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Neighbours look after each other (true story)
« on: March 14, 2022, 06:41:32 am »
Hi everybody,

Last summer I had an adventure I would like to share with you. It is a true story, hnüence the names are changed. Contents: bondage, chastity, F/m, gag, blindfold, nudity, humiliation.

It was the fourth night already, and again I couldn’t sleep. The damn thing was waking me each time I got to get a little sleep. Again I was standing on the backside terrace of my house. It was dark at 1 a.m., I was staring at the the window of my neighbor. Hoping to see a sign of light or my neighbor waving to me to come over to her place.

My name is Marc, i am 34 years old, average height, average weight, nothing special. Except my dark desires to be bound helplessly, naked and used by a woman as she wishes, maybe a bit torture maybe a bit pleasure...

The reason I am staring at the window of my neighbor in the middle in the night is, because she has my keys. Not the keys to my house. Rather small tiny keys, but of great importance, at leas t to me. To her it doesn’t seem to bother her much, having the keys for 4 nights in a row now.
The keys belong to my cock cage, which I bought recently and tested only once for several hours.
It is a really small and restrictive cage, that means, there is no chance of getting my penis erected at all, in fact it even hurts a little when the attempt of en erection begins.

However, it was what I wanted at that moment.
I had the cage still on me, when the door bell rang and my neighbour asked if I had ordered another package, which had been given to her in the morning, because the delivery man couldn’t reach me.
In fact, the package with the cage in it had also been delivered to her, my neighbor, while I was at work.
The second package she was now asking belonged not to me but to neighbors on the other side.

After she left,  I thougt interesting and exciting, wearing the cage, which was delivered by her to me, while speaking to her on the topic of another package delivery...

This led me to an idea. Two years ago, when we had a backyard party with our neighbors, we had kind of a sexual talk, while being drunk. We both are married, but in that talk we discovered, that both of us had some desires, that our partners don’t have much of an interest at all. She was excited about seeing swingers and other people having fun, being naked and acting normal while doing so. Since we were confessing, I opened up to her and explained her my urge to be bound helplessly, nude and at the mercy of someone else. I even told her, that I do Selfbondage with ropes and handcuffs and now and then would like to have someone helping out, getting in or out of some bondage. However, this led to little meeting, where she helped me getting in to bondage, hence I was not nude. She finished a Hogtie on me and left to smoke a cigarette. After that she came back had some questions to how does it feel and released me. After that there was not much that happened. We rarely spoke to each other about air confessions after that.

Now I remembered that and thought about asking her to maybe help me out once again. I came up with the idea, that I could give her the key to my cage, and see how she reacts. If she asks what this is I could start explain her in what predicament I am and start the discussion of helping me out once again. Maybe this time nude, so she could have sight on the cage, which I was sure that she would be curious about. That’s what I did, I gave her the keys when we were at the back terrace of our houses, smoking a cigarette together. Our houses are easily reachable at the backside, with both having back entrances, we often use to get to each other. Good option, if you want to visit without being seen or observed.

However, while we were just finishing our smoke, I put both keys of the lock on my really small and restrictive cage in her hands. Closed her hand and asked her, if she could possibly have an eye on these for me. She looked at me, thought a second about it and then nodded silently.
To get her curiosity I added, that she could keep the keys for a while, she could decide herself, if she wants to give it beck the next day or maybe the day after. Again she just nodded, took the keys and waved goodbye while going back in to her house.

Now 4 nights later, I am still locked up, without the possibility to get the lock opened or slip out of the cage that has caused me so much torment now. And believe me I tried to get out of it. Everytime I get aroused it causes me pain. I was hoping, that she was waiting for an opportunity to meet me for a smoke without someone watching, so she could give me back my keys. But it was useless, she was asleep in her bed, and maybe having a nice dream, while I was locked up, without hope of release... at least not tonight. I mean what was she thinking, maybe that I deserved it like that, when I gave the keys to her myself? That thought scared and aroused me at the same time, and with that immediately caused me pain in my groin.

