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The Colony Parts 3-4 by TitforTat
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The Colony 3: Part 1

   Chapter 1

   Life became stressful in the months after the meeting with Gudrun and Beringar, stressful but filled with a purpose. Marc and Jenni began working with Pure and I in gathering and sorting even more information before we started to prioritize our actions. Before anything, we needed some sort of rulebook in which everyone followed. This first step was completed after our first month since the meeting and voted in by everyone nearly unanimously. There were only 3 true anarchists that opposed it, but they did see a certain measure of security in having some kind of very basic law.

   Several of the important things that we had accomplished were recognizing people as people and not gender, fetish or appearance. Some preferred to be called he or she, but some preferred Zhe or Zhem which had no gender assignment as far as pronouns went. In our simple, yet comprehensive code of laws, everyone was referred in such a way. Another important thing that we accomplished was the need to recognize a relationship publicly.

   Since there was no need for benefits of a spouse or who got what when someone died, our main goal was possessions and status when setting up unions or bindings as some called it. There were many levels to it in contrast to what was done in the outside world. The first level was 'Court' or dating. Up to 10 people could court, giving them a status as being attached and important in that it symbolized that they were interested in someone more than just casually

   The next level was 'Chase'. Chase was basically engagement or intent to remain together indefinitely. Unlike the real world, this status actually had significance other than just being a word to signify. If you were chase, your possessions would have to be declared in case there was a falling out or splitting in the relationship. It also meant that a master/slave relationship could be dissolved with no penalties to either party.

   The third level was called 'Bound.' Once someone was bound to another or a family, they were considered part of that family by law. It served as a status symbol of sorts, but it also meant that all things were shared between them including sex. In a master/slave relationship, the slave would give all of their possessions to the master as well as all rights for decision or will. The master would officially own their slave and be responsible for anything that they did. As an extra incentive for those who wished for that style of relationship, the slave would have to wait for one full year when requesting to become unbound from their Master or family.

   In either a formal bind or a D/S bind, the Master or the other family members were responsible for the other or others in the relationship. Something that your spouse, master or slave did would affect you. It made things a little more interesting.

   There was a fourth level reserved that we deemed 'Eternal'. Eternal was one step above binding and was inescapable. Once you became eternal, you could never leave the other person even legally. We intended this to be an option for deep submissives that found love and would never leave their partner or partners. In any of the four levels, we also allowed language or options between multiple families or partners. It offered a lot of freedom while still allowing for relationships to be officially recognized and protected in a social manner.

   The one thing that we did set apart from our laws was for those that were not converts. They were considered guests only and could not gain any kind of status other than quest. Along the same lines, guests were to be made aware of our rules and follow them before entering. For us, the rules of the real world would apply outside the colony, but our rules followed when attainable. We would have to respect normal human laws when not inside the colony.


   “On this historic day, we, the people of our still nameless city, are committing the laws agreed to and proposed by the people into action. These laws will be upheld by the people, the sheriff or any future government that may be organized.” I said evenly before all 77 members of the colony.

   “At this time, I would like to be the first to call Pure to be my eternal.” I said causing gasps to hiss through the crowd. Making her my eternal would mean we would be bound for one year then allowed status if it hadn't changed.

   “All others that have already vowed a partner or partners in any level of relationship can now be substantiated with either a ceremony or a simple signature and declaration of possessions. We will start slotting time for those that want a ceremony and ask that all colonists to addend out of respect when they are performed.” I said with a smile then bowed from the small podium. I looked over at Pure whose eyes were trembling with a look of shock. Applause filled the room along with cheers from the large crowd.

   “Are you angry at me?” I asked Pure who stood with her body nearly shaking in front of me. Instead of answering me, she attacked me with a sobbing hug and held me tightly. There were yet more cheers before familiar faces came to congratulate us. Pure stayed buried in my arms as I thanked those that wished us good fortune in our binding.

   One thing that was decided early on was the inclusion of religion in our decisions. Religion would be protected for those that chose to believe in something, but conflicts started because of that purpose would not be tolerated in any form. We wanted to make sure that tolerance and understanding of ones beliefs were held far above equality. You could think that you were better than someone else because of what you believed in and others would have to tolerate that, but it could not come to physical violence, bullying or exclusion. As for Pure and I, we declared early on that we believed in what ever magic created us as we were. Our declaration seemed to start a movement of it's own as far as what people believed, though there was no name for it other than just magic.

   “We are going to be the first ceremony.” I said to her as I stroked her hair once we had some breathing room. “I want to talk with you on how we want it done. I want honest answers when I ask you because this very much involves you.” I said softly before Pure backed away slightly and looked into my eyes. She was about to say something before she nodded and hugged me again wordlessly.

   “Such an exciting day.” Marc said as he came close to us with Jenni in tow. In fact, everyone from the house including the non-converts had come to witness the short speech. Everyone from the colony had been given copies of the new rule book and knew what all it entailed before today, so only a short speech was needed to make it official. The signatures from every member were already recorded.

   “I'm so proud of what you've accomplished.” Gudrun said as she hugged both Pure and I together. Beringar nodded and added to the pile. Soon, Maid, Nanny, Chef and the Umbach's joined us as if we were already a kind of family.

   Chapter 2

   “No, tell me what you want. I want to know what you want to wear and what you want to be.” I said to Pure as she gave me an angry look.

   “I already told you. I want you to dress me and give me a look.” she said causing me to huff and cross my arms over my chest. It was the fourth time I had asked her with the same answer. “I want you to make me what you want me to be. I want yo be your fantasy, your ultimate love.” Pure said as she approached me and put her hand on my arm.

   “So what if I do this?” I asked angrily as I opened my chest and revealed her sphere. I was a little uncomfortable about doing so and it actually hurt, emotionally and physically to do so.

   “Alice....” Pure said with a hurt expression as she put her hand over the wound. She paused as she got closer then moved her hand away to inspect it.

   “What.. the..?” I said as I reached my fingers in and pulled at the sphere. It felt as if there were sticky, glue-like adhesions to the sides of the sphere and pulling on it felt as if I were touching painful tendons that connected to my insides. It scared me a little and I pulled hard on accident with the ball popping loose from me. The socket where it came from burned and ached deeply causing me to double over in pain.

