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Bound for Life 11 by Cuffmaster
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Maria Section 11

After showers and purring they said lets go.  I asked Mai to get out our riding clothes.  She asked, will the queen been in a gown or jeans.  I did not know, so told her go and ask.  What ever she wore is what we would also wear.

Now she said, get into riding clothes, and of course bring my cuffs and keys with you and I will do the same for you.

What I did not know was that during the night she had my horse and its mate as well as Dons horse and mate had been flown over.  Also the pair of the special saddles we would need. We dressed and I wascuffed again and the Queen ask, can you cuff me as he did last night.  Yes, but first I will chain your ankles as mine, in just chain and we shall all go for a ride.

Out the private way and across the country.   I knew the guards and snipers were there, but could no see them.  After a couple of hours, she turned to me and said. 

You are so belessed she told me.  I know that and still turned red as I said thank you.

It is about time for us to do our special thing.  I unlocked her hands and she asked Don to come ride next to her.  Her purse was full of goodies, and she asked him, do you still trust me?

He said yes of course.

Then put your hands behind your back and let me tie them in strong leather straps. 


After than she then asked he lean down and she applied a total black sleep mask on him.  Totally blocking out all sight and light.

She now lead his horse and we rode for maybe another hour.  I laughed when he said, you know rideing with your hands tied behind you is not as easy as it looks.  The Queen simply said, remember I told you that many years ago on our special trips.  Relax, we only have a couple of hours more to go....

After about 3 more hours I really need to pee, and I am sure the others the same.

She stopped the horses in a nice grove or trees by a stream and backed her horse up to me to have me let her hands loose.  I laughed.  Make do for yourself.  With these special saddles you can get off and do all you need and even get a drink. OK, but you are just as crazy as I have heard, and we all laughed.

After about 20 minutes we were all done, and Don asked how about me?  Well she said, guess your wife will have to help you down and do it for you, or you can wait.  He was totally red and said, Maria, are you willing.  I already was by his horse and told him to hold my shoulder and come off.  OK, so far.
Now we walked into the woods, my hands bound in steel cuffs and his in leather.  I Kissed him and played with his cock and balls.  God woman you are going to pay for this was his remark.  I finally helped him pee and shake it off.  He was not limp yet and I simply got on my knees and gave him a blow job that he would not forget for a long time.  When we got back, the others smiled and said, good outing?

I simply said, you should try it sometime.

He got one foot in the sturp of his saddle and used my back and shoulders to finish mounting.  He said, you know I love this in watching you, and I have a question?  Yes, My Love.  Is this really fun for you or do you do all these things just because I enjoy watching. 


After a longer ride the Queen Mother told us to stop.  She asked me to uncuff her and for Mia to do the same for me.  We dismounted and untied Pats hands but left the blindfold on, and ask, do not take it off until we tell you, OK?

We heard in the distant jet engines at a fire rate and she took of his blindfold.  She asked, Moe, please take Stars rein and yours, hold tight.  Mia, do the same for mine and yours.  She then got Pats horse and also held tight. 

I am sure my hair was going to be burned as a squad of fighter jets came in low, fast and so tight.  They then broke off and went up vertical until out of sight and then at about 600 mph each made a criss cross in front of us.  Impressive, you bet.  Suddenly colored smoke came from all and they formed a flag formation.  Very Impressive.

Over the hill came the limo and we all climbed abord and miltarty men took the horses.

I was sure I knew what was on the other side of the hill, but keep my mouth shut.

Over the hill and a huge white and colored sign, said Welcome Master and Happy Birthday, and signed the Queen, Maria and all the people who love you.

It was dropped and the ship, not a yaught but a full ship was in full view.  I said, Husband, My Love, Happy Birthday and we were piped by the crew.  On the side of the ship, in beautiful white, and on the side prow was  MS Sir Wilson.

Don, as proper, asked the Captain of the Ship, Permission to come aboard?

Then he started to notice things.  First of course this was as big as any ship in the line of units, a full three stories of deck rooms and the main deck.  Impressive

First on a deck high upand to the rear of the ship, a pontoon Heleocopter and the ship had a  huge system of masts with radar and other electronics on it.  Then he noticed, the yarcht we had come over on was lifted out of the water and was stored against the back of the ship.

