must not know about this only that her request has been granted and Rose is not to be involved in the prep work which is easy because the tank is in the subbasement  of the new house  which will be finished today. The new furnishings will be delivered tomorrow. I finished the training center last week. I then gave Joy a very long Kiss and tweaked her nips and we got up and walked out to the room. .Joy walked in first and told the others to stop and move against the wall. I first walked to Joy and gave her a very passionate kiss and fingered her cunt she sighed then I went to Rose and did the same then Jane got the same. But she fainted. But she soon recovered I then went up to Lynn and I said to her wish granted she replied Oh thank you Master I then instructed Rose and Jane to come over and I told Jane to stand behind Lynn and I told Lynn to lean back into Jane’s arms then I whispered to Rose to slide her whole hand up Lynn pussy and when in she make a fist and moved it back and forth. But to wait till I had her distracted by French kissing her.  Lynn came in less than 1 min, and Rose was so turned on by what she did she came herself. And pulled her hand out without opening her fist. Lynn moaned and screamed at the same time.
Chapter 12
The Program
It was Monday noon and we had to be moved and be ready by Friday at 3pm. Doug and Angie would be moving into this house as caretakers. I had to do 3 programs by Friday. And I elected to use my old equipment to do it because I did not any glitches in them.
Joys was easy it would just reinforce her duties and her place it the pecking order and I also reaffirmed my love for her so she would not worry about my feelings for Jane.
Rose on the other hand had a few issues. A general attitude problem and disrespect for authority. Joys to be exact I never had a problem  Rose was also not watching her weight as she did earlier
Now Lynn’s I would have to take her back to before she and I were married or at least to just before things went bad and then bring her to where she became a slave and a slut till now.
Now for the tank let me describe it. Its 6 foot across and 9 feet high. It’s made of clear poly resin and has a rounded bottom  no corners. Its filled with a saline based jell  that is heated to 101 degrees the subjects are fitted with breathing air and exhaust air hoses mounted on a mouth piece secured by a strap around the back of the head the ears and nose are plugged and earplugs are head phones also. The subjects have to fast for 24hrs before going into the tank  they are giving an enema and a douche before put into the trance. Other things are done to subjects in preparation for the tank. A body temp senser is inserted in the ass. We monitor heart rate and blood oxygen levels and respirations. The subject is fitted with wrist restraints used only to lift then in and out of the tank. The tank is to simulate the womb feeling which helps relax subjects during deprogramming and reprogramming.
Wednesday 6pm we are moved in and 3 programs are done. Except for Joy the others do not have a clue about Friday. Joy and I  tried out the tank on Tuesday night. We went down there to check on how it was going and decided to experiment with something we put on air hoses and climbed in to  the tank and made love in the jell weight less I wanted to feel what it was like all I could say was wow. Then Joy wanted Jane to experience it also and so Jane joined us and I made love to her also. Both Jane and Joy said that the jell made there pussies tingle and it felt good. So I came up with the idea to insert pussy expanders. In them so they would fill with the jell also. But I did not tell Joy  about them. At last Friday was here. I called Lynn Rose and Joy to my office As they came in I said their trigger word 2 times  first in was Joy then Lynn then Rose. I said to them to remove their cloths and follow Jane to the tank room . Jane administered the enemas and the douche then ordered them to evacuate them and to completely loose control of their pee at the same time. And they did it. Then they were told to go up on the platform and  stand facing the tank. Jane and I applied and inserted all that needed to be done and pumped warm jell in to Joys pussy and then lowered her into the tank then Lynn and Rose. Then we did a system check to make sure that all were right  I hit Joys button and told her to get into a fetal position and she did. Then I gave the same command to each of the other 2. It was funny to watch how they moved and what they did wile under the programming  about 3 hours into Joys program I ordered her to have an orgasm  and at hour 6 and at hour 9 . Joy was going to come out around hour 12. Roses orgasms were ordered at hour 5,10 15 and 20  Lynn’s were  programmed at hour 6. 9,12 15,18.21.24. When Rose had hers she expelled the jell from her cunt and then sucked in new stuff .
Jane and I had eleven hours to kill in a brand new dungeon to try out. She was wearing a white lab coat and a red  buster underneath a garter and white hose spike heals and big round red glasses. In the 14 months that Jane has been with us her hair had grown down to her shoulders and her pussy thatch was thick and a perfect triangle. She walked over to the new mid-evil style rack and took off the lab coat. And said master will you show me how this works. And I walked over and grabbed her hair and kissed her long and hard then I put 3 fingers in her pussy and lifted her on to it. I asked if she was sure of what she asked for and she said yes that wile doing preparations for the tank she would come over and lay on it. I asked Mistress Joy to try it out on me and she said that the master is the only one to use it first.  It had a series of holes in up the middle for pegs and I showed her how they worked. I then tied her legs to the table and then rolled the table so she was upside down while in this position I inserted a 10 inch peg then cranked on the leg restraints. Then I attached her arms to the  upper restraints and cranked on them I asked if she was in pain and she said discomfort but not pain  then I stood her upright. Seeing that her nipples had enlarged nicely over the past year I fitted her with gold nipple ring like the other girls had. Then the table was fitted with attachments that had a number  of uses  I put one on that went accross in front of her tits and it had a crank and light gold chain I clipped the chains to he nipple rings and cranked it up. I put enough strain on them that if she relaxed  she would be in sever pain now she had to pull on her arms to keep the full weight of her body off the pony peg and she also had to keep her back arched to stop nipple pain then I put adhesive leed strips on the outside of each tit and put on the pulse charger on to shock  her. And left her they’re until after I got Joy out.
