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Bound for Life 8 by Cuffmaster
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continued from

Maria Section 8

The the next few days it was wonderdful.  We slep, had sex. Had sex and more sex.  After a few days My Husband told me we were headed to town and be sure Mia and Molly was with us and that we had at least 3 days of clothes change with us.  What?

We took the limo and I saw we were headed to the shop.  Now What?

He had made a roll of at least 1000 feet of chain.  He took one end and put around my neck and adjusted to where he wanted.  Just above my collar bone.  He marked and cut with that tool of his.  Then he did the same for Molly and Mia and two extra.  What the hell did he have in mind.

Then I heard one of the helocopters land in the parking lot and in we all went.  The next stop was Harrods, not in Amsterdam, but in London.  We landed on the pad on the roof and Harrod himself was there to greet us.

He and I talked and he was so greacious and wonderful to talk with.  He asked, do you remember what I told you when you guys, got married.  I told him, yes, a little as I was almost passed out that entire evening, but I do remember a bit of his congratulations.

He told us to please come with him, and he used a key and the elevator door opened and he put in a code.

We arrived in his private showroom of jewlery items.  He handed the chains to one of his jewlers.

Wow, never have I seen so much wealth in one place.

Your Husband and I talked and I had promised a diamond necklace for you, but that has changed a bit.

I have had made for you a string of jewels with a large huge emerald (the exact color of my eyes) and then a line of diamonds in a run around it you know like frame it.  The chain had been coated with beautiful white gold or platimun, and just shined by itself.  Your Husband sent me a piece of the chain to work with.  It is wonderful and frankly he and I will work a deal to bind on the wrist, waist, ankle or neck for others who are mine as wives or employees and want to be totally owned.  As we talk now your chain is being plated in pure platiumn and Mia's in Gold and Molly's in a beautiful black material.

Molly, to go with your eyes, the beautiful black, I have chosen a Chocolate Diamond and set it with smallers ones to frame it.  Again it is attached to the special chain that had been coated in beautiful black material.  Your Husband wants Sir Wilson to attach this in a permant manner to you, and I know without saying a word, the same attachment for life for Mrs Wilson and hers is coated in Platiumn.Mia your husband and I have talked and yours is in 24 carat gold.

Will the two of you, and of course Mia join me for a few days of sight seeing and I own something in the country you might enjoy seeing.  It is a castle with a full working dungen up to day in the lower section?

YES YES YES.  Three of us and three yess at the same time.  Mia sort of pouted, to bad My Husband is not here also. 

Harrod laughed, and out of a side door came Gunter and Moe.  What a gift. 

Then he asked, Mo, do you want a permanent neck chain for Mia?  Gunter, do you want one for Molly?

And ladies, are you willing to accept a life time necklace for each of you, and if not, there are going to be no hard feelings from me or any of the others?

A course of yes, was told to him and I told him I would be paying what ever the charge for what ever you choose for the ladies.

Harrod then gave all a surprise.  He had already made up chains for both the other girls.

Now for the real surprise.  Sir has had the closing equipment for your chains brought to the castle and if you want, we can close the chains for you today, and the rest of your life.  Then Sir gave a surprise to all of us.  I am going to teach my Bride to use the equipment and also Mo and Mia if they want to learn.

He looked at me and smiled, you are indeed as smart and wonder as all have said.  I have a question as I understand you are now in charge of these things.  My younger wife would love it if you could have Sir fit her with ankle chains and I had had a tailor measure and impossible but she, you and Molly and Mia are all exactly the same size, except for a little differerance in bust and I understand none of you want any changes there.  Am I correct?

Do you know the feeling of female cum dripping down your legs and not have panties or anything except a short vinal skirt?  The smell was intense, be it all from me or the others also. I will never know and frankly this time I was not embarrased by this at all.and  the others also.

We left for the castle in a limo almost as big as the one I got for my Beautiful Husband.

When we arriaved I was impressed.  Like I had always dreamed of.  Dark stone, draw bridge and moat and two fully uniformed guards.  They pressed some codes and down came the draw bridge and then two huge gates in frount of us opened.

This place was huge.  The courtyard could easely have accomonidated a soccar game and fans.

To put it mildly I was impressed.

We went in and Harrod ask, dinner first or tour?  Like a trio, tour please.

