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The Party Part 2 by Sabrina
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Another Day, Another Social Event

Anette opened the door, inhaling the scent of leather that hung so thickly in the air. Her finger hooked the light switch, flooding the room with a warm incandescence that played over the four leather encased forms on four padded tabletops. Smooth black leather, supple as flesh and strong as iron encased the helpless captives, laced, strapped and locked inescapably. Anette smiled as she padded into the room, Katja following close behind as they looked over the four captives. Casually Katja’s hand caressed upwards along sabina’s left thigh. The gag muffled whimper that managed to escape the hood made Anette grin as she checked the webs of straps holding sabina down to the table.

The body sheaths were a combination of straight jacket, leg sheath, corset, mono ballet boot, posture collar and punishment hood, all integrated into one wonderfully wicked toy of restraint. D rings along the sides had been fixed to straps holding the mummified prisoner to the table rigidly. “They look so peaceful.” Katja giggled. “Maybe we should leave them a bit longer, a few more hours?” The amazonian maid smirked at Anette.

“Ms Gray said they must be prepped and ready. She wants them nice and clean. sabina is to be dressed in the outfit she gave us, the other three we have to get ready for the Madame’s party tonight.” Anette grinned lopsidedly, already she was planning something special for Leece.

“And I,” Thomas’s deep voice came from just outside the door. “Will prepare Kittiara if you don’t mind Katja.” His smile challenged the maid to protest, the glitter in his eyes promised that protest would end with Katja in Thomas’s hands along with her lady Kittiara.

“That will be fine, I had actually hoped to get some time with Jenka. It has been far too long.”

One by one the captives were extracted from the nights bondage, dragged to the showers and suspended by their wrists. The water was cold, but the three laughing captors paid no mind to the varied squeals and protests. When it was done sabina, Leece, Kittiara and Jenka hung by their wrists, neatly in a row facing their captors. Cold water still dripped from their bodies as they shivered, nipples stiff from the cold and the teasing of being bound and handled so roughly.

It was at that moment that Anne strolled through the door. The black silk kimono she wore did nothing to hide her long, sculpted legs. Her smile was pure seduction as she looked sabina over carefully. “Mmmm, all fresh and clean just for me little one? Today you belong to me. Send her to my room naked aside from handcuffs in thirty minutes Thomas. I will dress her myself.” As she turned to leave Katja yanked Jenka’s head back sharply with a fistful of hair.

“And you are mine.” She hissed nuzzling Jenka’s ear as her free hand cupped Jenka’s large right breast.

Thomas nodded, his grin widening a little even as his eyes darkened watching Katja torment Kittiara. Thomas had to admit, in Katja he had truly found a kindred spirit. She had a taste for the strict and punitive that rivaled his own. Not that he would pass up any chance to bind, torment and fuck the powerfully built maid, but still he had to admire her tastes and skills.

Anette grinned, lowering sabina to the ground and swiftly securing her hands in a pair of hinged cuffs behind her back. “Go on you, scamper outside and dry in the sun. Just be to Miss Gray’s door in thirty minutes or I will paddle your ass myself!” Smiling playfully the curvaceous maid turned to face Leece. “Looks like it’s you and me. How do you feel about cake?”

Anette led Leece into the kitchen, at least it looked like a kitchen, mostly. Wide counters, white tile, a large fridge, mixing bowls and utensils, but Leece had never seen a stove quite like the one in here. It was huge, with a flip top lid. And since when did kitchens have embedded O ring tie down points everywhere? Leece fidgeted a little, her slender curves still glistening with water. Anette pressed into her from behind, her hands sliding up to teasingly cup Leece’s full breasts. “Miss Gray is hosting a party tonight. What do you know about making a layer cake?”

Leece moaned softly, pressing into Anette’s hands, her brow furrowing a bit. “Not much, I don’t get the chance to bake much.” She giggled.