I think not often he  is totally surprised, but this was one of the times.  He was more in shock as the huge door on the ship lifted and in drove the limo.  What?

I told him there would be times we are in a full port and want to drive in the mountains, or anyplace and  now we could do and be safe.

The Queen said, Don, I love you as a son and if you only knew what that wonderful wife of yours has done and we agreed to, you would be passed out.  I have to leave and fly back, and you guys have a safe trip around the world.

I called the Captain and told him, please get under way when the tide was correct.

He was introduced to Don and I have never seen Don without words before as I gave him a tour of the ship.  He asked, what did she mean around the world?  The captain said we had enough fuel rods to last for at least 5 years, water and stores of food for the trip of 10 to 12 ,months if we choose, and I am sure we will stop many times if the route I have been given she has given us to be taken, and we can refuel to the limit and water, etc and assorted fresh items the countries and islands.  He explained to us that the Royal Navy had installed two small necular reactors for motors to generate the power plus a backup should one of them fail, we could still travel any where until we got repairs.  This would give us much flexablity as we travel the world plus other things to be explained later.  Where the forward fuel tank had been was for the car and storage of canned goods and Ammo and a work shop for Sir Wilson.

Don, asked what can I do for you to show you my love? 

I told him, bind me, whip me, or anything he wanted, but I wanted most to always be bound to him and by him for the rest of our lives.

The ships Captains name was Dan.

He and Don with us toured the ship.  Don had been the only Captain of this ship ever.  He was commisioned by the origional builder and owner of this fine ship.

He said, Miss, how shall I address you? 

My name is Maria, and or Mrs Wilson, your choice. 

Well ever sense Mr Wilson got Knighted by the Queen he has grown in so many ways, I am never sure to call him Sir, not Patrick or Pat or Don or in the right company Sir Wilson.  What do perfer. 

I looked up at him, a huge man but with the grace of a cat and told him.  Ask him as on board his ship, he has the choice, but I think Sir.  I am sure he will tell you what the that all have their women in bondage as I am , a brotherhood of bondage masters call each other.

I just gave this beautiful ship to him for his Birthday.


We did a tour of the ship and Don kept asking, how and why had I made the changes to the ship that I ordered and that had been done. 

I told him simple Don is my most valuable thing I have in this world and for his pleasure, safety and our ablity to love and have frankly have sex any time, hour of the day, and know it is ok as this is our place

He said, I have to ask  Are your ankles really chained that way for life as I have heard? 


In fact, you can while we are in port I can give you can a piece of the chain and test or try and cut it in any way.  Frankly you can not do it. And you will meet many other ladies that have chosen this life style.  Plus we have a waiting list of women, some married, some mistress to important men and some single who wish this same life and some even more.  That we will tell you when we have more time.  Nothing will be kept secret from you or your mate.

Now, on with the ship.

First you may notice we have installed a lift in back to bring the shore yaught aboard.  This ship is far to large for some of the places we are going.  We have also had extra thrusters installed that not only can move us side to side, but be turned a full 360 degrees to allow us to reach crusing speed more qickly, or stop in a much shorter time that a ship of this size that it is normal for.

Next you notice we have added a forward and rear radar and lazer painting system along with an additional 50 ft tall folding main electronic mast.  These are are all tied into your command center.  We have also installed where not obvious 50 cal machine guns with a 500 round before reload and dual ship to ship missles at each gun port.

We will be going places that some really bad people exist, and tell me now, do you have any problem of blowing out of the water fast boats trying to take or and not stopping for anyone left alive.  The reason is frankly if we take out a dozen or so of these people we may cut way down on the ships being taken and held for ranson and people put at freight.  The Queen Mother is very worried as she has many subjects that are rich and being taken or killed.  We will put a huge dent into this as this ship is a prime target, and hopefully the last thing these thugs see.

With the Lazer paint system for the guns and missles, they tell me I could take out a shark at 5 miles with one single shot.  Do not get me wrong, I am not a power or blood thirsty person, in fact I am a Medical Doctor.

Any problem with doing this?  Tell me true now before we undock.

I have talked to your former bosses and am told you are willing to put the nose of a ship in a mine field if it was needed.

Is this correct?


