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Bound for Life 9 by Cuffmaster
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Maria Section 9

When I woke up I was starved.   Starved for more sex and then food and sun.

I made love with Sir and then had a light meal and had him throw a light beach robe over me, remember, my hands are cuffed in front, and no key, but not a real problem as I planned to go to the clothing optional part of the beach.

I had been sunning for maybe 30 minutes and heard a noise behind me. The clank of chained ankles being used to their full length. Mia had joined us and said, my lady, time to go as Molly and Iris have both arrived and it seems Sir has something special planned for all 4 of us.

She, was not cuffed in front, and put my robe back on me.  Then she reached into her beach bag and got a pair of cuffs and attached them over my others, but pulling my hands to my side and as far in the back as they would go.  Perfect, as I love being bound.

We reached the suites and there was Molly, and Iris the same cuffed as myself.  We all held hands and kissed as much as possible.

On the bed was 4 gowns.  Sir told we were going to a party, and Mia, get them cleaned and hair done please.

I totally love the hair shampoo and the way Mia does my hair.  Molly had alread had hers done and Iris was almost thru, so Mia, let me soak a bit and finished up Iris.

Then we were given our choice of gowns to wear, remember we are all the exact same size from the waist down.  As there were my Guests, I had each choose before me.  You can guess, they left a beautiful green for me, as it just framed my long red hair.

Mia, got us all dressed, including nylons threaded under the ankle chains, and then Sir told her to do the same for herself. The gowns were indeed different, as the top and the bottom was not solid, but a opening at the waist so our hands, and cuffs and waist chains were very visiable.  No problem for me or Mia, as I am naked with out them.  My necklace came to full view and so did Mias and Mollys.  I did not know when or how, but now Iris had on a wonderfun necklace of yellow diamonds and the chain had been overlayed with white gold.

All ready.... No not quite.  Sir called Mia and cuffed her hands in front the same as the rest of us, and then in back like we all were.  There was a problem possibley for the others, except Mia, as the gowns were short enough our Ankle brackelets and chains were fully exposed.

I know enough not to question or ask, but to do, as Sir is indeed not only my Husband, but I cosdider him my Master.

He then told us the Prince of Monaco had a special presentation for us and wanted a private dance with each after dinner.  Yes, Dinner.  I knew from the past we would be all feed like babies from food but and each bite just right.  You do not know the pleasure until this is a event you do.

After dinner he invited us all to the stage and told who we were and the wonderful life we all shared.

He asked in a off way, any ladies here who want to be Bound for Life, leave your name and contact In the box in the back of the hall.

Now, I am told Maria, I was told you have looked at the bids for the MW ranch and have made a plan for its sale.


As you know I am a little strange, and the whole rooms died with laughter.

What I think is best for the Horses and the industry is to have a combine of owners.  This way if one gets into trouble or is stupid enough to play poker with my Husband, the others can take up the slack.

All we want is to keep the values that have been built and to keep the Horses well and happy.  Maybe even have one of the new owners starting a breeding division of the place.

I had a most interesting offer.  Gunther, and Coolmore plus a combine of business men of  Israle and couple of guys of the USA, one on each coast offer to become a combine, and work with each each other the financial  details.  All have been willing to sign and or pledge the requirements we have of a shdow effect of the MW ranch.

What was a total surprise is when these men of quite different countries and backgrounds formed a company to insure my project of water and peace in the drought and war torn areas of Africa will happen and each has by material, or services, or cash pledged 1 billion dollars each.  Probably the most important man was Dave, and his donation of more than 12,000 pieces of pipe from a accident in the North Alantic.  By the way, for you who know Dave he is walkin with his own legs and we have offerd our home in Amsterdam as long as he needs it.  Again another cheer with up and lots of atta girl and such.

I could go on for a week naming all that have helped on this project from the totally fearless piolet of the chopper than allow us to rescue Dave and the wonderful men who have landed hundereds of times on a runway to short to bring supplies to the water well sites, and they are true heros.