   “Alice, what happened?” Pure asked with a deep concern as she held me from my side. I let out a deep sob of both physical and emotional pain feeling the sphere missing from me. The ball was blotted with splotches of beige colored latex, parts of me that actually came loose.

   “It... it hurts.” I said before clutching my chest and standing up with a whimper. I held out her own sphere in my hand causing her eyes to widen at seeing it.

   “Put it back.” Pure said with a tremble then looked at me as I clutched my chest. The pain was starting to subside a little, but it was still significant.

   “I want you.... to give this to me.... on our day.” I said while wincing through the pain. Pure slowly shook her head and closed my hand over the sphere before pushing it back to me.

   “I... I don't ever want it back.” she said to me as she looked in my eyes. A sting of hurt entered her loving expression. “I gave it to you, forever.” she said before I nodded and held my chest again. I groaned with a sigh and set her sphere on the table next to me.

   “No...NOOO!” Pure yelled with a terror. I looked just in time to see her body changing to that of her original self. It happened so fast that it looked like it hurt to do so. “Please.... put it back.”  Pure said with a whimper as she took my hand and tried to make me grab it. “Please...” she begged as her voice gained a painful sob. “I'm.... I'm not complete without you.” she said as her hand stopped trying to force me. She absolutely refused to touch the sphere herself.

   “Pure...” I gasped with the pain in my chest still assaulting me. I turned to her and held her in my arms tightly.

   “Please... I only want you. Please... I am yours. Put it back” she said with sobs coming over her uncontrollably. I stroked her blonde hair and held her tightly against me.

   “I need to leave it out for just today. Tomorrow, you will give it to me in a symbolic gesture. I will make you whatever I want then.” I said as I held her head against me. Her pained crying caused the same reaction within me.

   “Then... I want your sphere.” she said frantically. I froze where I was with her in my arms then backed away from her slowly. Her eyes were still downcast and she looked more human than ever. Without much thought, I pulled my sphere from me and sat it in her hand feeling my body contort painfully back to it's base size and configuration.

   “I will give you my sphere tomorrow.” Pure said before slowly raising her pained eyes to look into mine. “I will also give you yours. I will give you everything.” she said as she sat my sphere next to hers on the table. She eyed both of them for a moment before looking back at me. “Please... dress me how you want to.”

   “Okay.” I said gently after our very emotional moment and took her hands in mine.

   “Alice.... I feel... I feel lost without you.” she said with her eyes trembling once more. “Please just put it back in.” she said as she stared at me.

   “This is our last night together as completely independent people. Will you share it with me as such?” I asked her before she hesitantly nodded at me. I knew that with neither of us having our sphere's we would both be basically powerless, but it felt incredibly symbolic and yet more than just that. There was an underlying meaning as if a knowledge that what we were doing was how it was supposed to be done.

   “Will you come with me to get you a dress made?” I asked her before she stared into my eyes and nodded. I wasn't going to ask her again what she wanted to wear.

   We both slowly walked to the latex construction area on the second floor as if time were passing much slower than it should have. Various people were walking with many smiling and waving or trying to strike up a conversation about our ceremony tomorrow. I had to politely decline talking too much. One thing that I did notice beyond our short walk was the lack of people casually having sex. It seemed as if the whole place was a buzz with excitement.

   We finally reached our destination where Harold, a self declared fashion icon from New York City greeted us happily. He was actually pretty good at design, but his skills at crafting latex clothing were far beyond anyone else's.

   “I want her in a traditional white wedding dress. Something classy, yet cumbersome, something restrictive and very feminine.” I said before Harold nodded and looked at Pure. “I want something similar, but in black, less restrictive or cumbersome and slightly less feminine.”

   “Two of the same, yet opposite in spectrum?” Harold asked me with a strange smirk. “I like where you are going with this, but I don't know if I can pull it off in time. She is yours to be eternally, a slave, correct?”

   “It's alright if you can't. It's just what I want.” I said with a nod before I looked to Pure, emotions running wild in me. I didn't know whether to run away, dance, cry, sing or or just pull Pure straight into me. My stare at her lingered before Harold smiled widely.

   “Challenge accepted. Let me get your measurements.” he said with a big smile before whistling softly.

   “Vix, please mold the both of them. Have Yen make a casting.” Harold said as a small, green-skinned woman came to his side. Her orange hair and large eyes caused me to remember who she was. She was a suit type much like suit, but more free to do as she liked.

   “Lovely short speech today.” Vix said with a voice that squeaked like rubbing balloons together.

   “I'll prep some material and call in the reinforcements. I HAVE AN IDEA!” Harold shouted with a sudden excitement and his arms flailing above him.

   “Please come with me. Once I hold your shape, Yen will pack me with clay.” Vix said as she moved us into a loosely assembled tent-like structure. I hadn't been down this far in a while and the new setup up was impressive. “Which one first?”

   Chapter 3

   Once Harold had asked us a few more questions and helped with the molding process, Pure and I headed home. Along the way, I thought about all of the time that I spent without her while holding her hand. It seemed like such a long time ago that this was something I couldn't even imagine. Looking over at her and seeing the lost expression, I knew what drove me. I needed to be her captain and her focus of love. She truly looked empty without me.

   “Come lay with me.” I said to Pure after laying in bed and extending my arms to her. She was sitting on the side of the bed and staring at the sphere on the table. It was as if she had lost everything she had ever had as she moved toward me lethargically.

   “What are you feeling?” I asked her softly as I held her warm, rubber body against mine.

   “I want you back. I feel terrible.” she said with a hint of dejection in her voice. “It's like a part of me is missing.

   “Is it really that bad?” I asked her as I brushed her hair out of her face to see her brown eyes. The expression that she showed me said everything. “I just can't imagine how that feels. I mean, I miss people when they are not around, but I don't shut down.” I said causing her eyes to tremble.

   “You will probably never know. This is what I feel when I am not connected to someone. I need that will that dominates my own to make me feel whole. It's a feeling that me and a few others share.” Pure said to me with a hint of a smile. “I don't know how else to describe it to those that don't feel it. I just know that when I tell you I will be yours for eternity and do anything for you, it isn't just a sentiment. It's what I want, deep within my heart and soul. I can't give you less than everything.” she said with her eyes trebling again.