To be continued....
(The story is not finished yet, the fun part even is to start yet, hope you liked it until now)

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Re: Neighbours look after each other (true story)
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Part 2

The night passed, me again having only a few hours of sleep.
The next morning, I started to get myself busy with work in the house and at the garden, waiting for her to return from work so I could ask for my keys.
Well after all work was done, only going to the supermarket for getting the groceries was left.
So far i had never been outside int the world while being cock caged. But the time didn’t pass and the more I thought the more interesting the idea got. Me in the middle of a lot of unknown people, with my cock locked in a rather tiny but nevertheless heavy metal cage. Without the keys, so truly locked. But none of the m would know, right? So I got up and dressed and went out. It was exciting, and again a bit painful, because I was getting a little to excited. However the shopping tour worked out very well and I returned to my house, just to see, the garage of my neighbor closing shut.

So I got the groceries into the house and went out to the back terrace. She usually smokes a cigarette after arriving home, and so it was this time. Quickly I got to her side, greeting her. I was curious how she would react and if she would raise the topic of the keys.

She waved and greeted back. We smoked a cigarette together and small talked a bit. Then she remembered and produced the key from somewhere and held it in front of me. I wanted to know where she had the keys kept all the time. She answered that she had them always on her, mostly in the back pocket of her trousers.
Thankfully I took the keys from her and showed my relief, noticing that she was a little puzzled about my great relief. I asked if she had an idea what those keys were for. She nodded and told me, since we had that Selfbondage topic, she assumed that they were for my handcuffs and that I gave her the keys so it was not to be used, when she wasn’t around.

I was surprised that she answered and told her thoughts about keys, Selfbondage and so on, without shying or hesitating.
That gave me the heart to first explain her what the keys were really for and maybe asking if she could help me out in a real bondage session.
She again thought about it, and asked what she would have to do. She would maybe have to make some knots or tighten up some loops a bit, i would explain to her before the session. She seemed curio so I asked her if she was curious to see the the cage locked onto my member. She nodded and so I took advantage of that and suggested her, that i would be wearing it to our session and she could take a look when I was securely bound. A bit slower this time, but still she agreed and told me that it would fit best next week on Wednesday, because there she would begin work in the afternoon due to a delivery shortage in her company. So we appointed for Wednesday. At home I started immediately thinking of different scenarios to tie me up and maybe some elements of torture or humiliating. But I had to be careful to not ask to much of her. I wanted to avoid overwhelming her and ending by she backing out of any of this. I needed to have a plan, where most of the tying and securing would have been prepared and done by myself so she really only had to tighten a couple of loops and would be done. In means of applying more ropes or torture I would need to have it there and available but not insisting to her on using them. So she maybe would get interested and try it out on her own wish and curiously. Bat first I had to take off that damn cage.

To be continued... (Sorry for the small steps, hope you enjoy it anyways.)

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Re: Neighbours look after each other (true story)
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Part 3
The following days I kept trying out and rethinking positions and possible ties.
Finally I had figured out a way to tie myself in a way I would only be able to get out by a great  amount of struggling and using strength and only barely. I would be using some kind of blue bands for tying may arms to my chest on sides, and the same band to cinch between my arm and my chest. The cinching would be realised by a special tie which gets tighter pulled on one end of the band. So I would tie may arms above my elbows to my chest and use the same selftightening tie and have another self tightening loop in between my arm and my chest, enclosing the big loop which goes around may arms and my chest. When pulled on the loop inbetween, it would take out the slack on the outer loop and literally glue my arm to the chest. Each arm would have its own self tightening loop so that would be tight fit on both arms. For binding my hands I would use the same technique. Having the same type of band and looping it several times around my wrists then cinching it with real rope this’s time because it can be cinched stricter, more difficult to get out on your own. I wanted to make it as hard as possible for me. Because I never had that option and that experience to be seen naked, except for the cock cage, tied up and vulnerable. I wanted to make that experience but the same time I was scared a bit and wanted to prevent myself from backing out last minute. So it had to as secure as possible. The day before I prepared the Bands, the ropes the tapes I had and also some clothespins. The session would take place in the basement directly under the stairs which I would use as fixed structure to cinch the bands and ropes. I wrote a letter which I wanted to leave for my neighbor to find, containing some hints what she should do and what she could do to add to my helplessness or to my torturing. Thee letter informed her, that I had gagged myself and she could chose to leave me that way or take it out at Anny time. Second, that the bands which would cinch my chest and my arms to my chest would be tied to the fixed post of the stairs, but could be easily untied from there and be used to fully secure my bondage and make it absolutely inescapable, but it was up to her if she wanted to do so. Third, that I had tied a rope to my cock cage and the the other side was tied to the stairs above my head with a lot of Slacke. That would prevent me from wandering off but she could choose if it would stay there and with that slack or if she wanted me on a different spot with more ein less slack. The current slack would allow me almost reaching the door to the terrace and also for sitting down or even lying. She could reduce the slack and prevent that or even change the spot I was leashed on by my cock cage. Fourth, I have tapes and additional ropes if she wanted to add to my bondage even more restricting, for example covering my eyes with the tape leaving me blind ore tying my legs and feet, whatever she would see fit and wanted to try, she had the opportunity. Fifth, I already placed one clothespin on each nipple, there are mor in the box, she could feel free using them on which part ever she wanted. I finished the letter rechecked the prepared loops and the extra equipment for her to be used if she wishes and went to bad that day early.