“That’s ok, I will do all the baking. I just need you to look cute.” Anette grinned, pushing Leece up onto a nearby counter top. Anette strapped Leece down in a taut spread eagle on a strange ceramic pan, the pan was huge, big enough for her to spread out and not touch any of the corners. “When you make a layer cake Leece, it is important to have a good foundation. And my foundation, is you!”

Leece blinked as Anette began gathering the ingredients, she looked at the strange stove, and then it hit her. She was tied to a huge baking pan! “Ummm, Miss Anette. You… ummm…. you cannot seriously want to bake me?”

Anette giggled, nodding her head slightly as she began breaking eggs into a huge mixing bowl. “Of course I want to. You are the surprise filling in my cake! Don’t worry, it’s a special slow bake recipe, the oven will only be about 130 degrees fahrenheit. Think of is like a hot mud sauna. The ceramic pan doesn’t trap heat, so it will stay nice and cool under you. That makes the cake bottom as moist and soft as the center! The plastic hood will have a respirator for you, and the air coming in will be chilled to help a little, and those plastic cuffs will not melt or retain heat.”

Leece boggled, the information was coming fast but her mind could only focus on one point. “You are going to bake me into the middle of a cake? But… but…” Anette carefully measured in a generous pour of milk, adding in some flour as Leece sputtered and protested.

“Don’t worry Leece, I won’t let them cut the cake. People will have to eat it by hand.” She giggled. “But first, I want you to have a nice coating of honey and chocolate. It’s sort of like a frosting glaze really. People will eat it up!” As Anette pulled the thick, stretchy plastic hood over Leece’s face she could only wonder if things could possibly get more bizarre than being the captive of Julia DeSade in her bakery of bondage.

Jenka glanced at Kittiara again. She had to admit, while uncomfortable, the pony girl outfits were stunning. Muscled legs encased to mid thigh in gleaming leather pony boots. The heels boots ended in a stylized black hoof made of hardened rubber, polished to a high gloss. Arms folded behind the back, encased in a glistening sleeve of leather, wrist to opposite elbow. Held immovably to the tall, tight corset that squeezed both of their narrow waists down ever further. The demi cups at the top lifted and presented four magnificent breasts, nipples exposed just barely over the top. Posture collars with built in bridle trainers completed the look, narrowing their vision to straight ahead with blinders, bit gags pulled deep between soft red lips.

Thomas’s gloved hand crushed all these thoughts as he caresses Jenka’s shaven slit firmly “You had best work hard tonight slut, or else.” He whispered into her ear as his free hand fixed the first of two heavy clamps on her stiff nipples. Each clamp sported a small, cute silver bell that would jingle happily every time she moved. His leathered fingers teased until she was gasping, grinding against them. Nearby Katja had just finished fixing Kittiara to the small cart leaving the other space open for Jenka..

sabina padded up the winding stairs, down the marble floored hall towards the thick, oak double doors at the end. As she approached the door opened, revealing a light, airy room inside with a huge vaulted ceiling. Anne reclined on a plush, velvet chair, talking into a cell phone and nodding to her personal secretary. “Of course you can bring a friend, provided they are severely restrained.” Anne laughed as her secretary held something up for her perusal.

As sabina slipped into the room Anne pointed at the lush white carpet at her feet, leaving no doubt as to where sabina was supposed to be. Quickly she scampered over, kneeling down, hands still cuffed behind her back. The secretary glanced down, not even bothering to hide her lascivious smirk at the naked little slave nymph. Anne made her goodbyes and snapped the cell phone closed, her eyes roaming the picture still held by the patient secretary. “Yes Miss Benson, that fountain will do nicely.” With a nod the secretary departed, closing the doors behind her as she left.

While the discussion went on, sabina’s eyes wandered, glancing about the room. The gleaming furnishings had been done in a tasteful pearl with satin finish. At first glance it appeared to be a normal enough room, but as she looked a little longer sabina began to spot the hidden fastening points, rings and catches for locks and clasps concealed about the day room. What stood out the most in this bright, sun dappled room was the pile of gleaming black leather that laid so close at hand on a day bed.