Also you will see in the command center we have side, radar and sonar plus depth and side to side unit so when we have no pilot ship or tug, to can use this when we need it.  We have been asked to map certain areas we are in, the bottom.  I am also told you can place this craft in a space with less than 4 feet of forward and aft clearance.

Now the most important quest, will you work for US?  Money is no object and we can talk about that later, but we need you.

You will be working here, and places with people that you have learned or heard you should hate from birth, but trust me, they are the best of the best.  Be they from anywhere.  Second, if you have a woman, wife, or steady girlfriend she is welcome to join us.  As you know this ship, before the changes, it is plenty large enough for famileis, but there is a rule.  No children.  We ladies have to have a shot , that is requred by each lady, if you have one, she will have to take it one time a year or leave the ship.  What it does is that it keeps totally her from getting with child and she will have one 3 day period a year.

Also, you will notice, we have upgraded the Helo pad and a new craft.  It is pontoons and which have the ablity to be extra fuel units and gives the craft about a 800 mile range.  It is simple, I worry about Sir, and of course the rest of the crew and families but I am not your family Doctor.  We have one on staff for the crew and guests.
We need to try to never be more than the rage of this helo from major medical help. 

Ask Dave, I do not know if you know him, but his life and business was saved by the proper usage of helos and he now runs the fleet of ships taking pipe and supplies to the desert of Aftrica which has water, but to deep to had by hand dug wells.  Frankly, your home country, Russia, the USA, and and the UK have given us detailed ground penteration radar maps so we will not waste time and effort in digging dry holes.

Now, do you have any questions?

Yes, are the gun ports automatic or what?

No, they are manned on call by Israelie and former Seals and a couple of Russias best.
The command post watching the radar and electrons is done in 4 hour shifts around the clock.   The guys off duty are always available on call for backup or assistance.

Also the engineer that made the changes, or at least gave the plans and orders has asked to be with us until one of our ports of call.  You are the Captain and it is totally up to you. If you and he work well who at your choice can invite him as your 2nd or what ever position and be free to offer what ever he needs in money or what ever.  That is your choice.

Now, the part you might like.  Most ships have a pretty bland diet and over and over pretty much the same thing day in and out. 

We have on board the a Gormet Chef and staff and all meals are table served like a fine dining place.

Yes, Don and I plus our guests will be dining with the crew.  Maybe this will tell you the respect we have for you guys and gals. 

We can easly with grace and fine cabins and all use a crew of about 75 men and women and about the same for service people, like you would find on a cruse ship.  We have guest quarters for up to 200 people, but unless a major head of State party, I doubt that we will ever have more than 20 to 50 at a time.
Also you might be surprised that the motors are all new, and the props are high speed and quite.  Also we are not exactly a field test, but each prop runs on its own necular power unit and generator and this allows us to make one go forward and one reverse at the same time.  I do not know to much, but they tell me you can make one of the fastest turns possible with a ship this size.  They are being tested by the British Navy and would like us to do a few high speed turns and report the response you got.  It appears they are going to use them in some type of fighting ship and it is designed to avoid mines, and unmanned ships of remote control trying to get in past the radar and etc.  This is why we have three radar stacks, so we can see in three deminsion all about us.  The missisles we carry will go beyone the horizion if needed because of the type of radar we are using and then paint the intruder with the lazer to reguide the missisles if needed.   Frankly, at the request of the Queen all this was done at no cost to me, as they need to test more and more and have private ships of important people given the ablity to protect the people on board.  Yes, just so you know, each person on this base has been given extra leave time and $1,000.00 bonus for the fine and quick work they have done for us. 

The Queen has asked we come up the main river by London on the next high tide after we reach the area, and to come in quite and dark at 10 PM.  I have no idea for sure what she has in mind, but I have gotten to know her and she is a card.

The Queen had arranged for several barges to be in the river and the provided with one of the best fireworks show I have ever seen.  It went on for some time and ended with one of those flowing displays that showed Love to Sir and Maria, and signed, Your Queen. 

This is the MS Sir Wilson and I have it registered in the Netherlands and each of you will have a dipolamatic passport to allow you to go and come and avoid lines, checking and the other crap, like looking at what you are taking or bringing on board.