I know some of you ladies and gentlemen are wondering and have the grace to not ask.  All 4 of us, and many more now wear ankle bracelets connected with a chain, and waist chains and collars which were designed by Harrod himself, and I know you all know him.  This is a life style we have chosen to shoour Husbands, marriage is more than great sex and a ring of gold, but a commitment to be Bound for Life for them.  This material in case any of you wonder, can not be removed.  It is a special material that a diamond saw, a cutting torch or anything known, except the equipment my Husband designed to work with and put on us, all at our command and desire. 

So, I hear a few would like a dance, and can not believe it possible with our hands cuffed as they are, and ankles as they are.  I would, as any on the ladies here love to have you as a dance partner, but one rule.  No sneaky breast or ass grabs, as in our condition we could not do anything to remove the offending hand.   Also, this, the cuffs are removable with a special key, and the ankles are not removable or is the waist chain or the neck chain.  The only key to these cuffs are in the camp which we have set up in Africa, so this might tell you we are at the total control of our Husbands and again, I ask no roming hands, and by the way, not only men can dance with us, as many ladies love it and usually ask more questions than you could ever guess.

Again, thank you for all bidding on the MW ranch and I hope my choice of how it is to be sold does not offend anyone, but the Horses to me come before personal egos.

The party was a massase success and all night long people danced and talked.  The fishbowl with the names of people interesterd in this life style was overflowing.

I think I must have had at least 60 or more men dance and 25 women.  Most  of the time between dancing was talking to women about the life and a few asked about jeans and shorts and such and I told them of the tailor we had on staff for the 4 of us ladies that traveled with each.

I wonder, had this been a desire under the surface for many, or some just courious or jelous.

After the party my Husband and I were tired but not to tired for him to totally bind my hands with a crotch rope to the cuffs and my knees and upper theighs with new leather.  We kissed and kissed.  I do not know of other couples, but to me kissing a good man is actually more sexual than have physical sex.

We woke up about noon and ask, need to go to the bathroom?  I told him I was about ready to have a blue cow.

He simply said, my wife, my love, what have you done now?

First we are going to check back to Amsterdam house and see how Dave is settling in.  The strange thing what I wanted a little pain, just to feel human touch and the fact you knew him also is beyone any guess possible.

We flew back and I had Moe bring the car about and come in the back way at night.  There was a reason.

I called ahead and told the staff exactly what I wanted and where it was to be served.

When we go to the house we had a wonderful talk with Dave, and he seemed a little sad.  I asked why.

I have never lied to you before, and will not now.  First I will miss giving you a couple of good ones when you wanted it and second you guys will be gone for how ever long.  I said, not anything is impossible.

I took my Husband by hand and Dave and Moe and Mia.  We went out the front door and here was a beautiful yaught.  I simply said, my Husband, this is yours as you will need it shortly.

In the great room we all ate and laughed and party the night away.

At Morning, Mia said should I go now?  Yes, take Moe as you will need him.

My husband had a strange look, but said little.  He did asked about the boat.  Dave showed it all to him from the engine room to the bedroom.  I frankly think he was a little shocked at what had been done.  He is a very observant man and noticed the huge hooks on the 4 corners of the decks.  Dave said, it looks like a set of lift hooks to take this to dry dock.  This seemed reasonable.

Mia had been sent to the tailor to get the hundreds of things we had picked out in London and now were ready for us to wear.  Franlly enough for a year or more, and gowns, shoes, and shorts, swim suits and every thing except corsets and no bras or panties.

Back at the house I knew my Husband, Master and what he would do.  He asked, Dave are you doing OK?  Dave said yes, but not enough to command his fleet again yet.  Sir ask, Would you captain for us.  I know of no man better qualified to do what ever she wants, and it appears she has some strong ideas.

O O O O yes I will be proud to do this for you guys.

About that time trucks were in the back and workers loading the freezer. And kitchen storage areas.