“How do you like it bina, it’s my sun room. A pleasant place to warm in the morning sun and think of wonderful things.” Anne smiled, turning her face to the sun for a moment, luxuriating in its warmth. “Tell me whore, do you suck cock well?” Anne turned back, her ice blue eyes glittering wickedly as sabina stammered.

“Y-y-y-yes Miss Gray, that is… i… ummm… i was thoroughly trained and….”

“And you have had a great deal of practice.” Anne finished with a smirk. “Marvelous, and I already know what a skilled tongue you have. So it’s settled then. I am having a small party tonight, nothing so extravagant as the gala ball you understand, just some friends stopping over for a bit of debauchery. We are celebrating the return of a very special, and close friend of mine. His name is Mr. Hughes, and as far as I know he doesn’t even have a first name. You are going to like him sabina.”

sabina nodded slightly, her breathing becoming markedly shallow as Anne sorted through the leathers. “Thomas assures me these are fitted perfectly for you, and your position for the evening. So, let’s get started shall we?”

The sleeves were first, working carefully and together they managed to get the tight leather up each of sabina’s arms. The built in steel cuffs cinched down tightly. “These are a work of art. I simply cannot get over how marvelously they dispose of your arms girl.” The Madame commented with a grin. In moments the rings at sabina’s fingertips were locked to wide spread columns, rendering her completely helpless for the remainder of her dressing. “And they have given me a few ideas.”

The ballet boots were snug, it took Anne close to twenty minutes to work the leather into place, cinching the laces tighter still until the kidskin gleamed, taut as a second skin around sabina’s toned legs. The boots stopped mid thigh, ending in a large cuff the pressed into the toned flesh there. sabina twisted a little, glancing down at the strange brass colored rings embedded in the toes of her boots. The hood was next, a gleaming mass of thick leather, this hood was clearly meant to break the spirit of the victim inside.

The heavy hood had only an opening for the mouth and nose, a mouth that was quickly spread wide open by an attached ring gag of painful proportions. The heavy pads over her eyes and ears insured nothing would reach either for the duration, plunging the helpless captive into utter silence and complete darkness.

The posture collar that followed covered the back of the hood completely, forcing sabina’s chin up slightly, the boned leather cupping her entire head in a firm embrace. It was by far the most complete of any collar sabina had ever worn. Tensing slightly she struggled a little in growing fear, her nipples stiffening as the bondage became frighteningly intense already. The squirming only earned her a sharp smack on the ass as Anne tightened and locked the collar shut. “Be still girl, or you will spend a week in this.” She growled softly, knowing full well sabina could not hear her.

The corset was heavily boned and painfully tight. It cupped sabina’s breasts like molesting hands, presenting them just a bit more than naturally. But the clever part was the spine brace in back. The curved steel hidden inside the corset forced her back to remain arched, presenting herself utterly to anyone who cared to look. Eyelets at the top of the corset lined up with the base of the posture collar. Anne threaded a small steel bar through, clicking it solidly into place, tensioning the leather and forcing the collar back and down slightly.

sabina gasped softly, struggling to breath through her wide open lips as the corset pinched her narrow little waist down severely. Soft moans spilled through the wide open, slut red lips as she squirmed, struggling a little. Already the scent of arousal was becoming thicker in the air as Anne forced sabina’s left arm back into that familiar position. Locks clicked into place and soon sabina’s arms were bound tightly into an immobile V shape behind her back. Wrists locked up behind the opposite shoulder blade. But Anne was not done yet.

Long, supple leather straps passed through small eyelets on the arm sleeves, and then through matching eyelets on the corset. Madame Gray strained, pulling the straps tight, working to get the natural stretch out of the leather. The tension forced sabina to press back into the steel spine brace even more as ragged  whimpers and sobs slipped from her mouth. As she buckled the last strap Anne smirked, stepping back to look at her captive. the gleaming leather left those pert, flawless breasts exposed. The perky orbs thrust forward so harshly by the arch of her back and position of her arms, nipples painfully stiff already. sabina was utterly immobilized from the hips up, exactly as Ms Gray had planned.

