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Self Bondage and Bondage Gone Wrong
« on: January 04, 2023, 04:26:13 am »
Note sure if in the correct category or not, I have also placed in self bondage

Hello, I write about myself bondage session experienced recently, well it started out as self-bondage but turned into an all-day affair inflected by my wife.

Firstly, a little info on my clothing I chose to use. I had a very long thick down coat made for me in China, it's sort like down but artificial, wellon I think it's called, soft like down but lot heavier. This coat has a full hood and a YKK key locking zip. Next is the full-length PVC cape from PVC-U-Like, this is the thick natural coloured PVC 250 micro. I also indulge wearing adult overnight nappies (diapers for our USA cousins) and high riding plastic pants. We also indulge in a stainless-steel chastity cage on occasion, so I used that as well. In self bondage I always want out after I have done the deed, self-employed or with my wife. Once satisfied all I want is out and I’ll do anything to get out. So, the idea with the cage on I cannot satisfy myself during self-bondage. Last items I use are strong light weight chain, handcuffs, padlocks and a self-timer automatic padlock from China, you predetermine how long you wish to stay locked up, it counts down then opens at the predetermine time, be it one hour or 24 hours or even longer.

So, on this occasion I waited for my wife to leave for her work, waiting 10-15 minutes. Then I proceeded to ‘dress’. Firstly, the Chasity cage was put on and locked. Then I put on the overnight nappy, followed by the large plastic pants, the idea being if I had to go, at least there would be no leaks.

Next, I set the auto padlock to 2 hours and wrapped the chain around my waist locked it on, so doing I also locked the handcuffs to the chain in front of my body. This chain was tight, so it wasn’t going to slip down my body even with the most determined effort.

Then I proceeded to put the PVC raincape on, snapping shut all the domes. I pulled the hood up and pulled it extremely tight, so it covered my entire face, just leaving enough room for breathing through my mouth. I knotted the cords under my chin and then double bow. I then put a small chain through the loops of the double bow and padlocked it shut around my neck with a standard padlock and put the key on the table with my secondary padlock and spare chain. I cannot see through the PVC; I can see night and day and maybe the odd shadow but that is all.

Blindly I pulled the down coat over me, placing the hood on my head and then draped the coat over my shoulders by swinging my body. In the gaps of the snaps of the raincape I managed to engage the zip of the down coat, slowly I pulled the zip up, as it came higher, I managed to put the key into the zip lock and turn, so the zip would travel up but not down now. This key I also placed on the table. I slowly pulled the zip up and stopped at my lower chest. This is so I can pull the down coat off me (over my head) to get out after the auto padlock had released my handcuffs. Once the coat was off, I could then use the keys on the table to unlock the handcuffs and chain around my neck holding the hood of the raincape in place.
Thereafter, satisfied I was well and truly locked up, I put my hands into the handcuffs and ratchet closed on each wrist…all this dressing took around 10 mins, so I’m in self bondage now 1 hour 50 mins.

The feeling inside is sensual, the PVC smooth over my skin, not being able to see, sort of exacerbates the feeling. The down like coat warms the PVC up, it holds the cape close to my body as my arms are not in the sleeves of the coat, rather held within the pvc cape.  I was enjoying myself, the chastity cage holding back any 'full' erections…

Then it happened, I heard the front door open, my wife called out, its only me I left my phone…hearing her voice trailing off as no doubt I came into her view. I must have been beetroot red under that hood... Caught, is this what you get up to when I’m not here? All I could say was I was trying it on for play later with you…

Well, it looks like you are truly locked up, she felt around the coat feeling my hands handcuffed under it, then she looked at the PVC hood, padlock and chain, my you certainly not wanting to get out in a hurry are you, I could tell she had a smirk on her face.

She then said, you need to stay warm, you’ve only zipped the coat halfway up…I said NO…as she pulled the zip up to my neck. NO, why NO she said, I then had to tell her my escape plan, the zip of the coat is locked so it will only travel up, not down. So, you can’t take the coat off she said. Not now. What’s with the handcuffs then. I told her they are locked with an automatic padlock, set to unlock in 2 hrs, well about 1 hr 40 mins now. Then I could have slipped out of the coat and unlocked the chain around the hood of the PVC raincape. What if you need to a pee during that time, I told her I was wearing a nappy. Oh, she claimed.