To be continued...

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Re: Neighbours look after each other (true story)
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Part 4

For the next day, we had appointed to smoke a cigarette at 9 a.m. and talk before starting the adventure. Again I checked on the items and went over to her terrace using my own terrace entrance.
The one, that I would leave unlocked for her to come in and finish or even add to my predicament.

While we smoke i explained to her, that I would be gagged and mostly secured when she would come over. But she would find a letter addressed to her beside me, which would contain some hints for her on what to do. We agreed, that she would com over half past nine, and I would prepare my selfimposed until she arrived. I thanked her for granting such an opportunity and reminded her, that she could do as she wished but was not forced to do anything. Also be already being tied and gagged at her arrival I would not be in a position arguing with her on what I wanted or wished. It was all to her, adding more ties or more torture or just finishing the bondage and leaving it on that. She seemed to be happy with that and we parted.

I hurried back to my place, stripped naked except for the cock cage, leaving the keys to it on one of the stair steps. First I stuffed a cloth into my mouth and secured it with a lot of duct tape, making sure I couldn’t spit it out by myself. Then I quickly began tying up myself. I secured the rope attached to my cock cage to the same stair step above on which I left the keys to my cage, leaving enough slack so I could easily sit down. Then I started tying up my arms and finally my wrists behind my back. Just when I finished coaching tight the last wrist rope I heard someone coming. It was her, and as I thought beforehand, my first reaction was to try loosen the ropes and trying to back out. But it was to tight to be released in that short amount of time. When she entered, she just stood there and looked at, there was nothing left of the easy and happy mood just a few minutes before, when were smoking. i tried to speak but of course the gag prevented almost all sound, let alone producing any intelligible words. She had a rather cold look and did not say anything at all. Slowly she came to the pile of equipment beside me on which the letter for her was placed. Silently she took the letter and read it, while once in a while looking and the dangling bands which i used to cinch my arms to my chest, then examining the wrist tie and also the rope attached to my cage and secured to the stairs.

While she was reading and gave up on trying to loosen my wrists and just sat down waiting for her finish. Again without any word she pulled on the cinching loops tightening them even more and with such force, i wasn’t expecting. To be honest this scared me a little and i began to think that maybe she was mad at me and it wasn’t a good idea asking her. She then continued tying all the dangling bands. Those were dangling on my front, since I had made it on my front, that was I could se how it was cinching. That helped me having better control when I was tying it on me and cinching it. She pulled both, first the left arm band then the right, between my legs to my back and tied them strictly to my wrists on my back. Now it was not only impossible for me to escape by myself, but also my wrist were now strictly fixed to my back. I couldn’t move my hands away from my back anymore.

After short inspection of her work she figured out how the rope on my cage worked. And seemingly she adopted the idea of changing the slack in the cock cage rope. She went up the stairs and to the step where the rope to my cage was secured and began pulling on it. The slack being reduced quickly I had to stand up and align directly under the stairs to prevent that my caged cock was torn off. And she even continued until I was standing on my toes, before she tied the rope secure, above me on the stairs, completely out of my reach. I was standing there totally helpless, tied up inescapably on my toes leashed by my cock. Again I tried saying something, I even don’t remember what, but of course to no avail with the gag. She came down the stairs and gave me a slap telling me she wasn’t finished. And since I got myself into this I should shut up and endure. I was looking at her, terrified, but not making a noise. She then inspected the ropes, duct tape and clothespins I left for her.