“Now, a few more steps and we can get you into place, and I can get dressed for the party.”

The cart rounded the corner, both Jenka and Kittiara struggling to prance along at a good pace. “Knees high ladies, don’t make me remind you again.” Growled Thomas as he slashed the dressage whip down across the back of Kittiara’s left thigh. Katja tugged the reins to the left, guiding the captive pony girls through the curve smoothly. The reins led to rings on each pony’s bit gag and then down to the tight clamps on their nipples. Between the tugging of the reins and the jumping, bounding, ringing bells handing from the same clamps both Kittiara’s and Jenka’s nipples were in sheer agony by half way through their first pass around the estate.

The path was lovely, lit by subdued lamps that evoked flickering gasp lamps that would have lined the streets of London in the 1800’s. Warm greens just now going to the golds, reds and oranges of fall. “Step lively girls, Madame’s guests will certainly all want rides through the woods tonight. It’s to be a full moon.” Katja grinned as both ponies whimpered behind their bit gags. It was going to be a very long night.

Inside the cake Leece tried to arch her hips. The heat was unbearable, the pressure only increasing as the cake rose and firmed slowly. She clenched around the hard candy dildo that Anette has stuffed so roughly inside her before pouring the pan full of thick, cold batter. As the batter rose she squealed, screaming into the gag that supplied her with cool, fresh air. And now, so many long hours later she wished that cold had been the worst of it. Again she tried to clench her fingers, only to find the thick, spongy cake resisting her completely.

As Leece suffered through her torment Anette writhed on the table nearby. Her twin helpers, the large gentlemen whom had lifted the huge pan into the special oven, had tied the pretty maid face down over the table and stuffed her mouth with a towel. Over the long hours of baking they slowly took turns fucking her, teasing her, spanking her round, full ass until she squealed into the gag for mercy. Gasping for breath Anette glanced at the timer, still an hour left to go. As the bigger of the two men teased his thick cockhead along her slit she could only moan in pleasure and exhaustion, hoping that this time she would not be spanked for coming.

sabina tensed as Anne worked on the finishing touches of her bondage. Kneeling on a padded, low platform, her legs folded back ankle to thigh, she squirmed helplessly gasping softly for breath still. Tight straps held her folded legs down, pressing them deep into the soft padding, as tight lacing kept her legs folded. The leather laces ran through small eyelets along the sides of the boots, from ankle to thigh, inside and out her legs were rigidly bound. As a final touch Anne clipped a springy, stretchy little rubber strap to the brass rings at sabina’s toes, in the center the strap had a butterfly clamp. Any pulling on the straps would cause the clamp to tighten, the more tension the more pain it would inflict. sabina squealed out, shuddering softly and squirming the tiny bit possible as the clamp bit down on her stiff, unprotected little clit. Anne teasingly stroked her fingers over the soaked, bald little slit before pressing her fingers into the captive’s mouth. sabina whimpered, trembling, her heart hammering as she gently licked the fingers clean.

“That’s a good girl. Take her downstairs, place her near the fountain.” Anne spoke to the two heavily muscled men without looking up at them. As she turned away to prepare herself for the party they easily lifted the platform between them and carried the squirming, whimpering, moaning little slut between them down the stairs.

Chuckling they set sabina near an elegant, hand painted sign and a two baskets filled with tiny metal, spring loaded clips. In the left basket each clip bore a tiny red ribbon, in the other each bore a tiny white ribbon. The sign next to sabina read. “Please make use of this slut’s mouth. If she pleases you please a white ribbon on her, if she displeases place a red ribbon. At the end of the night she will be either punished or rewarded based on the number of ribbons earned. Thank you.”

The first worker grinned at the other and took a glance around before unzipping his pants. “Might as well see how she does.” He chuckled, rubbing the thick head of his stiffening cock against sabina’s soft, wide spread lips. Whimper raggedly she squirmed, only really able to move at the hips as her tormentor slowly forced his thickening length into her mouth and throat. Shaking softly, straining against the bondage her pert ass clenched around the thick plug mounted on the platform. Every wiggle, ever move slowly made her slowly ass fuck herself on the thick, flexible toy. Soft moans spilled free as the man took a firm grasp of her hooded head and thrust his hips slightly.