We went down a long twisting stairway, and with the length of andle cains it was hard, but not impossible.

There he took a key and opened a door, old and massive and inside was every torture and restraint device known to man.  He said, gentleman, if you care to try your brides in or on anything all work and are safe.

I saw a whipping post and asked my Husband, would you give me a good sound whipping.  You know, no blood, but enough for me to know I am alive and this is not a dream and you are real.  He smiled.

From his pack he took out many whip items and told me, you have a choice of course, but I have a favorite.  What do you want?  I told him, he was in charge now as he was forever with me.
I was secured to the whipping post and he took out a single tip whip, the kind used in working with a group of horses or cows.   I know from reading, in the hands of someone not used to using it could cut me open like a ripe watermelon.   I was frankly a little afraid.

He measured the whip out from me and the first stroke totally surprised me.  He could have killed a fly on my back and not have left a mark.  A true craftsman with a whip.  He played with me for a bit and nothing was more than a bug bite.  When he finally went to work on me it seemed endless and later I would find out why.  He had on my bare back put little beads which was a M over a W as if a brand that you would use on a cow or horse.  I was then told, I would be able to see what it was later, but not now but plenty of time as it will last not a  few hours but for a few months.  Then he asked me, do you really want to feel my power and control?  You are my Husband, Master and Keeper, it is your choice, and no more than I had said that she layed one on my ass that will mark me for 6 months and then he did one more just below the first so I looked like a railroad track on my ass.   I jumped out of my skin.  He left me on the whipping post for some time and I could not even rub or do anything with that last one.  I could feel no blood and knew he had not broken the skin, but truly was a master.

I may have surprised him,  My Love, will you do this and many more things on a regular basis or when I have displeased you or failed to do exactly as instructed.  My answer was swift as he laid another like the one before just below the other on my butt.  I guess you get what you ask for.

I looked around, still hanging from the post and all the other women had cum running down their legs.

Next Molly ask Gunther, please the same, but with a riding crop or cane.  One by one all got something and each with a new item.

Then came in a stunning Arab woman which was Harrod's property.  He asked, did not consult her but
told her and showed her my ankle cuffs and chain, and said, this will be your life from now on.  My friend has brought all the equipment to make this happen.  By the way, the steps up and down here are perfect for a chain the length that all the others wear.  So we can come and play our games anytime I want.

Finally I was let down, and told my medical bag was by the door and I could put on a pain killing ointment if I wanted.  NO. Proudly I told my Husband, this and all the feelings was for him and not for my confort.  I kissed and kissed and he softly massaged my butt.

After all were taken care of by their husbands, each was ask if they wanted something to numb the feeling and each kissed and told their men, no, it was for them and they wanted to feel the pain of love.

We spent hours in the chamber trying everything on each other and by our Husbands on us.

Finally, My Husband said, time for the main reason we are here.

Maria, please lay face down on the rack and stretch your arms out as far as they will go.  You will find a hole where your face will go in.  Next he took fresh leather straps, god I love the smell of fresh leather, and placed on under my arms and above by breasts and really made it tight. 
Then one around my waist and and the same, so tight between the two I could hardly breath.  Next he used the wheel and streched me at tight as I could possible go.  Now What?
He placed around my neck some chain and I could feel something on my back.  He mixed the things to fix the chain for life and told me, like your ankles and waist, do not move for at least 10 minutes.

When the timer went off I asked, Master, the first time I really called him Master and it had meaning.  Asked, may I get up and pee? Yes. But walk careful, as you have had a lot today and I do not want you to faint.  Then Mia, said, I will be with her, and Mo said, I have the other side.

First I went to the bathroom.  Then I tried to find a mirror as I could feel something attached to the chain I had just asked for to be put on the rest of my life.  Molly brought me a hand mirror and I simply fainted.  I awoke and looked again and went out again.  I had never seen anything so beautiful, with the exception of my Husband in my life.  Knowing I could never take it off, I belonged.  I had it all the dreams from when I could first read and look at pictures.  A husband so beautiful.  Chains on my ankles that were for life and a waist chain which was his brand.  Now this.  The Emerald was indeed the true color of my eyes and the hundreds, or so it seemed diamonds framing it.  It was ME.  It was now on me for life and I would not trade a second of it.  Molly and Mo got me to my feet and I came back to the main dungon room and took my husband in a kiss that was totally x rated.  I was so proud, so happy and could not believe what I had done to derserve him and all this.

