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A night at the race (fanfic) pt.1
« on: December 06, 2022, 09:46:13 am »
"No, absolutely not." The girl said looking at the pictures.
"Sidney, you have to. It's the perfect setup. Besides, you comprehend Russian, so you are going to understand what they are saying around you."
Silence. Apparently this was the opening they were waiting for, to reach out to some Russian oligarch dealing with industrial secrets.
The girl was still looking at the pictures, and something was stirring inside her.

Her partner was waiting for her response. If there was one that could pull it off, it was Sidney. As an agent, she had always been the most giving, always willing to go the extra mile.
But in this case it was not an extra mile. It was a mission, an undercover mission.
As she parted her lips to ask the first question, he knew she had decided to go on.
"What is it?"
"There is a bunch of Jetsetters that are organizing a very peculiar party in a horse race track near town. Something very exclusive and quiet as well."
"What do you mean?"
"This is a very kinky party. With a strict dress code for the female attendees."
Sidney was gesturing at the pictures that showed some girls dressed in a makeshift equine costume, with some boots that ended in hooves.
"The party is supposed to take place in a couple of weeks and you are supposed to go to this address where they will measure you up for the costume. I've managed to find a place in the catering crew, so I will be nearby at all times."
She seemed to relax at the thought, but Michael, her partner, was certain that she had entered her "mission mode" right there in front of his eyes.
They had a review of the place, it was a horse track with the gravel ring where horses were supposed to race. It had a sort of big ballroom on the other side of the entrance, with easy access to the stalls and to the rear access area.
Michael had snatched the plan for the catering company and could place the kitchens and the storage area for food and supplies.
"So let me understand, why couldn't I be in the catering? Instead of dressing up?"
"They asked for male waiters. And do not worry, I will also have a dress code."
"Tomorrow I have to go to the office and I will discover it."

When she came to the address, she found a brownstone building in a chic part of town. At the entrance she gave a name to the girl that opened the door.
"Here for the measurements?"
"Yes." The trained agent gave the girl a visual scan, she was in her twenties, dressed conservative, skirt and jacket. In leather.
This explained the faint smell of leather that was in the building. The agent was directed to a waiting hall, with a leather chair and, while there she could take a hard look at the pictures that were hung on the walls.
There were girls dressed in leather, and while at first they seemed normal enough, she could spot some strange outfits.
She was processing these thoughts in her brain, when they summoned her in the adjacent room.
It was more or less a fitting room and the intoxicating smell there was definitely stronger.
Another woman met her, a lady with white hair collected in a neat ponytail, also wearing leather. An ensemble made by a long shirt ending in a bustier and a jacket.
"Please, fold your clothes over there." The tone was sharp and cold.
Sidney decided to play the part, and did not follow her instinct that suggested she put up with her antagonist, instead she started to shed her clothes and neatly placed them on a nearby chair.
As she came down to her underwear, the lady gestured her to go on, so bra and knickers went to the pile.

Finally, she was there, completely naked, in a supposed tailor's workshop, with a lady dressed in leather who, in a slow motion, fished her pocket to find a tape.
Sidney had been to a fair amount of tailors, costumes and disguise are the bread and butter of any agent, but the amount of measurements that this lady had taken from her body was astounding.
Finally she had applied directly to her torso some tape to make the model for what seemed to be like a corset or a leotard.
Every time Sidney opened her mouth to ask something she was rewarded with a stern look and a sharp reminder that she had to keep absolutely quiet.
"Where did I put myself, this time?"
It was not the first time she had to go undercover, in the past had been in a Chinese prison, or she had to crack a smugglers' ring in Taiwan. And usually she had a sort of playbook to resort to with ways to disengage and methods to ask for help.

