Author Topic: Tired and Spent by Jackie Rabbit  (Read 2104 times)

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Tired and Spent by Jackie Rabbit
« on: December 28, 2021, 07:17:05 pm »
You can view the story here on the plaza:
M/f; fpov; outdoors; exhib; naked; bond; belt; tape; spreadeagle; oral; cons; X

Please feel free to leave your kind comments and feedback about this story here.

Thanks  ;)

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Re: Tired and Spent by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2022, 01:00:45 pm »
Got back to this, and I really do enjoy this, as much for the context and "commentary" as for the story and the moments themselves.

The setting, the experience and the simple spontaneous fun is a lot of fun, its sexy, well told and nice, but on its own its "just" a moment, which is no doubt why it has the context and commentary, that makes this so much more than it would otherwise have been.

Having read quite a few, but still not all (working on it in between everything else ;) ) that you have written this adds a great deal to the experience, and the wonderful insight into you and your wonderful husband :)  The comment about how much the naughty and forbidden can play into your pleasure actually makes a great deal of sense, since so much of pleasure is in the mind after all.  How you feel about the situation, how you are "supposed" to feel about the situation are always important factors and its only natural that this is going to play into your pleasure and responses.

As for the giving nature of your husband, perhaps pleasure and orgasm are not so tightly coupled for him?  It certainly seems and feels like that at times, as if so much of his pleasure actually comes from, flows from and is centred around your pleasure.  Which just makes what the two of you have and share so much more special and wonderful to be allowed to catch a glimpse of :)

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Re: Tired and Spent by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2022, 10:53:49 am »
We have a lot of fun together, and he's very giving, but he always has been. I think he would rather give me a big O as opposed to getting one himself, which makes him just a bit odd and unique, but in a very good way.
The logging machine was a found opportunity, and I hope I painted a picture with words that let you see it with me, see that little event. Using that as inspiration, I could have written a very good erotic fictional story around that one little event, maybe with a half a dozen logging men seriously pissed off at a tree hugger protester. But, I instead chose to share this true story version, although I don't know that the true stories are as well recieved as the more fictional ones.

Thank you for your very kind words, Jackie.


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