Author Topic: Need a bondage partner in Dallas area  (Read 96 times)

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Need a bondage partner in Dallas area
« on: November 11, 2022, 02:01:03 pm »
Hello, been doing self-bondage for 45 years. I would like to meet up with someone to do some rope bondage. I've never been tied up to where I can't get loose. No one to put a few cinch loops on my wrists behind my back. No one to finish off the rope work and have me bound. What does it feel like?????? I'm sure some of you out there have been tied up more times than you can count and it's not fair. I am a guy, really prefer a woman but as a very last resort might, I mean I might consider a guy, NO sex, it's not about sex it's about the good quality rope work for bondage. I'm not gay, just rope work. JUST bondage. I have plenty of other restraints also.
Not looking for a hotel thing, you need to live in this area, I don't want to be driving all over the state. Clothed at all times, wear whatever you want. Me, I prefer long satin gloves, love the feel and how white rope adds to the contrast. just bondage!!!!!


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