No more roar when when travel at night to get used to.  Like riding in a limo.  Speaking of limos, we have had a lift portion of the ship made into a port, with an elevator installed for the Limo that Sir now has.  We need a driver, as I want Mo with us and Maria at all times, (except in bed) but that I know will find the most capable and be the right person before we need it in Paris.

Now maybe the most important question.  Do you mind women bound, chained, or tied or running naked about your ship?  I know we all have a habit of forgetting where we are and do what we love.  We all wear our chains with pride as they make our men and ourselves happy.

I am personally bound for life at the ankles and the necklace can not be removed and I have a chain which is on forever as the brand of my Husband.

We have many women the same way and we will have many more along the way who also want certain things non removable.  Right now we have in the machine shop over 1000 feet of chain and molds for 50 women for their ankles.

Again, Any problem with this???????

He was pure white.


It is your ship and your life.  I know this, You have a wife that is not in this country now, and I would so love to have her bound as you and the others for my own reasons.  Thank you again for telling my  crew can have wives, or others on board and be a part of this adventure.

The rest of the day was spent with my Husband and he and I finding new ways to love each.  I was never out of bondage at all.  Of course my ankles, as that I do not consider bondage, but devotion to him..

We sail on the evening tide and it will be good for Pat as he is tired and excited, and frankly I think he wore me and him out with out wondful sex of the past hours.

We will have a darken ship ahead of us to guide us thru the maze of channels and etc.  Also he will have the ablity to lower the sub nets that are hidden in many places.  I am told we have such a deep draft that we will just clear the lowered nets, this is why we have to leave on high tide.  You know Maria, I have lived here in this area all my life and never knew of this place, yes rumors and such, but never see it before they brought me in by chopper, blindfolded from London.  I have not a real clue as to what they do, but from the things they have done for our Ship I can only guess.

I can guess that some of this section might have been boring to my readers, but very important part of my and my Husbands life, as it set the world adventure in motion, and me, frankly, rarely out of some type of bondage.

When we got to London, late as told and dark as told we had quite a treat.

I had been put into a leather harness which kept me upright and most of my weight would be in a crotch strap if I were to be lifted.  Other than the harness I had on only a bikini top.  I just knew it, I was going to be lifted and sure enough, yes. I was bound in so many ways escape would have been inpossible had I desired it, but instead I loved each strap as it was applied.

All ships have loadingcranes on deck and they extend high and lean way over for cargo or supplies.

I was chained by the back to cable of this crane. 

Sir had Mia help me into a leather harnass after removing all my clothes and maybe the most important part of the harness was the strap that ran between my legs.  It supported all my weight and the other items of the harness simply kept me upright.

I was lifted to the total hight of the crane and out as far as possible over the river.  Totally nude except got my bikini and anyone watching the light from the fireworks would have been able to see me.  I suret that some did, but others did not realize what they saw. 

I was there for hours before the show and all during it.  Frankly I expected to be let down and brought back to the ship at the end of the show.

My Husband had other ideas.  I could hear him tell the crew.  Bring her down if it gets to cold or just before sunrise, but do not take off the harness. Bring her to my suite when she is brought down.  Now high abovethe water and the normal lights of ships and cars and street lights I felt totally nude for the first time ever.  Also, if you have to pee, well, let it go.  Thanks for the fact that was all I had todo.

I was so sexually excited by being exposed and the weight of my own body making a new vulva for me. I was in total cum for who knows how many hours.

When I was brought to my Husband, ass he did was undo the crotch strap and make love for the rest of the night and most of the day. This is something every woman should experience at least once in her life as the level of sexual high is not possible to tell.  At the same time, without the proper conditioning, as we have done in the past it would have be unbearable.

We heard on the radio to follow the lights on the shore and park for the night and rest up for our trip.

We made love again all night and I was bound so tight I could bearly breath and he was endless in his manhood and I just got my brains fucked out of me.  All of my body has been used except my anus and that is still a virgin.  I wonder, will he someday ask, or simply take it!!!! 

I actually want to ask him to take it with love some special night when we are both happy and rested.  We shall see, as he I do not think would take it by force knowing that other than being raped he was my only man ever.

After a rest and good meal we expected to sail and I was told to dress nice, along with Mia and Molly who was onboard with us by now.

What Next?


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