After I was feeling again, we applied the neck chains to Molly, Mia and Harrods wife.

All was good and we went up and had a meal for a king.

During the meal, Sir got a call on his satalite phone and I was close enough to hear the other person.

I knew the voice as Dave, a man I helped to heal after he got hurt badly on one his ships just a few miles off the shore.  I was the Orthopedic Dr on call, and he had crushed his arm when a cable snapped.

I went with the crew on the Medivac Helecopter and I am sure they would have taken his arm off, as it was a total mess.   I spent most of the time on the flight in getting him calm and starting to keep fluid to the lower part of the hand.   I was with him everyday off and on for about 3 months and we did become good friends.  Actually he is the one who introduced me to back whipping and bondage that I had not done myself.  I loved it and he never drew blood and we met often when I was in the mood.  I told him I needed him to exercise that arm that had been hurt and this was a good way for me to find out ifWe never had sex, and it was never asked for gy either of us  he was getting stronger.  A pure lie.

Now we had a real problem on one of his ships.  You see he owned a fleet of 5 delivery ships for long pieces of heavy pipe for drilling under the ocean.  Not hard work, but tricky.

The new drilling rig being towed to a site, by another country had hit very bad water and totally sank.

Now no need for the 5 ships of pipe and they were in the same weather in the North Antlatic.  Dave had been checking the load when a hold down strap had broken and he was pinned by the lower legs under a piece of pipe, not a little thing as each weighed several tons.  His crew had done everything to try and free him, and short of cutting off his legs nothing was working.

My beautiful husband  and I worked as a team that had pulled togeather for years and years.  We got the location of where they were and both knew we did not have a copter with enough range or pulling power to help.  I loaded my medical equipment in a shipping container and he took our biggest and fastest machine and I though he would tear it apart.  He radioed ahead to Oslo Norway and had a heavy lifting copter and piolet not afraid of the storm standing bye and the airport crew hook up extra fuel tanks as we knew we only had a very short window and then out of fuel for ourselves., and plenty of strong cable on board alread attached to the belly, as this was one of the copters known as a sky hook.  Very heavy lift and power.

We took off and at full speed found the ship Dave was pinned under the pipe.  We hovered and tried to figure a way to help and came up with, lower the cable down, and have the crew on the ship put it on the very front of the piece and be ready to pull him out as soon as we lifted it off. This was no easy task as we had wind, ice, and horrible weather.

The crew was wonderful and thank god I was with Sir as most ofthem did not speak english and finally we found one that he and I spoke perfect to each.  We hooked on the pipe and that piolet was fearless as he put the total power to the cable and was able with all the storm lift one end enough that dave could be pulled free.

We landed actually on top the rest of the load and had him carried to us and we were gone as we just had enough fuel, depending on the wind to make it back.  We caught a good wind and I asked, could we get to Amsterdam, as I knew of all the ablities there and he said, and yes.

I have never in my life had that fast of copter ride, as each pound of fuel we burned we got lighter and faster, and we had dumped the cable at the ship site.

The staff set met us at ER set up to remove his legs near the knee.  He had curshed lower legs and broken above the knee.  I did what I normally do not do, but put the power of position and knowledge and simple said, no, we will rebuild first and if all goes well, he will walk normal someday.

On the way over from the ship I had done a lot of pre med work on him, and mostly keep fluids going to the lower legs and stopped the bleeding.

To make a long story short, after 14 hours of operating, I had installed countless screws, plates and supports and both legs were saved.

As soon as he was awake and able to talk, he looked at my Husband, and all he got was a nod and he asked me to lean down.  A huge kiss of gratatude.

Now, he asked about the crew, and what of the load.  No rig to unload on and 5 ships stuck in the North   Alantic.

I told him no, they were to be directed to a port to port to fuel and rest and then going to the   Suez Canel for the east side of Africa.

Now my husband asked, what the Hell?  I told him that the lack of water,and wells made it impossible for the natives to farm and has a reasonable normal life.

I called a friend in Israel and asked could he load a ship with heavy transport equipment and I gave him the port I wanted it to. Simple answer....YES.

