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The Colony Parts 1-2 by TitforTat
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The Colony: 1

   Chapter 1

   I spent an hour or so with Maid after making her whole once again. I sat on the toilet and held her in my arms as if she had been reborn somehow. It felt wrong in a way to be able to hear parts of her thoughts without her being able to do the same unless I let her. Still, she seemed grateful to finally be able to feel like one in her own body.

   Vincent came into the bathroom and asked if everything was alright. I nodded then kissed Maid telling her that we would have a longer talk some time soon. I needed to be with Pure.

   After leaving Maid in Vincent's care, I found Pure with Gudrun where I had left them. Gudrun was laying face down on the bed with Pure's giant cock sawing between Gudrun's legs under her. Both were casually enjoying themselves in a slow, tender manner. I caught their attention by sitting on the bed and watching.

   “Hi.” Pure said simply with a big smile on her face. Gudrun moaned happily then turned to show me the same smile.

   “How was your visit with Phyllis?” Gudrun asked through a strained voice. It wasn't uncommon for Gudrun to hold a conversation, even during sex anymore.

   “It was...” I paused with my hands before looking at Pure. I still didn't want to spill the beans on what had happened. “Interesting.”

   “Is everything alright?” Pure asked me in her masculine voice that seemed to fit her current form.

   “It is, but I need to talk to you in private.” I said with my hands before Pure nodded with a smile.

   “Pure, sweety. Go ahead and cum.” Gudrun said causing Pure to tense almost instantly and grunt with a manly effort. Gudrun sighed and smiled even wider just before cum oozed from her mouth. She put a hand to the white goo and smeared a little on her face with a sensual smile.

   The two finished up and kissed happily before I received one from Gudrun. She smiled again after wiping away the cum in her mouth and asked us to come back soon. I wanted to tell Pure the news first and told Gudrun what we would be back.

   “Did something happen?” Pure asked softly as we walked through the short hallway. I nodded at her then waved at Billy who was leaning against the wall near the entrance. He smiled and waved back at us while watching a couple writhe sexily on the floor in front of him.

   Once in our room, I closed the door behind us. “Something big happened.” I said with my hands after turning to Pure who had assumed her neutral form. She resembled how she looked when she first came here. The curious look caused a ripple of anxiety to course through me at telling her the news. I didn't want it to affect how we felt about each other. I started by letting my mouth return to normal.

   “Phyllis freed me.” I said with my real voice causing Pure to almost jump backward on the bed. I let the rest of myself change to show her exactly what I meant. “She freed me from my body and freed me from my sphere.”

   I waited and watched her expression as I stood in front of her as my mostly human self, the version of me that I would want to be human as. She seemed to be having trouble comprehending what I had just done with her Violet showing a mix of excitement and uncertainty.

   “You... can talk now?” she asked with a tremble in her voice. It was more of a rhetorical question for sure, but I nodded just to confirm it. “How... how did this happen?” she asked softly.

   I sighed and walked to sit next to her on the bed and placed my nearly human hand on her porcelain, white leg. Her eyes followed my hand all the way up to my own. It was as if she were finding me all over again.

   I told Pure every detail of my time with Phyllis without her interrupting me once. I watched her emotions change from horror to awe then to a bit of understanding after mentioning what it meant to me to be free of my original change. I then went on to explain changing Maid as an end to Tim's suffering. Pure's hand rested on mine with her eyes trembling even further. It was a full 5 minutes of looking at each other with occasional glances away before she spoke again.

   “So... can you hear my thoughts now?” she asked me before I cocked my head sideways and thought about it. I concentrated a little and focused on how it worked with Maid , but it just wasn't there.

   “I guess I can't” I said before she seemed to almost smile. It was an odd reaction.

   “Have you tried doing other things?” she asked with her eyes never leaving mine.

   “Not really, just change into what I am now.” I said before her smile faded. She looked away from me and seemed almost sad for a moment.

   “Does that mean you are going to stay like this?” she asked before looking back with her expressive violet eyes trembling once more. I studied her reaction for just a moment then sighed.

   “I don't know.” I said before breaking our eye contact and looking at my nearly human hands. Turning them over then back again, I realized just how comfortable I had gotten in my previous appearance. My human-like hands looked almost odd to me now. “I guess I got used to the idea that I would always be stuck as I was.” I said before looking back at Pure again. She was searching my eyes.

   “I....” she said before she did the same as I had just done and looked at her own hands. She seemed to be having trouble getting her words out, omething she rarely had trouble with.

   “Pure... I don't have to stay this way.” I said causing her to look at me once more. “If you could have me any way you wanted, what would I look like?” I asked. Pure suddenly tensed up and shook her head at me.

   “Please, don't ask me that.” she said before I frowned at her.

   “You liked me as I was. I will stay like that for you.” I said before she shook her head no again while squeezing my hands.

   “I want.... I want you to do as you like. I will follow you anywhere, you know that.” she said with her face becoming a mask of seriousness.

   “I do, but I want to know just one thing that you want. One thing.” I said before she sighed and looked away.

   “I want to be your fantasy.” she said causing me to sigh again and pull on her hands. “I want you to tell me what I like.”

   I looked back at her emotional eyes and saw a kind of truth to her words. She wanted everything to be about me. I hadn't realized until that moment just how deep her commitment to me was. The large tattoo on her chest saying that I was her property wasn't just a fun sign, it was the truth. She had given me everything that was her.

   “Just one honest question.” I said as I changed myself back to how she had always known me. I really didn't have to ask as I already knew from the relieved reaction that she gave me that she liked me as the big boobed, transgender sex doll. I could see in her eyes that it wasn't even worth asking. In a way, her emotional reaction was the way that she always told me things whether she wanted it or not. It was how I knew that I loved her as much as she loved me.

   “What is your favorite color?” I asked with a bit of a laugh. Her slightly defiant, serious expression faded momentarily before she began to laugh too.

   “Purple.” she said with a happy giggle before holding my hand again. I smiled at her and pulled her against me before laying on our squishy, flesh-toned latex bed. Her violet eyes never left mine.

   Chapter 2

   As Pure and I laid in our bed, she smiled at me and I gave her a look. “What are you thinking?” I asked her as I had many times before. Sometimes she would tell me and sometimes not. I never expected an answer.