   Her statement sent shivers of emotion through myself and I felt her words. It made me think back to when I was Alice the sex toy and how that submissive attachment made me feel towards Beringar and Gudrun who were my forced master and mistress. Not being with them or not fulfilling their desires felt almost heartbreaking. I had to imagine that Pure was feeling something along those lines, but almost more intense. It had to do with her sphere.

   “I still have you and still want you to be mine. Would you still not do anything I asked of you?” I asked her before she looked up at me with a bit of seriousness.

   “I doesn't feel the same when I have a choice. When you have my sphere, it takes away all of my doubts and fears because you give me what you want. That choice is made for me and gives me comfort as well the warmth of your love.” she said as she shivered visibly. “I feel so... cold... and alone.”

   What she was describing was not something physical, but something emotional. I knew that feeling when my mother passed away, that feeling that my connection to the one person that loved me unconditionally would no longer be there. I felt a lump in my throat and held her closer to me as I began to understand.

   “Tomorrow evening, I will own you completely. You will be everything that I ever want with your soul belonging to me. I will love you eternally.” I said softly causing her to sob again and nearly go limp. I pressed her head to my small, bare breasts and let her cry. I almost considered putting her sphere back into me.

   The night dragged on with me comforting Pure against me. She had nearly curled up into a ball as I turned toward her and shivered as if suffering some kind of drug withdrawal. I knew that if I offered to put her sphere back into me, she wouldn't say no. It was up to me to keep my resolve, even seeing her so distraught.

   In the morning, I left her in bed and went over my vows in on the tablet. Occasionally, Pure would try to control her pain and sob with restraint. Her emotional pain made it hard to think.

   Once I had the ceremony where I liked it, I sat in bed and went over it with Pure. She was to offer me my own sphere first then her own as if giving herself to me. We would then thank all who attended and our extended family before someone other than us would announce our bond. I would conduct the ceremony myself.

   As per Harold's instructions of what time to return, we left our room with me carrying Pure in my arms. She lacked the emotional strength to even leave the room or even walk on her own at that point. I was starting to get worried that this was all wrong and more than just a depression.

   Seeing Pure being dressed by the four people made me rethink leaving her sphere out of me. It should have been exciting for her as I knew it would be, but instead she looked distant and sad. Even when they began to work her legs into the built in leggings of the dress, she could only barely look at me. Thankfully, it was only a few hours until our ceremony. My excitement was diminished by her own solitude.

   Once Pure was in her dress, I could only stare. Her white legs ended in high heels that were molded into the leggings. The leggings disappeared under the heavy, long dress that was covered in an network of lace that belonged more in an art gallery than on a dress. A very heavy rubber corset held her midsection with only a zipper at the back. It required a corset on the outside to cinch the thing down hard enough to be able to close it. Above the corset were delicately crafted cups to hold each of her small breasts individually and display them proudly.

   Two wide, lacy straps ascended her shoulders to circle her neck in lace before traveling down her arms. The lace was over top of a clear latex that showed her true skin color before ending in strange gloves. The gloves were more like rounded ends of a tube that held her hand completely immobile. A common theme to the entire dress were the white d-rings that could be used to tie her in any manner I saw fitting. The incorporation of bondage into the beautiful, cumbersome dress was everything that I imagined it would be and complimented the forlorn expression on her face.

   I was next with my black dress differing from hers quite a bit. Where hers was heavy and restrictive, mine was thin and responsive. The delicate nature of the material covering me did little to hide my nipples and other features causing it to look more like a second skin. The top resembled more of a feminine cut tuxedo with a short, ruffled skirt then a pair of straight legged pants underneath. Harold offered me a pair of wedge base shoes that reminded me of heels at the top and boots at the bottom. The combination of masculine and feminine in the dress felt like it was pulled from my own mind, but something that I had never seen. I instantly fell in love with the look.

   I stared at Pure as finishing touches were added to the both of us before Harold produced a white ball gag and wanted to know if I wanted it installed on her. I agreed that it would be a great final touch as long as it could be removed during vows.

   “Beautiful.” Harold said as he marveled at the two of us standing together. The team that helped dress us was standing behind him and nodding happily. “Restrictive feminine and andro- feminine. Such a lovely combination.” he said before clapping his hands and coming closer to the both of us.

   “I love your work.” I said to Harold who practically beamed with pride. Pure only stared at the floor looking filled with even more dejection. “That you all for helping. We will be starting the ceremony in the bondage room soon.

   Chapter 4

   Pure's dress added maybe twice her weight to her. She was only about 80 pounds in her true form, but she was incredibly hard to carry with the dress on. Without my own sphere to enhance my strength, the trek to carry her back was a long, arduous one.

   I packed our spheres in a small wooden box and picked up my tablet. Nervous butterflies in my stomach began to cause me to tremble. “Pure, it's not long now until you join me forever. Are you able to walk with me?” I asked her before she brightened just a little and stood on her own legs.

   “I will try.” she said as she looked about ready to cry.

   “One more hour, then many lifetimes of never not knowing my touch. Please try for me.” I said as I took her beautiful face delicately in my hands. Pure put her lacy stubs against my hands and nodded with a tremble in her eyes again.

   “I don't know how much longer I can do this.” she said with the honesty showing in her expression. It was obvious that she was trying as hard as she could and failing. I felt like I was actually killing her in a way and it brought emotions flooding up from where I had tried to control them. Instead of dealing with them, I installed her gag and attached the leash provided to me then left the room with her in tow.

   I didn't force her to walk fast. She had a hard enough time moving under her own power and struggling within the tight, bulky dress. The colonists that we passed offered to help us get to our destination, but I wanted Pure to make the journey on her own. I felt like I wanted her to be at the very bottom before I took her forever. Her suffering was painful to watch, but intensely poetic at the same time. Soon it would be over.

   A small stage had been set for us with no decoration as per my request. The entire room was full of everyone that we knew, those of the colony and Phyllis who had transformed to her nearly human self. As I helped Pure to the stage, I heard her sobbing quietly around her gag. Once she was placed where I wanted her, I looked deeply into her eyes to see a glimmer of hope that it would all end soon. She gave me a nod before hearing one more soft cry from her.