Fresh water being piped in and with special permission for the Goverment, a fuel ship came along side and topped off the tanks and we had a formal instpecton.  Then the Goverment agent came abord and gave to me a box, sealed and said with the honor of the Queen, we do this and only a small way of saying thank you for how much you do for our country.

We all slept in the house except Dave, and he spent most of the night going over the controls and extra communications items I had installed.

At breakfast, he said not a gentleman question, but, How much did that yaught cost you?  I laughed as I could see Sirs face also waiting for an answer. 

Not one dime except for the extra communication equipment and lifting hooks.  It was a gift to us from the former Presadents of France.  He as you may know is in trouble up to his little grin and I have done something impossible for his country.  I employed many workers and have chosen his lauguage as the prime language for the project in Africa.

This then brings another question if I may, I know the 5 ships had a huge amount of money invested in the pipe they were carring. What or who paid for that.  I smiled, the Insurance company.  It appears all the contract was filled, and no place to store them so they were given to the GPS coordinates shown on the contract.  I would guess they will get their money from the oil company who had the rig that sank.  All I paid for was the fuel, port passes and your crew to deliver to where I wanted it. I would guess from talking to many of your crew, that was their last North  Alantic haul as all knew they would die.

Do you remember  Gunter?  Well as you know he and Molly got married, and I shook my leg chains to remind the conditions.  His gift to her was your ships if you are willing to sell at about 25 percent more than the market.  She wants to open new markets for him and the fruit of his orchards in Iseral and has talked to many in South America and has gotten contracts subject to your approval of the sale of the ships.
They already have lifiting equipment, strong engines and perfect cargo holds for refrigerated units to be loaded into and off loaded.  I see that everone will be a winner.

Dave looked as if he had been touching live electric wires.

Then he said, Partick, How and where did you find her.  A totally perfect woman.  I knew on some of our bondage sessions as she had specific things she needed and wanted, and yet always the modest one and I have never seen her body, but if it is as beautiful as her mind, you are the most lucky man in the world.

I think I surprised them both.  You failed to notice on the poop deck, a whipping post and wood horse.

I want permission from my husband to have you whip me as in the past, after he does, but this time I will be wearing a bikini so you can judge just how much I can take, but remember our old rules, No blood, or skin breakage and most certainly no SEX as that is for my Husband him only until we die.  He smiled like a huge cat, and said, yes it would be his honor if my Husband approved.

Now the shock for me... My Husband asked why it had taken so long to ask about Dave and our little releases of pressure from Med School.  Of couse you can, but I will be there, and be assured, if blood is drawn or she says a safety word and it is not honored, you will be history, I mean really history.

Now my dear husband, Dave has agreed to Master my gift to you.  Please join me outside in front of the house.

We went outside and there was moored our yaught.  The harbor police was keeping others away and came to attention as we approached the gangway.

Dave and I have gone over all the basics and Mo and Mia have packed all we will need for this trip.

Sir looked at me and said, I love you, as you surprise me each day.  First with my waking and seeing your beauty,   Your Bondage of the night, and knowing no matter how hard I might try, I can never out guess you.

I hugged him and he took me in his arms and said to Dave, Permission to bring my bride aboard

The Harbor police had stopped all boating on the canal as we pulled from dock.  Dave gave them three blasts from the horn and they in turn gave him a siren salute.

After my Husband had deposited me on the bed he ask, where did you rent this  beautiful craft?

I handed him a paper, this is for you to fill out, and name the craft and it is my gift to you for bringing me more happyness than anyone ever deserved.  He actually blushed.

He said I have never been given a gift as you do to and for me each day.... Thank YOU Love.

By the way I got a package from Gunter today.  As soon as we clear the channel, want to play?

NO!!!!!   You are wasting time by asking........

I do not want to wait............  Do with and all you want now and know I as your wife want you to live every fantisy you have ever had.  Try any and all things you have seen or wondered about.