   “Have you... tried doing anything else?” she asked as one of her smooth hands rubbed my skin and sent chills of excitement through me. It was a little different feeling with my arousal starting as zero now.

   “Well, I looked almost human.” I said causing her to smile at me. “What do you think I should do?”

   “I don't know. I'm asking you.” she said like she always did to avoid the question. I smiled and sat up with a wonder at what I could do with my new freedom. The thought had crossed my mind before, but I hadn't taken the time to really check it out. I started to get a little excited.

   “How about....” I said as I went from sitting to standing. I thought of Maid as well as several others that had built in high heels as the sensation of them growing under me caused me to smile. I never liked the things personally, but had to admit that they did look sexy. I looked down to see my toes become pointy with my heels rising up from the floor.

   “Neat.” Pure said as she rolled onto her stomach and rested her head in her hands under her chin. Her childlike position and wonder in her eyes goaded me to try some more. I got rid of the heels first.

   I thought of Gudrun and how she could summon anything she wanted to wear. The sexy red cocktail dress of hers was my favorite and I closed my eyes to imagine it on my body. My skin tingled where the dress should have been. I opened my eyes to see the shiny red material covering me just as I had imagined. The stretchy red latex on me pressed my large breasts together to form a seductive line of cleavage. I laughed at seeing it, then concentrated on making them bigger and squishier like Maid's

   My breasts grew slowly as well as being distorted slightly by the tight dress until they began to pop out of the top of it. I laughed again as I pressed on the 'four boob' I was sporting before it gave me an idea. The dress faded back into my skin leaving just the huge, jiggly boobs on my chest.

   I always wondered what it would be like to have more than just two. I laughed when I imagined a set just below the ones that I already had. The slight tingle and slowly building pressure there begged my curiosity and I moved my hands to feel the swells of rubber flesh. I looked to Pure to see her expression gain an intense attention to what I was doing as well as a background lust that was hard to hide. It often happened when I would change her body and make her watch.

   “This is stupid.” I said with a happy laugh and cupped my lower breasts. I expected Pure to laugh along with me but she only nodded. I took it one step further and thought about what it would be like to have the same thing on my back. I nearly doubled over laughing at the tingles there and the image of what it would look like. I was going to be an eight breasted, transgender, rubber sex toy.

   I was laughing so hard that Pure gave me a curious look. The growth ended and I turned to show what I had done. Her eyes widened just before I shook my torso to feel all of them jiggle oddly on me. My laughs turned to bursts of snorts when I felt to the tits on my back and squeezed them.

   “What the fuck am I doing?” I asked as I laughed so hard that I nearly fell over. Pure's lusty stare slowly started to change to the same jovial attitude that I had. “Come on, give me something to add, this is too funny.” I said as I used the chair next to me to steady myself.

   “Umm... what about a tail like Leo or Mystra?” Pure asked with a bit of enthusiasm. Her suggestion came as a surprise that she would actually give me one, but I concentrated a little and made it happen anyway. Feeling the thing snaking slowly against my skin and a knowledge of how to control it let me know that it was actually happening.

   When it was long enough, I wrapped it around the front of me to see the 2 inch thick tendril of rubber sway and move like a tentacle. The sight of it and watching it respond to my thought's was almost hypnotic.

   “Wow.” Pure said as she sat up slowly. I took my tail in my hands and felt my own touch on it. The sensation was a little strange. “Do you have any kind of limits on what you can do?” Pure asked before her expression faded to a bit of concern.

   “I don't know.” I said as I looked at my hands. I cupped them against my lower breasts and thought of something new.

   I felt the weight of them recede, but their fullness remain. I found my nipples with my fingers just as they had started to change. The rubber nubs gained a small tab on the top with a loop on the other side. Just as my top ones and rear ones had done the same, I popped the inflation valves that I had turned my nipples into and felt the air rush out. The air filled tit them deflated quickly as if it were nothing more that some kind of beach toy or air filled bag. I absent-mindedly did the same to the other bottom one leaving two bags of deflated rubber breasts below my top ones.

   The deflated flesh gave me another idea and I thought of a few other fetishes that I had seen. A sudden tingle filled all of me as a warmth flooded my body. The sensation of getting lighter was accompanied by a growing, constant pressure. The change was not visible from the outside, but being filled with air was incredibly strange. Pure just kept starting at me as if she were witnessing the reveal of a magic trick.

   “So... weird.” I said with a bit of a balloon-like squeak to my voice. I ran a hand over my arm then squeezed it hard only to have my wrist give to the pressure. I let go and watched the flesh spring back as if nothing had even happened.

   “Are you... hollow?” Pure asked as she stood up and came to me. I looked away from my hands to her and nodded before trying to talk again. Nothing came out.

   “I made myself inflatable.” I said with my hands then felt to my back to find my inflation valve. This is freaky.” I said with my hands again just before Pure touched me.

   “Can I?” she asked before looking into my eyes with awe. She never usually asked me anything and I knew she was a more than just a little excited. I nodded then felt her hand touch my arm gently. The tingle of pleasure tickled lightly only on the outside of me.

   Pure then bent my arm in her hands and squeezed it tightly causing the pressure in the rest of my body to grow. The sudden pulse of pressure sent thrills of excitement through me that was as pleasurable as her touch alone.

   Without asking, Pure knelt down slightly and took one of my deflated lower tits into her hands to find the nipple valve. “Do you want me to blow it up?” she asked softly before looking up at me. The excitement in her eyes had only grown more intense.

   I nodded and watched her put her lips to my nipple and blow. The combination of the hot air entering it and her lips on my nipple sent chills of ecstasy across my skin. Each hot breath added slightly more pressure and sent me even higher. I wasn't prepared to orgasm so quickly and pressed her face against me in support. My orgasm flickered across my outer skin like a shrinking and stretching just before the air inside of me seemed to warm like I had just stood in the sun. I didn't tell her to stop and my orgasm continued to override my senses.

   When Pure was finished, she smiled and felt for the other before I made her stop. By a force of sheer will, I started the change to bring myself back to rubber Alice again. Weight began to fill me as well as my accessory breasts shrinking. My tail slowly pulled into my tailbone just as I was regaining my ability to talk again.

   “Holy shit.” I said as my breath finally allowed me to speak again. “That was intense.”