   I had planned for the ceremony to be significant yet punctual. I wanted to symbolize her giving herself to me, say a few words of encouragement to others and take her home. The first step was to declare our willingness to be with each other of free mind. Next, I would have her offer me my own sphere to symbolize that she accepted me for who I was and wanted me to keep that. After that, she would offer me her own sphere as a symbol of giving me her entire self. After which, we would announce our new status to the people and celebrate quickly. The plan was to follow some of the same traditions of marriages from around he world.

   “Thank you all for coming.” I said as I motioned for everyone to sit. “Pure and I stand here before you as two individuals that intend to symbolically join as one. I have taken away both of our life forces and put them in a container for the entire night so that we could share a time without any control over one and other as well as show our true selves before our special day.” I said as I motioned toward the wooden box sitting on the small table.

   “Is there anyone who objects to our union. I ask that you speak clearly and state your reasons before we continue.” I said as I looked out over everyone. Through the silence, I could hear Pure crying and many people looking at her. I waited a minute or so before turning to look at my beautiful bride.

   “Please excuse Pure's mental anguish. She is having trouble staying strong without my control.” I said with many nodding in understanding and others simply accepting it. Gudrun and Beringar were in the front row and held each other tenderly.

   I stepped just in front of Pure and removed her gag to hear her whimpers of sadness. “Are you ready?” I asked her before she nodded nervously.

   “Pure, I have asked you to join me in servitude for as long as we shall be together. What is your answer to me?” I asked her only to see her avert her eyes and reach for some inner strength.

   “I wish..” she said with her voice trembling “Please... take me.” she said awkwardly and deviating from our vows. “Make me yours for all eternity. Please...” she said as her eyes raised to meet mine with a tremble. I tried to stay strong myself but couldn't stop the empathy that I felt for her pain.

   “This is of your own free will? I have not forced it upon you?” I asked her before she shook her head and sobbed.

   “Please... Alice, I can't... I can't hold it back any longer.” she said with a near panic filling her expression. “I want this more than anything.... just.. please.” she said before I nodded and looked out into the crowd with a bit of unease.

   “I need to make this a little shorter.” I said to everyone before picking up the box at the table. I handed it to Pure who was trembling visible and crying outright.

   “You have stated that you wish me to of your own will. You give me my own free will while taking yours as well.”

   “Please... just...” Pure said as her eyes met mine before her sobs caused her to start sagging with exhaustion. I nodded at her and heard crying from the crowd.

   Without any further words, I removed my own sphere and inserted it into the small opening of my dress. I picked up Pure's in my hand and saw her nearly freeze as she was before looking at me. A strange sensation of her sphere radiating a kind of heat into my hand made me look at it carefully. The mostly white ball with the purple band felt like it should have been glowing. The sensation felt more that just a trick of my imagination.

   “I will take you into me forever.” I said to pure as I put it to slit in my chest open. Pure watched in amazement as I pressed the sphere into me and felt the slit close behind it. I wasn't ready for what happened next.

   An intense radiation of heat emanated from the ball along with a tingle of mild electrical shock. My eyes went wide as my voice left me. I clutched my chest and felt the heat spreading tot he rest of my body.

   “Alice....I feel strange.” Pure said as she stepped closer to me. The concern in her eyes showed that my condition was not imaginary.

   “Pure... something is happening.” I said as I fell to my knees with the heat beginning to build to something more powerful. Tingles of electricity inside of me felt like it was starting to crackle on my skin like a constant discharge of static electricity. Just as I was about to really panic, the feeling faded into nothing. I looked at my hands then straight ahead to Pure who was kneeling with me and her eyes filled with terror.

   “What happened?” she asked as she placed her latex stubs on my legs.

   “I put it in and it filled me with a strange heat that spread to the rest of me. I felt like I was full of electricity.” I said as I saw Gudrun and Beringar approaching us slowly.

   “Is everything alright?” Beringar asked softly before I looked at him and nodded.

   “I'll talk to you about it later. Something happened.... I can't really explain it now.” I said before he nodded. Gudrun still looked concerned and held Beringar's larger hand.

   I looked at Pure and began to smile as she reflected it back to me. Both of us continued to smile wider until I took her into my arms and kissed her passionately. The crowd beyond us roared with cheers, claps and whistles. All I could do was stare into my one true love's eyes. Her beautiful, expressive, violet eyes.

   Chapter 5

   After the botched, but still intensely emotional ceremony, we met with everyone as a new eternal couple, the first eternal couple. There were many familiar faces and some that I had only met briefly. So much excitement filled the room that I couldn't even think to myself. I started to realize just how important what we had just done was at seeing all of the smiles. Our colony needed this.

   Once the congratulations were over, many began to clear out leaving only my near family behind. The Swartz's, the Umbach's, Chef, Nanny and Maid all came close and hugged us happily. The nagging feeling that something had changed within me caused me to feel less happy than I should have. I noticed it in Pure as well.

   “Beringar, may we see you alone?” I asked the large smiling man. His smile dropped quickly before nodding and looked a little concerned. I knew for a fact that he would bring Gudrun with us, but that was okay.

   After getting into our room, I turned toward Pure and looked her over. Nothing seemed different about her beside the return of life within her and the small changes I had initially made.

   “Is something wrong?” Beringar asked as he approached me.

   “The ceremony, something happened.” I said with him putting hand on my shoulder and nodding.

   “We could tell that wasn't planned.” Gudrun said as she held Pure's white latex stub hand.

   “When I inserted her sphere, something strange happened.” I said as I looked down at my chest. I willed the small pocket to open, but nothing happened. I started to get a little frightened and tried several more times. “I can't make it appear.” I said as I put my hands to my chest then looked at the stunned people around me. “It's there, but it wont come out.”

   “Alice.” Beringar said as he took my hand in his and forcing me to look at him. “Remember when I said that you were unique?” he asked before I nodded slowly at him. “Maybe... maybe you can use magic on your own that works like the process does. Maybe you created your own kind of spell that locked her sphere within you. Maybe after one year, it will join your own life force forever. I performed something similar for Jenni and Marc.” he said evenly with my eyes widening.

   “Are you saying that Alice made this happen?” Gudrun said as she came a little closer. “Pure is really a part of her now?”