It took only a few minutes before he exploded, his teeth clenching as he gasped for air and then cried out. Grinning at his partner he slowly pulled free and reached for a white ribbon. sabina shuddered, squealing out in pain and surprise as the clip was placed just under her right nipple.  The second man stepped up, grabbing the squirming girl’s hooded head more roughly he stuffed himself deep into her throat, ruthlessly ignoring the frantic gagging and choking sounds that spilled free.

sabina struggled to swallow him down, he was even bigger, thicker than the first and he had thrust in so fast. Tensing as her throat spasmed, clenching around his cock tightly as she began to move. Grinning sadistically the brute used her head like a fuck toy, slowing her down and then making the squealing slave suckle take him in rapidly for a few moments. sabina strained against the leather, swallowing helplessly and struggling to breath between his thrusts. After a bit longer he tensed, cock deep inside her throat as he exploded, hands gripping the leathered head tightly.

As the second man placed a red ribbon directly on sabina’s nipple his partner chuckled. “What? You didn’t like that?”

sabina mewed like a kitten as the pain in her right breast increased, squirming, fucking herself on the rubbery cock. “Oh I liked it.” He replied, his rough hand cupping the tormented breast firmly. “I’m just a bastard.” He chuckled, flicking the clips with his thumb and grinning wider as sabina whimpered sharply. “Come on, we have to check and make sure the grounds are ready.”

Anette scowled as she rubbed her wrists a little, watching the two men lift the pain from the oven. “You could have been a little more careful with the ropes.” She smirked, trying to look angry through the lingering haze of pleasure after so many hours of violation and lust. One of the towering men leaned in close, cracking his hand down sharply on Anette’s ass.

“Hush, and maybe we will come visit you tonight in your room.” The two chuckled as Anette tried to frown at them. She turned to the pan, now sitting on a large wheeled cart, focusing on the task at hand as the helpers left her alone. The pan sides unclipped easily enough, Anette pulled them away leaving the cake, and it’s captive surprise, on the flat ceramic sheet. Humming softly to herself she began to frost the massive yellow cake with a fudge chocolate.

“This is going to take awhile.” She sighed, viewing the expanse of cake and the huge bowl of frosting.

Jenka and Kittiara stood near the side door of the house, held in place by the wheel brake on the cart as Katja and Thomas made their way inside. The guests would be arriving soon, and they needed to shower and change.

As they walked away an older, rather unremarkable gent padded up the side walk towards the two women. His hair had probably been thicker in his youth, and his middle perhaps a bit thinner, but still he bore the years well enough. His suit was probably stylish a few years ago, but the wire rim glasses he wore certainly were not. His left hand bore a doctor’s bag, the leather worn from years of use. He passed into the ponies line of sight with a smirk that sent chills through Jenka.

“Good evening ladies, the name is Hughes, Mr. Hughes you could say. Well you could say if you were not gagged.” His hand cupped Jenka’s left breast, teasingly caressing the firm handful of flesh as his smile grew slowly. “I suppose Anne is around in the house somewhere? Getting into her finest leathers no doubt. I must say her taste in ponies is exquisite.”

Jenka shifted slightly, her back arching a little as this stranger sent chills through her with his touch. Slowly his hand explored her breast, just her breast, teasing around her nipple with a deliberateness that was maddening. “I must admit I quite impressed by her choice of outfits for you two.” Both Kittiara and Jenka whimpered as the man stepped out of their view. “Legs spread, now!”

His voice changed, almost forcing their instant obedience without either taking the time to think it through. Backs arched, asses thrust back both ponies spread their hoof booted feet as much as they could manage. The first stroke of the whip caught Kittiara completely offguard. Her bit gagged scream was Jenka’s only warning as the dressage whip snapped smartly up between her thighs as well. The smiling man whipped them both, alternating back and forth, the stinging lash painting fire on their defenseless cunts until the two of them were sobbing and squealing around the bit gags.