   “Which part?” Pure said with her eyes nearly dancing with happiness.

   “The hollow thing. I came so hard, but it was only in my skin. That was fucked up.” I said with a deep breath before laughing. Pure laughed with me and stood up to look me over.

   “So... you can do pretty much anything?” she asked me as I calmed down. I thought for a moment and shrugged, but it seemed that I could.

   “I don't know. We have a long time to try things out.” I said with a big smile as I pulled her into me. Pure cooed sexily and nodded before wrapping her arms around me. I could tell she was already excited and aroused.

   I smiled as I started changing again and wanted one thing just for her. Pure had her face pressed tightly against my skin, but the feeling of my body moving on her caused her to back away. It didn't take long for me to look exactly like her with her white skin, purple eyes and chrome hair. I even made myself genderless, but with a small c-cup just like I had her keep.

   “You look like me.” Pure said with a smile before frowning and cocking her head to the side. I had almost forgotten that I had her sphere with me and made a small change. I made the same change within me.

   “We have a long time to try just about anything we want. I want to take this first opportunity to love you as you.” I said with her own voice. Pure stared into my eyes with a deep emotion building and simply nodded.

   “I love you so much.” she said with her lips trembling slightly.

   “Maybe you just love yourself.” I said with a smirk as I motioned toward my body. I expected her to laugh a little at my joke, but she was too far into it. I only smiled and nodded back. “I love you too.” I said before we hugged tightly. The feeling of her body against mine was an erotic sensation of it's own.

   Chapter 3

   It was 10 hours of gentle lovemaking to Pure while looking just like her. Changing our bodies into one large erogenous zone meant that we only had to caress each other to bring pleasure. Even kissing became sexual act of it's own.

   I paused briefly and changed back into myself leaving Pure longing for more in the bed. I was a little sad that I had responsibilities to take care of. After leaving our room, I went straight to Gudrun and surprised to see Beringar with her.

   “Alice.” Beringar said happily as he forced Gudrun to suck her with his black straps pulling tightly on her. Gudrun waved hello at me then moaned from receiving pleasure for herself from the act. “Have you come to join us?”

    I thought for a moment then allowed myself to change just enough to make my speech work without changing my mouth much.

   “I have some exciting news, but I need some time to be alone with Pure.” I said with my rubber mouth hole sticking slightly to my tongue. Beringar's smile dropped almost instantly with Gudrun freezing on his giant penis. “Phyllis freed me from my prison.” I said as I came a little closer to both of them. Gudrun quickly slid off of Beringar's cock as his straps disappeared.

   “What? How?” Beringar asked with Gudrun nodding. Both of them looked confused and intensely serious.

   “To make a story short, Tim left a backdoor open to free me. I can never change to a human again, but I can get close.” I said as I allowed my human form to emerge. “Because of this mercy, I allowed Tie to merge with Maid. They are one person inside of her now.”

   Beringar and Gudrun looked at each other. It was obvious that they were both stunned.

   “So....” Gudrun asked.

   “Are you alright?” Beringar filled in causing Gudrun to nod.

   “I'm... overwhelmed.” I said as I tried to find the right word for it. I looked down my mostly human body and made my sphere drop from my belly button into my hand. “It's been nearly two years since I've been free. I need some time to find myself.” I said as I held up the sphere with Gudrun and Beringar staring in awe.

   “Of course you do.” Gudrun said as she slid off of the bed quickly and held her arms out. The expression on her face slowly melted from shock to sadness then a smile just before pulling me tightly into her arms. “I'm so happy for you.” she said before pulling back slightly. Beringar was making his way toward me as well.

   “I'm happy too.” I said with a smile, but filled with many of my own questions and emotions.

   “Take as much time as you need Alice. Remember that we love you and will always be there to help you.” Beringar said confidently with Gudrun nodding in agreement. “Of course I want to know more about this, but you look burdened at the moment.”

   “I am... a bit.” I said before looking at Gudrun who smiled emotionally. “I don't know who I am anymore.”

   “To us, you will always be Alice.” Gudrun said simply. I frowned wondering if she meant the sex toy Alice or who I used to be. I must have shown that I was thinking too hard. “Just Alice.” she said gently. “We love you for who you are, not how you look. Of course you are extremely sexy as you came to us, but we have grown from that, haven't we?” Gudrun asked while searching for an answer within me. Beringar only smiled.

   “I... I'm not the same person as I used to be.” I said with the doubt beginning to fill me.

   “Of course you aren't. You came here terrified and forced to become a sex toy. Your creator was then changed and you fell in love with us. That alone is enough to change someone.” Gudrun said as Beringar took my hand.

   “Pure loves you in a way that many never find. Take some time, do some soul searching and involve her in it. I have done the same with Gudrun in the past and it only brought us closer together.” Beringar said as he smiled lovingly at Gudrun who seemed to almost glow at his words. “Come see us when you find some answers. Or, come see us if you want us to help you find some too. I was just talking to Gudrun about how you fell like a long lost love, one that I could have had instead of Gudrun.”

   “The same goes for me.” Gudrun said as she took my hands in hers. “The three of us, we share something together. We give you the love that we share with no one else but each other. If anything, you are Alice, the other spouse.” Gudrun said with Beringar nodding happily.

   Gudrun words seemed to cut like a knife through me and opened a wound that I never knew was there. I fought a tremble in my breath just before a sob escaped my lips. The feeling of sharpness from her words mixed with something I had not dealt with in the past.

   “Ohh... sweety.” Gudrun said as she pulled me into her. Beringar came up behind me and pressed his warm body against mine.

   “I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm so upset.” I said through my tearless crying as both of them held me tightly. Gudrun's words were still tearing at me, but I still don't know why. “I don't deserve such a place.” I said as I searched my feelings. It was the first thing that came out.

   “Nonsense.” Beringar said from behind me before I felt Gudrun hush him and look back at me.

   “Alice. What I said is true. Beringar and I have discussed it many times. Something within you is hurting, maybe a sudden release into freedom, I don't know. You can talk with us if you like. Just know that you are very much a part of Beringar and I. The bond is fresh, but very much real. We love you.” she said before pulling me into her tightly again. I felt Beringar nodding into my shoulder and rub me with his cheek.