   “It is true with the Umbach's. It's also the same connection that I gave between Alice and Maid. It is entirely possible.” Beringar said before looking back at me. “You possess something that no one else here has. Maybe you have the power to make alterations to people that the process cannot do. It is just a hunch, but I feel like it is a good explanation.”

   “Does that mean I can never leave her now?” Pure asked as she looked straight at me. Beringar turned and sighed.

   “It may, I don't know.” he said as Pure came closer to me with her eyes locked on mine.

   “Please tell me it is true. Please tell me that even if you wanted it, I can never be apart from you again.” Pure said before kneeling in front of me. Please tell me that I am yours forever.” she said with her eyes searching mine.

   “I....” I started as I looked from Pure to Beringar then to Gudrun. They were holding hands with an expectation of an answer. “You are mine... forever.” I said as I looked back to Pure. It was at that moment that I felt a swell of heat from her sphere within me. “It did it again.” I said as I stared at Pure then to Beringar who nodded with a bit of seriousness.

   “Alice, I really believe that you made your own change using magic. You have done it before with Phyllis. You also have done things that shouldn't be possible, but only time will tell what this really means.” he said as he smiled and patted my hand.

   “Take some time and love your new... spouse.” he said before standing up. “This should be a delicately intimate time for the both of you, not a learning session.” he said with Gudrun nodding and smiling widely.

   Without any more words, Beringar and Gudrun left our room and closed the door softly behind us. I looked from the door back to my new spouse and gazed in wonder. Nothing had really changed, but it all felt different somehow.

   “I'm sorry that I messed up. I just couldn't take it anymore.” Pure said as she groveled at my feet.

   “I didn't want you suffering any longer.” I said as I pulled her up to me. “You will never suffer like that again.” Our eyes mingled before kissing passionately. Pure felt like she was melting in my arms as the heat within my body rose.

   I turned and pushed her back onto the bed as I made love to her mouth. My hands began to slowly roam her body and caress the heavy latex shell she was in. Her hands were useless against me and I wanted it to last forever.

   We spent all night with both of nearly in tears. Neither of us achieved orgasm, took off our dresses or even spoke. All I could think of was the conversation with Beringar and the possibility of Pure never being able to be separated from me again. The notion was both terrifying and comforting at the same time.

   Sometime in the morning, I had pulled Pure onto me and held her gently against me. Her body never moved and when I pulled her head slightly to look, she seemed to be sleeping. A sudden panic washed through me until she opened her eyes and looked at me.

   “Are you alright?” I asked her as her happy smile faded. She looked confused for a moment.

   “Was I... sleeping?” Pure asked with the confusion lingering. “I remember laying on you, then nothing until this.” she said as I looked her over.

   It gave me an idea and willed her to become tired. I wanted to see if I had caused her to make it happen. I watched her smile fade with her eye lids drooping before she slumped against me and breathed evenly. I poked her cheek with my finger gaining no response.

   “I wish that I could sleep with you.” I said as I held her limp form against me. I sighed deeply out of slight frustration then smiled at looking at her angelic face. She looked peaceful for once.

   I gently moved Pure off of me and sat up to look at my tablet. The event that occurred during our ceremony was still bothering me and I thought that I could find the answer within our vows. After and hour of searching, I gave up and sighed. I looked down a my black wedding dress and smiled.

   “So when I finally did get married, it was to a woman and I wore a black dress.” I said to myself as I thought back to my mom. Mom always said that I would find a handsome, gentle man to love me and get married in the most beautiful white dress she could afford for me. As it turned out, I was more of the male figure in the relationship, at least I had unwittingly projected it that way. In truth, Pure and I were really neither as we could change how we liked, but I still felt more feminine than masculine.

   With that thought, I caused myself to change below and smiled at the familiar feeling of a penis between my legs. I wanted it to be as normal as possible, but just a little larger than average. Pure began to stir on the bed.

   “Alice?” she said before I turned to see her stretching. I smiled and stood up to go to her.

   “We haven't consummated our union yet.” I said as I playfully spread her legs and moved the heavy dress up her body.

   “Are you going to put a baby in me?” Pure said with a giggle. Her eyes were playful and full of love at seeing me where I was.

   “Maybe I will.” I said with a wink as I found her already wet pussy and thrust inside of her. We both moaned in pleasure from the long overdue consummation of our vows.

The Colony 3: Part 2

   Chapter 6

   I spent the entire day with Pure and fucked her like I should have since getting home. The previous night was gentle and loving while today was more about power and lust. At some point, I removed our dresses then caused an identical one to grow on her. Like Maid, all of her features could bee seen through the material as if her skin itself was the dress. It was fun to watch her tiny waist begin to swell with every load that I deposited into her as if we were really making a baby. The more that I inflicted my fantasies on her, the more that the love in her eyes grew.

   “You know...” I said to Pure causing her to smile at me and nod before I continued “It's too bad that only I get to love you after our union. I should share you with everyone” I said  with a chuckle causing her to cock  her head to the side and smile.

   “So why not attach me to a pole and leave me for the others to fuck me?” she said with a playful giggle. I laughed with her until my joviality faded.

   “That... that is just what I am going to do. As a celebration of our union, you will be publicly displayed for all to use. I want others to enjoy you as much as I do.” I said and watched a desire grow in her eyes. “And to top it off, I am going to leave you as my freshly consummated, pregnant, white bride.”

   I rubbed her inflated stomach only to hear her giggle and trace her stub hands against me. There was not even a hint of objection from her and I knew that if if was what I wanted, she would never tell me no. Maybe she couldn't.

   After creating my dress with my own body, I helped Pure up from the bed and led her from the room without any further conversation. In the middle of the entertainment, computer and dungeon area where the floor was padded and plenty of room around us, I caused her leash to reach to the ceiling and attach to one of the structural steel beams. I added some length to the leash, but left it fairly short so that she couldn't go further than a few feet in any direction. As I looked into Pure's sparkling eyes, I made words appear on both her chest and back saying 'Celebrate! Fuck the bride'.

   “I'll be back to see you many times.” I said before kissing her gently and cupping one of her breasts.

   “This is exciting.” she said looking down at herself as I pulled away. She laughed when she saw the words on her chest above her larger, pure white breasts.

