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my latest... More to cum???
« on: December 14, 2022, 02:53:27 am »
my latest writing. Maybe more to come, depending...

She stood there, watching with a sexy grin, as I fumbled about. She repeatedly instructed me to bind myself as if it was my ultimate fantasy. When i asked for it, She would hand me the things that i wanted and brought to the session. She handed me everything I needed, to tie myself into my predicament. i was completely naked, except for the paracord that i had looped and tied tightly around my erect cock and balls. i was already dripping with excitement.

i had carefully climbed into the garbage dumpster, that She had available and promised for the hook-up. It was fairly dark and quiet here on a late Sunday night. A beautiful and cool late evening really, with the full moon giving us just the perfect amount of light to make our way. The large bin was in a surrounded enclosure with a wooden staircase on the side of the blue bin. She assured me that nobody would be around before i stripped naked, putting all my clothing and shoes into another bag for safe keeping. It was perfect for my fantasy. The dumpster was filled with shiny-black, garbage bags that were filled with soft packaging and such. i even had to open both lids and move some bags to one side to make a hole for myself because the 6yd container was pretty much full.

i could begin to feel the drugs that She insisted i take earlier, as i was working my way by sitting scrunched up into the triple layered trash bags. A touch of MDMA, muscle relaxer, and a dick pill. She said that i'd have trouble cumming but would be in pure ecstasy the entire time.

After i had everything secured and asked for Her to seal the 1st inner trash bag around my neck with duct tape, She said, "Are you sure?" i was pretty tightly bound, balled up, in a fetal position. Just one workable clip for me to release myself. She reached in my bags while looking like She was double checking my self bondage. Suddenly i heard a noticeable click. She pulled back with a smile and i looked down to find that She had padlocked my wrist and ankle cuffs together. i only had them clipped together with a carabiner, or mountain climbers clip, so that i could escape at any time that i needed to for safety. With the drugs and fantasy beginning to quickly climb to the peak, i just accepted it as She starred me in the eye to see my facial expression of realizing i was just locked in.

She then quickly gagged me with a knotted and twisted trash bag tied tightly behind my head. i just moaned at Her as She giggled at me.

Next, She squirted a whole bunch of cold sex lube all over me. It felt so shocking as it streamed down, all around my warm flesh. She began to rub it over my body as She made Her way down slowly with Her gloved hand. She stroked my throbbing shaft a little and laughed a bit more at me as i strained against the bondage and moaned with a sexual lust.

She told me to masturbate slowly just before She grabbed a smaller bag of garbage and squeezed it down between my legs and into my lap. The bag was packed down onto me by Her, causing me to pretty much fuck the bag of waste as i slowly stroked myself and caressed my tightly bound balls. The bags of trash crumpled and crinkled slightly in my ears the whole time. It was almost hypnotizing me into my place. The cool smooth plastic felt wonderful all over my skin. That fresh plastic bag scent delighted my sense of smell.

Finally, She pulled the first inner most bag up to my neck, fully encasing my naked and tightly bound body. She wound the black duct tape around the thick bag many times, tightly sealing the plastic bag at my neck, leaving only my head exposed from the black bags. i simply moaned quietly, as i completely fell in love with Her. i really belonged to Her now.

She then pulled out the clear, two and a half gallon, plastic bag that She knew was meant to go over my head for the suffocation play part of my fantasy. i realized at that moment, that She knew what i wanted, needed, and deserved at this point without me even having to ask for it. "Just how far is She going to take this", i wonder to myself.

She slowly, showing plenty of Her beautiful cleavage, leaned over the lip of the garbage dumpster, and slipped the smooth bag down over my head. "Comfy", She asks, as She pulls a rope around my neck and seals the plastic bag closed and air tight.

"Mmmmm Hmmmmm", i respond.

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Re: my latest... More to cum???
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2023, 09:02:31 am »
i wake up to Her caressing my cheek.
"Hello?", She is saying to me, i suddenly realize.
i moan a long soft grunt to Her, and She giggles again.
She loves the look on my face as i become aware. She had just put me out. She really passed me out with ease or without a care.
"Mmmmmmpphhh", i moan. Completely lost and bewildered to my fantasy like reality.
She pulls the clear, plastic bag down over my head again and loops the rope around my neck.
"Look me in the eyes", She says to me with a smile.
i find it hard to stare such beauty in the face but try to comply.
The plastic bag is billowing quickly again as She pulls the rope around my neck tighter.
"Mmmm... Mmmmn", i plea again. It's all happening so quickly now.
"Fight it for me", She says while staring at me with the sexiest, devious grin.
Her words echo so deeply through me, as if She was ringing my bell.
"Fight it", i thought as i tried my best to keep eye contact. i wanted to impress Her. A game of chicken that i knew that i'd lose
The moans and crinkling of plastic build to a roar. i struggle and beg to Her with my eyes. She just smiles and pushes me that much harder.
"Give into it then. Become one with My garbage.", She says seductively in my ear.
i look Her in the eyes with my last, fleeting breath. i can see how serious She is as the steamy, wet plastic clings tightly to my face.
"Mmmmmmmpppphhhh", is all i can muster.
i look Her in the eyea. Fighting it as darkness creeps in all around the edges. The rope pulls tighter as She stares at me with a lustfull look.
Quickly spiraling into a blackhole. Rustling plastic, moans, and giggles, echo down into another parallel dimension.


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