This time, the two of them, she and Michael, were so outside the normal parameters that they were actually flying solo.
There was a snitch in the Agency, so they could not call in for help, and because of that they could not report their whereabouts. On top of that, to further distance from each other, they could not be seen together until the party. A friendship between two different contractors would generate for sure some suspicion. And the size of the organization behind these events, with an obvious need for the utter privacy, made them think that they would be subject to a sort of background check, or at least a mild surveillance.
That very night, returning from the atelier, she texted Michael to a burner phone they bought just in case.
"Went to tailor. Very strange. No clue."
He responded.
"Me too. I have never been measured this way. Hope for a tuxedo."
Sidney laughed at the joke and swiftly replied with the "finger crossed" emoji.
For the next few days, they conducted a fairly simple life. She played the cover of a down-on-her-luck student, needing to take money just to survive, and Michael instead worked at a local bar and hit the gym, between shifts.
In her spare time, they chatted on the phones and pursued some mild research on the firm that had rented the horse race track.
Their searches resulted in a dead end. It was a Chinese box scheme, specifically designed to obfuscate the real people behind this.
In their spare time, they were following the oligarch under investigation. But this was an easier task, since he was on the pages of the most common gossip website, with a fairly good amount of images and furthermore they had planted some snitches in his organization, that fed them a constant stream of information.
After a week the party crew started to call around for the event setup.
Sidney was given a timetable that she would have to follow to the letter. And they also gave her an advance check that would be very awesome for a student.
In the morning of the event they were waiting for her at the tailor's workshop, with her hair done and all the things in check.
Michael was expected to be in another part of town to be brought in this location with all the catering crew.

The morning of the day, the agent went to the tailor's at the proposed time. The first thing that picked up interest was a black windows van, in the alley beside the building and the fact that there were some obvious security professionals in the area.
Ok, no joke. She thought.
The girl that had greeted her before opened the door to let Sidney go into a waiting area.
Seated there was another female, who seemed intensely forcing herself to not look at her.
As she failed, the undercover agent gave her a smile full of encouragement.
"Ehi, I'm Sarah, what is your name?"
She was trying to get some information from her, but she went on looking in front of her.
"I do not want to talk. I'm nervous."
The thought that this was not a normal costume party dawned on Sidney, after all, she had somehow skipped the process that obviously the girl must have done, just to sneak in. As a result, she had no clear idea what kind of trouble she was putting herself into.
They were called in at the same time, and got into a room different from the one where Sidney had been measured before.
Actually the space was divided in two mirror halves, with curtains on the side.
The woman that she had met the time before was at the center and said.
"Girls, there is no time to lose. Please undress completely, leaving only your panties, and if you need to go to the bathroom, now is the time. Move."
The agent went behind the curtain and made sure that no one was looking, and put a tiny earpiece into her left ear, to be able to communicate with Michael when they would meet at the track.
Then she proceeded to shed her clothes on a nearby chair. Once she was in lingerie, she went to the adjacent bathroom to relieve herself.
The whole thing was being stranger and stranger.
As she came to the center of the room, there were four women that were preparing bundles of creaking black leather on a table.
One of them told the two models to sit on a stool, and two each started to put some boots on Sidney and the other.
The agent took the chance to get a good look at those boots, mostly she inspected the other girl's, since she had a better look in that direction. Before starting the assistants told the girl to put on some latex leggings, socks that reached the top of their legs, and then they started to latch those things.
These were, laced to the top of the leg and forced the feet on point. As they were fitted, she found that they had no heel and that the sole was shaped as a hoof. A horse's hoof.
The whole "horse costume" thing came to mind and she wondered how much Michael knew of this setup.