   “I hope you are ready for three full days of public sex.” I said before her eyebrows raised. It took only a moment before her surprise was replaced with desire. “Have fun.” I said to her with one last kiss then turned to leave her alone in the middle of the room. I had already caught the attention of several other colonists what were lounging around the edges.

   I smiled all the way back to our room then sat with a long sigh. Though I was happy, I was also tired. The next few months were going to become incredibly busy with everyone wanting some kind of union. I picked up my tablet and found that there were 92 unions scheduled in the next 30 days. Looking further, I was listed as the officiator of ever single ceremony with the exception of two. That meant anywhere from 2 to 4 ceremonies per day.

   “Ughh.” I groaned as I laid my head back against the chair. At least after they were all over, there would be little to none left to perform. “Why did they all pick me?”

   Chapter 7

   I came back later to check on Pure, who had gathered a crowd of lazy watchers around her. She was currently under a standard rubberized woman with large boobs name Betty. Pure was licking away at her as I sat to watch. Betty noticed me after her third orgasm then slowly removed herself from Pure.

   “Come to get some more, Mistress?” Betty asked with a big smile.

   “It's just Alice.” I said with a big smile as I stood up. “How are you fairing?” I asked Pure who only smiled widely at me and licked her lips. Betty padded off with her firm breasts bouncing on her chest.

   “I'm going to provide some variety.” I said as I lifted Pure's dress and felt for her slipper rubber pussy. Pure cooed sexily at me as I changed her pussy into a pink doll hole surrounded be a circle of lace. I made my cock hard and stuffed her without any warm up.

   “I've been talking with people and they said that this should be a tradition with slaves.” Pure said as her eyes closed through the pleasure. I smiled as I made it even easier for her to reach orgasm and imagined her breasts three times their current size.

   “I'm leaving traditions up to the people. I only aimed to provide a basic structure in which to live by.” I said just as Pure's moans of passion became ragged. She came with her pink doll hole squeezing me gently, thought I didn't stop. I did allow her hands to emerge from the stumps I had left her with.

   Pure came twice more before I filled her to make her pregnant belly even bigger. I leaned over her new mass and kissed her passionately before standing up and leaving without a word. I could hear Pure's pants of bliss from behind me.

   That day, I performed two private unions between a genderless couple then two guys. After Pure and I's union, some preferred a small ceremony just between themselves. In any case, the event that Pure and I had experienced hadn't happened again.

   Later, I came back to fuck Pure again, but allowed her belly to shrink. I gave her a fairly large penis but kept her breasts with larger nipples. I was content to watch her enjoy the others while sitting lazily on the floor

   The next day, I made Pure a full male, but left her in the dress that I had created. Later, I turned her into an air-filled doll. In the mean time, was trying to get the private unions out of the way while she was indisposed.


   Days became weeks with Pure and I officiating public ceremonies and almost everyone in attendance. Some colonists had other obligations and couldn't come, but it was frowned upon not to attend. The first Mistress, slave union was where the event occurred again.

   Just as I had placed the slave's sphere into his Mistress, she shuddered and clutched her chest. It was several minutes before she was able to control herself, but just like me, she could not remove the sphere. They were only a bound couple and it worried me that this would become something that was going to happen every time and indeed permanent. It sent me on a mission with willing subjects to find out what was happening.

   Johan and Thane were the ones that helped Pure and I figure it out. They had asked for a D/s Chase binding and I performed the ceremony for them. As agreed beforehand, I also performed the separation of the two. I had a hunch that something would happen and it was just what I had thought. The sphere inside of Thane was once again attainable, but it hurt him severely to take it out. He was able to reinsert it, but without the same effect. Thane had control over Johan, but could remove the sphere like normal afterward. Like Pure and I, the feelings of despair and depression filled Jonah, though only for a short time due to the removal of the sphere.

   Again we tried it but with a level 3 binding only to find that Johan's sphere could be made visible, but no longer come out. It dawned on me that it would be at least a full year before the sphere could be removed. It was occurring because of the rules that I had set up. Thankfully, the type of union was something that they wanted in the first place.


   “Beringar!” I nearly shouted as I entered his office with Gudrun sucking him casually. She never stopped, but her eyes did follow me as she listened.

   What we had found was that when I performed the ceremony, I could truly bind one person's life force to another as per the rules that I had set in the book. After doing it for Automaton and Suit as an eternal Master/slave binding, Automaton's sphere was no longer accessible with Suit experiencing the same as I had. The binding was more than just a status symbol, it was physically joining two souls.

   In the days that followed, I shared all of my notes with Beringar and we had many discussions once my duties were out of the way. I had to make a formal address to the colonists about what was happening with elation at the significance of it. It also meant that some that wanted an eternal union scaled it back to just being bound.

   It also created problems with those that wanted their bindings to cross family lines. Being chase with someone who was bound to another was fine, but due to not being able to remove a sphere once bound was problematic. Many didn't want the option of not being able to share it with someone else or not having their own control. Some of the rules had to be rewritten so that the bound status was the same as chase without attaching a sphere to someone. It was a strange loophole and a little scary that I somehow had the power to make it happen. I began to really think about how my actions were oing to affect people in a profound way.

   At the same time that I was busy with learning and officiating, a committee was formed to lock down some of the plans for the new construction. All of the sudden, our collection of kinky people had started to become a kind of society of sorts. With all of the unions overwhelming me, it was rather nice to see some of the others step in to make strides towards progress in my place.

   The plans had been finalized with a unanimous vote from everyone in the colony accepting the ideas before they were given to Beringar. Beringar thanked everyone for their hard work then disappeared for a week to bring the plans to life. I rarely saw him so excited and realized that his work was still a deep love of his.

   Once unions and families had been established formally and I had accepted my new abilities for what they were, things began to quiet down again. Pure and I had been spending time with Gudrun and Nanny in Beringar's absence. Gudrun seemed to have the same affliction as Pure did with me when it came to missing Beringar. The break to spend some time with the rest of my family which were formally bound to me was a welcome change. Gudrun, Beringar, the Umbach's, Nanny and Chef were now all considered my legal family when inside the colony.

   Chapter 8

   “Wife.” Gudrun asked when referring to me. Her new pet name was actually endearing in a way.

   “Yes love?” I asked as I sat next to Gudrun who smiled happily at me then looked at Nanny who was reading again.

