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Last Thanksgiving
« on: November 23, 2022, 03:21:46 am »
It was a cold and grey evening, I had taken the bus to my home town in an affluent neighborhood in North Carolina. I didn't know where to go, I was home from college for fall break. All my friends were spending time with their parents for thanksgiving. I hadn't told my "family", air quotes, that i was home...
Since my mom had passed away a few years ago, and my dad had just remarried and had two new daughters with his much younger wife. I had been forgotten. His new wife, Erin, was about 10 years older than me, and absolutely stunning to me. She was curvy but proportionate to her taller body. She was essentially the perfect plus size model, and she always wore these athletic leggings and I couldn't avoid staring at her at all times. Especially when she bent over for something, the way that round somewhat athletic ass stretched the spandex like material of her leggings..OMG!!. Then there were her boobs, I had never been much of a boob man, but hers were big and natural, soft but well filled out. Now during the breastfeeding of her two hungry daughters they were even bigger than normal. Just amazing, during occasional zoom calls with the "family" i would snap screenshots that i could jerk off to on my own time. I would dream I was putting her nipples in my mouth or doing her doggy style through a small hole in her ripped leggings...The truth was that I absolutely disgusted her. I know she didn't think much of my shy dorky personality, or my scrawny skinny yet not particularly call body. To me she was a very ambitious golddigger, she knew how to play people around her to get what she wanted. Money and affluence towards her lifestyle. She cared very much for her daughters and wanted the same for them, she didn't really love my dad but she loved his money.
I had now walked around endlessly, and somehow ended up in front of their house. A beautiful, McMansion styled home with three floors and a three car garage. It looked so inviting, with the warm lighting inside and Christmas decorations were already up. It looked so inviting, but I knew I wasn't invited. I felt lonely and depressed, no one wanted me, i hadnt dated or had sex any of the first 3 years in college. In Fact i didn't want to admit it, I was still a virgin. I was embarrassed with my life, I had ok grades but sort of just average... I stood there looking into their home, I didn't see anyone on the street side of the house, I assumed they were probably in the big designer kitchen in the back of the house. I had nothing else to do, at least i could see them being happy even if i wasn't going to be happy during Thanksgiving..I had to see them. I looked around, all was quiet in the neighborhood, I snuck past the living room bay windows around the back...this side of the house had no windows as it was very close to the fence, probably only about 10 feet. There was a pathway to the back yard and some flowers on the left side towards the fence.
I felt a little creepy and stalkerish sneaking around the back of their house..but this was my family. All was quiet as I sneaked into the back yard, I got to the corner of the house and could see through the large kitchen window. There they were, my family! My dad looked like he was working hard in the kitchen, he did enjoy cooking. Whereas his wife didn't do much cooking, she would always order delivery food. My dad didn't cook daily but he appreciated it during the holidays. Erin was feeding her precious daughters, but you could tell she was on the phone and talking quite loudly through her apple airpods. She always did that, she was your classic rich housewife, often dramatizing her daily life with her bffs. I thought to myself, neither one of them

 were thinking about me, hadn't even crossed their mind. I just wanted to be loved and to be present, i told myself i wouldn't get in the way of their lives. It has been cold and gray all day, but now it started to rain. Oh no...I didn't have a raincoat where I should take cover...I wanted to observe their dinner and feel like I was kind of "present"...I looked around in the yard...It was one of those modern trees, just a big lawn. There was a huge deck on the ground stepping out from the kitchen, and there was also an access point from the family room. On the deck was some outdoor furniture and a large fixed bbq, one of those very high end units. Probably cost 20K. Money was no problem for them, and my dad was into his cooking. Following the fence all around it was landscaped by a company but mostly lower bushes and flowers, then to my left were two gigantic garbage bins and one small recycling bin. They were backed up against the fence and had a little fence on the side of them, to make it look a bit prettier in the yard I guess. They were just out of reach of the flood lights from the deck but only about 15 ft from where I was was currently hiding at the corner of the huge mansion. I looked over at the huge garbage cans, one was overflowing, they must have been 100 gallons each in size. I could smell the garbage from here, maybe they had missed a garbage day or something? Should I hide in one of these was their room? I mean I was sort of trash wasn't i? Not wanted by them, what would Erin do with things she didn't want anymore? Donate it? No she was the kind of snobby rich housewife that would just throw it away! quickly walked over to them with my back hunched. I could smell the garbage more as i got closer. Baby powder diaper trash fixed with kitchen sour sweet smell. One was completely overfull, there were at least 3-4 large kitchen trash bags more than capacity in it..Wow the smell was potent.. I heard a door open, I freaked out and tried to tuck behind one of the huge bins...It was the sliding door that opened, and yet another garbage bag was set outside the house by Erin. I could hear her on the phone. Her voice was very loud, she was on the phone with one of her BFFs i am sure. Puhh i got lucky..I had to hide. I didn't want to leave, I wanted to be part of their life. I sort of reasoned with myself that hiding in their garbage would accomplish that for me. I opened a second garbage can. I could easily fit in there, it was huge in there, both of the garbage cans were lined with thick garbage bags. Probably to keep the cans from smelling once they had been emptied. I had to act fast..i grabbed one of the bags from the overflowing garbage can, then opened the half full can. started to climb in head first, it wasn't feet left the ground and i crashed head first into the half full garbage can, it took me some time to adjust myself. I was sitting on a big black garbage bag that didn't seem to contain garbage. It was rather something else familiar. I poked through the plastic. It was a closet purge by Erin, lots of designer clothes. Unreal. Well it made a comfortable seat and if i stretched my neck and lifted the lid slightly i could peek into the kitchen from there. Even this can had kitchen trash and diapers in it. I could smell it. The bag i had brought in with me in case i needed it to hide was a bit of a mixture. I untied the top, there was a large half eaten birthday cake, lots of diapers almost half of it was diapers, napkins and disposable plates and cups. Then all of a sudden I heard the door slide open leading onto the deck, Oh wow i could see Erin gathering the number of bags including a diaper pail bag and telling my dad she was taking out the garbage. She was heading towards me, damn i wasn't prepared for this she couldn't find me. I was hoping that I would have time to hang out here for a while during their dinner...I could hear her moving across the deck. Seemed like she was taking two trips. I had to hide my face and quickly. I buried my feet and legs between the cold and pump garbage bags, and quickly tore a hole in the bottom of the garbage bag I had brought in