Once these boots were laced, the assistants took some black things from the cart. Again, since it was not clear what those things were, Sidney looked with attention at the other girl, ignoring what they were putting on her torso.
Those were some kind of corsets. Black leather going from the hips to the neck. The strings were already passed so they were forced to put it on like a sweater, head first. Then the tightening started.
As they went on with the job, it was apparent that the function of these things was to block the torso in position. They were shaped with a muscular abdomen and there were some holes for the breasts to pass through.
The other girl was very well endowed, so her tits literally dangled out of the corset, and this was more evident as the assistant tightened the thing.
As it was indeed evident that as the corset was in place it gave some sort of support to her globes.
Sidney was surprised to feel the restriction on her own body. It was not definitely uncomfortable but she was suspecting that with time it would be very difficult to bear. Her cover was the model for hire, and it was supposed that she knew what the suits were, so whatever the distress, she had to suck it up and go on.
The corset was finally laced in the end and Sidney realized that the neck part was shaped in a way that was forcing her to look in front of her.
What kind of costume was it?
She was lost in her thoughts when the other girl was presented with another piece of the suit.
Her assistant asked her to put her arms beside her back and to put her hands on her elbows.
She then enveloped her arms in a pocket that was latched with a series of buckles to the front of the corset.
When it came to her turn, Sidney discovered that the thing put her arms completely out of the picture. As the buckles were latched, hands were pressed on elbows and shoulders were pushed back to further enhance the breasts' display.
The agent realized the extent of her predicament, and the mere fact that she had actually no countermeasure in place to deal with it, it was another troubling thought.
The situation turned bleaker as the two girls were fitted with a head harness, complete with a horse bit that went in their mouth and some shield on the sides that seriously blocked the peripheral vision.
The bit pushed her tongue down, so that Sidney was limited to mumbling. She was asking herself if that was enough, while she saw the last piece of the costume fitted to her silent companion.
The assistants picked up a sort of long object with some straps, one then went down on her knees between the model legs. Then the agent had a clear vision of that contraption and felt her own legs buckling under her. Without the use of her hands she would have fallen down if not for a nearby stool she got some support from.
The object was a dick shaped pole that they pushed inside the other girl’s pussy after taking off her panties.
She moaned loudly as the two assistants slid it in until they could connect four straps from the base of the thing to the lower edge of the corset, obviously to keep it in place.
Sidney was shocked to see that there was still a pole pointing downward from the crotch of the girl, long enough to reach her knees.
The assistant pushed her feet into something and as she slid it up, it became apparent that it was a pair of panties with a hole to manage the pole.
As a final touch, they put some cuffs on her ankles and they passed a chain through some links on them to connect it with a link on the base of the pole.
The undercover agent was forcing herself to calm down as she realized that she was the next.
The assistants were strong and she was in no shape to confront them, so she committed to stand still as she felt a couple of fingers opening her snatch. The insertion took forever, they were pushing slowly but relentlessly, and when the pressure was over, Sideny felt herself full as she had never felt before.
She remained calm as they connected the intruder to the corset, and let them do their job when they put those underwear on and the cuffs and the chain.
She had closed her eyes, during the process, and when she had opened them back again, she saw that the other girl, the one in a costume very similar to her, was looking directly at her.
One of the assistants left the room, leaving the other in charge of the “horses”, and Sidney surprised herself thinking if there was a chance of overpowering her.
But, really, that was not the objective of the mission, she would have to endure all of it. Besides, she did not think she had any way to get out of this, without the help of anyone.
She was quietly testing how much she could move, but her arms were neatly folded and blocked behind her back, she was teetering on her hooves boots, unable to run away, and with the chains, unable even to kick someone in the nuts.
On top of that, the dildo they shoved into her was bothering more than she had imagined. In a very strange way.

After a couple of minutes, the assistant returned to the room, along with the woman, who had taken the measurement on Sidney the first time.
“Well, well… Let’s see our horses.”
And she started to check the two girls.
Sidney was stricken to notice that she had some chains strewn on her left shoulder.
She tightened some of the buckles in the head harness and then she put some feathers on the top of the head to complete the equine travesty.
The real shocker was when she put her hands on the pole connected to the dildo and tried to budge it down.
Sidney could feel the rigid cock moving into her, and took stock of the pain and pleasure that this movement caused her.
She yelped and while she tried to regain some sort of equilibrium, she felt that any tug on the chain that linked her ankles meant a movement on the intruder.
Giving an order, the woman got a Marker and with a steady hand grabbed their right breast in her hand and wrote a number. Sidney got 6, while the other girl got 5.
Marked like horses.
This is going to be a nightmare, she thought, while the woman took one of the chains from her shoulder and linked one end to the collar of the suit and another to the tip of the pole.
Finally she grabbed the horses’ chains and pulled them out of the room.
Sidney and her colleague were in no position to resist, every pull on the chain meant sharp pain in their pussy, so they had no choice.
They went into another room that had a door to the alley on the side of the building, once outside Sidney and the other girl were carried to the black van.
From those few steps, Sidney got the hint that the boots were comfortable enough to walk but she could not see how it would be possible for her to wear them for hours.
Moreover, she discovered that when she allowed herself to take normal steps this made the chain tight, pushing down the pole, just to be recalled in position by the straps linking the dildo to the corset.
Basically, she was impaling herself simply by walking. And this could be a problem, since the whole thing sent a tingling on her sex.