   “Thank you.” was all I could get out through my crying. I felt like an idiot for being so emotional and not knowing why. I should have been happy and accepting of their words.

   “Go be with her. Pure is a one of a kind person, just like you. Invite her further into your heart and tell her everything.” Gudrun said as she took my face gently in my hands and looked me deep in the eyes. “Take as much time as you need. We'll have someone else fill in for you.” she said before I nodded.

   Beringar pulled on Gudrun who looked away from me and nodded before letting me go. “Please see us soon. We do miss your company.” Beringar said just before bending down and kissing me on the cheek. His happy, stalwart smile actually made me feel a little better. I couldn't deny the almost magical connection that I still felt for the both of them and knew that it wasn't my body that was causing it any longer. I nodded silently and turned to leave the room with a bit of comfort in knowing that at least my feelings for them were as true as I had assumed.

   Chapter 4

   “Alice... you look tired.” Pure said as I entered the room and closed the door behind me. I did feel tired or mentally exhausted for some reason.

   “I got some time off.” I said as I turned to look at Pure laying on the bed. Her features began to change slightly as if having a will of their own.

   “Did something happen with the Baron and Baroness?” she asked as she motioned me to come to her. In just a few moments, she looked almost exactly as she had when she first came here. Her brown hair and brown eyes mixed with her slim frame reminded me of what she used to be, and and the way that I used to, for that matter.

   “They told me that they loved me and I was a part of the two of them. They called me the second spouse” I said with a bit of resignation as I sat on the edge of the bed.

   “That should....” she said as she looked over her body and continued carefully. “be a good thing.”

   “It is. I realized that it wasn't my body making me desire them. I honestly do love them.” I said as I turned to her. I couldn't shake the suck of depression despite having been freed, told I was loved and with the one person that I loved so deeply that I knew I would never get away from her. I sighed deeply again as she sat up and put her hand to my back. I started to let go and felt my body tingle with a change.

   “Alice, you have been through a lot in the past day or so. It's going to be a little taxing on you.” she said as her hands snaked over my shoulder and pulled me against her tiny body. I forgot how slim she used to be.

   I looked down at my own body seeing something very familiar. My flabby boobs, paunch of fat at my stomach and straight frame had come back to me. I was Alice as I had been before any of this happened. I hadn't even thought to make the change.

   “Why do you love me?” I asked her as I looked at my almost manly hands that I remembered worked well for washing down the bar. Again, the pull of despair yanked at my heart strings. I had had this feeling before.

   “Because, I know you.” she said as I felt her press a little harder against me. “It's like you can look into me and see me for who I really am. I am not this body anymore, neither are you.” she said gently with her head next to mine. “You are the only one who seems to see me for what I really am. You love me and control me in such a way that I feel... connected to you. I don't get that with anyone else. I never have.” she said as her hands slid slowly down my flabby arms. I remembered why I hated this body.

   “What if I no longer controlled you? What if I take a form that you don't like? What if I stayed with Beringar and Gudrun on a full time basis. What if I ask you what you want and honestly expect an answer?” I asked as I felt tears tug at me, though they weren't possible. I was asking questions as if to intentionally hurt her. I wanted to feel the pain for once.

   “I... I would follow you anywhere, even if you didn't want me anymore. I... can't take back how I feel about you. Even if you look like this, I still love you.” she said as she pressed her face gently into my neck. I choked off a sob and tried to calm my gentle tremble. “If you want to know what it is that I want, it's to be yours. I want to be your fantasy. I want to be your lover and your friend. I want to be the one to take the good with the bad. I want you to mold me into whatever you want, it's what feeds me.” she said causing my emotions to flare once again.

   “Why... why do you crave my control over you?” I asked almost angrily. It didn't really even make sense to me most of the time why she never made a decision on her own.

   “Because... I... feel like myself... when I'm submissive. I want to be that object of other's desires. I want to be forced, even against my will. It makes me feel safe, wanted and loved. It's the one thing that makes me feel whole.” she said so softly that I almost had trouble hearing her. I sighed again and still didn't fully understand, but knew her words were true.

   “Do you think that is a weakness?” she asked me suddenly and caught me off guard. I wasn't used to such a deep question from her.

   “I...” I said before thinking about it at length. She gave me several minutes to come up with an answer as I thought about the many times that I had been under someone else's control. Taking that moment to think about it, I started to see her side of things. “No. That does not make you weak. It takes a lot of strength to allow yourself to be given. I didn't have a choice at first, but I often gave myself to others and experienced what you do.” I said softly. Pure moved to my side and sat next to me to look me in the eyes.

   “I'm not asking for you to understand me. I am just asking for you to take me. It's what I want.” she said with a bit of emotion before looking at her hands. “For the first time in my life, I feel like I am in the right place, doing the right thing with the right person. Who I was doesn't matter anymore. I don't want what I used to have.” she said as she looked slowly at me. “Do you still want your past?”

   “I... don't know.” I said before looking down at my rubberized ugly body from before. It was a body that I was familiar with and lived in for many years. Was it truly something that I wanted back?

   “I used to be good in school.” Pure said with a slightly happy smile. “I... I know that I want to find a place here and leave the rest behind. I want to be with you.”

   I watched Pure relax next to me and open up like she never had before. I knew had given me the smallest window into her past and knew that she wished to put behind her.

   “I won't go into it, but I found my submissive side when I was younger. After growing up, I always felt like it was the true me and the most comfortable, but couldn't get it back because of my job. When I ran away from my problems and found this lifestyle, I saw my opening and took it. I made a promise to myself that I would give much more than I ever took.” Pure said with a whimper of pain.

   Pure's story sent a flood of emotions through me, causing a tingle to ripple on my skin. She gave me just enough about herself that at least I knew where she had come from, but not enough to know who she really was. I was starting to understand that it wasn't important anymore. She had become what she always wanted to be.

   “I...” I said as I looked at my hands to see that I had changed into my sex toy body. “I never had the option.” I said as I felt Pure's hand on me.

   “And that is where the problem comes in. It's different if you want someone to force you. When a decision in made against your will, you fight it even after you accept it. Now that you are free, your prison no longer confines you. It also no longer guides you as all possibilities are opened. You have the power to be whatever it is that you want to be. The only question is... do you still want to fight the fact that this was forced on you, or do you want to make amends with that and see what this life has to offer?” she asked with a thoughtful look.

