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Bound for Life 12 by Cuffmaster
« on: February 19, 2016, 11:33:55 am »
Maria Section 12

As the girls and I thought we were ready to go we were told to dress nice and come on deck in 15 minutes.

We arrived on deck and we were taken by that special elevator which Sir had installed for us that would take us down to the main pier. 

There sat Harrod and his fine car.

We all kissed and loved to see him again. He did not ask, but ordered us to get in and we told we have a treat for you.

It turns out we went to his store and entered thru a tunnel and remote controlled gate and to his private elevator.

When we got to the private room, there on the dressing area was 4 of the most elegant gowns I have ever seen.  Peach, White, Blue and Green.  Each had a name tag next to it.

Do you girls know the Fashion show in Paris starts in a few weeks?  Well, here are your outfits, and each is hand made by a famous designer, and you will ladies will be the show stopper.  In fact, hanging are three changes for each of you.

Now for the gift from Sir Wilson, and the Queen Mother and Myself.

Harrod went and brought a box over.  In it was the most beautiful sets of Gold and Diamond bracelet for each of us I have ever seen.  Until now I thought the Cartier Love bracelet was the best, but this simply left it in the dust.

Now what?

There is a pair for each of you.  And the same as your ankles, once on they are non removable.

Are you willing accept these?  It is one way, like your anklets.  It is our gift of love for you all.

The exception is, the chain between is removable and comes in many links and your Husbands, or Masters will decide the length for the event or personal use.

I was first and the cuffs were applied and glowed and shined as only pure gold over that special material of the anklets and diamonds can do.

Mia, Molly and Mrs Coolmore last after Harrod had his two wives done.

Next my husband said come, and he took a piece of chain, about 24 inchs long and touched it to the bracelet and then the other one.  I could see no lock openings just a click as each came in contact with the chain and bracelet and yet I could not get it loose.  Each the bracelets and the chain had a small oversized piece on each the chain.

Each of the other men did the same for their ladies. 

Freeling special was the word of the day.

Don touched the chain at the bracelet and it simply fell off.  I am smart, but this one had me.

Now, each try on your dresses and lets see if any thing needs to taken in or let out.

We all stripped down, not bashful to any of these men and of course, no bras, panties or pubic hair.
By now it seemed so natural.  Not sexual with the other men, but pride in being chosen by our Masters or Husbands and given the total gift of being bound for life back to them.

Like a latex glove, all were perfect.  I did wonder about the ¾ sleeves and hem lines about mid calf.

After we were dressed, we again had the chain applied.  Now I understud the length of the sleeves and shortness of the skirts.  It was to highlight the bracelets and chains and the anklets and the chains.

This was a sexy look I can not begin to describe.  In fact I was starting to drip, but let it be.

Harrod had a evil smile.

Each of you will run the catwalk as you are now, chained in different ways sometimes in long chain, or short or hand to each other in front or back or even to your sides  and showing off in anyway you want.  You can be silly, proper, formal or just as you are, queens.

Then each will be changed and it repeated.  Remember we have several changed of clothes for each of you.

Unless you are not thinking, you are the stars of this years fashion show, chained and gowned like no other show has ever been.  This will be the first fahion show of its kind, but I doubt the last.

Yes, you will all be wearing nylons and have a little higher heel than you are used to wearing,  so on the passage over and while sight seeing before the show, I think you should all wear shoes of the same heel as the show.  OK?


I want to set a new trend and show men and women they can truly be bound and yet in total style.  You saw the reaction and name list you got when you had the party for the sale of the ranch.  It got me to thinking, why not set a trentd,  and here was a bounch of very wealthy people.  Yes, even single women want to be the best and show they too are special.  You would be shocked at the amount of bondage gear we sell here.  None of this quality and style, as you 4 are exclusive and no one else will ever have exactly what you do.  You are all very special.

We have the Master jewler with us and he can set any stone, or stones that the customer wants right on the spot.  I think frankly I will make millions on this show.

OK, Master, how does this chain, I held up, how does it stay on and yet is not removable unless you want it off.

He laughed as well as the other men.  He showed me ring he was wearing.  Each chain and bracelet has a magnet of very high force and each a different frequency.  See, I can not open Mia's or anyone eleses.  Each is for the queen that wears it.  You see, you are so special and need, no requirment to be locked up but all of you will be most of the time, in addition to your ankles which can not be removed these are removable for our needs and certain times we desire it for you.  None of you can ever come and say, please take the chain off, but you can come and asked to be chained.  You belong totally and I know enjoy totally the feeling of being taken care of and chained to and for the man you love.

We went back to the ship and slept and made love and played with the new chains in a hundred ways.

I had never been really hog tied before, and now with the two bracelets attached to each behind my back that was totally orgsamic.  Then he took a length of the chain and looped it around my ankles and up to my hands and then between my arms.  I heard the snap as he locked the chain. I could not do much than roll over.  My legs were up to my wrists almost and my hands tight to each other.  He rolled me over and kissed my nipples and massaged them and tweeked my nipples.  I could not stop feeling new things.  He asked, was I uncomfortable?  Yes, a little as my wristlets are digging into my back some.  He brought a big pillow and put under my butt.  Total relief.  Then he got ready for bed and came to me and said, two choices.  Stay as you are all night, or lets fuck most of the night away.