When they closed the van door, the two tried to find a position to sit, and since there were poles sticking from their crotch, they resorted to lean sideways on the couches. Sidney swore silently, since she had no way to try to understand where they were carrying her.

In that position, the journey was uneventful. Sidney took the chance to try to find a way to free her hands, but the straps were not giving any way.
It dawned in her that she would be paraded in this predicament around other people.
She believed that it would be fairly safe to say that no one could recognise her, with all these things, yet she would move around people with a cock pumping in her pussy. In her line of work, embarrassment was not allowed. Yet she was feeling something like that and some other thing that she yet failed to identify.

Straining her hearing, she heard some moans from the other girl, and realized that it was possible to get off in this.
Then, over the engine noises, she picked some of the conversation between the two men sitting in front.
She got that they were talking about betting on 6, she seemed more muscular.
It took more than a moment to understand that they were talking about betting money on her, for a sort of competition she completely ignored.

Finally the van stopped and the side door was open, the two men came behind and put some leashes on the chains to drag both of them out of there.
Sidney taught that, since she was treated like an animal, she could behave like one and struggled to remain inside the vehicle.
The man pushing her, reached for her right breast and took the nipple between his finger and started to pinch it.
The pain was sharp and the sudden understanding that she had no power there, made her pussy wet almost immediately.

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Re: A night at the race (fanfic) pt.1
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2022, 02:15:10 pm »
Sounds like this will be a very fine ponygirl story. :D

Sydney did get herself into some bind there. But she seems to like it. Will Michael be able to help her? Or will he be in a similar situation as they got strange measurements from him too?

Let's wait and see. :) Please continue soon.

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Re: A night at the race (fanfic) pt.1
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2022, 03:32:58 pm »
Other question: The title says this story is fanfic. I'm curious from what it is fanfic. Can you help me with that? ;)

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Re: A night at the race (fanfic) pt.1
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2022, 07:42:57 am »
Yes!  :)
Other question: The title says this story is fanfic. I'm curious from what it is fanfic. Can you help me with that? ;)

Yes.  :D

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Re: A night at the race (fanfic) pt.1
« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2022, 08:35:26 am »
and would you? :D So I know to which franchise, movie, book, game? :D
« Last Edit: December 08, 2022, 09:10:05 am by icy »

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Re: A night at the race (fanfic) pt.1
« Reply #5 on: December 08, 2022, 07:40:50 pm »
A tv series called "Alias", anyone?

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Re: A night at the race (fanfic) pt.1
« Reply #6 on: December 08, 2022, 09:45:30 pm »
A tv series called "Alias", anyone?

Ah yes, the wild rollercoaster of "is Sydney's dad evil this week?" and "how come it never seems to take that long to fly to Europe?" But we rented the box-sets and watched the lot, so it was definitely doing something right.

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Re: A night at the race (fanfic) pt.1
« Reply #7 on: December 09, 2022, 08:58:00 am »
A tv series called "Alias", anyone?

Yes, I know of the show, but I never really watched it. But I think this story will prove to be more interesting... :D

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Re: A night at the race (fanfic) pt.1
« Reply #8 on: December 26, 2022, 03:31:00 pm »
Nice Story. Waiting For Next Part <3


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