Hour 12 was here and Joy had her last cum and I then started to wake Joy  up while she was in the tank. She started to stir and I gave her wake up word she opened her eyes and waved then she turned to Rose and Lynn and twisted there nipples hard and motioned out I lowered the hook and she hooked her chain to it and I pulled her out  as I pulled her out her pussy expander fell out into the tank. I disconnected her removed her leads and wiped her face. And asked her who and what she was  she answered with the answer had given her in her program which is.
I am Joy I am your wife slave ,slut and head mistress of the manor. My duties are to be loyal to you and only you . I am seconded in command in this facility and my only desire is to please you my Master. I am to oversee training of slave sluts and I am to be a hard taskmaster
It worked then I took her by the hand over to where Jane was and she said I see the Master has been busy with you and Jane said yes mistress. Then Joy asked Master may I. I said of course. My pet your in charge of slut training. So Joy  gave each crank 2 clicks first the legs then the tits then the arms then turned up the voltage on the pulse then she put a ball in her mouth and told her not to loose it
I then took Joy to the clean up room and showered her. She felt so soft and rested she said she never felt so good and asked how she was going to get the jell out of her pussy and I said this way. Im going to force it out. So I took her over to a training table and bent her over it and fucked it out of her. Then I gave a douche to clean the rest out her. Then I gave her the getup of the day  which was the same as Jane’s but only in black except for the lab coat.  After she was dressed she released Jane and came over to watch Rose have an orgasm  and to see how the jell moved in and out o her pussy.  Then she and Jane went to a table and Joy rubbed Jane's tits and pussy with numbing lotion to ease her pain then she came and got a suction gun and filled it with jell and inserted into Jane’s cunt and filled her up and then put an expanding plug in it and told Jane to resume her work
The time flew and it was time for Rose to come out so Joy and Jane and I discussed weather to wake her up in the tank or out we all agreed to wake her in. But to do it slowly. I started to wake her and told her to stand and raise her hands then I told her before she was pulled out she was to grab on to both of her mothers tits and pull hard I then said here trigger word and she opened her eyes and turned to Lynn and grabbed both tits and gave them a hard pull. Then I started the hoist and pulled her out. Joy and Jane disconnected her and cleaned her face and Joy asked her the question  Rose turned to me and said my name is Tashie and I am a slut slave for My Master and Mistress Joy. My duties are to provide my body to be used in anyway my Master or Mistress see’s fit and to assist in the running and care of my Masters homes and possessions. I am at their complete will
Joy looked at me and wondered about the name and I said it worked before we will see if it will work again.  Joy said you’re the Master. Joy had Jane take Tashie to the clean room for clean up  after showering her Jane asked if the master wished to remove her pussy jell in the same way and I said no why don’t you and Joy suck an lick it out with your mouths. It was quite a sight watching them. Then they dressed her in a burgundy buster set and took her over to the wall and attached her to the shackles on it both hands feet and then neck then the slack was taken up in the chains to a level of discomfort.
It was now about time to remove Lynn. Joy went up on the platform and pulled on her Leeds and yanked them out and then said her word Lynn opened her eyes and started to panic Joy left her headset on and I said just stop and beneath normally and she did then I told her to pull her pussy expander out and then masturbate herself to an orgasm and she was done in 2 min’s,. when she was done I told her to squeeze down on her pussy mussels and I watched the jell come out. Then I raised her out and left her hanging about a foot from the floor.  Jane removed her air hose and wiped her face then asked the question and she looked at me said my name is Lindy I am my Masters and all of my Mistresses slut slave to use as they see fit  I am #7 in the pecking order under You master And mistress Joy then Tashie then Jane then Angie and Doug. I will do what ever I am told how ever I am told to do it. Then I asked have you ever been married?  And Lindy said yes but you choose my Joy over me and for that I am glade. She was taken to the room and cleaned up then given a douche to clean up her pussy out. Then dressed and taken to the rack where Jane fixed her right up then there was a buzzer herd I pushed a button and the elevator door opened. And there stood Angie and Doug  Angie had a pink buster on and Doug  had leather pants with his ass and cock exposed I had called them and said there words and told them to come here. Angie was to be ass fucked by me and Joy by Doug. Joy told me just a few days that she needed Doug’s cock up  her ass. At this point I told Jane and Joy to remove their lab coats and for Jane to be tied at the base of table 1 with a collar and lead. Then I had Joy tie Angie down to that table face down. Then I told Doug to do the same to Joy when done I strapped Doug’s legs to Joys and had him coat his cock with jell and lube up Joy’s ass hole then I had him impale Joy and stop I then snapped a metal collar on him and one on Joy and connected them together with a short chain then strapped his hands to Joys waist belt that was holding her down to the table I then told him to pullout all accept for his cock head And adjusted a strap that would only allow this amount of movement  they were done I then said his release word and told him to do her good
                        I then instructed Jane to pick up the cat of 9 tails and  give Doug 5 lashes wherever  she chose  so she unhooked her chain and did as I said  starting with me I said Angies word just as she got hers and I slid in to her I also told every one to be very vocal  that was the end of a very long day and it ended well.


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