   “Have you tried to be like Nanny yet?” Gudrun asked causing Nanny to looked up and listen to the conversation.

   “What do you mean?” I asked before Gudrun put a hand to my stomach.

   “Have you taken Pure inside of you like she can?” Gudrun asked before looking at Pure who was lounging at our feet. Pure turned her head and looked at the two of us with the familiar desire filling her eyes at the idea.

   “I haven't had time to think about it, but no, I haven't yet.” I said before looking back to Gudrun.

   “Would you be willing to do it for me?” she asked then frowned. “Just, with one addition.”

   “Sure.” I said happily with the thought already beginning to arouse me.

   “I want you to trap Pure inside you while you have a great big dick for me.” she said causing me to almost laugh. “I love Nanny and think she is sexy, but she doesn't like the girls. I want you to fuck me while pregnant with Pure. I want your breasts to be full of milk. I want watch you become my fertility fantasy.” Gudrun said as her hand continued to rub my stomach.

   “I like women.” Nanny said with a hurt expression.

   “You like big dicks in your hands. Snuggling with me maybe, but you don't like sex with me.” Gudrun said evenly. “You have the body of a goddess and I don't even get to play with you.

   “I guess I am just too straight.” Nanny said with her frown turning upside down and laughing. “It doesn't mean I don't love you or won't let you use me.”

   Gudrun nodded then looked at me. “Soo...?” she asked before I looked at Pure who eyed me expectantly. After the union Pure never told me what she wanted anymore. I had to make all of the decisions, but she followed them as if doing so made her the happiest girl in the world.

   “What the hell.” I said as I threw my arms up. Pure clapped happily and sat up like she was some kind of child that had just been offered a cookie. Her dingy attitude belied her intelligence at times.

   I set myself up to look much like Nanny with very wide hips and larger breasts. I followed her example and caused my front doll hole to widen and take up the entire space at the gap between my legs. Pure nearly bounced on the bed with excitement.

   “Leave her big. I want you very full.” Gudrun said as she placed a hand on mine. “I also want you for a full 24 hours.”

   “Why don't I just give you my sphere then?” I asked her sarcastically before she gave me an evil smile.

   “You never let me use it anymore.” Gudrun said before I huffed and let my sphere drop from me. I held it towards her as she looked at it hesitantly.

   “You really want me in control of you?” she asked as if thinking twice about it.

   “I haven't let my guard down in so long. It might be nice to let someone else do the thinking for me for a while. Making all the decisions can take it's toll” I said happily as I urged her to take the metal sphere. Gudrun looked a little emotional for a moment before taking the sphere and holding it gently.

   I was now stuck until Gudrun changed me, but I had set my body up to be able to take Pure inside of me. Spreading my legs before her, I offered my entrance. Pure wasted little time in getting into position.

   Without warning, Pure inserted her entire arm into me causing me to shiver with the odd sensation. I was just tight enough to feel her inside of me, but so loose the it almost tickled. She added her other arm and scooted closer.

   “Ohhh!” I moaned involuntarily at the sensation.

   “Does it feel good?” Gudrun asked as Pure continued relentlessly. Nanny had set her book down to come to the bed and watch. Just as she sat down, I felt a tingle in my breasts. “I'm going to make you a milk factory like Nanny.” Gudrun said as she looked to Nanny and blew her a kiss. Nanny only giggled and pulled on her massive nipples. She looked ready to be relieved.

   “Oh... oh shit!” I exclaimed as Pure began to insert her head into me and stretch me slightly.

   “That's not even the good part.” Nanny said as the stretching seemed to create an need for more. The strange sensation forced me to open my legs wider and give her more room.

   “You want to feel her inside of you, don't you?” Gudrun asked with a mischievous smile. She moved slightly to get a better view just as Pure's shoulders began to widen me further. The sudden intense stretching took my breath away and I grabbed at my rapidly swelling chest.

   Soon, Pure was into me up to her boobs as I felt a pressure in my lower body. I could see my stomach ballooning and contorting with her effort which seemed to activate some kind of instinct within me. My hands flew to my burdened midsection to feel the odd movements externally as well.

   I started to feel very full and over stretched as Pure's hips passed. Her legs were hanging out of me from below, and I could hardly see over my enormous belly. The combination of painful stretching, movements from Pure and and the sight of my stomach sent stabbing bolts of pleasure to every corner of my body. I felt like I was orgasming without the physical signs of it.

   Suddenly, my pussy began to clamp down on Pure as I felt the action drawing her further up into me. I started to panic and take sharp, deep breaths before Nanny put a hand on my leg.

   “Your body is pulling her in. Don't be afraid.” Nanny said as the spasms caused Pure to fill more and more of my insides. I felt like I was about to explode.

   Just as I thought I was going to go insane from the traumatic experience, my pussy shut tightly over her feet then sealed her into me. Slight nudges and jostles inside my beyond heavily pregnant stomach made me realize there was someone really inside of me. The sensation was as terrifying as it was strangely comforting in a primal way. My instincts were telling me that I was with child despite what it looked like.

   “That never gets old.” Gudrun said as her hand reached over my giant belly and rubbed the taught flesh. Nearly half of the room was blocked from my view because of it and my swelling breasts were threatening to grow up toward my face. I realized Gudrun wasn't done when I felt another tingle below where I could no longer reach.

   “You are too kinky.” Nanny giggled as I felt Gudrun move to put her hand on my growing penis.

   “A nice big cock for the both of us.” Gudrun said with an evil cackle. I was starting to become a little overwhelmed with my new body.

   “Too much.” I said softly before Gudrun looked at me with concern. “Too much all at once.”

   “Are you alright,? Do you need me to stop anything or change you back?” Gudrun asked causing me to look at her intensely. I wanted to say yes.

   “I am alright, it's just... intense.” I said before I felt a hand stroking my inaccessible cock. I moaned softly just as I felt Pure struggle inside of me.

   “She is going to feel everything that you do.” Gudrun said with a little more gentleness that her previous words. “Do you want to get used to it for a bit before I ravish you?”

   “Please.” I said as Pure moved again and caused the odd sensation to cause a slight pleasure. The pressure in my breasts only continued despite what was happening. My nipples had become a facsimile of Nanny's with an ache to be touched.