Slowly he built the heat, the fire in each, the pain searing into their nerves as a huge orgasm welled inside them both. And then he simply stopped, returning the whip to it’s place in the cart. “There, much better.” He chuckled, setting his bag down as his hands slid down each woman’s stomach to cup and teasingly stroke their tortured pussy. “Keep your legs spread sluts, until someone comes to take you for a drive.”

Each pony shuddered, moaning loudly as his fingers penetrated them, bringing them to the brink of an explosion. They nodded, their whimpering and gasping sounding more and more like the nickering of real ponies with each passing moment. Eyes closed, their heads arched back as much as the bondage allowed, pulling sharply at their own nipples as they trembled. And then, he was gone.

Jenka and Kittiara both gasped, their eyes snapping open, the man and his bag were nowhere to be seen.

Anne was resplendent in her gleaming, electric blue leather catsuit. The glistening leather conformed to her lean, elegant curves, highlighting the way her firm breasts and slender hips rounded. She smirked down at the squirming girl encased in leather before her. “I must admit sabina, you are a work of art there. And already busy I see.” She chuckled, a gloved finger teasingly flicking the two clips sabina already wore.

Though she could neither see nor hear Madame Gray sabina instantly recognized her touch. Moaning loudly she clenched around the toy behind her, wobbling a little, trying to plead somehow, to express some protest at the unbearably intense bondage she was trapped within. It was as Anne was teasing the helpless, frantic little thing that a familiar hand caressed across her firm ass.

“A work of art indeed.” Mr. Hughes commented sidling up against Anne as she gasped sharply in surprise.

“Mr. Hughes, how kind of you to join us. I was not sure you would make it.” She replied, struggling to regain her composure. Though very few would have known it Anne had not always been a Madame controlling her captives, slaves and guests with a gloved fist. Mr. Hughes knew it better than any other though.

“Delightful to see you Anne. That catsuit does wonders for your figure, or rather your figure does wonderful things with that catsuit. Always a pleasure to see my best student.” He smiled, his eyebrow arching slightly..

Anne's porcelain skin flushed at the warm praise. “As good a student as you were a teacher.” She replied with a flirtatious grin. “I was hoping you could work a little magic with sabina here at the end of the night.”

Hughes turned to look down at the squirming girl, his smile slowly returning. “Impressive, am I to see to her punishment or her reward?” He asked as he crouched to better see the captive. sabina mewed softly, moaning through the gag, lost in the darkness she had no idea if anyone was even there again. The clip under her right nipple twisted sending a wave of hurt through her breast as unfamiliar fingers cupped her chin and a thumb thrust into her mouth. The thumb was instantly caressed, teased by her butter soft tongue as this stranger tugged slowly on the clip, drawing a frantic, tormented sob from sabina.

“Both whatever you prefer of course.” Anne replied, her grin going wider. Mr Hughes did have a way with helpless little sluts, like sabina.

“Very well Anne, I will see what I can come up with.” He replied, that evil smirk slowly growing darker. “Now, my normal room is prepared yes? I must freshen up before everyone arrives.”

Anne nodded quietly, her ice blue eyes locked on that bag as it sat innocently on the floor. Hughes followed her gaze and chuckled softly. “Oh yes Anne, I made certain to bring my tools.” Without another word he swept up his bag and was gone up the stairs like a wraith.

As he passed out of earshot Anne sighed. “The one knows how to handle a girl.” She growled softly. Her breath caught slightly as she reached down and unzipped the crotch of her catsuit, her free hand forcing sabina to arch back as she stepped onto the platform to straddle her face.

sabina’s nose flared, filled with the familiar scent of Anne’s arousal as she whimpered loudly. The pressure on her was intense, but also wonderful as her thick tongue thrust deep into Anne’s slit. Anne gripped sabina’s head tightly, wobbling a little as the tongue lashed inside her and then slid free to tease and rub over and around her clit. It took only minutes before Anne was quaking, screaming out her own pleasure and coming against the trapped slave beneath her. sabina thrust her tongue deep, again and again taking Anne further into the explosion as struggled.