Then I called a friend in Twain and asked, how much and how long for a ship of drilling and pumping motors to where I wanted them. Then I was touched when he told me a ship was almost loaded for some where else and it was mine to have and he would replace to the other person.

Next I called a friend in the USA and asked, did they still have the solar panels they had built for the company that went under? 

Yes, where do you want them was his answer?  I asked could they be flown by cargo ship to an airstrip near where we were all headed?

Yes, but is that strip long enough to land on?  Yes if you pilot fully brakes when touch down.


Next I called in a favor from Italy.   They had had a huge company of engineers go out of business.  I asked, are some of the crew still available?  Yes. Then he asked, are you going ahead with the water project you have talked about? 


I have motors, drilling equipment and all pipe we will ever need and heavy trucks coming and solar power coming.  I know we have talked of this before, what am I missing?  Nothing, but we will send miles of extra wire in case we need to set power a ways from the pumps.  OK? 

Where.  I told him and told him only the best piloit, as not a long runway and he will really have to stand on the breaks when he touches down.

Maria, you are the most wonderful person I know. Thank you for being you, and I do not know your Husband, but your wishes are his, do you understand.  Anything you want or I can do is available.

Do you know how many million lives you will save with this project? 

Many I hope as this I hope will be the turning point for millions of people without hope.

It is who I am, and I have chosen by my Husband and honored him with chains that are not removable ever to show him that he is my center.

I talked to Sir daily and told him I missed our love bed and his eyes and touch.  He asked, can you get away for a few days?  For I would stop the project if it was your desire.

No My Bride.

I have a friend on the way right now with a twin engine jet and should be there in about an a hour.  Get ready to be at the airport and we are going to the South of France just for us for a few days.  You can bring Mo and Mia if you want, or you can have Mia cuff you in front, longer cuffs and keep the keys there.  Your choice.

Maria,  You are loved more and more each day as you are for the world and do not have a selfish bone in your body.  Love You and see you in about 4 hours.

We spent the next three days in intense lovemaking and bondage for me and for his enjoyment.

I got spanked hard a couple of times, and WOW did I need it.

We were guests of a prince and the place and service was beyond compare.  I was of course in my cuffs, and leg irons and waist chain, but most of all, the loveley necklace of Emerald and diamonds that my Husband had picked out for me.  I was happy knowing that they could never be taken off and would always show the world, along with my ankle chains, I was owned and proudly served my wonderfun husband.

Now he ask.  Maria how did you get all this done in a few days, or started?  You have countries that hate each other working as one and helping millions of people?

I told him, it was a long time plan but no money to make it happen and all things just came togeather at the same time.  You can help in some ways, but no physical work at any level.  He asked, name it and it will happen.

I want you to call the Queen of Denmark, here is her private number.  I want 250 or more embassy at large passports.   This will allow all the countries I have assembled to move freely and not waste time with customs and such.  OK?

Next, I want you to use your power to get the Chief of the UN to provide guard duty for our workers and make a simple deal.  The rebels will also share with the fresh water by turning in their guns and being a part of the village they come from, with no jail, or pentalty at all.   The incentive for this is simple.  I have the ruling parties, village chiefs, permission if they do not join us, to simply be shot dead and left where they fell.  A few of these and the word will spread and the others will follow.

Next the guns will all be turned in and the ship from Iseral will take them to sea and dump then overboard in deep water.  We will make peace in the area and also make it a very fertal and productive area.  Gunther has offered to have flown in thousands of seedlings of things that will grow there and give the nation a great start.

My husband and I made love for probably the 50th time from when my plane touched down.

Then he looked deep into my eyes...... Who Are You?????  I knew I loved you from the first day I saw you and it seems everyone you meet feels the same.  Are you a angel on earth?

No, I am your wife and you have helped me to go forward with dreams I have had for years.

By the way, how is Dave?  Ready to come home from the hospital and he can walk.  You did a wonderdful job on rebuilding his legs.  Good.  Ask if he would like to use our house in Amsterdam.  It has been fixed so the downstairs is a total home, and with living space upstares for a cook and full time nurse to see he is healing.  Is that OK with you?

With that I took leather and pulled her cuffed hands under her and in back and tied them and we made love again.  She slept for about 20 hours, fully bound and by my side.  She had done more to make a change in lives than one could ever believe.


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