He opened the box from Gunter and sure enough it was the special cuffs for my wrists as he had promised.  They were simular to Irish Eights, but my hands were facing away from each other and totally no movement. Totally none.  They could be worn in back or front with ease and did I mention, I could not do any thing with my hands.  I tried to masterbate him, and with only one hand and it facing Yes.  I do not care how long it takes as we are having fun.........

The horse I was tied to so tight I could not move anything except my toes and fingers.   Head band,
chest band, above and below my breasts, stomach band, waist band, legs spread as far as I could with my ankle chains, and to make me more accessable, my knees were bent up to allow more acess to my pussy and ass.

I felt the horse move up and down, as being adjusted and then I felt the cold of lub being applied to my pussy, as if it needed it, as I was so wet I felt like I had just crawled out of a shower.  Then, I felt it.  For the very first time I was taken vaginally from the back side.  Everything felt different and wonderful.

I could not move to respond to the feelings, but my mind was certainly not bound.  My Master pumped and controlled me totally.  He cum and slapped my ass again and again.  I totally loved it.  I have never had or ever dreamed of sex this way.

Then he stopped and let me rest and he was recharging.  I felt him in from of me and the horse raised to a level that my mouth was exactly even with his cock.  He was fully erect and all I could do was open my mouth and accept it, as again I was totally tied down.  He reached over and took loose a little on my head band so I could really respond to his cock.  I have given head to my Husband, former, before and to Master, but nothing like this.  I felt like a queen who had just been given a new life.  I took him and worked him and drank his cum as if it was gold.  He keep big and cumming.I was beyond happy and he was totally drained.

The room smelled like a hundred men and women had just had sex. This smell got me to want more, more, more.

He redid my head band and moved the horse to a level position again.  This told me all was not over yet and I hoped he whipped me for hours and hours. Not as all. He went to the wall and got a hose, check the water tempeture and when it was right he sprayed me down all over.  Wow.  What a feeling. Not knowing which pressure and from what direction the water was coming from.  A fine mist to a full flow like a fire hose.  He then took the hose and made it into a find mist and washed his body in front of me.  The first time and I wanted him so bad.

After about 20 minutes of this play, we heard Dave on the intercom that we were about 20 minutes from docking.

My wonderful Husband let me go and helped me off the horse. I was so weak from pleasure I could hardly stand. He dried all, I mean all of me and called on the intercom for Mia to come and fix my make up and hair.  I would have our clothesfor me Mia, Molly,and Iris,  laid out on the bed and we had about 20-30 minutes before we disembarked the boat.

We were meet by Harrod and his wives.  Like old friends we embraced and he asked me to turn and back away a little.  Yes, He said.  Your necklace is perfect for you.   Then he asked Patrick, do we have time to fix the anklets for my beauties.  Master asked, have you made arrangements for the jeans, and other pull on items?  Yes, your man was flown over here last week and all is done.

Then, why are we waiting he asked and Harrod and his wives were taken to our play room.  He again told them, once this was done, it was not removable. 

One of the gals cried and Master was concerned. Not net tears of anything except joy knowing I will have Harrod for the rest of my life.  I love him so

As much and this is such a great honor. May I go first.  Master looked to Harrod and he nodded.

After one was done the other asked, where she might dispose of her panties, as she would never need again as long as she lived.   She jumped on the bench and I would not have had to bind her, but to not show favorits I did.

Both girls were playing and testing the length and having a ball.  Speaking of balls, I noticed they were both done up to the tees and the clothes laid out for us was of the same style and quality.

Mai and I got dressed and came back as soon as possible.  A car had been ordered and then we were told, (I fainted) we were going to a special dinner at the Royal Palace.

Never in my life had I hoped to meed the Queen Mother let alone have dinner with her.

I love my Husband beyond words.

As we left I could see Dave taking the boat somewhere.   I wanted to ask, but this would be rude and get me a whipping, not a fun or sexual one.


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