   “I found it helpful to walk for a bit.” Nanny said with Gudrun nodding in agreement.

   “When I was pregnant with Claus, it felt good to stand up and move around near the end.” Gudrun said with me nodding at the suggestions. Both of them smiled then helped me to sit up. My tits were resting on my huge stomach and cluttering my view. After standing up slowly, my stomach dropped allowing more room in front of me. I felt like I was attached to a sofa.

   Chapter 9

   “Ohh..” I sighed with a bit of relief as I felt the weights on the front of me drop lower. My back arched from the stress with my ass displaying prominently behind me. Gudrun had made it large like Nanny's

   “So you really do like my big body?” Nanny asked to Gudrun as I walked along the edge of the bed. My new weight threatened to pull me forward constantly. The view that I had of my body was actually starting to turn me on.

   “Of course I do. I have never lied to you.” Gudrun said as I looked to see her tugging on Nanny's nipple gently. Nanny sighed happily at the sensation before I took my own in my hands. The pleasure that I received felt as if I had two small, squishy cocks filling my grip. A groan escaped my lips from the sensation.

   “She found her new toys.” Nanny said from behind me. “Enjoy them while you can. When you fill up enough, you probably wont be able to reach them on your own.”

   “What?” I said absent-mindedly as I explored my body. It was an odd feeling to be trapped once again, but the knowledge that I would return to being me made it feel safe. “I might as well enjoy it and let Gudrun have her way with me.” I thought to myself.

   Just to get an idea of what I looked like, I went to the mirror and gasped at my appearance. My upper half and arms were just as I had remembered them, but my breasts were enormous. They looked even bigger when resting on my belly was was now larger than a bean bag chair. Below my belly, I had a foot and a half long penis that was nearly 3 inches around, not even hard yet. My thick thighs and plush ass caused me to look like some kind of ridiculous fantasy. Of course, I was just that.

   “Come back to bed, Wife.” Gudrun said sexily as I felt her arms wrap around me and take my huge nipples in her grip. Her soft lips kissed at my neck making me gasp in pleasure. She led me back to the bed ans smiled as she towered above me.

   She kissed me lovingly then knelt with a smile before straddling my face. Her rubber pussy lowered toward me just as her hands found my nipples and tugged at them gently. I groaned in pleasure and tried to lick her as best as I could. It only made it tougher when Nanny began to knead my giant tool in her hands which caused Pure to stir inside of me. The pleasure was intense, but not enough to get me off.

   It felt like hours with the two of them bringing me to the edge and no further. Nanny left at some point before I heard the whir and alternate sucking of the milking machine. Gudrun relentlessly pulled my nipples and ground herself onto my face only to orgasm over and over again.

   “I want your big cock.” Gudrun said after removing her crotch from my face. I thought that she was going to go below me and play, but pulled on my hand to help me up. My breasts were now so large that my own cleavage was threatening to smother me. “Come on wife, you are going to do the fucking.” she said with a sexy coo.

   “How can I fuck you when I have all of this?” I asked her with the strain of trying to sit up making my point better known.

   “You straddle me, put it in and move back and forth.” she said as I felt her hand already stroking my huge member. I gave her a look which only made her laugh before laying on the bed and spreading her legs wide. “Come on wife, fuck me good. I want to see that baby bounce and those tits jiggle. I want to be smothered by you”

   I should have laughed at her, but her words only seemed to spur me on with my quest to relieve the sexual tension that still consumed me. It was a mighty effort to place my huge, Pure-filled stomach on her then probe around for her opening. Gudrun's hands caressed the bottom of my stomach as I finally found my target. She must have increased my size before it felt like I was inserting my leg into her.

   “Yes... fuck my with that huge cock you pregnant slut.” Gudrun said from below me. With my enormous breasts and even bigger stomach, I could see nothing of her, but I knew that I was inside of her.

   It became obvious pretty quickly that using my cock on her would get me little to nothing in the form of pleasure out of it. Just like Nanny, she could only orgasm by giving birth or milking. I had to try.

   “Oh no!” I gasped as I reached to the tips of my engorged breasts to find that my nipples were just out of reach. I frantically tried to grab at them as I heard Gudrun cry out in ecstasy.

   “You're so heavy. You're crushing me, I love it.” Gudrun exclaimed from under me as she orgasmed again. My frustration was starting to make my situation uncomfortable.

   “Please, I need some kind of release.” I said loudly as I tried in vain to ram my cock through her. Gudrun's hands stopped caressing my lower belly.

   “Go ahead and stop. You probably need milked anyway.” Gudrun said happily before I let myself sit back on my legs and take a break. I felt Pure lurch around inside of me and sighed at the odd pleasure.

   Nanny had already finished and was watching the two of us with a big smile. Her breasts were back to their starting size of very large and smiling widely looking satisfied. Both Gudrun and Nanny helped me to sit on the new chair installed for Nanny to milk in.

   “Have you ever lactated before?” Nanny asked me as they both prepared the glass cylinders that were still warm from Nanny. I shook my head no just as the Machine started up.

   “The suction will take a few moments to build. After it does, the milk will start to flow. I think you will like it.” Nanny said before sitting on the floor next to me. Gudrun sat on the edge of the tub with a big smile.

   The alternating suction began to build and gently suck my nipples into the cylinders. The sliding inside the glass alone was enough to cause me to gasp in pleasure, but it wasn't until the strong suction began to pull hard that I knew what I was in for.

   I felt a warmth traveling through each one of my boobs to my nipples just before a relaxing let down of pressure accompanied it. Before I could get too comfortable, the strong, alternating suction started build the intense pleasure that it caused. I reached for the cylinders that were just out of range and tried to stop it from happening. The pleasure was building quickly.

   “Ohh.... so.... good.” I said as I rubbed the sides of my massive tits and moaned. The pleasure only escalated from there until if felt as if my nipples were getting tight. I shifted causing my tits to wobble on my stomach just before the warmth of the letdown began to increase exponentially. Seconds later, my helplessly molested nipples sent torrents of pleasure through me as if it were one long orgasm. It was gentle at first but grew the longer the milking continued.

   “Ohh...cum... cumming.” I yelled as I pressed my tits together. The intense sensations caused me


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