After a short period where just watched me, she told the duct tape and taped my ankles. I am not sure, but I think I saw a little smirk when she went down to tape my ankles together.
When she stood up, she took the tape and told me to close my eyes. I slowly closed my eyes, next I felt was, her taping my eyes shut. I couldn’t believe, I was completely at her hand and she was doing more then invade expected. My cock began hurting, not from the rope pulling me up and on my toes but from arousal and not having enough room to grow in that damn cage.
I was scared but also highly aroused.

I heard her moving around me and was waiting on what would happen next.
Suddenly the rope on my cage loosened up a bit and I could stand on my feet, not forced onto my toes anymore. I thought maybe she is releasing me, thinking it was enough. Just when I thought that she pulled again on the rope and I came to my toes, noticing shortly after, that she had tightened the rope but with accepting a little more tension on my cage also could stand normally, which wasn’t possible when she had tightened it the first time. So she wasn’t releasing me, but I was thankfully relieved she gave enough slack to stand, even if the rope still was pulling good on my parts.
I heard her coming towards and suddenly she slapped me again and told me to turn my back towards her. Then infect a tug on my wrist rope and since my wrist were firmly secured to my back I only could move my whole body, slowly towards the pulling direction. She pulled until the tension on my cock cage was almost unbearable and tied the wrist rope to somewhere behind me, holding me in this straining position. I moaned and got another slap on my face and then on my arse. She continued rummaging in the equipment and right after that I felt stinging pains on my nipples. She added two more clothespins on my nipples and even pinched them to inflict more pain. I couldn’t resist moaning in pain and again she slapped my and pushed my head around, telling me, that I should stop her if i wasn’t pleased... after pushing my around a couple of times and slapping me, I heard how she went upstairs. I could Herat how she was walking around upstairs, having no idea what she was doing there. I tried moving my hands only intensifying the strain in may crotch and at my wrists with every movement. Shortly after she came back down and noticed I was playing around and retightend the wrist ropes holding min that restricting position. A last push to my head, telling me she had my keys, I heard her leaving my place, the door to the terrace was opened and then shut to silence, leaving me behind.. Now left alone, tied up securely, without being able releasing myself or calling for help I did not know what I could do or what was going to haben next.

Thinking that the terrace door was closed but not locked, and the door having a great Glas panel, anyone being bold enough coming behind the house, could have seen me and even come in. To find me, naked and helpless, gagged and blind not able moving even in slightest. Of course this horrified me and again I tried loosening any rope and restraints, but without success. After a while I gave up struggling and just stood there hoping she would come back soon. I knew she would have to go to work araound 11 pm but being blind I didn’t have any idea which time it was. I stood there almost 1 hour as tied and helpless I was. I felt totally humiliated not knowing if maybe someone even had discovered me, maybe taken pictures or calling for others to come over and see the naked, cock caged bondage doll.

Howaever, I was really scared when I suddenly heard the terrace door open. I tried moving away, to cover myself and tried shouting but it didn’t make much noise and also I could really move, let alone covering myself. When she came closer I could smell her perfume and was relieved a bit. But she slapped me twice and asked me if I wanted to stay that way all day, because she couldn’t see any efforts made to get out of that predicament. I tried answering but got myself two more slaps. Then I felt how the rope to my cock cage was loosened. She came down with the rope and tugged on it several times inte different direction making me quickly turn, as if I was following a leash, a leash on my cock. She giggled on my behaviour and then started peeling of the tape covering my eyes and also taking out my gag. Then she released my wrists and told me to undo the rest by myself. Before she left she showed my the keys to my cage holding in her hand, waved bye bye and left through the terrace door, with a little smirk.

I untied the left ropes and bands got clothed and get out to see if she was still around.
And yes she was standing on the terrace and smoking a cigarette. I slowly approached her, looking if she had to say something and if she really was mad. She turned to me and was smiling. I asked her if everything was ok, she answered by giving back the question, because it was me who had to suffer the self imposed predicament. I told her that I was ok, but also scared at times. She told me, that she sssumed it was what I wanted and she tried to fit into that role.
And she really fitted into the role, was what I told her. We had spoke a little more before she left. It Hankes her for making possible such an experience and she also seemed as if she had her fun.

She left, taking my keys with her, leaving me another day prisoner to this cock cage.


That was the end of a real experience I wanted to share with you. Feel free to leave your comments. I hope to have another session with her soon. If so, I would happily share that with you again.



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