 with me from the other overstuff garbage can. I didn't even have time to react to the garbage all around me now, and falling out in my lap, which was my only non garbage covered body part now. Oh god, had i really thought about this...i was in time to think had to be quiet..i could hear Erin approaching. I heard
I only hear Erin, but guess what Emma says.
Erin on the phone with her friend.
Erin: "Fuck Emma, those little pricesses create so much garbage!"
Emma (her friend): "i thought you had maids for that? hehe."
Erin: "Damn bitches cant do anything right i have to do it myself, i see now they put all the bags in one garbage can, damn birds gonna get to it. The maids just aren't smart either..i mean i pay extra money for an extra can..these things are huge btw.." .."Now i gotta transfer this shit over to the other can...i thought i was rich and didn't need to do this..."
Emma: "Girl i am least you don't have that weird piece of garbage of a stepson at home this Thanksgiving.."
Erin: "Ha! With my luck he probably shows up tonight, asking for food!" .."I would love to tell him, oh of course, just go outside and dig through our garbage cans, I hope you don't mind. I put the princesses dirty diapers in the same bags as the leftovers...enjoy!"
Emma: "Wow you are so evil Erin! Fucking Love it! What a loser he is..:"
Erin: "Right! Totally is, I actually did a bit of spring cleaning, he hasn't been around in a while so I am getting rid of the last things in the attic this week. Mostly "sentimental things from his Mommy and stuff..."
Emma: "Doesn't that feel good! Especially with that losers stuff, he will be so sad...haha I love it! My hubby has so much crap, I am saving him from becoming a hoarder hahah!” ...” you Donating it or...?”
Erin: “F...that!..the loser boys stuff is all garbage...old stuffed animals, pictures of his mom, some sort of journal. I dunno what own stuff i dont donate because i dont want some poor bitch at the mall walking around all getto fabulous in my old stuff i spent big money no that stuff all goes in the garbage when i am done with it. Even hardly used items. I can afford it you know! It sickens me when i see people wear designer items from thrift store and they don't know how to put it together, such disrespect to good fashion!”
Meanwhile in my garbage can...I was getting really hot and bothered by these beautiful bratty wasteful women. On top of that i was in one of their garbage cans surrounded by their garabge, and that beautiful woman was my stepmom. Whom i had masterbated to many times...this was just too much. My cock was rock hard in my windpants. I couldnt see them as my face was inside of one of her garbage kitchen bags. I just now realized what was in here, there was a birthday cake, many tightly rolled diapers...paper plates, tons of napkins...oh right the princesses had receintely had their birthday party which i missed..Now i was experiencing it again from a less pleasant point of view..i sort of chuckled to myself. What i deserved right...for being a bad step uncle...

 Emma: “Damn thats a really good point Erin! We gotta keep the class up! I am gonna stop donating my designer items too, i have this gucci leather jacket i got right before my preggo belly started showing, now i don't wear it any more and you know how it is you put on a bit more weight, i probably need one size bigger. Was gonna donate, but no no now its going in the garbage. Hehe. Feels good to declutter mari kondo style!”
Erin: “You go girl! ...So whats up with you and Barry now days? All good with the kids?”
Erin keeps chit chatting while approaching the bins...
Erin: “God this garbage stinks...cant wait for them to pick it up..sorry about the background noise, you know me i gotta sort this out. Cant have this garbage chaos out here way too embarrassing in the neighborhood. When you want something done you gotta do it yourself!” Emma: “Amen to that! All well here, Barry working hard as always me and the new baby doing great. So much work! Think i need a nanny:) But not a good looking know...”
Erin listens to Emma go on about her life, as she is approaching the bins. Mad at her maids for being lazy with taking the garbage out..she sets the two garbage bags down that she is holding in her right hand. Than opens the lid on the overfilled garbage can so it swings around and hits the back of the fence. The vibrations raddle me to the core. She is coming for this bin, I pray that she doesn't see me, did i hide well enough...?...My cock is already so hard through my windpants . It was all very scary and exciting at the same time. Then it happened, the lid swung up! I nicked my head and pushed my face into the birthday cake...please please dont see me, i was so worried, before i could think more about it though....I felt a massive amount of instant pressure on my crotch. I felt like someone put a medicine ball in my lap...I sank down slightly. Then came a couple of more bags on either side of the initial object. My cock was pushed up against the outer limit of my wind pants and i could feel that the heavy object in my crotch was something soft and squishy but wrapped somehow tight in a plastic wrap of some sort. I couldn't see anything partly due to birthday cake in my face and partly because the lid was slammed shut again.

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Re: Last Thanksgiving
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can you please continue to write I think the story is really great.

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Re: Last Thanksgiving
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Hoping and patiently waiting for more. Good read so far mate.


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