Anne’s mind filled with flashes, Hughes abusing the girl beneath her, Jenka and Kittiara as such gorgeous ponies. When she finally began to calm she stepped away, sabina’s face glistened with her pleasure. “This is going to be an interesting affair.” She whispered softly, zipping the crotch of her suit again she went to see how Anette was coming with the cake.

The Party Chapter 3

As the first guests began to arrive Madame Gray began to relax at last. The preparations were over and now it was time to relax and enjoy the fruits of her labors. She stood by the front door, watching with an elegantly arched eyebrow as the pony cart was again drawn into view. The captive amazons strained against the traces, their muscled, fit legs pulling the cart smoothly round the bend near the house for perhaps the dozenth time already.

The gentleman at the reigns was new in the area, having just moved from overseas after a long stay in the eastern parts of Asia. His rakish wit and exotic stories were certain to be a hit. With an expert hand he brought Jenka and Kittiara up slowly to a halt, driving them with perfect control. "A lovely pair of ponies you have here Anne, my compliments." He smiled charmingly while stepping from the cart, straightening the immaculate tuxedo he wore. Anne admired the way the silk of the tailored tuxedo accented his muscled frame.

"Of course Edward, a pleasure to see them driven so skillfully. You have experience with pony girls I take it?"

"Oh yes, the was a guest of the Padisha of India for many years aiding him in training an entire harem of such girls. Between you and I dear the man was a fiend for them. He had the most magnificent team of girls. Tribal girls taken from the provinces there, smooth skinned, oiled and trained. One hundred of them in all, perfectly trained to pull a gilded coach. It was almost surreal." Edward Daktony offered his arm to Madame Gray, which she took firmly. The blue leather of her catsuit sculpted to every elegant curve with a fit that could only be achieved with hours of painstaking fittings.

"Your stories do paint such wonderful pictures Edward, now I simply MUST see these girls you mentioned. Such delights brought from abroad are always a treat. And you must try the girl sabina's mouth afterwards. Such a delightful creature, the pony on the left is her Mistress you know."

Jenka's teeth clenched around the bit as the talking moved out of earshot and back into the mansion. She longed to see how her girls were getting on, to see what was being done to them and if possible make it worse by her own hands. Kittiara nudged against her, breaking Jenka's daydreaming as the cart wobbled a bit and a woman's voice called out. "Get moving you two, it's a lovely night and I've got an ear for the crack of the lash." Jenka groaned softly even as she heard Kittiara's low laugh, there were a long way from done with their labors this evening.


Leece flexed her entire body against the heat, against the softness pressing down so relentlessly. But yet again the spongy cake gave a tiny bit and then inexorably forced her back down against the pan below. Her slit clenched around the thick candy plunged so deep inside as she struggled to breath under the soft pressure. The movement of the pan was so startling that she screamed into the breath mask, so many hours lost in the darkness, silence and heat had left her completely disoriented. Finally, she thought to herself, it must be done. But how much longer would she have to endure this.

Anette's helpers move the cake over to a large table, ignoring the curvy, struggling maid tied down so tightly over the counter near the stove. "You think we should let her loose? This thing does need to be frosted." One of them commented before looking over Anette's plump, exposed ass. Thick welts from the prolonged spankings criss crossed across the curves of it even as the glistening residue of hour upon hour of fucking remained between her lush thighs.

"Yeah cut her loose. It's not like we can't find her again later tonight." Anette moaned into the towel stuffed into her mouth, glancing at the clock and silently hoping there was enough time left. She had no intentions of finding out what Ms Gray's punishments for lateness would entail.