   I moved my stare from my hands to her and caught a hint of a smile in her. Her words had moved me to near tears again and she had a good point.

   Instead of talking further, I pulled her into me and let us fall to the bed. She laid halfway onto my body and caressed my skin as if knowing that I just needed time to think. Her presence seemed to be keeping the monsters of doubt and depression at bay as I thought quietly to myself.
The Colony 1: Part 2

   Chapter 5

   The longer I mulled it over, the more I started to come to terms with who I now was in the proper way. I talked to Pure while she gently stroked me and listened without interruption. I spoke of my childhood, my humble upbringings and my lack of interest in just about anything. Dad left us when I was 13 causing a lot of hurt that I never really told anyone before. I used to look up to him and helped him anyway I could. I was just starting to get to the age that I was actually useful.

   After dad left, I felt partially abandoned and nearly fell out of school. The only thing that kept me going was Mom, just because I didn't want to disappoint her. It was my Junior year when she had a massive stroke and died just after coming home from work. Her death destroyed me because she was the only thing good I had in the world. I was physically sick for weeks after being put into foster care.

   I finished school and never had a family to take me in so I lived at the state care facility until I was 18. I got my own place with a guy that had a band in a shitty part of town, but the rent was cheap. He was cute, but never really wanted to have anything to do with me unless he was bored or drinking. I tried to fill my time with holding odd jobs and trying to bank as much money as I could. That was when I got the job at the bar and worked since I was 21. I got my own place, but started to lose my ambitions in life. I became comfortably numb in the shit hole that I worked.

   “So... you didn't like girls?” Pure asked me softly without moving. It had been a while since I had thought about it and only nodded when remembering.

   “Girls were pretty and I knew what I wanted to look like, but I was never sexually attracted. I was pretty straight.” I said causing Pure to nod.

   “Was it the change that made you like both?”

   “Yes. My body forced me to like many new things that I didn't want. I even fell in love with Gudrun and Beringar at the same time. It was easy at first because they were my master and mistress... I had to. Even then, there was a part of me that accepted it and even wanted it as it filled the void that I had been missing with my parents gone. Someone actually loved me for who I was again, They even tried not to love me for my body, though I know that was hard for them.” I said gaining a smile. Pure sat up and smiled at seeing me do so.

   “I never had a penis until then either. Such a strange thing to have.” I said before Pure nodded and smiled wider.

   “What would you rather have?” she asked with a bit of seriousness. I thought for a moment and realized that I hadn't had a vagina in nearly two years. I almost forgot what it felt like, but I was getting used to my new equipment.

   “I don't know.” I said causing her to smile even wider.

   “Does that mean it doesn't matter to you now? It doesn't matter what gender you are?” she asked as she poked me with a skinny finger.

   “Maybe. I still think of myself as a girl though.” I said as I looked into myself and felt my statement to be accurate. I was never a girly girl, but I did like girly things sometimes and I felt like one at heart.

   “Would you like me better as a man?” Pure asked with more seriousness. Again, it took me some time to think about it as my desires had been really screwed up lately. I looked into her eyes and saw her dainty femininity before me and sighed. She was pretty, though a little too thin. I had always known her has female.

   “Maybe... I don't know what I want anymore.” I said causing her to nod and put her head back on my chest again. I ran my fingers through her hair and stared at the ceiling. “I don't really know who I am anymore either.”

   Pure and I laid in silence, both caressing each other gently. The moment wasn't about sex. I didn't even feel the need. It was more about love and being with someone who I could really open up to. Pure was just as imaginative as I was and intelligent. Pure's questions began a long string of my own as to what I wanted.

   “Do you like me like this?” Pure asked after stirring slightly. The question lingered before she sat up with her legs folded and looked down at me. “You made me look like this, do you like it?” she asked as she cupped her tiny boobs and bony frame.

   “I think you are cute, but too skinny.” I said causing her to nod and look down at the rest of her. She spread her legs wide and exposed her tight, hairless, rubberized pussy to me.

   “Do you like this?” she asked as she rubbed it casually and studied my eyes. I could tell from her tone that she wanted a truthful answer so I searched myself for it.

   “I've always liked penis, personally. I can't say that those haven't become more appealing.” I said as I reached to her splayed groin and gently touched her.

   “Can you... make me how you really want me? Maybe it will open up your desires.” she said with a thoughtful expression. “Anything you want. I want to see.” she said sounding a little more assertive than normal, though her tone of voice led me to believe that she was doing it for me.

   “What if I make you a guy?” I said as I narrowed my eyes at her.

   “If that is what you want. I want to be what you want.” she said with a smile and moved back just a little. I slowly sat up and looked her over before nodding.

   “Okay... a ground up makeover?” I asked before she smiled widely with excitement. “Anything I want?”

   “Please... I want to know.” she said with further excitement.

   “Let me really think about it. It might not all come out right at first.”

   “Just try.” she said with a happy giggle, one that I hadn't heard for some time.

   Chapter 6

   I let my mind wander as I closed my eyes to envision some possibilities. I really loved her face, but her violet eyes were my favorite. They were already expressive as they were, so adding a little size to them would show me everything. I thought of both guys and girls and settled on sexy, feminine lips because they were better to kiss. I left her chrome colored hair but added highlights in all colors of the rainbow, here and there, as well as lengthening it to her ass.

   When it came to her body, again I thought of what I really wanted. I always had a fondness of the male physique with toned, athletic builds. It contrasted with my new love of soft, plush bodies like Nanny's. Using a combination of both, I imagined her arms to become slightly more muscular with added strength, but keeping the slightly squishy feel to them. When it came to her chest, I just had to give her some nice big boobs like Maid's. I couldn't deny that my passion for them had grown. Just for fun, I thought of a smaller set just below them that sat above her toned stomach. Her waist, of course, would be thin to give her that feminine shape that seemed to draw me in further.

   I widened her hips and added a bit of padding on the muscle there as well as shaping her butt into a plump, heart shape without being too squishy. The hints of muscles underneath as well as her wide hips gave them a feminine look with a hint of power to back it up. Her thighs were similar in muscle tone and softness but her calves and feet came out mostly feminine.