She went on, so now the coat is zipped up, can you get out. NO. Where’s the key, on the table I said. Just to make sure then, grabbing the spare chain and padlock, she wrapped it around the base of the down coat hood, at the same time she pulled the zip up further, and then padlocked the zipper pull handle and the chain around my neck. As the chain was pulled tight there was no way I could slip the coat over my head now, the chain seeing fit I was wearing that coat and everything underneath until I could get my hands free from the handcuffs.

Have fun she said, grabbing her cellphone, oh she said, you won’t be needing these, grabbing the keys to the coat zip and padlocks. She you later tonight, you can’t be serious Jane, I certainly am serious, walking off closing the front door. Jane doesn’t normally get home until 6.00pm, its around 8.40am at the moment.

BUGGER is all I thought. There I was trapped in a chastity cage, plastic pants, nappies, pvc raincape, thick down like full length coat, and my hands handcuffed to my waist inside everything. Unable to see with the PVC hood over my face and then the down coat over that. I’m like this for the next 10 or so hours. I knew I was buggered unless Jane came back. As the minutes ticked by, I was warm but not overly so. Eventually the auto padlock unlocked, so I could at least release the handcuffs from the waist chain, but that is as far as I could go. The chain around the hood of the down coat was tight around my neck, so I couldn’t get my get my handcuffed hands out of the PVC cape let alone the down coat…I was stuck.

As time went by my stomach was rumbling, food it was asking for, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I was trapped and blind.
Eventually mother nature took over and I Pee’d my nappy. Thank goodness I thought to wear a nappy I said to myself. Being blind and not being able to do anything is boring. I just sat in my chair wondering how many hours have lapsed. I must have drifted off to sleep at some stage, I woke not knowing how long I was asleep for, only made my dilemma worst, at least before I could sort of count down as the hours passed, by light in the room. But now it was a gloomy day & rain was forecast, so I could only guess what time it was.

Then my worst fears were realized, mother natural called again, but not number ones, it was number twos. I tried my best to hold it back, but after 20 mins or so, it just happened, woosh it filled my nappy with gusto. I never pooped myself before and it's not nice. Peeing is OK, fortunately the plastic pants held most of the smell in. But trying to get comfortable with a nappy load wasn’t easy.

As time ticked bye I was really starting to get hot in the hoods. Sweat was building, dripping down the inside of the raincape, making me feel miserable. I must have sat there for hours wanting to get out and no escape. Finally, I heard the front door opening, Jane arrived home. Thank goodness your home, i said, I’ve pissed myself, shit myself and sweating profusely thanks to you.  Well then you shouldn’t lock yourself up then. I didn’t you did I screamed. Well, that little tantrum will cost you another hour locked up. You’ve got to be kicking me Jane... do you want me to make it 2 hours she said…no no.

I guessed an hour passed, but no sign of Jane. I called out are you going to let me out now? Soon she said, but first let's have a happy ending. I heard her plug something into the power point, it was her vibrator, she placed it on my dick. Even though there was thick padding over it I could still feel the vibrations, it took longer than I normal take, but nonetheless, irrespective of the chastity cage, I exploded into the nappy.

Once I calmed down, as mentioned earlier I always want out.  I ask if she would release me. After 20-30 mins of boredom, she finally unlocked the chain around my neck and release the zip lock of the coat. But made me continue to wear the PVC cape and my hand handcuffed underneath. Before I unlock you completely, I need to you promise we can do this all again this coming long weekend. It was Monday at present. Yes, yes anything to get out. No, I want you to promise. She waited until I absolutely promised we can the same love games this coming weekend. She unlocked everything and I remove my nappy. took a long shower as she suggested. Finally, after about 12 hours I was wearing my normal clothes.

Come Saturday, I got up and mowed the lawns. As I entered the house, lying on the floor were my nappies, plastic pants, chastity cage, pvc cape, down coat and various chains and padlocks.... ready for some fun.....  this 100% happened


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