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in the stranger car boot
« on: July 03, 2022, 06:29:06 PM »
how i got locked in the strangerĀ“s car boot
i met her in online dating site okcupid 2013
i almost asked straight out if she has a car and if she would let be in her car trunk
when i asked her she said she has a car and she agreed to meet me next day.
She told me where to meet and when, i got there little early i had to wait about 15 minutes. When she arriver and pulled to the parking lot i saw that she has older vauxhall hatchback, when she got out of the car i approached her she opened boot right away and asked if i am really serious then i nodded and said yes i am and climbed in the boot, then she asked one more time and told me that she is going to visit a friend for couple of hours with that she closed the boot got in the car started the car and started driving.
She drove about 10 minutes. When she had arrived to friends place she shut off the car got out of the car and locked it. i could even hear from inside the boot how boot locked.
after she locked a car everything got quiet but it was cool.
after 4-5 hours when it started to get dark outside and in the boot, she called me and asked if i would like to get out but i told her no then she said she wont be long about half an hour then she would let me out and i said okay.
when she came unlocked the car and opened the boot she let me out and i asked her if she would agree to let me be in the boot again she agreed with that i headed home

my last ride in her car boot
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Re: in the stranger car boot
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Damn hot!


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