Slowly Mr Hughes worked a nine inch long black rubber dildo into sabina's mouth as she struggled not to choke on the immense thickness of the toy. As he worked the toy in slowly his gloved hand caressed over the flawless curves of her left breast, teasing the roundness of it and mercilessly pressing and moving the many clips about as they bit down painfully. Knowing full well that she could not hear him he did not say a word, simply pulling the huge rubber cock back and then slowly thrusting the toy back into the gasping, clenching throat of the helpless girl. Frantically she strained against the unbearably strict, intense leather bondage, struggling to breath and then relax and swallow the massive toy down completely. It was completely clear that whomever this was he was not stopping until she swallowed the entire length of it.

Edward and Anne approached the scene as more guests began to filter into the ballroom. "You think she can do it Mr Hughes?" Anne asked with a bemused smile.

"I know she will do it. It will just take a little patience is all. I have my things prepared in the drawing room for later. I am quite certain this little slut will put on a breath taking performance for us. Oh, who is this a new friend?" Mr Hughes smiled genially up at Edward, inclining his head slightly. "Hughes is the name, a pleasure..."

"Oh please Mr Hughes," Edward replied. "A man of your reputation needs no introduction. I have long been an admirer of your work and have a complete collection of your informational tomes. If it's not intruding I would like to have a friend of mine join little sabina here in your tableau later? She's an admirer of your work as well and quite the intense slut once she is properly brought to heel."

"Indeed, and whom would this friend be?" Anne asked, glancing about with an arched eyebrow. sabina sobbed softly as Mr Hughes finally forced the entire length of the toy into her mouth and simply left it there for her to choke on for a bit. As she struggled frantically to breath his hand dropped down, caressing her exposed, soaked little cunt, his thumb flicking casually, cruelly against her clit.

"Why here she comes now, Lady Carla so glad you could make it." The woman who approached was above average height by perhaps an inch and was one of the loveliest examples of lush, Mediterranean beauty Mr Hughes of Ms Gray had ever laid eyes upon. Her full breasts nearly spilled from the scooped neckline of the elegant silk evening gown she wore, like Edward favoring a more traditional elegance to the fetish finery that was the norm at these gatherings. Full hips and supple, thick thighs only added to her dusky, sensual allure. "Carla, this is out hostess Madame Gray, and this is the infamous Mr Hughes. With their permission you will be joining the girl here in a display of Mr Hughes craft later on."

Carla elegantly raised an eyebrow and opened her full lips as if to protest only to be cut off by the Anne's leathered finger. "Not a word Lady Carla, I insist. In fact I believe you and I must become better acquainted so you can join sabina a good bit earlier than even dear Edward here intended." With a smirk Edward twined his fingers in Carla's hair and yanked her head back sharply, following Anne's lead as the two led her off into a small room nearby. As she was led away Carla's eyes glittered with an eager anticipation.

Mr Hughes watched the display with a scowl. "That one is trouble little one mark my words. I had her in my workshop once though she never knew it was me. Three weeks of trainined and that succubus constantly begged for more. This time let's see if I cannot break her good and proper." As he spoke sabina arched against his hand, struggling and slowly smothering with the thick toy buried in her throat. Frantic little whimpers managed to work past the thick, black rubber cock as Mr Hughes's fingers rubbed sharply, igniting an orgasm in the little captive as easily as he might have flipped a light switch.

sabina bucked against the leathers, straining with her taut muscles and sobbing under the intense hood. The wide open position of her mouth, forced by the ring gag, made her jaw ache and cramp. And the number of people that had made use of her mouth and tongue, as well as leaving behind a biting, hurtful clamp on those rounded, smooth breasts of hers, had long ago been lost. The thick toy tasted of rubber with the lingering hints of the many women it had violated over the years. And then there was the hands, those hands that seemed to find her every weakness without even trying.

With a scream she exploded into an orgasm, bucking hard and shaking helplessly in the grasp of the restraints. As Mr Hughs stood to leave he pulled the toy from sabina's mouth with a lewd, wet sound as the black rubber smoothly slid from her glistening, red lips. Frantic little choking sounds erupted a moment later as she struggled to breath again as Mr Hughes smirked down at her. "We are going to have such fun you and I little slut, such fun indeed."



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