   It was at her crotch that I had the most trouble deciding. In the past, I would have given her the most perfect penis in both size and girth as well a two lovely balls below them. I couldn't deny that I still had a special place in my heart for the male genitalia, but my new life had given me a hunger for something different. It was when I decided to combine the two as one that I saw what I was looking for. I made her clit into a large penis when erect and clit-like when small. Below that, she had two large outer lips that looked rather swollen with need and a stretchy pink pussy in the middle. Her ass was, of course, a doll hole as I had grown to love them as well.

   The whole time thinking about her, I didn't pay any attention to what was happening around me. It was the sound her her new voice that caused me to open my eyes and see the intensely erotic creature in front of me. I nearly gasped as I felt my own pussy flare with arousal at the sight.

   “Oh.... my god.” I said as I looked her over to see the person I had created already. By being honest with myself and really thinking about what I wanted, Pure had become the thing I had most desired. Even with 4 breasts, I couldn't hold back the instant attraction I felt for her.

   “Is that it?” she asked me as she felt her body with her dainty hands. She was all smiles with her luscious, fat lips causing me to nearly wet myself. The combination of both feminine and masculine in once person was truly breathtaking.

   “I...” I said before she smiled at me and cupped first one set of boobs, then the smaller ones under them. Her shiny, off-white skin looked to be the perfect match to the bright pink on her lips and nipples.

   “You created me. I should look good, right?” she asked with a giggle. I could only nod as I felt my non-existent heart beat faster in my chest. Pure giggled again and got up off of the bed to check herself in the mirror. She wasn't stunned at all. “I like the four boobs. So much fun to play with.”

   Pure continued to check herself out then moved lower to find her new parts with a giggle. I put my hand down to my inflamed rubber pussy and experienced a true, inescapable arousal of my own doing. The feeling was both frightening and oddly satisfying as it was not forced on me.

   “Do you want to add more to me?” she asked before turning around. I shook my head no and could only think of one thing at the moment.

   “I want to have you.” I said while involuntarily running a hand up my chest and squeezing one of my large tits. Pure only smiled wryly and nodded as she entered the bed and crawled seductively to me.

   “Please... take me. I want you to take me this time.” I said in an almost whimper. The feeling seemed to boil up from within me somewhere and the words seemed almost alien, yet familiar.

   Pure only nodded and smiled before slowly pushing my legs apart. I could feel my lubrication leaking from my sopping whole down the crack of my ass to puddle on the sheets under me. My breathing became deep and labored in my chest as she climbed up my body then giggled to look down.

   “That's different.” she said just before I felt her growing clit-cock bobbing on my stomach. She looked back up into my eyes just as her breasts pressed into mine and kissed me. I felt like I was melting into her as her fat, soft lips mingled with my own. My arms trembled as I pulled her in tighter against me. I never felt so... alive in my life.

   “I want one thing.” Pure said as she pulled away from our kiss and looked at me with her bigger eyes showing a seriousness that couldn't be hidden.

   “Please. I want to know.” I said with my breath coming just a little too hard in my chest.

   “If you make me take you, I don't want you to ever look back. I will be yours and you will be mine. You and I both will become who we always wanted to be.” she said causing a surge of tears to cause my voice to tremble.

   “Yes.” I said simply as I nodded wanting the same thing more than anything. “I will give you what you want.” I said as I pulled her against me once more. Pure's breathing began to tremble with my own as we kissed and held each other tightly. The love I felt for her was greater than anything I had ever felt before even with Gudrun and Beringar. It was as if someone had installed an oven inside of me with it's warmth slowly filling the entirety of my body. It was terrifying and beautiful at the same time.

   Pure made love to my body as I reciprocated with hungry kisses. A deep, aching need began to fill my lower regions until the love just wasn't enough.

   “Please, take me.” I said as I looked into her violet eyes. Her metallic hair shimmered as it framed her face. She never took her eyes off of me as she moved slowly to line herself up. I was ready to start something new with her.

   It wasn't like the first time I had sex with a guy. This was different. I could feel the love between us as the tip of her pressed against my slippery opening. I knew that once she entered me, I was giving myself to her as much as she was giving to me. I wanted it more than anything in the world.

   It surprised me that her cock was bigger than I had imagined and stretched me fuller than I was comfortable with. A twinge of stretching pain accompanied the delicate sliding of her rubber skin into my tunnel. I had completely forgotten that I could feel pain again, but it only made it more real. “Ohhhh!!!” I cooed with a tremble in my voice as she pressed further. The pain melted into the pleasure of it and I only wanted more.

   “I love you so much.” Pure said with a tremble just as she sunk her clit-cock all the way home in me. I wrapped my legs around her plush ass and pulled her tightly against me with a deep tremble. I almost sobbed before getting my own words out.

   “I love you Pure.” I said before pulling her down and kissing her passionately. I held our position and kissed her madly for nearly 5 minutes before letting go.

   Pure started moving slowly into me after raising her upper body and exposing her four breasts to me. With her metallic hair sliding over the sides of her and catching the light, she looked like some kind of angle to me. Her beauty alone caused me to cry.

   She was slow and gentle in our lovemaking even though I urged her with my legs to make her go faster. I became frantic to get more and pushed her off of me only to straddle her on top. Her eyes gained a sheen of lust from being on the bottom and I knew that it was where she would rather be. Slowly raising my hips on her, I placed my hands on her upper breasts to steady myself. We stared at each other as if transferring portions of our souls through each others eyes. Pure reached her own hands down to her lower breasts and cooed sexy while rolling her nipples in her fingers.

   Sex never did much for me in the past. I could go all night with a guy and never orgasm once, but this was different. Even after 20 minutes of slowly riding her, I could feel the intense pressure of walled up pleasure building inside of me. The look in Pure's eyes showed only encouragement for me to reach my goal. It wasn't about reaching that goal anymore, it was about transferring my love to her through intimate contact.

   “I'm going to cum.” I whimpered as I felt the tightening of my pussy walls and tingle in my clit signal that it was close. A feeling that I could only achieve on my own previously. Pure only nodded and smiled as her hands took mine into hers.

   A sudden clamping inside of me grabbed at her rubbery tool with a force that I had never known as the nervous pleasure broke free from it's hiding place and spilled into my body. The intensity of the pleasure was frightening as if caused me to stop breathing in almost a panic. It was liberating and terrifying to reach such heights on my own. The forced nature of my pleasure from before paled in comparison.

