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Not Me!
« on: March 18, 2022, 03:26:38 pm »
Not Me

I am a single homeowner in a small town. I also have TV tendencies. I have been cleaning my house in a maid's uniform for years, but only recently dared to venture into the outside world. I began watering the plants on my porch dressed at dusk and I dearly wished I had the courage to walk around the block in the evening, but the fear that too many people knew me kept me inside. One day I discovered a “rails to trails” linear park on the edge of town. The sign said closed at sunset, but there was no gate. I decided to give it a try. I went there about dusk and walked about a mile in and came back in the dark. It was very thrilling knowing I could meet someone, but I never did. I did this for most of the summer starting earlier in the afternoon and coming back later at night.

One fateful day I spotted a picnic type blanket in a small clearing just off the trail. I froze in my tracks and watched for people who must be around. I finally moved into the woods a little and sat on a log and waited. Nobody came. I decided to take a closer look. The clearing was on the edge of a sand pit of sorts and there was a drop off near the edge of the blanket. There were large clear containers hanging in two trees nearby with light chains that went over the sand bank. I followed the chains and part way down was a naked woman held by the chains. My first reaction was to jump down there to help her, but as I looked closer, it became obvious this was her doing.  The clear containers were solid ice and kept tension on the chains. She was wearing a hood of black leather that covered her eyes and a short rubber ring where her mouth was. She was blowing sand out of the ring, probably from rolling down the bank. The chain was locked to a ring on the collar at the bottom of the hood. Her arms disappeared  behind her, but her breasts jutted out with small clips on the nipples and a marble sized steel ball hanging from each clip. Her waist had a leather belt and another wide belt between her hips. Her knees were tied tightly together and her ankles shackled to the second chain and ice container. I asked her if she wanted help but there was no reaction. I picked my way down carefully and realized she couldn't hear me. Her ears were packed with soft wax ear plugs. She had sand everywhere and that was going to make it a long day! Then I heard the buzz of vibrators! I felt her crotch belt and sure enough she had two vibrators under the belt. I left her to her devices and continued my walk.
About four hours later I was leaving and decided to check and see if she was still there. She  was there and there was a lot of ice left! She had rolled over and I could see her hands cuffed to a ring on her belt. The vibrators now were at full song and she was trying to hump that sand for all she was worth. I had picked up a short piece of broken fishing pole on my walk for no particular reason. Seeing her lilly white buns rising and squirming I decided to give them a swat with the fishing rod. The effect was immediate. She stopped moving for a second and sand was blowing up around her mask. I whacked her again. And again and again. She was shaking and whimpering and finally collapsed in a dirty heap. I had left a tic-tac-toe board of red welts on her butt. I felt them before I left and they were already raised.
There was still a fair amount of ice in the jugs so on the way back to my car, I decided to get my collection of trail-cams from my hunting days and come back. An hour later it was pitch dark and I had new batteries in all the cameras and I started setting them up from her car along the trail to her spot.  When I  got there the vibrators were humming away so I went down next to her and took a few dozen pictures with my DSLR and flash.  Even with the hood on she had to know someone had taken her picture. Her body tensed and waited. I went home and spent the night in my comfortable bed!
When I got up, I went and collected my cameras. She was gone. I walked that trail deep into the fall hoping to see her again, but it never happened. I am left with memories and hundreds of pictures of a bound naked lady trying to get sand out of her locks.


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