I am sure you knew the answer, as he mounted me.  I had more fun that night and just kept on cumming.  When he tired, he rolled over and went to sleep.  I wanted more, but no way to help myself or move him to mount me again or me to mount him.  I finally went to sleep, but wow, the dreams.

Now it was time to move the ship from the dock, and I wondered, would all work as I was told.

The Captain, had tugs standing by in case it did not.  He simply with the computer set it what he wanted it to do, and the huge ship just slipped away from the dock, quite and smooth. When in the river channel, he just sat there like a proud papa and the computer ordered the motors to work in reverse and forward and the thrusters to turn the ship.  As if a ice skater, we simple turned around in the middle of the river.  He was very pleased and the Naval people there to watch was on the radio and making all kinds of nice and wild comments.  We followed the river out to sea and it was so smooth.

When at the sea, I expected some rock and roll even though this was a very large ship, but he had the computer activate the stableizers and it was like on a flat lake and yet the waves were boiling over some of the lower deck.  Wow.  Either I was good in my ideas, ha ha, or the guys who built this were magic.  Maybe both.

I had before I met Don ever considered myself enough of a beauty and with enough confidence to consider being a model, and now I was the center of a total show. 

Let me tell you ladies, having a Master that understands and is not into trying to hurt you, but to improve you is beyond anything you have ever wanted is beyond wonderful.  Sure, we play hard sometimes, but it is always by mutual consent and with me knowing before what was going to happen, well most of the time at least.

We had a shipful of beautiful women.  All the ones that were going to model for the show and of course Mia, Molly, Issis and Harrods Ladies.  We also had a second item in the hold, a van that appeared to be armoured and had many men with guns about it.  I asked and was simply told, a part of the show in Paris.

I had in one of the state rooms dozens and dozens of fine dresses and shoes and all the things the girls would need for the show.

Mia each day gave me a total bath and worked with my hair and she did with her hands chained at about 18 inches or so apart, and the sound of the chain against the tub and touching me in a totally new way.  My hair was really growing now and very long and I was glad, as it took her longer to do and the sounds and feeling was long and beautiful.

Right now my flowing red hair is below my waist.  I Love it and so does my Husband.

We took the ship down the south french coast while the girls tried on everthing and practiced walking not with the usual high prance of a runway model, but the soft mute of legs bound 12 inchs  apart.  It did not take long to totally convert to the style and some totally loved it.  I mean really loved it.  Each model seemed to act as the queen there were.  I found in the questions asked by most, they seemed very interested if our bondage went beyond my ankles being bound for life.

Harrod was with us, and a van full of diamonds, and every precious stone available and it seemed like miles of gold chain and a collection of the magnatic locks.

We all learned to walk in higher heel with the ankles at being bound for life.  Even the models. They had on removabale chain and anklets, but yet none did not ever ask for them to be removed or take them off, even sleeping and bathing with their ankles bound and some asked for chain to have their wrists done also.  This seemed to be a major trend, the feeling of being totally at the control of another.

Harrod gave us a preview of the banners and ads for the Fashion Show.  It was called

 Bound for Love.

I liked it as I was the feature model in the ads and my other three life companions were with me and each showed off the bondage we had asked for and given willing to our mates for life.

I made a horrible mistake one day when right after my wrist chain was removed by Master I quickly put my arms around him to kiss and hug.  Yes, the Click.  My wrists magnets had not been turned off and I was totally bound to him.  We were so tight to each he could not reach with his magic ring to unlock us.  I called for Mia and she came quickly.  To say she was laughing was a understatement.

She got on the intercome and called Molly, Iris and Coolmore and Mo Gunter and the others.  They all came and again we were both bright red.

He was the one who commanded the situation.  See guys, always turn off the magnets on your ladies.  This could happen to a railing, pan, or even a door with at least one wrist.  Will some one take my ring and unlock us.


Was the answer from all.  You two need a nap and to kiss and slow down for a bit.  Remember a few year ago Sir, you had a very bad heart attack.  Now you two we will carry you to bed, and of course, only rubbing and hugging and kissing is all I think is all you can do, so please rest as we want you around for many years yet to come.

A few hours later Mia came in and she was still with her hand chained, but a new length, shorter, and took my beautiful Masters ring off and unlocked the cuffs and set the locks to off.  She told me that we were off the Coast of South France and had been invited to dinner by the Royal family. She had accepted for us and I gently got out of bed leaving my Husband to rest.

She did my hair and make up and we picked out a beautiful gown for both of us.  I think I surprised her by asking could I help her take a bath and do her hair.  We giggled like school girls, and enjoyed that first special time.  I am not bi sexual, but I really did enjoy washing her breasts and pubic area.  Did I find a new thing I liked?  Yes I did.  Total bondage and to my Husband made it even more special.

A day of learning.  What else is ahead for me and my Master?


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