   “Cum for me.” I yelled at Pure. “Cum with me.”

   “Ohhhh!!” Pure yelled as if it were a surprise to her. I felt her cock swell slightly with her hips thrusting into me and prolonging my own orgasm. A warmth entered my insides from the tip of her and filled me with a growing pressure. I collapsed on top of her and twitched nervously as her hips did the rest of the work.

   “Fill me up...” I whispered to her as she continued to cum. I wanted her to give me all she had, a taste that I had acquired form Gudrun.

   Pure kept cumming for several minutes with each of her involuntary jerks setting off mini orgasms within me. The pressure in my stomach continued to grow as her cum filled me. I was strangely satisfied to feel my belly ballooning outward and touching hers. My mind was running wild with strange fantasies.

   I laid on top of Pure's body as we calmed down and took in the emotion of what we had just shared. As I looked up into her eyes, I saw them trembling with a knowledge that something had solidified between us. I could only imagine that I was showing the same as it was what I felt. Even as her new clit-cock pulled out of me, I stared at her and soaked in the moment, refusing to move and change anything about it.

   “We are one now.” I said to her as I searched her eyes. She nodded gently with her lips moving slowly. “Today, we start life as something new. I will lead you and fill you with my own fantasies. I will love you and not look back.”

   “I will follow you and accept anything you give me. I will love you and never look back.” Pure said with a tremble. I nodded at her as I felt her love swell within me before I kissed her and laid my head on her upper chest. Her more powerful arms pulled at my back and pressed me tightly against her. I never wanted the moment to end.

   Chapter 7

   After laying on Pure and thinking back to our words, I felt strangely healed by her. My past felt like it meant nothing compared to what we had just shared as the glow of our love seemed like it was lighting the room around us. Going back was no longer an option, we had discussed it, but now I knew for sure that there was no going back.

   I sat up slowly and felt something odd on my lower half. As our bodies separated, I saw that my belly had swollen to give the impression that I was heavily pregnant, just like Gudrun would do. My eyes widened as I rubbed it with my hands and felt my own gentle caress on my skin. An emotion deep within me told me that it was supposed to happen this way.

   “So weird.” I said as I continued to rub it slowly. Pure shimmied her legs out from under me and put her hands to it with me.

   “I guess I'm the daddy?” she asked with a bit of seriousness, but not able to hold it.

   “It's all cum.” I said as I poked at my taught stomach and felt it give like I was just a big water balloon.

   “It's kind of sexy.” Pure said as she made more of an effort to caress my expanded flesh. “It's my present to you.” she said with a giggle.

   The odd moment passed and I finally felt the humor in her words. It felt good to laugh after the serious, intense love that we had shared together. We both laughed as I held Pure against me and I felt my uncertainties beginning to dry up.

   “Are you going to stay like this? I have to admit that I like it.” Pure said as she rubbed my stomach and smiled. I gave her a sideways look as she moved her eyes from it to mine.

   “Since when do you tell me what you like?” I asked her just before her smile faded. “It's good to know because I like being your fantasy too.” I said before she nodded and looked away.

   “Alice, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but I don't want you knowing what I want. It will only make you less dominant over me. I need that part of you.” Pure said softly before looking back at me. “That's why I don't tell you my likes and wants.”

   “Pure, sometimes I really want to know because it helps me to decide. Since we are making some new beginnings here, I want you to tell me when I really want to know.” I said as I stared into her eyes. She nodded before we both looked back down at my swollen belly. It was so weird to see it there, almost like a third, larger breast.

   “Is it because you still don't know who you want to be?” she asked sounding serious again. It only too a moment to agree with that question.

   “I know what I want to keep. I can't help but love those that I do, that will never change.” I said causing Pure to look at me with a pause then nod. “What I don't know is what I want to look like or what to do now. Phyllis opened up something inside of me that gives me more than I ever had. I feel... smarter somehow.” I said causing her to nod again and look away to rest her head on my large belly. I smiled and ran my hands though her bountiful metallic hair.

   “You know that you can leave now that you can look human again.” Pure said softly, bringing  up something that I had considered just after finding that I was free from my previous prison. “You could go anywhere and do anything you wanted to.”

   “I don't know if I would want to leave, at least not permanently. I love the people here and I've acquired a taste for everything kinky. I don't think that normal things would interest me anymore.” I said causing her to nod and sigh.

   “I'm sure that I wouldn't either. I never want to go back.” she said as she curled up a little onto me. Something in her words said that she experienced something bad before coming her. Of course, we all had our ghosts or demons that we brought with us. At least I knew enough that I would never ask what it was. She told me as much as she was comfortable sharing, even with me.

   “What do you think I should look like?” I asked as I continued to stroke her hair and think quietly. Pure just shrugged under me. It started me into a long line of thoughts at the possibilities.

   “We are in a wonderland of fantasy and fetish. You have a body that can change into whatever you want. Why pick one thing?” she asked me then turned to show me a growing smile then an uncontrollable giggle.

   “What?” I asked her before she laughed even louder.

   “Alice.... in wonderland.” she said causing me to frown at the nickname I always hated. In this moment, I had to laugh as it seemed more true than ever. I laughed harder as I changed my body to look like her. The blue dress, yellow hair, white apron, hair bow and white stockings. Pure watched for a moment before busting out laughing once more. I pushed her playfully and smiled at the good vibes that we shared. For once, I felt like I was starting to belong, not only to Pure, but to the house, the colony and the lifestyle that surrounded me.

   Chapter 8

   Pure's mention of Alice in Wonderland had started something between us that was almost impossible to stop. I was feeling better and changed her into a version of the mad hatter with a giant cock. I acted like I had eaten some cake to make my pussy big enough to take her and we fucked for hours laughing about it.

   My next idea was to turn into Batman, because I always thought he was a badass and one of my favorite characters when I was young, though not the Adam West one. Instead of making Pure a female character, I turned her into Robin with just a doll hole through her tights at her ass. My big, black, bat cock filled her exquisitely and caused her to exclaim statements just like on the old TV show.

   “Hammering fuck sticks batman, that feels great.” Pure would yell causing me to lose my rhythm and fall over laughing. Pure would then climb on top of me and sink her ass onto my cock while trying to continue. “If we don't sop fucking around, the Penguin might get away.” she said before cracking up herself and falling onto me.

   Another fun role that we played was me looking like the demon person from the colony named Mystra. She was a slightly chubby, dangerously curvy, red demon doll with black lips, nipples and doll holes for an ass and pussy. Her horns poked through her blue-black hair and she sported a tail about 2 inches thick and over three feet long.

   I stared Pure off looking like a priest in her white latex gown and seduced her into having sex with me. I had her try to fight it but filled her with a growing, inescapable need for sex. It was kind of fun to act it out as if I had put some kind of spell on her.

   I came super fast when ridding him and used my tail to slide up into his ass and massage his prostate. The Pure couldn't hold it back any more and as he came in me, he started to change. His skin turned a pale purple with his cock shrinking to something unusable. Hard metallic rubber formed as a collar around his neck as well as cuffs on his wrists and ankles. I smiled at leaving the constant need still inside of him with no way to reach orgasm due to his tiny cock. Instead, I whipped and beat him on the bed as punishment for sleeping with a demon. Later, Pure admitted that it was her new favorite fantasy of mine. I made note of her telling me so.

   Another game that we played was for her to pick her favorite celebrity while I picked my own. I made her tell me first then changed her to look just like that person. I changed second with us both ending up looking like beautiful women. It was the first time that I had sex with another girl looking as human as possible. It was oddly satisfying so we tried it as guys with the same result. Pure said that I was as completely bisexual as she was. I learned that I really didn't have a preference anymore, but still leaned just a little towards softer, feminine types, even for myself.

   The last night that we spent together in our room, I thought of Phyllis. I was able to turn my lower body into a sheet that covered the bed then invited Pure to snuggle with me. Just like Phyllis had done, I formed any kind of appendage that I could including multiple hands, lips and penises to fill her wanton holes. It was as pleasurable for me as it was for her to hold her tightly against my strange body and tease her mercilessly. That was also the night that I figured out that I could turn myself into liquid, confirming that I could do pretty much anything. I made Pure promise that both the bed and the liquid me would forever be our little secret.

   “When we leave here, what are we going to be?” Pure asked as we laid in bed together. Currently, we were both genderless, featureless automatons that just enjoyed each other's touch.

   “I'm going to make you my fantasy. Maybe even with the four boobs.” I said with a chuckle as I pressed her head against mine.

   “I would like that.” Pure said with a coo as she rubbed a hand all over my chest. It felt odd to have no breasts or nipples, but her hand did feel good on me.

   “I'm going to be Alice, the one from Wonderland, but a little different.” I said before Pure sat up and nodded at me. I smiled inwardly and let the changed start.

   As soon as we were both fully formed, I looked Pure over then thought something was missing. She gave me a curious look before I started trying things.

   The first thing that I changed about her was giving her the metal looking collar that I had given her when we played priest and demon. I then took her tattoo of ownership and prettied it up some to sag across her chest instead of being straight. I formed large, rings in her nipples with bells in them and smiled as it gave me another idea. I put another in her clit then formed a large, clear skirt that stopped at nearly her knees. Red bands formed around her thighs with large bows at the back sides along with another, larger band of red at the top of her skirt at her waist and a larger bow at her back. Just for fun, I made her clit grow about 2 inches and thicken slightly giving her the appearance of a tiny cock.

   “Oh wow.” Pure said happily as she tugged at her skirt. I made some changes to my own look with my head looking more human while the rest of me completely shiny. At my crotch, I added a frilly opening in my panties that partially exposed my rubber pussy and rear dole hole. I was starting to really like the look.

   “Are you ready to announce our presence to the world?” I asked Pure with her and in mine. She looked absolutely divine and I actually had second thoughts about throwing her on the bed and riding her again.

   “That depends, do you feel like a new person?” Pure asked with a slowly growing seriousness.

   “I feel like I just got married.” I said jokingly then frowned at my own words. Pure gave me a look and I nodded as if it were some kind of secret understanding. I sighed deeply and turned to her while biting my lip. “Pure, will you marry me?” I asked her causing her seriousness to change to shock.

   “I... can we even do that?” she asked causing me to shrug. I had no reservations about asking her as I knew I wanted to be with her forever based on the time we had just spent together. It seemed like an obvious decision.

   “We should start making our own laws down here. Maybe that will be my new project.” I said as I got to one knee and opened my belly button. “Will you marry me?” I asked he as I held my sphere out to her. I had no idea where I had gained my sudden confidence.

   “Over and over again.” Pure said with a tremble in her voice before reaching out to me and pulling me roughly into her. Again, I nearly melted into her feeling her new strength grip me along with an overwhelming elation at her accepting.

   “I'm going to marry you so hard.” I said with a laugh before she pushed me away quickly and laughed through dry tears. She gave me a funny look and smiled.

   “You've changed already.” Pure said as her smile grew. I frowned a little and gave her a look again. “You know what you want and it gives you confidence.” she said gently.

   “I know I want you.” I said before thinking of others. “I know I want to make something out of this colony. I know that I have others that love me and need me besides ours.” I said before frowning and looking at the ground.

   “You didn't know those things before we entered her.” Pure said causing me to looking into her expressive violet eyes. I nodded and smiled at her as I realized she was completely right.

   I thought back to how I felt when I came to the room and sighed. I was a mess and angry. I was depressed and uncertain, but Pure healed me. She healed me with a love so true that there was only one real outcome. I had to be hers and I had to find myself.

   “Thank you.” I said softly as I looked into her eyes. She only smiled and nodded before looking at the door.

   “You don't realize it, but you did the same for me just after I got here. Now we are even.” she said before pulling my hand.

   “Wait, what?” I asked before she giggled and opened the door. She smiled at me and pursed her sexy fat lips before the light of the common area greeted us.

The Colony 2:

   Chapter 1

   The door to the master suite was closed. I knocked and held Pure's hand next to me as she smiled widely and showed me her love with her eyes. It was almost too good to be true that she was my living breathing fantasy and had just agreed to marry me. I smiled at her and knocked again.

   The door opened with Gudrun standing nude and heavily pregnant in front of us. She seemed annoyed at first, but slowly started to grow excited.

   “Please come in.” sh


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